Monday 9 March 2015

SNB002:: STRICTLY NUSKOOL Vol.2 (2015)

The second chapter of the Nuskool Hardcore & Jungle panic is out now and features 13 massive tracks from various talented producers (around Poland, Russia, UK, Canada, USA, Spain, Scotland) showing off their skills and faith to the Oldskool with the best way!

'STRICTLY NUSKOOL Vol.2' is out now on digital format, free download via Strictly Nuskool Blog's facebook page. 

Starting from a wonderful jungle trip by DJ Sashay and 'Feel The Vibe' which was the first submitted tune of this compilation, from young and skillful Russian producer Alex (21 yrs old). Then DJ Wislov's well known dark hardcore breaks 'Death O Fall' give a straight pass to Bassraver's & DJ Owl's heavy hardcore breaks vibes setting up a war of  killer beats!

Pursuit is a beloved member in the Nu-Rave scene and his 'WAV Killed The Youtube Star EP ' is still having some great feedback. Nobody can be negative then for a VIP mix of his hyper and beloved 'Kick Ya Legs In The Air'. Right?...YES!
Next track comes from Mana Boom (Shu & Oranje) a hot rave duet based in Moscow. 'Arcada' is a happy hardcore mental vibe and a strong proof of their unique style. (If anyone wants to listen to more like exclusive or other dubplates from them can check out their guest mix on my radio show as broadcasted last year). Badly underrated act. Nu-Rave labels need to check them out carefully!
One of the most outstanding 'new producers' during last year was Bristol based Hamsta. A sick hardcore jungle raver creating the fastest track of this album titled 'Biscuit Nibbler'. Breakcore, Sickcore, Crazycore, Hamstacore or whatever you wish calling it! Lots of bangers already out from Long Live the Animals, Ransaked Recordz, Unjustified, Pacemaker Records and more to come for the badboi!!
The 8th track of Vol.2 is based in California and V is for Vibe! Vitality offers his energy on this compilation and you.. 'Can't Escape' of it.. Next track is made from the Strictly Nuskool Blog's active member, great promoter and fan of Oldskool and Nuskool Hardcore sounds, the man like Breakbeatscientist, who's been producing the last months of 2014 and his track is definetely a proud one for this album.
Hardcore James harsh alias like Hardcore Til I Puke brings the promising dark form of gabber from an expert in this kind like James! 'A Cracking Tune' will blow your speakers up!

The track number 11 comes from Toronto's Fringe and it's a pure '93 hardcore jungle bizniz titled 'Feel The Power'. Already signed to great underground labels like Kode 5, Hi Headz, Switchblade Digital. A true '93 warrior'!
Next track of Vol.2 is owned to 'mr. mashup nu-rave producer' of 2014, the man like Gareth Monks, who's upgrading his style day by day and much pleased having him involved on this album after his class 'The Smokers Dream EP' [out from the SNB].
And finally the last feature is strictly..Lodz from Polish producer/DJ/owner of Intensive Recordings the big man Nefti remixing a piano house track from Andy Wilson on uplifting piano breaks rework!

Big up to all producers involved once again, Technically Sound ( for the amazing artwork and Nefti for his kind extra help!



01. DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
02. DJ Wislov - Death O Fall
03. Bassraver - Party Freak
04. DJ Owl - (WOW) That Is Hard Core
05. Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (VIP Mix)
06. Mana Boom - Arcada
07. Hamsta - Biscuit Nibbler
08. Vitality - Can't Escape
09. Breakbeatscientist - Strange Magik
10. Hardcore Til I Puke - A Cracking Tune
11. Fringe - Feel The Power
12. Gareth Monks - On A Subba Dub Tip
13. Andy Wilson - I Need Somebody (Nefti Remix)

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LTD CD copies of 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2'

There are some limited CD copies of the album, which will be given on specific nu-rave events all over the world, or won after competitions.

Stay tuned to the Blog website for more info about it.

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