Thursday 29 April 2021

PREMIERE:: Xian Juan - Rodi Ganja [Box Fulla Records]

Strictly Nuskool Blog premiere on 'Rodi Ganja' by Xian Juan forthcoming on Box Fulla Records. Out on 1st May 2021.

For the first official release from Box Fulla Records, available on all platforms worldwide, and to celebrate a late 4/20, they offer us a big fat smoking joint of a track from non-other than the certified, bona fide, ganja man himself, the sound boy killer from Colorado… Xian Juan (pronounced “Shawn One”).

Delivering everything that was great about 90’s jungle but with that funky, fruity, futuristic twist, this is a straight up tear out jungle track with expertly chopped amen, breaks, punchy 808s and catchy reggae samples that are complete with vocal cuts from a certain renowned reggae selector hence the track’s name…“Rodi Ganja”.

When Xian Juan isn’t growing, trimming, cutting, smoking or cooking ganja, he’s making high grade music about it! But don’t think that is all he has in his stash box, just check out the last free download release from him on the Box Fulla Records SoundCloud.

This Denver, Colorado based artist is definitely one to keep an eye on, even if your eyes are red. Box Fulla Records is very excited to have him on board with their UK based label.

Release date on Juno Download and Spotify will be on the 1st May 2021 and then all other platforms one week later.

Be sure to follow him direct on his SoundCloud and BandCamp as well as keeping up to date with the label’s movements by following and subscribing to their FaceBook, Instagram and YouTube Channel.


Tuesday 27 April 2021

Listen to our GLOWKiD being interviewed on the Deluxe & Bradders Podcast

"Join Deluxe and Bradders as they kick of a new season of podcasts. They travel to Athens (metaphorically) and sit down for an hour or two with one of the finest bloggers of our time and a true warrior of the dance - GL0WKID!!!

Hear what goes into a great Moussaka recipe, why Bradders needs a new chair, how to deal with lockdown and much more. And it wouldn't be a Gl0wkid podcast if we did not explore his obsession with the Prodigy, who he'd like to work with, and who his favourite interviews have been with!

This podcast gives us an insight into the man behind the mask (and the shades) and shows why he is a shining example to all ravers across the world.

So.... GL0WKID!!!"

Saturday 24 April 2021

Brake Fade 'Found In A Boxroom'


Saint-Petersburg based producer Brake Fade (a man that we've dedicated already a full introduction article for his project) has just released a new personal EP.

'Found In A Boxroom' is the title of his 4-track digital EP, coming out through his Bandcamp page and it's a kind of represenation of the Hardcore year 1992. Once again this material is pure gold for our good friend Anton (his real name) and all four versions are early recordings, found in a boxroom (as the title also says) at his 90's flat of childhood. In a nutshell, a small treasure of Hardcore breakbeats. 
'Put Me Down' and 'I Got Money' (originals and their remixes) are following a drive from 130bpm range to 160bpm with hot rave stabs, fast rhythms and rushing pianos and beefed up catchy rap vocals.

Grab your copies now on the link above.

Monday 19 April 2021

Pursuit presents his own Ravetopia


02 DISS U (features as tune tuesday on the r.o.a.r 90's podcast)
03 GET R.O.A.R (r.a.o.r 90's podcast track)
04 LIFE (unreleased dj tango homage)

Nu-Rave tune machine, and one of the big cannons of Hardcore Breaks, returns with a brand new album.
Based and inspired from his Oldskool rave roots and preferences, DJ Pursuit from Hull/UK presents 'Ravetopia' with a catchy artwork and plenty of uplifting grooves in.
It's comprised of eight tracks; fusion of styles such as breakbeat, jungle techno and uk hardcore and a magnificent super freshness that's captured on Chris frenzy rhythms!
Noteworthy that there's a homage track for the late legend Tango, entitled 'Life' and tracks taken from his 'musical involvement' on the 90s ROAR Podcast.
All in all, we're dealing with full on mental bangers that will blow your speakers out. Worth every single penny and the sound of Nu-Rave is on your stereo. Play it hard and loud!



Tuesday 13 April 2021

The Return of the Vibe show by Oliver Jonez @ Hot Radio


'The Return of the Vibe Show' presented by Oliver Jonez and sponsored by, is one of those radioshows that should not be missed out by any mad lover and collector of proper Hardcore, either Oldskool or new!
The show is broadcasted live every Thursday at 22:00 on Hot Radio, and it's about showcasing the amazing new Vinyls that come out either through Return of The Vibe imprint or even classic Rave records that never stop to cause shivers and remain an essential part of the British history of Rave.


Last Weeks Return of The Vibe Show on Hot Radio (Thurs 25th March) listen again HERE>> tracklist...

Δημοσιεύτηκε από Oliver Jonez στις Τετάρτη, 31 Μαρτίου 2021



Monday 12 April 2021

Tenerife sirve los mejores nuevas Hardcore Breaks


A1 - DRNO - All Right
A2 - Inferno - El Clan
B1 - Khoiser - Dancefloor
B2 - Sekret Chadow - That Feeling of Looking Back

Yes Hardcore crew!
The ultimate sound of Hardcore Breaks is right here straight from the deep underground dancefloor of Spain, specifically Canary Islands and the southern part of Andalucia.

Tenerife's brand new underground label, Ruff House Records present their debut strictly 12" Vinyl EP, (with no digital available) presenting four astonishing and proud new Breakbeat weapons. DJMen, one of the founders of this label is very excited to spread the news that Spain still havin it. And we're not kidding at all, cos you can face a great lineup of names such as thei local heroes, Khoiser with more than 25 years within the electronic dance game, or the Nu-Rave price Infero (co-owner of the mighty Repeat Offender RecordsSecret Chadow from 13Monkeys and DrNo (known of his Island Connection Records tracks a decade ago). Furthermore the tracks over there do justice to the spirit of Oldskool Rave and the evolved style of the legendary golden Hardcore Breaks that's been on fire since mid-00s.

All in all, all of these producers achieve to be involved on a large release tied up proper with the quality needed on Hardcore breakbeats, piano, rave stabs and of course, strictly vinylized.

If you're a mad collector and you're reading this at the moment. Please hurry up for your own good and make yours the first Volume EP of Ruff House. Why that fast? Because there's a super new Volume 2 coming out very very soon...



Sunday 11 April 2021

Poker beats from Kurly Kutz


Ever thought listening to a Breakbeat track driven by the crazy rhythms of a traditional bagpipe?

Well, Kurly Kutz Records brought something proper into surfance in order to make it happen.

There's a brand new digital release by the name 'Four Kings, Four Queens, Four Jacks and Two Jokers', and it's comprised of four tracks coverred by Big Beats and Breaks vibes. Basically, you can find a fusion of styles inside every track showcasing the influences from the Artist behind. Funky breakbeats, a happy side of d&b and a bit of good old Fatboy Slim inspired groovy (i.e. 'A Mighty Wind Up').
Honestly, it's a pretty good new release again by KK, as they keep on surprising us all with every new addition to their major weapon of choice.



Friday 9 April 2021

Introducing:: NICE1TOM (UK)

NICE1TOM is one of those DJs that you should definetely add to your schedule. His show are always full of energy as well as his Hardcore which is adjusted to the evolution of this sound.
Based in Leeds, Tom was raised with The Prodigy sound on his way to football matches as his father claimed that it was the most appropriate soundtrack to get mental inside the game. Getting obsessed with music since his teen years, Tom got instantly infected with the unique Hardcore Rave vibe.

"During my early university years I began playing out House music for parties and club nights in which I dabbled in playing out my own productions which I'd clumsily assembled on garageband. Funnily enough as rough and raw as these tunes were, to my surprise I received great reactions on the floor, which spurred me on to dedicate myself further into music."

After all these great experiments productionwise, it was a matter of time to get his 
first official release. A single which came out in late 2020 by the name 'Freq!'; a title which can be seen in the description in all of his pages throughout network. A son of energy who has travelled beyond genres and has now find his own Promise land into Hardcore Rave.


"During this time my music taste really diversified, I had become quite removed from the tedious 8 bar loop 4/4 House that I had been surrounding myself with for the past couple of years and yearned to play more eclectic sets. I had always been into Punk and MC's since my early teens, a regular at local punk gigs in Manchester and Liverpool. when I started looking elsewhere for Dance music inspiration I think this quintasessitally british kind of raw ‘no fucks, do what I want’ musical attitude lead my in the direction of Breakbeat Hardcore and Jungle."

"This all aligned perfectly with my absolute disdain for the current nightclubs I was frequenting, in which scowly lads would stomp on one spot nodding their head and everyone was up recording drops on their phone. The rave scene provided that freedom and unity that i wanted from live dance music and more importantly... people actually danced!!!"

NICE1TOM never hides his love for several great old and new acts such as 
The Prodigy, Pete Cannon, Tessela, Special Request, Anz, Innercore, India Jordan, Foul Play and Neil Landstrumm, Swamp 81 crew, Mixtress, Tim Reaper, POLO LILLI, Coco Bryce and Ben UFO. You should reach out to any of his shows or guest mixes to get into his vibe of energy.
Specifically, catch him up live every 3rd Saturday of the month on NARR Radio on 'Hoovertown Council with Tom'. Simple as that.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Watch a DJ set by Psychosomatic for the 7th Anniversary of the Russian Village Boys


Saint Petersburg based Psychosomatic (ex DJ Sashay) has offered in public his recent dj set celebrating the 7th anniversary of Russian Village boys.
One of our great lineup of producers included on the second compilation album we've released 6 years ago, with his track 'Feel The Vibe' (LINK) has dropped an absolutely mental mix.

An essential set to watch including big tracks with the likes of The Prodigy Hackney Hardcore among his very own smashing Hardcore Breaks and Hardcore Techno bangers!