Saturday 31 March 2018

Marusha 8th Studio Album "RAVE SATELLITE" out on 13th April 2018!!

01. Rave Satellite 
02. Touches Me 
03. Supernova 
04. Desolator (feat. Garik Sonic) 
05. Deep (D&B Remix) 
06. Du (Breakbeat Remix) (feat. Alexander Knappe) 
07. Remember Me 
08. Gravity

As already mentioned about a month ago here on the Strictly Nuskool Blog, the established and almighty Rave Queen from Germany has now officially returned with her 8th personal studio album, which goes under the name of "RAVE SATELLITE". It's a fact!
There's none out there who's not aware of her and her iconic hits & releases during 90's. Anthems such as "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", "It Takes Me Away" or "Raveland", "Deep" alongside many more other classics hitting the charts all around the world successfully and take her to the top in the year 1995, as she was awarded as 'Best Techno Act', 'Best Female Artist National' in 'VIVA COME 1995' plus 'Best Female Artist at the MTV Awards 1995!

So the year 2018 and after a studio gap of 6 years around, our Rave Queen is back with something quite different this time as she's experimenting and following a Drum & Bass inspired path as we can listen to the previews.
And this path is totally outstanding and full on attraction in times when this specific movement is evolving and getting stronger! Suffice to say that the album's title pays homage to her banging and eminent radio show, "RAVE SATELLITE" which was far way educational and totally demonstrative back then.

And regarding the tunes inside? Well expect something unusual from the previous albums, but quite interesting as Marusha remains an extravaganza music personality.
Her new album will be out on 13th April via Club Arrest and you can pre-order it now and grab your digital copies. It is rumoured but not official yet that there might be a Vinyl release as well. 

Till then, the satellite follows this direction below, and calls you all to do the same:

Your music takes me places that I never dreamed that I would go...
And how it touches me...
It shows me sights and graces that I never felt so deep before...
And how it touches me...




Greek Nuskool hero Motivbreaks returns with an asbsolute oldskool influencial slammer driven by booty rhythms, strong basslines surrounded also by euphoric pianos. Motivbreaks goes ion full effect once again with this fresh anthemic tune totally appropriate for the dancefloor posse. In the end the title says it all...
'Dance With Me' digital single is out now on Fantomas Records and the time this blog's written, this anthem is sitting proudly on number 39 on Beatport Top 100 Breaks.
But we do think that the Nu-Rave crew may support this release and take it higher as it's an intense to the heart track!
Go for it!




Friday 30 March 2018

KF78:: DJ Ham - Most Impressive 10” Vinyl [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1.Most Impressive
B1. Chicken Tune

Words are poor enough for a wealthy talent over the years like UK based DJ HAM, the guilty soldier behind various classics during 90's under Kniteforce, Just Another Label, Remix Records, as well as his Next Generation Records and Blatant Beats (both alongside DJ Brisk).

After many years of abscence from Kniteforce and even though he had released an exclusive & limited album of his own called '100' during last year, our hero DJ Ham has now officially returned to his friendly KF! This has to be the news of the month, news of the week, news of the day since after reading this blogpost, you have to purchase his personal vinylized come-back with a 10" of attraction called "Most Impressive" comprised of 2 modern Hardcore influencial and D&B influencial I'd say, tunes.
As ever this release is non digitally available but to those who purchase the 10" Vinyl. It comes out by the limited numbder of 300 units and comes also with a "sheet" that contains a link and password to the digital downloads, as well as links to bonus material and previews of forthcoming Kniteforce & Knitebreed 

Europe/Rest of Europe HERE
USA/Rest of World HERE



Thursday 29 March 2018

COCO BRYCE - Into The Future [Mixtape]

A recent feature by DJ MAG was about the return of Jungle, even though we on the Strictly Nuskool Blog insist that the movement is and will be always alive evolving year by year and bred by original Oldskool and Nuskool heroes. One of the most talented, pure & original new breed Junglists is COCO BRYCE, the Dutch vinyl junkie & a sophisticated musically soldier.
Suffice to say that almost everything he releases via his own imprint & sub labels of MYOR, is instantly sold out. And that's what happened with a new limited run of cassette mixtapes. All hard copies are left, but you can donate for the digital version of this absolutely fundamental buzz inside.


01. Kloke – Other Worlds
02. Dead Man's Chest – Fuk Ya Hed
03. Coco Bryce – Come 2U
04. Mongoose – A Matter Of Taste
05. Proc Fiskal – A Fragrance
06. Tof Tof Tof – Red
07. Tim & Coco – E Is For (Sonar's Ghost Remix)
08. Naughty Naughty – Volume 1
09. Coco Bryce – Lovin U
10. Tim & Coco – Dreamscape (Thunderdome Version)
11. Otik – Hunga (Dead Man's Chest's Cosmic Grime Version)
12. Naughty Naughty – Volume 9
13. Unknown Artist – Trigger Happy Volume 2
14. Potential Bad Boy – Skip To My Loop
15. Alex Breako & DJ Wislov – Deep Universe (Tim Reaper Remix)
16. Ceephax – Time Tunnel

Tuesday 27 March 2018

[WIFE02] Rognvald - The New Selecta Vol. 1 [Pre-Order the 12" Vinyl on LOVE LOVE RECORDS]

A1. Terminal Lord
A2. The New Selecta
B1. Clatlife
B2. Great Expectations

He has just returned from the ultimate BangFace Weekender 2018 offering a smashing set as member of Rise of Celts crew. And now, Rognvald is back in biz to cause mayhem on your..needles offering the first of 3 new personal records via WIFETRAX on Love Love Records.
The first installment is titled 'The New Selecta Vol.1' and is comprised of 4 tracks full on bloodklat exposure and dark mood with an indisputably heavy bass!! In a few words you new Junglistic company, a record that is a must for your collection and a great gift to your Junglette girlfriend indeed. Show some love to this pure versatile talent of Richard Wilson and grab now the black 12" vinyl with a superb mastering work once again by Curvepusher!



Monday 26 March 2018

Stu & Nee - Piano for days Mix

Stu & Nee

This brand new mix is simply an example of reminiscence to the the early days Hardcore Breaks era. It was made recently by one half of Enormous Mouse, the Aussie based producer/DJ, Stu; all done after listening to Nee's latest mixes. Inspiration gave pass to Stu's skills and appettite to mix Stu & Nee tunes.

In case you think that it's all done, you're totally lying to yourself, which is not good. Better checking out the Peace On Wax label HERE including some stuff from both still available and in a good and fresh condition!



AEON FOUR - CORE EP [3track digital EP out now]

01. Truth Serum 
02. Shrapnel Seeds 
03. Ruffer

Turku citizens should be proud of their local heroes, the 2 brothers on the Jungle Breaks floor inscribed as Aeon Four.. Matti & Heikki return with a brand new weapon of alternative ways of Hardcore Junglism, the one they've been following & representing through their intense vibes! A tremendous and tough work once again offered in 3 fresh tracks part of the digital 'CORE EP'. In addition they've teamed up with Jungle Foundation on the grounds of the launch of their own imprint...

All tunes are mastered once again by the tremendous Fanu!



Saturday 24 March 2018

[VMRDT107] Laydee Virus - Lost / Distant VIP [Viral-Mental Records Beatport Exclusive!!!]

1/ Lost.
2/ Distant VIP.

Australia's Queen of neurofunk drum & bass, Laydee Virus makes her long overdue return to Viral-Mental Records, bringing with her two futuristic and dark steppers with the release of the 'Lost / Distant VIP' single, exclusively available on pre-release at Beatport.

'Lost' opens up to the sounds of dissonant, industrial tinged drones which conjure up visions of a dystopian cityscape, before unleashing a lethal combination of relentless 2-step breaks and coupled with a monolithic, rasping bassline.

Partner in crime 'Distant VIP' goes the sleek and deadly, minimalist route with its use of skittish breaks set to sinister, atonal atmospherics and twisting, snake-like synth notes which plants a serious sense of unease in the listener.

If you love your D&B laced with tense, paranoia inducing atmosphere and heavyweight breaks then Laydee Virus' latest effort here will tick all your boxes!!!

The Laydee Virus 'Lost / Distant VIP' single is available to purchase now exclusively from Beatport. So don't hesitate to get your copy before everyone else does!

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For all Viral-Mental Records releases, artists and information you can check out the official webpage here...

Tuesday 20 March 2018

Strictly Nuskool Blog Interview with German Hardcore boy wonder, TNO PROJECT

Interview with GL0WKiD

Born in 1999, hailing from a small German village, Lukas had been Hardcore infected since a very young age. Having already released tunes on Kniteforce Records & KFA as part of several compilations, now is the time when our proud friend, TNO Project, releases his very own personal work under the KF sublabel, Knitebreed Records. Breeded with joy, loyalty and devotion to the movement, TNO is one of the most iconic Nuskool producers at present and the future belongs to him.
A down to Earth kid, despite his young age being also musically mature on a time when his beloved influences, locals and pioneering Marusha & Dune have announced new releases.

You had the priviledge to open your horizons from a very young age, furthermore getting yourself into production.
Can you tell us in which age you did your first tune ever and which one was it?

So, my first tune was probably "Actionvase" back in 2012 when I was 13 years old. You can still listen to it on YouTube by the way (haha).
I've been in contact with music since I was 6 years old playing the piano. Furthermore, my father played (and still plays) in various rock bands, which made me able to play with some music gear in the early days. I first got in touch with electronic music when my father showed me an old version of Cubase including Reason and we put some fx on our voices.
Then I made some random melodies with the Cubase midi editor and was carried away for some time. From that point, I used Garageband to make more tracks until I purchased Logic Pro X in 2016.

Can you tell us in which city you're based and how's things in German scene at the moment in your eyes?

I'm living in a small village next to Wolfsburg, the city of Volkswagen.
Due to my age, I've noticed late a bit, that there is a scene at all. But there are still some good people producing Hardcore. 
For example Marusha, Systec & Sir Rice, Empyreal and also Alex Jungle. And I got in contact with a KFR chat buddy from my area recently.
In Germany, at least in Wolfsburg, it's all about EDM parties mainly, and there's also a club, which plays Drum & Bass sometimes, but there are definetely less oldskool events.

Being a descendant of the big German scene and acts such as Marusha, Dune or Westbam makes them your influences & big heroes as you've already told me on a past interview.
Any other acts or anything else that inspires you with your tunes?

Well, there are plenty of acts I really like and I get inspiration from. But when I started producing, it was in particular: DJ Force & The Evolution, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t and Addiction's Mind Penetration Remixes EP.

Another big influence is Akira Yamuoka, the sound designer of the Silent Hill games series.

little TNO aged 3,5

The year 2016, you've signed on Kniteforce with your tune "The Advice" getting featured on KFA77 TRUE SKOOL EP 12.
From that time you've got featured on Vinyl Is Better 3, Death To Digital 12" and now this brand new work from you, the Fragmented Brain 12" EP.

Do you remember Luna-C's early feedback and the background of your signing back then as well as how we reached to this new release on Knitebreed?

When I began to listen to more and more Kniteforce music, I also googled a lot about the background and quickly found out, that Kniteforce is still alive.

That was in 2015 and after a couple of months, I found the 'submit music' section on the Kniteforce website. I took some time until I was sure enough to send something over. 

It was the track "Now Fuck Dis", also featured as the first tune by me ever played on radio in your Gen X show. Luna-C liked it a lot apart of some small EQ errors and was actually up for release, but I already enabled the SoundCloud downloads; it was pretty annoying (lol)...

But Luna-C told me to keep on producing, so I came up with the tune ''The Advice'', which was featured on KFA77 in 2016. I continued producing stuff and sent it over to Luna-C. So I have some releases on 'Vinyl Is Better 2' & 3 and 'Death To Digital EP ', which was a highlight for me in 2017 being my first track ever on vinyl.

At some point last year, I've sent to Luna-C 2 tracks and he was like: 'If you send 2 more proper tracks we might do a whole EP'.
I instantly agreed and started producing. In the end we have my first solo release right HERE!

What production equipment did you use for your first official personal release, the Fragmented Brain 12" ?

To record and arrange everything I'm using Logic Pro X. My studio speakers are KRK Rokit 6's. For synth sounds, I am using the Novation Mininova, one of those Yamaha reface models, the DX, and the Arturia Mini Brute (I really like). For playing in stabs or any other sampled sounds with Logic's internal sampler EXS24, I'm using a Novation Launchkey midi keyboard. And for typical drum sounds like the 808 or 909 I'm using the Roland TR-8.

How long did it take you to write all tunes for this EP and how can you personally describe this release?
Have you felt anyhow pressed sorting that out?

I don't remember exactly how long it took, it really depends on things like school or my current mood. But I've sent the first two tracks "Start Lovin" and "This Gen-E-ration" on the 17th March last year to Luna-C. Afterwards I've sent "Metempsychosis" on the 10th July and finally "Gambling Addiction" on the 28th July.

So how would I describe my EP? What I really love about a lot of oldskool hardcore tunes is the mixture of dark and light. So I took this as the main element on this EP.
I'm also avoiding using the same breakbeat in every track. Therefore I used different samples in every track on this EP. All in all the tracks should give you a feeling of dark strain, redeemed by some happier parts.

During the whole process of writing the tracks for my EP, I never felt any pressure by myself or by the label. I never experienced any pressure working with Kniteforce at all, so big thank you for that, Chris!

TNO studio

On this new work you've achieved blending with a unique result happiness & darkness in all tunes and that is the key trademark. What is your favourite tune from there?

Thats a difficult one! I like all the tracks on my EP, otherwise I hadn't put them on there (lol).
But if I have to pick my favourite it would be "Gambling Addiction" pretty close to "Metempsychosis"I just really like the blending of the dark and the light side! Wondering how I achieved this sometimes (haha)...

How does it feel when a 19yr old producer holds on his hands the vinyl of personal work which is out on the proud Kniteforce?

Almost indescribably. I mean, when I started listening to Hardcore and found out about Kniteforce, I was like 'Thats so cool, why coudn't I've been born 20 years ago?'
And now, I've got my own vinyl release on Kniteforce...

Battle of tracks now.. Top 5 Oldskool VS Nuskool tunes please? (5 oldskool & 5 nuskool)

Oh, that's really hard to tell...
So my top 5 oldskool tracks are:

DJ Force & The Evolution - Fall Down On Me
DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Musics Got Me
Addiction - B2 (Mind Penetration Remixes EP)
Princess Of The Posse - Do The Right Ting
Chrisby - Fascinating Rhythm

And my top 5 nuskool:

Revert Project - Luminous
Luna-C - Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix)
Trigger Happy - A1
Shar-Pei - Another Lullaby
Worldwide Epedemic - Aroha

That are the tracks that came to my mind now, but there are plenty of more for sure!

What can you advice someone who wants to start producing Hardcore Breaks music?

Well, I think it is really useful to select a favourite tune and to try to recreate it at first. 
So you can learn different techniques etc.
Later on, you can find your own sound. But in general, be ready to sample everything from everywhere.
Interesting and good samples are the key to a good track in my opinion.

Lukas I would like to thank you a lot for this interview @ Strictly Nuskool Blog. Still feel happy getting your first one ever on Generation X [RadioShow].
This time focusing on your fresh personal work. Wish you inspiration, strength and moreover music hunger for a bright future, because guys like you are an essential next step for the Hardcore movement. Bigup yourself!
Any closing message, shouts out to anyone?

First of all, thank you for the opportunity to make this interview!
So, big shouts go to: Chris (Luna-C), Stefan Bartos, Dean Evans, my family, Glyn, all the KFR chat crew and most important everyone who's supporting the scene!

You can order now TNO's first personal work, 'FRAGMENTED BRAIN' limited 12" EP comprised of 4 fresh mental Nuskool Hardcore tunes. As ever there will be no digital version only to vinyl buyers and the release will come out by a strict number of 300 hard copies only.

Official KF/Luna-C statement:
"TNO has been waiting for his debut release, after having tracks on the Vinyl Is Better series and doing numerous remix work for myself and others on Kniteforce. He has a unique style, with his happy melodies usually containing a twist of menace, dark edges to happy days. Deep rolling basslines and heavy beats compliment an almost traditional happy sound, to create something in a class of its own. I am super stoked to have him release his first EP on Knitebreed, and you can be sure this is the first of many!"

BUY (USA/REST OF WORLD) click here

Monday 19 March 2018

Shadow Sessions 001 - The Midnight Drive - Drum 'n' Bass Mixed By Sparki Dee

1/ Gang Related & Mask - Ready Or Not (Evade Remix).
2/ 2Pac -Happy Home (Miss Guided Remix).
3/ Galvatron - Warning (Jungle Wars 2018).
4/ DJ Monk - Hold Me (DJ Hybrid Rollers Mix).
5/ Nectax - Block Rockin Roller.
6/ Silent Storm - Try That Again.
7/ Nymfo Coppa & Zero Zero - Brainwashed.
8/ Martyn Nytram - Shotgun.
9/ Stream - Shipwrecked,
10/ Tzone - Dub Harmonics.
11/ Paul Cronin - Ya Dont Test.
12/ D Mayjah - Dreadlock Sound (Devastate's Gritty Remix).
13/ Spectator - Clockwork.
14/ Lurch & Emerge MC - Energy Is Paramount (Scott Allen Remix).
15/ The Streets - The Escapist (DJ Limited Liquid Mix).
16/ Promenade - Lonely.
17/ Mage - Close To Me.

Looking to shine a light on the very best in unsigned and under-the-radar, underground music, the Shadow Sessions project unveils it's debut showcase, 'Shadow Sessions 001 - The Midnight Drive - Drum 'n' Bass' mixed by the one and only Sparki Dee. Featuring an hours worth of the freshest tunes that drum & bass has to offer, ranging from soulful and smooth liquid numbers to ruffneck, jump-up jungle bombs from a whole host of the scene's freshest talent. 

If you love your D&B, then let Sparki Dee take you on a journey with 'Shadow Sessions 001'!!!

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Thursday 15 March 2018

[SSV2] DJ Junk ‎- Spandangle Selection Volume 2 [4-Track 12" EP Available To Buy Now!!!]

A1 - George (Amen Mix).
A2 - Do It Do It Remix.
B1 - Babylon.
B2 - 45 King.

The inimitable John Issacs, more commonly known as DJ Junk, has been a legendary name from the Golden era of breakbeat hardcore through to early nineties jungle and drum & bass, as well as his forays into the realms of UK hip-hop, turntablism and breaks. Now it is time for DJ Junk to dust off the unreleased D.A.T.'s and dubplates for another exclusive 12" vinyl only release with 'Spandangle Selection Volume 2' available to purchase now!!! 

The EP kicks off with the deep and atmospheric, 1996 roller 'George (Amen Mix)', a track which previously was only ever handed out to a select few DJ's on dubplate, most notably LTJ Bukem. Up next 1992's, Mental Cube 'Q' sampling anthem 'Do It Do It' receives a long overdue remix, which was initially started 24 years ago and remained unfinished until Junk recently revisited and completed it last year. 

On the flipside we are introduced to two early nineties hardcore and jungle gems from 1993-1994, with the heavily filtered, amen break driven darkside beast 'Babylon' setting a positively menacing tone. '45 King' closes the collection with a heady blend of hard-stepping Funky Mule breaks, introspective pads, jazzy chimes and yearning female vocals.

The Spandangle Selection label has consistently followed it's mission to uncover lost gems from the hardcore/jungle drum & bass scene's unsung heroes, and this latest showcase proves to be equally as essential for any lover of all things oldskool.

The DJ Junk 'Spandangle Selection Volume 2' EP is available to purchase now from the official Spandangle Selection webstore for £9.99 plus postage & packaging. So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive, unreleased Golden Era jungle!!!

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Wednesday 14 March 2018

[DOPELP001] Acid Lab - A Matter Of Time [Digital Album + 12" 4-Track Vinyl LP Sampler Available To Pre-Order Now!!!]

1/ A Matter Of Time.
2/ Containment.
3/ Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia).
4/ In Control.
5/ Into The Void.
6/ Silver Alloy (feat. Soul Intent).
7/ Old Memories.
8/ Revealation.
9/ Follow The Dots.
10/ Razor Blade.

12" Vinyl LP Sampler:
A1 - Silver Alloy (feat. Soul Intent).
A2 - Paradoxical (feat. Slider, Expose & Anastasia)
B1 - Into The Void.
B2 - Revelation.

Lossless Music's offshoot label, Dope Plates has spearheaded the movement for deep, oldskool themed, yet firmly dancefloor orientated drum & bass since it's conception in 2016. After five essential vinyl singles featuring the cream of the D&B scene, including label boss Soul Intent, Sicknote, Chromatic, Scape, Mark Cloud and the (suspiciously pseudonymous) Pepsi Slammer. Frequent contributor Acid Lab steps into the spotlight to give us a taster of his forthcoming 'A Matter Of Time' album with the release of the it's heavyweight, 12" vinyl 'LP Sampler'.

Acid Lab joins forces with Soul Intent  on 'Silver Alloy', a track which instantly rewinds you back to the Golden Era of drum & bass with it's excellent fusion of soothing pads, crisp breaks and gargantuan bass notes interspersed with razor sharp mentasm flashes. Up next we are introduced to 'Paradoxical', which features contributions from Slider, Expose and Anastasia, and takes us on a soulful, yet hardstepping D&B journey complete with soothing female vocals, lush saxophone flourishes and heavyweight breaks.

Opening up the flipside, 'Into The Void' captures the very essence of Blue Note era, deep tech-step vibes with it's potent blend of sc-fi pads and drones, deep kickdrum pulses and tension filled, rapid-fire snare patterns. To conclude the collection, 'Revelation' layers lush, atmospheric synth washes over rolling amen breaks and an undulation bassline perfectly assimilating the classic, mid-nineties, intelligent jungle sounds whilst giving them a 2018 makeover.

Just from taking what this sampler has to offer, it becomes clear that the Dope Plates label has struck gold once more with Acid Lab's forthcoming magnum opus, so if you call yourself a drum & bass vinyl enthusiast, then this release will become a 'must have' for your collection!

Acid Lab 'A Matter Of Time' LP is available to pre-order as a digital download and 4-track 12" vinyl, LP Sampler for £16 (plus P&P). As a digital download on it's own for  £9, or vinyl only for £10 (plus P&P).

The album drops on 01/04/18, so get in there quick in order to take up this offer!!!

For A taster of the Acid Lab 'A Matter Of Time LP Sampler' 12" vinyl, check out the Lossless Music Soundcloud link here...

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Tuesday 13 March 2018

BREED19:: Ant To Be – Adventures Of Soundbwoy EP [12″ Limited Vinyl - KNITEBREED RECORDS]

A1/ Rush’n’Spin
A2/ Adventured Of Soundbwoy 
B1/ Got That Swing 
B2/ Woozy Tune 

Russian badboy, established member of Kniteforce family on radio and on label, ANT TO BE, returns with a brand new personal work on Knitebreed Records. And this one here sounds far way more vivid than his debut one on the same KF sub-label.
All along, Alex is a proud and loyal member of the nuskool Hardcore clan and in case you're wondering, this new EP is the absolute Hardcore weapon of this month. It's anything you searching for. From pianos to breakbeats and rushing rhythms and highlight "Rush 'n' Spin'' going bananas as the title points out.

All in all the BREED19 scores on a high level from the first second you put the needle. Spasibo Alex for this new dish of attraction. Fair enough stuck & released via Kniteforce.

Additional info as ever:

1) All the music on the EP is proper traditional old skool hardcore!

2) With the vinyl you will receive an 'Breed' sheet (like with the Kniteforce releases) which will contain a link to the digital versions of these 4 tracks in 24Bit Wav and / or 320 MP3 formats.

3) As with the Kniteforce releases, the Breed sheet is collectable - if you collect 10 of them, something good will happen!




20 years WODB & Formation Records 200 LP Release (USA & Canada 2018 Tour)

It’s been 20 years of World of Drum & Bass alongside Formation Records dropping its 200th LP release! This is massive for the tour, those involved, the label and it’s fans! So far the tour launched with a sold-out show in Montreal, working its way around Canada, it heads straight for Texas, New York, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, then zipping back up to Canada into Oregon, Arizona, California and ending the tour in Nevada. If you are anywhere near these areas we suggest you check out the dates below!

You can follow World of Drum & Bass on Facebook or click here to see the list of event dates and where to purchase tickets.

On the 21st and 22nd of March, Andromeda will be attending both WODB events and representing Strictly Nuskool for Miami Music Week also known as Winter Music Conference. WODB has been a huge event over the last 20 years for South Florida junglists during the last two weeks of March.This year WODB and Formation Records have teamed up with local crew's Beatcamp, United D&B, and Torque D&B once again to showcase the likes of DJ SS, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Prototypes, and a Special Guest that is going to make this tour one not to miss! Keep an eye out for a forthcoming exclusive interview by Andromeda with DJ SS here on Strictly Nuskool Blog.