Monday 29 February 2016

[SNBEP018] FOTH - Foreverhard EP [Available on Free Download @ Strictly Nuskool Blog]

The second 2016 installment of the Strictly Nuskool Blog is out now and once again available on free download. This time we are proud to present you a Jungle friendly 5track EP by UK's Drum & Bass/Jungle producer FOTH (a.k.a. Fool On The Hill)

FOTH has already released tracks on various labels like Dark Til Dawn Records, Manic Jungle Manic Beats Records, Ransaked Records, Bill Up Recordings, Beatroot Records, Digitr@x, Liquid Dreams Recordings, Fuelled By, Peng Selection and this new EP is a strong proof and clear usage of his stylee representing the Nuskool movement of Jungle!

You may read some following words from him, about this new release as well as track-by-track quick review...

" As with a lot of my music, the 'Foreverhard EP' is an experiment of sounds. Although I am predominantly jungle/drum & bass based, I grew up with all the old rock music & my tastes have developed greatly - I like a little bit of everything really.

I guess I always wanted to create a new sound when I first got into producing music & I feel there are definitely some new vibes amongst this EP.

'Foreverhard' displays my passion for sampling movies with the fight scene from the classic 'Friday', mixed with a dark synth, some gritty sub & some thrashy breaks which leads to 'Around' here I have created a nice mellow feeling with a spacious synth mixed with a clip from an interview with Jimi Hendrix.

The beat might throw you off at the start, imagine a house beat, restricted by the size of the bar, suddenly breaking free & becoming into a light jungle rhythm, taking you high among the clouds.

There's really not much to say about 'Wicked Mathematics', as soon as I heard it on the deck, I had to remix it! Lately I've been playing around with some techno styles which you will hear in this EP. Next we come to 'Frogs' which is titled so because I recorded the frogs in my garden last summer and used it in this track, along with a recording of me playing breaks for a few bars, & other drm hits & bass!
It actually didn't make it to a previous EP because it just didn't fit with the vibe; so I held it back & waited for the right moment to come a long.

'Cosmic Clutter' is for the stompers, with its jungley trancey technoey sound. Now we reach the end of the EP - 'I'm Hardcore' will wind you down & put you in a positive place; listen as John Bonham's classic drum break from the classic 'Rock & Roll' by Led Zeppelin, plays on loop, accompanied by a heavenly atmosphere, now Erick Sermon & Redman joining us with some tight rhymes throughout the track. A footwork beat works itself in, slowly taking over & gently fading out.

I really hope you enjoy the 'Foreverhard EP' & will be interested to hear what you think about it. Massive respect to all at the SNB & all of you for your support so far. One love!"


FOTH [Fool on the Hill] (UK)

Sunday 28 February 2016

DOHB001: FFF, Gash & Simtek, Phatword, Ronin & Dr. Colossus [LTD 12'' Vinyl & Digital Format]

Underground record label Destroy Oh Boy is a young project of a hard workin and hungry for music team of people who collaborate all together, aiming to offer class releases, focusing mostly on vinyl.

Their first release sees Bounty Killer's massive ragga vox on 'Destroy Dem Soundboy' original tune, featuring 5 remixes from established producers in the scene like Gash & Simtek, Phatworld, FFF, Ronin and Dr. Colossus.

The tactics of the label is getting all the records funded through Kickstarter campain.
This first release has already been on limited stock and as campaign closes on 8th March 2016, you better hurry up and order your copies asap.

Purchase your copies on Kickstarter here 

A1 - Phatworld - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Phatworld Mix)
A2 - Gash & Simtek - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Gash & Simteks Jukeboxx Mix) 

A3 - FFF - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Dem Fi Dead Mix)
AA1 - Ronin - Destroy Dem Soundboy (Ronins Breakcore Is Just Having A Power Nap Mix)
AA2- Dr. Colossus - Destroy Dem Soundboy (The Destroyer Mix)

Worth to mention some forthcoming names getting involved on future projects of the label, like Bong Ra, Drumcorps, Cristoph Da Babalon, Remarc, Thieves and many more others!

Show some love and support to this try and  devoted work by Destroy Oh Boy team...


CHUFFIN NOISE 'Are You Chuff Enuff Vol​.​002'

Sheffield's CHUFFIN NOISE returns with an absolutely smashing 8track release of Hardtek, Drum & Bass, Frenchcore, Breakcore and anything similar to hard, as offered by 8 aggresive and well known troopers in the scene!
This release is available to grab it on free download or by naming your price here

I can assure you won't get disapointed so show your support to the label and all producers involved on this big release!

RATE: 8/10
'Spongebob Squarewave - Got To Get Down' 'Womb Raider - Wound' - 'Omnirythm - Mafia'



Hackney meets Leeds once again and a new dish by Silvefox & Cronin strikes from the underground!
'The Machine' is a 2track EP including 2 tracks, which differ each other, but both deliver a futuristic edge of Breakbeat music from 130 to 165bpm.

'Bitch In The Machine' is a 130 hard kickin' breaks, electric stabs and smashing breakbeat tune while 'Vandal' is my personal favourite getting in on an aggressive level and hardcore mentality!

This EP is exclusively available now @ Beatport and you may purchase your copies here



Wednesday 24 February 2016

[Good News Boppers] Abstract Illusion - Some Like it Hoth [Qrates 10" Vinyl Crowd-Funder Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

A - Kylo's Theme.
B - Dark Droid Dub.

After the huge success of achieving funds for the Beat Rapist, 'Regrind' 10" single via the Qrates crowd funding website. Good News Boppers are back again on the vinyl trail, this time with the prospective release of the 'Some Like It Hoth' 10', featuring two slices of Force fueled, sci-fi junglism from label boss Abstract Illusion.

Kicks off the A-Side with a sweeping, cinematic string intro, we are introduced to the sleekly composed 'Kylo's Theme', which combines rolling, amen edits and sub bass pulses alongside smatterings of First Order, Sith Knight dialogue. 'Kylo's Theme' effectively fuses the hi-energy of frenetic drum & bass with deep, futuristic atmospherics to great effect. 
On the flipside, 'Dark Droid Dub' blends together heavyweight, rapid-fire amen breaks with a lumbering, Bantha style, half-speed bass throbs and a generous peppering of classic jungle samples to create the perfect fusion of rugged drum & bass meets sc-fi dub. 

Abstract Illusion's 'Some Like It Hoth' 10" vinyl single is available to pre-order now from the Qrates crowd funding website for the price of £12.99 (plus postage and packaging). This release will only go ahead if 100 copies are ordered before April 1st of 2016, so if you need some 'St@r W@rs' themed amenism on your turntable, then you know what to do!!!

This release has also been mastered by veteran jungle producer and DJ, Sappo of Advisory Studios fame, so top notch sound quality will be guaranteed.

For fully mastered digital copies of the two featured Abstract Illusion tracks, check out the two Bandcamp links here for free downloads (in any digital format that you could ever require), or if you wish to support further Abstract Illusion releases, then you can donate whatever you feel the tracks are worth!

'Kylo's Theme'...

'Dark Droid Dub'...

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Tuesday 23 February 2016

LLTA026 - Various Animals - Rat 2 The Old Skool 004

Long Live The Animals successful series of Breakbeat Hardcore EPs is followed by the fourth chapter and 9 marvellous tracks by some of the most talented and hungry for Rave, producers.
This releases goes on free download/name your price and nuff respect to the badboys featured like Yell-O-Phase, Schnez, Amiga Breaks, AcdBrnOut, Loxley, Mark C, pureFILTH, Raggamortis, Leonized.

Oldschool is alive and Animals show you the right way to rewind yourselves!


Monday 22 February 2016

[Inner Minds Recordings] Crease & Reen - Pressure [3-Track Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Wait Deh Man.
2/ Torpedoed.
3/ Ganga Farm Dub.

For the latest offering from Inner Minds Recordings we are presented with three tearing, oldskool jungle influenced tracks from newcomers to the label, DJ Crease and Reen with their mighty 'Pressure' EP.

The EP kicks off with to the sounds of 'Wait Deh Man'skanking intro, before launching into a fusion of rumbling sub-bass pulses, dueling breakbeats, ragga chat and air horn blasts to create a minimal, yet head-nodding anthem. 
The intense, yet chilled 'Torpedoed' features next which sees rapid-fire amen breaks and dub reggae drum rolls do battle with gorgeous, droning pads and bubbling bass throbs. 
'Ganga Farm Dub' closes things off in a tear-out fashion, by merging heavyweight, pitched down amens and sound system bothering bassline with classic ragga samples and weed championing lyrics.

Crease & Reen successfully deliver three very different and authentic, oldskool jungle themed tracks with the 'Pressure' EP, and are certainly artists to look out for if you love that classic jungle sound!

Crease &  Reen's 'Pressure' EP is available to buy from from the Inner Minds Recordings Bandcamp page for a measly $2, however if you are feeling generous and wish to further support the artists and label you can donate more if you wish!

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OMN118:: Dave Skywalker 'Everybody Has An EP' [OFF ME NUT RECORDS]

The mighty Dave Skywalker is here and more insane than ever after signing his 4bombtrack EP on Sheffield's Off Me Nut, delivering 4 different vibes of damage!
Most of us have already heard that long awaited 'Arena' as featured on Luna-C's KF podcast, some months ago. This tune was the big proof that something's big in the pipeline for Dave...

And so that is! 'Everybody Has An EP' is out now and you may grab it via Off Me Nut bandcamp page here by naming your price and showing respect to a true Nuskool Hardcore soldier like Dave Skywalker. Big release, proper Bangface fever pumping through these four tracks and mental hard work!

In addition, watch this space for new stuff coming out very soon on his own label Endor Recordings, as already announced...

Nuff respect to Dave! 

Fav track:  'Arena'
Rate: 9/10


Endor Recordings

Saturday 20 February 2016

[VMRDT051] Paladin - Delight Remixes [Available From All Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Delight (Original Mix).
2/ Delight (Dredillah Junglistic Remix).
3/ Delight (USD Remix).
4/ Delight (Inphekt Remix).
5/ Delight (Skorpz Remix).
6/ Delight (Hektic Remix).

For the latest installment of Viral-Mental Records, exclusive remix EP's, we see Paladin's 'Delight' from last December's excellent 'Nebula EP' receive five tearing relicks from label regulars, Dredillah, USD, Inphekt, Skorpz and Hektic

We are first given a reminder of Paladin's original version of 'Delight', which pays homage to those classic, oldskool, atmospheric jungle tunes of yesteryear, whilst giving the formula a 2016, contemporary drum & bass update. Whereas the 'Original Mix' went the atmospheric route, Dredillah's accurately titled 'Junglistic Remix', takes the listener deep into rougher and rugged territories with the implementation of additional ragga elements, dub skank notes over heavyweight amen breaks. 

'Delight' then get's a neuro-tech makeover from USD who combines the original's haunting chimes with a minimalist, 2-step break and monstrous, grimy bass growls. Up next Inphekt delivers a twisted bass heavy, Dystopian, sci-fi vibed re-working interlaced with scuttling breaks and inter-weaving, oppressive synth notes.

We are then presented with visions urban unrest on the 'Skorpz Remix', with it's frenetic drum programming, menacing bass throbs, haunting midsection pads and panic inducing police sirens. Hektic rounds of the collection with his epic, multi-layered, breakbeat driven remix, which utilizes the euphoric/atmospheric synths of the original to provide a perfect compliment. 

Paladin's 'Delight' receives five very different, but altogether absolutely essential remixes for even the choosiest drum & bass heads out there. Definitely something for everyone here!

Paladin's 'Delight Remixes' are available to purchase now from the following Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...




Juno Download...

Microsoft Store...



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For all Viral-Mental Records releases, artists and information you can check out the official webpage here...

Friday 19 February 2016

GL0WKiD pres. ACME BASS RECORDINGS Special - Planet Rave Radio - 16FEB.2016

[KLP012] DJ QT - Rock Dat E.P [Forthcoming On KLP Records 22/02/16!!!]

1/ Rock Dat.
2/ Pleasant Surprise.
3/ Jungle Riddim.
4/ Sugar Coated.

For the latest KLP Records release, the label welcomes DJ QT to the KLP artist roster with the presentation of the 'Rock Dat E.P'. Featuring four solid slabs of nuskool jungle and dancefloor orientated drum & bass, it's time to get the sound systems prepared for sub bass devastation!!!

'Rock Dat' takes us back to a time when jump-up reigned supreme, and junglists and drum & bass heads alike would loose it to the sounds of cheeky hip-hop samples, rolling amen breaks and thundering, funky-assed basslines in murky night club basements or massive rave arenas. Bringing that classic 1995-1996, jump up formula right up to date, 'Rock Dat' is sheer unadulterated and unashamed, dancefloor joy. Up next, 'Pleasant Surprise' opens with a trippy combination of retro movie dialogue and a hypnotic, chiming melody, before unleashing a barrage of breaks and an unrelenting, bouncing bass. 

We once again go back to the oldskool and drag it into the present with 'Jungle Riddim', which introduces a series of off-kilter, disorientating effects before that stepping, 'Jungle Riddim' of phatt bass notes, clattering breaks, dub FX and airhorn blasts hit ya. To round things off we are then presented with 'Sugar Coated'. A track driven by a relentless breakbeat pattern, sweet, female vocal sighs, soulful guitar licks and an infectiously huge, 'twanging-rubber-band' bassline to get yer feet jumping.

Altogether, there may not be much 'chin-strokey', 'my sub-genre is more clever than your sub-genre' show-boating going on in the 'Rock Dat E.P', but DJ QT achieves exactly what he set out to do, and that is to get people brockin' out!

DJ QT's 'Rock Dat EP' will be available from all KLP Records digital stockists from 22/02/16, so if you're wanting to keep up on upfront, dancefloor orientated jungle then get on this one before everyone else does!!!!

Juno Download...

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[Hi Headz 055] I:Machine - Arbitrary Integer EP [Free 2-Track EP Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ 046879.
2/ Skin.

After a short period of working behind the scenes action, the well respected free music label, Hi Headz are back in on the game with a brand new two track release for your delectation from I:Machine, entitled the 'Arbitrary Integer EP'.

Opening with the mellow jazz-tinged vibes of '046879' which take you on an exhilarating journey with it's intricately programmed breaks, mellow Rhodes keyboard, subtle reverse effects and a gorgeous piano melody. 

'Skin' follows up next in a similar polyrhythmic fashion as it's predecessor, but introduces a footwork-jungle structure to it's jazz theme by fusing a chilled, descending keyboard melody with kickdrum thumps, hand-claps and clicks before gradually merging in fractured amen break edits.

If you are looking for something a little bit different from the usual 'cut-'n'n-paste' D&B, then I:Machine's 'Arbitrary Integer EP' delivers just what you're needing. Plus did I say 'IT'S A FREEBIE!!!'.

For a free copy of the I:Machine 'Arbitrary Integer EP', follow the download link on Soundcloud page below, and if you are feeling these sounds, be sure to Follow and leave a comment!!!

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Wednesday 17 February 2016

[HCRD030] Acid Reflex - Jungle Grapes In Ya Face [HC Recordings Juno Download Exclusive Out Now!!!]

1/ Jungle Grapes In Ya Face.

Down at HC Recordings HQ, something wicked this way comes. If you have a passion for classic jungle tekno sounds given a nuskool twist, then Canada based producer, Acid Reflex has just what you need to satisfy those cravings.

Propelled by a rolling amen break and pounding, kickdrum thumps, the 'Jungle Grapes In Ya Face' employs shimmering pads, bubbling acid tweaks and uplifting bass notes to give the listener that 'euphoric' jungle-tekno feel. Think of 1993-1994 Nookie/Cloud 9/Manix/Warp 69 given a modern makeover and you're there!

Acid Reflex's 'Jungle Grapes In Ya Face' single is available to purchase now as a Juno Download Exclusive, before going on general sale on 29/02/16. So be quick if you wanna beat the crowd!!!

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Marusha Interview @ Raveland - Łódź/Poland (05 Feb.2016)

Tuesday 16 February 2016

[BOOM 00055] X-E-Dos - The Book Of X-E-Dos [Boomsha Recordings Presents 11 Track Album Exclusive To Beatport Pro!!!]

1/ The Book Of X-E-Dos.
2/ Relentless.
3/ Science Fiction Future Tech.
4/ This Is Your Future.
5/  Born Old.
6/ Axis Of Revolution.
7/ Dub Objection.
8/ Feel.
9/ The Abyss.
10/ Ode To History.
11/ Those Eyes.

Boomsha Recordings welcome the return of veteran  drum & bass producer, Ex-E-Dos, who previously appeared as a member of The Collective, Serve Chilled and Ice Minus groups and on labels as diverse as Hard Leaders, Tech Itch Recordings, Bacillus, Audio Couture and Rebelscum. 'The Book Of Ex-E-Dos' marks the release of X-E-Dos' debut solo album with eleven works of intricate drum programming and deep. It's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog to open the book...

The album's self-titled epic opener, 'The Book Of X-E-Dos' sets the pace with a frantic barrage of layered Apache breaks and amen inserts, humming bass notes and brain-searing mentasm riffs, before being joined by the warped bassline and rapid-fire breakbeat percussion of 'Relentless'We are next introduced to the deep atmospherics of 'Science Fiction Future Tech' which layers classic Soul Pride breaks with ominous, sighing pads and electrifying oscillations. 'The Warriors' sampling 'This Is Your Future' steps up to the plate next by incorporating a militant succession of drumwork before unleashing a filthy bass drop in the latter third of the track.

The pace relaxes a touch with 'Born Old', which features layered techno/trance synth notes over a minimal beat pattern which is soon succeeded by the ominously moody and vintage tech-step sounds that penetrate 'Axis Of Revolution'. The classic dub vocal sampling 'Dub Objection' features next  and is propelled by a heavyweight, stepping breakbeat and deep bassline growls before introducing the frenetic, clattering breaks, panic alarm synth pattern and deep bass throbs of 'Feel'

'The Abyss' takes us on an exhilarating ride where high energy, 2-step beats do battle with a massive, grimy bass riff to get your feet moving and head nodding. We are then treated to a veritable homage to classic rave tunes with 'Ode To History', which expertly blends together elements of classic oldskool anthems from the likes Holy Noise, Mental Overdrive, Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era, Tone Def, DJ Blatant & The Master Programmer, Krome & Time, 2 Bad Mice, Orbital and many others for the spotters to identify. To round off the album we are taken by X-E-Dos for one more trip into dark and moody territory with the amen break and monstrous bassline infused 'Those Eyes'. Which ensures that 'The Book Of X-E-Dos' ends on an energetic note.

X-E-Dos succeeds in his goal to implement the use of classic breakbeats into modern drum & bass productions to create an essential collection of bass heavy tracks for both the mind and the feet.

'The Book Of X-E-Dos' is available to purchase exclusively from Beatport Pro for 2 weeks before going on general release to all digital download stores...

The album is available to preview on the Boomsha Recordings Soundcloud page link below...

... and for another taster of the album, then be sure to check out the free to download X-E-Dos promo mix below...

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