Thursday 26 June 2014

Tuesday 24 June 2014

K JAH- Bad Vibrations EP [Sub-Woofah Records]

Hailing from Manchester, Sub Woofah Records celebrate their 1st year as a label in fine fashion with this essential EP of rolling DnB from K Jah, now if you haven't heard this producer yet, then first of all shame on you!!! You have missed out on some seriously solid production from a purveyor of pure Jungle/DnB beats and a favourite across the spectrum of DnB DJs. These 4 tracks take you deep ihn the jungle and slap you around a bit with large amounts of bass and a hefty, hefty dose of vibes, so what are you waiting for? 

Monday 23 June 2014

Strictly NuSkool Blog Podcast 005-Tariq Ziyad

Summers here and its time for a summery podcast of ravey goodness and uplifting beats!!!!!
  1. Kev Bird-This Is A Trip (Sparki Dee's Back To 92 Remix)
  2. DJ Rave In Peace-What Do You Love
  3. DJ Fav-Energizer 1 (HWND Re lick)
  4. DJ Sashay-Underground Culture
  5. Abyss-Flying High
  6. MindTransit Ft Nicolette-Wave Of Euphoria
  7. Gimme A Break (Avro Dreamcatcher mix AVRO
  8. Ramos, AJ & Deanne - The Journey Part III (Harmonee's 'Back To The Roots' Mix)
  9. Indigo Virus-Woah Iz Me
  10. DJ Fav-Don't Worry Son
  11. Tracker Attacker - Dance Your Arse Off
  12. Mischievous Mashups - London Town is Rioting Down
  13. Nicky Allen-My Adrenaline (Remnant Remix)
  14. Mastergroove - Cold Fresh Air
  15. Hamsta - The Stopper
  16. Jdubz - So Real Reminisce

Sunday 22 June 2014

PAUL CRONIN 'Operatic Boom' [out now on San Fransisco Nights]

A great nu-rave producer and lover of this scene, Paul Cronin, from the UK, returns to San Fransisco Nights Records with a brand new 5track release titled 'Operatic Boom' which came out 2 days ago and is currently sitting in NO.25 on Breaks TOP 100 Releases on Beatport

His style is already well known to Nu-Rave community, so my suggestion is to give a straight attention to 'Adagio For Rave' a mental tune using a sampled melody from the classic William Orbit's 'Adagio for Strings'.

Grab your copy now on


Friday 20 June 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (19JUN2014)

This week's show can be described like 'rave bangin & warehouse influenced' between 145-190bpm range, delivering 2hrs of Hardcore Breaks, Mutant Hardcore, Acidtek, Jungletek/Ravecore/Breakcore vibes, showing off the different aspects of Nu-Rave! Let's go to a small review for the 'TOP 10 Of The Week' [tracks in random position]. So..first of all starting with Manarchy's 'Cretinator' from the brand new Acme Bass release 'Into The Rabbit Hole EP', a sick mutant hardcore tune on a wicked 5track compilation, as we are going to 2 more 'hardcore' tunes. One from the nu-rave tune machine, Paul Cronin who sampled William Orbit's classic anthem 'Adagio For Strings' into a nu-rave gem like 'Adagio For Rave', part of Operatic Boom EP, which is out now on San Fransisco Nights Records. The Scottish producer, Lee Van Corsa (known for 'LSD' tune on Endor Vol.5) tried something unusual by remixing the godfathers of electronic music, Kraftwerk's 'The Robots' into a 154bpm rave hardcore atmosphere..Worth sitting to the top10..
Time for some Breakcore buzz now.. Lets raise up the BPM range.. AcdBrnOut from UK delivers a wicked EP on Long Live The Animals (one of the most supporting and friendly labels of GenX show). 'Chemical Stimulations EP' is a 5track EP and 'Phatfighters' maybe my highlight from it. Already gained much respect from the listeners, when dropped it so I suggest you'd better check out the whole release if you are fancy of this kind.
Some days ago, was the launch of a fresh label like Pacemaker Records from Bristol, found by Hamsta, Dave Hat and Mega Rosie, 3 party addicts and hardcore jungle lovers!
Hamsta's 'Awaited' is taken from a free 3track EP, second offer so far from the label, titled 'Broken Promises', and its all about 3 big rave bangers! Grab it now!
 Kode 5 Recordings is about to release their 1st ever breakcore tune leaded by Dave Hat new alias like I Wolf, and tune's called 'Dying Trying'.
The German producer, Breakforce One took me reel back when i first listened to his breakcore 'Tribute To Dune' a killer megamix to one of my fav 90s acts ever. Its out now on 'I've Visited Breakcore Last Week, It's Alive And Well EP' on Core Collective Records and its big indeed.
Props to Dave Skywalker for his amazing work so far to the Nu-Rave scene and his label, Endor Recordings. Tag EP#1 and TAG EP#2 ak.a NDR 9 & NDR 10 are out now [CD & digital format] delivering different kinds of RAVE! AleX Tune from Ukraine is an essential member of these new NDR releases, bringing a happy ravecore 180bpm choon like 'Get Warm' which is also sitting in the top10 of the week as deserved!
Finally, closing with 2 tracks from respected and lovely producers/DJs of the show.
The established DJ/Producer and Jungletek Queen, MandiDextrous is about to release the 3rd vinyl on her label, Amen4Tekno Recordings and 'Dance To Give It Up' is a part of this awaiting forthcoming release. Raggatek for rudeboyzs and only!!
Bad Boy Pete, aka Champion Breaks, is the dj, the producer, the friend and the label owner who delivers warehouse tekno with dub elements and some mental breaks parts on his label Anarko Dub Tekno.Strictly for the headstrong! 'PsychoDub EP' is out now on London 909 and needs your acid-support right on!

Manarchy - Cretinator [ACME BASS RECORDS]

09. AcdBrnOut - Phatfighters [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]

08. Kraftwerk - The Robots (LVC Robot Rezerection)

07. IWolf - Dying Trying [f/c KODE 5 RECORDINGS]

06. Breakforce One - A Tribute To Dune [CORE COLLECTIVE RECORDS]

05. Hamsta - Awaited [PACEMAKER RECORDS]

04. Mandidextrous - Dance To Give It Up [AMEN4TEKNO RECORDINGS]

03. Champion Breaks - PsychoDub (303Tribe Remix) 

02. Paul Cronin - Adagio For Rave [SAN FRANSISCO NIGHTS RECORDS]

01. Alex Tune - Get Warm [ENDOR RECORDINGS]

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

Tuesday 17 June 2014

ACME BASS RECORDS 007:: Into The Rabbit Hole EP

No doubt we are talkin about an underestimated Label unfortunately... ACME BASS Records is an underground label from UK, delivering Mutant Bass and Hardcore vibes and deserves your attention either you are into Mutant Bass scene or you like the Hardcore breaks. 
This label is defo into the Nu-Rave spirit with a unique character and already 6 great EPs!
The new offering is out now featuring 5 fresh tracks full of Bass and strictly for the headstrong and warehouse addicts! This time, Manarchy and Spaceface (two well known Acme Bass heads) together with Onken set the 7th release on complete rush!


01. Manarchy - Cretinator
02. Onken - Trap Thief
03 Spaceface - Area Of The Brain
04 Manarchy - Mind Noise
05. Spaceface - Pink Blotter

You can download the EP here





Monday 16 June 2014

Terrorrythmus - Wasted E.P. (out now on TEN TOES TURBO)

Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to discover a very talented producer like Terrorrythmus (from Bremen, Germany) and a class release from him, a 4track footwork rave inspired bizniz. entitled 'Wasted EP' , which is out now on Mexican bass label, Ten Toes Turbo.
This EP is already full supported on my radio show from that time and deserves massive respect from footwork and nu-rave fans out there, so its a suggestion of something kind of 'unique' to this genre. Make sure you follow Terrorrythmus and Ten Toes Turbo on their Soundcloud pages to check out their work so far.

'Wasted EP' tracklist

01. Waste
02. Let Me See Your XTC
03. Feel The Beat
04. Glowticks

You can give a listen to these 4 BIG tracks and show some luv to the producer & the label by getting your copy now here



CBDIGI010:: Kid Chameleon 'Mamma Taught Her' [out now on CUE BURN DIGITAL]

The 10th digital release from Mulder's label, Cue Burn Digital is out now on all major digital stores. This time, the label proudly presents the return of KidChameleon with a 2track EP delivering drum&bass with oldskool flavour.
After 2 years of absence, KidChameleon from UK is here to hit the charts with 'Mamma Taught Her' and 'Littering' , the two featured tunes of the EP, which are ready to get purchased by label's supporters and lovers of d&b!
So.... Grab now your copy on:

Junodownload here
Amazon  here
Trackitdown here
Beatport here



Saturday 14 June 2014

PsychoDub EP :: Anarko Dub Tekno 002

Champion Breaks is one of the most favourite producers/djs in this Blog team and all his acid breaks work so far is much respected and supported by me, Tariq and lots of DJs out there! But whats the story so far? All started about 12 years ago when Bad Boy Pete, (his original alias) used to produce tekno tunes and running his own label called Getafix Records, where had already released a great amount of vinyl tekno tunes!
After 2013 and his successful year of acid breaks, with releases on Warehouse Wax, Kut Off Records and few months ago on Paranoid Recordings, all of them under the alias of Champion Breaks, Bad Boy Pete is now focused mainly on his new bizniz, which has a warehouse tekno character with dub samples and feelings. Its something like acid tek messed up with some breaks and ragga sampling. Its ANARKO DUB TEKNO actually.. Music out of trends and only for the warehouse party headstrong!

ANARKO DUB TEKNO is a fresh 2months old label and gave out its 1st release on 1st May..Its a 4track EP on digital format entitled 'Extasy EP' featuring tunes by MandiDextrous, Tassid, Menace vs. Champion Breaks and Bad Boy Pete of course.
Its second release is out now and titled like 'PsychoDub EP'
with samples from Criminal Minds anthem 'Baptised by Dub' and harsh tekno buzz!
This time Bad Boy Pete serves 2 mixes of him, one on 150pm Tekno and second one on a 303 Tribe Mix under Champion Breaks alias. The other two additions come from Matt::Scratch on a BreakTek Mix and OB1 on AcidTekno hammering one!

You can grab you copy now on 909 London Store here


Friday 13 June 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (12JUN2014)

Here is the TOP 10 selection of this week (tunes in random position) including mainly some freshness and forthcoming stuff covering Breaks & Bass vibes!
Starting with Australian D-Funk's jump beats 'In The Front' out in July 2014 on his label Up:Start Music, then a lovely tune entitled 'Breakbeat' from Spanish Funk U remixed by Alt-A (out now on Beat By Brain) following by The Rumblist dirty bass 'Getting Funky' part of his brand new EP 'Rumblisms Pt.1' on Kut Off Records.
We Are Noize, is the new power team in Bass scene, with MaxiM [The Prodigy] as frontman serving something unusual and out of trends like Bass from another dimension, could be perfectly described. A true example of that is 'Bad Gyal' as part of forthcoming 'Meat EP' . 
Transfering to a d&b vibe now...Motiv's 'Come Alive' talked inside me for the very first time, when my friend Stam from Motiv sent me this promo to play it out.. A sweet d&b tune part of a 4track EP forthcoming on his label, WhiteTower Digi.
Moving to the great chapter Sub Slayers, and 21yrs old Toronto Is Broken, one of the most outstanding Bass producers at the moment, ready to release his 1st personal Album in October on Sub Slayers. 'Die For You' is an emotional roller, due to amazing vox by Reeson driven by TIB's strong basslines!
Talking about strong basslines worth to mention 3 established producers/djs, who know very well their tunes..
First of all Sanxion, who can be called like 'Son of Heaviness' as already mentioned it during the show and '2 Bad 2 Drop' explains everything about that! And then, The Flashback Project, who's defo on fire lately, delivering class rave bass tunes. This time ragga meets bass on 'Nice Up The Dance EP' [out now on Downbeat]. Closing with Zombie Robot filthy drops on a banging remix to 'Girls Dem' featured on Radiokillaz big EP, out now on Passenger Records.
I'm finishing my review, with a fresh track I've discovered last week and comes from German producer/dj, Tobe Tronic. Its called 'Whizzl Piano' and is calling all nu-ravers and of course label managers to focus on his lovely unique style. 140bpm nu-rave/strong basslineS/oldskool flavour and pianos. 

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio - 12th June 2014)

10. D-Funk - In The Front [

09. Funk U - Breakbeat (Alt-A Remix) [

08. The Rumblist - Getting Funky [KUT OFF RECORDS]

07. We Are Noize - Bad Gyal [FREE DL]

06. Motiv - Come Alive [f/c WHITETOWER DIGI]

05. Toronto Is Broken (ft. Reeson) - Die For You [f/c SUB SLAYERS]

04. Sanxion - 2 Bad 2 Drop [THE POOTY CLUB RECORDS]

03. The Flashback Project - Nice Up The Dance [DOWNBEAT]

02. Radiokillaz (ft. Daddy Freddy) - Girls Dem (Zombie Robot Mix)

01. Tobe Tronic - Whizzl Piano [FREE DL]

Listen to the show here:

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

Thursday 12 June 2014

Brent Newitt [Aquasky/Passenger Records] Interview on Non Compliance TV

Brent Newitt [Aquasky] owner of Passenger Records on a fresh interview to Non Compliace TV! It was recorded on 28th May 2014 and uploaded on two parts. Njoy!



Tuesday 10 June 2014

[RZ002] Necrotype & Junglistic - Bright Light / Rhythm & Culture - Jungle Rollerz Volume 2 (Forthcoming 12" Vinyl Only Release)

A - Necrotype - Bright Light.
B - Junglistic - Rhythm & Culture.
Following on from last year's 12" release from Hailon and Junglistic, the Jungle Rollerz label brings us two more brand new, oldskool influenced drum & bass/jungle tracks on black wax.
Necrotype offers up a serious blend of thundering basslines, dark hardcore stabs and tearing, chopped up amen breaks with 'Bright Light', like a perfect cross between the dirty techstep of 1996 and 1993 darkcore. Junglistic on the flipside offers up a gorgeous combination of ruff and rolling jungle breaks and soaring emotive synths on 'Rhythm & Culture'. Two absolutely essential tracks on the one vinyl.
Keep an eye out for the release date and order details on the Jungle Rollerz Facebook and Soundcloud links below.


Jungle Rollers Soundcloud page...
Jungle Rollerz Facebook page...


01/ Baby.
02/ Yeah.
03/ Baby Breaks.
04/ Nothing (Remastered).
05/ Something (Remastered).
06/ Krull (Remastered).
07/ Nowhere (Remastered).
08/ Poosie & Cru-l-t – Knite In Paradise (Remastered).
09/ Poosie & Cru-l-t – Hear Me Hear Me (Remastered).
10/ Latch The Door (Remastered).
11/ I Cant Take The Pancake (Remastered).
After an absence of around fifteen years, the original oldskool hardcore and happy hardcore label, Kniteforce Records makes a long awaited return after being defunct from producing single releases since 1998. No that label owner Chris "Luna-C" Howell has been keeping quiet all that time. Chris has since revisioned and rebranded the label's musical philosophy as premier breakbeat hardcore, breakcore, jungle, gabba and freeform hardcore providers as Kniteforce Again in 2001, alongside the Kniteforce Digital and KFA labels. As well as writing his own autobiography within the rave industry and producing an excellent (and unexpected) folk rock album under the moniker of Reeve.
Chris explains that the reason for revitalising the Kniteforce Rcords brand is to release new music in a similar style to the previous incarnation (to "be as Kniteforcey as possible!"). Which means loads of rolling breakbeats, kick drums, booming basslines, ravey stabs, euphoric pianos and helium diva vocals. The label also hopes to encourage some of the artists from back in the day to make a return with new music and has already has releases from Luna-C and Kingsize & Vibena in the works.
The 'No New Ideas E.P' features 3 brand new Cru-l-t tracks (the man Chris Howell himself) which will be available for sale digitally and as a 3-track MP3 download.
KF61 is also available as a specially extended and limited edition 11 track CD album featuring 8 remastered oldskool Cru-l-t classics from Kniteforce's back catalogue in addition to the 3 brand new tracks. This includes [KF004] 'Krull EP', [KF009] Poosie & Cru-l-t's 'Knite In Paradise / Hear Me Hear Me' from 1993 and [KF013] 'Latch The Door / I Can't Take The Pancake' from 1995.  Making the CD edition an essential purchase for oldskool enthusiasts. Purchases of the CD edition of the 'No New Ideas E,P' album come with a download link for WAV copies of the album as well as some "other stuff' to be disclosed at a later date.
The album is available to purchase for $9 from the Kniteforce Revolution Webstore link below as are clips from the 3-track E.P.

Kniteforce Revolution Webstore...

Also check out Chris' blogposts on the reasons behind the rebirth of Kniteforce...

Sunday 8 June 2014

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. PURSUIT - WAV Killed The Youtube Star [free download-SNBEP008]

The closing release of this season, just before summertime, is now up!!
Pursuit as a frontman, is delivering 7 massive tunes of his own work on 'WAV Killed The Youtube Star EP' release, which is out today and available on free download via Strictly Nuskool Blog! Some killer Hardcore Breaks around 155bpm, oldskool pianos and... 'Kick Ya Legs In The Air' as the main hit of the release, calling all of you to show your love and spread it!


01. Break it Down Like This
02. Do U Like Hardcore Junglizm
03. No Skin Off My Nose
04. Listen To Them
05. Kick Ya Legs In The Air (dont stand and stare)
06. Cant Hold It (140mg overdose Mix)
07. Cosmic Twist




Saturday 7 June 2014


01/ J(ay).A.D - Herb Smoothy.
02/ Crown - Ridge.
03/ Somejerk - Keep On Moving.
04/ DLX - Disco Nap Nightmare.
05/ Chango - WCKD.
06/ Mark Kloud - Thylacine.
07/ Graphs - Ixtlan.
08/ Metafloor - Ibedoin.
09/ GoLab - See These Boys.
10/ Kidlogic - Crazy Dangerous Beats.
11/ 1H9!N - Birds on a Wire.
12/ Terrorrythmus - Tik Tip Top.
13/ Bunnies - R Kelly.
14/ Duckett - Copper Pile.
15/ Boi-A-Gutz - Detroit Style.
16/ Sonic D - Try Dem.
17/ Footmerc - Cause I Love Her.
18/ Johney - Rough.
19/ 5ifty$ixK - My Name, On Repeat.
20/ Tone Ra - Fucking With My Computer.
21/ Ventah - Hold Out.
22/ Enuf Talk - Spirtual Currency.
23/ Homesick - Step Inside.
24/ Nonfuture - Acid Werk.
25/ Crypticz - Away.
26/ Subtle - Pulsate.
27/ Jukker - Dream Dust.

Premier footwork and juke hybrid label Ground Mass Music presents 'Year Zero' their first birthday celebration compilation. Featuring 27 tracks from the cream of all things glitched, footwork, fidgety, drum & bass and juke.

To give an all too brief overview, here's a small sample of some of the compilations highlights. J(ay).A.D's opening track 'Herb Smoothy' indicates what lies ahead by combining intricate breaks, ragga vocals over an immense 'wall of sound' bass growl. 'Keep On Moving' by Somejerk adds some junglistic breaks, dub and techno atmospherics to the footwork formula and Sonic D brings forth more jungle flavours with soaring techno synths on 'Try Dem'. Also keep an ear out for Kidlogic's gangsta rap and sub-bass bothering 'Crazy Dangerous Beats', Cripticz soulful and sexy 'Away' and Footmerc's Latin influenced 'Cause I Love Her'.

'Year Zero' is absolutely chock-full of innovative and underground, future classics and is criminally available as a FREE digital download (of near any quality you could possibly desire) from the Ground Mass Music Bandcamp page (see below). For the discerning music aficionado, you can also donate however much you feel the album is worth and help Ground Mass Music continue on with their musical legacy!

Ground Mass Music Soundcloud page...
Ground Mass Music Facebook page...

Thursday 5 June 2014

[NDR 009 & 010] Endor Recordings Tag Team EP's #1 & #2 (CD EP'S AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW!!!)

Tag Team EP #1
1/ Moodyboy – Pretty Girls (Yes Sir).
3/ Dave Skywalker – Sunrise.
5/ Jow – Reach Out.
7/ AleX Tune – Get Warm.
9/ AleX Tune – That’s The Way.

Tag Team EP #2
2/ Shadowplay - Plymouth To Padstow.
4/ Namik - Ant Colony.
6/ Jow - The Shining (Eddie Reflux Remix).
8/ AleX Tune - Pu-pu-pu Punany.
10/ DaveHat - Look Him In The Eye.
After an eight month absence Dave Skywalker's legendary Endor Recordings label returns with not just one, but two brand new CD EP's to assault your eardrums. Bringing you the freshest music from all areas of the underground, breakbeat, hardcore, drum & bass, gabba and jungle spectrums.
From Moodyboy's ragga infused techno 'Pretty Girls (Yes Sir)', Jow's happy breakbeat 'Reach Out', Alex Tune's two upfront, yet oldskool influenced hardcore tracks, 'Get Warm' and 'Got The Way' and Dave's own heavyweight dark amen roller 'Sunrise' on EP #1. To Eddie Reflux's bass heavy reworking of Jow's 'The Shining', the energetic ragga-core thumper by AleX Tune, Shadowplay and Namik's excellent jungle openers 'Plymouth To Padstow' and 'Ant Colony' and the gabba-tekno-breakcore beast by DaveHat 'Look Him In The Eye' which closes EP #2. There are enough styles and genres to please anyone with even the slightest interest in hardcore based music. 
Both EP's are only available as CD releases for a criminally low price of £3 each(or more for anyone who wishes to support the artists further!!!) from Dave's Bandcamp page (see below). These tracks will not be available to purchase digitally and are exclusive to each CD EP, so give your support and keep it oldskool!!! :D

Endor Recordings Facebook page...

Dave Skywalker Facebook page...

Endor Recordings website...

Endor Recordings Bandcamp pages...

Sacred - Do It Together (2014 Remix Project) (10-TRACK 320 MP3 FREE REMIX ALBUM)

01/ Do It Together (JAM1 Remake).
02/ Do It Together (D.I.B. Dub Remix).
03/ Do It Together (RGs 2014 Re-Edit).
04/ Do It Together (Unknown Artist Remix).
05/ Do It Together (Leonized's 'Pour Me A Half, Watch Me Shine' Remix).
06/ Do It Together (Pursuit's Not From London Remix).
07/ Do It Together (MsPrim Remix).
08/ Do It Together (Nicky Allen & Mystery 2014 Remix).
09/ Do It Together (Vital Link Remix).
10/ Do It Together (Sound Shifter Remix).
What started off as an attempt to recreate a digital copy of Sacred's 1993 anthem, 'Do It Together (Remix)' by Jam 1 and RenegadeGenius a few months back has spawned a massive Remix Project with the finished versions featured here.
The album includes 10 very different versions of Sacred's classic track and covers many styles from D.I.B. Dub's pumping bassline house reworking. RenegadeGenius, Unknown Artist, Leonized, Pursuit, MsPrim and Nicky Allen & Mystery providing light to dark hardcore breaks remixes. And with Vital Link and Sound Shifter's offering two tearing drum & bass revisionings.
All this is backed up by Jam 1 and RG's digital recreation of the 1993 'Do It Together (Remix)' by Sacred.
Free 320 MP3 Download...

Jam 1 Soundcloud page...
D.I.B. Dub Soundcloud page...
RenegadeGenius Soundcloud page...
Leonized Soundcloud page...
Pursuit Soundcloud page...
MsPrim Soundcloud page...

Nicky Allen Soundcloud page...

DJ Mystery Soundcloud page...

Vital Link Soundcloud page...

Sound Shifter Soundcloud page...

Tuesday 3 June 2014

PROPS005 VIRAL BASS Vol.2 [PROPAGANDA MUSIK - out on 23rd June 2014 exclusive @ TrackitDown]

Following the great success of  'Viral Bass Vol.1' where hit the tops of TrackItDown Breaks Charts, the rave-inspired Bass label Propaganda Music leaded by The Flashback Project, returns with the second volume of it retaining the same formule.
Four dancefloor anthems are ready to set the places on fyah with the hottest drops, killa breakbeats and oldskool influenced samples. Flash Cats a.k.a The Flashback Project and Retropolis are collaborating once again for a high standard release, which can be simply described as the 'Bass bomb of this Summer'!
'Viral Bass Vol.2' will be exclusively out to Trackitdown on 23rd June 2014 and to all other major digital stores on 7th July 2014.

Celebrating this upcoming summer release by Propaganda Music, Retropolis drops a rave breaks tune - rework of Alexander O'Neil's classic 'Criticize' given away on free download.

Viral Bass Vol.2

1) Flash Cats - They All Floar
2) Flash Cats - Sound Of The Police
3) Retropolis - Destiny
4) Retropolis - I Want Your Love

You can check out all clips from the EP + April's promo mix by the Flashback project + download "Criticize" on the following playlist




Monday 2 June 2014

[CUT 006] DJ Wislov - Venture Into The Underworld (OUT NOW ON SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL!!!!)

01/ Venture Into The Underworld.
A future darkside classic from DJ Wislov with his outstanding 'Venture Into The Underworld' on Switchblade Digital. Featuring soaring ominous synths, stepping junglistic breaks and some immense bass, growling bass sounds. Wislov brings a deep and dark, cinematic atmosphere with 'Venture Into The Underworld' which would fit in well in any discerning jungle, D&B, dark hardcore breaks set. Delve deep into the depths and support this release fans of dark sounds.
Out now from all good music download stores. 

Switchblade Digital  Facebook page...
Switchblade Digital Soundcloud page...

Available to purchase from...

Amazon -…pd_rhf_dp_p_tnr_3
Beatport -…derworld/1300691
Juno Download -…ld/2487538-02/
Trackitdown -…ks/6990182.html