Tuesday 26 April 2022

Pearsall - Rethinking Missed Chances: The Return of Jungle Techno

A new mix has just landed throughout Soundcloud, by our good friend Pearsall.
This time, he picks some of the finest modern Jungle Techno vinyl records and there are many tracks in that you wouldn't be missing out.

"The title is a reference to the fact that the brief flowering of jungle techno in the early 90's was a real missed opportunity, as this style of music is just basically awesome - chopped-up breakbeats layered over thumping 4/4 kickdrums, undergirded by punishing bass, and layered over with samples of all things 'dark' (horror movie strings, mentasm stabs, spooky dialogue, etc), and spiked with techno-esque stabs..." - Pearsall


01. Response & Pliskin - Life Without Death [Western Lore]
02. Worldwide Epidemic - Decadence [White Label]
03. Dandalf - Justice [Deadbeat]
04. Eight Dudes & A Chick - Bwoy [White Label]
05. Slim Sinna - Retrigger [Sub Code]
06. Innercore - Cov Sound [Innercore Project]
07. Crashead - Everything [Amen Brother]
08. Pearsall - Crossbones [Sonicrampage]
09. Wislov - Too Much Coffee [Kniteforce]
10. Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness (Pete Cannon Remix) [Uphoria]
11. DJ Jedi - Takeover [Jedi Recordings]
12. TenTun - Ruff It Up [Rave Radio]
13. Stu & Nee - Highest High [Enormous Mouse]
14. Innercore - Dreams 2 Reality [Innercore Project]
15. Shadowman - Remember The Future [Deadbeat]
16. DJ Y - My Bizz [Faces of Bass]
17. Slim Sinna - Give It To Em [TufStuf]
18. DJ Mindhunter - Mind Full of Stars [Parallax]
19. Tim Reaper - Slugs Penetrate [Hypercharger]
20. Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Globex Corp Vol. 9 (Side B1) [7th Storey Projects]
21. Peter Darker - Peter's Pals-R-Ace [7th Storey Projects]
22. DJ Jedi - Earthbound [Jedi Recordings]
23. DJ Mindhunter - Mindtrips [Parallax]
24. Worldwide Epidemic - Side Swipe [Knitebreed]
25. Tim Reaper - Stomp! (Side A) [White Label]
26. Tim Reaper & Dwarde - Globex Corp Vol. 8 (Side B1) [7th Storey Projects]
27. Tim Reaper - Globex Corp Vol. 6 (Side 1) [7th Storey Projects]
28. Hornchurch Hardcore - Planet Earth [Dark Age]
29. Mahakala - The Exodus [Mahakala]


Monday 18 April 2022

PREMIERE:: Polo Lilli - Three Inch Punch [WORKS Records]



Strictly Nuskool Blog premiere of 'Three Inch Punch' by the Bristolian Polo Lilli , forthcoming on WORKS Records.

WORKS Records is a Bristol based label for dance music at around 160bpm.
Founded by the creators of online community Half-time // Slow/fast & club night WORKS; GOLDMAN, DJ Jonco and DJ Lazergun, the label is similarly dedicated to pushing Footwork, Juke, Jungle, Hardcore, & everything in between. The label's goal is to exhibit the varying global sounds of these styles of music, whilst retaining the futurist vision set out by the originators of these genres.

With previous releases from Chicago Footwork legend Traxman and recently Italian modular powerhouse Sickarone, we are really excited to welcome breakbeat bootleg king POLO LILLI to the label. These tracks were originally short 1:30 long wardubs as part of our 2nd online tournament in 2021, and are not only the most played tracks on our Soundcloud, but also his two most sought after dubplates.

His tracks have received support from some of the biggest names in the UK scene, such as Mixtress, Naina & the Daytimers crew to name a few, and his recent bookings supporting Fracture and Kush Jones certainly show the man is one to watch for 2022 and beyond.

The two-tracker will be available to purchase on Bandcamp on 30th April.
You may pre-order your copies now on the link above:

Premiere:: Polo Lilli - Three Inch Punch



Sunday 3 April 2022

'A Long Journey' by SubXyco

SubXyco (a.k.a. Dirk Roese) from Germany, is a versatile producer starting his experiment in creation in the late days of 1999, while specified in Hardcore Techno and Gabber.

Recently, he released a personal studio work of 14 ultimate Hardcore tracks via Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel. It's one of those albums that reppin the central European Hardcore style of the mid-90s. Early Hardcore vibes and even more...

We had the chance to get some exclusive words from Roese about his project and his new work.

"And later the 'Daytona Deep Fighter' track was born, only samples based.
I had a drumsample conserved on a VHS Tape from the Videogame "Daytona USA C.C.E" and a 303-Sample from another Videogame. I brought the samples together and the track was ready to listen. Over the years it was used as an Introsong of a very good friend of mine (craP_cillA) for his DJ Sets, but much later approx. 2006, i think.

In 2001, I switched to a more professional software (FL-Studio) to make more Hardcore Techno, Rave and Breakbeat. The years fly away, nobody liked my music, because it's style is too hard for them, except for a little group of good friends of mine.

In 2003, I began Djembédrumming, i had the luck to be very talented, there was not much time for electronic Music. And then in 2007, a total cut in making electronic Music. 2012 I returned at the same time i played in a Reggae band. 2015 my friend wanted to use the "Daytona" Track again for his set. I complete worked it over and then I really returned back to the Electronic Music making. 2017 I worked more on mastering to make my sound quality better. December 2019 I took on that Paranoid Recordings Compilation and landed on place 8 with 'Dropping Raptors'. 2021, I wrote the 'Daytona Track' completely over again, no samples anymore. Two Hardcore Breakbeat Tracks followed near the classic style. 2022 after I had 46 playable Tracks in my collection, i decided to search for a label for my harder tracks and for a label for my softer ones.

For the Album, I overworked the sound and the mastering everyday of one week for 14 tracks, i sent it to 'SCWW' and the mastering was perfect for them. Then I had to wait, the artwork and the title was in the making. I decided to call it 'A Long Journey' because it's reality to me, 23 years are a very long time. Especially to grow in self confidence, to realize many things, to believe in yourself and to be yourself, no matter what other people say who don't like your music."
- SubXyco



Speedcore Worldwide Audio Netlabel


Saturday 2 April 2022

DJ Jedi Hot Radio Guest Mix & Interview (31st March 2022)

Oliver Jonez has hosted one more absolutely amazing showcase on Hot Radio, this time coming among an exclusive guest mix and an interview with the mighty DJ Jedi.
Djing since 1996 playing for Raindance, Slammin Vinyl and so many other great brands, with a large variety of records and top level production skills, Jedi was unfortunately unlucky and didn't make it to the recent Calling The Hardcore event in Brighton due to Covid. However, he's fine now cos he's a 100% Hardcore trooper and you can catch him up on the next event celebrating the 5 years of Calling The Hardcore. (Tickets/Info here)

DJ Jedi has dropped his selection for the CTH event; still fresh and banging and apparently it fitted perfectly for The Return Of The Vibe radio show. A mix of mainly 1991-92 Oldskool mixed up with Nuskool vibes and exclusive first radio play of 'DJ Jedi - Make Me Feel' due this summer on Burning Bush Communications.

The Return Of The Vibe show is broadcasted at 22:00 [UK Time]
Every Thursday evening @ https://www.hot.radio/player/


1) Tamsin - It's Easy (Lafayette Records)
2) Dragonfly - Visions Of Rage (BTB Records)
3) Timebase - Unity (Ragga Mix) (White label)
4) Terrorize - Feel The Rhythm (Hamster Records)
5) Blame - Music Takes You (Seal Vocal Mix) (Moving Shadow)
6) Mint Sauce - Apollo 13 (Omega Records)
7) DJ Jedi - Make Me Feel (Burning Bush Communications)
8) Nookie - Give A Little Love (The Not Enough Love Remix) (Absolute 2 Records)
9) Longsy D's House Sound - Things Just Don't Make Sense (1st Bass Records)
10) The Sandman - Evolution (Bush Records)
11) Liquid Crystal - The Power Within (Bizarre Records)
12) DJ Jedi - Jedi On E's (Side B) (Jedi Recordings)
13) Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (Profile Records)
14) Project 1 - Roughneck (Rising High Records)
15) Radicall - In The Air (Cantina Cuts)





Simi live @ Rararadio - UK Happy Hardcore Mix [12.02.2022]

The Netherlands based happy Polish boy, Simi, has made an absolutely rushing mix for Rararadio. This one consists of proper UK Hardcore stompy vibes on an amazing 4/4 happy mission. Rararadio is an Einthoven based station and you can have a listen for more on the link below www.rararadio.org

Till then, get in depth into this astounding mix by our good fellow, Simi.


01: Styles & Breeze - I Will Be
02: Styles & Breeze - Heartbeats (Scott Brown Remix)
03: Re-Con - Report To The Bassline
04: Darren Styles - Getting Better (Original Mix)
05: Michael Mansion - Let Me In (Darwin's Hemstcok Remix)
06: Gammer + MC Storm - 21st Century Rush (Original Mix)
07: Re-Con - Bang 9
08: United In Dance - Shining Down ft. Jenna
09: Force & Jack Speed feat. Lisa Abott - Whenever You Need Me (Darren Styles Remix)
10: United In Dance - Still The One ft. Lisa Marie
11: Apollo - Dance (Re-Con Remix)
12: Darren Styles - Save Me
13: D-CODE - My Direction (Squad-E Remix)
14: Styles & Breeze - Future Shining
15: Darwin - Connected
16: Lost Soul - Plazma