Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Dark Horse Podcast May 2014

Monthly podcast for 

  1. DJ II Real -I Want Love
  2. Billy Daniel Bunter & JDS Ft Gem-Let It Lift You (Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano Remix)
  3. Champion Breaks Conspiracy 303
  4. Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime Ft Donna Grassie-Gotta Believe (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sparky Remix)
  5. Longman Vs The Wizard -Saarfside (Refix)
  6. Billy Daniel Bunter & Peacemaker Ft Whizzkid-Time To Dance
  7. Skunk Association-Quick 'n' Raw
  8. DJ Nicky Allen -Hold Me Touch Me
  9. DJ Nicky Allen-Get Me High
  10. Ise -I Will Take U Dance (Original Hardcore Mix)
  11. ill.Gates & Filastine -Pharma Sutra (Jacky Murda Remix)
  12. Dialect & Kosine – Fever (DJ Hybrid Remix)
  13. RadioKillaZ Ft Daddy Freddy -Girls Dem (Signal Remix)
  14. Delta Heavy -Apollo
  15. Chords -High Groove
  16. ZoundColector.Ft..Blanquito Man & Candice Canabis-One Of A Kind
  17. DJ Westy -I Want Your Love (Original Mix)
  18. XRS & MC.Fats-Lovin (Random Movement Remix)
  19. The Supersonic Army-Mysteria 2006
  20. Viper X -Hovercraft
  21. Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano Ft Karen Danzig-How Am I
  22. DJ Bazia-Remedy
  23. Hijack - Style Wars Warriors (Stormski Refix)
  24. Resin -Chasing Status
  25. DJ Nicky Allen-123456 Do It (DJ Flow Remix)

​Tracks 2,4,6 & 21 taken from Billy Daniel Bunter-'Rave Breaking'-Music Mondays

Tracks 3, 7 & 9 taken from free compilation Paranoid Recordings Vol 9, download here:

Track 19 taken from The Supersonic Army - HARDCORE CHAPTER 2006-2007', download free here

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

BRock036:: VAZTERIA X 'Mutants - Friends & Drugs' [out now on BASSROCK RECORDS]

Spain is one of the top countries in the Breaks Scene with a strong community of labels, producers and fans. A very talented young producer from Seville, Vazteria X after several releases on different labels like Spektra Recordings. Yes Mate Recordings etc. returns to Bassrock Recordings, having already a very successful remix on Darkus & Paul Bassrock 'the Final Word' on "Drop the Bass vol.2", with a 3track personal EP titled "Mutants - Friends & Drugs EP" delivering a neuro bass sound from 135-140BPM.
Paul Bassrock continues his really good work in pushing the Bass sound through his label over the last 10 years, so.. worth deserved your support to the label and the Vazteria X.

Grab your copy now on:

Beatport HERE
TrackitDown HERE
iTunes HERE

Listen to clips from the EP here:



Billy Daniel Bunter-Rave Breaking-Music Mondays

Out this week on Music Mondays, 'Rave Breaking' a compilation of 18 firing Rave Breaks anthems by DJ Billy Daniel Bunter & Friends plus a continuous DJ mix, included among this great selection of tracks are remixes of favourites such as 'Body Slam', remixes of Ramos & Supreme's 'Gotta Believe' and JDS 'Let It Lift You', this plus plus collaborations with the likes of Sanxion a.k.a Sparky & CLSM. With 3 decades of experience on what rocks a crowd, you can expect full on anthems all the way here, epic pianos, spine tingling vocals and plenty of dirty bass too, grab this must have album for a fiver or 7 quid for highest quality audio flac files, stick this on, turn it up loud and brighten up your day with the finest uplifting riddims around!!!!


Monday, 28 April 2014

YELL-O-PHASE Interview & Guest Mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog

- We'll let you take us back to your youth age and tell us please any interesting story from there and what made you stuck to the oldschool music.

Well.. It all started when I was 14-15 years old (late 80s). At that time I collected 7" singles, mainly hip house and italo house tunes. All the albums I bought were hip hop from the bands like 2 Live Crew, Kool Moe Dee,N.W.A, Public Enemy etc. Then in the early 90's came bands like Prodigy, L.F.O, Nightmares On Wax, N-Joi (just to name a few) which rapidly pushed me into oldskool scene. Deep into it. I used to record some local radio shows and never got enough of music. One of the most memorable thing happened when I dj'd with just two cassette tapedecks and people seemed to enjoy it. That was a good start for my so called DJ-career! Rest is history..

- Which period of the rave era is your personal favourite?

Music wise I have to say 1991-93. DJ wise I'd say 1995-2002.

- What is your top-10 oldskool anthems?

This is hard.. Allright.. Not in any specific order, I try to list some tunes that REALLY affected me either as a "raver" or a producer.

1. Andy C - Sourmash EP - Outer Limits
2. Alec Empire - Destroyer Pt.2 - Identity
3. Hedgehog Affair - Pt. 2 - Don't Just Stand There
4. Bribe – Goldseal, Redseal, Rocky & Squidge EP
5. Deluxe - Deluxe EP - A1. Untitled (ABS 011 DJ)
6. DJ Trax - Time Will Tell EP
7. Space Cube - Kool Killer Vol.2
8. Mad Dog - Mad Dog EP - Monged Out

9. Technosaurus - U Gave Me Nothing
10. Kemical Kids - Grim EP - B1

- When did the project 'Yell-O-Phase' came out and when were your first productions?

In fact, Yell-O-Phase was a group at first. Collective of DJs,light engineers,party organizers at early 90s. Yell-O-Phase stands for "Smiley", you know.. Later in mid-late 90s it became a one-man project. Me. I decided to keep our legacy alive. My first productions must be late 94. Early 95. But seriously, it all happened in 2000 and after that. I had so much going on with all my other artist alter egos..
All in all, Yell-O-Phase was some kind of "Going back to my roots"-project and I'm still there.

- What types of music making equipment/software/Digital Audio Workstation do you use in the studio?

I started making tunes with trackers, so I've been stuck in a tracker, primaly Renoise. I also use Soundforge for sound editing. Thats almost all of it. Sometimes when I have a change I use some hardware, but I never use any VST-plugins. Simpler the better.

- Do you have any advice or tips to give to upcoming producers?

Well.. Tons of advice. Any helpful, I doubt.. LOL. Just go with the flow.. I never plan my tunes beforehand although I hear some riffs in my head every now and then. If you feel it's right, then it have to be right.. for you at least. If you want to make million bucks with your music, don't ask my advice.. :)

- What is the rave scene like in Finland? I take it you're not all heavy metal heads..

Finland is definitely Heavy Metal Mecca! ..YES! We had a serious underground-rave-culture or "scene" whole 90s. Have to be proud of those days indeed! Yes.. we HAD. Well.. Rave scene in Finland, It's strong, but it's not my cup of tea these days. Trust me. It depends on what's your musical taste. For me.. There's absolutely nothing in todays rave scene in Finland. I will keep my door locked and stay deep in the underground! :)

- Tell us few words about KHK Records, releases, the spirit any forthcoming plans.

KHK Records is part of my dream which fortunately came true. I had a vision where I could go "back in time" and create almost authentic sound of those early oldskool days. 92-93% of authentic oldskool, eh? Both KHK-001 "Frenzy Journey EP" and KHK-002 "Sample Case EP" were pure madness. I'm really proud that those 2 vinyls made their way to the public. There were so many obstacles all the way. It took 2 full years to get those 2 releases out. Anyway, KHK-003 is under work. Definitely. It's just matter of time. Any other forthcoming plans Well.. yes. But I better keep them secret. ;)

- What inspired you to set this label?

Pure love for music. I'm stuck in the 90s. My label represents that passion.

- You have collaborated with labels such as Paranoid Recordings and more recently HC Recordings. Have you anything else in the pipeline for other labels?

Well.. some unconfirmed stuff is coming. I just signed the papers and those papers say I'm not allowed to speak with my forthcoming projects.. Or samples I'm using, beer I'm drinking or what kind of pizza is my favorite. BUT.. it allows me to say that.. Hardcore Will Never Die!
Seriously.. I would like to see my other label, Fleshwound Records, woken up some day..

- How do you see the nuskool/nurave movement at the moment?

Oh dear.. I feared this question coming.. I used to dislike the whole scene because of 2010/2011/2012 remixes of some classics of the classics. I felt so numb and dump at the same time. Oh, why they have to make those re-visits to those golden oldies?!? Just leave them be.. :) Nowadays I'm much more tolerable.. Anyway.. How I see thngs.. Nuskool genre is coming a little bit harder. Yes.. more hardcore than ever. Cross genres are more common than before and people are far more accepting the sounds "outside the box". So, all in all.. I think progression is good. Todays nuskool is going that same "stage" as digital effects on motion pictures past 10-15 years. More effects.


- Can you list your top 5  nu-skool hardcore tunes?

Not in any particular order.. Top-5 coming to my head right NOW..

1. Thumps & Bumps - Sharptone (Unreleased)
2. Abyss - Journey Of A Crackhead (HC RECORDINGS)
3. DJ Wislow - Evil Dead (HC RECORDINGS)
4. Worldwide Epidemic - Are You Ready (SILK-1)
5. Worldwide Epidemic - Duke Must DIE! (PARANOID RECORDINGS)

- Is there anything extra you want to say, or anyone to shout out?

Big up 'n' nuff respect goes to everyone keepin the scene strong! You all know who you are, list is just too long to start mentioning you guys here.. LOL I'm really honoured to be part of the musical history that is re-written every day. Some serious talents are lurking in the mainstream shadows. Some stay deep in the underground, just to stay safe in their own comfort zones.. Guilty of that. Any fellow producer,label owner with fresh and grazy ideas, I'm always eager to hear propositions for a co-op or remixes. Thank You All! Peace! KHK Out...

 YELL-O-PHASE Guest Mix for the Strictly Nuskool Blog [FREE DL]


Droppin' Science-Volumes

If the re issued back cat of seminal hardcore/jungle/DnB label Suburban Base wasn't enough to get excited about, what a turn up for the books that  label stalwart Danny Breaks a.k.a Droppin' Science has popped up on bandcamp with some classic re issues and rarities compilations from his vinyl and DAT vaults, I'm going to concentrate on this one here as it features some of the most well known Droppin' Science tracks such as 'Step Off' and 'Droppin Science Vol 1' also known as 'Ooooooh Baby' due to the repeated breathless female vox that repeats through out the track, in fact each of the 10 tracks on offer deserve individual anthem status, its incredible to think how producers like Danny put such intricate beats together considering the software and hardware available at the time, no digital audio workstations back then and yet nothing has truly been able to come close to this era of sound since so if you're after a true history lesson, I suggest starting here, its worth it just to own these solid gold classics, file next to that Suburban Base collection.....

Sunday, 27 April 2014

PRMP3006::Paranoid Recordings Vol.9 [FREE DL]

Almost 10 months after the 'Volume 8' album from the Paranoid Recordings, the dynamic duo of DJ Gaffer & RenegadeGenius is back with a fresh 12track LP given away on free download representing the NuRave movement and Hardcore Breaks scene!
Once again delivering some oldskool hardcore inspired tunes and hardcore breaks vibes from nuskool/nurave established producers like the nurave tune machine like Nicky Allen, the one half soul of PR, RenegadeGenius, acid breaks nuskool 'godfather' Champion Breaks, the 'darkside' head Yell-O-Phase from Finland, the mighty Eddie Voyager & Dazz F, Skunk Association (aka Cheapjack), Wordwide Epidemic from New Zealand, Fuzzbuzz (aka Digital Breaks/Amiga Breaks) with his sweet piano riffs , mr. 155BPM nu-rave bomber DJ Pursuit , the very talented Dodders and finally Remnant remixing Nicky Allen's 'My Adrenaline' tune.

Show your love and devotion to the NuRave scene if you are into the oldskool... Oldskool never died, it keeps coming with lots of good and hard working labels & producers out there.
Paranoid Recordings is surely one of them that needs your attention and support!



01. Skunk Association - Quick 'N' Raw
02. Yell-O-Phase - Underground Culture (Hardcore MIx)
03. Dazz F - Oldskool Lives
04. Nicky Allen - Get Me High
05. Wordwide Epidemic - Higher
06. Fuzzbuzz - Piano Blues
07. RenegadeGenius - The Dyson Effect
08. Champion Breaks - Conspiracy 303
09. Eddie Voyager - Love It
10. Dodders - Gettin' Ready (Very Tempting Mix)
11. Nicky Allen - My Adrenaline (Remnant Remix)
12. DJ Pursuit - Mind Controller


Friday, 25 April 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio (24APR2014)

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio - 24APR.2014)

10. 601 - Pixelate

09. Abyss - In The Mind

08.  Paul Cronin - Anybod-E Tell Ya About The Raggamuffin Biznez

07. Wizard ft. Rebel MC, TenorFly & Daddy Freddy - Mind Control

06. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Rhythmic Vibrations

05. Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February

04. Future Funk Squad - Rat Race 

03. Champion Breaks - Who Be The Leader

02. Abyss - Another Planet

01. Hyper - Live Forever

KODE 059:: MOTIV 'Feel The Energy EP' [out now on KODE5 Recordings]

After AlexBreako's release titled 'Deep Love pt2', one more Greek act, MOTIV (Stamatis Kipouros & Vassilis Sideris) set their first official release on KODE 5 Recordings.
A fresh 2track EP called 'Feel The Energy EP' delivering classic rave breaks, uplifting rhythms and pianos, ready to take you far away on a non stop nu-rave journey.

Motiv ft. Lucy Pettertion - Feel The Energy
Motiv - Back For Heaven

Grab your copy now:


Listen to clips from the EP here:

Finally its worth to mention that Stamatis (a.k.a. Rememberrave in the past) is the owner of WhiteTower Digi, the first Greek digital label promoting the NuRave and Hardcore Breaks.
This label is back again as announced with a forthcoming release from Motiv called "Come Alive" + a jungle breaks remix by Orestiz (date tba)
Big Up to MOTIV and all crew (Orestiz - AlexBreako) and everyone else representing the NuRave movement in Greece!
Show some luv! 



Wednesday, 23 April 2014


01. Sparki Dee - Reality [Breakbeat Mix]

02. Bobb-1 & Yogi - HORA [Mr. Niceguy Remix]

03. Pharell - Happy [Dave Remix's DnB Remix]

04. ManaBoom - Breaks Cave (14mix)

05. Darkhalf - B Boy Riddim

06. Buju Banton VS Strange Rollers - Operation Ardent

07. Doctor P - Shishkabob [Galvatron Remix]


08. Electric Choc - Shock The Beat [Pianoman's Shock The Boot Remix]

09. DJ Mark C - Gods Door is Open


10. BeatRapist - Lost in Jungle

11. The Prodigy - Everybody In the Place [Mr. niceguy Remix]

12.  eZeeJay - Sinister Bass

13. Collecto - Cmon Yall

14. RadioKillaz - Any Junglin

15. DJ L.A.B. - Touch (Strange Rollers Summer 91 Remix)

16. Nicky Allen - Dancehall Darkness (Pursuit Remix)

17. mshcode - Spectrum Chamber

18. Sparki Dee - Heat Wave

19. Dead Dread - Dread Bass (Box of Breakz Remix)

20. Anthony D - One Open

21. Provoke - Complicated

22. Tim Reaper - Higher Sense

23. Tim Reaper - Chime Reaper

24. 2Brainz - In the Darkness 93 (Abyss Bound and Gagged in the Cellar Mix)


25. Stray - VIP Zoom

26. Junglord - Super Sharp Shooter

 27. DJ Vocoda - Way Back When (L3ft Luca5 Remix)

28. Hamsta - Whats goin On

29. HyperMotion - Tough At the Top

30. DJ Nexus - Deejay

31. Fantasy UFO - Fantasy (John Acen Barry Remix)

32. TMG - Nah Follah

33. Black Orchild - Jamaican Cigar (The Urbanizer Remix)

34. Kristine W - Feel What U Want (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)

35. Aurora - Sunshine (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)


36. Zero B - Lock Up (DJ Nicky Allen 2014 Remix)

37. Darkhalf - Slow Down

38. - FLeCK ft. Skru - Keep It Burnin Dubplate

39. B-Side Break - Down With You

40. HyperMotion - A Feeling

41. Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Wages of Sin

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I.B.P. & Redshift - Progressive Entropy EP (Free 6 Track EP)


1/ I.B.P. - Entropy.
2/ I.B.P. - Entropy (Redshift & Vic B's Analog Dub).
3/ I.B.P. - Entropy (Xmplfy's Vocal Dnb Dub).
4/ Redshift - 110th Babylon.
5/ I.B.P. & Redshift - Thin Ice.
6/ I.B.P. - MalFunktion.
For those who like their Drum & Bass, Jungle with a touch of Future Jungle, it is your duty to get your hands on this free 6-Track EP from Birmingham based artist I.B.P. featuring Redshift, Vic B and Xmplfy on remix duties.
The 'Progressive Entropy EP' clocks in at a massive 43 minutes 47 seconds and features the epic, and mesmerising soundscape that is 'Entropy' as opening track. Redshift and Vic B provide an atmospheric Future Jungle rework of 'Entropy' while Xmplfy pours some liquid Drum & Bass into the mix.
Redshift's '110th Babylon' brings forth booming bass throbs and stepping breaks for a deep excursion into jungle territory, closely followed by his hypnotic collaboration with I.B.P. on 'Thin Ice'. 'MalFunktion' closes this EP nicely with some rolling, yet smooth Drum & Bass action.

An excellent collection of atmospheric styles from rough breaks and bass to smooth synths and vocals. All this for free. It's a literal steal!!! If you like, please remember to give support via Facebook, Soundcloud and I.B.P.'s artist stores.

I.B.P. Facebook page...

I.B.P. Soundcloud page...

I.B.P. on Junodownload...

I.B.P. on Beatport...

I.B.P. on Trackitdown...

[KOR015] Subessence - Journey Through Vibrations (Forthcoming 28/04/2014)

1/ Crossroads.
2/ Pennelopes Diary.
3/ Symbols.
4/ There After.
5/ Distant Rhythms.
6/ Translation.
7/ Expression.
8/ Introductions.
9/ Autumn Leaves.
10/ Personal Reflection.
11/ Lost The Way.

A change of pace to our usual Strictly NuSkool Blog, 160 BPM tempo releases here. Presenting to you a different style from our usual fare. Kut Off Records pulls out all the stops for their 15th release to bring you their first full length, artist album from music production duo, Subessence'Journey Through Vibrations'.

An 11 track collection of relaxed and soothing dub sounds and styles. Veering from lushly down-tempo, ambience as demonstrated by 'Personal Reflection' with it's poignant guitar licks on 'There After', to smooth, 2-step garage infused dubstep, like the warm and sophisticated 'Symbols'.
'Distant Rhythms' conjures up memories of smoky hazed, chill-out sessions while 'Translation's 'ticking clock' bleeps sets your mind to a contemplative state.
However the standout track for me just has got to be the absolutely gorgeous sounding 'Pennelopes Diary' which heavily features haunting Middle Eastern flutes and sumptuous female vocals over driving dub beats. Gorgeously atmospheric.

If you appreciate the sounds of Nightmares On Wax, 4 Hero, MJ Cole, Boards Of Canada and Massive Attack, then prepare for Subessence to provide you with the perfect soundtrack to forthcoming balmy Summer nights.           

Kut Off Records Soundcloud page...

Kut Off Records Facebook page...

Kut Off Records Beatport page...

Kut Off Records Trackitdown page...

Monday, 21 April 2014

LLTA00:: V.A. - RAT2THEOLDSKOOL 002 [out now on Long Live The Animals]

LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS disturb our brains again with a sweet banging dose of hardcore breaks/breakcore sounds on the second volume of the successful RAT2THEOLDSKOOL.
Delivering four massive tracks once again like on volume 1, and of course pure killer rave!!

Grab your copy here and show your support to the producers &  LLTA 'idea'






Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bay B Kane 'Guardian Of Ruff LP', 'Have A Break LP' & 'Code Kane Mini LP' Free Promo Downloads (Bay B Kane Classic Remixes)

To commemorate the 20th anniversary and re-release of legendary jungle, drum & bass and future jungle producer Bay B Kane's benchmark 'Guardian Of Ruff LP'. The 'Have A Break LP' (Bay B Kane's collection of breaks and beat samples for Whitehouse Records released in 1995) and the brand new 'Code Kane Mini LP' on iTunes. Bay B Kane has unleashed two back catalogue remixes of his trademark classics 'Jungle Warriors' and 'Hello Darkness' for free download on his Soundcloud page.

Both mixes are thundering drum & bass/jungle re-workings with bags of atmosphere, ruffneck, chopped up breaks and booming dub basslines, all combining the classic sounds of the original 1993-1994 versions with the enhancements of current production techniques.
Highly recommended for deep sets with plenty of intricate drumwork.

Remember to like, follow and support Bay B Kane's pages...

Bay B Kane's iTunes Store...

Ruff Guidance Records Soundcloud Page...

Bay B Kane Facebook Page...

[CRIT 004] Ricky Force Bad Rep / Got Me (Criterion Records 12" Vinyl Only Release)

A - Bad Rep.
AA - Got Me.
The next release coming from the atmospheric and hard hitting drum & bass label, Criterion Records features the talents of Ricky Force. From the moody steppin' 'Bad Rep' to the tearing amen rinse out of 'Got Me', both tracks focus on deep sounds combined with intricate drumwork and techno pads. Two highly effective tracks for any deep D&B set.
In keeping with Criterion Records philosophy of veering away from the reliance of digital copies, this release is only available as a 12" vinyl, white label copy, pressed onto high quality, heavyweight vinyl at a price of only 10 Euros. One for the collectors, DJ's and enthusiasts of atmospheric jungle/drum & bass vinyl.



CRIT 004 Discogs page...

Criterion Records Soundcloud Page...
Criterion Records Facebook Page...

KODE058:: ALEXBREAKO - Deep Love pt.2 [out now on KODE 5 Recordings]

ALEXBREAKO (owner of Criterion Records) from Greece, has launched his first personal official release, which is out now on an established nurave label like KODE 5 Recordings. After his masterpiece  'Deep Love pt1' which was included on the Strictly Nuskool Vol.1 album, he strikes back on a 'morning' and emotional tune, keeping the same style like pt1, with some intelligent jungle breaks on his fresh   .....   'Deep Love pt2'.

Show some love and grab now your copy on:

> Beatport  HERE

> TrackItDown HERE

> Junodownload  HERE



Tuesday, 15 April 2014

DZR061:: FINAL FEVERZ 'Bass Kick EP' [out now on DIZZINES RECORDS]

DIZZINES RECORDS presents Final Feverz on his first personal release titled "Basskick EP". It's about a 3track electro breaks EP driven on 134BPM and ready to take you to the dancefloor, with strong bass and oldskool feelings from Tenerife, Spain, where people know the score by having a strong Nuskool Breaks scene over these years.

Grab your copy now on Beatport HERE



Friday, 11 April 2014

SFN00073:: PAUL CRONIN 'I Told Ya Hands in the Air' [OUT NOW xclusive on Beatport - San Fransisco Nights Records]

The well known NuRave tune machine, Paul Cronin from Leeds returns with a 4track fresh nurave EP out now from San Fransisco Nights, exclusive now on Beatport!
Hardcore breaks & heavy rave rhythms from 145-150 BPM, delivering with his own style again to the masses!

Grab your copy now HERE

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

[GBW 003] Champa B & Bazia - The North Side South Side EP (Green Bay Wax Vinyl And Digital Download - Out Now!!)

North 1 - Champa B - Bigga Tings (North Side Mix).
North 2 - Champa B - Cookin' Up Ya Brain.
South 1 - Bazia - South Side  (Forest Hill Mix)
South 2 - Bazia - Kill & Kollect.
Green Bay Wax returns once again with it's third vinyl 12" EP of retro styled jungle/drum & bass. Champa B delivers two tracks of dark, 1993 styled junglism with plenty of ominous synths, chopped up breaks and metallic, pitched amens.
Bazia unleashes two takes on ruffneck, 1994 jungle. The bass pulses, clattering breaks, ragga chat and soulful vocals are all present on both tunes.

These 4 tracks are only available on vinyl in limited qualtities, with no re-presses being made after they sell out. They will not be for sale in digital format.
An essential purchase for those with a penchant for the Golden years of ragga jungle and the stages of progression between hardcore and jungle in the early nineties.
As an extra incentive, all orders for [GBW 003] will come with a digital download featuring the four additional tracks below...
1- Champa B - Oldschool Love.
2 - Champa B - The Warm Up.
3 - Bazia - Get Me High.
4 - Bazia - Lovin' You.

Green Bay Wax Soundcloud page:
The GBW 003 EP is available from the Green Bay Wax Bandcamp page for a bargain price of £7.95:

[DEEPIN005] DJ Bazia - Respect Due / DJ L.A.B - Loud & Clear (Forthcoming 14th April)

1 - DJ Bazia - Respect Due.
2 - DJ L.A.B. - Loud & Clear.
Brighton based Deep In The Jungle label brings you their 5th ragga jungle release, this time showcasing the talents of DJ Bazia and DJ L.A.B. Both tracks keep the spirit of 1994/1995 ragga infused jungle tracks alive and heavily feature intricately chopped up amen breakage alongside modern production techniques. If you love your breaks complicated and heavy and your basslines with a strong dub influence then 'Respect Is Due / Loud & Clear' is an essential purchase for your jungle/drum & bass set!!!

Keep up to date with purchase details on Deep In The Jungle Records' Soundcloud and Facebook pages...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

[KFA59] Idealz & Shift - Random E.P (Executive Edition Available Until May 19th)

01 - LowRiding.
02 - On And On.
03 - Woo Woo.
04 - You To Be.
(Executive Edition Only - Available Until May 19th Only)
05 - RidingLow.
06 - RIP.
07 - Piano Possession (Doo Naa Naa Remix).
After a quiet start to 2014 and following on from December's 'Hella Hardcore E.P', the legendary Kniteforce Again label releases their latest release, the 'Random EP' from Idealz & Shift. A change from the last batch of Kniteforce Again EP's which focused focussed on high energy breakbeat and hardcore styles. The 'Random EP' features 4 tracks (plus 3 Executive Edition only bonus tracks) across the jungle/drum & bass spectrum, from the moody D&B stepper 'LowRider', the excellent dubby 140 jungle vibes of 'On And On' to the amen rinse out that is 'You To Be'.
In accordance to Kniteforce Again's philosophy of giving more to their customers Idealz & Shift's 'Random EP' is available as an Executive Edition release up until May 19th and features 3 extra tracks which will be removed from the EP after that date. It is highly recommended to get in there early to pick up the reworked opening track, RidingLow. The dark stepper 'RIP' and dubstep revamp of Kniteforce classic 'Piano Progression'.
Safe to say that with Idealz & Shift, Kniteforce Again is back to cause damage.
KFA59 Idealz & Shift - Random E.P (Executive Edition) is available from the shop until May 19th for only $6 (that's a measly £3.74!!!).

Monday, 7 April 2014

CUT007:: NewKoncept 'Entities' [out now on CREEPY CUTS]

Creepy Cuts Records from UK have released today a 3track EP presenting Manchester's based producer/DJ NewKoncept and his jungle freshness titled 'Entities' including also 2 massive remixes by Default & Jay Walker.

Grab your copy now on Creepy Cuts bandcamp page  here  and of course all major digital stores.

Trackitdown> here
Junodownload> here
Beatport> here

Listen to the tracks here:



Sunday, 6 April 2014

Non Compliance pres. PAUL BASSROCK (UK) on the Guest Mix @ Nu-Rave Radio [04APR.2014]

This one is for Future Jungle Breaks fans who adore "heaviness"..
Non Compliance present a very special guest with a successful decade in the Breaks scene, the man like Paul Bassrock, owner of Bassrock Records on Nu-Rave Radio.



Non Compliance

Intro Anthony J Hilder
Sanxion "Desert Ant
Ellis Dee "Next To Me"
Viper X "Hovercraft"
RadioKillaZ "Don't Wanna 9-5"
Skanx "Cmon"
Strange Rollers "Break It Down"
Zombie Robot "You Belong To Me"
Manion "Thought You Were Doing It"
601 "Bones"
Menace "Nice World Order"
Pirate Jams "Happy Days"
Retropolis "Gotta Have Your Touch"(The Flashback Project Rmx)
Ellis Dee & Twister "Be The One"
BruXia, Non Compliance & m0del 101 "In Control"
BruXia "Mire"

Paul Bassrock [A Decade Of Bassrock Records]

D'State, Darkus & Tension "Shoulderroller" Autobots Remix
Darkus & Tension "Badbwoy" Backdraft Remix
Vinyl Junkie & Dope "Hooligan" Backdraft Remix
Amnexiac "Action Heroes"
D'State, Darkus & Tension "Dub Chemist" Backdraft Remix
Bill Vega & New Decade "The Roller"
Bill Vega & New Decade "Fear of Darkness" Control Z Remix
Transformer Man "Ravers Return"
Darkus "2 Sounds" Control Z vs Screwface Remix
Paul Bassrock "Oldskool Karnage" Baobinga Remix
Jinx In Dub "Rockerz Dub"
Paul Bassrock meets Anti-Science "Locked On!"
Zombie Robot "Mad Zombie"
Paul Bassrock "Oldskool Karnage" Jurassik Remix
Paul Bassrock "Dub Hooligan" Xim n Bass Remix
Strange Rollers "The Vibe" Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion Remix
Strange Rollers "The Vibe"
Libra "Thud Rumble" RadioKillaz Remix
Backdraft "Revolution" DaVip Remix
Darkus & Paul Bassrock "The Final Word" Vazteria X Remix
Vazteria X "Mutant Lemon"

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