Thursday 31 August 2017

SCHNEZ - Real Rave Ting E​.​P (Available on Limited Edition Cassette & Digital)

01. Acid Master
02. Hardstyle & Heelies
03. I Needed Your Love
04. Raw

Nottingham based producer & DJ, regular member of Long Live The Animals and one of the best representers of rave donk sound at present, the man like SCHNEZ returns with one more interesting personal release, experimenting himself deep into various paths from Acid House, to modern Happy Hardcore & Hardtek sounds.
His new release is titled "Real Rave Ting E.P" featuring 4 tracks and it's coming out on digital format and on a limited edition cassettes, which means you get also one bonus exclusive tune and a minimix from him.

Highlight tune: "I Needed Your Love"


Friday 25 August 2017

[PM0XLVLP8] Various Artists - Best Of The Bass Volume II [16-Track Album Available To Download Now From Physmatics Music!!!]

1/ Sust - Devotion.
2/ Xeropoint - Going In.
3/ Precise - Inception.
4/ Gold Dubs & Pappa Gee - Lighters Up.
5/ Cynical Gene - 99-00s (Original Mix).
6/ Bangta Rights - The Architects Prophecy (Dapz Remix).
7/ Josephs Perception - Heaven Sent (Nicky Blackmarket & Voltage Remix).
8/ Future Shock - Ancient City.
9/ Section - All Said & Done.
10/ Subsense & Quadra - Don't Stop.
11/ Gappa G & Tobias - Dysomnia.
12/ AnnGree - Give Your Love To Me (Dapz Jungle VIP).
13/ Future Shock - Turn Off The TV (Album Exclusive).
14/ Xeropoint - Future Dub Bizniz (Album Exclusive).
15/ Sust Feat. Claire M - Remember the Good Times (Album Exclusive).
16/ I-Dren - Side Step (Album Exclusive).

Are you looking for some of the freshest, most adrenaline pumping drum & bass to get your heart racing and your skank on? Then look no further than the latest mammoth collection of upfront D&B and nuskool jungle anthems from Physmatics Music, who unleash their massive 16 track 'Best Of The Bass Volume II' compilation on all dancefloors to devastating effect. 

Sust kickstarts the proceedings with 'Devotion', a dub-flavoured, high-octane slice of D&B perfectly accented with an emotive piano melody and stepping breaks. We are then introduced to the sleek and stealthy 'Going In' by Xeropoint. A moody, sci-fi tech-step number which instantly evokes a classic early noughties Bad Company UK vibe.
Precise takes us on a growling, synth/bass journey with 'Inception', which expertly fuses together a succession of menacing buzz-saw riffs and razor-sharp 2-step beats before we see Gold Dubs & Papa Gee flip the script with their anthemic, feelgood, vocal jungle track, 'Lighters Up', provide some serious bubbling, bassline business to the mix.

The darkness descends with Cynical Gene's homage to the iconic, minimal tech-step sound with '99-00s', a sinister and cinematic slice of dark drum & bass which effortlessly delivers an expertly crafted balance of tension  and release. Up next, Dapz carries on the pitch black theme with his heavyweight reworking of Bangta Rights' pitch black, MC vocal led neurofunk beast, 'The Architects Prophecy'.
The pace eases back to a more chilled riddim for Josephs Perceptions' 'Heaven Sent', which receives a sublime relick from the inimitable jungle Don, Nicky Blackmarket and partner in crime, Voltage. Future Shock drops his epic tribal D&B fusion with 'Ancient City', which fuses futuristic soundscapes overlaid with rolling breaks and Shamanistic chants.

Section's 'All Said And Done' opens up the albums second half with it's combination of rock-solid, neuro beats and twisted bassline, set to a series of ethereal, spine-tingling pads, before Subsense & Quadra's hard-edged yet liquid funk tinged 'Don't Stop' delivers some respite from all of the moodiness.  
Original junglist, Gappa G steps into the arena alongside Tobias to bring to you some sci-fi soul with the brooding 'Dysomnia', which combines adrenalising amen breaks and deep bass throbs with ominous atmospherics. NYC based producer AnnGree see's her lush 'Give You Love To Me' receive a tearing, amen led, VIP jungle remix from the mighty Dapz that'll set the dancefloors alight.

Future Shock returns once more with yet another monstrous, neurofunk number with the first 'Album Exclusive' track,  'Turn Off The TV', which comes across like an audio equivalent of some kind of towering, Mecha-Godzilla beast. Xeropoint brings forth some more darkside bliss with 'Future Dub Bizniz', a hyper-kinetic fusion of Burial-esque dubscapes set to a relentless 2-step beat.
Sust makes another appearance with 'Remember The Good Times', and brings with him the vocal talents of songstress Clair M to deliver a fast-paced, piano laced before the album is brought to a conclusion by I-Dren's ominous, jungle stepper, 'Side Step', a subsonic bass driven peppered with scuttling breaks and precision crafted, twisted synth notes that'll set your teeth on edge.

The 'Best Of The Bass Volume II' album presents an exemplary selection of drum & bass styles, from rough and rugged jungle, to dark and twisted neurofunk and silky smooth liquid. If you love all styles of D&B then look no further than this massive LP!!!

The Breakbeatscientist's top pick of the album is Section's hauntingly atmospheric 'All Said & Done'.

The 'Best Of Bass Volume II' album is available to download from all good Physmatics Music digital download stockists...



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For a sample of the 'Best Of The Bass Volume II' album, check out the Soundcloud link below...

To follow the featured artists, check out the links below...

Bangta Rights...
Cynical Gene...
Future Shock...
Gappa G...
Gold Dubs...
Josephs Perception...
Nicky Blackmarket...
Papa Gee...

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Monday 21 August 2017

HOH 005:: INSANE & MIND - Taking A Chance [HOH RECORDINGS]

HOH badboys are back with the 5th installment of their own imprint switching their mood to some naughty Rave Breaks, while 'Taking A Chance' is the kinda uplifting vibe you need to explode inside the club.
This digital Breakbeat beast is out now digitally and calls for your love.


Catch up Insane & Mind live @ London Pirate Radio every Tuesday 8-10 pm (UK TIME)



Saturday 19 August 2017

BOB005:: Jow - Talk [Out on ROGUE SQUADRON]

JOW (a.k.a. Shadowplay) is one of the most talented and devoted Hardcore producers over the last years with a quality of releases and big sets all around either on Endor Recordings, or Kniteforce.
This time he's signed on the reborn Rogue Squadron Recordings which was a few months ago relaunched by DJ Deluxe, DJ Destiny and Stoopid.
This is its 5th digital installment consisting of 2 tunes, the original happy hardcore full on nostalgia vibe by Jow titled "Talk" plus a remix by established KF producer Scartat, who drives it on a different gear, putting a little aggression inside!
For those who get both of these tracks, they're given away one extra by DJ Deluxe, called "93 tune". Worth to support and instead of that it costs less that 1 quid per tune.


KF72:: IDEALZ - Run the Tune E.P 12” Vinyl [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1. Run The Tune   -   B1. Ice Breaker  - B2. War On Jungle

A well known KF member, good friend of Luna-C, very talented and down to earth Hardcore DJ/producer is UK based IDEALZ who adds one more class release this time on the reborn Kniteforce chapter.

This 12" EP is titled "Run the Tune" and consists of 3 personal tracks by Idealz bringing once again his Jungle/D&B inspiring sound and aspect to the masses!
This 12" release is limited and out on 300 copies including also exclusive 320MP3 / 24Bit Wavs. The digital downloads are available when you receive the vinyl. All vinyls come with an "idiot sheet" that contains a link and password to your downloads, as well as links to bonus material and previews of forthcoming Kniteofrce & Knitebreed releases!

For UK/REST OF WORLD buyers you can purchase this limited 12" edition HERE and for US crew HERE



CAT39947:: DJ C.D.C. - I Need That Drug (Ecstasy) [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

01. I Need That Drug (Ecstasy)
02. Apollo 8
03. Don't Stop (With The Beat) 
04. Coming Down (To Be With You)

A long time man into the Hardcore scene over the last 15 years, the man like DJ C.D.C. (a.k.a. Craig Chant) owner of DMO RECORDINGS (Dance.Music Organisation) is the recent signing of Raveskool Recordings offering 4 'Croninized' insane hardcore breaks vibes on his personal digital "I Need That Drug (Ecstasy) EP".
Grab it while its hot legally!


DJ C.D.C. (aka Craig Chant)



Friday 18 August 2017

KF73:: MANNIK - Buy This Record To become A Genious E.P 12” Vinyl [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1. I Need A Man
A2. Dream Logic
B1. Computers Are Taking Over The World
B2. Everything Is Getting Dark (Wanna E)

Toronto based producer MANNIK is for sure a must to watch producer, a new addition to the fresh airi breathing by Kniteforce Records, even if its couple of years in the game of production by a quality and quantity of good tunes. We've met him on the label on the recent KF70 'Death To Digital EP' as well as on 'Vinyl Is Better 2' and this time his promising self debut is one more proud moment of the label and himself and an extraordinary nuskool Hardcore 12".
It contains 4 big bangers, seriously insane ideas coming from Oldschool Hardcore to Jungletechno vibes on an illecit '92 mission aiming to blow your mind directly so try to keep it between the ditches if you can...

For UK/REST OF WORLD buyers you can purchase this limited 12" edition HERE and for US crew HERE

PLUS EXCLUSIVE 320MP3 / 24Bit Wavs. The digital downloads are available when you receive the vinyl. All vinyls come with an "idiot sheet" that contains a link and password to your downloads, as well as links to bonus material and previews of forthcoming Kniteforce & Knitebreed releases!

And bonus Digital EP:

KF73D - Mannik - You Are Now Legally A Genious
01. Addicted (150 Version)
02. Here It Comes
03. In My House
04. Addicted


Thursday 17 August 2017

DJ DESTINY - August 2017 Mix


D-Con - I approve - Rogue Squadron
DJ Fav - Trailer wars (HWND awakens)
Jow - One for Stoo - Rogue Squadron
Dubplate Bass & Plan E - Dark matter - Rogue Squadron
DJ Destiny - Feels so good - Rogue Squadron (Forthcoming)
DJ Deluxe - 93 style - Rogue Squadron
Dubplate Bass & Plan E - Hench jungle
Jow - Talk - Rogue Squadron
Casio Nightmares - Too close (to the boob) - Rogue Squadron
Deluxe & Destiny - The man from Maggotty (DJ Deluxe 6ft 2 remix) - Rogue Squadron
Ill Advised - I approve - Rogue Squadron
Jow - I approve - Rogue Squadron

You can grab his recent release "The Derrick Morgan EP" out digitally on the Roguq Squadron Records (LINK TO PURCHASE)


Wednesday 16 August 2017

The Return of ENORMOUS MOUSE!! EM009:: Stu & Nee, Boykz & Chapman, Nervous & Anxious [12" LTD Edition & Digital - PreOrder now]

A1 - Boykz & Chapman - Relapse
A2 - Stu & Nee - Out of my Head
B1 - Nervous & Anxious - Further More
B2 - Stu & Nee - All You Need (Boykz & Chapman Remix)

Dear reader and Hardcore fan, yes it's true what you're going to read about and order after a while...

The return of Enormous Mouse is a real fact, consider this and pay attention to its brand new 12" EP coming out straight from the good early days of Hardcore Breaks managed by 2 pioneers and good pals like Stu & Nee, from Australia with love.
Beside them is UK based Boykz (co-owner of oldschool label, Flyte Records) and the almighty duet from Finland, Nervious & Anxious who have never given up their try and work in the Nuskool Hardcore scene.
And the official statement about the tunes says it all in overall...

- Relapse is a 4 x 4 breakbeat darkside smasher with a big Tango & Ratty sound to it.

- Out Of My Head - This is a very catchy Piano Hardcore tune with 4 x 4 beats, breakbeats and catchy b-lines which would mix nicely with any Impact Records vinyl from '92.

- Nervous & Anxious go full steam ahead with a melting pot of firin' breakbeats, 80's style computer speech, female vox and quirky electronic synths....HARDCORE!

- All You Need Remix - What a tune to end an ep with, this has a mature sound to it with it's classy vocals and Piano breakdown, you'll be humming this one for days!

This EP will be officially out and shipping on 29th September, so you'd better hurry up because this is for sure a coveted item kind like the Peace on Wax recent Vinyl EP by Systec & Shar-Pei, which has been quickly sold out.

Tuesday 15 August 2017

[JEDI 20] V.A. - Hardcore Unity EP [4 tracks - LTD 12" & Digital - JEDI RECORDINGS]

A1: DJ Jedi - Brainwashed 
A2: Revert Project - Vivid 
B1: Try Unity - Together We Rize 
B2: Mac Attack & Skeme - Junos (Armour Mac & Nunny Remix)

One more quality addition coming out from the established hardcore label of DJ Jedi, the almighty JEDI RECORDINGS.
This time it's about a mad 4tracker of 4 different oldschool stylish contributions out on a limited edition of 150 white label 12" and digital as usual.
Featured tunes coming from label's head, DJ Jedi, n a buzzing breakbeat hardcore piano additictive "Brainwashed" while Revert Project proves that he's adorable to the label getting things done right on his "Vivid" sweet liquid jungle tip.
On the flipside, Brighton's talented trio of Try Unity adds a masterpiece of a nu-ravey tune and in my opinion it's the vocals that count on this great combo with the breakbeats.
Final tune is a remake of a very rare 1992 white label known as Junos which is dedicated to one of the original producers who recently passed away (Mac Attack)




Monday 14 August 2017

kokushimusou Live @ Anthem (2017/08/10)

One our adorable and favourite Japanese act is the rave pumping duet of Kokushimusou consisting of Guchon and Hujiko Pro.
Here's their recent live set spinning a super quality of their own material and reworks, something that will draw your attention for sure.
Tracklist is a bless in sets like this one...


Kokushimusou Intro
Perfume - Polyrhythm (Kokushimusou Tokyo Disco Gorilla Dance)
MAKJ & M35 - GO (Showtek Kokushimusou Tekno Edit)
Kokushimusou feat. PSY - Love’s Gonna Get You (Gangnam Style)
Flowdan - One Take Freestyle (Kokushimusou Jump a Little Higher)
Kokushimusou - James Brown & Hardrive are Dead
Kokushimusou - Toho (Live in ageHa mix)
Kokushimusou × Hyperjuice - Anthem (Kokushimusou Anthem Remix Anthem Edit Anthem Version)
Kokushimusou - Bad Bear Bass ver.15.0
Kokushimusou - GTO
Kokushimusou - DJ Funk is always playing video games with morning musume
Utada Hikaru - Travelling (Kokushimusou No Future House Mix)
North Base - Insomniac (Kokushimusou Edit 2017)
Kokushimusou - Overdub (Hyper Rave Piano Trap Trance Mix Megaman Edit Niji Version)
Kokushimusou - Hype (Overload)
Kokushimusou - Pon de Carnival
Kokushimusou - Carnival Amen
Kokushimusou - Daisangen
Kokushimusou - Feel Real Good (Ready or Not)
Mondo Grosso feat.BoA - Everything Needs Love (M-Neko Remix Kokushimusou Edit)
Kokushimusou - Churenpouto (Anthem Version)

kokushimusou (JP)

Shystie - Wake Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Versatile and fabulous female artist from London, Shystie returns with a supreme Drum & Bass driven single titled 'Wake Up' which is produced by Ads Valu and is ccompanied with a brilliant videoclip. This tune is taken off her forthcoming album called 'Balance' coming out soon on Star Work Music & F Block Records. In a few words, this new vibe by Shystie is determined to unite both her underground hiphop fans, with the Drum & Bass club crowd offering a quality uplifting character.
You can preview/download and stream her brand new single release here.

Check out the official video directed by XIPHI Films, on the link above.


PCD002:: PURSUIT - A Rave New World [Limited Edition 2 x CD - THIS IS NU-RAVE]

The almighty DJ PURSUIT from Hull/UK returns with a long awaited personal Album under his own imprint This Is Nu-Rave.
'A Rave New World' is the ideal weapon for the old and new generation of Hardcore ravers as 1992 is revived and mad breakbeats come across your heart while listening to the album.
Tunes like 'Buy Now Pay February' or 'Let's Do It Now' aim to make your mood happier, while 'Dubplate Style' is the atomic Hardcore Junglistic slam alongside a few other Jungle Techno tunes as well as Hardcore Techno inspired vibes like 'Bass Humanoid'.
This album consists of 2 CDs coming out on a limited edition boxset. First CD is the 10track unmixed LP with personal tunes by Pursuit and the second disc is a monstrous megamix by Dave Junglist over the Rave New World tunes plus a few more others released from Pursuit's back catalogue (on labels like Switchblade Digital, Rave Stylee, Unity Breaks, Kode 5, Paranoid Recordings and Strictly Nuskool).

Hurry up and make sure to grab you own copy of this album. First 10 copies come with a limited 'This Is Nu-Rave' logo sticker.


Sunday 13 August 2017


01. Plasma
02. Mind Blow
03. I Need More ACID

Japanese producer DJ Takumi under his Breakbeat monikes, Amaretto, strikes it hard on his first personal EP proving how talented he is, offering mad hardcore breakbeats into 3 fresh tunes released on 'Plasma EP'.
This digital release is available via his bandcamp page and it's a seriously recommended EP for all breakbeat hardcore nutters out there!



Wednesday 9 August 2017

[JTR001] Liquid Alliance - Shine On You [2-Track Single Available To Buy Now From Jungletechnoyz Recordings!!!]

1/ Feeling.
2/ Shine On You.

After launching a virtual carpet-bombing campaign of releases on the nuskool hardcore and jungle scenes, Wislov's exemplary RaveNoyz Recordings unveils it's very first offshoot label, Jungletechnoyz Records to deliver the very finest in contemporary atmospheric jungle sounds. The debut release 'Shine on You' features two sublime tracks from Liquid Alliance, aka breakbeat warriors Wislov and Alex Breako.

Opening with the dark and moody tones of 'Feelings', we are drawn into an expertly crafted blend of menacing pads and undulating bass notes which soon progress into an electrifying series of intricate synth melodies, stop-start, female vocal rhyming and tearing amen breaks that are guaranteed to get your feet moving.

Companion piece, 'Shine On You' sets off with a series of soaring strings accompanied by gentle bass pulses and soulful female vocals, luring you into a state of tranquillity before executing a heavyweight amen break section. If the deep and atmospheric styles of labels like Criterion Records float your boat, then 'Shine On You' will be a welcome addition to your collection.

For it's debut release, Jungletechnoyz Recordings prove that they are destined to become a junglistic force to be reckoned with in the near future. This is a label to keep your eye out for!!!

The Liquid Alliance 'Shine On You' single is available to download now for €3.50 (or more if you wish to further support the label and artists!) from the official Jungletechnoyz Records Bandcamp page...

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Sunday 6 August 2017

[KFA83] Timme - Timmesound EP (Executive Edition) [Exclusive 6-Track EP Available To Download Now From Kniteforce Again!!!]

1/ Forbidden.
2/ Ed Gain.
3/ Happiness.
4/ Bad Choice.

Executive Edition Bonus Track
5/ UTurn.
6/ Happiness (Clayfighter Remix). 

It has been way too long since I last reviewed a Kniteforce Again release, so while the Strictly NuSkool Blog's resident hardcore-head, GL0WKiD is on his hols it's time for the Breakbeatscientist to see what the label's been up to. 
In addition the Kniteforce parent label's recent foray into revitalising it's vinyl output, and kick-starting the official Kniteforce Records radio station, KFA has not been resting on it's laurels to bring you the freshest in rave-fuelled electronic music. For KFA83 we are introduced to label newcomer, Timme's massive 'Timmesound EP (Executive Edition)'.

Timme kicks off the EP with some deep, dark and dirty drum & bass action with the positively monolithic 'Forbidden', a track which combines ten-tonne, steppin' breaks with a snarling bass riff that would put the fear into Godzilla himself. Up next the darkness continues with 'Ed Gain', a pitch black slice of neurofunk that's slinks accross the dancefloor with it's monstrous bassline and razor sharp Anasthasia stabs, like a sonic serial killer.

'Happiness' takes us on a more upbeat journey with it's unique blend of euphoric pianos and EDM bass-riffs welded onto a solid D&B framework that only a label such as Kniteforce could pull off releasing. Is the world ready for happy Drum & Bass yet? Only time will tell! With 'Bad Choice' we are once more given an example of what would have happened if the D&B scene had stuck to it's original rave roots, with it's hyper-kinetic fusion of heavyweight breaks and Reese bass drones clashing with electrifying stabs and  4/4 kicks.

The aforementioned hardcore/D&B crossover continues with the first of the exclusive Executive Edition bonus tracks with the adrenalising 'UTurn' (watch out for those Hyper-On Experience style synths!!!) before Kniteforce's very own Clayfighter delivers an immense 4/4, happy hardcore relick of 'Happiness' to ensure that the powerstomp crew gets a nod too.

For a debut release, Timme proves his mettle by delivering a potent selection of dancefloor friendly rave anthems that have huge crossover potential for both drum & bass headz, nuskool rave fiends and upfront hardcore lovers too. Get onnit peeps!!! The 'Scientist's top pick is the stab-tastic 'Ed Gain'!!!

Timme's 'Timmesound EP (Executive Edition)' is available to download now from the official Kniteforce Records website for a very limited time only, before reverting to it's standard 4-track, standard release, so if you want to get your hands on 'UTurn' and that exclusive Clayfghter remix, then you better be quick!!!


320 Bitrate MP3...

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