Sunday 29 November 2015

[SNBEP016] Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. Gareth Monks - Heart Soul Mind EP

"'s almost a year since i made my last ep for SNB. this time i have been concentrating on the ravebreak style.This ep was totaly made for SNB and all its folowers and thanks to the guys at SNB!"

These words come from Gareth Monks, a well known suspect in the Nu-Rave scene from UK, who's been activated and productive more than ever during this year, offering a great variety of releases & bootlegs alongside his fresh personal EP @ Strictly Nuskool Blog.
This is his second personal SNB release titled "Heart Soul Mind EP" and is out now available on free download including 3 hardcore stormer breakbeats!

Njoy the tracks, play them loud & proud all around!!

01. Gareth Monks - Dope Groove
02. Gareth Monks - Heart Soul Mind
03. Gareth Monks - Rud E




Saturday 28 November 2015

Non Compliance & Nefti On Planet Rave Radio (27 NOV. 2015)

Planet Mu: μ20 (The Documentary)

Order the triple vinyl anniversary comp "20 Years of Planet Mu", which features 18 previously unreleased tracks from its two decade history:

[VMRDT043] Skorpz - Civil Unrest / Fear [Available From All Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Civil Unrest.
2/ Fear.

Viral-Mental Records regular, Skorpz unleashes a duo of fierce drum & bass tracks with the release of the 'Civil Unrest / Fear' single.

Kicking off with 'Civil Unrest', a combination of hard-as-nails, stepping breaks and bass thumps alongside female vocal sighs and an infectiously upbeat, synth melody that'll soon become lodged in your brain for weeks to come. 
It's companion piece, 'Fear' brings with it a more sinister vibe, with it's moody, atmospherics and ominous growling bassline, whilst at the same time adding a touch of funk with it's Bad Company style percussive background and rolling breaks.

Skorpz successfully delivers two solid, dancefloor orientated slabs of future funk that'll be a perfect addition to any upfront drum & bass, DJ set. Get on it!!!

The Skorpz 'Civil Unrest / Fear' is available to purchase now from the following Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...



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Friday 27 November 2015

Gareth Monks - Rock This Mofo (Kode 5 Recordings)

Think of early 90s Prodigy, think of all that energy and power they had in their music, think of how rough tough and ready they sounded. This new monster from Gareth Monks titled 'Rock This Mofo' has all the workings of such a beast! a massive fat slab of hardcore shoved in a melting pot of gold and churned out into what can only be described as something you need to own!. Bringing the vibe hardcore style is what is needed to keep the genre from going stale, this is the track to give it that kick in the pants and jolt in the right direction. Gareth knows how to work a great track and once again he delivers the goods, don your white gloves and chemical warfare suits 'cos its time to get RAVEY!

The all important links to buy:

DJ Tunes:

Tuesday 24 November 2015

[VMRDT042] Inphekt & Dr V - Tantibus EP [Available From All Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Inphekt - Panic.
2/ Inphekt - Talk To Walls (Part 1).
3/ Inphekt - Ancherontia.
4/ Inphekt & Dr V - Night Owl.
5/ Inphekt & Dr V - Black Mass.
6/ Inphekt - Method Of Violence.
7/ Inphekt - Haures.

Things are getting deep, dark and dystopian over at Viral-Mental Records, with the release of the brand new 7-track epic from Inphekt and Dr V, the 'Tantibus EP'.

From the oppressive, industrial tones of opening track 'Panic' to the frantically paced, amen backed closing piece 'Haures'. The 'Tantibus EP' draws parallels to the classic late '90's breed of sci-fi themed, futuristic drum & bass pioneered by the likes of Ram Trilogy, Bad Company,  and Ed Rush & Optical whilst adding a a touch of modern griminess to the proceedings.

The relentless 2-step break driven 'Talk To Walls (Part 1)' introduces a blend of discordant sounds and deep and menacing atmospherics coupled with mutating bass growls, as does it's equally sinister successor, 'Ancherontia'. For 'Night Owl' and 'Black Mass', Iphekt teams up with Dr V to deliver two clinical steppers which conjure up images of cybernetic armies on the march. The deeply ominous bass drones and pads of 'Method Of Violence' sets the dark-step ambiance perfectly by combining those elements with intricately programmed and metallic percussion to create a solid piece of heavyweight sound business.

To conclude, Inphekt inconjunction with Dr V provide the perfect selection of tracks to soundtrack the darkest of Drum & Bass sets. Guaranteed to scare off any Pop D&B fans 100%!!!

The Inphekt & Dr V 'Tantibus EP' is available to purchase now from the following Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...


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HCRD027:: Impact Beat - Surreal EP [out @ HC RECORDINGS on 27th November 2015]

Canary Islands and Spain rinse out some fresh hardcore breaks massive with Impact Beat deliving his first personal EP on HC Recordings titled 'Surreal EP'. Tricky title but don't get comfused with that as it features hardcore tunes for real by a real Spanish skillful producer!
Uplifting happy rhythms, hot stabs and proper nuskool result on the new HC dish!!

'Surreal EP' will be officially out  @ major digital stores on 27th November 2015

Njoy the following previews



Monday 23 November 2015

Amiga Breaks - Digital Oceans EP

Something unusual from the well known Amiga Breaks stuff, has revealed these days. "Digital Oceans EP" is a 2track free download release by him following a deep path inside his mind of mellow rhythms and touching chilling melodies.

Good news have come also, especially for those who remember his full length album 'Journey's End' which was released some months ago @ Dark Til Dawn Records.
The label alogside Timo have announced that his album will get remastered and run a limited number of 50 CDs with proper jewel cases, full cover artwork/cd artwork + some remixes and unreleased tracks.
There will be a pre-order in the next few weeks so better stay tune @


Sunday 22 November 2015

[BPW-003] Sixteenarmedjack, General Malice & Osci - Bulletproof Wax 003 [Brand New 12" Vinyl And Festive Charity Fundraiser Offer!!!]

A - Sixteenarmedjack - Bulletproof Dub.
B1 - General Malice - Might Get Shot.
B2 - Osci - Boom Shot.

November sees the return of the pedigree, nuskool jungle label, Bulletproof Wax for their third vinyl excursion, and they bring with them Sixteenarmedjack, Genral Malice and Osci on their mission to mash up all sound systems once more.To kick things off, Canada's Sixteenarmedjack delivers the reggae-vibed 'Bulletproof Dub', featuring a succession of intricately spliced drumbreaks over a buzzing/reversed bass combination and metallic, time-stretched 'Bulletproof' vocal effects.General Malice up next with 'Might Get Shot', drops thundering, heavyweight amen percussion, alongside plenty of menacing hardcore hip-hop attitude and bass throbs that sound as thick as molasses!!!
Osci closes off the EP, yet doesn't let up on the momentum of previous tracks with 'Boom Shot'. Layering an earth-shaking, warped Reese bassline with fierce amen break choppage and brain searing mentasm stab flashes to intense effect. 

Altogether 'Bulletproof Wax 003' contains three essential slabs of nuskool junglism that are guaranteed to get those lighters flashing in any dancehall. Certified rudeboy junglist business!!! 

For a limited time only, Bulletproof Wax are offering all of their vinyl for the cost of a donation of the choice, with all of the proceeds going towards the purchase of gifts and essentials for families and children who are undergoing hardships at this time of year. This generous offer also includes the fresh of the press BPW003 release. In addition to the total donation made, the only cost to the customer will be for the postage & packaging for each vinyl.

To kick off this generous offer, the Bulletproof Wax camp have already contributed $250 to the fundraising pot and will add another $250 once the total raised has reached $1000. So dig deep and jump on this offer and help support families and children in need over the festive period!!! 

All Bulletproof Wax fundraising information can be found on the link below, along with order pages for BPW001, BPW002 and BPW003...

Bulletproof Wax 001!product-page/c1a4r/c4d94108-792d-82a4-e1d1-4e040682eefe

Bulletproof Wax 002!product-page/c1a4r/dab2d6e9-0048-ee5b-e576-a11df7a21ea1

Bulletproof Wax 003!product-page/c1a4r/b2973be1-2ed9-f0c7-7165-d16b3ecb94e7

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BH060:: Otter - Funk It Up (Original Mix + Strange Rollers Remix) [out on BAD HABIT]

Bad Hadbit is one of the leading and successful labels in Future Jungle & Bass sounds and proves its class again with this pretty funky bass vibe by US bass producer like Otter under the title 'Funk It Up' which is also placed by a mental breaks rework with ravey stylee from Strange Rollers, a well known suspect in Bad Habit squad!

Worth to mention that DJ Mag has reviewed this release 9/10!!
Grab it now on Beatport here




Master Mash presents "The Nu skool Part Volume Two - Leonized"

Master Mash presents "The Nu skool Part Volume Two - Leonized"


01. Olive - Your Not Alone [Leonized Rmx]
02. DJ Excel - Just When You Thought It Was Safe (Leonized Remix)
03. Mad Cap - Acid Chant [Leonized Rmx]
04. Underground
05. Urban Shakedown - Do It Now! (Leonized Remix)
06. Listen To The Bassline
07. Oldskool Shenanigans
08. Hardcore Junglistism
09. Living In Darkness
10. Mind Of A Leonatic (2013 Refix)
11. The Squandering Of The Little Sperm That Could...
12. Spastic Fantastic! (VIP)
13. Untitled
14. Untitled
15. DJ Ham - Most Uplifting (Leonized Remix ReRubbed)


Friday 20 November 2015

[ARR054] Subteq - Get Krunk [Available Now From All Good Allowance Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Get Krunk.

Main room Drum & Bass doesn't get any more intense than Allowance Records latest release from label newcomer, Subteq. 'Get Krunk' lays down an epic building intro before dropping a succession of monolithic breakbeats, invigorating neuro bass throbs and rabble-rousing rap vocals to create a massive future D&B, dancefloor anthem destined to get feet moving at a rave near you.

Subteq's 'Get Krunk' is available to purchase now from the following Allowance Records digital download stockists...



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[KLPR011] Various Artists - Sound System Culture EP [Forthcoming From All Good KLP Records Digital Stockists 23/11/15]

1/ DJ Hybrid - Dubplate Sound.
2/ DJ Monk - Gotta Rock.
3/ DJ J.T.M - Squeeze.

The legendary jungle veteran, DJ Monk presents the Strictly NuSkool Blog with an exclusive promo of the forthcoming KLP Records release, 'The Sound System Culture EP'. Featuring a trio of heavyweight, junglist anthems from DJ Hybrid, DJ J.T.M and KLP head honcho, the DJ Monk himself.

The 'Sound System Culture EP' opens in a stepping fashion with DJ Hybrid, who brings out the 'Dubplate Sound' with reggae trumpet flares accompanying Reese bass drones, militant 2-step breaks,  and a ragga vocal that will soon become the next junglist 'call to arms' shout out!

DJ Monk then follows up next with 'Gotta' Rock', which fuses together menacing bass growls over a hypnotically moody bassline, all set to a massive rolling breakbeat. 'Gotta Rock' is further accentuated by hip-hop samplage and ragga chatting ordering the listener to 'rock', 'twist' and 'listen to 'dis', as if they would need any encouragement to! 

The DJ J.T.M rounds off this jungle triptych with a head-nodding, reggae vibed number entitled 'Squeeze', packed full of rude-boy bass, air horns, solid breaks and inspirational speech from the legendary reggae/dancehall ambassador, David Rodigan. 

The 'Sound System Culture EP' will be available from all KLP Records digital stockists from 23/05/15. Be sure to follow the links provided below to keep up to date with previous and future DJ Monk/KLP releases...

KLP Records Bandcamp page...

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D-AUDI - Y.T. [Out on 30th November 2015 @ INNER MINDS RECORDINGS]

US Drum & Bass producer like D-Audi joins the forces of the very new Inner Minds Recordings offering four mellow, deep, intelligent and mental in overal d&b tunes.
Inner Minds Recordings is a new label set up during summertime by Rad Rod (one half of thebass/footwork duet, 2BRAINZ) and is aiming to promote Jungle & D&B nuskool sounds, while D-Audi is the newest signing of the label, a man who fuelfils the desire of covering the best side of d&b/Jungle approach. He has already released tracks on labels like Boomsha, Audio Theory Records.

Y.T. is the title of the upcoming D-Audi release and will be official released on 30th November 2015 and can be purchased at the label's bandcamp page here

Check out the previews on the soundcloud link above.



Tuesday 17 November 2015

[DA004] Hornchurch Hardcore - Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1 [4-Track "12 Vinyl + Digital EP - Available Now From Dark Age Recordings!!!]

A1 - Crossworlds.
A2 - Crystal Skies.
AA1 - Immortal.
AA2 - Supernatural.

Dark Age Recordings go back to the future-past of late 1993-1994, when the jungle and hardcore scenes where in their last throws of separation before evolving into two vastly opposing forces in their own rights. With the 'Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1' EP we are presented with four authentically vintage sounding recreations of that 'Golden Era' in the history of Hardcore, Jungle and Drum & Bass.

'Crossworlds' opens up the EP with a fusion of evocative, descending pads and female sighs which are then coupled with an energising synth melody, before unleashing a barrage of fierce and heavyweight amen breaks and booming bass thumps. 'Crystal Skies' follows suit with it's fusion of gorgeously uplifting atmospherics, classic female vocal melodies and a percussive build up from stepping 'Seseme Street' breaks to intense, rolling amens. 'Crystal Skies' brings forth memories of classic Nookie/Cloud 9 from years, gone by whilst maintaining it's own identity.

On the flipside things begin to get a little darker! 'Immortal' ventures deep into atmospheric, jungle-tekno territory by utilising vintage breakbeats and setting them to an energising techno-synth melody and moody pads.The 'Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1' EP is bookended by the equally sinister 'Supernatural', which expertly employs darkcore percussive effects alongside razor-sharp, mentasm screeches, mammoth bass throbs and paranormal documentary snippets.

If the early works of Photek, DJ Rap & Voyager, Nookie/Cloud 9 and DJ Crystl are your bag, then I'd be very surprised if you failed to find anything which does not get your heart beating in this EP. An essential release!!!

The 'Hornchurch Hardcore Vol 1' EP is available to purchase now from the Dark Age Recordings Bandcamp page in both digital and limited 12" vinyl formats (both priced at £6, with additional postage and packaging for the 12" vinyl). So be quick to pick up a copy as the vinyl is already selling fast!!!

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