Thursday 30 August 2018

[DEMON8] FX - Demonic Possession Volume 8 [12" Vinyl Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A - The Time Of The Demon.
AA - Some Place Dark.

The infernal incantations have been performed and the sacrificial blood has been spilled. Now it is time for us to summon FX's latest vinyl only 12" single, 'Demonic Possession Volume 8' which features two slices of the darkest hardcore jungle ever to grace this real. It's now time to fetch your vials of Holy Water, and enter the dark zone!!!

We are first graced by the noirish sounds of 'The Time Of The Demon', a frantic melting-pot of machine-gunfire, junglist breaks, earth shaking bass blasts and choice vintage B-movie snippets which ramp up the tension to maximum. The track is peppered with menacing terror riffs and jarring horror flick FX, perfectly capturing that 1993 style darkcore vibe.

'Some Place Dark' introduces us to a sluggish, half-speed opening breakbeat accompanied by doom-laden synth notes and sinister film samplage before dropping a thundering Think break into the mix. The track soon mutates into a devastating, dustpan breakbeat and cavernous bass pulses which just emanates evil with each passing second.

FX's 'Demonic Possession Volume 8' provides the perfect soundtrack for the rapidly encroaching darker nights, so do you flee, or embrace the darkness? The choice is yours!!!!
The FX, 'Demonic Possession Volume 8' 12" vinyl single is available to purchase now for the absolute bargain price of £7.99, or the soul of your first newborn (plus P&P) and will not be made available digitally. So if you want to get demonically possessed, then it's vinyl all the way!!!

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Tuesday 28 August 2018

[NFTWR001] Systec & Sir Rice - The Mystic Essence EP [12" Vinyl - Order now]

A - Darkside
B - Hands in the air

Anyone who's into Hardcore is surely aware of German style and offer within the scene. (e.g. Dragon Technicals Records). German duet Systec & Sir Rice are two of the most iconic producers obeying to the Hardcore Breaks and next level in Oldskool Hardcore music and seem to be always pushing the boundaries. This time its something really cool happening, because apart from a pretty essential German return we got a new label launch moreover releasing Vinyls too!

These outstanding news coming from Mannheim and Sir Rice who took the decision to take the ride of Not From This World Recordings, a new label set up and managed by himself alongside his good friend Systec having also sAv as an admin on the NFTWR crew.

Their first and long awaited release for those who follow the label the last months, is a 2track work called 'The Mystic Essence EP' and is comprised of 2 banging tunes one Dark rushing stormer and on the flipside a happier tune which was released last year on digital version via Ravenoyz Recordings and now takes a refresher format being vinylized!

Any producer who's fancy sending over any demo, can freely follow that direction by getting in touch with the NFTWR management and for all of you out there, please show some love & support to this new try and all effort of the label runners!

'The Mystic Essence' EP is the first of an aspiring & forthcoming quality series of releases on various genres and formats.


Monday 27 August 2018

[CUT035] Various Artists - Darkcore Massacre [Limited Edition Switchblade Digital CD Available To Buy Now!!!]

1/ Pursuit - Tenebrosity.
2/ Deadly Nightshade - Mobius.
3/ Mr Anderson - Camp Blood.
4/ Necrotype - The Pursuant.
5/ Virtuoso - Illusion Of Confusion.
6/ Master Mash - Spiralling Into The Void.
7/ Roko - Blinded By Darkness.
8/ Beat Rapist - Dark Methods VIP.
9/ The Shade Brothers - The Crow.
10/ Beats Are Broken - Death Trap.
11/ Abyss - Perfect Science.

Another Autumn looms ever closer which means it's time for Switchblade Digital to unveil another compendium of darkness to welcome in the pitch black nights. The label has rounded up eleven dark breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum & bass tracks to compile the 'Darkcore Massacre' album available on Limited Edition CD exclusively from Switchblade Digital, and featuring a whole host of underground talent. It's about to get grisly!!!  

Kickstarting the slaughter we have Pursuit's amen rinser 'Tenebrosity', which sets the tone by fusing together rolling breaks and an ascending/desending bassline alongside a monstrous, terror-riff fuelled drop to get those bassbins shaking in fear. 
Deadly Nightshade up next  introduces us to some symphonic, hoover action with 'Mobius', to deliver a 2018 take on vintage, dark, late '92 era of breakbeat hardcore, complete with rich synth textures and hair-raising stab riffage. 

The mysterious Mr Anderson captures that classic 1993 darkside vibe on the 'Friday The 13th' sample-fest, 'Camp Blood' which expertly melds together breakneck speed beats and sub bass with skin-crawling, sinister pads. 
Jumping from 1993 style darkcore into 1996-1997 tech-step, Necrotype delivers a contemporary update on that classic No U-Turn / Emotif era of oppressive D&B with 'The Pursuant', complete with heavyweight, 2-step breaks, harsh mentasm stabs and deep, groaning bass notes. 

Coming in like a spiritual successor of Crystl's 'Warpdrive', Virtuoso's 'Illusion Of Confusion' ramps up the atmosphere to intense levels with it's fusion of razor-sharp amen edits, reversed, 'Dread Bass' notes and menace-dripping, droning pads.
Representing the jungle techno contingent we have Master Mash, who unleashes his hypnosis inducing 'Spiralling Into The Void', an expertly crafted fusion of pounding kick-drums, rolling breaks and vertigo inducing, arppegiated synth riffs. 

The DJ Roko up next takes no prisoners with his relentlessly heavy, dark D&B / 1993 darkcore hybrid, 'Blinded By Darkness', an exhilarating amen rinse-out perfectly balanced with it's use of spine-tingling, cavernous synth notes that'll rip your soul asunder!!!
The infamous Beat Rapist sets forth to batter your subwoofers with the foundation shaking 'Dark Methods VIP', which instantly conjures up visions of some monolithic, deep space dreadnought locked in conflict and unleashing monstrous Reese bass depth charges and a barrage of rapid-fire breakbeat laser blasts. 

It's time for some militant hardcore and junglism courtesy of The Shade Brothers, whose 'The Crow', track blends together hardstep breaks and 808 bass with deep and dark synth textures and choice movie dialogue samples.  
The one and only Beats Are Broken lets loose his manic slab of twisted acid driven jungle, 'Death Trap' on any unwitting ravers out there, only to ensnare them in it's myriad of eclectic samples and stylistic twists. 

Last, and most certainly not least we have Switchblade Digital, label-boss Abyss who unveils his "creation" with 'Perfect Science', an epic exercise in soaring pads, deep rumbling bass notes, amen break choppage and vintage monster flick samplage.

The 'Darkcore Massacre' collection sets out and succeeds on it's mission to bring you the heaviest and darkest breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum & bass for 2018. This one is strictly for the headstrong junglists only!!!

The 'Darkcore Massacre' Limited Edition CD is available to order now, directly from the Switchblade Digital webstore for the bargain price of £8 (plus P&P), but you better be quick as they are due to fly out!!!

... And be sure to check out DJ Roko's tearing 'Darkcore Massacre (Promo Mix)' showcase on Mixcloud...

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Tuesday 21 August 2018

[HWR1201] Manaia Toa - True Force / Dredd Tune / Pipes Of Doom [3-Track 12" EP Available To Buy Now!!!

A - True Force.
B1 - Dredd Tune.
B2 - Pipes Of Doom.

Coming straight from the darkside, the Headwound Recordings label presents it's latest slab of twisted, dark, junglistic hardcore on wax with Manaia Toa's 'True Force / Dredd Tune / Pipes Of Doom' EP dropping now to infect your sound-systems with filthy beats and bass.

First up we are launched headfirst into the pitch blackness of 'True Force', a darkside sample-fest which captures snippets of 1992-1993 hardcore/jungle classics and menace filled 'Taxi Driver' dialogue set to an avalanche of tearing breaks, sinister bass drones and twisted rave stabs, creating a veritable tour de force of second hand sounds and modern production styles.

The 'Dredd Tune' up next follows a similar format to it's predecessor, this time utilising elements of Stallone's sketchy rendition of iconic, 2000AD anti-hero Judge Dredd and welding it onto a heavyweight, Force Inc. style amen break and monstrous growing bass snarls.
We are then taken to the EP's conclusion by the 'Pipes Of Doom', a manic combination of South American panpipes, downtempo hip-hop, rapid-fire machine gun breaks and terror stabs peppered with rave MC chatter and choice 'Evil Dead' clips. 

The 'True Force / Dredd Tune / Pipes Of Doom' proves itself to be a tearing selection of 1993/1994 styled breakbeat hardcore and jungle underpinned by a D.I.Y. punk, cut & paste aesthetic which will be a surefire hit with anyone who loves their music hard-hitting and sampleadelic. Don't hesitate to grab your copy NOW!!!  

The Manaia Toa 'True Force / Dredd Tune / Pipes Of Doom' EP is available to purchase for £10 plus P&P from the following webstores... 

Demonic Possession Recordings...

7th Storey Projects....

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Sunday 19 August 2018

[CCR031] Bloodclot - Predators EP [CORE COLLECTIVE RECORDS]

01. Bloodclot - Predators [The Bellwether Effect]
02. Bloodclot - Peewee's Crack Adventure
03. Matheus - Who Cares How You Rave? [Bloodclot's Sorry Excuse of an Attempt! Remix] 
04. Breakforce One - The Edge [Bloodclot Remix] 
05. Bloodclot - Peewee's Crack Adventure [Remix] [Bonus Track] 

California wonder boy Bloodclot makes his debut release on the 7 yr old Harsh label of Core Collective Records (run & managed by Matheus).
Despite his very young age, Bloodclot showcases his talent and mainly his devotion to Breakcore on his premier release including 2 original tunes, 2 remixes by Matheus and Breakforce One plus one VIP Rework and get ready for a frenzy bloodbath as officially stated!
All in all it's something totally recommended for the headstrong and all hard crew fans of this Blog. Available on digital format and open as always for donating.



Friday 17 August 2018

[TCPL01] Tim Reaper & Coco Bryce - Tim & Coco's Pack Of Lies [12" Limited EP @ MYOR MASSIV]

01. Dreamscape (Pleasuredome)
02. Dreamscape (Thunderdome)
03. E Is For
04. E Is For (Sonar's Ghost Remix)

Breda meets London or UK meets Netherlands on the very fresh release by two prolific Junglists like Coco Bryce & Tim Reaper. If you follow the scene and missing these two golden names then something's going wrong. Two of the most productive, hard working and good guys within the scene, collab for the very first time to bring on a very attractive 12" landing like Oldschool inspired but keeping a Hardcore & Jungle identity.

'E Is For' is one of the biggest tunes of the year due to our preferences and 'Pack Of Lies' 12" EP (the name of this brand new release) won't lie to you at all. It's time to get the unexpected; advocates would rather say a quite different approach of Jungle.
All in all anything coming out from these two as well as Myor Massiv is a sure success, and a matter of time getting sold out due to the major support and upgrading over the years.
"Tim & Coco's Pack Of Lies" is out on on vinyl & digital format.


Mastered by Hue Jah Fink at Binary Feedback
Artwork by Jim The Jew Arendse



[KF85] Luna-C & Lowercase - Heavy Beats EP [12" EP out on KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

01. Bad Enough
02. Atomik
03. Dumpling Business 
04. Get Away

First ever Kniteforce 'Double L' EP or we'd rather say 'L2' or '2L' is available now and everyone around Kniteforce is extremely delighted about that.
First of all the head honcho of the KF movement, the man like Luna-C, secondly Lowercase as the second essential L and all the rest like fans and all involved inside this legendary 26 yr old label.
'Heavy Beats' is the name of the brand new 12" EP and it's an indisputably banging collaboration between Luna-C and Lowercase.
KF boss and KF Radio manager!

"Glyn Lowercase has dedication and enthusiasm in spades, and is both determined and humble. Its a good combination, and perfect for Kniteforce.

I first became aware of Glyn because he posted pics of his leg tattoos, which happen to be Kniteforce logos. So…thats dedication. More that I would ever ask for, and verging on the insane, sure, but still, you cant just scroll past someone who has put your record labels artwork into his skin. That person is dedicated and loves the label, so the least I could do was say “oi oi, nice one” and have a little chat. It turned out that he was only slightly mad, and he wasn’t full of himself, and he had a weekly radio show (this was before Kniteforce Radio). So I tuned in once, then again, until it became fairly regular, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear well mixed tunes, and an enthusiastic host who was obviously very into the music, and Kniteforce played its part in that as well."

In addition to Chris latest blog (read full of it here) the 'Heavy Beats' is a 4track slamming work of storming breakbeats, immense basslines and lush pianos all around blending 1991 with 1992 under modern flag. One way or another this release is a must to have mostly cos its one of the first collabs between Chris and Glyn, as we in the Strictly Nuskool expect more to come from them both.
Because they still feed their souls with Hardcore, and this turns to be larger day by day!!

KF soundcloud
KF store



DJ Jonay - Labels Sessions 002 - SHUT UP AND DANCE

The almighty Spanish legend DJ Jonay launches the second part of his very own series of mixes called 'Label Sessions' which aims to pay homage to the Oldschool labels that were groundbreaking as well as tunes that mean a lot to himself.
Every month a new mix will be up.
For this month Jonay strikes back with a special mix tribute to Shut Up And Dance, which is also available on free download.


[FDXBLKSR006] X-Nation - X-Nation EP [Foundation X 3-Track 12" Vinyl Available Now!!!]

A - Infinite Waters.
AA1 - 9 Digit Roots.
AA2 - Kiss My Neck.

The mighty Foundation X label has long been known for interweaving deep jungle dub aesthetics with cavernous basslines and heavyweight breakbeats, and it's latest 12" vinyl release, X-Nation's 'X-Nation EP' does not fail to deliver the goods on that front.

Dubwise, sound system vibes form the backbone of opening track 'Infinite Waters', which comes steeped in delayed FX, subsonic bass booms and filtered, rolling amen breaks accented with a smattering of trumpet blasts, evocative, reggae vocalisms and if I am right, a sneaky 'Star Trek' sound sample.

Paying homage to reggae icon Eek-A-Mouse's sing-song classic, 'Long Time Ago', '9 Digit Roots' hits you with rich tapestry of electrifying synth flourishes set to a skanking bassline and tearing Amen and Think break combo that'll get all heads nodding on the dancefloor.

Rounding off the selection we have 'Kiss My Neck' which delivers a potent blend of rapid-fire, layered 'Scottie' breaks, thundering 808 bass pulses and soulful Frankie Paul vocals combined with spine-tingling Richard D. James, arpeggiated synth riffs borrowed from a 1992, R&S classic.

The 'X-Nation EP' comes recommended to anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of serious jungle with a focus on breakbeat manpulation and deep, bassline pressure. This one's strictly for the headz!!!

X-Nation's 'X-Nation EP' is available to buy for £9.99 (plus p&p) and is ready to ship now. So be quick before they fly out the door!!!

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Wednesday 15 August 2018

[INVSN018] Mayel - Apache Remixes [Available To Download Exclusively From Beatport Pro!!!]

1/ Apache (Alerstorm Remix).
2/ Apache (Maniatics Remix).

March's devastating 'Apache EP' by Mayel receives two storming makeovers from Spanish drum & bass Titans, Alerstorm and Maniatics for the brand new release from Invasion Recordings, the 'Apache Remixes' single.

Looming over the horizon first we have the 'Apache (Alerstorm Remix)', a deep and deadly slice of razor-sharp, sc-fi style neurofunk, backed by crisp, 2-step breaks and pumping bass pulses. Conjuring up images of some kind of sleek, yet lethal Japanime mecha laying down laser-fire over a war-torn, future battlefield.

Coming in for reinforcement, Maniatics delivers his industrial, tech-step reinterpretation of 'Apache', which immediately hits you full-on with a punishing series of ten-ton breaks before blindsiding you with a monstrous, twisting mid-range synth riff that'll get your neck-hairs standing to attention.

If you consider yourself as a purveyor of dark and heavy neuro D&B, then you need the 'Apache Remixes' in your collection!!!

Mayel's 'Apache Remixes' single is available to download now as a Beatport Pro Exclusive before going on general release. So get on it quick before everyone else does!!!

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Tuesday 14 August 2018

The Happy League + Friends: HARDCORE SUMMER CAMP 2018 (21-23 September 2018)

One of the most loyal Hardcore crews over US is certainly The Happy League, born somewhere in Chicago and still running by the main man Matt Positive who has also the essential contribution of his good youth. In other words a mental nuskool hardcore team comprised of Chris Happyfixx, DJ Honeycomb, Snarf & The Counter-Terrorist.
So this almight crew after a great run of events taking place in US, they're coming out stronger starting the season with an immense 3dayer of Happy Hardcore, Hard Dance and rave pride in & our Illinois!
From Friday, September 21 till Sunday, September 23, 2018 the quotation goes like:

"Make your own kind of music
even if nobody else sings along..."

Over 50 'soldiers' ready to evoke passion, excitement and desire to dance.
Jimni Cricket, 2B Happy, FlapJack, Keishaboy, VampyVicious, M27, Clayfighter, #Brentkore, Ryan Kore, Zombi, AoS, Okidam, Candy Kid, Audio X, Unicorn Apocalypse, Evolutionize, Idiom, Turtle Matt, Thomas Kelly, DJ Noi, Billy The Kid, Donald Whan and many more others alongside The Happy League crew of course going under various music types like Happy Hardcore, Makina, Gabber, Hardcore Breakbeat, UK Hardcore, Jcore, Drum & Bass and many more others on 3 days of positive vibes!!




LIQUID "Early XL Recordings Classics Mix"

UK Ravemeister LIQUID has just uploaded his guest mix as broadcasted last week on DecPierce #BlockRockinBeats show @ TODAY FM (Listen to full show here)
Relax and enjoy a marvellous selection of tunes by The Prodigy, Ellis Dee, Cubic 22, SL2, Dance Conspiracy on a very special XL Recordings 1988-1992 Tribute mix!
If you're fancy for more and fresh music from Liquid you can grab his recent EP furthermore his first collaboration release with his long time amigo, Billy Daniel Bunter.'Mitsu EP' can be purchased here

website - soundcloud - facebook - twitter - youtube

Monday 13 August 2018


Hull based producer and radio dj, DJ EZC brings on a 90s inspired Happy Hardcore nuskool dish on his very first release on Ravestomp Recordings. In other words, a stompy weapon on a stompier label managed by Paul Cronin and representing the harder side of Hardcore. Strictly for the headstrong!
UK Hardcore is here guys. Get on this one!




Sunday 12 August 2018

[KOR027] The Rumblist - Zero Faults EP [Available To Download From All Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Zero Faults.
2/ No Slackness.

For those seeking the heaviest beats and bass then look now further than The Rumblist's latest offering on Kut Off Records, the 'Zero Faults EP' which features two devastating breakbeat and drum and bass cuts to set those bassbins on fire!!!

First up we are faced with some serious breaks 'n' bass action with 'Zero Faults', a mean and moody number composed of crisp beats, smatterings of female vox and a twisted bassline that'll get you screwing your face up. If you love your breaks with a touch of depth, but it's feet firmly planted on the dancefloor, then 'Zero Faults' is the one for you!!!

Companion piece, 'No Faults' ups the tempo to bring you a tearing, amen break driven, drum & bass symphony accompanied by an exhilarating series of soaring synth riffs and lush, atmospheric pads. 'No Faults' excels in it's combination of razor-sharp, complex breakbeat edits and evocative chords. A real D&B masterpiece.

Once again, The Rumblist has delivered two hi-octane pieces of floor-friendly, musical bombs to suit any breaks or D&B set. Get on this one pronto!!!

The Rumblist's 'Zero Faults EP' is available to purchase for £1.99 from the Kut Off Records official webstore...

... And from the following digital stores and streaming sites...





Juno Download...


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Saturday 11 August 2018


01. Party is On (original mix)
02. Want it - Feel it (original mix)

Fancy for some quality Piano House vibes, most appropriate for a oldskool revival dancefloor?
Well, DMO Recordings and the main man driving onboard are here to offer a fresh EP of two decent tunes covering your desire for cheering up under those two equal lovely tunes.

'Party On' and 'Want it - Feel it' are the new personal & endearing tracks by DJ CDC, a hard workin man within the scene, who's always aware of his buzz. 
Recommended for the fans of the kind and postscriptum I'd say make sure you subscribe to the official DMO website to keep yourselves updated with anything around this outstanding Nuskool label.