Sunday 30 June 2019

[SUBB006] Esc - Arrowhead EP [12" Vinyl + Digital - STRAIGHT UP BREAKBEAT]

A1 - Arrowhead
B1 - Black Tiles
B2 - This Generation

D&B heads you better watch out cos Finland is still here stronger than ever, offering amazing releases via the hard working Straight Up Breakbeat label from the city of Helsinki.
This time, they're very proud to announce the debut Vinyl release by their local friend and hero ESC (former known as Escher).
"Arrowhead" is the name of this new delivering including 3 deep Junglistic rollers that even the legendary LTJ Bukem has rated like "5/5 Taking us back with this one, nice!!"

With early support including Mantra, Double O, DJinn, Gremlinz, Kenny Ken, Jesta, Muffler, Two Hungry Ghosts and DnB Dojo, this new EP is definetely a worth for your collection coming from a label that has been running an amazing row of modern Jungle releases the last 2 years.
Keep your eyes peeled for an outstanding blend of deep melodies and frenetic rhythms on the "Arrowhead" EP.
Till the next quality plate by Straight Up Breakbeat...

Beatport Exclusive from 21 June 2019
Vinyl + digital full release 5 July 2019

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Mastered by Fanu and cut to vinyl by Beau at Ten Eight Seven Mastering




Saturday 22 June 2019

Introducing:: Crimea's rave boy STICK

STICK was born in 1988, and is one of the names that will enter your scope from now on. Born in Crimea with full of energy & big passion for music, Alexander Chikalin (his real name) has started his music trip from a very young age. In the 5th grade at school, a neighbour gave him a tape recorder, and his first sounds were couple of oldskool rave tunes and a collection with tunes by The Prodigy.

After these, he started playing the guitar too, helping himself to develop his music ear and boost his passion for music. And at the end he hardly finished school.
"So I played in groups for a long time and walked with punks until 2010. That year I went to my first DNB party at Volna Club. There was lots of cool electronic tunes and I've inspired by the oldskool Prodigy vibes and decided to experiment on something like that. So in 2010 I started to write electronic music in Fruity Loops."

Alex can't hide his deep love to Breakbeat music, thus he got himself playing this genre under the name CJ VAlid around 8 years ago and in 2017 decided to move to Simferopol in where he has set up his STICK project.
"After writing 60 tracks, I've quited the CJ VAlid project and created the new STICK project that was originally focused on Breakcore/Jungle. I was very inspired by Venetian Snares and Aaron Spectre, so I recorded the albums "Downtown" (2017) and "EP Hello!" (2018). After this work I got myself a lot into synths.

At the moment, the Stick project is focusing and paying homage to the Oldskool Rave Breakbeat of the golden 90's. So, Alex has recently released two EPs which are available on his personal bandcamp page (link)

"This style is very fun and powerful. I really like to create it. Of course I want to record everything on analog synthesizers, but in the Crimea it's very difficult to get something like that, so I use VST such as Roland TB-303, TAL, JEM SX1000 and so on. I create everything in Ableton; in my opinion this is the best and easiest sequencer to use."

We're wishing the best of luck and success to this outstanding East coast machine.
Label managers and all within the scene, keep your eyes peeled for this energetic Nuskool trooper! We do believe that you will eventually...stick!

[RGR016] Bay B Kane - Future Destination Exit 7 [Available To Download Now From All Ruff Guidance Records Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Suspect.
2/ JazzMint.
3/ Dark Manors.
4/ Boxed V2.
5/ Mr Lick Gunshot.
6/ Reminisce (Bonus Track).

The month of June sees original oldskool jungle master, Bay B Kane make a triumphant return to the scene, with his seventh instalment of the long running 'Future Destination' series dropping in Ruff Guidance Records. It's time for all junglists to get their tickets ready for boarding and head for 'Exit 7'. We're going on an expedition into deep drum & bass...

We are first introduced to the shady sounds of 'Suspect', which layers a simple, yet unnerving piano melody and trademark Bay B Kane, oppressive bass riff over an alternating, 2-step and amen combo to create a perfectly moody and energising piece.

Up next we are whisked off into the realms of jazz-step drum & bass with 'JazzMint', where roller-coaster, "live" drum-breaks are interwoven with sultry female vocal snippets, ghostly pads and a hypnosis inducing, looped piano section.

'Dark Manors' drops deep and reflective lyrical flows over a pitched down "Think" break backed by globular bass notes, before unleashing a rolling, heavyweight amen expertly juxtaposed with soaring, soothing pads.

'Boxed V2' lifts a line from an instantly recognisable, cinema classic to form the basis of an exhilarating, bass heavy number, backed by skeletal, stripped back amens and intricate, contemplative synth patterns to get your head nodding.

The man like Kane goes back to his deep, jungle roots once more on 'Mr Lick Gunshot' by dropping a heady blend of rugged breaks, thundering, 808 bass thumps and ruffneck, ragga vocal elements, paired with ominous keys which instantly captures that classic, dark and atmospheric BBK sound.

Bringing the collection to a rousing close, we have the epic and emotive 'Reminisce' which layers melancholic, Rhodes keys paired with matching bass melody and female vocal freestyles over a rugged, stepping breakbeat, flavoured with jazzy saxophone flourishes.

As come to be expected from a veritable jungle pioneer, Bay B Kane delivers a precision crafted collection of contemporary jungle / D&B anthems in the making for those who are seeking a little bit more depth in their music. An absolute essential!!!

The Breakbeatscientist's pick of the bunch... The sublime and portentous 'Mr Lick Gunshot'.

Bay B Kane's 'Future Destination Exit 7' is available to download now from the official Ruff Guidance Records webstore...

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Thursday 13 June 2019

[INVSN026] TwinBrix - Saqqra / Moving Shadows [Available To Download Now From All Good Invasion Recordings Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Saqqra.
2/ Moving Shadows.

Germanic production duo, TwinBrix joins forces with Invasion Recordings once again to assault your senses with the release of two pitch black, neurofunk beasts on the drum & bass masses, with 'Saqqra / Moving Shadows' hitting musical stores now.

'Saqqra' delve deep into the catacombs of neurofunk to bring you an Egyptology flavoured, darkly atmospheric 2-step anthem powered by crunching breaks, industrial mid-range synth riffs and an unnerving, subsonic bassline to set your teeth on edge.

Up next we are presented with a series of heavenly, ascending pads which introduce us to 'Moving Shadows' before the listener is dropped deep into the depths of tech-step bliss, fuelled by booming bass thumps and futuristic, computerised chatter.

If you are seeking the heaviest, Kevlar plated neuro D&B to add a touch of darkness to your sets, then it's time to get acquainted with TwinBrix. You'll not regret it!!! 

The Twinbrix 'Saqqra / Moving Shadows' single is available to download from the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...

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Monday 10 June 2019

[KOR031] Non Compliance - Bass Sound Killa E.P [Available To Download & Stream From All Good Kut Off Records Digital Stockists Now!!!!]

1/ Bass Sound Killa.
2/ Take Me Away.
3/ Ascension.

Those crafty Kut Off Records fellas drop yet another oldskool hardcore / jungle meets breaks fusion with the release of Non Compliance's latest digital offering, the 'Bass Sound Killa E.P' destined to do dancefloor damage wherever it's dropped.

We are first greeted to the soothing pad and synth driven introduction of 'Bass Sound Killa', which soon descends into a maelstrom of crunching breaks, deep bass groans and swirling mentasm snarls, all backed up by MC Harry Rox's gruff vocal exclamations.

'Take Me Away' adds a touch of oldskool rave euphoria to the breakbeat template with it's use of soaring pads, uplifting piano melody and ecstatic female vocal refrains, juxtaposed by rugged beats and thundering bassline. 

Rounding off our trio we have 'Ascension', a rousing fusion of rolling, jungle breaks paired with a deep, rasping mid-range synth riff and adrenalising, fragmented female vocal effect to send shivers up your spine.

Once again, Kut Off Records brings 1990' oldskool nostalgia right up to date with Non Compliance's latest breakbeat collection. If you love a bit of rave flavour mixed in with your breaks, then don't pass on this one!!!

The Non Compliance 'Bass Sound Killa E.P' is available to download for free from the official Kut Off Records website. Just subscribe to the mailing list for your copy now...

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ROCK UP is a Hardcore Rave crew based in Japan, set up around 2015, beginning to be more active within the scene a year ago when MC Stone, Syndrome, Feline, Kuma, Amaretto, SAY8, hirazo and taikixxx started doing several parties all around hosting special guests; even the remarkable Oldskool hero, Liquid.
Some weeks ago, this crazy ccrew had the chance to visit UK playing @ Balter Festival and on behalf of that they've also released a quality banging EP displaying their music character and hardcore rave attitude!
This digital EP is called (correctly) 'High Tension' comprised of 5 tracks, with the likes of a talented supreme Japan team of producers. Kicking off with KUMA's massive acid technoish tune, while Syndrome feat. MC Stone fire it up then with a slamming 'Supa Dupa Style'!
Taikixxx takes the pass for a Makina/Early Hardcore stylee on 'Abura' followed by Amaretto Hardcore Breaks vibe 'Music Is Moving'.
Last but not least, DJ ZET reworks the 90's classic 'Finally' in order to deliver the most memorable highlight of this release, as many of us would claim.

An uplifting tune for all the dancefloor fever rave crew!DJ's and Nuskool Hardcore fans, show some support to the debut experiment of this amazing new team. It's worth!






Sunday 9 June 2019

[VMRDT121] DJ Direkt - Cubixx / Obelix [Viral-Mental Records Juno Download Exclusive!!!]

1/ Cubixx.
2/ Obelix.

After a short break the Viral-Mental Records camp are back with a vengeance, bringing brand new label signing, DJ Direkt of Hi-Density Records, In Da Jungle Audio fame to unveil his debut release, 'Cubixx / Obelix'

Things start off hard and heavy with 'Cubixx', which presents an intricate patchwork of rolling, 2-step breaks and amen inserts, acidic synth burbles and Urban Shakedown style, 8-bit growls to give us those 1992 meets contemporary drum & bass feels.

Up next 'Obelix' delivers some heavyweight upfront D&B riddims, right from it's hyper-kinetic intro which gradually builds up into an infectious blend of breezeblock heavy breakbeats, , electrifying mentasm screeches and devastatingly hypnotic, bass pattern.

For those of you who love a little bit of rave nostalgia mixed in with your drum & bass, then DJ Direkt's latest release will prove to be a welcome addition to your digital collection!!! 

The DJ Direkt 'Cubixx / Obelix' single is be available to purchase exclusively from Juno Download for two weeks before going on general release. Make sure you jump on these before everyone else does!!!

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Monday 3 June 2019

[WOC012] DJ Vapour - Hemisphere EP [Weapons Of Choice Recordings Juno Download Exclusive Available Now!!!]

1/ Arachnoid.
2/ Rolling Pin.
3/ Hemisphere.
4/ Take Over.

Weapon Of Choice Recordings welcomes the 36 Hertz label's head honcho, DJ Vapour to the fold, where he unleashes four massive, upfront drum & bass bombs onto the masses with the release of the 'Hemisphere EP'.

'Arachnid' first  introduces us to some tense and moody, funk flavoured D&B with it's fusion of breezeblock heavy breaks and deep subsonic bass notes, scattered with a smattering of weighty horn fanfares.

Coming in like Gojira riding a runaway locomotive, we have 'Rolling Pin', a positively monstrous combination of rolling 2-step breaks and amen inserts, expertly paired with a series of hypnotic, modulated bass throbs

Up next, title track 'Hemispheres' drops a tension fuelled, late nineties Blue Note inspired stepper jam-packed with crisp breaks, stirring pads and strings coupled with menacing, tech-step bass pulses to set your nerves on edge.

And rounding off our quartet we are presented with 'Take Over', which eases the listener in with it's soothing, piano led intro before delivering a rasping bass and pitched down amen sucker-punch accented with soulful male vocal snippets.

If you appreciate the virtues of uncompromising and heavy drum & bass with that added touch of atmosphere injected into the mix, then Vapour's your man here!!!

DJ Vapour's 'Hemisphere EP' is available to download exclusively from Juno Download now, before going on general release, so if you're looking for some fresh D&B fire for your sets, you better jump on this now!!!

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V.A. - REPEAT [26track Compilation Album - CD/DIGITAL]

And what about a compilation targetting and displaying the alive history of British rave culture?
'REPEAT' is a fresh double compilation album, unveiled this month in order to pay homage to UK oldskool as well as the new breed of artists who continue and help this movement raising.
This amazing new album comes out on CD and Digital format and it's a joint of Gasman Music & Onomatopoeia Records. If you're not aware and curious about the tracklist, we can just divulge names such as Mark Archer from Altern-8, Gez Varley (LFO), or even Future Sound of London, μ-Ziq and loads of others, in the total number of 26 more specifically.
The first CD consists of 13 Acid/Techno tracks while CD 2 is more into Breakbeat/Rave covered by 13 more slamming vibes.

The album comes out officially on 7th June. Available to pre-order your copies now!





Eight Dudes & Chick from the East coast of planet Hardcore, is a brand new underground project of some friends formed in order to release this proper Jungle Techno 93ish vibe as vinylized as they've been experimenting with music and messing up reworking on a classic 90's pop tune.
The result is available to pre-order now, an essential one sided limited Vinyl for your collection.

Mastered and Lacquer Cut by Beau Thomas @ Ten Eight Seven Mastering.
Pressed by Record Industry.
Limited to 300 copies


Die TANZSCHULE HAKKE @ MS STUBNITZ - DJ Chosen Few, Istari Lasterfahrer, Milo, DJ Nelis, Dj Rawtech, Sampler19 + more - Hamburg Germany (23rd August 2019)

German hard crew get ready for this one.
Die TANZSCHULE HAKKE presents an ultimate party of hard sounds taking place in August in Hamburg/Germany with a serious banging lineup!

Frenchcore/Early Hardcore/Hardcore/Cunt-Core
Milo (Doomsday, Fest der Klaenge, Hamburg)
Anyskillz (Berlin)
Pelle Buys
DJ Nelis (Nordcore)
Dj Rawtech (Chosen Few Recordz)
Sam Korn & Kommaklar (HRTKLKR.Rec.)

Istari Lasterfahrer (dubcore)
DJ DC Schuhe (handbag/abba) / Alter Pudel & SPB
Sampler19 (All-Out Demolition)

Facebook event:
MS Stubnitz Link:

[FRESH86191] COCO BRYCE - NIGHT ON EARTH [2x 12" Vinyl LP]

A1. Coco Bryce - Irian Jaya
A2. Coco Bryce - Night On Earth
B1. Coco Bryce - Killing Me
B2. Coco Bryce - Vertigo
C1. Coco Bryce - Wish We Didn't
C2. Coco Bryce - Polar
D1. Coco Bryce - Breach The Peace
D2. Coco Bryce - One Time Road

One of the most prolific talents and a truly original badboy hailing from Netherlands, Coco Bryce, is surely a name that you've seen all around and within the scene if you're dealing with Jungle or even Skwee & hip hop beats, as that's how he kicked off some years ago.
Yoel (his real name) is back, after a demand of telepathy and countless of fans wanting a new album from him.
His success has been already major and stands out receiving loads of support by DJ Mag and many other big platforms & brands while playing also on big festivals (e.g. Outlook Festival) and being for sure on the top 5 list of Junglistic heroes of the last 3 years.

'NIGHT ON EARTH' is the title of his fresh path of beauty and magic, experimental catchy breaks ready to burn your soul on a unique wicked feel...
His brand new full length album is comprised of 8 tracks of contemporary & sophisticated Jungle cut on double 12" Vinyl and coming out on his good pals over FRESH86.
The future of Jungle is right on this record all along & highlighted by the anthemic 'Wish We Didn't' providing an ambient atmosphere taking off Myor Massiv galaxy.
Above board something that you do not have to skip and as a fan's comment on Discogs saying "One of the few artists I will happily pre-order without first hearing any clips." 

7th Storey
Myor Bandcamp