Friday, 22 December 2017

[BLKR008] DJ QT - East Coast / Oh Yay [Available From All Good B-Lick Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ East Coast.
2/ Oh Yay.

Just in time for the Festive party season, DJ QT and B-Lick Records  present two devastating jungle rollers to get all crews on the dancefloor with the release of the massive 'East Coast / Oh Yay' single.

'East Coast' is first up to the plate and takes us on a frenetic, junglistic journey with it's potent blend of rugged breaks, bubbling bass and moody, mid-nineties gangsta rap flavours. The track perfectly captures the very essence of vintage jungle labels circa 1996, and revamps the formula with a 2017 overhaul to create a killer, jungle anthem to be.

Up next 'Oh Yay' delivers more of a 'feelgood' vibe with it's use of skanking dub reggae elements and vocals overlaid with a head-nodding, rubber-band bassline and relentless, 2-step breaks. 'Oh Yay' also sneaks in gorgeous shimmering pads and delayed synth twinkles into the mix give it an extra layer of 'niceness' in order to further tantalise your eardrums.

To sum up, DJ QT drops another quality pair of upfront jungle cuts that'll energise any self respecting jungle DJ's set. So don't hold back on adding this to your collection!!!

DJ QT's 'East Coast / Oh Yay' single is available to download now from all good B-Lick Records digital stores!!!!



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