Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rudeboi Ray - Feel The Melody (Exclusive Strictly NuSkool Blog Free Download)

01/ Rudeboi Ray - Feel The Melody.

The multi-talented Cornwall based producer of all things breakbeat based returns to The Strictly NuSkool Blog to deliver another free exclusive download for all our readers. Up for grabs is 'Feel The Melody', a tearing oldskool jungle influenced track featuring some classic vocals layered over a rolling amen break and booming bassline. If that wasn't enough for your ears, listen out for the brain scouring mentasm midway!!!!
Huge respects go out to Ray for giving this up as a freebie! Please give your support and positive feedback on the Soundcloud link below.

Free download link... 


Rudeboi Ray Soundcloud page...

[KOR016] The Rumblist - Rumblisms Part 1 (Forthcoming on Kut Off Records 12/06/14)

1/ Getting Funky (Original Mix).
2/ Bass Drop (Original Mix).

Get ready for some more bassline pressure with this forthcoming release on Kut Off Records. 'Rumblisms Part 1' is the first instalment of 3 releases in the 'Rumblisms' series and features two tracks from The Rumblist making a long awaited return to the label. Providing two breakbeat monsters with the electro-tinged 'Get Funky' and the nasty bass fuelled 'Bass Drop'. Expect booming bass growls, phat and funky breaks and a smattering of oldskool jungle edits scattered through each track.

Available from all download stores from the 12th of June. Get yer Rumblism on!

Kut Off Records Soundcloud page...

Kut Off Records Facebook page...

Thursday, 29 May 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (29MAY2014)

Here's the TOP 10 (tunes in random positioning) of my latest radio show on Nu-Rave Radio. This 2hr show was blended with phatt bass - breakbeats and some footwork and jungle stuff.
First of all starting with two footwork rave stylee productions. One from The Renegades on a big remix on Acen's classic 'Close Your Eyes' and second one by Terrorrythmus, taken from a 4track release titled Wasted EP, which has drawn my attention last week when I've found it. Following with two Jungle tunes, Ricky Force's 'Got Me' part of a vinyl release on Criterion Records and the other one by 'new blood' from USA, 2Brainz from their forthcoming EP, 'Dank Sensi'.
Next tunes, are some class nuskool breaks from Russian Kitt Whale's electro breaks tune 'Limitation of Movement' (Beat By Brain) - Zombie Robot's filthy 'Mad Zombie' (Bassrock Records) and spanish VirtualeX great dubstep rework on Liquid Crystal's 'To The Top'.
I couldn't have ignored of course DJ Curious with his successful 2nd personal EP on Bad Habit, which has hit the top 4 positions on the top 100 breaks on TrackItDown about 3 days ago and remains still in high levels. Mental future jungle biznes!
Finally closing with two tunes, which can be described as the 'Bombs of this Summer'.. The Flash Cats 'Sound of the Police' is a part of the new 4track EP titled 'Viral Bass Vol.2' from the rave inspired bass label, Propaganda Musik [out on 23rd June 2014] and last one comes from an established producer/dj like Wizard who opens his brand new label called, Hostage with a great tune - featured remixes and colllaborations on 'Buss It Up' giving to the Bass scene and all fans a 4track gem release!

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio - 29 May2014)

10. Acen - Close Your Eyes (The Renegades Mix)

09. Zombie Robot - Mad Zombie [BASSROCK RECORDS]
08. Terrorrythmus - Let Me See Your XTC [TEN TOES TURBO]

07. Liquid Crystal - To The Top (VirtualeX Remix)

06. Ricky Force - Got Me [CRITERION RECORDS]

05. 2Brainz - Dank Sensi [CONQUEST RECORDINGS]

04. Kitt Whale - Limitation of Movement [BEAT BY BRAIN]

03. Curious - Liquid Light [BAD HABIT]

02. The Flash Cats - The Sound Of The Police [PROPAGANDA MUSIC]

01. Wizard & Manoo - Buss It Up feat Top Cat, Daddy Freddy & Lady Chann
      (Turn Up The Bass VIP mix) [HOSTAGE BASS]

Listen to full show here:

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Piano Junkies Oldskool Rave & Hardcore Breaks DJ set - Rocked @ Stoke On Trent 19/4/14

Ben Fisher a.ka. Piano Junkies, the owner of Good Times Recordings, has uploaded a massive 1hr piano/rave breaks mix, which was recorded as played live @ Rocked (Stoke on Trent) along with Joey Riot, Mark EG, Daz Willot, VinylGroover and many more.

Njoy the mix - happy download and share it whenever you can if you are a Nu-Rave lover! Great selection of released and forthcoming stuff covering rave-piano & hardcore breaks from the Nuskool scene!


01.Klub bangers - Turn me Out (Neurygma remix) (GOOD TIMES RECORDINGS)
02.Piano Junkies - Feel The Power (Resin Remix) (GOOD TIMES RECORINGS)
03.Flashback Project - My Feelings
04.NJM - Heaven Crawlers
05.Nefti - So Real (Rave breaks remix)
07.Stormski - Love Sanctuary (KODE 5 RECORDINGS)
08.Retrospect - Get Ill (CHEEKY TRAX)
10.Junkie Munki V Reckless - Sun Dance (CAN YOU FEEL IT MEDIA)
11.Andy Wilson - Love & Devotion (GOOD TIMES RECORDINGS)
12.Shed Edz - Suspect (GOOD TIMES RECORDINGS)
13. Street Creeps - Way You Make Me Feel
14. Andy Wilson - Sweet Harmony 2014 Remix

Piano Junkies

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Mana Boom (RUS) Guest Mix @ GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] - Nu-Rave Radio

Shu and Oranje a.ka. ManaBoom from Russia is a young Nu-Rave duet, formed about 5 years ago and some of you might know them from last year's Paranoid Recordings Vol.7 with their hardcore breaks tune in there, called 'Splash of Emotion'.

They've already been playing on various parties in Moscow and having also a great amount of their own productions from hardcore breaks to breakcore and hardcore jungle.
I've decided to invite them to my show to spread their vibe and show what they deserve, as Moscow keeps it still real and pumping!

So njoy Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio with Mana Boom on the Guest Mix

full show free download here:



VINYL JUNKIE & SANXION-The Big Free EP-Warehouse Wax Music

Warehouse Wax Music has been putting out countless classics since 2003, one of the pioneering labels for both Hardcore Breaks & Tearout Breaks, their ethos is 'Bass heavy music with a breakbeat as its driving force'.

Following on from the phenomenal 'We're Not Dead: The 3rd Chapter, the Warehouse Wax gaffer, Vinyl Junkie teams up with Sanxion for a 10 TRACK EP, practically a mini LP, here's the thing, ITS FREE!!!!

Thats right, a whopping 10 track EP that covers breaks, 140 Jungle & DnB that you can download for free, whatever your persuasion be it Reggae influenced 140 Jungle or uplifting vocal breaks, electro breaks or seriously banging DnB, you will find these 2 accomplished producer/DJs on top of their game here...

MC Fats Collective-We Gotcha LP Combination 1 -U Understand Me Music

MC Fats is an artist well known and much loved to the jungle scene, a veteran of the scene from its origins in the early 90s to the present day, this LP follows on from 2 EPs that have come about as a result of showing love and respect for this legend who has sadly had to undergo surgery due to diabetes related complications, some may have seen the picture circulating social media of the MC lying in a hospital bed with an amputated leg and amputated toes.

This album presents a unique opportunity to support MC Fats, a collection of stunning collaborations by some of DnB's finest offering slick production, plenty of variety and the distinct harmonic vocals of MC Fats, go show some love!!!!


Buy On Juno:
Buy On Beatport:

Monday, 26 May 2014

CON017D :: 2BRAINZ - Dank Sensi EP [out on 23rd June on Conquest Recordings]

Two weeks ago we had the pleasure to host a mix from Modkre and Rad Rod a.k.a 2BRAINZ + a small introduction of them and their work so far. In case you missed it, you can check it out here:

2BRAINZ is a very talented electronic & jungle duet representing the scene from Ohio, USA and after several collaborations and remixes, a big EP is set for launch on 23rd June 2014 out from the underground, based in Thailand, label Conquest Recordings.

2BRAINZ 'DANK SENSI EP' features 2 jungle tracks (160bpm) delivering amens and pure junglism and a very touchy oldskool sample i admit! Worth to mention the awesome rework on 'Dank Sensi' from Wabberjocky (producer/DJ/ owner) who retains the spirit of the release in its level.
Show your luv and support to all Jungle/Footwork nuskool crew from USA, these guys are feeling for real what they do with total love and devotion!

- Dank Sensi (Original Mix)
- Dank Sensi (Wabberjocky Remix)




Friday, 23 May 2014


The mighty DJOverdose on his monthly mix including his favourite tunes picked up on different genres.

Here are some words from him (as sent to my e-mail with the mix) and a free download link of his mix.

''Some nice tracks this month, good rave sounds and some old skool beats. Bass lines are still making an appearance so everyone should be happy with this selection! Also included is another good Prodigy remake of an under rated track of theirs. As I have said in the past, Prodigy remakes are not easy, but every now and then I find a good one.
As usual there are tracks from Nicky Allen, the rave breaks makin' machine!, Paul Cronin, the mad beats master, and some great work from Dave Nexus. Without these guys my monthly mixes would be pretty bare. So big respect to you guys.
Shouts as usual to Gunnee and the Apple Core crew. Respect as always to Monita and Monk. Shout to the Canadiens, Rick and fam ;) "


01 - DJ Overdose - Laughing Mule Intro
02 - Chiqui - Yeeeee
03 - Renegade Genius - The Dyson Effect
04 - DJ Nexus - Mental Atmosphere
05 - Paul Cronin - 10-6 Pay At The Door (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
06 - Hyper Motion - A Feeling
07 - Impact Beat - Hide
08 - Zero B - Lock Up (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
09 - Champion Breaks - Conspiracy 303
10 - Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Wages Of Sin (Strange Rollers Remix)
11 - Fantasy - UFO (John Acen Barry Remix)
12 - Fuzzbuzz - Piano Blues
13 - DJ Nexus - Break It Down
14 - The Prodigy - Death of the Prodigy Dancers (Mr. Niceguy Remix)
15 - Leonized - Why Waste Your Time
16 - Ali Monsta - Old Skool Beat

Link to download and listen:


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

1st Science Mix [by DJ Tony D]

Swedish hardcore breaks producer, 1st Science is a well known man in the NuRave community since mid '00s, having already released tracks mainly on Hardcore Lives Records and also under the alias of Overtime Crew on Bat Beat Recordings.
DJ Tony D 'the NuRave mixmaster head' grabs the chance and makes a special tribute to 1st Science productions so far. Njoy 22 tracks delivering original hardcore breaks sounds. This mix is avalaible on free download.


01. gimme a dubplate
02. rushing forever
03. black jacket
04. stay with me
05. dead hardcore
06. holy caffeine
07. born 2 roll:[the 3rd mix]
08. souled out
09. dead hardcore
10. thank you
11. ghetto bastard
12. acid childhood
13. look out for the cops
14. nasty dog
15. onward forward
16. the gateway
17. dark victory:[radio edit]
18. happy enuff
19. back to the top:[original mix]
20. high on Friday
21. living dreams:[orig. hardcore mix]
22. cloud surfer
23. strictly rub a
24. planet of insan
25. coming up good

1st Science

DJ Tony D

Monday, 19 May 2014

JUNKI MUNKI 2002-2009 [2 mixes - free DL]

We are about now to transfer at the beginning of the Hardcore Breaks scene, around early '00s with the mighty UK producer/DJ/label owner, Junki Munki on the board, serving us 2 massive mixes from his work so far.
First mix features a collection of his productions made between 2002 & 2006 and was made in Summer of 2006 to celebrate his 1st release on Malice & Enzyme's label, 2FX Records.
The second mix featured tracks made by Junki Munki between 2006 & 2009, some released and some others just (wip) experimental.
You can grab now on free download these...'valuable' mixes (that's how I can describe both of them really) and show your support to one of the greatest chapters in the NuRave scene, Junki Munki by following him on his socials and spreading his vibes!

NuRave Alive!


Sunday, 18 May 2014

CUT005:: ABYSS 'Another Planet' [out now on Switchblade Digital]

Abyss is ready to hit the charts and bomb our minds once again with an awesome breakbeat freshness out now from Switchblade Digital delivering tearout amen breaks, acid and even....some killer guitar samples!!
The result is a crazy tune on the 5th release already for a brand new underground label like Switchblade Digital, which is set by him aiming to spread the dark side of breakbeat!

Grab your copy now:

Beatport  here
TrackitDown  here
Juno  here
Amazon  here
iTunes here
htfrd  here



Friday, 16 May 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (15MAY2014)

Here's the TOP 10 selection from my latest show including lots of freshness starting with Schoco's stuff from his massive 11track 'Welcome to my Jungle LP' on Boomsha Recordings, promos by B2N (already known hardcore breaks radio dj) on a hardcore breaks early production 'XTC Is What You Want', Pursuit's 155bpm  'In Heaven Baby' who's about to release an EP on the Strictly Nuskool Blog titled, 'Youtube Killed The MP3 Star' and finally two exclusive tunes, which were first airplay on this show.
One from the very talented, United States Beat Squad called 'Euphoria' and has entered in my heart from the first time i listened to it about 10 days ago, and second one comes from Russian NuRave duet Mana Boom, and its called 'Yami Yami' like a...sweet hardcore attack.
Number 1 can be hardly replaced.. Sub Slayers brings you the message that 'Soundboy Love' will be the 2k14 summer hit in the scene!

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio - 15 May2014)

Altern 8 - Frequency (Kid Perfect Remix)

09. Toofer - Hello I'm Back [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]

DJ Sashay - My Generation [FREE DL]

Resin - Chasing Status [FREE DL]

06. B2N - X.T.C Is What You Want [PROMO]

Schoco - I Wanna Dance [BOOMSHA RECORDINGS]

Mana Boom - Yami Yami [GenX Exclusive tune]

Pursuit - In Heaven Baby [PROMO]

United States Beat Squad - Euphoria [f/c KODE5 RECORDINGS]

King Yoof (ft. Rony Blue, Mr Williamz) - Soundboy Love [SUB SLAYERS]

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


The 15th digital release of polish Nu-Rave label, Intensive Recordings is out now bringing 2 fresh tunes to nurave masses, from its owner, Nefti delivering piano, hardcore breaks and fueled oldskool feelings.
'The Only One EP' is the new addition to Nefti's quality productions.
Features the original mix of the tune and a remix by Rave Force, which is Nefti's side project as we had the chance to listen to it firstly on Intensive Recordings Vol.2 with 'Amigos-4-Ever' tune.

Grab your copy now

Beatport    here
Juno   here
Smashintracks   here
Amazon   here



Monday, 12 May 2014

Introducing 2BRAINZ (USA) [+ mixtape for the Strictly Nuskool Blog]

This blog is next to every thirsty for music spirit representing the Nuskool scene, and this 'less than 1 yr old' project is a good example of that.
Introducing 2Brainz from Ohio (USA)

2BRAINZ is a collaborative jungle & electronic project between DJ Rad Rod and Modkre, based in Ohio (USA).
Longtime friends, and both sharing a mutual interest in jungle and various forms of electronic music, these two bring in a unique perspective on dark jungle music. Rollin' bass and frantic breaks.

Short bio: 
Mike Brody, also known as Modkre, has been experimenting with sounds and breaks since the age of 13. Exposed to Electronic music at an early age, Modkre cites legends such as Aphex Twin, SquarePusher, Shitmat, Photek, and Venetian Snares as some of his main influences. He also enjoys playing the bass guitar.

Rod Beitzel got his start DJing for the radio station at his college in 2007. He was into all sorts of music and regularly played punk rock, reggae, drum & bass, and hip hop on the air. Going to house parties around that time, he became soon aware of the concept of mixing and blending music as a live performance. After a few years of practicing his technique on the turntables, he met up with Jacob Esterly and formed Diverse Entertainment in 2010. They were successful in throwing many underground house parties and events in north Ohio. A few of Rob's biggest influences are Aphrodite, Bay B Kane,Goldie, Kid Lib, Goth-Trad, Dom & Roland and 6blocc.

Affiliations: Conquest Recordings, Diverse Entertainment, RWD.FM

Releases: 2BRAINZ have already couple of collaborations and remixes released on Beatport Via Conquest Recordings and also Grimey Grooves. Their forthcoming release titled "Dank Sensi" EP is finished and will be out on 23rd June 2014 on Beatport. They are also making an album dedicated to the vibe of dub reggae which will be forthcoming in October.

Equipment they use: FL studio 11 - Keyboard - Monitors - Pioneer CDJ400's for DJ use.

Listen to 2BRAINZ mixtape for the Strictly Nuskool Blog here:


01. Moresounds TEK LIFE (Ghetto Dub)
02. 6Blocc feat. Gunsmoke - Gangsta 
03. K AZE - Warrior Groove
04. Subnation - Scottie (Spinscott Remix)
05. FishStix - Funkin
06. DJ Earl & Sonic D - Stop Playing With Me
07. AteTraxx - Rudelord (Renegades Remix)
08. DJ Downrock - Rockas
09. Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag (Sideswipe edit)
10. Spinscott - No Control
11. Rico Tubbs - Babylon Fall (Slick Shoota Remix)
12. Coleco - Spatial
13. Sinistarr ft. Tim Reaper - Riff 2



Conquest Recordings 


DVerse Entertainment 

GTR053:: ISE - I Will Take U Dance (+ Remixes) [out now on Good Times Recordings]

Good Times Recordings is back with its 53rd digital release, which is out now on all major digital stores.
'I Will Take U Dance' is the new hit of the label, made by Russian NuRave producer, Ise. Worth to mention that Ise is representing the Nu-Rave scene in Russia along with DJ Pink Champagne, ManaBoom.
The original mix of him, is a 160bpm hardcore breaks tune oldskool prodigy influenced surrounded by 3 mental remixes.
Andy Wilson, one of the most essential nuskool piano breaks producers, gives his self tone to it with a blinding 140bpm remix, while MiTM remix is a sweet piano house vibe.
Finally, Neurygma from Spain lift you up to the dancefloors with a faster remix which will.. Take U Dance!

Show your love to the GTR Label and its class work in the NuRave scene over these years, and also support the producers involved on this class release & grab your copy now:

Beatport here
TrackitDown here
Amazon here
iTunes here

Listen to clips here






Friday, 9 May 2014

Blade - Secret Moments / Blue Notes About You + LMI & Scenic / Griever - Quiet Truth / Final Dream (2 x New 12" Vinyl Releases From Criterion Records)

A - Blade - Secret Moments.
AA - Blade - Blue Notes About You.
A - LM1 & Scenic - Quiet Truth.
AA - Griever - Final Dream.
Criterion Records, Greece's premier drum & bass label steps up it's vinyl only release schedule with not one, but two brand new slabs of black wax.
Hot on the heels of Ricky Force's excellent 'Bad Rep / Got Me' 12", Blade brings us two hard-hitting, jazz tinged numbers with the rolling amen and deep piano infused 'Secret Moments' and the stepping 'Blue Notes About You'Blade's release is accompanied by LMJ & Scenic's 'Quiet Truth', with it's techno pads and 2-step breaks. Griever's cinematic 'Final Dream' adds intricate chopped up amen breaks to sweeping synth chords.
Both releases invoke memories of classic deep and atmospheric drum & bass as featured on labels such as Good Looking/Looking Good, Moving Shadow and Creative Wax. For those who are quick in ordering both releases, Criterion Records are offering a joint double vinyl purchase which comes with a free Criterion Records tote bag, so get in there before they're gone. Order details are available on the website below.

Criterion Records website...

Criterion Records Facebook...

Criterion Records Soundcloud...

Thursday, 8 May 2014

KODE061:: EXIT POINT - Rock Ya Soul [+ Nicky Allen Remix]

KODE 5 Recordings, already hitting no.1 on TrackItDown Top 100 Breaks Charts with "Mystery & Kosine - I Can Dance" , have set a new release, which is out today and it's about a double nurave dose by Exit Point and Nicky Allen.
Exit Point goes on a 145bpm Rave Breaks tune titled "Rock Ya Soul" which is the original tune of this release, delivering heavy breaks and hip house oldskool style on his first ever release on KODE 5.
Featured remix by Nicky Allen, a well known nurave tune-machine, bringing some faster hardcore breaks for the dancefloor!

Grab your copy now
Trackitdown here
JUNO here

  Listen to clips :




Bass Beat Repeat Mix Session Vol.1 By Dj Back2Nite

Watch out for BassBeatRepeat, a new DnB label due to launch very soon, DJ Back2Nite has mixed up some forthcoming label material for you to stream/download, you can stay updated via the following links:

1. DJ Tremor & Phantom D - Push Em Back Extended 
2. DJ Tremor - Discovery
3. DJ Tremor & Phantom D - Circumstance 
4. DJ Tremor - Think About Me
5. Vital Link - Bob (Vital Link Remix)
6. Peron One - Yesterday Tastes Like You 
7. Peron One - Broke Mornings 
8. Peron One - Drumnscotch
9. DJ Tremor - Chess Porn 
10. Peron One - Neekel Storm (VIP Mix) 
11. Vital Link - Dance to my beat
12. DJ Tremor - I'm Not the One (You're Looking For)
13. Peron One - Sky Isn't A Limit For Me
14. Tremor & Rael Borg - All I Wanted
15. Vital Link - Aint no sunshine
16. DJ Tremor - Mind Games 
17. Vital Link - The Road


  1. Lee Nazari - Get The Terrace Pumpin'
  2. Retrosynths -Everybody Dance
  3. Taiki & Nulight Pon de Sick Floor
  4. Cause & Affect -Testosterone Difficiency
  5. Break,Die & MC Fats-Foundation Dub
  6. Gardna & Parly B-Inna De Session (Stivs & Kelvin 373 Mix)
  7. Curious - Sky High
  8. Zombie Robot-Let It Go (Radiokillaz Mix)
  9. Manix - Hardcore Junglism
  10. Longman Vs the Wizard -You're My Desire
  11. TGE -A Good Feelin'
  12. Karnage-Darkest Of The Dark
  13. Inspector Sands & CLSM -Hard Daze
  14. Abyss -Another Planet
  15. The Dream Team -Insane (Marvellous Cain Remix)
  16. ill.Gates & Datsik -Eviction (Snareophobe remix)
  17. Paragon-Detractors
  18. Bad Boy Pete-Extasy (ChampionBreaks & Menace Remix)
  19. DJ Westy -Lost Pain
  20. Donkai Kong -Messy
  21. Sterling Sound- Uno
  22. Voodocoder - That's Weird
  23. Om Unit -Timelines
  24. CoolHand Flex Ft Standing Ovation-Vendetta(Grimey Rob Full Vocal Refix)
  25. Inf.inia Ft Talabun �Dungeons
  26. DJ Hybrid - Set The Base
  27. Tim Reaper - Get Wicked

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

NEFTI Live @ Hypodermic [Toruń-Poland] 12 APR. 2014 [FREE DL mix]

Nefti from Poland (Intensive Recordings/Pianoholix) has recently uploaded on his Mixcloud page, his latest set as recorded live @ Hypodermic in Toruń, Poland, where played for Lunatic's Birthday Bash.
This mix is available on free download too.
Future Jungle Breaks and Rave Breaks & massive scratches by Nefti  [Tracklist included]

If you are close to Lodz, Poland, you can catch up Nefti live on his upcoming event on 17th May 2014.. 
more info:


DBP058:: The Flashback Project - Nice Up The Dance EP [DOWNBEAT PRODUCTIONS - out on 12th May 2014]

This one goes for Bass & Heavy Breakbeat nuskool lovers from an established label like Downbeat Productions, based in USA, bringing the bassline breaks sound over the last 14 years, having also worked with lots of talented and class acts like Dub Elements, Access Denied, Specimen A, Backdraft, Dom Almond.
After 1 year featuring the very successful 'Jungle Breaks EP Vol.2' , The Flashback Project (owner of Propaganda Music) returns to Downbeat with 4 fresh & mental tunes compiling a 140bpm bass influenced EP with ragga melodies and killer dancefloor breaks.
This is the 58th digital release of Downbeat, titled 'Nice Up The Dance EP' and will be out on 12th May 2014 on Beatport and all major digital stores.


01. Nice Up The Dance
02. King of the Forest
03. Party Time
04. Run Outta Time

Listen to clips from the EP here:

If you are close to Seville, Spain, would be a great chance to follow The Flashback Project, who's playing in there on 9th May 2014
more info here:



Tuesday, 6 May 2014

FB002:: GAVIN G - Future Sounds Part One [out now on FUTURE BREAKZ RECORDINGS]

FUTURE BREAKZ RECORDINGS is a fresh label based in UK
delivering Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum & Bass and UK Hardcore sounds.
Its second release is a fresh 2 track EP from the man like GAVIN G, who has already made 4 tracks for the label and separated two of them ('Drop' and 'Feel Alive') to compile the Future Sounds Part One EP.
This first series of future sounds is out now bringing 2 killer d&b tunes perfectly fit for the dancefloors !!

Grab your copy now on Beatport  here

Listen to some clips:



CCR016:: BREAKFORCE ONE - I've Visited Breakcore Last Week, It's Alive And Well [CORE COLLECTIVE RECORDS]

Time for some Breakcore buzz and Core Collective Records give you exactly whats hot. BREAKFAST ONE from Germany (owner of Speedcore Wordwide) brings a fresh 6track EP, shouting out to all nuravers & oldskool lovers that there is still RAVE out there, starting with a big 'Tribute To Dune' which is my no.1 tune from there and then 5 more tunes delivering amen breaks, killing vibes and dancefloor rush! The whole release is killing brains and feet so get yourself into it immediately!

Grab now your copy and show luv to the label and the producer. Out now from here

Listen to some clips here:

All tracks are mastered by Threshold Driven Mastering