Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Those naughty Flash Cats are back with another EP of Old Skool Nu Skool goodness! You may have seen this about,it's on sale now,and if you don't know - it's time to get to know!


(Rate: 7/10)

Come Inside starts with the classic piano chords from an 80's pop track and some well known 90's Rave bootlegs! With lush build ups and filtered breaks,dropping into an awesome bouncy bassline that accompanys the piano nicely as it filters back into the track.Nice breakbeat rolling under the punchy kicks and snares. Then it's back to that big pianoline again with the titles "come inside" vocals,another build up,this time longer and teasing you more before the bass drops back on you!The bass and the piano both playing nicely together before switching to a bouncy bassline that accompanies the ol skool stab. This is a well made class happy nu skool roller!

This is by far the stand out track on the EP,revisiting a great and underplayed old skool underground anthem. track starts off with nice breakbeats before the punch and snare come in with that classic stab riff! classic vocal playing on top before dropping into that classic and dirty bassline! playing with the bassline enough to give it a modern sound but keeping that old skool vibe! Rolling into OMG!- that classic piano and vocal riff,this is proper hairs on the back of your neck business here! Back into that stab with a nice low sine sub before the dirt and the beat kicks back in,some nice playing with the vocal as a stab here also.Back into that hands in the air piano and vocal!rolling out to the end with the breaks this is a real feel good tune!

Rate: 6/10

Nice stabby bassline with classic breakbeats rolling until the sub and kick/snare combo drop.Rolling along into a crazy old skool riff then into a stabby bassline and old skool stab,drops into a lush old skool pad section with following sub and half tempo beats until after the snare roll kicking back in with the breaks ard a razor bass! Brings the stabs back and then returning to the original stabby old skool bassline and breaks rolling out to the end.

Overall a must buy EP of quality well made Rave tunes,Gotta Release and Come Inside especially making this EP essential. Tried and tested this does damage on the dancefloor!I've been dropping the tunes in my sets and they go down. I eagerly await the next lot of goodys from the Flash Cats as it seems they have pure fyah yet to release on us all!

Overal rating: 7/10


( reviewed by 2nzy for Strictly Nuskool Blog dj2nz@hotmail.com )

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gareth Monks - Untitled EP [Available Now From Dark Til Dawn Records!!!]

1/ Feeling High.
2/ Defunked.
3/ Aura.

Frequent Strictly NuSkool Blog musical contributor Gareth Monks joins forces with the Dark Til Dawn Records label to bring you the 'Untitled EP'. Three deep, dark and moody jungle/D&B tracks to unsettle your speakers.

Gareth sets the ball rolling with the hardstepping 'Feeling High' which sets the mood with ominous synths and Funky Mule breaks alongside jazzy keys and female vocals extorting 'I'm feeling high'. A top blend of light and darkness.
My personal favourite, 'Defunked' drops next in a 1993, darkcore-style with timestretched metallic breaks, rapid-fire stabs, rumbling bass over a 'Humpty Dump' break. A minimalistic track with deep and dark undertones.
The 'Untitled EP' closes with the epic 'Aura', a heavy slab of current drum & bass with junglistic undertones throughout. The track is opens with dubby, reverbed piano stabs before launching into a solid 2-step breakbeat accentuated by soothing string sections which morph into a moody, twisting synth melody on the latter part.

The Gareth Monks 'Untitled EP' perfectly combines 3 massive drum & bass monsters for both the mind and the feet. An essential addition to any junglists' collection.

Gareth Monks 'Untitled EP' is available to download now from the Dark Til Dawn Records Bandcamp webstore for the bargain price of $1 (approximately £0.64 UK money), or more if you wish to support the artist and label...


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[AKO-003] DJ Stretch Presents - Hungry Tiger Remixes [Digital & Limited Edition 12" Orange Vinyl Available To Pre-Order Now!!!]

1/ Hungry Tiger (Serum Refix).
2/ Hungry Tiger (Ricky Force Refix).
3/ Hungry Tiger (Skitty Refix).
4/ Hungry Tiger (Tim Reaper VIP Mix).
For anyone who has followed the jungle and drum & bass scenes since from their inception, then the DJ and producer, Stretch will be a familiar name with his legendary remixes of classic ragga/dancehall tracks on the Street Tuff label, his regular appearances on long established labels including Reinforced Records (as DJ Stretch and as one half of , Riddim Track Records and Kartoons, as well as setting up his own label, A-Ko Recordings in '96 and which was recently reborn in 2014 as AKO Beatz.
For the third AKO Beatz release, DJ Stretch has collected four of the highest pedigree, contemporary jungle and drum & bass producers to rework his heavyweight 1996 jump-up classic 'Hungry Tiger'.
London based Serum sets the ball rolling by overlaying the trademark kung-fu flick dialogue with stepping breaks , ominous horn sounds and fierce bass growls. Next up the Dublin junglist, Ricky Force provides a bass heavy, roller with lashings of chop-socky, fighting effects.
Foundation X label founder, Skitty drops his thundering amen led refix with elastic bass twinges and additional Reese throbs, while  Tim Reaper closes things off with an tearingly intense amen-break workout with some serious choppage and spacey FX going on.
Altogether the 'Hungry Tiger Remixes' provides four essential drum & bass updates of a seminal piece of jungle history for 2015. Don't sleep on this one!
The DJ Stretch 'Hungry Tiger Remixes' are available to pre-order now from the AKO Beatz label Bandcamp page and come in digital and Limited Edition 12" Orange coloured vinyl formats for £2.50 and £10 respectively.
All pre-orders will receive an immediate taster track download with the full 4-track album becoming available to download on the release date. The 'Hungry Tiger Remixes' are estimated to be ready for distribution on the 20th July.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

[APHALTD 001] Fracture & DJ Monita - Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture VIP) [Digital Download And Limited Edition 10" Vinyl Available From Astrophonica Now!]


A - Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture VIP).
Oldskool meets nuskool when hardcore/jungle/D&B veteran DJ Monita of Skeleton Recordings fame joins forces with established drum & bass producer, Fracture who provides a brand new 2015 VIP remix of the 1992 hardcore classic, 'Luv Ta Luv Ya'.
Opening with a classic combination of the N.W.A. 'Express Yourself' break and Monita's own Skeleton break, the 'Luv Ta Love Ya (Fracture VIP)' soon segues the legendary Donna Summer's vocals into a monstrous growling Reese and tearing amen section to devastating effect. Fracture expertly provides a remix which updates the 23 year old underground anthem for the modern D&B enthusiast whilst staying faithful to the original source.
A must for any fan of meticulously crafted, oldskool hardcore versus Drum & Bass remixes.

The 'Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture VIP)' is available from Fracture's Astrophonica Bandcamp page in both Digital and Limited Edition "10 vinyl formats from £1.20 and £7.50 respectively (plus P&P for the vinyl), and if you wish to contribute more to support the artist and label, there is also that option to. Vinyl heads be sure to order soon as copies are selling fast and the 10" will not be repressed once it sell so out.


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[KFA70] Dj Luna-C - Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP (Executive Edition) [Out Now On Kniteforce Again!!!!]

1/ Keep Coming Hardcore.
2/ Buggin’ Out.
3/ All The Worlds Banana’s.
4/ Hear Me Now.
Executive Edition Track
5/ Fuck You (Because I’m Fucking Angry 2).

Arachnophobes beware!!! Kniteforce label owner Dj Luna-C has not been resting on his laurels since the release of his groundbreaking 'Risk! EP' last month. The 'Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP (Executive Edition)' follows hot on the heels of it's predecessor this month with 5 massive tracks to rip up your soundsytem! 
'Keep Coming Hardcore' which opens up the EP does exactly as it says on the tin with an energetic hardcore techno backing beat overlaid with classic rave vocal samples to keep the trainspotters happy, and a monstrous, infectious stab riff to get right under your skin. The manic rave energy continues with 'Buggin' Out', which propels big band brass swells, hip-hop elements, a cheeky nu-metal (do they still call it nu-metal anymore???) vocal sample and manic keyboard motif over a throbbing hardcore-tek beat and bassline. 
With a cheeky nod to the Invisible Man's 'The Tone Tune', 'All The Worlds Banana’s' raises the euphoric vibes with massive 1992-styled pianos, stabs and diva vocals combined with frenetic synths and pounding kickdrums. 'Hear Me Now' adds a touch of junglistic flavour to the hardcore melting pot, with chopped up amen breaks peppered with strong reggae/ragga vibes and call to 'listen to the drum and listen to the bass' (courtesy of Musical Youth). The track still maintains that 'Luna-C' hardcore attitude with a pulsating bassline and warped riffs aplenty.
Last year's 'Because I’m Fucking Angry' from the 'A Whirlwind Of WHAT? E.P' receives an excellent, mental 2015 update in the form of the 'Fuck You (Because I’m Fucking Angry 2)' remix to close the EP in a manic fashion. Expect the 'Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP' to take no prisoners when it comes to soundtracking the 'rave' experience. Essential listening!
Dj Luna-C's 'Almost No Spiders, Guaranteed EP (Executive Edition)' is available to purchase from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore link below, for the bargain price of $6.50 (approximately £4.13 in UK money, so less than a quid per track!)...

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Lietuva's wonder badboy like Tony Jungle returns with a personal EP out from the great In Da Jungle Recordings offering hot jungle and amena breaks on 3 tracks featured on 'Different Styles EP'

Grab your copies now on:
Beatport here
Juno here
Traxsource  here

RATE: 8.5/10
FAV TRACK:  'Mood'



Thursday, 25 June 2015

[PRMP3014] Various Artists - One Nation EP [Free EP From Paranoid Recordings]

1/ Worldwide Epidemic - Experimental Subconscious.
2/ Skunk Association - Nightmares.
3/ Liam Taylor - High Voltage.
4/ Cronin - One Nation.
Paranoid Recordings present another instalment in their legendary series of free 4-Track EP's featuring both veteran producers and newcomers to the underground hardcore breaks scene. The 'One Nation EP' sees the combined talents of Worldwide EpidemicSkunk Association, Liam Taylor and Cronin join forces to forge a heavyweight, tear-out breakbeat collection of tracks.
Opening in a with 'Experimental Subconscious' by New Zealand based artist Worldwide Epidemic. An epic slab of amen-led, jungle-tekno featuring layered breaks, soaring synths, classic female vocal chants and lashings of late '93 to early '94 attitude. If the likes of Chaos & Julia Set set your eardrums aflame then this'll definitely be your bag!

Skunk Association returns to Paranoid Recordings to give you 'Nightmares', which as the tracks title suggests features subtle 'darkcore' stylings, whilst not going overboard with the 'horror' leanings. Twisted mentasm riffs and the occasional, unnerving synth accompany a huge dubby bassline and Funky Nassau breakbeats to great effect.

Newcomer to the label, Liam Taylor drops an altogether nuskool take to the hardcore rave mould with 'High Voltage' by combining heavyweight D&B breaks with jittery percussive elements and an addictive bass melody. As a final flourish to complete the track, Liam expertly  lays down an immense hoover riff rhythm and synth notes.
PS - I can't be the only one who is getting a hardcore Sir MixaLot/Booty Bass vibe off of this track! :D

The one and only (Paul) Cronin bookends the 'One Nation EP' with 'One Nation' in his true signature style. Classic vocal samples? Check! 200 mph amen breaks? Check! Hands-in-the-air pianos? Check! Frenetic rave riffs? Check! Mental MC/Hip-Hop/Ragga/Oldskool vocal samplage? Check! Check! Check! If the hardcore scene had maintained mainstream popularity to this date, then Paul would be the rave Calvin Harris!

If your hardcore tastes span from atmospheric, yet heavyweight jungle to hands-in-the-air uplifting anthems then the 'One Nation EP' has it all! As it's free, you have no excuse not to get on this one! 
The 'One Nation EP' is available to download for free from the link below... Play it loud!!!

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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

DJ OVERDOSE - Hardcore Breaks June 2015

"Back to the new skool hardcore breaks this month. Also this month is that I have got into the animated series Rick and Morty (Cheers Rick!), so that's why it's sampled all over the mix! Anyone into adult cartoon stuff should check it out, Google is your friend.

Anyway some cracking tunes from the last couple of months. Some from the usual suspects and some from some producers I wasn't aware of. Love the first track from Craig Chant, sample mania and very well composed. Nice to see an original track like that. Couple tracks from Bassraver and DJ RIP, always top tunes from those guys.

Shouts to the usual guys and gals. Big ups to DJ Gunnee, now a fully functioning DJ on Dream FM:) Happy birthday as well, so congrats all round. Shout to all the Dream crew, Monita, Monk, Wise, Bagpuss, Fat Controller etc.

Hellos to Rick and Ginny, Liban and Owen, all the old skool ravers.

Keep it real."


01 - DJ Overdose - Human Music Intro
02 - Craig Chant - I Need That Drug (Ecstasy)
03 - Liam Taylor - No Way
04 - Firefox Demon - Kola Kubez
05 - DJ Rave In Peace - Bass Be Louder
06 - Bassraver - Raving Dayz
07 - DJ fLow - Get Up feat. The Ragga Twins
08 - DJ Rave In Peace - Did I Dream
09 - Dune - Too Much (Gareth Monks remix)
10 - DJ Rave In Peace - Love Me Too
11 - Suncreem - Perfect Motion (Impact Beat Remix)
12 - Mr Sin - Reptilian Jesus
13 - Bassraver - Dreamer
14 - DJ Mark C - Jaws 91
15 - Beat Rapist - Real Deal
16 - AcdBrnOut - Like A Bitch
17 - Nicky Allen - NAD #13 The Darkness
18 - ABSRDST - Rick and Morty

Download Link:

Monday, 22 June 2015


UK's Southwest underground label like Beatroot Records presents a new EP of a well known suspect in the name of Riggie Smalls delivering 7 fresh tracks or party attitude and naughty basslines!
This EP is somehow divided in 2 parts as first 4 tracks offer 140-160 bpm range mutant bassline vibes and last 3 go over 190bpm visiting donk & ravecore sounds, ending with the sick and personal fav 'Brandyman'!
You have to expect sick rave partycore sounds on this EP.. Just let yourself go insane on this path..

Grab it by naming your price here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK: "Brandyman'



Watch this space for Riggie Smalls forthcoming releases @ Long Live The Animals/Lemtek

BH051:: CURIOUS 'Hustlin 101' [BAD HABIT MUZIK]

Bad Habit faithful soldier, DJ CURIOUS? is back with a new track titled 'Hustlin 101' delivering his well know stylee of jungle breaks and ready to return to the tops after his last offering 'The Apocalypse' which had great responce from the masses!

Grab your copies > Juno here



Saturday, 20 June 2015

DONUT- Hyper Happy/Happy Hornz [Klartbeat Recordings]

Klartbeat Recordins is a new label showcasing OldSkool Happy Hardcore sounds, this is release No2 on the label from DONUT and its a name your price release which can be downloaded for free although there's certainly nothing wrong with showing a bit of support and donating a couple of quid, if you were into those early sounds played by the likes of Slipmatt, Vibes, Dougal et al this will hold instant appeal and you'll want to grab these pronto!!!


Thursday, 18 June 2015

The Renegades - Artillery Vol.1

US based producer/DJ & owner of Dynamix Records, the man like The Renegades has unleased 6 remixes of him during the first week of this month.
Six days of free reissues and unauthorized remixes all given away on free download by The Renegades who's a hard workin' producer in the bass & footwork scene and much respected everything he offers!

Show some luv & support to this effort as needed then and give a blast on his very own 6track 'Artillery Vol.1' release.

RATE: 9/10
FAV TRACK:  'John B - Pressure (The Renegades Mix)


Monday, 15 June 2015

[SNBEP013] Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. DJ Rave In Peace - Veni Vidi Furere EP (2015)

DJ Rave In Peace has the word about his personal 6track EP, which is the 13th release in total from the Strictly Nuskool Blog - available on free download.

"Veni, Vidi, Furere....I Came, I Saw, I Raved!

Its difficult for me to explain this ep, I could so easily have called it "musical meanderings of a random mind" which would be fairly accurate as that pretty much sums up my music making process...i.e there is no process! Essentially it contains 3 tracks made back around 2007/8 which I have refreshed & then 3 brand new tracks made especially for this release.

They all revolve around oldskool beats and breaks and, whilst 2 of the tracks are in the "oldskool stab fest" vein, I also wanted to include tunes which approach the genre from a different direction. I never set out with a particular style or emotion in mind, pretty much all of my tunes are the result of playing around with different sounds and samples until something goes "click" and then the track builds from there.

I could, and probably would, waffle on for ages about each track, but I will instead let you discover them for yourselves. Download, listen and, hopefully, enjoy!

Massive thanks to Strictly NuSkool Blog for their continuing support of my tunes. "


Sunday, 14 June 2015


Believe it or not this producer is only 16 years old and we do know him very well over Strictly Nuskool Blog as he's been involved on 'The 1K EP' with 2 tracks inside and already signed on labels like Switchblade Digital, KODE 5 Recordings, Dred Collective, Ravenoyz Recordings.
An impressive year for Liam Taylor, who's a proud member of Nu-Rave Russian community!

'Watch My Heart' is the title of his new track, which is out now on Paul Cronin's own label like Raveskool Recordings.
You can grab your copies now, exclusively on Juno here



Saturday, 13 June 2015

BLV1722665:: WIREFIRE 'Breaks Of Fire' [out on MEERKAT RECORDINGS]

Swedish based label like Meerkat Recordings presents a rave inspired album of a new producer like WireFire, who joined the local squad of Meerkat!
This release consists of 7 tracks like a mini LP, titled 'Breaks of Fire' and  you can apparently hear a variety of different & firing breakbeats covered by various elements of acid, jungle, hardcore and spitting emotions from darkness to happiness..
In conclusion this is an interesting Nuskool album to check out from a producer who's debuting in the scene and this 1st personal public experiment seems pretty good!

BUY links
Juno here
Beatport here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACKS:  'Ravebreaks'  -  'Acidslowjungle'



[YMMM002] ScanOne - I'll Be Your Eyes [Limited 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Avilable From Modified Magic]

 A1 - I’ll Be Your Eyes.
B1 - We Copy. 
B2 - Ssik 92.

Quick on the heels of Tap Throw's 'Dip Switches EP', the Modified Magic label uncovers their second release, the 'I'll Be Your Eyes' EP by ScanOne, head honcho of the Yellow Machines label head honcho. Featuring three slabs of deep and dark, oldskool hardcore, techno and jungle influenced tracks with a touch of the abstract and the off-kilter.

The EP begins in a tearing, dark jungle fashion with 'I'll Be Your Eyes' which lays down metallic, time-stretched breakbeats and sweeping synths on the intro, which then merge into militant, Funky Mule breaks, bleeps and technoid bass throbs. The track then gains in momentum before unleashing a massive, spine-tingling synth drop with resonating chime effects, and more spacious pads, before rounding things off with additional layered, darkside breakbeats. An epic piece which combines the frenetic elements of 1993 hardcore and jungle with those of techno and electronica to immense effect.

'We Copy' follows in a similar manner as it's predecessor with 1992-style, junglistic drumbeats interspersed with rolling Apache breaks, nods to oldskool hardcore's hip-hop sampling rots,  and booming bass pulses which carry a warped, acidic bassline and techno blips over sinister synth notes. A true trip to the darkside!

The EP is rounded off by the cryptically named 'Ssik 92', a moody hardcore/jungle inspired track oozing with menacing synths, bubbling bassline, dub-reggae drumrolls and an immense, disconcerting, warped acid flourish to add a sense of unease.

Altogether ScanOne has crafted a trilogy of deeply sinister hardcore/jungle tracks which wear their leftfield techno influences proudly on their sleeves. The 'I'll Be Your Eyes' 3-Tracker is a perfect addition of those who appreciate the futuristic vision of the 1993 hardcore and jungle scenes and the pioneers of forward thinking electronica. Essential listening!

ScanOne's 'I'll Be Your Eyes' limited edition vinyl 12" is available to pre-order from the Modified Magic Big Cartel webstore link below for the price of £7.99 plus P&P




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HCL0030:: UNITED STATES BEAT SQUAD 'Free/Electrotronic' [out now on Hardcore Lives Records]

I still remember the successful 'Beats A Treat EP' from the newcomer U.S.B.S to the mighty Good Times Recordings about 2 years ago. From that time till now, many good changes for our friendly producer Aidy (a.k.a U.S.B.S.) as he got in touch and signed to Kode 5 Recordings, Red Alfa, involved on the big 'Beats For Gaza' Album and few more additions to Good Times Recordings.
Finally his fresh offering is officially out from Hardcore Lives Records, including 2 tracks which been playing out & supported from my radio show, and Tariq's the same too.
'Free'  and  'Electrotronic' are the new offers of the label, which is the 30th release so far delivering oldskool mentasm, heavy breakbeats and sweet killin' pianos!
And remember...Nothing can beat the nuff aggression of 'Electrotronic'...

Grab your copies now 

Beatport  here
Juno here
iTunes here

RATE: 9/10
FAV TRACK: 'Electrotronic'



Friday, 12 June 2015

[TOTAL 018] Heartbeat Kid vs. Casketkrusher - Keiharde Muziek [TOTAL DESTRUCTION RECORDS]

The 18th digital strike of Dutch Hardcore label Total Destruction Records is out now, available on free download like all releases from there. This time Dutch producer/DJ and owner of the label, Caskekrasher battles against German producer Heartbeat Kid
The sound is once again Early Hardcore/Gabber stylish, around 190 bpm range and Netherlands VS Germany on the board!
A serious weapon for the Hard Crew and in case you haven't already noticed about this underground label, you should start diggin' its releases!

Grab it/Donate here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK: 'Heartbeat Kid - Get Up And Party!'




I had some cool chat these days with Stamatis Kipouros, an established member in hcb & nu-rave scene hailing from Salonica/Greece. The main theme of our discussion was about his story so far so we've started talking about his early Rememberrave project till his current Motiv Breaks days..

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this lovely trip with him to

" About 9 years ago Vasilis Sideris came to my place and i still remember that day back then when i've made an oldskool hardcore tune and passed it to Vasilis to tell me what he thinks.
He absolutely liked it and that time he kept on visiting more often my home.

We caught up together doing experiments in tracks and once we had 3-4 tracks finished, we've set up a Myspace page giving a project name aswell, which was actually an answer and an essential key element that has been missing from our city, Salonica! And this was to make all oldskool clubbers from our city reborn and re-live the 90s again!
This was the period when Rememberrave were born.."

" We've started writting music with less knowledge in production technique, but the progress of production helped a lot when we've got connected with different people from Sonic Fortress & Dragon Technical crew, Nefti, Simon Holmes, Don Gorgon, The Flashback Project, DJ Pete, John Kidson just to name few of them over internet rave forums (Backtotheoldskool & Nu-Rave). These people were very important and respected to us and we we sharing the same music passion! Apart from that I was in full insomnia awake all night long studying about music production..

The first vinyl release came out from Sonic Fortress 'Rememberrave - The Golden Years EP' after Gareth & Phil came in contact with RR via Myspace. "

" Our early sound had been upgrading after we bought new equipment like hardware synths & various dj controllers and started playing out various parties in Salonica/Greece with the help & support of DJ Nuff and Koots MC [Polylicks].
That was the time when we met Orestiz and set up our own parties named 'Rip Up The Soundsystem' focusing mainly on the Nu-Rave sound (Hardcore Breaks, J-Tek, Rave Breaks, Future Jungle)
Whitetower Digital was born.. Various releases from the label where given on free download and some others where available on ravedownload.com or chemical records net store. "

" After a long break we decided to change the project's name to MOTIV cos we've felt it was a bit stupid keeping that RR cos it was inappropriate as a name , alongside seeing that we've been supported by 
various european countries like UK, Poland and Germany so we wanted to offer something fresh and new to our vibes surrounded by oldskool, dnb, breaks and house, and covering Nuskool Breaks sounds!

MOTIV switched to MOTIVBREAKS from now on driven by myself as a self project and experimenting on different kinds in Breaks genre.
I'm already signed to an established Greek label like VIM Records. And the f
irst release from there is titled BE WITH ME-RELEASE ME[VIM BREAKS BRONZE CAT NUM.001] "

The latest release from White Tower Digital is a past EP including tracks from Rememberrave made around mid00s and is a pretty gem in their own history & Nu-rave scene in general. Stamatis mentioned few words about it sayin:

" The Past EP is actually a kind of mini-compilation of the very first hardcore breaks project from me & Vasilis, featuring tracks which cover the sound of mid '00s in the Nu-Rave scene, just before entering the lowest bpm productions."

You can listen & grab 'The Past EP' from Rememberrave here :

Forthcoming Releases:

1) Digitrol - Ye Olde Sound Of London (Motivbreaks Jungle Breaks remix)


2) Motivbreaks 'Save Me Tonight EP' [VIM]