Saturday 30 May 2020


For the Hardcore crew, the city of Milton Keynes over UK is known for the legendary venue of Sanctuary and the unforgettable raves. The city which has also raised a great producer who got involved that time with Criminal Minds releasing also his own stuff on the TCM Records/Labello Blanco in the age of 15, by the Autonomy moniker.

Sidestalker is the offspring of Autonomy and a step ahead of the Oldskool days, recreating Hardcore of 1990-1993 in conjuction with today's modern equipment and techniques.
It's been almost 4 years since his last offering, the astounding 'Monsters' digital EP, and our good friend of this Blog and the man behind these project, Breyt, comes back out of the blue one fine day of late May. Or even better, a rave fineday.
His new large project targets to release single tracks on every Friday, well dressed on a dark breakbeat tip.

'Rave Fire' is the first hit, setting up the flame for the rest of the album tracks of this project by Sidestalker. The plan is, every tune goes on free download (you can donate if you wish) and will be revealed every Friday on 8pm (UK time).

You can grab this first single on his bandcamp page above.

Friday 29 May 2020

[HILEVRECS003] - BORAI - Sanctuary / Carpet Bagger [12" Vinyl - HIGHER LEVEL RECORDS]


A - Sanctuary
B - Carpet Bagger

The UK capital of Trip Hop, known for Massive Attack & Portishead, has never died and keeps on thriving new musical talents. One of them current new heroes, is Borai, and you should definetely add him on your scope.

Mostly known of his eminent success of 'Make Me' and the Club Glow mixtape release; both collaborating with Sheffield's finest Denham Audio, Borai returns with a supreme weapon of his own choice.

Higher Level Records, one of his favorite running activities, proudly presents the next big thing, the third Vinyl release, which is driven by Borai and his two fresh modern UK-Rave tracks. Aside of that, there's also a special contribution of Nuff Gal, a Bristol-based illustrator, who's behind the artwork of this EP.

HILEVRECS003 consists of two tracks paying a tribute to the early days of British Hardcore Rave.Starting from side A and 'Sanctuary' where Borai takes you to his own temple, a religious warehouse of a 140 bpm dreamy rave. A tune which pays homage to the legendary venue of Milton Keynes from back in the day to the dark and mystic trip of 'Carpet Bagger'The flipside spins pulsating hardcore all around and amazes the impact of this EP.

This EP will be out on 8th June and you may pre-order this release now on the online platforms and record shops above.


Borai - Photo by Simon Goldstien



Sunday 24 May 2020

NINE-T-X - 4 The Love EP [5-track Digital EP - 4 THE CORE RECORDINGS]

What a release!

4 The Core Recordings keeping it still on a high level with relentless work within the scene, signing new producers, delivering new vibes!
This one's here a 5-Track digital EP made for love by the love of some of the elite happy breakbeat artists of present.

'4 The Love EP' is driven by DJ Nine-T-X and although we know almost nothing about the man behind this act, the tune in here speaks clearly by itself. An incredible piano rusher with some catchy vox reaching you up to the sky. An exquisite happy hardcore breaks vibe, which finds some top notch remixes by the Japanese boy-wonder Amaretto, Deluxe with his crispy breakbeats take over, Paul Bradley from Kniteforce Records pushing it to the bone more happier & more powerful on a happy hardcore mid 90s tip and finally DJ Dossa sustains the natural happiness of the track turning it up a bit more bouncy.

Worth every penny on this quality release that will let you grining from ear to ear.





Friday 22 May 2020

[OKBR009] ANT TO BE - Nineteen/South Out [12" Vinyl EP]

A - Nineteen
B - South Out

Russian big player and resident of the Kniteforce familia, the man like Ant To Be has just released a new personal release over Obkron Records.
This is a very young label based in Moscow, breaking through since 2019 signing various releases from PFM, Pete Voyager, Pariah etc.

'Nineteen' is a smooth A side, mixing the atmosphere and aesthetics of the '90s Jungle, making a quick trip to the Intelligent direction of circa '96-'97 Drum & Bass era. And, on the flipside 'South Out' blends some Soviet soul-funk samples with the UK stable of Oldskool amen breaks. What a shinny track!

This EP release is available to pre-order now on 12" Vinyl by the limited number of 300 copies only and no repress. An attractive plate to be added to your wealthy collection of Junglistic vibes.




Thursday 21 May 2020

Dan Muteki - Roll The Tape [2-Track Digital EP]

Anyone following strictly the Nu-Rave scene, can realize that Muteki has been very inspired this year with very impressive big vibes, coming out after a long time.

And now he's back offering a different approach on his Hardcore Breaks stable, blending Hi Hop vox, oldskool Electro and Technoish bassline.
Bristol's Nu-Rave junkie rolls the tape digitally in two fresh tracks, setting the pace for a mad breakdance clocked in at 131 bpm. Dark and uplifting, deep warehousey and mental breakbeat, 'Roll The Tape EP' is out now to evoke your senses to spin your body wheels right to the rhythm.

You got it?



Sunday 17 May 2020

FOUR JACKS 001 [12" EP & Digital - Pre-Order now]

A1 - Watching The World Go By
A2 - Glisten
B1 - Theory Of Anything
B2 - Chillravebocdc2

Hardcore Junglist Boca and his friends launch summertime with an essential plate of optimism for the future of our scene and a positive tool to express yourself during these non-party period.
Four Jacks Records is one of the recent label entries, keeping it quite simple in order to deliver an open-minded variety of raving vibes.
Kicking off with the first release, which is a 4-Track EP coming out on 12" Vinyl and Digital, Boca and his collegues, introduce us to four new and different Hardcore & Jungle tracks.

You can totally realise that this new record is a soundtrack to the evolutin of British rave music during 90's, although made with modern techniques 25 years later.
And to be fair, none can't escape the catchy soulful inspired 'Watching The World Go By' with some proper amen breaks, collab with Porgus, such as A2 'Glisten' which offers clearly a Ragga Junglistic path to the year 1994. What a vibe!
On the flipside, we'll clock in at 150 bpm and 'Theory of Anything' a crossover between Hardcore and Jungle, solid track and deep into the meaning.
Closing with the last hit, 'Chillravebocdc2' which rewinds your memory to the first days of 1990, more dreamy this time and more techno-ish with heavy in-your-face breaks. 
The right tune to sum up this impeccable fresh release.

You may pre-order your 12" Vinyl or Digital copies on the link above. The release will be officially out on on 8th June via Four Jacks Records bandcamp page.

Mastered and cut by LXC
Artwork by Ben Porg @



Friday 15 May 2020

SUB - Engine/On My Frequency [2-Track Digital EP - AMEN THEORY]

Dutch Junglist SUB (SouthernUndergroundBeats) signs up his debut release on Madchester's Amen Theory, driven by two exquisite and modern Junglistic tracks.
Get off your arse on this new weapon of theory and practice onto a next level Jungle vibe. '
Engine/On My Frequency' by SUB is out now available digitally, on Amen Theory bandcamp page.



Saturday 9 May 2020

[THEREISLOVE003] DENHAM AUDIO - Caviar Cordial 12" Vinyl EP [Pre-Order]

A1 Cavial Cordial
A2 Free Your Soul
B1 Make U Move
B2 A Never Ending Dream Of Love

Sheffield's badboy trio Denham Audio keep on their prolific mission to deliver the next level of UK Rave vibes.

This time they're signed on There Is Love, sub-label of the eminent Lobster Theremin from UK and the new EP is entitled 'Caviar Cordial'. And to be fair, this record comes out just in time, to bring joy and euphoria these hard days we're living. This new EP breaths a proper rave oxygen, evokes the magic of Oldskool on a fusion of Breakbeat, House and Garage as well as closing with a masterpiece of a hallucinogenic trip that you haven't heard or been there for ages.

The party lesson clocks in at 130 bpm and it's a variable pack of tracks, starting from the catchy sexy vocs of the self-titled track on a Garage tip to the after hours club weapon, 'Free Your Soul' with an early Moby right feel to add, while on the flipside it tends to peak your energy to dance by the broken beats and groovy basslines of 'Make U Move'.

Last but not least the B2 is a good example of how this trio peddle innovative ideas, come what may. 'A Never Ending Dream Of Love' is probabaly the most captivating track of this release, as the boys walk into the odd Ambient path and maybe a precursory indication of their split with their Club Glow brother, Borai, on the soundtrack of the forthcoming film 'RAHEEM',which deals with the second summer of love. 
Definetely your ears will be pricked up from the very first seconds of the last track.

'Cavial Cordial'
EP will be out on 19th June, however you may pre-order the Vinyl (1x12", colour printed centre stickers with white reverse board sleeve & white inner paper disco bag) and the digital version now.


  • Artwork by: Pointless Illustrations
  • Mastered by Beau at TenEightSeven
  • Pressed at MPO


Club Glow bandcamp
booking info

Friday 8 May 2020

Calling original Amnesia House ravers to speak for a new documentary release

Coventry. The UK City of Culture for 2021 as it has been called from now on, as won that title recently and there's been some good plans & activities to be announced during this Autumn.
A city, which has also brought out bands like The Specials, being active since the Acid House first steps and indisputably known for the ultimate Oldskool rave impact (e.g. Amnesia House).
A production team based in Coventry are now calling all original ravers from back in the day who lived directly the authenticity of these big raves. The aim?
There's a forthcoming documentary coming out soon paying homage to the Coventry rave angle, and the official calling above:

"Did you ever party at The Edge in Coventry or Amnesia House at Shelleys/Donington Park? Were you one of the 20000 ravers at the worlds 1st house wedding, Amnesia House - The Book of Love? If this was you, WE NEED YOU.

We are starting pre production later this year of Reflection#3 - "The Drugs Don't Work". This will involve several audio documentaries and films being produced. We need people to be interviewed on audio and film. Were you involved in any of these events and can you share your experiences of attending these venues/events? If you wish to be involved please contact us at or through one of our social media pages.
We look forward to hearing from you."

Definetely a concept that needs support and everyone's attention. Just for the record you can take a look at one of the Daylight Robbery Production films about the city which led the raves about 30 years ago. A film made with no financial backing as it it said.



Tuesday 5 May 2020

INSANE & MIND - HOH Remixes Vol 1 - White Label 12" Vinyl EP [KICKSTARTER Campaign - Active now!]

A Side - Feel It (Fantazia) "Insane & Mind Remix"
B Side - HOH Business - Insane & Mind

Londoners Insane & Mind are calling all Nu-Rave crew for a happy hardcore-ish crowdfunding; getting vinylized their most beloved works the last years.
Two tracks that have gained lots of love from the fans, moreover many requests for a solid release.
And now this is the right time!
So the boys have decided to make their second Vinyl release, this time with our kind help and support as all proceeds of the campaign they set, will go straight ahead to the manufacturing of this forthcoming EP.

The release is limited by 100 White label promo copies only and the project ends on 4th of June so hurry up and save a copy for your collection right now.