Wednesday 30 December 2020

'Kick Ya Legs In The Air' gets 11 outstanding new remixes

Don't stand and stare . . . Kick ya legs in the air!

Remember that tune?
It's been one of the most popular tunes here on the Strictly Nuskool. A tune which was part of a personal EP made by the UK Nu-Rave hero, the man like DJ Pursuit.
'Wav Killed The Youtube Star' came out about 6 years ago, on free download with a limited row of CDs via This Is Nu-Rave label. And now end of this decade, our good friend Chris has gathered a talented team of producers in order to add their own twist on his anthem.
There's a variety of remixes such as Fozbee & Cooz, Nicky Allen, Damage Inc, Gaffer, dj libAtee, Smokin' Breaks, Sub Contractor, F.M.X, DJ mc 3 style, DJ Semah and of course the man himself who did a happy dub version of  it.
We do know you love this tune as we've been receiving lots of great feedback over the years.
Now it's time to take this love even further with this cheeky amount of new versions.

Enjoy all remixes and show the support deserved.



Wednesday 16 December 2020

The Hardcore Breaks boy-wonder is here


And the name is . . . DJ Semah.

To every single reader and fan of the Hardcore sound, please keep in sight very carefully an amazing new talent. The boy-wonder of Hardcore Breaks hailing from UK, was musically born this year turning it crazier at the fall of it by releasing his first debut album!
You need more?

DJ Semah, lucky numbered 13, is offering 7 personal original mixes of his arsenal accompanied by remixes from DJ Pursuit, Insane & Mind and Nicky Allen. The album's entitled 'Breakin Out' and comes out on limited CD via This Is Nu-Rave, label run by DJ Pursuit. Worth to mention also that there's a bonus feature of his first interview with Tom Latchem from the ROAR 90s podcast.
An awesome reppin of the '92-'94 sound of British Hardcore Rave sound. A must to have for your collection and a proud hard copy of an album from a young kid, who's a descendant of The Prodigy, Manix, SL2; some of the acts he's inspired.

Get your copies now and act fast.




CODERED Sounds :: DJ Moz Hardcore Breaks Mix

The history of the CODERED,as a clothing brand, takes place somewhere in Mother Russia and Moscow around mid '00s. It's specified reppin the urban style and the graffiti movement supporting this culture by offering outstanding creations; various backpacks, bags, jackets, hoodies, shirts, T-shirts, pants, shorts, trousers and other items that do justice to this vibe.

Apart from their love for clothing and graffiti, the crew behind this brand are hosting a series of podcasts/mixes introducing the sounds of present and future. Their latest introduction is a hot Hardcore Breaks mix by a well-known Russian rave stalwart that is DJ Moz, known off his Endor Recordings, GWR and Future Jungle Music releases.

Moz spits an absolutely slamming nuskool Hardcore set of storming breakbeats, either happy or dark. An incredible set that's worth to check as it fits many of the recent released tracks; vibes that represent the evolution of Hardcore Breakbeat sound.


01. Dj Shimamura - New Life
02. Case 82 & Return To Zero - Don't Break My Heart
03. DJ Seduction - Shine On
04. DJ Vibes & Hattrixx - Hold On
05. Chiqui - Move Your Body
06. Luna C & Saiyan - No Errors
07. Case 82 - Dance The Night Away (Pete S Remix)
08. Jonny L - Hurt You So (Pursuit's Full e Mix)
09. TNO Project - Inside Ma Head
10. Prodigy - Your Love (Mata Remix)
11. Try Unity - A Darker Way
12. Nicky Allen - Cut The Music
13. Mata - In The Rave
14. Nigth Vission - Expansion (Luis Pitti Remix)
15. Beardy - The Race
16. Dj Seduction - Sub Dub 2018
17. Чугунный скороход - Буду клубиться 2020 (Ant To Be Remix)
18. Ellis De & Sawan-E - Hear Me (The Vibe Controller Remix)
19. Afterlife - Euphoric St8




Wednesday 9 December 2020

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2020' (Part 1 - GL0WKiD & Part 2 - TARIQ ZIYAD)


The annual series of mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad returns again with a special Double Mix showcasing the best tunes that came out during the year 2020.
Despite the relentless hard period the world lived,we 'survived' musically using creativity as a weapon, powered by outstanding new tracks, new labels and big returns from Oldskool legends.

Strictly Nuskool Blog's 'HALL OF FAME 2020' goes over 2 hrs & 44 tracks of fresh Nuskool Breaks, Jungle Techno & Hardcore Breaks vibes with the likes of Acen, Altern 8, Kniteforce Records, Dream Frequency & Ultra-Sonic, Sonic Fortress, Nefti, Tim Reaper, Insane & Mind, Pursuit, Paranoid Recordings, Coco Bryce, FFF, Intensive Recordings, Hornsey Hardcore, DJ Deluxe, Amaretto, Innercore, Detrimental Audio, 4 The Core and more others.

Massive Bigups to each & every Artist, Label, DJ representing the Nuskool vibe throughout this hard year. Our best wishes to remain strong for 2021.


Part 1 mixed by GLOWKiD

01. DJ Vibes & Hattrixx - You Can Make It [RETURN OF THE VIBE] 
03. Rebel Bass - Fire In The Hole [BURNING BUSH COMMUNICATIONS] 
04. Dream Frequency & Ultra-Sonic - Take Me Away 
05. Mata - Verano [PARANOID RECORDINGS] 
06. Raving Overdose Productions - Piano Slammin [13 MONKEYS] 
08. Chiqui - Yeeeee [4 THE CORE] 
09. ESPR - Terminatah! [ESPR] 
10. Local Group - Fresh Rhythm [HUMAN CONCRETE BLOCK] 
11. The Prodigy - No Good (POLO LILLI Restart) 
12. Acen - Rings Around The Moon [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] 
13. DJ Semah - Hour 111 (Pursuit's nu-rave remix) [THIS IS NU-RAVE] 
14. DJ RadioSam - Up The Bass [RAVE RADIO RECORDS] 
15. Graz - Back The Beat 
16. WE ROB RAVE - Met Her At The Hate Parade 
17. Gary Barking - 125 [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO] 
18. FFF - Cut Bwoy [3AM ETERNAL] 
19. Damage Inc. - Dreamage [SONIC FORTRESS] 
20. Greg Sin Key - What U Think [SONIC FORTRESS] 
21. P.S.I. - Feel It (Fantazia) (Insane & Mind Remix) [HOH]

Part 2 mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD

01. OllyDee - Hardcore Magic 
02. Private Caller - Backwards [HARDCORE ENERGY] 
03. Case 82 - Party Time [SONIC FORTRESS] 
04. DJ Haus - Catch Your Breath (Coco Bryce Remix) [UNKNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN] 
05. Benton - Tek None 
06. RHXPHN Ft Simon B - Real [BOSS MODE] 
07. Acidulant - Who's The Gangster In You [BALKAN VINYL] 
08. Agora - Reach 4 The Lasers [DEAD TRAX] 
09. Hornsey Hardcore - FloorBurn [HORNSEY HARDCORE] 
10. Dexorcist - Rage Signal [ECXTASY GARAGE DISCO] 
11. dYstance - Skank n Run [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL] 
12. Agora - The Key [KIWIS+COCONUTS] 
13. Clerkenwell Sound Collective - All I Need [FM MUSIC] 
14. Skin Teeth - Nebulous (LMajor Remix) [TORRE] 
15. Altern 8 - Hard Crew (Denham Audio Remix) [STAFFORD NORTH] 
16. DJ Revive - Just Dance (Luna-C Remix) [4 THE CORE] 
17. DJ Deluxe - Everybody [LAZARUS] 
18. Innercore - Power 2 Da People [HARDCORE VINYLISTS] 
19. Damage Inc. - Let The Beat Hit 'Em [SONIC FORTRESS] 
20. Amaretto - Beat Of My Heart [4 THE CORE] 
22. Myor - Side B [MYOR] 
23. Tim Reaper - Ravers Calling [RUFF CUTZ]


Tuesday 8 December 2020

Stockholm screams 'Gabber!'

'Ultrafast lasers by day, ultrafast music by night'

This is the official description of the music project called Podzim. One more great representer of the Scandinavian skool of Hardcore artists, delivers two heavyweight frenetic smashers inspired by the legendary Industrial Strength label run by Lenny Dee'Super Fucking Pissed' and 'Room For Improvement' spit their filthy answer to nowdays Techno inspired by Netherlands based Gabber, obviously.
Strictly for the fans of the sick hard kicks. 
Something kicking it seriously hard out via Stokk Traxx.

Monday 7 December 2020

| SBMB HARDCORE RADIO 9 | [P-R-Z] November 2020


Japanese based SBMB Hardcore Radio returns with their 9th episode, this time driven by the frenzy rhythms of Ukrainian Breakcore stalwart, [P-R-Z].
Expect a melting pot of Breakcore, Raggacore and Jungle vibes offered by Suck Puck Recordz hard boy!



Friday 4 December 2020

New massive Vinyl EP by Tuff Tunes for your collection


A. In My Mind
B. Check This Out


Tuff Tunes Records return with their second offering of proper badboy Hardcore Breaks. A sequel to the first and easily sold out release that aims to reppin the modern side of raving breakbeats. Suffice to say that we're tripping to the year 1992, driven by 150 bpm range of speed and stabs that will fuel your body with shivers. This exquisite 2-track Vinyl only release is available to pre-order now on limited copies.


"Bandcamp is waiving their fees as usual, so we offer you a 20% discount off all vinyl with the discount code "SAVE20"... valid until Dec 11, 2020."

is one of those EPs that have to be added to every Hardcore Rave collection and the man behind the label will keep his promise to deliver more bangers in the next year. Hats off to this remarkable underground new label that offers quality obeying to the indispensable spirit of Hardcore.
No rules in this music, only freedom to dance and express your feelings through it.
These two tracks by the name 'In My Mind' and 'Check This Out' are playing on a high level productionwise and fair enough to this limited numbered concept. Both of this slams won't disappoint you at all. In the end, it's Bandcamp day today, for a few hours still. Support is due!


ᗰᗩSTᕮᖇᕮᗪ & ᑕᑌT ᗷY Sᕼᗩᑎᕮ 'Tᕼᕮ ᑕᑌTTᕮᖇ' @ ᖴIᑎYᒪ TᗯᕮᕮK
ᐯᕮᖇY ᒪIᗰITᕮᗪ ᖇᕮᒪᕮᗩSᕮ Oᑎ 12" ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᐯIᑎYᒪ.


Leeroy Thornhill releases his brand new mixed album

"Back To Me" my new album out tomorrow on Bandacmp.
A similar concept as my last Album "Evolve" a mixture of styles inspired by my musical journey. - Leeroy Thornhill

Seems that this album concept is the apple in they eyes of this well-known wonderful 'tall' musician, who's seriously dug into the basslines and fat breakbeats. The almighty 30year old (musically speaking) Leeroy Thornhill has just released his second personal album during this crazy year, following his summer LP 'Evolve'.
Leeroy follows the same formula on his second consecutive album, which seems to be well embraced and supported again from the fans.

What we're dealing here is a pack of 19 fresh tracks, all tied up properly, presenting varied of styles but into a smooth path by our main driver.
'Back To Me' seems to be an inner trip to Leeroy's deep feelings throughout this year. Something that's not odd to him at all. On a recent interview with GLOWKiD on behalf of the 'Evolve' album, he has revealed that he's fancy for this style of releases. So he did it again, blending groove with tough bass, ravey moments with ambient thoughts giving even a good distinctive twist on 'Poison' by The Prodigy.

Last but not least a special mention. For those unaware of it, today's the last day of 2020 that Bandcamp waive their fees. This means that it's a good day to support the music, all Artists and the Labels, as every penny will go straight to the music makers. Let's celebrate creativity, while supporting the bands/acts/producers in those hard times.