Sunday 31 January 2016


ŁÓDŹ Breakbeat producer/DJ/promoter, Greg Sin Key unleashes his...nightmate on his very fresh videoclip of his tune 'THE GHOST', which is originally released on Intensive Recordings (label by Nefti) and is off Lose Control EP [check here]

Njoy a ride to this deep trip into Greg's darkness and smashing breakbeats!
Bardzo dobry Greg! :)



DJ Bassraver (a.k.a. Phill Owen) apart from his radio production identity has proved by all means his production skills over the last 1,5 yrs when he started experimenting and cooking many hardcore tunes!
Phill is a great member in the Hardcore Breaks scene and his recent offering is a marvellous 170bpm happy hardcore vibe full of storming breakbeats aiming to take us back to 1994!
This tune is titled 'Tell Me' and is also placed by an outstanding and heavy Jungle remix on the latest installment by Music Rascals (a 1yr old very promising label of Nuskool Breaks & Jungle sounds!)

Grab your copies now on Beatport here



Friday 29 January 2016

[VMRDT048] USD - Shaolin Skills [Available To Download From All Good Digital Download Stores!!!]

1/ Shaolin Skills.

Bookending the month of January shortly after the previous Cynical Gene release, Viral-Mental Records return once more with a brand new single from regular contributor, USD with 'Shaolin Skills'. Featuring razor sharp breaks complimented by a mammoth, growling, neuro-bassline and peppered with choice martial arts flick dialogue, 'Shaolin Skills' is set to turn the dance into a kung fu dojo.

USD's 'Shaolin Skills' single is available to purchase now from the following Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...



Juno Download...


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MYOR MASSIV:: Abyss/FFF - Massiv 02 [Available on Vinyl & Digital format]

Dutch multigenre producer/dj and owner of MYOR, the man like COCO BRYCE, has recently unleased the second chapter of his sublabel MYOR MASSIV releases.
This fresh 2track release will follow the successful first one, which managed hitting many plays, took #2 on Toolbox junge charts and was the best way launching his very own Jungle sub-label.

MASSIV 02 consists of two huge stormers by two great signed producers like UK's Abyss (producer/dj/owner of Switchblade Digital) and the established Dutch badman, FFF (producer/dj/Encounters records co-owner).

'Lightning,Earthquake & Thunder' by Abyss is a tearout breakbeat smasher, remaining on his usual stylee of his own and Switchblade Digital spirit, while FFF sets up a fresh ragga jungle mission on his 'BEAST'.

Worth to mention that you may grab the vinyl of this release by the price of €10, and tracks digitally aswell by naming your price.




Wednesday 27 January 2016

BH061:: SANXION - Never Had A Love [out on 8th February @ BAD HABIT MUZIK]

The successful Breaks label of BAD HABIT MUZIK is determined to remain to the tops of digital chart sales, as they've recently signed the established producer/dj/engineer SANXION, or 'Son of Bass' as i'd rather describe him.
SANXION is one of the most respected and well known suspects in the scene, having already produced many tracks on various labels since '90s under various aliases, big collabs with Ragga Twins, Vinyl Junkie, Liquid, Twista etc. and none of us can underrate his 'phat bass' and storming drops!

His fresh installment titled 'Never Had A Love' is a proper bass breaks tune signed to Bad Habit and is set up to be released on digital format.

Available from digital stores: 8th Feb 2016
General release date: 22nd Feb 2016




Monday 25 January 2016

RN016:: C.R.I.P. - Come Rave In Peace EP [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

Words are useless when it's about a great Hardcore soldier like C.R.I.P. (Comeraveinpeace), who's hailing from Switzerland and has recently signed to Ravenoyz Recordings his...rebirth!

C.R.I.P. has been very active over the last 2 years with plenty of tracks given away on free download plus much more stuff in the pipeline for future release!
Yes! DJ C.R.I.P. has never quited from the scene and production.
He's been into the game since late '80s, been promoting, producing and being faithful to Oldskool genre under various aliases creating his own personal I.D. and running his own label Oldskool Massive Rec.
I personally feel very pleased being in touch with him, as receiving promos, playing out his stuff and seeing him every new day more hungry that ever regarding our chats.

COME RAVE IN PEACE EP is the best proof of Nuskool Hardcore production during '10s.
It's the evolution of Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore, delivered on 4 fresh bombs like anthems!
Props goes to Spanish hard workin' guy, DJ Wislov (owner of Ravenoyz) for signing such an established & valuable producer on the 26th digital release of his label.

And.. now it's your turn to...Take yourself Up under the Yodas Force!

Grab your copies now here

RATE: 9/10
FAV TRACK: 'Outside World (VIP Mix)'



Sunday 24 January 2016

Strictly NuSkool Blog Exclusive - GL0WKiD Meets Motivbreaks & Orestiz Video Interview!!!

Right from the very birth of rave sub-culture, Greece has always had a strong love affair with all forms of electronic dance music. However for some hardcore fanatics, the heady days of breakbeat hardcore never died, and continues to flourish with many producers continuing to develop that oldskool rave sound for modern dancefloors to lap up today.

Shortly after the massive success of Greece's Brainstorm event this January, which featured a guest slot from Liquid of rave anthem, 'Sweet Harmony' fame. The Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own DJ GL0WKiD got in touch with two Greek pioneers of nuskool rave, Motivbreaks (label owner and producer for White Tower Digi and V.I.M. Breaks) and Orestiz (of Sharkfin RecordsHardcore Lives Records and Strictly NuSkool fame) to discover what drives them on their quest to bring breakbeat hardcore to modern audiences.

For the full interview plus footage from the Brainstorm event, click on the YouTube link below...

For more music and information on Motivbreaks and Orestiz, feel free to check out the links below, and don't forget to follow them on Soundcloud to keep tabs on future productions!!!

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Friday 22 January 2016


Polish Bass/Footwork label POLISH JUKE TRAXX unleash their music plans for the new year with this minimix-sampler including preview tracks forthcoming in 2016! Definetely one of the great labels in this kind with a major talented roster signed!



Wednesday 20 January 2016

GL0WKiD Video Interview with Motivbreaks & Orestiz (2016)

Video interview with 2 established members of Greek Nu-Rave movement, and representers of hardcore breaks since mid '00s, Motivbreaks ( & Orestiz (
Both of them hail from Greece and share their big love for the music plus their story so far.


Monday 18 January 2016

[CB050] GRAZ - Ravepunk (out on Digital & CD format @ CHEAPBEATS)

One of the most essential chiptune labels, CHEAPBEATS (based in Japan) meets a multi genre US producer/DJ and Ravertooth Tiger labelhead the man like GRAZ, who has rapidly evolved his own stylee, as been experimenting and focusing a lot on music production.
Every tune has something to say and every long awaited release of him is always very promising.

GRAZ is definetely a devoted Rave member in the nuskool scene and his recent offering is the best proof, til the next release of course.
'Ravepunk' is the title of his personal installment on CHEAPBEATS featuring 8 tracks created using LSDJ on a Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01 (apart from track 03).
No doubt, this mini LP fits perfectly to the spirit of the label and is a proper 8bit, chiptune and chipbreak release to every fan of this sound and every true Gameboy addict!

Monsterous artwork and energetic result in all 8 tracks.
Available now on CD & Digital Format - Purchase your copies here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK:  "Cartridge Eternal"



[WJS 002] Fathom - Mindkiller / Quest [Available To Download From All Good Wicked Jungle Records Stockists 19/01/16]

1/ Mindkiller.
2/ Quest.

After the success recent of debut album 'Wicked Jungle Vol 1', the Wicked Jungle Records crew are back again with their latest release from Fathom who delivers two menacingly dark drum & bass tracks with the forthcoming 'Mindkiller / Quest' single.

From the opening bars of 'Mindkiller' it becomes clear that Fathom is destined to bring you a 2016 update of the classic strand of late nineties, pitch black techstep D&B with it's fusion of ominous synth notes, and 2-step breaks on the intro which soon mutates into a heavyweight rolling amen break assault complete with massive twisting Reese bassline. 
'Quest' treads a similar dark path as it's companion piece with it's fusion of ominous, sweeping synths and martial arts movie samples meshed with monolithic bass throbs, brain searing stabs and frantically layered breaks. 

If you have a love for the No U-Turn, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware style of dark drum & bass prevalent from late '95-'97, then Fathom is guaranteed to deliver that gritty and grimey, Dystopian sci-fi sound. 

Fathom's 'Mindkiller / Quest' single will available to download and stream from all good digital download stores and streaming sites from 19/01/16.

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[SNBEP017] Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. TEKSTEPPA ''Dreams of the Future EP''

First Strictly Nuskool Blog release for 2016 is out now featuring a new addition to SNB team, the man like TEKSTEPPA (a.k.a. Matt Wilkins) from UK.

'The Dreams of the Future EP' is a 4track personal expression of him including storming Jungle & Breakbeat vibes all around!
This release is available on free download and hopefully you'll dig it loud & proud as Teksteppa nails it like proper!

Here are some following words from Teksteppa about his personal release:

" The Dreams of the Future E.P.  is basically me paying my respects to the sounds of yesteryear. Being a listener/raver of old skool hardcore and jungle since around 1992, I wanted to recreate the vibes of those days and bring back the flavas.

At the time of producing the E.P. I was listening to alot of Jungle from around the 93-95 era and got heavily influcened by the deep subs and choppy amen breaks! I then stumbled across the classic jungle techno type track: ''Neuromancer - Pennywise'' on Symphony Sounds recordings, which inspired the title track. If it wasnt for those headonistic hazy days of rave I probably would'nt be producing / DJing alot of the stuff I do now, so it means alot to me personally.

The main aim of this E.P. was to produce some tracks which also sounded like they we're made on old equipment so lots of thought went into the processing of the beats/sounds and I tried to get it all sounding as analog as possible in a completely digital realm. I hope you all enjoy this E.P. and if it makes you think of those old skool days then thats cool, and if it makes you dance, then hey I take my hat of to you! "


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Sunday 17 January 2016

[Good News Boppers] Beat Rapist - Regrind [Qrates 10" Vinyl Crowd-Funder Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

A - Lost In Jungle (Regrind Mix).
B - Top Buzz (Regrind Mix).

The highly esteemed nuskool jungle label, Good News Boppers is back again after a short absence, and for their return they have something special lined up to welcome in 2016 with the introduction of it's very first venture into vinyl territory. And what better way to start off the label's debut vinyl release than to feature the very first ever Good News Boppers signing, the king of dark junglism himself, the Beat Rapist.

The 'Regrind' single features two classic Beat Rapist tracks from 2013's 'Dark Side EP' given a 2016, extended revamp and will lovingly pressed onto 10", dubplate style vinyl complete with full artwork sleeve. 

The menacingly tearing 'Lost In Jungle (Regrind Mix)' kicks off the 'Regrind' single with a huge nod towards mid-nineties, classical jungle style with it's fusion of intricately chopped and layered breakbeats, instantly recognisable hardcore/jungle ragga vocals and the use of an oppressively dark and all enveloping Reese bass.

On the flipside, we are dragged into the depths of an oldskool jungle rave, for an all out, amen break assault with the equally dark and moody 'Top Buzz (Regrind Mix)'. Featuring crowd cheers, vinyl spinbacks, air horns and MC shout-outs of "I wanna hear some really fuckin' loud noise!!!!", as the backdrop to a barrage of heavyweight drumwork and monstrous bass growls.

As with musical works by the Beat Rapist, the 'Regrind' single should come with a health warning stating, 'Not For The Faint Hearted'!!!

The limited to 100 copies only, Beat Rapist 'Regrind' 10" vinyl single is available to pre-order now for £10 (plus postage and packaging) via the Qrates crowd funding websiteThis release will only go ahead if all 100 copies are sold, so be sure to get your orders in now as copies are going to go fast!!! 

The release has also been mastered by veteran jungle producer and disc jockey, DJ Sappo of Advisory Studios fame, so top notch sound quality will be guaranteed.

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Saturday 16 January 2016

Msymiakos - Jungle Warriors EP

Look what just swung in from the grapevine, 'any jungle in guy?' this is the Tarzan and Jane of jungle my friends!. Ok Human Traffic quotes aside, we have Msymiakos with his brand new EP 'Jungle Warriors' and as soon as you hear the first track you are transported into the world of ragga jungle at its best. Jungle Warriors the first track on the EP is the clincher and what grabs the listener straight in with its Jamaican rudeboi ya dun no riddims. The thing that jumps out at me is also the chunky breakbeats that chug along and give the already building vibe an extra edge and raw feeling, a tune well suited to the 1994 sound and wouldn't sound out of place if played in selected year set.

We move onto the last tune 'Guru Meditation' a calmer sound to the first track with a nice swirling pad to kick it off. Once again the tell tale jungle breakbeats kick in to give off that junglist vibe and sound, coupled with all this you will find more Jamaican ragga sounds which tie in together nicely with the overall flow of the track.

All in all you have a rough, raw and down right nasty set of tunes ready to be played out on big systems around the globe or just in your bedroom on a sunny day uplifting those senses and bringing a smile across your face, also perfect for them long and boring commutes into work. If your a junglist you will truly appreciate the sounds on this EP, if you are dipping your toe in for the first time with this style of music then I'd say this really is the best way to start off your listening habits and move in the direction of jungle music.

Give this a go! highly recommended, check out the links just below to see where you can purchase this stunning EP and follow Msymiakos on his music profiles.