Monday, 30 September 2013

DJ Fav - Unfriendly (HWND Re-lick) Free DL

DJ Fav - Unfriendly (HWND Re-lick) by HWNDarkside
NuSkool/Hardcore Breaks legend DJ Fav remixes this basement records classic in fine style, keeping the spirit of the original while adding that HWND touch for a banger of a tune!!! Its yours for free although i would be quick, watch out for a exclusive interview with the man himself coming soon here on the blog, keep it NuSkool!!!

Sunday, 29 September 2013

SNBEP003::DJ Wislov - Back To The Oldskool EP (2013)

As we are always keep saying in here, our aim is to be always next to every nuskool/nu-rave producer, so we decided to set our own Bandcamp page, where we are hosting tunes or EP's from some producers, available for free download.
So...after Mark C and Pursuit, who had already submitted few tunes with us, we kindly present you now 7 ultimate hardcore tracks from the Spanish ravenoise a.k.a DJ Wislov.

DJ Wislov from Tenerife, Spain, is a one of the most talented producers in the Scene at the moment, with a variety of class productions, from oldskool hardcore to jungle & hardcore breaks!
Wislov shows his love to this Blog and to all of you of course, and gives away for free a 7track brilliant 'Back To The Old Skool EP' via our Bandcamp Page!

No time to waste.. Press "PLAY" to start listening to them and then...happy download!


Friday, 27 September 2013

Revolt In The Dark Dimension Kid Lib Featuring Mr Sensi & Percussive P

I'd heard stuff by Kid Lib before and there was no doubting what a talent he is, this most recent LP is by far the best I have heard from him and when I say it's the best, I mean this really is good. I dropped a few tunes from the above album on my most recent radio show and the listeners in the chat were loving it!!!! Dark twisted sounds collide with some incredible beat manipulation, you must hear this. If, like me, you are a bit of a jungle purist at heart and felt that the genre was at it's finest way back in 1994 when producers were chopping the amen break to pieces and rearranging it in all kinds of ways, then this is for you and at £5, its a bargain, take a listen for yourselves below, junglists get ready, have your lighters at hand because this will make you brock out!!!!

Go With The Glow [nu-rave hardcore mix] - FREE DL

Anything about the hardcore present in an oldskool mode..
Njoy my latest glowmix (celebrating 300 followers on my Soundcloud page) including hardcore/rave breaks/breakbeat hardcore and few dark riffs, nu-rave/nuskool mix with some of the most talented names of the scene!


STRANGER ROLLERS - Bring Me A Fat 9ty One
DJ GOMY & DJ COTY - Kickin' In The Beat
UNISON - In Hell Breakbeat As Well
DJ WISLOV - Criminal Beat
DJ SEDUCTION - On My Own (BFresh & DJ Slim remix)
OSCAR TG - Twisted by Nature (Champion Breaks remix)
ALEXBREAKO - Duck & Jelly
MOBY - Go (Nicky Allen remix)
DJ FLOW - Oldz Kool
CZECH 1_2 - I'm Chucky And I'm Fucking Infamous
DJ NEXUS - Weba's Wax
DJ MARK C - In 2 The Groove
DJ PURSUIT - Mind Controller
VOCATION - Equilibrium (RyKennon 2012 remix)
LANKYMAN - Epicness (rave edit)
PAUL CRONIN - Raver Come Alive


Thursday, 26 September 2013

7th Storey Projects pres. " The Dark Arts Volume 1 " (Limited 12" Vinyl - pre-order ONLY)

Vinyl Darkside oldskool lovers this is the moment you were waiting for..
7th Storey Projects is back again to announce you its fresh Vinyl release, 
"The Dark Arts Vol.1"

Four fresh tunes by some of the nuskool leaders of the hardcore & darkside sounds!

SIDE A starts with the main man of Demonic Possesion Recordings, DJ FX and his brand new oldskool dark tune called 'Dark Places'. A2 takes you to a crazy amen tune called 'Soul Survivor' by DJ Fav (HardcoreWillNeverDie - HWND Records)
Going then to AA side, starting up with a masterpiece like 'Immortal' by Wellbelove (Chaos & Julia Set, Tango & Dom) and closing with a jungle tekno gem called 'Ruler of Olympus' by Wordwide Epidemic.

Pay Close Attention!

This release is available to PRE-ORDER ONLY and Limited, so don't waste time and grab your copy now!

LINK for more details & pre-orders here: 

7th Storey Projects:

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

NEFTI - Hardcore Breaks Mix September 2013

One of the nuskool /nurave masters on this kind, NEFTI from Poland, has recently uploaded on his Mixloud his latest mix including some hardcore breaks, available to be shared and downloadable free!!


AVRO ft. DEBBIE SHARP - I Can Live Without You (DJ Twista Something Good remix)
GIZMO - Night Drive (Nefti 2013 Hardcore Breaks remix)
DJ RAVE IN PEACE - Rock Steady
RESIN - Give It Up
MINDFIELDS - Badboy (Nefti remix)
RACKNRUIN - Soundclash
UFO PROJECT - Night Moves (XTM remix)
AUDIO X - Dubplate Bizness
DJ FRESH ft. SIAN EVANS - Louder (Herve remix)
DJ NEE ft. STU CHAPMAN - Lucifers Code
100Me VS SOUL SINNERS - Dropship (Sanxion remix)
ELECTRUX - Illusions


Follow NEFTI:

Monday, 23 September 2013

AMIGA BREAKS/FUZZBUZZ Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- Hello Timo! First of all I'd like to introduce yourself to Strictly NuSkool Blog fans, and tell me few things about you and your project, when did you first start making music and what inspired you to catch up with it

I first started messing around with music in 1990 with an Amiga 500, it was such a rush to hear breakbeats, bass, pads and pianos coming out of an Amiga 500, from there i moved onto the Amiga 1200 and created in OctaMED until 2002 when i moved onto a Mac.
I would have continued with the Amiga but i found Renoise for the Mac, which is very similar to OctaMED. It was nice to have the 16 bit sound and more than 4 channels.
Mainly i was writing hardcore, happy hardcore and downtempo breaks, when hardcore went away and it was only happy hardcore I countinued to create tracks with the oldskool sound and when i found out about the hardcore breaks scene I jumped onto the bandwagon in 2006. It was around this time that I had to moved to Japan and it became harder to follow the scene in the UK. 

- Checking your Soundcloud page & your website, can someone see a variety of genres on your productions, such as future jungle, hardcore breaks, oldskool hardcore. Tell me few things about your productions and which genre is your fav one

I like to experiment with different styles, back when i was doing my production on the Amiga I did house, garage, drum & bass, jungle, hardcore, happy hardcore and downtempo. When I moved onto the Mac I steered more towards the hardcore breaks sound and drum & bass, however over the last few years I have been doing some 80s style tracks.
I would have to say that the oldskool hardcore sound is my favourite but it changes depending on my mood.

- Let's play a game now..Oldskool VS Nuskool anthems.. Choose please, 5 of your essential gems and 5 nuskool gems that you like mostly

1. Neuromancer - Pennywise (This tune has to be the ultimate oldskool tune!)
2. Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness
3. DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud
4. DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer - Slammer
5. DJ Red Alert and Mike Slammer - F*cking Hardcore (The slammer boys are the definition of what oldskool hardcore is)
1. Amiga Junglism - DreamBench WIP
2. Sike - Bongo Bongo
3. Anything on the Paranoid Recordings label
4. Luna-C - piano progression remix
5. SL2 - On a Ragga Trip (SL2 & Modified Motion Remix)

- Best rave memory that you will never forget?

Hmm there are many that I am sure were good nights but I can't remember, probably the best that stands out was the Dream All Nighter events, but I can't remember where it was lol

- Few things that you want to say about your Guest Mix on Strictly NuSkool Blog

Please excuse the quality of the mix, it has been a while since I have been on the decks but these are just a few of the tracks that i liked to rave out to in the day

- Is there anyone you want to thank, send your greetings, or mention anything else extra?

Yes I just want to give a massive shout out to Renegade Genious over at Paranoid Recordings, Amiga Junglism, Tari Ziyad at NuRave, Glowkid, Nicky Allen, Leonized, Paul Cronin, Exit Point and finaly my wife and family, sorry to the people that I did not mention.

Amiga Breaks Guest Mix for the Strictly NuSkool Blog


'30 Years R&S RECORDS wt. founder RENAAT VANDEPAPELIERE (1hr Guest session @ Renegade Radio 107.2 FM/

This Blog is always next to every nuskool/nu-rave single thing, but would be nothing without mentioning and showing always our respect to the oldskool roots.. 
A giant label in the oldskool scene, that keeps it still alive for the last 30 years is R&S Records!

Renaat Vandepapeliere is the former of this mighty label and is also responsible for all these class releases from acts like Jaydee, Outlander, CJ Bolland, Joey Beltram and many many more!!
This Sunday, 29 September, he is invited to Renegade Radio 107.2 FM as Guest throwing a 1hr mix featuring his top R&S tunes !
And of course not to be missed at all...

Save the date!

Sunday, 29 September 2013 [19:00 - 22:00 UK]  UTC +01   


Follow the radioshow event on Facebook  for more details  
here: :

London, 11 October 2013

Don't forget also to check out R&S Records website 
for anything you need to know such as artists, mixes, videos, all latest news, R&S Shop and everything related to the legendary label!

Also you can be a part of the "30 Years Anniversary"
huge upcoming events in London & Berlin!
more info on the website..


Berlin, 12 October 2013

Sunday, 22 September 2013

FREEBIE tunes [ Pursuit/DJ Slim & BFresh/Amiga Junglism/Paul Cronin ]

This week was full of class releases & class 'free download' tunes by few nuskool/ nu-rave artists!

Starting up with DJ Pursuit, remixing The Men From Del Bosca classic '92 tune  'El-Bland-E' with hints of  'El Cerveza' and 'Banjo-El-Austral'
Oldskool well known buzz by Pursuit, who has hit 1000 followers on his Soundcloud page & he gives away for free this breakbeat hardcore panic!

DJ Slim, from The Liquid Rollers, has collaborated with BFresh to remix DJ Seduction's oldskool gem "On My Own" and the result was a 146bpm hardcore breaks masterpiece, mastered by Eddie Voyager and given to you free to download, share & njoy it!

Next one goes to all nu-junglists..It's a remix by the unique Amiga Junglism to Toran Delaney's tune 'Warp' .. Just feel the break pumping inside you ...

Finally, we serve you some ravey club sounds by Paul Cronin on his latest hardcore free tune

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

CHAMPION BREAKS Guest Mix @ [Exit Point's show] - 16 Sep.2013

We were all expecting a mix by the nuskool acid master, Champion Breaks and finally..... Exit Point grabbed the chance & helped us living it!
So.. the Future (Pirate) Sound of London a.k.a. Champion Breaks was the Guest on Exit Point's Breaks, Bass & Beats show @ throwing a 1hr mix full of acid breaks, dub breaks, breakbeat & his crazy....acieeeeed skills!
His mix is available to listen & download via his Soundcloud page.


01. Austin & Vinyl Junkie ft. Rachel Wallace - Can't Go Back
02. The Flashback Project - Finest Illusion (Re-Fix)
03. Economix - Panic (Retropolis Remix)
04. Dodders - The Lost Boy
05. Eddie Voyager - Are U Ready
06. Bruxia, Non Compliance & Model 101 - In Control (VIP Vocal Mix)
07. Sanxion - Robot House
08. Radiokillaz - Kick Up Rumpus
09. Menace - Rave That
10. DJ Seduction - On My Own (BFresh & DJ Slim Remix)
11. Mystery & Disrupta - Phatt in The Kitchen
12. Schoco - Sunrise
13. Lucas & Strange Rollers - 100 % Pure
14. Champion Breaks - London Bass Hackney Acid
15. Exit Point - Warehouse Dayz
16. Champion Breaks - Earful of Coke
17. Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Breaks Remix)
18. Renegade Genious - Too Muc Acid
19. Bad Boy Pete - Babylon Poison
20. Nebula 2 - Onwards



Exit Point's 
Breaks, Bass & Beats show is every Monday 19:00 - 21:00 (UK time) @

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

FORTHCOMING Hardcore Breaks Releases [Good Times Recordings - KODE 5 Recordings - Rave Stylee]

Too many good tunes & releases are about to come out in the near future from class nuskool labels and acts... Let's focus on rave/hardcore breaks genre...

Starting with Good Times Recordings new signing from USA, Beat Squad, who's about to release a 4 track EP, called "Beats a Treat EP" (release date TBA)
" Free Your Soul " looks like the top hit of this hardcore breaks release with an epic piano break!

KODE 5 Recordings didnt miss the opportunity and signed AlexBreako from Greece and his sweet emotional breaks tune "Deep Love pt2 " and as my bro Tariq says by listening to it "..the first drop at 2'40'' is phenomenal, a classic Basement Records sound, the pads-the melody towards the end are sublime.." (release date TBA)

dj fLow is one of my top producers on this scene and every single tune of his work, shows you his complete talent! Rave Stylee knows this one very well, so they are about to release an EP later this year..
"Energize " is an ultimate rave anthem from this forthcoming release, with full of energy and Flow's known 'recipe' !

WHISTLA - Somebody Scream! [out now from L2S Records]

Never too late to blog a class release like this one by Whistla, been out during this summer from L2S Recordings.. It's his second L2S release following a future garage EP, and is totally dedicated to oldskool rhythms!
Whistla has gathered few of his unreleased productions in 90s with a variety of genres such as jungle/breakbeat/oldskool rave/drum & bass & hardcore sense and made this 15track album.

It's an album for oldskool heads & the nuskool blood, totally worth to be placed on your collection!

Go For It!


01. Oh My Gosh
02. It's Time
03. Warehouse
04. Big Up Your Spliff
05. Ready On The Right
06. Xpressionz
07. Natural High
08. Elevate
09. Double E ft. DJ Kem
10. Hold On
11. Be Yourself
12. You Can't Run
13. You Think It's Over
14. L.O.N.D.O.N.
15. Tonight


BUY this release on Junodownload

Monday, 16 September 2013

ALTON X Choices Kode5 Recordings

Kode 5 are leading the way for NuSkool darkcore bangers right now and they have unleashed a beast of a tune here, Alton X-‘Choices’ samples my favourite horror franchise and moulds it around all kinds of twisted mentasm nastiness replete with skull crushing amen breaks in true 93 style, we find your lack of bass disturbing, we suggest that you invest your money into this utter filth and shun feebleness, embrace the darkside, get on this!!!!!

  Buy It From Trackitdown:
Buy It From Juno:

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pinky & The Brain - When Mice Ruled The World (out now from Good Times Recordings)

Pinky & The Brain (a.k.a Andy Wilson and Tom Parr) bring you the sound of classic piano rave/hardcore breaks!
Following the success they had on their first release on GTR, "Thinkin' About You", this nu-rave duet, is serving you now 4 massive fresh 140bpm rave/hardcore breaks tunes on "When Mice Ruled The World", which is out now from Good Times Recordings.

Starting with "Acid" , a 303 soaked Skippy funky rave breaks tune with soaring pianos, which took quickly NO.6 in the first days of the release, and it's now raised to NO.2 from yesterday on the Top100 Breaks Charts on TrackItDown.
Then you may enjoy a melodic house feeling tune "Before Tomorrow", a sweet melancholy of "Missing You" and closing up with a sweet piano anthem like "Old Memories".

For those who do not know, Good Times Recordings is a master label on this 140 rave/hardcore/piano breaks sound and its very important if you respect your nu-rave ears, to follow directly this label & its stuff!

BUY from TrackItDown: Acid - When Mice Ruled The World EP - Pinky & The Brain - Good Times Recordings - MP3/WAV Download


Pinky & The Brain:

Friday, 13 September 2013

MANIX ‎– Living In The Past E.P.

Friday the 13th today.. but no need to get anxious with it cos we have a great announcement on the surface by Manix. The mighty Mark Clair from 4Hero is back to our minds, our hearts and our feet again with a release "return to Hardcore/Jungle Rave roots"
Reinforced Records presents Manix new stuff on Living in The Past release keeping the 90s oldskool pianos, breaks and big basslines!

You can pre-order the Living In The Past and download 2 tracks in format of mp3/flac or others..
The releases will be out on 14th October and make sure you will grab it, so save the date!


12'' Picture Disc

A1     Living in the Past
A2     Pull Up Tune
B1     One More Time
B2     Riprize

Limited Edition CD Album

01.   Living in the Past
02.   One More Time
03.   Pull Up Tune
04.   Your Love Is Over
05.   Original Stylee
06.   Rave Fantasy
07.   Rise Up Over
08.   So Good
09.   Riprize
10.   One Four Fives

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sparky a.k.a Sanxion-Can You Feel The Power(1998) Free DL

Here's a lost gem by Sanxion under his Sparky alias, can you believe this was made in 1998? a distinctly old skool sounding tune even for that time period with an instantly catchy vocal from a well known house tune, anyway, if you didn't have this and we doubt you did, grab it now!!! Its free and its a b b b BANGER!!!!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


  Moondance 4 Life - The Halloween Ball
In Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support
Saturday 2nd November 2013 (9PM – 9AM)
Hidden Nightclub, 100 Tinworth Street, London, SE11 5EQ
All Proceeds go to the Macmillan Cancer Support




Impact records Back Catalog Now Online!!!

For the first time ever, DJ Seduction's seminal breakbeat hardcore & jungle imprint, Impact Records is up online, more of the back cat is being added daily, avail yourself of the chance to own digital copys of countless classics from the rave era, here's one of many, a tune that was caned by Tango & Ratty back in the day, also below is a link to the current digital back cat, without oldskool, there would never have been NuSkool!!!! Grab yourself a slice of history!!!!

Link to full back cat:

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Strictly NuSkool Presents DJ Mark C-Free 3 track EP

We have set up a bandcamp page to showcase free tracks by our favourite producers, we kick things off with the legend that is Mark C, you can also get these tracks from Mark's soundcloud, check our sites directory to the right side of the blog for the link, if you have any NuSkool tracks you would like us to feature, drop us a message on the  facebook page. Coming soon is an exclusive free album 'Strictly NuSkool Vol 1' and I must say we have some great tunes lined up for this LP, stay tuned for more info and grab these bangers if you haven't already!!!!!


Pursuit - Raw (2013 Remix)-Free DL


Pursuit goes in raw with this 95 style hardcore beast of a tune!!!!!!! As always, his drum edits are superb, the subs are low and heavy and at 170BPM, this is one who likes their hardcore on the tougher side, no cheese here, just tough, speaker crunching pads and hip hop vox to get you bouncing around like a rabbit with a rocket up its rectum!!!!! All this and its frrreeeeeeee!!!!! You know what to do!!!!!!!!!

Paul Cronin- Rave Nations Get Up EP-San Francisco Nights


Paul Cronin is back with a fresh EP of his quality NuSkool bangers, he goes in hard with the opening title track, a tough hip hop influenced breakbeat hardcore banger, next up is my pick of this great EP and quite a few others are feeling this one too, ‘I Get Hype’ wraps the well known vocal sample from ACEN’s ‘Trip II The Moon’ into a banging NuSkool/140 roller. Paul gets a bit classical with the lively ‘4 Seasons’ giving Vivaldi a hardcore reboot!!!!!!!!! ‘Y’All In The House (Say Yeah) is a rushy, uplifting number with awesome trance like pads and a drop that will melt your mind and make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!!!! ‘In The Morning’ continues in this melodic vein but more on the bad bwouy junglist tip with rolling amens and gunshots with a nice dubstep style drop. Another quality EP for you lovers of the NuSkool so once again, support this scene, support the artists and go and grab this!!!! Buy links can be found in the soundcloud set.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Interview With Kode 5 Recording's DJ Mystery

Kode 5 has gone from strength to strength in 2013 with No1 releases in the download stores from the likes of Stormski, Scotty Breaks and many other new and established producers in the NuSkool scene, we caught up with DJ Mystery to have a chat about music and life in general......

Your first taste of the rave scene was back in 89, the 'Summer Of Love', was it really the way people say it was?

I will be honest with you it indeed was a special vibe that lasted only a few years from what I remember.

What was the greatest year of the rave scene in your opinion?

I would say it was for me 1990-91 this was the start of the Belgian techno scene and I really got in to DJ’ing with this genre, I was hooked instantly.

Fast forward to the present and you have, along with 4 other like minded people, started Kode 5 recordings, what was the inspiration for this?

It was from a night out with Max MC, he was really set on the idea so it was time to get the wheels in motion, Gaz Pritchard was also really happy to set up a label so we decided to go for it and set it up as the vibe we wanted was old skool so we teamed up together and created Kode 5....5 members Dakoda, Mystery, Max MC, Disrupta & Kosine.

Although Kode 5 caters for a variety of genres, its fair to say that it is a 'NuSkool' label. A lot of the releases to date and forthcoming offer a 2013 take on the 90's rave/hardcore/jungle sound, how are the 'oldskool' heads taking to it and can it be as good as those classics from the golden era?

Indeed we are a 91-94 vibed genre brought back up to date with the present scene, as I’m an old skool DJ it’s sort of in my blood to know a good old skool tune and a good nuskool one. I also started to play this nuskool sound out in my sets with DJ Timeless, the nuskool vibe really started to grow on us both and it also showed as the old skool crowds were liking the nu sound we were playing. So I would say if you like your old skool then you’re gonna like the nuskool its a no brainer for me as some really serious tunes are appearing in this nuskool breaks/future jungle scene at present.

Not wishing to put you on the spot but which releases on Kode 5 have stood out for you so far?

Ha ha!.....tuff question....that would be the ones which I’m always playing then between Stormski-‘Dream Of Heaven’ & Mastergroove-anialite....Seriously love all the tracks on Kode 5 but these 2 have been played the most from me.


You've only gone and signed old skool legends, Nebulla II!! Tell us, how did this come about?

Well it came about after Kosine booked Nebula II for a Brighton Originate  gig last year, the rest is history shall we say..


And you also run regular events, what can an attendee expect and anything coming up soon?

The night is called Conception it’s a Kode 5 based night which is run by various members of the group and a few very good south coast DJs in the team. Basically our nights are all about the old vs the nu you can expect some seriously awesome tuneage on one of our nights out its basically a very varied night of not just old skool we aim to cover the nu skool scene as that’s also where the new ravers are.

Conception @ Winchester Club-Bournemouth -September 6th
Conception @ Volks Club -Brighton -September 27th

Thanks for taking the time to chat with the Strictly NuSkool Blog, just to round things up, what’s coming up in the near future for the label? Also, any shout outs and big ups?

For the label we have a new nuskool album ‘en route’ for September called Conception...some very big tracks from most of our artists on board the kode 5 label...defo one to keep an eye out for if you’re in to your nuskool/future jungle breaks.

Shouts out to all involved in the Kode 5/Conception family & friends for helping us keep the scene alive..

Check out this Kode 5 recordings set by DJ Mystery and follow the link to their soundcloud page where you can hear al of their back cat and forthcoming tunes too....


The Troubles and Wars Remix EP (out now from AMEN4TEKNO Recordings)

Amen4Tekno Recordings is an about 2 yrs old label based in UK, pushing out the sound of  'nuskool jungle techno' by bringing the oldskool sound of jungletekno up to date, plus techno and drum & bass buzz!

Few months ago they set a competition on Facebook, to expose new artists on the A4T squad.
The contest was about remixing a tune called 'Trouble and Wars' made by MANDIDEXTROUS ( and T-menace (
So the contributing artists on this brand new release, 'The Trouble and Wars Remix EP' are: Champion Breaks, Matheus, Exodus Sounds, Cypha, Tempore and Brakka.

The only thing remains to do is to take a serious listen to this EP and all these wicked remixes included by some class producers on the NuSkool scene, support this try and add this innovative label on your list for its forthcoming releases!
Big ups to all involved on this banging release!


AMEN4TEKNO Recordings: