Tuesday, 31 December 2013

DD0003:: DAWL 'Distorted Consiousness' (out now on DIAMOND DUBZ)

Brought to you from the West Midlands Diamond Dubz is a label based near Birmingham, UK. Covering all genres of Drum and Bass,Jungle,Nu Skool Breaks and Breakbeats from all over the globe featuring up and coming producers as well as those already established on the scene. It was founded in October 2013 and fairly new, has already had lots of interest from all over the world and is rapidly growing at an alarming pace. 
Its 3rd official digital release is out now and with Dawl as a leader takes it back!
2 nuskool breaks tunes like 'Distorted Consiousness' and 'Protofunk'  by the Essex producer, Dawl bring you the perfect dark oldskool emotions!
A sweet gift to yourselves to close 2013 by rewinding your feet to the past..

BUY on Trackitdown HERE

BUY on Beatport HERE

BUY on Juno HERE



Diamond Dubz



Monday, 30 December 2013

STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG:: SNB Hall Of Fame 2013 [compiled by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad]

As 2013 was a great year for NuRave Scene, we've decided to make a Blog's Hall of Fame featuring the highlight tunes of this year on 2 podcasts.
Hardcore Jungle/HCB/Oldskool Hardcore/Rave Breaks served by me & Tariq Ziyad, both members of Strictly NuSkool Blog and Nu-Rave Radio.


001 mixed by GL0WKiD tracklist

01. Resin - Need It Tonight [GOOD TIMES RECORDINGS]
02. Nefti - Music Takes Me Higher [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
03. Final Feverz - Great Freedom [HARDCORE LIVES RECORDS]
04. Motiv - We Live As One Family [Liquid - 'Sweet Harmony' remake]
05. Avro ft. Debbie Sharp - I Can Live Without You [GOOD TIMES RECORDINGS]
06. Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown) [KUT OFF RECORDS]
07. Fleck - Higher (Retropolis Breaktro Remix) [RAVE STYLEE]
09. DJ Nicky Allen - 123456 Do It (dJ fLow 2013 Remix)
10. dj fLow - Say That You Want Me [RAVE STYLEE]
11. Systec & Powerman - Condor [HARDCORE LIVES RECORDS]
12. Paul Cronin - Start The Rave [SAN FRANSISCO NIGHTS RECORDS]
13. Toofer - Hello I'm Back [INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
14. Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
15. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Can't You See (Msprim VIP Remix) [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
16. Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands To It [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]

002 mixed by Tariq  tracklist

01. BeatRapist - Stone Cold [GOOD NEWS BOPPERS]
02. Abyss - Dubplate Style [CLSM]
03. Cheapjack - Samples For Sale [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
04. FX - Spectre [KODE5 RECORDINGS]
05. Fringe - You Took [HI HEADZ]
06. Wellbelove - Immortal [7th STOREY PROJECT]
07. Pursuit - Deep Bass [HARDCORE LIVES RECORDS]
08. FX - The Dark [KODE5 RECORDINGS]
09. Renegade Genius - Makes Me Wanna Fly PARANOID RECORDINGS]
10. Skink - Trapped Inside The Dream [36Hertz RECORDINGS]
11. Dave Nexus Ft Rhythm For Reasons - Music In Search Of Light (2013 Remix)
12. EDMX - Original Rubadub Style [BANGFACE]
13. DJ Mark C - Death Stare

10 Most Played LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS Tunes on 2013

Just checked on Facebook a sweet post by LLTA header Drake Mallald and decided to share it on the Blog. It's about the 10 most played LLTA tunes on 2013!Worth mentioning them! Big ups to LLTA all cru in there and all the Artists who keep the 10 top positions!

10. HAMSTA - Got2beReal

09. Fig Cake - Hideousley Outrageous

08. Black Orchid - Amplifier Rinse Out

07. Dr. Jungletek - SP33

06. Wordwide Epidemic - Oh Yeah!

05. Ruffkutt - Dingy Shin Dig

04. The Brown Noise - Judas

03. Edderrzz - Boy nuuh Run

02. Humb ft. MC Noia - Snow in Summer

01. Warrior - Dream a Little Dream of Me




Paul Cronin ft. Pursuit 'DJs Mixing EP' [out now on San Fransisoc Nights Records]

Sometimes I'm thinking that this producer could have been releasing every week from a unique EP. The 'tune machine' like Paul Cronin closes 2013, meeting DJ Pursuit and 'DJs MIXING EP' is out now on San Fransisco Nights Records and xclusively to buy from Beatport!
5 ultimate rave stompers set your ears on fire and your feet moving non stop!
This EP personally expresses me a lot! Try adding it in your life...and get into NURAVE!

BUY on Beatport HERE 

BUY on Trackitdown HERE [PRE-Orders /out on 26th January on TID]


dj pursuit

San Fransisco Nights Records

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Strictly NuSkool Blog pres. EXIT POINT 'Winter Warmers EP' [FREE Xclusive EP]

Few days left to close 2013...So we've decided to make a present to all nuskool/nurave fans who support this Blog and the scene in general!
We are very happy to serve you a fresh 3track EP by the man like EXIT POINT!
Three massive jungle/drum&bass tunes on an xclusive release, are given away for Free from our blog!

Exit Point 'Winter Warmers EP'



Wednesday, 25 December 2013

"December's FREEBIES"

Our well known section with many many tunes been uploaded or produced for the month December this time..  So...   'December Freebies' include 22 tunes from different genres representing nuskool! 

Njoy and show your support to all artists!


Tuesday, 24 December 2013


As we are next to every BIG event from all over the planet.. travelling to Berlin would be the ideal thing at the moment cos in 4 days a new 'Back to Basics'  will take place in there, bringing the oldschool techno 1989-1992 at a secret warehouse rave!
It's gonna be wicked till dawn and hope everyone in Berlin will join there and have a great time!

more info on facebook event HERE


Tracker Attacker - Dance Your Arse Off-HC Recordings

For the final release of 2o13, HC Recordings take it back, waaaaay back!!!! With this old skool themed 155bpm banger by Tracker Attacker that brings a Kniteforce/Strictly Underground Recs vibe with nice building drums and some epic Rave Piano and euphoric pads, you will indeed be compelled to dance your arse off to this!!!


Monday, 23 December 2013

KODE045: Economix - Loops (Pinky & The Brain Remix) [out now on KODE5 Recordings]

A very well known tune by Economix gets a wicked remix by Nu-Rave's no.1 HCB duet like Pinky & The Brain! Andy Wilson & Tom Parr send their uplifting piano rhythms to the nurave masses! Show your support and a big shout reply to them!

Economix - Loops (Pinky & The Brain Remix)
                    [out now on KODE5 Recordings]

BUY on Trackitdown HERE

BUY on Juno HERE

BUY on Imo Records HERE

Pinky & The Brain

KODE 5 Recordings


Saturday, 21 December 2013


Intensive Recordings  is an essential Nu-Rave label based in Poland, focused on HCB, rave breaks, j-tek music. It was set in 2009 by Nefti & Toofer, two of the biggest producers & DJs in the Scene, and after 5 years and 13 big releases including acts such as Neurygma, Jamie Rotten, Martino B/Base Club, Damage Inc. and many more, is now ready for the 14th hit and a strong come back!!

"INTENSIVE HARDCORE Vol.2" (out on 24th December 2013)

A 13 track Album covering the nurave sound & spirit at its best with fresh gems by Nefti, Oneplayz, Toofer, Damage Inc. Neurygma, 90Year Old Man, CJ Grass, Rafau Etamski, Motiv, Hypermotion, Mindtransit, Rize, Rave Force!
It's a great present to yourselves for Xmas and its the best way to close 2013 with a worth deseved ultimate nurave release! 
Remember, it will be available one day before Xmas, 24th December 2013 on 

You can listen to the Official Showcase of the Album on the following link, as presented by GL0WKiD on GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio, two days ago


MindTransit feat. Nicolette - Wave Of Euphoria
Motiv Feat. Chantelle - Deep In The Night
Rave Force - Amigos-4-Ever
Nefti - Music Takes Me Higher
Neurygma - Give A Fact
Toofer - Hello I'm Back
Hypermotion - Let's Get Back
Damage Inc. - Levels Riddim
Oneplayz - Love Never Dies
Rafau Etamski - Primordial Necessity
CJ Grass - Why Mary Married Me
Rize - Pink Champagne
90 Year Old Man - D'Arc Sight Of The Vibe

Show your support to all the artists & Intensive Recordings

NEFTI: www.soundcloud.com/nefti

ONEPLAYZ: www.soundcloud.com/oneplayz

NEURYGMA: www.soundcloud.com/neurygma

TOOFER: www.soundcloud.com/toofer

DAMAGE Inc: www.soundcloud.com/sonicfortress

CJ GRASS: www.soundcloud.com/cjgrass

MOTIV: www.soundcloud.com/whitetowerdigi

MINDTRANSIT: www.soundcloud.com/mindtransit

90 YEAR OLD MAN: www.soundcloud.com/90-year-old-man

HYPERMOTION: www.soundcloud.com/hyper-motion

RIZE: www.soundcloud.com/jamesrize

RAFAU ETAMSKI: www.soundcloud.com/rafau-etamski


Friday, 20 December 2013

Kode044: Mastergroove 'Let it Roll' [out now on KODE5 Recordings]

KODE5 Recordings celebrate Xmas  with a great jungle roller from the man like Mastergroove. A great nuskool release, by a very talented producer, is out now and available to buy it and have sweet jungle nuskool bells time.

BUY on Trackitdown  HERE

BUY on Juno HERE


...just......... LET IT ROLL !!!



KODE 5 Recordings


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

H2R039: Sticky Fingers - Shadows EP [out now on HELD2RANSOM]

Held II Ransom is back on the releases after few months Protune 'Exodus EP' by Protune, bringing this time a dark NuSkool EP by Luton based duo like Sticky Fingers.
Sticky Fingers are a 10yr old collaboration between Scott Stalham & Adam Goodman having already an impressive variety of releases on labels like Unstable, Liability, Drunken Style and Black & White Label. 
They invade H2R to deliver dark atmosphere, rumbling basslines and Old Skool feelings on the mighty 140 bass sound!
A must NuSkool weapon for your collection!


BUY on Trackitdown HERE

BUY on Beatport HERE

BUY on Junodownload HERE







Tuesday, 17 December 2013

We Are Not Dead - The 3rd Chapter [out now on Warehouse Wax]

One of the leading labels in the UK 140breaks/future jungle/hcb scene is definetely Warehouse Wax based in Bristol, having already lots of class releases, well known also for the latest huge 'Can't Go Back' EP with the legendary Rachel Wallace collaborating with Vinyl Junkie & Austin!

Yesterday, Warehouse Wax had the official release of their BIG fresh Album.. 
'We Are Not Dead - The 3rd Chapter'

50 ultimate tracks from some of the most talented heads in the scene like Billy 'Daniel' Bunter/Vinyl Junkie/Radiokillaz/Fleck//Eddie Voyager/Lucas/Strange Rollers/King Yoof/Sanxion/Retropolis/Menace/601/The Flashback Project/SKANX/Mat tha Hat & Wom/Champion Breaks/Wizard & Ivory/Eat Rave/Ben Venom/Electrux/Zombie Robot/E-Lab Rat & many more!!
No need to say more.. Here are some great reviews already made which may force you doing the right thing and support this release.

Orbital (Phil Hartnoll): Loving them Thanks!
2 Bad Mice: Great Selection of tracks from some of my fave artists.
Dreadzone: Top Notch package, loving some of these, strong as fuck.
Freestylers: Some great tracks on here, overall a very strong release
N-Type: Wages of Sin is Sick!! Lady Waks Love dat!!!!
Aquasky: Heavy Album, am supporting.

BUY on Ravedownload.com HERE

BUY on Trackitdown  HERE

BUY on Beatport  HERE

BUY on iTunes  HERE   

BUY the Limited Edition Double Mixed CD on Ravedownload.com  HERE

Listen to some clips here: 






Monday, 16 December 2013

Paul Cronin 'We Are Visionaries From The Moon EP' [out now on San Fransisco Nights Records]

Paul Cronin is an active 'tune machine' producer on the NuRave movement with lots of EPs and freebies focused on hardcore breaks style! His new EP called 'We Are Visionaries From The Moon' is out now on San Fransisco Nights Records! Four brand new hardcore tunes keepin the same well known breaks & oldskool tense, with the best quote 'Save The Rave' being my personal 'highlight tune' of this release.

Buy it from Beatport HERE

Buy it from TrackitDown HERE


San Fransisco Nights Records

Saturday, 14 December 2013

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow]12DEC2013

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio -12Dec2013)

10. SL2 - DJs Take Control (Nicky Allen's Give Me More 2013 RMX) [FREE DL]
09. Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Breaks Remix) [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL]
08. DJ Nexus - Hardcore Dreams (Vocal Remix) [FREE DL] 
07. Neurygma - Give A Fact [f.c. INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
06. Emalkay - Holding On [Unreleased Dub]
05. Motiv - We Live As One Family ['Sweet Harmony' Remake] [FREE DL]
04. Remixx - Paradise [f.c. KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
03. Dead Rave - Higher [UNSIGNED]
02. Rozalla - Are You Ready to Fly (Andy Wilson Remix) [FREE DL]
01. Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc. '92 Revival Rmx) [f.c. NETWORK RECORDINGS]

Listen to full show:

Catch me up live every Thursday 17:00-19:00 (UK time)
tune @ www.nu-rave.com  

Listen to past shows here

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Outer Time - Lunar Sea-HC Recordings Out Now On All Good Download Stores

Its Jungle Tekno time!!!! Outer Time drops a great track on HC Recordings, the mood is set perfectly with a nice ambient intro complete with chopped up breaks, then its full throttle as we get into some basement Records inspired 4x4 and breaks action with pads that sound like they came from a Ron Wells DAT tape, this is prime time NuSkool that will rip it up in your DJ sets and get the party moving, another superb release from this imprint.

e" /]


Tuesday, 10 December 2013

North Base – The Album (FREE Download) f/c 20.12.13

North Base have been smashing it with some of the biggest 140 anthems of recent years such as the massive 'Ruffneck' released on Wheel & Deal Records last year and still played regularly, so what do you say to 15 tracks consisting of original tracks and remixes ranging from Bass to 140 through to some sick Jump Up DnB? You'll love the 140 revisits to 90's classics such as 'The Vamp', 'DJs Take Controll' & 'DJ Business' and that's just a few highlights from this free, yes, that's, right, free full 15 track album!!! Check out the clips below

Available from https://www.facebook.com/NORTHBASEUK  from the 20th December 2013

USBS- Beats The Treat EP Vol 1- Goodtimes Recordings

Currently based in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A but originally from Burnley, Lancashire , U.K, UsBs has a treat in store for us all with his new 4 track EP on Good Times Recordings, we’re not talking your average run of the mill rave breaks here, rather 4 tracks of epicness featuring timeless vocals, old skool beats that you will fall in love with and piano that takes you back to the uplifting hardcore sound of the mid 90s championed by the likes of Sy & Seduction, this is a classy EP that fuses together elements of Trance, House, Old Skool & 4 Beat and as this is Vol 1, we eagerly await more from this fantastic talent!!!

Monday, 9 December 2013

BeatRapist 'Gunman EP' [out now on Good News Boppers]

The Amenator is HERE! The ultimate jungle hardcore 'production' machine hits the charts with a new EP on the well known Good News Boppers label again.
After his BIG 'Amens & Lazers EP' on GNB, mr BeatRapist sets your brains frenzy with four brand new tracks, which are already out NOW!


Gunman (Original Mix)
Glow Sticks & Dummies (Original Mix)
Horns, Whistles & Ecstacy (Original Mix)
Stone Cold (Original Mix)






Saturday, 7 December 2013

DJ Flow - Energize Me EP [out now on RAVE STYLEE'

I can write too many good words about this release but sometimes am really trying to find out what else left more to say when these sounds are flowing in my mind everyday....
It's all about 'ears - heart & soul' in my opinion and this EP has been invading them for a long time now!
It's a huge valuable EP by the Nu-Rave man like DJ Flow out NOW from Rave Stylee
2 Class names in 1 scene... The only thing you have to do is focus on these 3 ultimate bangers and get yourself into nu-rave spirit! 
Spread it and help producers & labels like DJ Flow & Rave Stylee (or any other similar of course) to get what they deserve!

You can buy it exclusively from Ravedownload.com store
for the next 7 days here and from other major digital stores from 14th December

DJ Flow 'Energize Me EP'

'Say That You Want Me'

djfLow: www.soundcloud.com/dan_djflow

Rave Stylee: www.facebook.com/ravestylee

Strictly NuSkool Exclusive Freebie - Rudeboi Ray - Can't Beat The System [320 MP3]

As an early Christmas present, Cornwall based hardcore breaks and drum & bass artist Rudeboi Ray has presented the Stricly NuSkool Blog a free exclusive tune. Borrowing some classic oldskool vocals from The Criminal Minds' 'Baptised By Dub', 'Can't Beat The System' heads straight into the jungle by introducing a rolling amen break and some gorgeous soothing synths like they did so well back in the day.


So if you're feeling some authentic oldskool, breakbeat hardcore or jungle sounds with a modern twist, then feel free to check out Rudeboi Ray's Soundcloud collection which features his own releases and remixes on his Hyperactive Obsessions Recordings label...



Plus Rudeboi Ray's own self released tunes up for sale on Amazon ('Rise' and 'Set You Free' are well recommended!)...


Wednesday, 4 December 2013

ALTERN 8 - 'Activ 8' REMIXES

The 90s rave anthem 'Activ 8' by Altern 8 is ready to hit the no.1 slot in Christmas 2013.
Everything started by an Altern 8 fan who has set a facebook page called 'Altern 8 For Christmas Number One' (www.facebook.com/altern8xmas) which has already almost 24,000 followers!! 

"Activ 8 REMIXES" is about to be released on 15th December including 8 fresh -never heard before- remixes by AGT Rave Cru, DJ Phantasy, Lucious Project, Billy Daniel Bunter & King Yoof, Shadow Dancer etc and re-mastered versions of 1991 'Hardcore Holocaust Mix' and 'Vicks Vapo Mix'

Pre-Order HERE 

Listen to some remixes 
which have been uploaded on ALTERN 8 Official Youtube Channel

....and clips from these 8 remixes on Soundcloud page:

LLTA VS Beats in A Box @ Bristol

This Saturday 6th December Long Live The Animals cru vs Beats in a Box are invading Bristol in Arc Bar. Two rooms full of jungle/oldskool/breakcore/d&b/breaks
and the only thing you have to do is...live the dream or die trying....

Event on Facebook here

TERRY SUN: https://soundcloud.com/terrysunjungle
[INSERT GORE]https://soundcloud.com/insert-gore
BLACK ORCHID: https://soundcloud.com/black-orchid-music
[DUB]IOUS: https://soundcloud.com/dub-ious-1
DC SLINKS: https://soundcloud.com/dcslinks
MARK C: https://soundcloud.com/dj-mark-c
JOLLYBOY: https://soundcloud.com/joelfin
WONKRETE: https://soundcloud.com/wonkrete


Sound system Provided by Keep it Down Sounds:

C3B (Erisian): https://soundcloud.com/c3b
MZ MANON: https://soundcloud.com/mzmanon
MANATEE'S: https://www.facebook.com/TheScruffyBoys
JAH'KAMMER- (Ohmen Audio) (Beatbox set)
TWEEDY-(Beatbox set)

LEA CHAOUCHI: https://soundcloud.com/lea-chaouchi
HEATHER HUGHES and LITTLE RIZLA (Vocals/Beatbox set)
LEMON GIRL-(Lemtek):

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

dJ fLow - XLR8 [FREE DL MIX]

Nu-Rave producer and DeeeeJay  the man like djfLow shows his skills to the crowd again on his latest mix! 
20 tunes classic+fresh stuff on a very interesting setlist flowing inside you!


1. Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown)
2. Mystery & Kosine - I Can Dance
3. Nefti - Dreamland
4. Rozalla - Ready To Fly (Andy Wilson remix)
5. Nicky Allen - Inside My Brainn
6. Final Feverz - Great Freedom
7. Neurygma - The Return Of The Jedi
8. Ben Venom - Futures Past - Strange Rollers Rave On remix
9. Atomic Drop - Balls Deep
10. King Yoof - Murderer (Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion Remix)
11. Strange Rollers - Mr Pinky (Sanxion remix)
12. The Prodigy - Omen (Damage Inc edit)
13. Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands To It
14. Keezee - Inner Dream - Kode 5 dub
15. Remixx - Paradise - Kode 5 dub
16. The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus remix)
17. Callide & Intraspekt - Axis
18. Original Sin - Radical
19. Original Sin - Superman
20. Pendulum - The Vault

BANGFACE - 'Neo-Rave Armageddon' Album

BANGFACE is set for their first compilation ever!

'Neo-Rave Armageddon' will be released as a limited edition CD at the Xmas party on 20 December 2013 (Facebook event link here )

15 massive unreleased tunes by Mark Archer, Luke Vibert, Venetian Snares, Bong-Ra VS The Producer, Hellfish, Ceephax Acid Crew, Remarc, The Kosmik Kommando, EDMX, Luna-C, The Panacea, Bizzy B, Shitmat, Squire of Gothos, Dave Skywalker.

Pre-Orders very soon..
more info on Bangface official website + Facebook page

.....And of course don't miss this huge class event with Mark Archer, Utah Saints and many more big names in the scene!



Monday, 2 December 2013

[Strictly NuSkool Blog Podcasts] SNB002 - GL0WKiD


01. Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown)
02. Simon Harris - Way Back (Gaffers Chas & Lou Remix)
03. DJ Inferno - Out Of My Head VIP
04. Triple XL - Dreamscape
05. Shar-Pei & Systec - Up to Heaven
06. Toofer - Rusher
07. Tango - The Tango Project (Damage Inc. dubplate)
08. djfLow - Epic
09. Beagle - Bum Rush The Sound
10. DJ Mark C - No Remorse
11. Jonny L - Hurt You So (Pursuit's Full E Remix)
12. FFF - Can I Share My House
13. Whistla - London
14. Slipmatt - Hear Me (Nicky Allen '94 Project Remix)
15. DJ Luna-C - Piano Confusion (Hattrixx Remix)
16. Vibes & Wishdokta – Obsession (A Bit Of Ruff's Jungle Hardcore Remix)
17. Marusha - Tip to Raveland (Pursuit's Back 2 9T4 Remix)
18. Champion Breaks - Darkside of Tariq