Saturday 30 December 2017

[VMRDT101] Jaguar Paw feat. Yush - Ready To Roll [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Ready To Roll (feat. Yush).
2/ Slow Down Frankie.
3/ Davis.
4/ Who Dat.

As 2017 nears it's conclusion, Viral-Mental Records sees the year out in style with a quartet of upfront jungle numbers from the infamous Jaguar Paw with the release of the 'Ready To Roll' EP. 

We are first introduced to the title track, 'Ready To Roll', a melodic amen jungle track featuring conscious lyrics from the mighty Yush paired with a bassline that will get your speakers shaking. Up next 'Slow Down Frankie' drops a skeletal 2-step breakbeat over a series of sister bass blasts, dub reggae FX and smatterings of gruff, Cockney dialogue samplage.

'Davis' continues on with the moody atmospherics by combining ominous synth notes with breakneck speed breaks, pulsating bass notes and East End gangster-isms. To bring the collection to a close we have the cheeky Princess Nokia sampling amen roller 'Who Dat', which deftly combines contemporary US rap vocals with ruffneck UK jungle to devastating effect.

If you are looking for a selection of heavyweight nuskool jungle tunes to see in the New Year, then look no further than Jaguar Paw's latest offering here. It's destined to do some serious dancefloor damage!!!

The Jaguar Paw 'Ready To Roll' EP is available to purchase now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...




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Tuesday 26 December 2017

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2017' (CD1 - GL0WKiD & CD2 - TARIQ ZIYAD)

Strictly Nuskool Blog's annual series of podcasts/mixes returns with its fifth chapter following the same path of 'best of the best' tunes of each year. Enjoy these brand new 2 mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad, compiled with love & devotion to the producers & labels involved inside. It's been an exquisite year of good music, new labels, new producers, evolving genres & progression. You can find further on the 'HALL OF FAME 2017' mixes below.
Available on Free Download as usual.
Last but not least, all of us in the Strictly Nuskool Blog team, wish you happy new year and may everything come true as you dream of.



CD1 - mixed by GL0WKiD

01. Vitality - Quicker & Dirtier [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

02. Flash Cats - Android [PROPAGANDA MUSIC]

03. DJ Nexus - Siren 

04. Pursuit - O'Yeah [THIS IS NU-RAVE] 

05. Jedi - Go! [JEDI RECORDINGS] 

06. The Prodigy - Charly (Indigo Virus Remix) 

07. DJ Rave In Peace - Different Sunshine 

08. Neurygma & Wislov - Journey To A Perfect World [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS] 

09. Ant To Be - Untitled Riddim [KNITEBREED RECORDS] 

10. Paul Bradley - Nobody Else [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] 

11. DJ Jedi VS Cru-L-T - Bring The Beat Back (Cru-L-T Remix) [KNITEBREED RECORDS] 

12. Lolica Tonica - Make me Feel (Pianoman Oldskool Rave Remix) 

13. Yudaidhun - Sing In The Sky [REWINDBACK RECORDS] 

14. Trigger Happy Side 1 [TRIGGER HAPPY]

15. PZG & Dubsknit & Melt Unit - Lets be 3 [COCK ROCK DISCO] 

16. Age of Love - Age of Love (Chrissy Murderbot Remix) [WE BUY GOLD] 

17. Manarchy - Tribal Movement [KAMBO RECORDS] 

18. TNO Project - The Orphanage [KNITEFORCE RECORDS] 

19. Gentleman Bastard - Hardcore Mutha Fucka [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS] 

20. Beats Are Broken - Acid Overload [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS] 

21. 国士無双 x HyperJuice - Anthem (Eevees Bootleg) 

22. Kuwagata MC - Raving! I'm Raving (DJ Shimamura's Son Of A Bitch Remix) 

23. Dolphin - Feel Like [NUVISION RECORDS] 

24. Brisk & Trixxy - Eye Opener (Kutski Back To 95 Remix) 

25. DJ CDC - Im Coming Down (To Be With U) (Insane & Mind Rmx) [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS] 

26. Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart (Dave Skywalker Hardcore Remix) [HOH RECORDINGS]

CD2 - mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD

01. Sparky - 2'os Beer'os [OCTOTRAX] 

02. Runout Groove - Move Ya Body (Rave Mix) [FAZEFORM] 

03. Melody's Enemy - Dead 2 Nite [OF UNSOUND MIND] 

04. Alan Fitzpatrick - They All Called 'em Garys [WE ARE THE BRAVE] 

05. Mella Dee - Massimo (Horns Cru Mix) [W&O STREET TRACKS]

06. Rico Tubbs - Sweet Time [BASS=WIN] 

07. West Norwood Cassette Library - (Everytime You Touch Me) I Get Hype [SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB] 

08. Future Wildstyle - Burning Up [FUTURE WILDSTYLE] 

09. Sparky - I Know [OCTOTRAX] 

10. Ratpack Vs Slipmatt - Let Yourself Go [RATPACK MUSIC] 

11. Special Request - Make It Real [HOUNDSTOOTH] 

12. DJ DD Hass & X 10 CIV - Hi Tec Muuusic (Radiokillaz Remix) [KILLA KUTZ] 

13. Retropolis - Reckless [OCTOTRAX] 

14. Strange Rollers - Set Me Free (Barry Blades Remix) [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL] 

15. Charlo & Refactor - Bad Boi [WHITE LABEL] 

16. Cut The Midrange - All Junglist! [BASSROCK] 

17. King Yoof - Back 2 Hackney 2017 VIP [SUB SLAYERS] 

18. Insane & Mind - Taking A Chance [HOH] 

19. Try Unity - Together We Rize [JEDI RECORDINGS] 

20. Liquid - Everything's Going To Be Alright [MUSIC MONDAYS] 

21. Puffin' Billy - Weekend Warehouse

Monday 25 December 2017

[DL25] Kouncilhouse - Tick Till Friday (13track Digital Album - out on DIRTY LEMON RECORDINGS)

01. So Nice
02. Thirteen (ft. Nevine)
03. Bailey
04. Los Angeles
05. You Got Me Thinking
06. Oh Baby
07. Feels Like (with Amber Angell)
08. Melancholy
09. Gonna Watch Out (ft. Nevine)
10. Justice
11. Burger Lips
12. 24 Hours
13. Survive

UK based producer Kouncilhouse strikes back with a delicious 13track Xmas dish as a part of his brand new album, which is available today by the title 'Tick Till Friday'.

All you can expect is a mental and proper solid work from this talented producer, therefore the key element of this album is the diversity of genres and styles. From House to Garage, Breaks and Ambient, this albums stands for a melancholy and more full on nostalgia mood I'd say, 
including also the quality additional features of Kouncilhouse's friends, Amber Angell and vocalist Nevine. This is by far a very good gift to yourselves and furthermore a plaudit to the producer who did it fair & square right up to his known music avenue.
'Tick Till Friday' is out now on digital format.


Saturday 23 December 2017

[XTRA 115] Deadly Nightshade - Jamaica [Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Take Me Back To Kingston.
2/ Jungle Vibes.

Deadly Nightshade and Xtra Hard Records delivers a heavy dose of Summertime vibes in order to banish those Winter blues with the release of his brand new 'Jamaica' single.

We are off to a rowdy start with 'Take Me Back To Kingston', which interweaves a steady succession rolling oldskool beakbeats, hypnotic synth melodies and an electrifying mentasm riff. 'Take Me Back To Kingston' expertly takes incorporates that classic 1992 rave atmosphere and brings it right up to date to with modern production styles/

'Jungle Vibes' on the other hand takes us on a darker journey by dropping a heavyweight dancehall drum pattern on the intro, which soon morphs into an intense dark techno beast composed of intricate synth notes, ragga vocal samples and deep bubbling bassline.

If you have a love for precision crafted breakbeat, with a huge oldskool hardcore influence, then the 'Jamaica' single will be an essential addition to your musical collection. Get it now!!!

The 'Jamaica' single is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £2, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases.

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Friday 22 December 2017

[BLKR008] DJ QT - East Coast / Oh Yay [Available From All Good B-Lick Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ East Coast.
2/ Oh Yay.

Just in time for the Festive party season, DJ QT and B-Lick Records  present two devastating jungle rollers to get all crews on the dancefloor with the release of the massive 'East Coast / Oh Yay' single.

'East Coast' is first up to the plate and takes us on a frenetic, junglistic journey with it's potent blend of rugged breaks, bubbling bass and moody, mid-nineties gangsta rap flavours. The track perfectly captures the very essence of vintage jungle labels circa 1996, and revamps the formula with a 2017 overhaul to create a killer, jungle anthem to be.

Up next 'Oh Yay' delivers more of a 'feelgood' vibe with it's use of skanking dub reggae elements and vocals overlaid with a head-nodding, rubber-band bassline and relentless, 2-step breaks. 'Oh Yay' also sneaks in gorgeous shimmering pads and delayed synth twinkles into the mix give it an extra layer of 'niceness' in order to further tantalise your eardrums.

To sum up, DJ QT drops another quality pair of upfront jungle cuts that'll energise any self respecting jungle DJ's set. So don't hold back on adding this to your collection!!!

DJ QT's 'East Coast / Oh Yay' single is available to download now from all good B-Lick Records digital stores!!!!



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Thursday 21 December 2017

Amaretto - Take Me Higher (Old Skool Mix) / Feel So Good (2tracks digital)

01. Take Me Higher ( Old Skool Mix)
02. Feel So Good

Japanese producer/DJ and loyal Hardcore junkie, Amaretto, finishes off a super year of personal releases & events, offering two brand new Hardcore Breaks / piano lead and breakbeat evoking tunes, proving his high quality addition to the Nuskool Hardcore community.
Both digital breakbeat shots are available via his own Bandcamp page and for further info, you may follow him on his socials.



Tuesday 19 December 2017

[BHM075] Mindtransit & Soft Wasp Ft Styrmonix - Josh (ft. Nefti Remix - 4track digital EP - BAD HABIT MUZIK)

01. Mindtransit & Soft Wasp Feat. Styrmonix - Josh
02. Mindtransit & Soft Wasp Feat. Styrmonix - Josh (Nefti Remix)
03. Mindtransit & Soft Wasp Feat. Styrmonix - Josh (Mindtransit Remix)
04. Mindtransit & Soft Wasp Feat. Styrmonix - Josh (Soft Wasp Real Deal Remix)

Canadian producer MindTransit is the recent signing of UK based eminent bass label, BAD HABIT MUZIK, on the brand new 'Josh' and at a first glance everything looks seriously attractive. With regard to it, a new addition to the Bad Habit arsenal and quality remixes with diversed styles.
A very good combination of intense Breakbeaks & Dubstep versions of 'Josh' coming out now on digital format with personal highlight the mind-boggling remix by Nefti, who has been progressing his beats more and more every year, leaving his Nu-Rave well-known character to some hot dancefloor shots!
All in all, for those who don't know about it, MindTransit is not fresh in the game. He has already released one of the greatest Hardcore Breaks/Nu-Rave EPs ever and that is '1992 And All That' and additionally it's more than pleasure having him again in the surface of production. 'Josh' finds himself collabing with Soft Wasp and Styrmonix which achieves what Bad Habit stands for. A modern sense of Oldschool Breaks.




[INVSN010] Perimetere - Antibiosis EP [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ Antibiosis.
2/ Flat Earth.

As the end of 2017 looms ever nearer, Invasion Recordings sets to see the year out in proper fashion with some premium quality drum & bass by unveiling brand new label signing, Perimetre's 'Antibiosis EP'.

Kicking off with 'Antibiosis', a hard as hell, neurofunk number jam packed with twisted synth lines, relentless, stepping breaks and ominous, industrial drones. Despite being aimed firmly at the dancefloor, 'Antibiosis' definitely isn't afraid to pull any punches during it's 3:46 minute running time.

Companion piece, 'Flat Earth' eschews the brevity of it's predecessor by weaving an epic, dark sci-fi tapestry in the same vein of Golden Era Bad Company, with it's razor sharp breaks and deep, ever mutating bassline. This one's for all the classic techstep fanatics out there.

If you call yourself a connoisseur of the neurofunk sound then you better make sure that this one is in your playlist. Essential techstep drum & bass!

The Perimetere, 'Antibiosis EPis available to download from all the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...


... and the following digital and streaming sites...



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Monday 18 December 2017

[SNBEP023] 7J - Hot Thing [Free 8-Track Mini-Abum Download @ Strictly NuSkool Blog!!!]

1/ Travel Inside.
2/ Dorothy.
3/ Awake.
4/ Red Pill.
5/ Let's Go.
6/ Call Me (Tweet Remix).
7/ Try It Before You Die (feat. Phil Saul).
8/ Hot Thing.

For the twenty-third Strictly Nu-Skool Blog release we are honoured to present to you the brand new mini-album, 'Hot Thing' from multi-talented producer 7J. The album features eight heavyweight drum & bass tracks spanning a variety of sub-genres and styles whilst paying tribute to those mid/late nineties, classics that formed the foundation of the D&B genre.

The album first introduces us to a trio of the dark, futurist jazz and bass tracks with 'Travel Inside' setting the tone with it's combination of moody Rhodes notes and hard hitting 2-step breaks, closely followed by 'Dorothy' which layers monstrous synth growls contrasted by smooth liquid elements. 'Awake' completes the jazz and bass trilogy, dropping languid piano melodies and freestyle vocal snippets over harsh bass notes and stepping breaks to devastating effect.

The pace soon picks up with 'Red Pill'  which pairs frantic and relentless, live-style percussion with deep bass throbs and ominous, processed male speech. The epic 'Let's Go' takes us on a hyper-kinetic, tech-step trip where militant breaks do battle with a rasping bassline and repeated vocal refrains. 7J then showcases his remixing skills with his heavyweight overhaul of R&B diva, Tweet's 'Call Me', by adding a deadly fusion of 'Humpty Dump' breakbeat backbone and low frequency Reese notes.

'Try It Before You Die' re-injects some soul to the album with it's incorporation of Phil Saul's deep baritone vocals over a rolling, funk flavoured drum & bass backing. The album concludes with the title track, 'Hot Thing', which tips it's hat to Blue Note era, techstep pressure with it's frenetic, battering ram drum programming and oppressive industrial atmospherics.

Whether you are a fan of organic, yet nonetheless hard-hitting jazz flavoured drum & bass, or unrelentingly harsh techstep, 'Hot Thing' will satisfy all your musical needs!!!

7J's 'Hot Thing' mini-album is available to download FOR FREE! from the Strictly NuSkool Blog link below. Big respects to 7J for presenting this release for the S.N.B. label.

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Saturday 16 December 2017

[RRRDJ003] Try Unity - Time To Believe / Energy Impact [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Available To Buy Now!!!]

A - Time To Believe.
B - Energy Impact.

As the Festive merriment reaches fever pitch, Rave Radio Records and Try Unity unveil their third release, the 'Time To Believe / Energy Impact' single up for pre-order now for the perfect remedy to banish all those January, post-holiday blues.

We are first introduced to yet another trademark Try Unity slice of atmospheric, vocal hardcore with 'Time To Believe'. A track which expertly blends together rolling 'Think' breaks with delicate synth melodies and uplifting vocals before, unleashing a killer drop that get all hands in the air.

On the flipside 'Energy Impact' ramps up those exstatic vibes by delivering a lush, ascending pad driven intro accompanied by mellow female vocals and gentle piano notes which soon evolves into a hard-hitting stab section, straight outta 1992.

With this latest single Try Unity once again prove that they are THE trailblazers of blissful, 1992 style, vocal led breakbeat hardcore. So grab your air horns, white gloves and whistles and get a copy of this pre-ordered!!!

The 'Time To Believe / Energy Impact' single is available to pre-order from the Try Unity Bandcamp page in both digital and limited to only 150 copies, 12" vinyl formats for £2 and £8.99 respectively, and as a special token of generosity. £1 from each sale of the single will got towards the very worthy Shelter charity which provides support for people who are homeless. 

All vinyl orders will come with a free digital version too, and delivery date is estimated to be around 31/01/18

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Friday 15 December 2017

CKNOWEP6:: TEXTASY - Dallas Gun Club EP [Pre-Order now the 12" Vinyl - Out on 15th January 2018]

A1 - Blow Your Head
A2 - Eternal Gurn (Manik Piano Edit)
B1 - I'm The Needle
B2 - 20Th Century Bass

Glasgow based electronic label of Craigie Knowes has recently signed the versatile talent of TEXTASY in order to deliver a mind-blogging while simultaneously reminiscent release combining Hardcore & Electro/Techno sounds.
'Dallas Gun Club' EP is all you need to open the new year with a quality installment to your vinyl library, furthermore if you're a fan of this Blog and Oldschool offspring then this record is more of an attraction.
Pre-orders have already opened and time is nothing till the date of 15th January when you'll obey to the B1 quote sayin 'I'm the Needle of The Record, When The Drumbeats Go Like This'.
All in all the 6th Vinylized offering by Craigie Knowes is an easily conspicuous nuskool Hardcore EP as well as a great addition on the movement's arsenal of quality 'oldschool evolved' stuff coming out the last years.


RATE: 8/10

FAV TUNE:  'Eternal Gurn (Manik Piano Edit)'



Monday 11 December 2017

[KFA078] AUDIO X - Procrastination Makes Perfect EP [Out on Digital & Limited CD - KFA]

01. Set Your Feelings Free
02. Move
03. The Hero We Deserve
04. The Only Way Out Is Through 
05. Move (Second Movement) 
06. Spider Pig (KFA Mix)

This new release has an abundance of reasons to be assumed as quintessential for a prolific child of Kniteforce movement, like KFA (Kniteforce Again).
First of all this is the official first release with Shane Saiyan on the managing board, as already announced few months ago. Canada based UK Hardcore dog comes into the right place on the right time to offer his passion for music, his new ideas and aims to keep in step with times while renovating a bit KFA into a bright new era.
And who's the man behind the brand new KFA78? Well, it's Joel Wright, namely Audio X and the title of his EP, 'Procrastination Makes Perfect' should help you avoid making a spectacle of yourself by not missing the golden time of grabbing the CD version of it. According to this CD version, it's something newish in the KFA family that hopefully will go the right way, on the grounds that as I'm typing this blogpost there are only a few of them left...

As for Audio X... Well he's a prominent producer over the last 10+ years, standing for different aspects of Nuskool Hardcore, therefore his personal EP on KFA achieves that as well.
Four stunning tunes is the original ruffness flavour alongside 2 executive edition tunes and what stems from that EP is the melody of 'The Hero We Deserve'. A melody where it all begins and ends with rupture. An impeccable tune, personal favourite from this release apart from the other relevant slams of Joel.



Tuesday 5 December 2017

[VMRDT100] Various - VMR Team Vol. 1 [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Uzi - i Captain.
2/ DROMA - The Search. 
3/ Jaguar Paw - It Duzn't Exist.
4/ Hektic - Room Service.
5/ SkorpZ - My World.
6/ Laydee Virus - Shadow Cover.
7/ Dredillah - Ay Ay.
8/ Inphekt - Army Of One.
8/ DROMA - A Gun.
10/ Dredillah - Katana.
11/ Inphekt - Phaulius.
12/ Uzi - Fire Burning.
13/ Hektic - If It Bleeds.
14/ Jaguar Paw - The Kings.
15/ SkorpZ - Chaos Theory.
16/ Laydee Virus - Reverse Dimensions (VIP Mix).

After four years of delivering the very finest in dancefloor friendly drum and bass Viral-Mental Records present their 100th release, and have pulled out all stops with the 'VMR Team Vol. 1' album. Featuring sixteen brand new tracks from Viral-Mental Records' artist roster, and spanning everything from ruffneck, jungle rollers to razor-sharp neurofunk. It's time to join in with the celebration!

We are first introduced to Uzi's amen infused, 'i Captain' which gets the album off to a tearing start with it's infectious blend of rolling breaks, smooth sax licks and grimey bass drones. DROMA up next takes us on a deep and moody trip into drum & bass with 'The Search' which expertly combines soothing pads and neuro bassline pressure. 
The inimitable Jaguar Paw offers up a filthy slice of heavyweight, steppin' junglism with the P.O.T.U.S. sampling 'It Duzn't Exist' and is closely followed by Hektic's darkly hypnotic 'Room Service', which easily conjures up vintage bassline rollers from the Golden Era of D&B.

SkorpZ steps into the arena next with his epic amen break driven 'My World', a rich soundclash of frenetic breaks and tension steeped atmospherics. Oz's premier mistress of darkness, Laydee Virus introduces us to her latest stripped back neuro flavoured stepper 'Shadow Cover', a precision crafted exercise in ominous soundscapes and clockwork percussion. 
Dredillah unleashes his deep, dark jungle/drum & bass fusion, 'Ay Ay' which merges together crisp, 2-step breaks and grime encrusted bass riffs with classic, jungle drum rolls before Inphekt drops yet another trademark, neo-darkside bomb with the menacing, Reese bass riff fuelled 'Army Of One'

DROMA returns for another stab at the action with 'A Gun', a track steeped in pensive, orchestral swells, sinister movie dialogue and robotnik synth riffage which is closely succeeded by Dredillah's razor-sharp slice of neurofunk, 'Katana', with it's deadly blend of relentless 2-step breaks and harsh Reese drones. 
Those machine-like, neuro sounds continue on with Inphekt's 'Phualius', with it's heavy industrial D&B flavour underlined by a subtle Euro-harcore undercurrent. Uzi switches things up in a junglistic fashion with the dub-reggae skank fuelled 'Fire Burning', an intense amen rinse-out with one hell of a catchy vocal hook. One for the 'Lighter' crew!!!

Hektic return's to the fray with 'If It Bleeds', taking vocal elements from an iconic, '80's sci-fi/action classic layered with steppin' breaks and a deadly twin-bass combination. Up next we have 'The Kings' by Jaguar Paw, a moody, minimal jungle piece which expertly combines, crisp beats, killer bassline and cheeky "Inglorious" move snippets.
SkorpZ delivers yet another deep and atmospheric, yet hard-hitting cut with the symphonic 'Chaos Theory' which utilises sweeping strings alongside tearing breaks and bass to utterly devastating effect. Bringing the album to it's conclusion, Laydee Virus drops another tech-step bomb with the 'Reverse Dimensions (VIP Mix)' perfectly capturing that classic pre-millennial dark D&B sound.

With this diverse collection of drum & bass and jungle cuts, there is no better time for you to sample the Viral-Mental sound. Grab yourself a copy of this and join the VMR Team!!! 

The 'VMR Team Vol. 1' album is be available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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