Thursday 30 September 2021

Rory Hoy & RamSkank EP 2021

The UK mighty nuskool hero and author of the amazing book called 'The Little Big Beat', the man like Rory Hoy, returns with a new digital release collaboration with RamSkank. And to be fair, both of these two producers made an astonishing work in here.
The illustrious 90s powerful house buzz is back!

'Butter' by Rory Hoy is a quirky funky house and full on nostalgia track reviving the warehouse good old days, while RamSkank's takeover reminds a lot of the power of eurotechno vibes (2 Unlimited, Cappella etc.). The third track from this EP comes from RamSkank and his original 'Gonna Let You Go', an early 90s house-y vibe reminisching Nomad style, while Rory's takeover finds him blending a bit of acidity into a speed garage tip. Marvellous!

All in all this one's a great EP, charting at the moment over Junodownload.
A good suggestion for your sets if you're a sophisticated DJ playing out some 4/4 bangers and wanna cause shivers on the current dancefloor resurrection.

SIMI. [Producer Mix] on Solid Sound FM

Kushti brings another great guest on his Solid Sound FM.
This time, get to know the Ravecore don by the name SIMI from Lodz, Poland. A good friend of this Blog, plus a crazy producer and headstrong underground goer!

"He's an ex-folk-dancer, enthusiast of amen breaks, chiptune sounds and cheesy, chipmunk vocals. He's one of founders of Eudetek - freetekno crew from his hometown Lodz, Poland - and member of SKRD!!! crew. His releases are heavily influenced by happy hardcore - piano riffs, rave stabs, amen breaks, you name it. He started DJing over 10 years ago and has been active around Poland and Europe since then. Recently exploring new, slower musical areas. Expect an EP anytime soon."


01: AleX Tune - Bigger Than Before (Simi Remix) [Suck Puck]
02: Simi - Fajny Pan Jacek [Suck Puck]
03: Simi - Sweet Child of Mine [SKRD!!!]
04: Simi - Pocionga Mie Twe Ciauo feat. Julu Żulu [Favicon/SKRD!!!]
05: Simi feat. Sambor - Pain Is Just an Illusion [SKRD!!!]
06: Simi - unreleased track
07: BUNTek x Simi - DANCE OR DIE (Breakcore Remix) [Suck Puck]
08: Simi - Smutny Coreniszon cz. 2 [SKRD!!!]
09: Simi - W Moim Śnie [SKRD!!!]
10: Simi - Summer Medley [Suck Puck]
11: Simi - This Is a Test [Suck Puck]
12: Simi - Darkness In My Heart [SKRD!!!]
13: donkinator - Przegląd Piosenki Biesiadnej [SKRD!!!]


This mix was originally broadcast in Dublin, Ireland on Tuesday 28th September 2021 on "Dublin South" 93.9FM


Sunday 26 September 2021

'Neurophonique' by Cabeabel


Right after his debut over Marusha's imprint Club Arrest in the late days of last year, the man like Cabeabel has just exploded a startling brand new album.
The Sweden based producer introduces to us to his remarkable and powerful tracks on a pack entitled 'Neurophonique'. One of those new entries that should be supported by every single Drum & Bass fan.
And when you listen to tracks such as 'Anticipation', you can get that right feeling of classical melodies and hard bassline for the partygoers. This is our personal pick from this release that goes down a storm and it can easily give a sneak preview to the whole concept of his album. 

An album where Opera hugs the Bass,
and Bass absorbs Opera...

Noteworthy to mention that 'Neurophonique' features also a massive collaboration with the established Scandinavian soprano Liine Carlsson and the American singer Robert Hyman plus some cello plays of Moa Ponten. All in all it's a liquid piece of arts and music credited to the man like Cabeabel
D&B for every preference, D&B for the masses that need something strong and fresh.

The album is out now digitally and you can stream it and support it through the platforms above. Don't lose your time.



Thursday 16 September 2021

A fundraising for Orestiz debut personal Vinyl release

Our good friend and one of the most talented Hardcore Breaks producers, the man like Orestiz is about to launch his personal debut Vinyl EP, thus he decided to launch a small fundraising.

Here what he says about it:

"I'm considering starting my own label and releasing my music on vinyl. If you know me a little bit then you know what my music is. A lot of unfinished tracks lurking, wishing to reach some ears. If you feel you'd enjoy listening and dancing, then i'd appreciate the contribution. Getting started and especially pressing on vinyl can be a considerable cost. This is not kickstarter, you don't get packs or special shiny stuff. You'd just help out and i'd be really glad about it. It's my birthday after all :) And i wanna dance. Take care of yourselves / Orestis"

You can donate here: 
 (5 days left)


Sunday 12 September 2021

'Lethal' is the 4th studio album by Liquid


A1. Wrong Sun
A2. Battle For The Minds
A3. Kill For You
B1. Dread Inna Babylon
B2. Machinic Repitition
B3. Broken
C1. Morphine
C2. Lethal Beats
C3. Blood Like Dope
D1. Funk Removal Machine
D2. Plasticity
D3. Blackwave

UK ravemeister and top charter from back in the day, Liquid, return with a brand new studio album. The 4th Liquid album is entitled 'Lethal' and it's released via the legendary Kniteforce Records, following 'Spacemonkey'.
What instantly gains our attention is the versatility of this new album, which seems like a continuation of 'Energy Flows'. Hardcore breaks, dub reggae, crispy breakbeats, dark amen breaks, and many elements of emotional electronic bits - as usual from Liquid. Eventually, a musical ravey emotion is the right Liquid trademark over the years.

This new LP features special guests with the likes of Earl 16, Rachel Wallace, Echo Ranks, Niki Mak and if you grab the bundle there's some exclusive offerings (e.g. a 10" Vinyl with Acen and Ray Keith remixes). Noteworthy to mention that Kniteforce do work hard for a bundle that won't disappoint any Liquid fan!
We're dealing with a top album, either you're into hardcore or jungle or an average electronic music lover. Kniteforce Records tries this transcendance to their Hardcore roots offering a quality album by a top player in the game.

All in all, you can tell that the year 2021 Liquid is..Lethal. Simple as that.

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal (2x12" Vinyl + Digital)

KF155 - Liquid - Lethal (2x12" Vinyl + Digital)
KF155X - Liquid - Wrong Sun (7" Vinyl)
KF155Y - Liquid - Lethal Remixes (10" Vinyl + Digital)
KFZ01 - Liquid - Lethal USB (USB)
Plus Bonus Extras!