Friday 30 June 2017

KFCD06:: Various Artists - Vinyl Is Better 3 [CD & DIGITAL ON KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

01. Abyss - I'll Show You
02. Alex Jungle - Sticks Like Glue
03. TNO Project - Brainscan
04. Dj Doughboy - Come On
05. The Timespan - Music (Cru-l-t Revisit)
06. Nicky Allen - All Your Dreams
07. Dj Jedi - Frenzy
08. Gothika Shade - It Really Is
09. Idealz - Talk To Me
10. Paul Bradley - From The Underground
11. Vitality - Quicker & Dirtier
12. Shadowplay - A Taste For Silence

Who said that Vinyl Is Better even if its on CD format...? Insane title came back this year after 23 years on Vol.2 big compilation and followed by the very fresh Vol.3 this time.
Kniteforce Records unleashed one more quality release presenting 12 various tracks on a different approach to Hardcore!
"Vinyl is Better Vol.3" is out now available on CD and format version including tunes by Abyss, Alex Jungle, TNO Project, DJ Doughboy, Cru-l-t, Nicky Allen, DJ Jedi, Gothica Shade, Idealz, Paul Bradley, Vitality and Shadowplay.


KF70:: Various Artists - Death To Digital EP [Limited 12" - PRE-ORDER NOW ON KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1. Sanxion – Waiting On My Feelings
A2. Nicky Allen – All The Time 
B1. TNO Project – The Orphanage 
B2. Mannik – Sounds From Hell

It's been a crazy period and even crazier year so far for Kniteforce Records and its manager Luna-C, who seems more hungry than ever to share his double excitement with new music, new releases offering vinyl EPs again by a fresh and active new roster.
"Death To Digital EP" is the big answer to anyone wondering what happened to Kniteforce or thought that it all came to an end... As we've already said the label is reborn since last second of last year, thus Luna-C mentions about this new EP.

"I cant big this EP up enough, I really cant. You wanted Kniteforce back? Its back. And its back the way it should be – proper hardcore for the proper hardcore!"

This new 4tracker is completely astonishing and recommended to any Hardcore brain out there reading this blogpost at present. It starts with the mastermind and versatile mr. Sanxion, who's leaving his usual latest 140bpm bass stylee, taking back to his old goodness by offering a lovely happy hardcore piano flavoured vibe. Then comes Nicky Allen. Our Nu-Rave tune machine, who's a fair enough a passionate Hardcore producer who gives a slamming trademark of the "new but old" Kniteforce sense.
Side B of the "Death To Digital" starts with a friendly producer and more than that a very young one. German TNO Project is only 17 years old and we should not forget that...
"Orphanage" is one more great tune from him, a proud moment from this boy, adding a German inspired kinda Dune era sample, which is the key on this tune.
Closing tune comes from Toronto maniac or better call him Mannik, who's unleashing the sounds of hell on a chaotic tune which has it all!!!






Wednesday 28 June 2017

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (27JUN.2017)


RatPack Vs Slipmatt - Let Yourself Go [2017, Forthcoming @ RATPACKMUSIC]
USBS - Euphoria [2014, KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano feat. Malaya - Shine on You [2007, MINISTRY OF SOUND]
LooP-eZ - One Day We Are All Be Free [2017, EXPERIMENTALBASSRECORDS]
Monks & Mort - I Knever Knew [2017, RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Final Feverz - Fresh [2011, HARDCORE LIVES]
Gareth Monks - The Music Takes You [2017, RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
Nefti - Music Takes Me Higher [2013, INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Cappella - U Got 2 Let The Music [1993, ZYX MUSIC]
2 Fabiola - I'm On Fire [1996, CIRCUS]
Cappella - Tell Me The Way [1995, ZYX MUSIC]
Monks & Mort - Opal Fruits [2017, STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
Damage Inc. - I Wanna Feel The Panic! [2014, SONIC FORTRESS]
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
The Prodigy - Fire [1992, XL RECORDINGS]
Ant To Be - Feeling This [2017, KNITEBREED RECORDS]
Orestiz - Wake Up And See [2015, STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
2 Brothers on the 4th Floor - Come Take My Hand (Pressure remix)
DJ Jedi VS Cru-L-T - Bring The Beat Back (Cru-l-t Remix) [2017, KNITEBREED RECORDS]
Vitality - Can't Escape [2015, STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
Oneplayz - Something To Believe In [2016]
timme - Four [2016, KFA]
High Contrast - Rez [2017, 3BEAT]
Al Pack - Sweet Love (Bootleg) [2015, free download]


Monday 26 June 2017

[VMRDT091] DROMA - Deceiver (Badman) / Trinity Killer [Available To Download Now From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Deceiver (Badman).
2/ Trinity Killer.

Viral-Mental Records welcomes the return of DROMA to the fold, and he brings with him two massive drum & bass bombs with the release of the 'Deceiver (Badman) / Trinity Killer' single.

'Deceiver (Badman)' sets the tempo to warp speed by combining a monolithic Reese bassline with battering-ram bass screeches propelled by a tearing amen break backing accented with dubby piano notes.  
DROMA takes things a touch darker with the menacing neuro-tinged stepper 'Trinity Killer', a melting pot of scuttling breaks, ominous bass pulses and sinister, vintage crime flick dialogue.

From bass heavy rollers to stripped back steppers, DROMA delivers most definitely the goods to get any D&B set rockin'!!!

DROMA's 'Deceiver (Badman) / Trinity Killer' single is be available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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Sunday 25 June 2017

[XHR007] Various Artists - Sounds Of Summer Volume 2 [10 Track Album Available To Download Now On Xtrahard Records!!!]

1/ Skolix & Reso-C -You Take My....
2/ Finchman - Forever.
3/ Nefti - Rock The Beat.
4/ Finchman - What I Need.
5/ Nayim - Shining Bright.
6/ Deadly Nightshade - Frequency.
7/ Deadly Nightshade - Jacked.
8/ Paul Cronin - Air On Mars.
9/ Sparki Dee - Inner Calm.
10/ Master Mash - Refraction Of Light.

As the Summer heat envelopes us in it's warm embrace, Xtrahard Records delivers the perfect soundtrack for late night parties with the release of the 'Sounds Of Summer Volume 2' album. Featuring ten hyper-kinetic and euphoric, breakbeat hardcore anthems from the scene's freshest underground talent, the 'Sounds Of Summer Volume 2' is destined to get all ravers throwing shape on the dancefloor for months to come.

Skolix & Reso start off the show with their highly emotive, yet frenetic slice of amen break driven hardcore 'You Take My....' which is closely followed by Finchman's 'Forever', an epic fusion of uplifting pianos, pounding beats and ecstatic  female vocals. 

Hardcore breaks supremo, Nefti delivers another of his distinctive, rave tinged breakbeat masterpieces with 'Rock The Beat' before we see Finchman return with his thundering soundclash of oldskool flavours and drum & bass attitude on 'What I Need'.

Nayim's 'Shining Bright' sees the classic happy hardcore sound of the mid-nineties brought up to date with it's manic combination eclectic samples, growling bass and crisp breaks. Xtrahard Records label boss, Deadly Nightshade drops a duo of euphoric, trance-riff packed, breakbeat bombs with 'Frequency' and the positively heavenly 'Jacked'.

Up next, the inimitable Paul Cronin presents 'Air On Mars', which expertly combines rolling amens with spine-tingling pianos and obscure sci-fi movie dialogue. Sparki Dee takes the pace down a few notches by delivering the sublime, ambient breaks track, 'Inner Calm' before the album is brought to a close with an electrifying slab of hardcore-techno by Master Mash's 'Refraction Of Light'

If you have a hankering for unashamedly uplifting, yet hard-hitting hardcore tunes, then the 'Sounds Of Summer Volume 2' will be an essential addition to your digital collection!!!

Xtra Hard Records' 'Sounds Of Summer Volume 2' is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £7, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases.

Deadly Nightshade...
Master Mash...
Paul Cronin...
Skolix & Reso-C...
Sparki Dee...

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Insane & Mind "Live" London Pirate Radio - Happy Hardcore Special (20th June 2017)

Insane & Mind - The History Of Hardcore Show
Recorded Live on London Pirate Radio
Tue 20th June 2017, 8-10pm

I'm Not The One - Alk-e-d
Look In To The Light - DJ Slam
In Effect (Slipmatt remix) - DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer
Gonna Be Alright - Vibes & Wishdokta
Drop The Bass - DJ Seduction
Space Cube - Session (TNO Slammin' Remix) - DJ LukeAss
Make It Rough "Insane & Mind Remix" - DJ Brisk
I Want You Forever - Carl's Cox
Sample-Mania - DJ Seduction
Rushing on pink champagne - Happy Tunes
Funky Sensation (Billy Bunter & JDS Remix) - N Zo & Invincible
No More Tears - Vibes & Wishdokta
Six Days - DJ Brisk Remix - Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
Musical Foundations "Insane & Mind Remix" - Love Nation
Partytime - Dougal & Eruption
Open Up Your Heart “The Beefed Up Mix” - Insane & Mind
Devotion - Sy & Demo
You Belong To Dred - Mischievous Mashups
Your Mine - The Hardcore Pigface
Time - Vinylgroover
Hardcore Fever - Kev Energy
Strike It Up - Luffy & Nayim
Love Of My Life - Dr Who
Sweat - The Hardcore Pigface
The monk - The Hardcore Pigface
September (Amaretto Remix) - Earth, Wind & Fire
Bring It Back - Insane & Mind
Dream2ME - DJ Rave In Peace
Toy Town (Vocal Remix) - Hixxy And Sharkey
My Guardian Angel - Vinylgroover
Ray of Jude - The Hardcore Pigface

Insane & Mind
Live each and every other Tuesday 8-10pm [UK] @

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (20th June 2017)


Nefti - Strike It Up (Greg Sin Key Remix) [2010, INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
DJ Wislov & Alex Breako - Where Love Lives (VIP Rework 2016) [2016, RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]
Pianohead - Yo! Check this Out [2017, Forthcoming @ OCTOTRAX]
Example - Changed The Way You Kissed Me (Ellis Dee & DJ Twista 140 Bass Booty) [2012, free download]
Nefti - Cyborg (Sanxion Remix) [2015, INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]
The Freestylers - The Coming Storm (Boshko & Tjamil remix) [2013]
Tuff and Powa - Highest Grade [2015, SUB SLAYERS]
DIGITAL PILGRIMZ - Let Me Tell You (Insane & Mind Remix) [2017, forthcoming @ FUTURE FOLLOWER RECORDS]
Boykz & Chapman - Everybody [2017, PEACE ON WAX]
Runout Groove - Bad Boy Bass (Oh Yeah) [2016, FAZEFORM RECORDS]
Gareth Monks - Come On Everybody [2017, RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]
JAKAZiD - Be With U (2017 Remaster) [2017, AURAL ADRENALINE]
RatPack - Searching For My Rizla 2017 (RatPack & Freestylers ReMaster) [2017,forthcoming @ RATPACKMUSIC]
RatPack Vs The Freestylers - Carry On [2017,forthcoming @ RATPACKMUSIC]
RatPack & Wideboys - Hands Of Time [2017,forthcoming @ RATPACKMUSIC]
Chase & Status - Count On Me (feat. Moko) [2013, RAM RECORDS]
Albin Myers & Carli - The Legend (Busy Tempo Original) [2015, NEST]
Damage Inc. - Insomnia Riddim [2017, promo SONIC FORTRESS]
The Prodigy - We Are The Ruffest (RememberRave Remix)
Indigo Virus - Amped [2017, forthcoming @ STRICTLY NUSKOOL]
The Prodigy - Charly (Indigo Virus Remix) [2017, free download]
Xenophobia - Rush In The House [2016, XENO RECORDINGS]
Pursuit - DJ's Mixing
Force Mass Motion - Jack Of Diamonds [2016, FORCE MASS MOTION]
Messiah - Creator [1993, WARNER MUSIC]
Lords of Acid - Voodoo U [1994, ANTLER-SUBWAY]
The Prodigy - Voodoo People [fan bootleg]


Monday 19 June 2017

DJ Vibes: The Next Chapter?

DJ VIBES, our beloved Vibesy is hopefully back in studio and these are great news to share and spread all around. And the plan is to build an album keeping the original Oldskool Hardcore style like he used to do back then, so calling anyone interested, anyone who's fan of his work for something totally exclusive, which makes it double value.

You can read more about this album project here: and check the video above as well.


Sunday 18 June 2017

GL0WKiD's Gen X Radio Show "Unity In The Sun 2017" Special. Featuring Interviews With Ratpack, DJ Vibes, Fat Controller, Billy Daniel Bunter, (13/06/17)

The Strictly Nuskool Blog's very own resident hardcore ambassador, GL0WKiD presents his in depth expose of 2017's seven day ravefest, Unity In The Sun held in Kavos, Corfu from the 28th May to the 3rd of June. 
The event featured events held by iconic rave promoters including Fantazia, Jungle Fever, Kool FM, Raindance, 2000AD, Vibena, Desire and Music MondaysAnd included a mammoth lineup of hardcore and jungle legends such as Slipmatt, Nicky Blackmarket, Altern 8, Jumping Jack Frost, Liquid, Rachel Wallace, DJ Sy, Kenny Ken, Vinyl Junkie2 Bad Mice, Kenny Ken and The Ragga Twins to name but a few.

GL0WKiD links up with oldskool legends Evinson Allen and Lipmaster Mark, aka Ratpack, DJ Vibes, Fat Controller and Billy Daniel Bunter who give an exclusive insight into their Greek rave experience, as well as hint at what plans they have lined up for the future.

To book your place for Unity In The Sun 2018, follow the link below and reserve your place...

For more GLOWKiD information follow the links below...

[VMRDT090] Hektic - Raw [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Raw.
2/ Boom.
3/ Armour Drop.
4/ Alonzo.

Hektic and the Viral-Mental Records crew are back on the scene with another top notch selection of ruff and rugged, nuskool jungle belters with the release of the 'Raw' EP.

Hektic steps up to the plate first with the namesake track, 'Raw' which incorporates a thundering bassline with rolling amen breaks and iconic Wu-Tang rap samples to create a devastating dancefloor orientated anthem. 'Boom' soon follows to bring you some stripped back, dub-tinged junglism complete with steppin' breaks and deep bass thrums accented with ragga vocal chatter.

On 'Armour Drop' we are faced with a barrage of heavyweight 2-step breaks interlaced with funky horn segments and a bassline that can only be described as being positively 'rude'!!! To round off the collection, we are introduced to the lean drum & bass rhythms of 'Alonzo', a fusion of soothing pads and rolling breaks enhanced with snippets of menacing, crime thriller movie dialogue.

If you are looking for some fresh and heavyweight jump-up jungle/drum & bass to tear up the dancefloor then look no further, as Hektic certainly delivers the good here!!!

Hektic's 'Raw' EP is available to purchase now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...



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Saturday 17 June 2017

[A2DR006] JAKAZiD - Be With U /Remixes [AURAL ADRENALINE]

01. Be With U (2017 Remaster)
02. Total XTC With U
03. Be With U (CLSM Remix)
04. Be With U (Carpainter Remix)
05. Be With U (Gash Remix)
06. Be With U (Hercelot Remix)
07. Be With U (Machine Girl Remix)

The versatile producer/dj JAKAZID returns on a fabulous Rave Breaks mission similar as how we've caught him up some years ago on "Need U More" or "Be With U".
Josh reworks "Be With U" while offering a fresh & firing slammer called "Total XTC With U" opening his insane ideas into a tune. An ideal definition of a Hardcore/Rave Breaks production at present keeping it into a 145bpm tempo alive to the Oldskool spirit.
This EP features also 5 guest remixes by CLSM, Carprainter, Gash, Hercelot and Machine Girl. Each one of them steps into a different approach and genre, getting all into a mental release in overall.
This digital weapon is out now on JAKAZID's own imprint, Aural Adrenaline.

Artwork by Stuart Foy:
Mastering by CLSM:








Bookings now open for UNITY IN THE SUN 2018

For anyone who missed the first ever Unity In The Sun, there is no need to worry since the management have already announced the launch of next year's festival, which will be held in Kavos/Corfu again on 27th May - 3rd June 2018.
You can secure your place by booking now with a £30 deposit, followed by 11 monthly payments of £30. Total payment £360 per person. Hotel, Transfers and club/pool/beach events are all included.


Billy Daniel Bunter
Fat Controller
Stu Allan
Rat Pack
Ragga Twins
Jumpin Jack Frost
Rob Tissera
Uncle Dugs
DJ Vibes
Mark XTC
Si Frater
Vinyl Junkie
Rachel EC

OSN Radio
Flip Flo
p Fridays 
Music Mondays
Ghetto Dub
Vibena Jungle


Pool Parties * Boat Parties * Beach Parties * Open Air Club Events * Sunset & Sunrise Parties * Silent Disco During Siesta * Kavos strip turning in to a multi arena Unity In The Sun event at various clubs*


Please use the account details below to pay your £30.00 deposit and set up a standing order for your 11 monthly instalments of £30.00. Please use your name as reference.

Unity In The Sun Limited
ACC: 70667803
SC: 20.45.45
Bank: Barclays

Please email INFO@UNITYINTHESUN.COM when you have made your deposit. Once we have received your deposit & email we will send you an email confirmation with details of your booking.

[KAMBO 004] Manarchy - Jah Medicine EP [Available To Download Now From Kambo Records!!!]

1/ The Prophet.
2/ Tribal Movement.

Jungle tekno specialists, Kambo Records picks up the pace with their release schedule to present two caustic slices of techno flavoured breakbeat hardcore with the release of label boss Manarchy's 'Jah Medicine EP'.

We are first introduced to 'The Prophet', a thundering blend of unrelenting kickdrums overlaid with crisp breaks, bubbling acidic bassline and a razor-sharp, technoid synth melody. 'The Prophet' combines the very best of retro-futuristic jungle tekno sound, whilst presenting an altogether modern take on those vintage 1993-1994 themes.

Companion piece 'Tribal Movement' follows suit with the 4/4 kick meets breakbeat, j-tek soundclash, but introduces a series of 303 tweaks alongside deep and dark pads that evoke memories of classic Formation Records darkness before hitting you with a positively euphoric breakdown in the midsection.

Yet again the Kambo Records crew deliver another essential selection of contemporary jungle tekno, future classics that'll be a welcome addition to the collections of anyone who worships the legendary sounds of artists like Jack Smooth, Tango, Fast Floor, EQ and Basement Phil.

Manarchy's 'Jah Medicine EP' is available to to purchase from the official Kambo Records Bandcamp page for a 'Buy It Now' price. So dig deep to support the label and artists to make more music!!!

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Saturday 10 June 2017

7TH 12015:: FFF & Coco Bryce - Double Dragon EP (Limited Edition 12" Vinyl)

A1. FFF - The Return 
A2. FFF - Krisp Biscuit 
B1. Coco Bryce & FFF - Double Dragon 
B2. Coco Bryce - The Mother Goddess

Two brothers in crime join the forces and offer the "Double Dragon EP" out on a limited number of 12" copies on 7th Storey Projects. Coco Bryce meets FFF and the Dutch Junglist flag remains on a high level! This EP is totally recommended to every Jungle head out there who respects this music til now. Four astonishing tunes inside and I'd personally stick to the self titled tune, which marks a serious new junglistic killer as my main favourite from there.
The Dutch badboys keep on their successful series of releases from Coco Bryce imprint Myor Massiv to this fresh 4track weapon here, following ideally Coco Bryce personal debut vinyl release some months ago on the label.





[PRMP3028] Henry Burner Vs Exploynk - EP [Free WAV Download From Paranoid Recordings!!!]

1/ Henry Burner - Scapegoat.
2/ Henry Burner - Genetic Fuck Up.
3/ Explonyk - Time To Get XX.
4/ Explonyk - Ishima Hamho.

Paranoid Recordings return with another exemplary addition to their long running series of free EP's, this time showcasing the talents of Henry Burner and partner in crime Exploynk who present to us four essential hardcore-techno tracks.

Henry Burner steps up to the plate first with 'Scapegoat', a caustic slice of hard-hitting, oldskool style, acid techno set to a militant 4/4 beat and overlaid with an ever mutating acid riff and bubbling bassline accented with jittery drum hits and hi-hats. Companion piece 'Genetic Fuck Up' takes on a more subtle, techno-trance approach, with it's gradual building intro which soon evolves into an epic, tribalistic, acid groove.

Exploynk presents his own unique take on techno flavoured, breakbeat hardcore with the haunting 'Time To Get XX', a track which expertly combines chugging breaks and pounding kicks over a sinister synth score, accented with hip-hop soundbites. With the final track in the collection, 'Ishima Hamho', we are introduced to a deep and experimental slice of breakbeat hardcore, in a similar vein to obscure Absolute 2, Reinforced Records B-Sides from '92-'93.

If the sounds of pounding kickdrums, acidic squelches, deep, throbbing techno basslines and crunching breakbeats are your thing, then Henry Burner and Exploynk have just what it takes to satisfy your musical cravings right here!!! 

The 'Henry Burner Vs Exploynk EP' is available to download for free from Paranoid Recordings in high quality WAV format, so remember to give the label a follow and comment to say thanks!

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