Friday 26 April 2013

DJ Flow-Epic (Sampletastic Mix)

Remember when we said DJ Flow is going to be a producer to watch out for? Well, here's further proof of that with this wicked 92 hardcore style bad boy, the 'sampletastic reference is very apt as from beginning to end, the tune features an array of familiar sounds ranging from the Belgian techno style intro into the harder synths that were popular in tracks released on Production House and Reinforced. There is loads of great key changes through out  that keep things fresh, listening to this reminds me of my all time favourite DJ set from Dreamscape: Proof Of The Pudding by Ray Keith, in fact I reckon the dread would have given this a spin, I know I will be and mark my words, you're going to be hearing much more from this great up and coming producer.

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Roseberg II-Shy Nigh-CLSM

Fans of Happy Hardcore or U.K hardcore will need no introduction to CLSM, I've really been enjoying and adding my support to their releases for the last couple of years, taking hardcore back to it's breakbeat roots, dropping the kickdrums for DnB style beats while keeping the fun melodys and adding in a little bit of old skool flava. That just about sums up this great little summery number using the vocal sample as used by The Ragga Twins in their early 90's proto Jungle classic 'Shine Eye', combined with an infectious rolling bassline and skippy beats, this ones a winner!!!

Sunday 21 April 2013

4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her (Schoco's High Feeling Remix) [FREE D\L]

Dan Schoco is an immensely talented producer from Fellbach, Germany, a master of emotive and ethereal soundscapes and delicate, intricate breakbeats. In fact, its as if this 93 classic was made for him to remix as he has done an outstanding job. Starting off with that amazing intro from the original gently tweaked before a brief pause, the track slams into 5th gear with huge pads and tough beats. At 150bpm, this is a peak time banger to drop in your sets. One for both Future Jungle and NuSkool heads and I just want to say it one more time, a truly outstanding remix that you need to hear....

Thursday 18 April 2013

+++DJ FUzzbuzz-Jungle Muff`init FREE DL+++

DJ Fuzzbuzz is one of my favourite producers, he has had several great tracks released on the Paranoid Recordings albums, a master of the uplifting piano but equally able to produce the darker sound as demonstrated aptly in his remix of Leonized 'The Beginning Of The End', a perennial favourite of mine  We all know and love the classic 'Jungle Muffin' by The Moog and Fuzzbuzz has made an exceptionally good remix so it goes without saying that this simply has to be featured here on the blog, especially when he is giving it away for free, get downloading!!!

Tuesday 16 April 2013

++++Stoopid & Skywalker - Our Tune [2003] FREE DL++++

To those who say breakbeat hardcore isn't very musical, get a load of this, every bit as musical as a lot of the melodic DnB thats been around since the mid 90's, this is nothing short of an anthem, one to drop at the end of your set at 8am, euphoric with a dark undertone with nasty hoovers appearing mid section, blending in with the pianos, still sounding fresh 10 years on, in fact for me, I only heard it a few days ago, grab a download, say thanks to the producer and play this looooouuuuud!!!!!

Sunday 14 April 2013

Future Jungle | 140 Jungle | Jungle Breaks | J-Tek | Nu Jungle | Hardcore Breaks | Dubstep: *****Bat Beat Bonus CD Vols 1 & 2 FREE DLs******

Future Jungle | 140 Jungle | Jungle Breaks | J-Tek | Nu Jungle | Hardcore Breaks | Dubstep: *****Bat Beat Bonus CD Vols 1 & 2 FREE DLs******: We're being spoilt of late with all this great free music, first we had Paranoid vs Bat Beat Vol 2 for free, then Paranoid Recordin...

Jungle James-Magical Crack Den In The Woods-HC recordings

HC Recordings is a wicked new label featuring NuSkool Hardcore & Jungle sounds, This is a personal favourite of mine from this fine imprint, Perfectly replicating that 1994 sound that was somewhere between Hardcore and Jungle, A much more melodic strain of Hardcore, Very ethereal sounding with chopped up amens hence the likeness to Jungle, Think of Ramos & Supreme, Mystic Fire, Druid & Vinyl Groover circa 94/95. If you haven't got this great tune already, do grab a copy and check out HC Recordings on soundcloud

Saturday 13 April 2013

****Tic Tac Toe - Ephemerol (dJ fLow 2013 Re-rub) FREE DL****

Watch out for DJ Flow, already a big DJ in the NuSkool scene and soon to be a big producer in the scene too going by the great tunes up on his soundcloud here's one of them, the original from 1992 ranks in my 10 favourite oldskool tunes and this tidy remix pays homage in fine style with a few subtle but nice touches, I would advise you to grab this quick!!!

Wednesday 10 April 2013

DJ Ziyad-Bad Boy Back Again

DJ Ziyad is on a roll with yet another NuSkool banger and its another free dl!!!! Sampling Run Ting's 92 roller 'Back Again' and bringing it kicking and screaming into 2013

StayMellow - Twilight

A uplifting  hardcore 93/94 style track for you now, One of which I often play on my radio shows, This track always put's a smile on my face with great pads, stabs, a nice piano melody middle section, and that vocal made famous byDJ Force and the Evolution's - Perfect Dreams track, if you liked that I reckon you might like this too....

And whats better is  it's a free download until it reaches 100 D/L's so get on the case

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Pastaman - The Dark Years

Now here's a nice slice dark jungle techno reminiscent of that 93 sound, Dark Synths,Dark stabs bleeps, hoovers creeping in and out, a vocal speech (I've heard somewhere before ) and a 4x4 kick to drive the track alone.
Top track by Pastaman

Alex breako - It is a dream

Oi Oi this is proper Hardcore, That famous break found in many a Oldskool track, classic stabs, RnB & high pitched vocal edits,+ a few bleeps and extra sound Fx chucked in this energetic roller

Monday 8 April 2013

Bleetz-Billy Goat-Kode 5 Recs

It's always great to see under the radar producers making their way from soundcloud to the download stores, introducing Bleetz coutesy of Kode 5 recordings who has a unique take on the old skool hardcore revival sound with a track that almost ventures into DnB territory, blending trippy old skool rave sounds with DnB style bass n beats, this one's a killer!!! If you like your rave sounds freah, innovative and dancefloor friendly then look no further...

Sunday 7 April 2013

*****Glowkid Presents....150+********

DJ Nee - Johnny Dubplate Revisited
The Moog - Jungle Muffin (Simon Harris 2012 Remix)
DJ Nexus - Via-Cov (Half hour at kenilworth Remix)
Leonized - The Beginning Of The End (DJ Fuzz Buzz Remix)
Dave Skywalker - R U REDY
DJ Pursuit - DJs Mixing
Orestiz - The Force
Kambelt - You & Me
DJ Vibes - Music So Wonderful 2013 (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
DJ Fav - Music is Moving
Beat Rapist - Frenzy
T92 - Breakdown

Free download link:

Thursday 4 April 2013

Orchid - Gangsters

OK I'm gonna start my first post with a track, that ain't brand spanking new, but new enough in my eye's (+ some of you may have already heard it, but its for people who haven't and to help the artist of this track get a little more exposure)
This track has that classic Amen break, with a wicked happy piano vibe (This if the happy hardcore i like, B4 it was taken over by the 4x4 kick drum and off bass,

This also has a cheeky sample i'm sure your recognize "if your Oldskool" lol
if you dont hit us up

Once again a free download too (for a short time properly) :) happy dayz

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Becks-Sweeter Sensation-Kode 5 Recs

Just loooove this 94 hardcore style tribute to S.O.R by DJ Becks, pure piano magic over a lovely 4x4 kick combined with chopped up breaks, taking you back to a much maligned period in the hardcore scene that in reality produced loads of great tunes and had this been around then, it would have been one of them, in 2013, its all the better for reviving a style that I, for one, miss. If you're feeling this check out Kode 5's back catalouge for loads of NuSkool bangers and check out their soundcloud for exclusive previews of their forthcoming material and some great freebies too

DJ Ziyad-Music Grooves So Wonderful **Free DL***

DJ Ziyad has had some big hits in the download stores with his powerstomp U.K hardcore tunes alongside some of the biggest names in the hardcore scene, this track is a great rolling 93 style 150bpm NuSkool banger with some familiar samples in there( wink wink!!), we like it and we reckon you will too......

Tuesday 2 April 2013

****NuSkool Blog Exclusive-Paul Cronin-Break The Dependency-Free DL*********

Big thanks to Paul Cronin for granting us this exclusive free download for the blog, following from a string of well received releases on San Francisco Nights like the excellent 'Breakdown, Sample Dis MF(with Leonized) and current 'Whats Up MF' EPs, this is an energetic slice of oldskool rave influenced excellence utilising sci fi type sounds and the well known Bond sample used in ACEN's Trip II The Moon(The Darkside) Get this badboy here!!! 

Outer Time-That Jungle Tekno One

Here's a great tune to kick off this blog, showcasing the kind of style we will feature here, comparable in style to the 93/94 Basement Recs sound, a nice minimal building 4x4 roller with chopped up layered breaks and tough pads, plenty of other great tunes on this producer's soundcloud too