Wednesday 31 January 2018

Shades Of Rhythm DJ mix @ "Oldskool Sundays" - Renegade Radio (28 JAN. 2018)

The legendary SHADES OF RHYTHM have put out a special Guest Mix @ Oldskool Sundays radioshow celebrating its 9th anniversary. Full show was broadcasted @ Renegade Radio and is available now to listen via mixcloud.




Monday 29 January 2018

ENDOR RECORDINGS Returns!! NDR014 - Fire EP (CD/Digital - out on 25th January)

01. Schnez - State of Ecstasy
02. Jow & Dave Skywalker - Got To Give It
03. Dolphin - Underground
04. Dave Skywalker - Everybody (Shadowplay Remix)
05. Mr SPARKLe - Pon De Tek

The versatile Neo-Rave label of ENDOR RECORDINGS has returned after a while offering a fresh weapon fueled with firing hard rave tunes, perfectly appropriate for the headstrong crew!
The 'FIRE EP' is out now with the likes of label manager Dave Skywalker & his collab with Jow (aka Shadowplay), welcoming also the new additions the boy-wonder, Dolphin from Japan and Nottingham's finest ravedonkmeister Schnez.
All tunes are stunning and prove once again the high level of quality that this label has built since the second decade of '00s.
As always, anyone who purchases the CD format of this release will receive exclusive content such as Three trainspotters mixes from Shadowplay and a DJ mix and free track titled 'UFO' from Mr SPARKLe.
Grab now a hard copy of the 'FIRE EP' and add it to your collection.
Won't cost you a pretty penny at all.






Friday 26 January 2018

WISLOV - Compilation 2013-2016 [16track Digital compilation album]

01. The Ultimate Power
02. Clearchous Echeyde
03. Bully
04. Evil Dead
05. So Free
06 Unknown Anthem
07. Come Back
08. Space (Private mix)
09. Generate Power
10. Mr Rave
11. Time To Play
12 The Bouncer
13. Hardcore School
14. Broken Rhythm
15. Do You Feel One Feeling
16. Venture Into The Underground

Tenerife's finest Hardcore Breaks/ Darkside prince, the man like DJ Wislov has gathered an ultimate compilation of his very own stuff released during 2013 - 2016. This compilation album consists of 16 belters of tracks that were released on various labels like Kode 5, Switchblade, Paranoid, Island Connection, LDN, Sonic Fortress and yours truly Strictly Nuskool.
A sign of Hardcore progression by one of the most hard working members in the Nuskool Hardcore community, who's recently signed on Kniteforce, thus we've got much more to expect from him.

Show your love and support to Luis and this amazing stuff which is out digitally & exclusively on his bandcamp page.



Wednesday 24 January 2018

[FP131] Raver's Return - Now's Our Time [FIRSTPLANET]

UK based act, Raver's Return have made the right anthemic piano house tune of the early 2018, which is out now on Firtplanet, sub-label of Media Records.
''Now's Our Time'' is a lovely euphoric trip, aiming to take you on a reminiscent oldskool trip of your innocence and spontaneity. This brand new single release is available in all major digital platforms now.



Monday 22 January 2018

[KFA086] Eufeion - Took Its Time [KFA RECORDINGS]

01. Sincerely Yours 
02. Keep On Trying 
03. U Sure Do 
04. Enchanted 
05. Bring The Noise

This is what happens when a healthy movement or organization or even better a true skool like Kniteforce, unveils the idea of releasing limited hard copies of a release.
The brand new Kniteforce Again EP is out morning and has achieved selling out all CD copies thus it..took its time, as prophet Eufeion has named his debut personal EP @ KFA.

UK based producer/DJ and owner of Ninja Hardcore drives us nuts with this totally banging full on modern UK Hardcore EP on its way to intensity, bridging the gap between old and new Hardcore under some seriously hot skills by Leigh.
Now shall I say that the opening tune points exactly the serious meaning of this EP?
'Sincerely Yours' is my personal highlight from there on a neverending trip to harmony... And once again props to Jimni Cricket for the stunning and funny artwork!!
The digital is out there KF stored. Give it a try and you won't be disappointed at all.



Monday 15 January 2018

[DDLP002] Exit Point - Badman Style Remix Album Volume 1 [Available From All Good Diamond Dubz Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Badman Style (Exit Point 2017 Remix).
2/ Badman Style (Jungle Raiders 2017 Remix).
3/ Badman Style (Devastate Remix).
4/ Badman Style (Effekttz 2017 Remix).
5/ Badman Style (Krispe 2017 Remix).
6/ Badman Style (DJ QT 2017 Remix).
7/ Badman Style (Sunjah 2017 Remix).
8/ Badman Style (Konz 2017 Remix).

Flash up your lighter and get your air-horns out, 'coz Exit Point, along with the cream of the contemporary jungle scene come together to present the 'Badman Style Remix Album Volume 1' album on Diamond Dubz, featuring eight tearing, jump-up jungle re-licks to set the dance on fire.

Exit Point sets the ball rolling first with his very own reworking of the dub flavoured, jungle anthem. Jam packed with rolling breaks, rock-steady guitar licks and a deep subsonic bassline that'll get you one-foot skanking in seconds. Up next the Jungle Raiders collective introduce us to their hi-octane reinterpretation, which teases us with it's stripped back intro before delivering a deadly amen assault midway.
DJ Devastate drops a head-nodding, 2-step break and pulsating bassline for his heavyweight remix, before we are hit with Effekttz' mentasm fuelled, drum & bass workout. 

Opening up the second half we have Krispe who adds a little bit of oldskool flavour to his rinsing re-imagining of 'Badman Style'. DJ QT drops a snappy stepping breakbeat to his contribution, interlaced with a potent blend of dub horns, police sirens and ragga chatter. 
For his effort, Sunjah teases the listener with a positively lush intro before delivering a machine-gunfire amen, choppage assault peppered with choice 'Human Traffic' samples (yeah, you' know what it it'll be a mile off!!!). Closing off the selection we have Konz who takes us on a darker path with his sleek and stealthy D&B/jungle hybrid.

Whether you are looking for a straight up, tearing amen jungle rinser or a sleek, dubwise drum and bass stepper, Exit Point's 'Badman Style Remix Album Volume 1' album will have something to satisfy even the most picky headz out there!!!

The Exit Point 'Badman Style Remix Album Volume 1' album is available now from all good Diamond Dubz digital stockists and streaming sites...




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BR0017: SCHNEZ - Ska'd Shitless [3track EP on BEATROOT RECORDS]

01. Ska Ska Ska
02. Reggae In Your Jeggae 
03. Mirror In The Bathroom - SkaTek Fixup

Nottingham's Rave son, Schnez unveils one more personal work from him, for the very first time on Beatroot Records, offering something quite different as usual. 
'Ska'd Shitless' is a 3track digital fusion of Ska combined with Ravecore footsteps making all a sure innovative nu-Ska dish proper for party hard from dusk till dawn. The EP is out now on free download and open to donate.
However Schnez won't be silent enough after that, on the grounds of his feature on Endor Recordings and its forthcoming 14th release called 'Fire EP'.



Sunday 14 January 2018

UNITY IN THE SUN 2018:: Book Now Your Best Hardcore & Jungle Holidays

The best Hardcore & Jungle experience of your life returns in the same place and on the same period of late May, early June.
The UK friendly district of Kavos based on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu will host once again the indispensable 7dayer UNITY IN THE SUN, which aims to grow even bigger than last year and expose all around the world, on the ground of its much aspiring and very promising character of a new festival as well as a passion for good music & vibes by all people involved.
All of these couldn't be better settled on an ideal place like Kavos.

But, what does really mean UNITY IN THE SUN?

With regards to numbers, the upcoming Festival means over 30 events in 7 days, over 100 performing artists & 20 brands in over 20 different venues, 5 boat parties and 5 hotels (to date)
In words? Well, one of the leading members of the management, Billy Daniel Bunter, elaborates about the festival on a last year's interview, where he opens the files of this innovative Festival plus many more other useful info.

And what about which package to book?! Well there are 5 options already.




- I Love Happy Hardcore 3 DAY PACKAGE £205 BOOK NOW


For more details about each one you can check here:

Old Skool Rave / 88-89 House / Sun Drenched Party Flavours

Billy Daniel Bunter
Stu Allan
Uncle Dugs
Fat Controller
Jonay Amador
DJ Faydz
Rob Tissera
Liquid Live
Rachel Wallace Live
Ragga Twins Live (Shut Up & Dance Classics)
2 Bad Mice Live
Dougal (Dreamscape 92 set)
DJ Vibes
Mark XTC
Si Frater
Cosmo & Dibbs
Arfa G & Roachman
OSN Radio
Flip Flop Fridays
Lazy Sunday
Jeff B
Music Mondays
.............. and many more others to be announced!!! 

Jungle / Rollers / Sun Drenched Reggae

Deman Rockers (Ragga Twins)
Flinty Badman (Ragga Twins)
Uncle Dugs
Vibena Jungle
Nicky Blackmarket
Jumpin Jack Frost
Funky Flirt
Shockin B
Billy Daniel Bunter
Mark XTC
Daddy Nature
Vinyl Junkie
Rachel EC
Jono D
Ghetto Dub
Gorilla Tactics
New Era Reggae Sound System
Rompa's Reggae Shack
The Farm Yardies
........................ and many more others to be announced!!!

Happy Hardcore & Classic Vocal Anthems

Jenna Live PA (Performing Heart of Gold during sunset on the Happy Hardcore boat)
Vibes & Live Lee Show
Scott Brown
DJ Force (Force & Styles Classics)
Billy Daniel Bunter
Stu Allan
Fat Controller
MC Smiley
I Love Happy Hardcore
Back 2 Your Roots
Paul Grant
Sid P
Be Happy
Big Worm
Cyber & Giggly
More Mental MC
James K
.................and many more others to be announced!!!


Saturday 13 January 2018


01. Gurn N Glow (Original Mix)
02. The 95 Vibe (Original Mix)
03. Precious Effekt (Original Mix)

Scotland based producer, The Vibe Controller (aka Phunky Beat Monkey) has started uploading a good portion of nuskool hardcore tunes @ his Soundcloud page on the late months of 2017.
And it was a matter of time getting himself signed, thus Raveskool Recordings added himself on the great arsenal of releases with his brand new personal 'Gurn N Glow EP'.
Mostly known of his big beat, bass and techno releases as PBM, The Vibe Controller is a much promising side project that will surely draw anyone's attention in the Nuskool Hardcore community.

And this first good example is out now comprised of 3 slamming tunes, offering from the happy hardcore inspired 'Precious Effekt' which is my personal favourite to a hardcore junglistic influencial tune like 'The 95 Vibe' and finally adding some modern piano Breaks on 'Gurn N Glow'.

All in all this is a seriously exquisite EP, coming out now in all major digital platforms and calls you all to show your love. Won't cost a pretty penny, so go for it and for the love of this buzz!




Thursday 11 January 2018

The Trigger Happy Mix

One of the most outstanding labels during 2017, TRIGGER HAPPY, has taken over the majority of the Hardcore community into a rapid eruption on the grounds of its first 12" white label release with 2 astonishing tunes! Definetely this highlight EP of 2017 will have a following up release will be out soon as announced... In case you haven't grabbed your copy yet you can grab it here or follow Trigger Happy socials and get in touch. There are a few left all around vinyl stores worldwide.

Till your order check out this mix made by Trigger Happy including old and new material as well as several Oldskool bits...


Wednesday 10 January 2018

[Bandcamp] Pressa - Understand EP [Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Taped Out.
2/ Understand.

Top Drawer Digital's Pressa kicks off 2018 in true heavyweight style with the self-released 'Understand EP', which takes us on a seriously deep and atmospheric retro-futuristic, jungle breaks trip.

'Taped Out' steps up to the mark first and drops an intoxicating blend of dubwise blips, synth swirls and menacing rudebwoy soundbites backed by an unrelenting Think break backbone and cavernous bassline. The track expertly transports the listener back to the heady days of crammed warehouse raves, set to a soundtrack of thunderous breaks and chest rattling bass frequencies.

'Understand' follows next and delivers a 140 bpm take on the vintage Blue Note D&B formulae, where soulful, sliced and diced R&B vocals interweave with stepping breaks and soaring pads capturing the vibe of mid-nineties Reinforced Records jungle experimentation.

Pressa expertly showcases what what the jungle breaks scene has to offer with these two cuts here, as well as providing a taster of what is expected at the infamous Subsidance events that he organises. Don't miss out on this one!!!

Pressa's 'Understand EP' is available to purchase digitally for £2 (or more if you are feeling generous!) from the official Pressa Bandcamp page...

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Monday 8 January 2018

INSANE & MIND Exclusive Interview & Guest Mix @ Strictly Nuskool Blog

Interview & Editorial by GL0WKiD

Long time nutters, long time friends and furthermore hungry for Hardcore and for the love of this buzz, for those who know about it. For anyone wondering tho what's all of that, the duet of INSANE & MIND is all available to reply to your enquiries about what's hot in present, and how they formed History of Hardcore and been active in our scene. Any chance to reform these big HOH events? Well maybe... Till then the duet has launched a stunning superb first 12" Vinyl EP out on their very own HOH Recordings.
Versatility and diversity are 2 elements that can be found in their musical life as DJs, Promoters, Label Managers, Ravers, Producers. Need more? Then grab the chance & check out our exclusive interview with Ben & John and listen to their exclusive mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog.

- Hi there Ben and John.. Insane & Mind...
Which state of (insane) mind do I find you at present?

Insane: Hey Glowkid! Firstly massive thank you and huge big ups for our little feature! You find us currently in the midst and really excited about a small wave of tracks due or just out for release, either on our own or others labels, but a bit more about them shortly. As I guess you're gonna ask anyway!

- How you got infected with Hardcore music?

Do you remember your first sounds, emotions etc. ?

Mind: Well I guess my first memory of Hardcore was during a snowboarding holiday in 1990 with Insane, and we had a little portable getto blaster that we took with us along with a few mix tapes!! One tune always stood out and that was 'One Tribe - What Have You Done'.
Still love this today! My first experience of a rave (if memory serves me) was Spirt in Hatfield in 1991.

Insane: Couldn’t possible place the first or any sort of order to my early memories, checking release dates of certain tracks would probably help though. lol.. But some of the main early ones would be listening to the local Pirate Radio Station, Mad FM. and then going vinyl hunting at Parliament Records in Hertford. Plus going to Ware Collage where I bought one of my fav early rave tracks on vinyl, from fella attendees themselves.. 2 Bad Mice.

And as Mind mentions going to the raves locally back in the day like Spirit @ The Forum, Liberty @ Bowes Lyon, Pirate Club @ Roller Express, Labrynth @ Dalston, Equinox & Milwakees is to say by then I well and truly had the hardcore fever pumping through my veins!

- Name your top 5 tunes that played a key role deep inside you.

Insane: Man this is always such a tough question. Loving the whole History Of Hardcore (see what I did there) makes it near impossible to choose just 5!
So I'm gonna give you 5 tracks that I love for one reason or another!

N-Trance - Set You Free
Been kinda of our signature tune in every era & with every remix since the beginning, plus we finally remixed it 11 years later.

DJ Daydream - Make Your Own Kind Of Music
Always loved the vocals in this classic, These lyrics plus a post shared by Slipmatt a few years back that said in ruff “Don’t make music to find your followers, Make the music you love and your followers will find you” always reminds me, We’re born unique! Don’t be a copy, Just do what you love and anyone else who loves it too, will find you!

DJ N-Zo & DJ Invincible - Funky Sensation (Billy Daniel Bunter & J.D.S Remix)
Always one of my favourites and our first unofficial Remix!

Darren Styles - Your My Angel
Out to my wife Little Jo on this one, who's believed & supported in me from the start! Big love babes!

Open Up Your Heart "The Remixes" (12" Vinyl Release)
Proof dreams are defiantly worth chasing!

Boy that was so hard! There were so many more tracks, artists, styles & eras that have weighed so heavily on my musical styles, tastes & influences. But hopefully that should be evident within our music & mixes anyhow.

Mind: I’m not sure I could put a list of top 5 tunes together that would be too hard, but 5 tunes that have influenced me over the years would be

One Tribe - What Have You Done?

Slipmatt - SMD1

Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener

Insane & Mind - Free Again

Darren Styles feat. Christina Novelli - Sun Is Rising

- When did you catch up together and set up the History of Hardcore?

Insane: Me & Mind have known each other since knee high. We go right back when we lived locally on the same estate. Since we first got into the rave scene we kind went from being but always remaining ravers, to workers, to DJs, promotors, producers to record label owners.

HOH & Insane & Mind as a duo came about when we played on Remaniss Radio and met local Basildoneeon's Flipside & ESP. Then with the helping hands of a few others and off the back of a Remaniss Rave, we thought, talked & planned the first HOH and before we knew it went all out and launched the first History Of Hardcore back in February 2007 @ Jacks, London Bridge, SE1 with instant success and just kept the ball rolling for nearly 6 years whilst hosting over 18 large successful events as well as teaming up with other promotors for collaboration events.

- It's been around 10 years...
A decade of huge events where you've been played and organised alongside towering names such as Sy, Slipmatt, Brisk, DJ Vibes, Billy Daniel Bunter, Dj Seduction, just to name a few.

Can you each one of you share your biggest highlight ever? The one that will be never erased from your memory.

Insane: For me there's a few I would have to mention as I know Mind's gonna mention HOH9!
So I would get in there with, when HOH hosted the Fuelers Tent at USC, Santa Pod raceway serval years running the first year with myself, Mind & Spenno. The last set of the night just went off like no other. The ravers just keep singing and singing and it was all captured right there on film.

Also another major major highlight was just simply the HOH Ravers and all the crew that came from far and wide to rave with us in London. Those people were just the best! A real family! So many good times and so many awesome people! Big up crew if ya reading! We love ya!

Mind: It would have to be HOH9!! We sold out the event, even having to turn people away which wasn’t a good feeling!! Myself and Insane played the last hour 5-6 with MC Spenno to a packed dance floor and the set went right off from minute one to the very last, this was my favourite memory of our HOH events… The set can be listened to via our soundcloud page in the live sets playlist.

- Any thoughts of relaunching History of Hardcore events?

Insane: We’ve been asked this question what almost feels like monthly since our last event in 2012. And as we have always said, when the time and most importantly the venue is right! HOH should be back! One of my personal dreams is to do History Of Hardcore - The Festival. And I’ve always been a dream chaser! So who knows what the future holds! Just watch this space!

- Last year you've formed HOH RECORDINGS aiming to put out your own stuff as you've already stated.
You got 5 digital releases so far, and the recent single 'Taking A Chance' reached No.1 on Top 100 Breaks @ TrackItDown.

Insane: For me HOH Recordings was something I only ever dreamed about doing, let alone making tracks that people would actually want to buy and play and then see them do well. It all started one day when I just went and bought the bits I needed to start producing solo, and then outta our first attempts of flying solo, its resulted in the track 'Open Up Your Heart' which as you know turned out to be the first release on HOH Recordings almost 2 and a half years later!
And for the future of HOH, all I can say is onwards and upwards we defiantly have some big plans for HOH and don't intend on stopping anytime soon!

- Late of 2017 you've finally released the long awaited 12" 'Open Up Your Heart - The Remixes E.P.' including big remixes by Sc@r, Dave Skywalker, Digital Pilgrimz and Cronin (digitally bonus).

I can indisputably admit that the original version of 'Open Up Your Heart' marked my "tune of the year" for 2016.
Can you cite about this release and let people know about how this idea saw the light?

Insane: Firstly I gotta say it still blows me away when people say they even like our music, so to make it your tune of the year is just surreal in my mind. Big up Sir! So pleased you love it!
So as I just mentioned, one of first attempts of trying to produce anything flying solo, resulted in the track 'Open Up Your Heart'. It took around 2 years from beginning to release, and if you go back through our old Radio Shows, you can here it being played from time to time, changing & developing as time went on!

Then for the Remix EP. as time had gone on even further and more skills were acquired, we decided to beef up the original mix, which led to the idea of other artists who we know and loved, joining us for a Remix EP. This in turn led onto the thoughts and plans of could we possibly release this on 12'' vinyl too? So again, we got a plan together and went for it. After a few hurdles we were all set! And as you know the 1st of Dec 2017 was the day we officially released our first ever 12'' Vinyl. Boom! Woohoo!! Oi Oi!!!

For me personally this is such a massive tick on my dream bucket list. I still remember buying my first ever vinyl, The original Batman theme tune on 7inch vinyl. From that day I was hooked! So to be here now nearly 35 or so years on with our first ever vinyl release, is just massive! And as I mentioned above, proof dreams are defiantly worth chasing! Never give up!!

- I'd say that there is a robust vinyl revival into the Hardcore scene, furthermore there are lots of new releases and new labels during this year.
How do you see the whole progress?

Insane: For me I think people are missing the feeling of actually owning music. I mean I love the whole ease of digital but it's never been the same since those days when you first heard a tune and was like 'what's this?'
Then the hunt began, searching local records shops and digging crates to find that elusive track. I think the old crew are wanting this back and the nu crew are getting a taste of it. So for me I’m hoping it's the first wave of a vinyl revival!

Mind: Obviously time will tell, but all the signs are positive and we certainly hope the vinyl sales take off as this will allow us to push more EP’s through the pipeline!! More money needs to be generated through digital downloads as file sharing has caused big problems within the scene and music right across the board. Without the money, artists will not produce the music and ultimately the scene could die, but let’s hope by educating people this can change, as the amount asked to purchase these downloads is very small!

- NuVision Records. A brand new chapter into your life, a sub-label of HOH. Can you introduce to us this new birth?

Mind: Well with the emergence of all the new talent across the scene, we felt it the right time to give some of these artists a chance to showcase their talents rather than all these tunes kept stored away on hard drives and never being appreciated! So NuVision was born to expose the NU talent out there, and we hope to release many more new fresh tune over the coming months!

Insane: NuVision has been born out of our love to encourage, inspire and hopefully give others a step up that they might need. One thing I learned early on as a DJ, was being part of an already established brand really helps you get noticed.

Like HOH gave up & coming DJ's got the chance to play at our events & our Radio Station, the same idea goes here. As Mind mentions there's been such a rise in or the ability to spot new talent with the growth of social media sites etc. We found our radio shows were starting to get such an influence from all the new talent not just the big names. We wanted to share it further! I mean the radio shows defiantly give these tracks and artists some promotion. But when you have the means, why not!

A Nu Label, a Nu Direction and NuVision Records was born!
So what’s next to come? Well after the monstrous Happy Hardcore debut release from rising Tokyo star Dolphin on NVR001, expect just like HOH Recordings Rave music from right across the board! No set era, not set bpm or no set style! Just big feel good tunes!

The more you get to know us, our music and what we love, your soon know whats to come! Maybe not from who? But defiantly the rave vibes we love from talented artists all around the globe!


- Which producers/labels you rate these days?
Is there anyone you would like to sign to HOH Recordings and NuVision?

Insane: Well a few names that instantly drop into my mind for a question like this, are the likes of UK artists Monks & Mort a.k.a Gareth Monks & DJ Rave In Peace. These boys certainly know how to make a tune and are pretty much covering the whole old skool / nu skool era. Across the waters there’s certainly some names to mention.

Firstly as you already know, Japan’s very own Dolphin, who we first spotted with his awesome cheesy remix of a disco classic 'Earth, Wind & Fire - September'. Also the likes of Luffy & Happy League are creating some awesome sounding beats, again keeping it Old Skool Hardcore and true to the core! Another one, DJ LukeAss, aka The TNO Project.

And what really gets me, is some of these boys weren’t even around when we were raving to these beats first time around, and somehow they are totally capturing that true essence & vibe of what we all know and love as Hardcore!!
As for names on our labels, that would be telling, I like to keep most things fairly covered under wraps until everything is set in stone. Again just watch this space! The futures going be bright!

- How can you describe the Hardcore scene at present in contrast with the state you found it when you first started?

Insane: To be honest, sometimes it's hard to tell. Nowadays I seem to spend so much time in front of screens and less at raves, just outta where I’m at in life with 3 boys and everything else going on. I love raving but at 42 (you feel it man! haha) takes me week to get over it, but when if and when I do get to go out, thats it, raving shoes on.. and…Q… running man.

But to answer to the question, yes of course it's different, never gonna be like it was, it never will, that was then, this is now, we live life in seasons and years, but one thing I know hasn’t changed. The love for Hardcore and for those that know! Well they just know!

Mind: Well the scenes are like chalk and cheese really. Back at the beginning of the 90s, it was just one music scene compared to today where it has split into many different genres. Back then you could get regular events of 20k people whereas today things are on a much smaller scale!

Things progress but parties still have great vibes and if you’d said we’d still be part of this scene 25 years later, I wouldn’t have believed you, but that’s testament to the music and being able to bring through new generations of ravers to keep the scene alive and thriving and I don’t see that changing in the short term!

- I'd like to thank you a lot for this exclusive interview @ Strictly Nuskool Blog and wish you all the best with the 12" EP and your whole Hardcore work of reverence!
Keep it up Insane & Mind! Any last message to close to your fans and Blog readers?

Insane: Firstly, massive Big Ups, Shouts & Love to all the Hardcore crew, family and friends that believe and support all that we do! Far too many names to mention, so I won’t. But if you know me and your reading this, take it that this means you!

Finally don’t forget to go buy a copy of our 12" Vinyl Remix EP, and remember more sales equals more future vinyls! Let's start this revival!
Big love & respect out to all the Hardcore Crew wherever you are around the globe!! Its proper Hardcore! Oi Oi!

Mind: From past to present it’s all about the Hardcore!!!
Remember we’re all HTID

Grab now 'Open Up Your Heart - The Remixes 12" EP' HERE
LISTEN TO INSANE & MIND Exclusive Guest Mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog