Wednesday 30 March 2016

GL0WKiD pres. YELL-O-PHASE (FIN) @ Generation X [RadioShow] - Planet Rave Radio (29MAR.2016)

[BOOM00057] Bay B Kane - Future Destination Exit 5 [Boomsha Recordings 2 Week Beatport Pro Exclusive Release!!!]

1/ On Your Mind (feat. Sam Serenader).
2/ F. Society.
3/ Care For Me (feat. Kyra).
4/ Fly With Me (feat. Lily Garcia).
5/ Ghetto Yout.

Undisputed jungle veteran Bay B Kane alongside Boomsha Recordings presents the fifth installment of Kane's long running series of 'Future Destination' EP's. Featuring five intricately crafted jungle tracks, spanning all styles from vocal driven, liquid funk to deep, dark and heavy amen rollers, 'Future Destination Exit 5' is set to deliver a diverse set of breakbeat workouts to satisfy even the most discerning of junglists out there.

The lazy, soulful and jazzy sounds of 'On Your Mind' kicks things off, with the sultry vocals of Sam Serenader manipulated into an hypnotic series of repetitions set to a relaxed liquid backbeat with an amen break sting in it's tail. 'F. Society' rolls in next and contrasts trance inducing, atmospheric pads and choral motifs with rumbling bass thumps and an aggressive, pitched down amen break roll out.

The immersively exquisite 'Care For Me' blends together the classic, 'intelligent' yet dancefloor friendly elements of vintage jungle, tinged with touch of melancholia which is further enhanced by the deep and yearning vocals of Bay B Kane's daughter, Kyra. Lily Garcia lends her lyrical 'call for freedom' to 'Fly With Me', which fuses together a gentle guitar lick and piano melody with rugged, hardstep breaks and thundering bass booms.
The EP is drawn to an impressive close with the rambunctious 'Ghetto Yout', a blend of sliced, diced and pitch manipulated jungle choppage driven by a massively, infectious bass rhythm and rebellious, ragga chatting.

After over two decades entrenched in the jungle music scene, Bay B Kane proves that he is still isn't done with showing the world what wonders he can do with a breakbeat.

The Bay B Kane 'Future Destination Exit 5' EP is available to purchase now as an exclusive Beatport Pro pre-release for before going on general release to all digital download stores in 2 weeks time...

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Monday 28 March 2016

[KOR024] The Rumblist - Drop Top E.P [2 Week Kut Off Records Beatport Pro Exclusive!!!]

1/ Drop Top.
2/ Pump The Bass.
3/ Back Crack.

The Rumblist is back once again to drop some phat bass and heavyweight breaks on all dancefloors with the release of the brand new 'Drop Top E.P' on premier breakbeat label, Kut Of Records.

Opening track 'Drop Top' captures the euphoric essence of oldskool rave and drags it 25 years into the present to inject into an infectious slice of nuskool, breakbeat funk, complete with a massive acidic bassline and energizing, hands-in-the-air riffs. 
Next up we are taken on a futuristic, electro breaks tip with 'Pump The Bass', where skanking dub melody meets massive 808 bass booms to get the head-nodders' seal approval.
'Back Crack' rounds off this trio of 'Rumblisms', and adds even more retro-rave reminiscences over a snappy, rolling breakbeat propelled by an electrifying synth-line and stab riff to provide a perfect close to the EP.

The Rumblist delivers an essential selection of devastating nuskool breaks tracks, which successfully pays homage to the heady dayz of rave whilst maintaining modern dancefloor relevance. 

The Rumblist's 'Drop Top E.P' will be available to purchase now exclusively from Beatport Pro for 2 weeks before being made available to all good Kut Off Records digital stockists from 11/04/15.

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[WJS005] Raket - Book Of Ninpo / Zen Garden [Available To Download Now From All Good Wicked Jungle Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Book Of Ninpo.
2/ Zen Garden.

Hot on the heels of the BattleDrone release, the Wicked Jungle Records camp aren't resting on their laurels yet as they push forth their campaign of drum & bass domination with Raket's 'Book Of Ninpo / Zen Garden' single.

Kicking things off in a ninjitsu stylee with 'The Book Of Ninpo', Racket introduces us to an intricate, koto, string instrument melody backed with a steady breakbeat on the intro before being introduced to fierce, rolling amens and deep bass pulses complete with smatterings of martial arts flick dialogue.

'Zen Garden' continues on with the Far Eastern motif with it's fusion of gentle, Japanese musical influences accompanied by thundering amen breaks and heavyweight, thumping sub-bass to create a veritable Yin and Yang of contrasting, yet harmonious elements.

Racket succeeds in blending Far Eastern and Western musical influences together in a hyper-kinetic, Japanese tinged duo of razor sharp drum & bass tracks!!!

The Raket, 'Book Of Ninpo / Zen Garden' single is available to download from all good Wicked Jungle Records digital sockets now!!!






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Sunday 27 March 2016

MR0016:: BASSRAVER 'Outside Slave to the Amens [MUSIC RASCALS]

Following the great work on his first personal EP on Music Rascals, titled 'Tell Me', Bassraver returns to the label with a new installment which achieved hitting No.1 on Track It Down Top 100 Breaks Charts. Phill's new offering sees a vocal led breaksbeat tune called 'Outside Slave To The Amens' one more great track of him and a big 165bpm stormer in overall!
In addition, a hard workin duet like Silverfox & Cronin features a Jungle Breaks remix on the original tune, proper bizniz!

Grab your copies:
Beatport here
TrackItDown here





Saturday 26 March 2016

[VMRDT055] Inphekt & Dr. V - The 2-0-1-6 [Available To Purchase Now From Viral-Mental Recordings!!!]

1/ Death Wish.
2/ Don't Wanna Hear Nothing
3/ The 2-0-1-6.
4/ Deep In The Dark.
5/ V&T In The Jungle.

The mysterious Inphekt and Dr. V return once more to Viral-Mental Records to present their very latest selection of dark and gnarly, neuro drum & bass bombs with the release of the mighty 5-track EP, 'The 2-0-1-6'.

The twisted sci-fi sounds of 'Death Wish' opens the EP with a seriously heavy, yet funky bassline accompanied by stepping breaks and sinister synth stabs that would Bad Company UK jealous. Inphekt & Dr. V drops some cold and clinical vibes with the epic neuro number, 'Don't Wanna Hear Nothing' which is soon succeeded by the title track, 'The 2-0-1-6'. A 120 mile-per-hour, 2-step breakbeat ride steeped in menacing, descending bass growls, eerie synth notes and robotic bleeps. 
'Deep In The Dark' takes things off into an even darker direction with it's fusion of rumbling, bass throbs, haunting atmospherics propelled by rattling amen break edits. The EP then closes with the off-beat, jungle percussion fueled 'V&T In The Jungle', which pushes that ominous vibe into the red with it's spacious atmosphere and dark, angry bass riffs.

If you are looking for some deep and dark, 'screw-yer-face-up' then Inphekt & Dr. V's 'The 2-0-1-6' has it in spadefuls. Get on it!!!

Inphekt & Dr. V's 'The 2-0-1-6' EP is available to download now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...



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JIGSOREDIGI003:: V​/​A - Broken Britain EP (Featured tunes by Humb/Oshkosh + Ritorto/Ronin/Stazma the Junglechrist/Raggamortis/Meow Meow)

Artwork by jakmcs :

UK based soundsystem & record label like Jigsore, specified in a blend of anything Hard like Hard Drum and Bass, Hardtek, Breakcore, Hardcore, Tribe and Ragga Jungle, returns with a marvellous 6track digital EP titled 'Broken Britain'.

Starting up with co-owner of Jigsore, Southwest Junglist like Humb on a badboy killin' Ragga Jungle vibe 'Bristol Pussy Damage', while Bristol's Osh Kosh meets Ritorto on an insane Oldskool Ravey Breakcore/Hardtek vibe (love it).

Then we have UK based producer/visual artist Ronin, who strikes back after his personal release on Jigsore titled 'Cut To The Quick EP' which came as the first digital release out from this label.
'Dead Dead Ronin' must be what I meant to say by 'Jigsore blending tactics'. Dark and aggresive Hardcore, realizing why Ronin is killed inside his own rhythm!

French Breakcore gent like Stazma The Junglechirst is responsible for tones of personal mayhem regarding his various releases as well as proper mastering services. Definetely one of the most essential members in the Breakcore scene and so his installment 'Feed From Screen', will explode yourselves after hearing this deep badass acid jungle vibe!
Worth to mention that he has made the mastering in this release.

One more Bristol soldier under the alias of Raggamortis, taking us on a space trip. Or even better, this is the time when we take Breakcore into another galaxy... Or else...'Turbokid'!
Finally last submission is strictly Dutch and driven Meow Meow  proper ravecore skills and his dish called 'Medicine'.

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Friday 25 March 2016

Blapps! Is Back (mix by DJ Aston)


1. Intro by Aston
2.Faster Than Fast by Jazzy Jason
3.The Sound (Blapps! Posse Remix) by Fast Eddie
4.Acid Thunder by Fast Eddie
5.DeeJays and Emcees (Blapps! Posse Remix)by Project X
6.Jail Break by Paradox
7.I Can't Live Without You by The Dynamic Guv'nors
8.Just A Break Freak by Break Freak
9.Bus' It (It's Time To Get Busy) by The Blapps! Posse
10.Vamp by Outlander
11.Do What U Want To by The Blapps! Posse
12.The Beat That's Hype by The Blapps! Posse
13.Acid Trax by Phuture
14.Rock The Discotheques by The Dynamic Guv'nors
15."I Have A Dream" (speech) by Martin Luther King
16.These Guys Are Doper Than Dope by The Dynamic Guv'nors
17.Revenge of the Ladies With an Attitude by Epitome of Hype
18.Energy Flash by Joey Beltram
19.Don't Hold Back(Backapella) by Blapps! Posse
20.Acid Party People by Pirate Jams
21.I Can't Stop (Blapps! Posse Remix) by Turntable Symphony
22.Double 99 by Ripgroove
23.Don't Hold Back 91 by The Blapps! Posse


GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] pres. 'Keep It Floored' Special & Interview with Paul Cronin - Planet Rave Radio (22MAR.2016)

Wednesday 23 March 2016

KFA74 - Saiyan And Cru-l-t - The Finest Fuckery Available E.P [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

You can find the title shocking but you can also find what you deeply need inside this new modern hardcore release of KFA. This is the second collab EP between label manager Luna-C under Cru-L-T alias alongside Canadian producer/DJ, Saiyan.
Both of them have worked a lot on this release, which is fairly following the 'Back 2 Tha MidSkool EP'.
'The Finest Fuckery Available EP' is the new KFA installment coming out now featuring 4 belters of Hardcore Techno/UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore modern vibes. This EP is exclusive to the Kniteforce website for the next two weeks by the price of $6.50 including also (one more...) smashing bonus remix by Luna-C to 'High Da Way'.
This means that after 2 weeks, you won't be able to buy that special bundle with Luna-C's remix, so make sure to hurry up and purchase your copies via KF website here


01) High Da Way
02) Only What's Real
03) Mortality
04) Ball of Confusion
05) High Da Way (Luna-C Remix)

Personal favourite track apart from Luna-C's remix, is 'Ball of Comfusion'. 
A badass and mean 170bpm Hardcore Techno Kniteforce stylish killer!

Check out Saiyan's following minimix including all featured tunes from this EP.



[WJS 004] BattleDrone - Space Funk / Excursions In NuJazz [Available To Download From All Good Wicked Jungle Records Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Space Funk.
2/ Excursions In NuJazz.

Wicked Jungle Records presents another massive selection of drum & bass, from label newcomer, BattleDrone, with the 'Space Funk / Excursions In NuJazz' single.

BattleDrone rolls out a phat slice of dancefloor friendly,  liquid drum & bass on 'Space Funk', with it's fusion of razor-sharp, 2-step breaks, future-dub synth drop and a killer bassline that wouldn't have sounded out of place on labels such as S.O.U.R. or Emotif Recordings back in the day. 
To complete the single we are next introduced to the deep, and mellow tones of 'Excursions In NuJazz', which combines intricately programmed, drumfunk breaks with spacious drones, deep subsonic, bass pulses and off kilter jazz sounds. 

BattleDrone successfully manages to create two distinctly, off-beat drum & bass tracks which bring forth memories of classic, boundary pushing, late nineties D&B labels. Highly recommended!!!

The BattleDrone 'Space Funk / Excursions In NuJazz' single is available to download now from all good Wicked Jungle Records digital download stores, so get on the case!!!




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Sunday 20 March 2016

[KLPR013] Metalman - In The Game 2006 E.P [Available To Purchase Now From KLP Records!!!]

1/ Deep Inna Jungle.
2/ Dub Roller.
3/ Jungle Roller.
4/ Special Technique.

Coming fresh off the production line from the original oldskool jungle label, KLP Records. We are presented with the debut release from label newcomer, Metalman with the massive four track selection of roughneck junglism, with the 'In Da Game 2006 E.P'.

Metalman kicks off the EP in a gangsta stylee with the Mafioso sounds of 'Deep Inna Jungle'. A minimalist breakbeat driven stepper complete with sinister strings, phat growling bassline and downbeat piano keys. A track that you'll be guaranteed to be unable to refuse!!! 'Dub Roller' up next steps things up a notch by fusing an infectiously skanking reggae riff with an equally gripping  bass melody to create a modern, dub fueled, nuskool jungle anthem. 

We are next introduced to the downright mean and moody bass notes of 'Jungle Roller', which drops heavyweight rolling breaks and dub FX alongside smattering of classic, dancehall ragga samples. The vintage, martial arts flick sampling 'Special Technique' rounds off the 'In The Game 2006 E.P' perfectly with it's fusion of razor sharp, layered breaks and deep throbbing bass notes to ensure tat there are no survivors on the dancefloor.

To sum things up, Metalman presents a devastating selection of solid nuskool jungle, future anthems that will prove to be an essential addition to any headz who appreciate captivating and deep basslines!

The Metalman 'In The Game 2006 E.P' is available to purchase now from all KLP Records digital stockists 

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DJOVERDOSE - February Hardcore Breaks Mix

"For February, I managed to pull together a nice mix of some slower (140) hardcore breaks. Reminissant of a 92 style in some parts. A couple of great remakes again, and Nexus & Blowback have retouched one of my fave tracks of all time. Some lifters, some dark ones. Something for everyone;)
Shouts to all the usual people, deejays and producers.
Remember, no one said crazy frog!"

01 - DJ Overdose - Live Moves Fast Intro
02 - Big Up
03 - SL2 - DJs Take Control (HUD Remix)
04 - Believe (Warehouse Remix)
05 - Sdhizumi - F-15E
06 - Genaside II - New Life IV The Hunted (Luis Pitti Remix)
07 - Master Mash - Darkside XTC
08 - DJ Oguretz - Power (Ant To be Remix)
09 - Pursuit - Dis Soundaz 4 Tha Underground
10 - Marra - Solar Plexus
11 - Greg Sin Key - Beverly Hills (Remix)
12 - Tell Me (2016 Relick Version)
13 - HoovThis
14 - Top Buzz - Living In Darkness (Ash 2K Remix)
15 - Nexus & Blowback - Dark horns (VIP Remix)

DL Link:!153&authkey=!APk7QHHgUxPib8E&ithint=file%2cmp3

Saturday 19 March 2016

[DETA006] Pickleman - Black Mountain Motel [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]

Melbourne has the right answer screaming it loud and proud to all Junglists and IDM fans out there! A young Jungle label like Detrimental Audio delivers its 6th release so far, driven by class and mental steps of Aussie producer Pickleman (a.k.a Dan White).

Digging a lot what Pickleman has done in here, proper work in all 8 tunes featured.
You can literally notice, after giving several plays on this EP that Pickleman has been experimenting thought different influences like Aphex Twin or Squarepusher and even '90s Jungle style, while succeed keeping that vibe alive on his productions. 

Excellent release with highlight fav tunes 'Prime Suspect/Mendax/Trax' and 'M0Dm0dM0D' tho all of this EP is some really interesting stuff to hear, closing with attractive endings bleeps of 'The Realm'. 

You can purchase your copies  here



Friday 18 March 2016

[VMRDT054] VEB - All Around You / Let's Try Again [Available To Download Now From Viral-Mental Recordings!!!]

1/ All Around You.
2/ Let's Try Again.

For the very latest from Viral-Mental Records we are introduced to the deep and atmospheric sounds of brand new artist to the label, VEB with the release of her electrifying debut single, 'All Around You / Let's Try Again'.

The haunting sounds of 'All Around You' sets things up to an exhilarating start with it's combination of tearing amen breaks, deep bassline and a spine-tingling, techno-synth melody which wouldn't sound out of place on a classic Aphex Twin or Autechre track. 
'Let's Try Again' picks up a similar pace to it's companion, through it's use of rolling amens, lush ambient pads and bubbling, electronica blips but stamps it's own identity with it's addition of melancholic bass notes and emotive piano melody.

On the strength of 'All Around You / Let's Try Again', it is a given that VEB is destined to become a name to watch out for in future!!!

VEB's 'All Around You / Let's Try Again' single is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now, so jump on it quick before everyone else does!!!



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Thursday 17 March 2016

CAT55494:: V.A. - Keep It Floored [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

A hard working producer and faithful soldier in the Hardcore Breaks scene, Leeds tune machine like Paul Cronin has recently set up a class compilation featuring a talented Nuskool Hardcore dream team on a 21track digital rave mayhem!
In a few words, this album is about the evolution of Oldskool Hardcore and you have to obey to the title that is 'Keep It Floored' and let your body, mind and soul dance to the rhythms!
Props go to all producers involved inside and keep the scene alive and hardcore word up!

Raveskool Recordings has definetely released the Album of the month!

Grab your copies on:


Don't miss Paul Cronin talking about this compilation plus few other bits of his work, on the upcoming Generation X [RadioShow] on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 - 17:30 [UK TIME]