Sunday 28 February 2021

Club Glow present their new Vinyl release

A1 - Need U
A2 - Step Off
B1 - Yellow
B2 - Shadow Law

Club Glow co-manager, Borai from Bristol, is the man behind the second official Vinyl release of this hard working collective from UK. An ideal work following up Mani Festo's debut and primary EP.
This time, we're dealing with a masterpiece of futuristic Hardcore, a prophecy of a massive resurrection of nightlife clubbin and tracks that incarnate British underground spirit nowdays.

'Need U' is the title of this superb new weapon, with the self-titled soaring track (being also Borai's favorite) evoking the right optimism driven by euphoric vocals, infused with the right breakbeats.
By far one of the best tracks of this year that will lead your soul to the gates of a rave that we all yearn to live up again. The time is now!
On the flipside, you can find 'Yellow' a lush track that you'll surely dig especially if you're a fan of Coco Bryce timbre, for instance.
Closing with an Oldskool '93 darkside vibe translated into a 140 tip for 'Shadow Realm' and you should not sit out on these monstrous beats. Strictly for the headstrong!

Only available on Bandcamp and very selected physical record stores.
Limited to 300 copies



Saturday 27 February 2021

'Glory Days' - Brand new single by Dream Frequency

Early days of Spring bring up an invigorating new single by Dream Frequency, entitled 'Glory Days' taken off their sophomore '30' released last year through a Kickstarter campaign.
You can tell that this release is an incarnation of energy and optimism for the near future...
A huge piano progressive anthem driven with the well known formula of energy by Ian Bland, accompanied by the amazing vocals of Sherie Hartill who's next to the new Dream Frequency '30' trip with loads of her magic vocals.
On top of that there's a remix by the legendary Slipmatt plus an official video of this anthem, just before the release date of the album in various major digital platforms (i.e. 12th March)

"I wrote this song about remembering and celebrating the last 30 years of Raving and misbehaving , the thrills and spills , the friends we've made ,remembering those who have left us , the amazing times , venues, events , nights and music we have enjoyed and hopefully of those to come !
We have have tried to get as many of your pics in the video and included footage of not only DF but our fellow friends and performers who make our scene SO special !
Hope this will bring a smile to your faces and maybe a wee tear to your eye enjoy, share the love and let's get back to those "Glory Days' SOON !






Monday 22 February 2021

Into the Kurly Kutz Breakbeat temple


You can tell that, UK based Kurly Kutz assortment of tracks is been a varied treasure.
Their brand new release is comprised of five tracks bestowed on 'Temple of Fumes' EP, which is available to order now digitally. 
This invigorating EP is tripping on a massive 160 bpm range Hardcore Breaks tip inspired a lot with the likes of Kniteforce sounds like Luna-C or even Biochip C. and ComeRaveInPeace.
Best seller of the new Zuke material should be found on 'The Awakening' ; a full on hardcore annihilation and also fruition of present's Nu-Rave.
All in all, here's some quite different stuff as ever provided by our friend Zuke. More Hardcore than ever, more powerful than ever. Support is due!



Wednesday 17 February 2021

GL0WKiD Guest Mix on Paranoise Radio (FEB.2021)


Catch up the latest mix by our very own GLOWKiD, reppin today's Hardcore Breaks sound with this amazing session. Including tracks from Kniteforce Records, Al Storm & Diakronik, Orestiz, DJ Pursuit, Damage Inc. Nicky Allen and many more!

Monday 15 February 2021

West Midlands Hardcore Breaks DJ C.H.Z. releases his first EP

West Midlands finest Hardcore Breaks DJ, the man who fills us all with his energy every Saturday over has just released his very own official weapon (of choice).
DJ CHZ signs his first EP on 4 The Core Recordings, including four belters that he's been working over the last decade playing them out on his shows but never under a release. Full credits to Mark from 4 The Core, who tucked into CHZ stuff and 'grabbed' his tracks instantly.
First of all 'The V-10 Project Vol.1' means that we should expect a Volume 2. Till then there's a class Hardcore material pumping inside this digital release, that we should not sit out. Either you're a DJ or even a fan of today's Hardcore Breaks sound, this EP drives an absolutely jaw dropping frequency.
Reppin '91-'92 styles, DJ CHZ blends ideally Belgian sounds and hoovers with classic rave stabs, junglistic amens, bleeps and pianos. All told can be found on this banging release, where's even a quality sampling of LFO and Nebulla II, which is one of the highlights.

And as he stated:

"Oi Oi crew happy freakin friday well I'm super excited to say the wait is over and heres' why I've been so quiet on here as you guys know or if you dont know I was approached by the guys at 4 The Core Recordings about releasing some of my tracks on their amazing hardcore label which most of you have heard on my regular 'Hardcore Uproar' shows from when the label started out . So without hesitation I snapped the chance up in a flash and boooom here I am on 4 The Core Recordings crew with my debut EP 'The V -10 Project Vol 1'. Check out the clips of the tracks from the ep right here, I'm soooooooo excited crew, take a listen share it around and grab yourself a copy. Big big respekz to you all for your support it means alot crew oiiiiiiii oiiiiiiiiii"


Sunday 14 February 2021

Destroy Oh Boy #5 - Feat. Ark!Tek, Sum, Wombcorps and The Archangel


Brace yourselves from some utterly militant amen junglism from team Destroy Oh Boy aided and abetted by  Ark!Tek, Sum, Wombcorps and The Archangel

Hold on to your teeth while listening to Ark!Tek's 'Old Screwed' starting in half time mentasm mode before a brain rattling breakcore beat hits, hammers and assaults the senses!!!! Hard, relentless and on point amen break manipulation!!!!

Sum's 'Trailer Park Mishap' has a halloweeny feel about it. Its as if the darkcore sound of 1993 had a new refit for 2021 and boy is it dark, brutal, bass heavy and utterly terrifying!!! JB's Funky Drummer hurtles along at breakneck speed in time to a series of gut wrenching sonic booms!!!

The Archangel offers a bit of calm after the absolute storm of the first two tracks. 'Yuri On Fire' builds to a powerful crescendo of emotive piano over a lean 2 step beat. Gradually the amens come in as the piano peaks and peaks and peaks some more!!!!

Its back to the Breakcore for the rapid breaks of Wombcorps' 'RIP Fotze.' Those amens quite literally crash in and thrash around a series of dancehall reggae samples in this mind melting closing track!!!!

Wednesday 10 February 2021

The first Luna-C release for 2021


One of the best newbie Hardcore Breaks labels born during this pandemic; are ready to release their sophomore incredible EP.
'The Fucking Grateful EP' by the amazing Hardcore Daddy Luna-C is a proper jaw dropping record that you have to add to your collection, right now.
All along, Chris achieves once again to invade the dancefloors with his storming and unique Hardcore breakbeats that's he's known for. Three original mixes under the wings of Chris Luna-C plus a remix (coming out digitally only) by Second Drop badboys, Bradders and The Lowercase.

'...Anyway, my “Fucking Grateful” EP has been widely commented upon, usually things like “its the best Luna-C in ages", which if true, is quite annoying because I gave it to my friends at SDR rather than selfishly keeping it haha!'

Tracks like 'Burn Inside' are always a good reason to remind you not to drag your feet and if you're on the fence, then just act off the cuff and show support to this great company of the 'new generation' of Kniteforce people.
Beware of an ultimate Hardcore Breaks exposuse, square and fair vinylized including tracks that have been promoted a lot by Kniteforce Radio.

Limited to 300 copies only. Digitals included.

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Mid-week darkness is found on a new track - 'Secrets of Mind'


Deadly Nightshade is one of our favorite producers on this blog and his brand new release is an invigorating and proud Dark breaks track.
'Secrets of Mind' is inspired a lot from the Orbital as the producer behind has revealed adding also his well known elements and trancy paths.
A hefty new tune, which is already supported by The Nastysquad over Pulse FM, net station based on Kent/UK. And, it's calling every Nu-Rave lover's adulation to Deadly Nighshade's fresh dark weapon.

Monday 8 February 2021

What about a Trigger Happy limited cassette?

Back after almost three years, Trigger Happy Records remain underground and return stronger than ever in order to deliver an exceptional mixtape this time. However, you should hurry up, because it's available to order now by the limited number of  .. 35 copies only!
Not a Vinyl, nor a digital but a cassette this time!

"Limited Edition Trigger Happy - Live Studio Mixtape Pre Order - 1 COPY PER CUSTOMER

Mix of old skool, new & old, released + forthcoming exclusive tunes + released stuff the 90s to current day + beyond, some Trigger Happy tunes and some by others. This mix was recorded in 2021 and has not been heard anywhere before. Expect old skool hardcore, happy hardcore, jungle etc

- Professionally manufactured this will be a great item for the collection.

- Cassette only with no digital release.

- Strictly Limited Edition, this will not be in any shops and is exclusive to Bandcamp. Only 35 copies will be available to purchase so please order if you want 1 as we expect this to sell out long before shipping.

NOTE: This is a Pre Order, expected completion date is 4-6 weeks so mid March but given the current climate this could vary.

BONUS: You will get free digital downloads of Trigger Happy Volume 1 + 2. Check your Bandcamp inbox for a code within 24 hours of purchase. If nothing please get in touch."


NEOREV unveils his Lost rave album from early 00s


US based producer NEOREV has recently uploaded a lost album that meant to be his very first personal release, however it saw the light last week. Better late than never you can tell, for an absolutely banging stuff like this one above. You shouldn't sit this one out and apparently a must to add to your collection as it goes down a storm.
Traveling At A High Velocity On A Downward Trajectory' is comprised of 27 tracks worked around 2002-2005, varied of styles and definetely inspired a lot by The Prodigy, which has been one of the top influences by NEOREV. Expect smashing beats and 90s retrospective rave under his very own formula of creativity.
Noteworthy to mention to anyone purchasing the album and showing some support till 5th March, there will be sent an exclusive bonus EP from that era of NR. 

"Before 2009's album Lines & Shapes, I was working on what was supposed to be the first official Neorev album. I only started messing with electronic music production in 2000. I was playing drums in various alternative rock bands at the time. In 2002, I decided it was time to make a proper album and began writing tracks for it. It was under the working title "Traveling At A High Velocity On A Downward Trajectory." Don't ask me where it came from. I just liked how it sounded. One of my tracks was featured on the Brainkiller Prodigy fan community's Music From The Jilted Generation compilation, which caused quite a stir. A music producer community called BK Music One grew out of it, and tracks like "Crank This Shit Up," "Do It Like That," and "Coming On Strong" were getting some buzz. I graduated high school around this time. I was sharing tracks with friends and in the BK Music One community. I wanted to deliver a full on heavy rave album. I would continue writing music well into 2005 with the hopes of releasing it in early 2006. Sadly, a hard drive crash wiped away those 3 years worth of work. The album was probably around 80% done at the time. All I had left were demos in various states of being finalized. Over the years, I still see some of those old tracks pop up on people's YouTube pages. So I figured, after nearly 20 years, it's time to share it with the world. For the first time ever, people will be able to hear the full raw and unfinished album. When I was making it, I was a newbie still trying to find my voice. Just a kid having fun making hard beats and noise. I was in love with 90s warehouse rave and the energy surrounding it. Well, now is your chance to hear what that naive teenager was up to. Album includes 12 bonus tracks and additional artwork. Check bonus items for text file with link to original raw and unmastered demos.




Saturday 6 February 2021

'Transcendence' - Brand new record by Denham Audio


A1 - Club Culture
A2 - Retort
B1 - Run Da Ting
B2 - Top Boy
B3 - Transcendence Ft. 7P703

Sheffield's dexterous trio of Denham Audio don't rest on their laurel and they keep still their nose to the grindstone producing as many tracks as they can, in order to fight against these hard times we're living with their creativity weapon.
Their brand new record is signed on their good friends over Lobster Theremin, a remarkable label run by Asquith, representing the sound of the future in House, Techno and Breaks music.

'Transcendence' is the name of their record, comprised of five new tracks.

"Club Culture is a heady tribute to UK rave culture, combining classic breaks with a monologue from generations past. Denham Audio speed things up on Retort, fusing their love of breakbeats with a sound palette ubiquitous with acid house. On the flip, patois bars punctuate the bleeps-and-breaks of Run Da Ting, while the vocal layered between Top Boy’s whirling bass and digitally distorted drum programming may be recognisable to some. Closing track Transcendence is an ethereal jungle roller with guest vocals from 7ip7o3, that rings true to its name."

As we've already warned you, beware of this amazing Club Glow team of Denham Audio, Borai, Mani Festo. They've thrived though music and they carry a distinguished and contemporary UK Rave style. Anything off their consistent arsenal is always interesting and efficient.

'Transcendence' comes out on 12th March via Lobster Theremin, available digitally and on limited black 12" Vinyl, colour printed centre stickers with white reverse board sleeve & white inner paper inner.

  • Production & Arrangement by Denham Audio
  • Artwork by James Lacey
  • Mastered at Ten Eight Seven
  • Pressed with love at Kuroneko