Friday 30 January 2015

WIN 1 limited & signed CD copy of PURSUIT 'WAV Killed The Youtube Star' @ GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] on Planet Rave Radio


WIN 1 limited & signed CD copy of Pursuit's 'WAV Killed The Youtube Star EP'

It was about time to give away such a gem gift via my radio show with the likes & kindness of Pursuit aswell. This EP was officially released from the Strictly Nuskool Blog in June 2014 (available on free download) while during early January, Pursuit launched his own label 'This is Nu-Rave' releasing a limited number of 25 CD copies of it, as official first label release. 

RULES: SHARE - LIKE and COMMENT on the original post as published on GL0WKiD's Generation X facebook page. [LINK]

The winner will be picked on next Tuesday's (3rd February 2015) on Generation X [RadioShow]

live @ [5:30-7:30pm UK Time]
The competition ends on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 - 5pm [UK Time]


Check out all info about the original CD release here:


Tuesday 27 January 2015

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (27JAN.2015)

First showcase of 2015 got lots of class features, fresh and old tracks totally Nu-Rave and oldskool influenced as always. This is the 'Top 10 of the Week' based mainly on new tracks. Don't forget of course to show your support to all producers and labels involved on this showcase.
So....Starting with number 10 and London's producer JDubz remixing the classic '94 'Stop the Music' from the Timespan (aka Luna-C) [Free download via JDubz Soundcloud page] while number 9 is a raw bass gem titled 'Ruff' from the German producer Terrorythmus, forthcoming on Dred Collective compilation. Number 8 is 'Yodas Force' from Switzerland's finest oldskool hardcore producer/dj/label manager like DJ CRIP (Comeraveinpeace). Part of 'Yodas Force' 4track EP [release date: tba].
Moving to number 7 and the skillful melted brain of Melt Unit, who has recently released his 1st personal 'Get Melted' LP (out from Cock Rock Disco) and this remix on Midimachine is one of my fav ones during this month. Pure hyper acid footwork rave vibe!
On number 6, a friendly producer like Mr SPARKLe meets JamesVision offering a cool happy hardcore rusher including also some sexy pianos and the 'Suspicion of Murder' is the name of this excellent result!
Number 5, Abyss (owner of Switchblade Digital) returns with his personal monster choons and drops some smashing breakbeats on 'Here Comes The Pain'. Give some plays on it, and you'll see that the title is totally right!! Number 4 takes us to Finland and a clear oldskool hardcore producer/DJ/label manager like Yell-O-Phase , who's setting up an urban rave on 'Forests, Fields, Bunkers'. A full illegal and complete bomb.. Watch out!!
Number 3, is about a pumping happy hardcore 'back to mid-90s' anthem like 'That Was Fresh [Fresh for 96 Mix]' from the succeful conspiracy of DJ Disrupta & DJ A-One. Out now on the established & hard workin' KODE 5 Recordings. Pure Joy % and beloved dancefloor roller! Number 2 sees the very talented JAKAZiD and his latest..block rockin' rave beats killer called 'Ravebreak Sino*B' part of Allkore's 'Sega Nerdcore Generation' Album.
Last track is my OST of these days from morning's wake up call to night. Proper mental production, brain cell killer and quality darkness (can be somehow compared with Jilted era). The original track is the well known 'The Day is my Enemy' from the Prodigy's freshness and fair play goes to Russian producer Rapraiz on the rework duties.

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-27th Jan. 2015)

10. The Timespan - Stop The Music (JDubz Remix)

09. Terrorrythmus - Ruff [DRED COLLECTIVE]
08. Comeraveinpeace (DJ CRIP) - Yodas Force

07. Midimachine - Under Oath (Melt Unit Remix)
06. James Vision & Mr SPARKLe - Suspicion of Murder
05. Abyss - Here Comes The Pain [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
04. Yell-O-Phase - Forests, Fields & Bunkers (Raving Days)
03. DJ Disrupta & DJ A-One - That Was Fresh [Fresh for 96 Mix] [KODE 5]
02. JAKAZiD - Ravebreak Sino*B [ALLKORE]
01. The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy (Rapraiz Version)

LISTEN to full showcase:


A - Earthbound.
B - Keep It Locked (Sy & Unknown Remix).

4 years on from his last vinyl EP, DJ Jedi returns back into the vinyl arena with a limited, white label, two track release. The 'Earthbound' 12" features two storming tracks emulating the classic breakbeat hardcore styles from 1993-1995 particularly.

'Earthbound' on the A-Side champions the darkcore sound of '93 with eerie synths, an excellent 4/4 kickdrum and snare heavy break combo, accompanied by massive booming bass throbs. A colossal slab of pounding jungle-tekno with loads of atmospherics to create a perfect example of music for the mind as well as your feet.

On the flipside Jedi has unearthed an unreleased Sy & Unknown 2012 remix of 'Keep It Locked', which originally featured on his 2001 collaboration EP with Stormtrooper and D-Lyte, the 'JSD Project Part 1'. 'Keep It Locked (Sy & Unknown Remix)' is rollercoaster ride back into time when happy hardcore focussed on rolling breaks, booming bass, ravey stab melodies and massive piano sections rather than the cheesy depths to which it succumbed to in the latter part of the nineties.

Pre-orders for 'Earthbound' are available from the 7th Storey Projects webstore for the bargain price of £7.99 per copy plus P&P. All pre-orders will be entered into a competition to win an exclusive test press of the 'Earthbound' release, so get in there. All details are provided within the link below...

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Monday 26 January 2015


KF63 Tracks -
1/ I Got This.
2/ The Light.
3/ I Need U.
CD Only Remastered Back Kniteforce Records Catalogue Tracks -
4/ Insanity Clause (Remastered).
5/ Edge Of Madness (Sublove Remix) (Remastered).
6/ Mind Of A Lunatic (Remastered).
7/ I Know U (Remastered).
8/ Mindcurve (Remastered).
9/ Schitzophrenic Lox (Remastered).
10/ Acidic Brutality (Remastered).
11/ I Know U (D’Cruze Remix) (Remastered).
12/ Death Of A Psychopath (Remastered).
13/ Bass Drum Jungle Music (Remastered).
If the recent 'True Skool 10' EP on Kniteforce Again wasn't enough to stave off your hardcore cravings, Luna-C has come up with the perfect remedy with the release of another massive Kniteforce Records CD EP/Album. The 'Back To The Front E.P' by Dj Luna-C himself features three brand new, upfront hardcore tracks and 10 exquisitely remastered, Luna-C classic from the Kniteforce Records back catalogue, namely from 'The Luna C Project', 'Luna "C" Project 2 - Mission Of Madness EP' and 'Luna "C" 3' EP's, all from 1993.
Opening with the energetic piano, and classic vocal led 'I Got This', the EP starts off to a 'hands in the air' start bigtime. 'I Got This' upholds a classic, oldskool hardcore vibe throughout, with a massive, dare I say it, '80's-style synth bassline underlying the breaks which accompanies the more ravey elements perfectly.
'The Light' kicks in next in an upfront, breakbeat hardcore fashion with a growling bass roar, hip-hop effects, rolling amen breaks and a soaring, morphing trance riff on the intro, before a massive one-note piano section and euphoric vocal implores 'do you see the light?'. A hugely uplifting number for the hands-in-the-air crews.
Closing the EP in spectacular oldskool style is 'I Need You', a classic hardcore using some manic, breaks and a twisting. synth line and  luscious piano/vocal drop. 'I Need You' will definitely suit the more classic, oldskool hardcore heads as well as those who appreciate a touch of modern production techniques to keep things current.
Order details for the Dj Luna-C Limited Edition 'Back To The Front E.P' CD available on the link below. The CD version with exclusive, remastered back catalogue tracks will only be available for a short while before being discontinued. The 3 'Back To The Front E.P' tracks will then only be available as individual downloads thereafter, so get on it quick!!!

Don't forget that all CD order's come with a download link for WAV copues of tracks #1, #2 and #3, as well as some random goodies that Luna-C may choose to add......

The DJ Luna-C 'Back To The Front E.P' tracks can be previewed on the Soundcloud link below...

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Crockp3-041:: MELT UNIT - Get Melted [out on COCK ROCK DISCO]

Some months ago while tripping and investigating the world of Soundcloud, i stepped on a simple but attractive description on Melt Unit's profile sayin 'hyped up jungle and footwork' . 
This description has come up more than true as i've fell in love with tracks like 'Switch' , 'Get Melted' and the acid friendly 'vs DF0:BAD - Sadface Acid' so got featured them on my radio show and still showing support as deserves.
You can't escape from this kind of buzz, it's clear hyper footwork/jungle with various oldskool elements killin' breakbeats, all set mainly on 160bpm range. That's how footwork should be in my opinion and DJ Donna Summer (owner of Cock Rock Disco) knows that really well, so grabbed the chance and signed this really talented Aussie producer/DJ. 

Melt Unit offers 7 killers out from his sick Nu-Rave brain. You may grab your copies now from Cock Rock Disco official website here donate to the artist if  you want and of course don't forget to show some love by spreading the MU vibes and follow both the mighty CRD label and the producer.

Melt Unit - Get Melted is definetely one of the top 'rave-footwork' Albums of this month along with PZG & Dubsknit 'We Rob Rave LP' [Polish Juke].

Don't waste your time.. Just try to...melt it



Friday 23 January 2015

[JR001D] Fonso & Junglist Kru - King Of The Jungle / Raw Grooves [OUT FROM ALL GOOD DIGITAL STORES NOW!!!]

1/ Fonso - King Of The Jungle.
2/ Junglist Kru - Raw Grooves.
For all the junglists looking for some classic jungle sounds to compliment their drum & bass fix, look no further than the debut release from Junglist Records' debut 2 track release featuring Fonso and the Junglist Kru.
Opening up with Fonso's 'King Of The Jungle', a stepping drum & bass track with a strong dubwise, junglistic influence. Plenty of rudeboy bass, raw hip-hop vocals, gangsta guitar licks and classic jungle breaks. The Junglist Kru follow up with 'Raw Grooves', a ruffneck slice of hip-hop infused, classic 1996 style jump up. With a bassline to kill for and some inventive use of rap vocals, moody G-Funk grooves and killer oldskool jungle breaks and effects.
A very promising start to a new label which deserves major props for tapping a vein of classic. jump-up jungle which seems to get overlooked for 1994 ragga style nowadays. Get on it all hip-hop junglists!!!

DJ Shop... 


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Wednesday 21 January 2015


1/ The Place Where I Belong.

The Strictly NuSkool Blog presents an exclusive free WAV download from French drum & bass producer, Marc OFX. 'The Place Where I Belong' is an atmospheric liquid stepper featuring lush atmospherics, sweeping strings, crisp breaks and booming double bass twangs to stimulate both the mind and the feet.

'The Place Where I Belong' has been mastered by Perry Michaels AKA (Provoke) from Liquid Energy Services (mixdown, mastering and sound engineering) and is available to download from the Strictly NuSkool Blog Soundcloud link below.

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VA- Deep In The Jungle Anthems [Deep In The Jungle]

2014 saw this excellent label put out some of the finest contemporary jungle around, tracks from the likes of label boss, DJ Hybrid, DJ LAB, DJ Bazia, X Nation and many others. What a way to start 2015 though!!! 'Deep In The Jungle Anthems' features 22 jungles anthems which are indeed 'bass shaking', essential fresh jungle beats from the likes of DJ monk, Gold Dubs, Ricky Force, Jungle Citizens, Riffz plus a whos who of the modern scene, the sound of 93/94 is alive and well albeit with a fresh direction and each of the 22 bangers on this must have compilation is ample proof of that!!!


Monday 19 January 2015

DJ Luna-C - Podcast 42 | Kniteforce (wt. MrPanda Guest Mix)

The 42nd offering of this successful series of podcasts by the legendary Luna-C is out now and already published on the official Kniteforce website. Lots of hardcore bangers inside, featuring also the brand new Luna-C track titled 'I Need U' (out now KF63 'DJ Luna-C - Back to the Front') and also worth mentioned a fresh tune by Dave Skywalker called 'Arena'. Serious killer , pay attention to it!
Njoy then this massive 59min' killin' KF dish, hosting also a guest mix from US DJ the man like MrPanda.
No more words.. 'PLAY' button is all yours. Get into the buzz now!


Dj LukeAss – Now Fuck This
2b happy – Smoked All The Sensi
Dj Luna-C – I Need U
Demise – Superman 3
Empyreal – Highly Ludicrous
Dave Skywalker – Arena
Dave Skywalker – Pandora V.I.P

Mr Panda Mix

Dub Fx – Intentions (Snareophobe Remix)
Rossberg II – The Machine
Karl Future – Dangerzone
Outforce – Warrior
X-A7t, Camo & Hazelnut – Club Shaker
Pinnacle Vs Camo & Juggernaught – Go Harder
Shiroban – Regain Control (Dougal & Gammer Remix)

Tantrum Desire – Reach (Instrumental)
Tantrum Desire – Give You The World
Klubfiller – Funky Break
Jakka B & Mark Slammer – Destiny
Pinnacle & Ben Av-It – Noisemaker
Doughboy – Heartbreaker
A.B. & Douglas – Get Stupid
Esline & Tempo – Stargazing
X-A7T & Camo ft Nate Monoxide – Radio Radio



KODE089:: DISRUPTA & A-ONE - That Was Fresh [out on KODE 5 RECORDINGS]

Who's ready to taste a dose of 158 hardcore bpms fresh for your ears and fit for non stop whistles and dancefloor happiness? DJ Disrupta a member of KODE 5 crew along with the south coast based producer/DJ like A-One offer a 2track force set as a brand new happy hardcore buzz titled 'That Was Fresh' inc. also a back to 1996 influenced mix. This is the 89th digital release of the KODE 5 Recordings and is a pumping Happy Hardcore result proudly representing the Nu-Rave scene. Props to both producers showing off some sick & chopped breakbeats in this 2track oldskool dish.
Guys dig this one out now, a must weapon of joy!! 'That Was Fresh' ...and (my addition is like) still remains fresh in the brain cells!

Buy your copies now:

Beatport   HERE
TrackitDown  HERE 
Juno   HERE




Saturday 17 January 2015

SNBEP010:: Gareth Monks - The Smokers Dream EP (Free Download from the STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG)

Gareth Monks (based in Madchester) after offering two exclusive and really successful tunes on this Blog, has come up now with a fresh 3track EP titled 'The Smokers Dream EP' featuring 3 fresh tracks representing the Nu-rave sounds. This is the 10th digital EP out from this Blog and of course it's a high pleasure having a producer like Gareth on our nu-rave arsenal. 2014 was his year of exposure with lots of free tunes on his Soundcloud page and now is the start of a series of releases, as he totally deserves it.

Follow the links below to listen & download this EP.  And of course.... spread it to the masses!

FREE DOWNLOAD of 'The Smokers Dream EP' by clicking HERE


Listen once again to his top successful tune 'Manix Stampede' with lots of great feedback & support! This vibe is proudly being a part of the Strictly Nuskool Blog, like a exclusive and serious hardcore gem!

Friday 16 January 2015

The Supersonic Army - Horror In Paradise [ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW!!!]

1/ Intro.
2/ Zombi.
3/ Nightmares In A Damaged Brain.
4/ Violence.
5/ Menace II Society (Featuring Jack Light).
6/ Believe.
7/ Paradise.
8/ Requiem For A Dream.
9/ Requiem For A Nightmare.
(Bonus Tracks)
10/ Shining Sun (2010 Live Version).
11/ Sonikka (2009 Evil Live Mix).
12/ Hear That Sound (Hidden Track).

Three years after the release of debut album 'Sunset' on his own Pink B*stard label and his retrospective oldskool inspired Strictly NuSkool Blog album, 'The Hardcore Chapter 2006-2007' in 2014. Tom Wddington AKA The Supersonic Army touches down with his third longplayer 'Horror In Paradise' packed full of pounding breaks, energising synth melodies and a huge variety of influences and genre styles for all discerning musical tastes.
Kicking off proper with the '80's video nasty themed 'Zombi', a slow burning breakbeat number with strong Lucio Fulci soundtracker, Fabio Frizzi influences, which sets the mood for what is to come perfectly and flows into the deranged 'Nightmares In A Damaged Brain'. An anarchic, heavyweight acid-house monster also steeped in vintage horror movie inspiration, as is the dark and moody 'Violence' which follows immediately after. 
Aided by the vocal talents of rapper Jack Light, 'Menace II Society' give Brit-rap a kick up the arse with a moody synth-line, menacing movie samples and heavyweight breakbeats to provide a track that is not for the faint-hearted. The atmosphere lightens a touch with the uplifting rave-house crossover track 'Believe' which merges classic house pads with chunky breaks to great effect. Up next is 'Paradise', an energetic electro-breaks number with a massive synth melody which drives the track along accompanied by oldskool, Prodigy-esque bleeps.
The epic and melodic 'Requiem For A Dream' drops into the midsection of 'Horror In Paradise' to sweeping pads, acidic rhythms and house beats and creates an uplifting respite from the more 'banging' tracks earlier. It is joined soon after by it's equally epic companion piece, 'Requiem For A Nightmare' which dips into darker territory by through the introduction of doom-laden effects and more horror movie snippets propelled by dubstep beats and in the latter half, energetic breaks.
The album is concluded by two live mixes giving the listener an excellent taster of The Supersonic Army live experience. 'The Warriors' sampling 'Shining Sun' with it's frenetic beats and synth lines and the acid-breaks masterpiece that is 'Sonikka'. If these are examples of Tom's gigs then it'll be essential for everyone to sign up to The Supersonic Army's live campaign.
On the whole a hugely ambitious in scale and coherently set out album which provides the listener with a rich and varied listening experience.
PS - Don't forget the hidden, bonus track 'Hear That Sound' too!

The 'Horror In Paradise' album was successfully crowdfunded through the Indigogo fundraising website and is available in limited CD digipack format only. Copies are available from The Supersonic Army webstore link below for the bargain price of £10 per copy...

Below is the excellent promo video for The Supersonic Army - 'Menace II Society' featuring Jack Light on vocals...
The Supersonic Army - 'Horror In Paradise' Soundcloud preview mix...

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Wednesday 14 January 2015

[KLPR007] Ikon B & Crisis - Imposter / Ruffnecks Of London [FORTHCOMING TO ALL DIGITAL STORES ON JANUARY 19TH]

1/ Imposter.
2/ Ruffnecks Of London.
January 2015 sees the return of Ikon-B & Crisis to KLP Records to bring you some slamming, jungle soundclash vibes to drag you out of your Winter blues. 'Imposter' opens up this 2 track single, with head-nodding dub notes on the intro and is driven along with elastic bass twangs, huge stepping breaks, horn effects and classic reggae vocal snippets to create an immensely effective dancefloor burner.
On the flipside, 'Imposter' is backed up by the rough and ready 'Ruffnecks Of London', which implements punchy breakbeats, equally rubberised, and reversed bass notes and reggae horns, with heavyweight, pitched down amen edits and a gorgeous introspective/melancholic synth melody. Calling out to 'all roughnecks from London', this one's music for the mind, body and soul. Two tracks destined to become firm favourites in any junglist's music collection.
Purchase details for Ikon-B & Crisis' 'Imposter / Ruffnecks Of London' will be made available from the KLP Records Bandcamp page and all good digital music retailers from 19/01/15, so watch this space junglists!!!

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[KFA64] Various Artists - The True Skool E.P. 10 (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW!!!]

1/ MC Frikshon & Invader – Venom.
2/ Idealz – Blow Ya Mind.
3/ Radiophonic Oddity – Who Are We.
4/ Empeyreal – Highly Ludicrous.
Executive Edition Tracks:
5/ Idealz – Hiya!!
6/ Dj Luna-C – Bounce Me Baby.

Kniteforce Again returns with a brand new 'TheTrue Skool E.P.', now in it's tenth incarnation' to open 2015 with. Featuring a genre-spanning collection of 6  tracks in the early bird Executive Edition to tickle your eardrums with.

 'The True Skool E.P. 10' opens with a new addition to the Kniteforce Again roster, in the form of MC Frikshon & Invader and their genre twisting, vocal driven 'Venom'. It's a hard hitting track which straddles a fine line between acid breaks and trance infused hardcore to great effect, and evokes an invigorating atmosphere in Frikshon's demands that their 'beats infect like venom, racing through your veins like a lethal injection'. Idealz steps into the arena next with the bass heavy, roughneck jungle stepper that is 'Blow Ya Mind'. Laced with rap vocals, rugged breaks and techno bleeps Idealz fulfils his track title's promise to literally 'Blow Ya Mind'.

Radiophonic Oddity offers up the question 'Who Are We'? with his contribution to the EP. A deep, tribal sounding drum & bass number with huge atmospheric synths, thundering amen breaks and a massive acid-trance steeped drop. The EP heads into lighter territory from here with Emperyal's 'Highly Ludicrous' which take hardcore into the realms of fantasy with the vocal excerpt introducing 'his Excellency the King of sub-bass kingdom' and utilises an intricately spliced, helium vocal melody over pounding 4/4 kickdrums and gentle pianos.

Idealz returns once again with his take on hardcore-techno with the excellent 'Hiya!!', which combines growling sawtooth bass, techno-breaks and a massive 'hands-in-the-air' piano melody with euphoric 'take you higher' vocals. And to round things off Dj Luna-C returns with a true to form maniacal hardcore number entitled 'Bounce Me Baby'. An amalgamation of thumping kicks, reversed bass throbs, twisting acid bassline, mental 'Phantom Of The Opera on E' piano section and eclectic vocals (hello 'Family Guy'!).

All in all an astounding start to the new year for Kniteforce Again, and as with all releases, the 6-Track Executive Edition of 'The True Skool E.P. 10' will only be available as a bundle for a short while before only becoming available as individual tracks with tracks 5 & 6 being deleted from sale. The EP is available from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore  using the link below for $6.50 (£4.43 UK money!). Be sure to check out the soundclip for a taster of the music featured...


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Tuesday 13 January 2015

DJ Monk - Deal Wid It Pt 2 (Sekkle) / Roll On [KLP Records 12" Vinyl Pre-Order]

A - Deal Wid It Pt 2 (Sekkle).
AA - Roll On.
A new year begins and DJ Monk begins the vinyl onslaught of 2015 with his second K.L.P Records, vault digging vinyl release. This time unearthing two more unreleased dubplate specials from 1994-1995, remastered from DJ Monk's personal D.A.T.s and pressed onto 180 gram black vinyl for a limited 100 copy vinyl only release.
Opening with the moody amen roller 'Deal Wid It Part 2 (Sekkle)' on the A-Side, the follow up to last years massive lost jungle reissue 'Deal Wid It (Pt 1)'. 'Part 2' features ragga chatting and aggressive movie dialogue (from Steven Segal action flick 'Marked For Death'?) for the screwfaced massives. Jungle for the non faint hearted.
The bass heavy stepper, 'Roll On' features on the flipside with a lush G-Funk opening section and restrained breaks overlaid with a warm, enveloping bass and scattered with vinyl scratching effects. A real head-nodding anthem if ever there was.
'Deal Wid It (Part 2 (Sekkle)' / Roll On' is available for the K.L.P. Records Bandcamp page for £12.99 plus Postage & Packaging, so get your pre-orders in quick as those 100 vinyl copies of jungle history won't be lasting long!!!

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Sunday 11 January 2015

Act Normal Vol.1 [Act Normal Records]

  artwork from Mr. Slevin (

Brighton calling all party masses! Act Normal launches its releases with a 5 track storming EP of mutant hardcore, sexy basslines and wonky sounds always oldschool influenced, with the likes from Dave Shades Wit!? Yeahhbuzz, AudioGutter and a collaboration between two well known mutants like Gash & Sample Junkie.
An outstanding release which is the 1st one from several forthcoming free ones. And what's the next step? Act Normal crew is about to set their own nights, as thats how all started from Cork in Ireland, before moving to Brighton. Till then stay locked in once a month to listen to the heavy bass dishes from their monthly radio show. More info about it @ Act Normal facebook page.
All i want to wish to this brand new label is to have a creative and buzzin 2015 and keep 'em comin' !

Act Normal Vol.1
Pay What you Like and grab this release from here




Sample Junkie



Dave Shades