Thursday, 15 March 2018

[SSV2] DJ Junk ‎- Spandangle Selection Volume 2 [4-Track 12" EP Available To Buy Now!!!]

A1 - George (Amen Mix).
A2 - Do It Do It Remix.
B1 - Babylon.
B2 - 45 King.

The inimitable John Issacs, more commonly known as DJ Junk, has been a legendary name from the Golden era of breakbeat hardcore through to early nineties jungle and drum & bass, as well as his forays into the realms of UK hip-hop, turntablism and breaks. Now it is time for DJ Junk to dust off the unreleased D.A.T.'s and dubplates for another exclusive 12" vinyl only release with 'Spandangle Selection Volume 2' available to purchase now!!! 

The EP kicks off with the deep and atmospheric, 1996 roller 'George (Amen Mix)', a track which previously was only ever handed out to a select few DJ's on dubplate, most notably LTJ Bukem. Up next 1992's, Mental Cube 'Q' sampling anthem 'Do It Do It' receives a long overdue remix, which was initially started 24 years ago and remained unfinished until Junk recently revisited and completed it last year. 

On the flipside we are introduced to two early nineties hardcore and jungle gems from 1993-1994, with the heavily filtered, amen break driven darkside beast 'Babylon' setting a positively menacing tone. '45 King' closes the collection with a heady blend of hard-stepping Funky Mule breaks, introspective pads, jazzy chimes and yearning female vocals.

The Spandangle Selection label has consistently followed it's mission to uncover lost gems from the hardcore/jungle drum & bass scene's unsung heroes, and this latest showcase proves to be equally as essential for any lover of all things oldskool.

The DJ Junk 'Spandangle Selection Volume 2' EP is available to purchase now from the official Spandangle Selection webstore for £9.99 plus postage & packaging. So don't miss this opportunity to get your hands on some exclusive, unreleased Golden Era jungle!!!

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