Thursday 30 April 2015

10 Years of Tornado Records [Anniversary Gig in Lodz / DJ Tornado 'Tornado' Mix & Interview/Nefti Anniversary Mix]

A great label in the name of Tornado Records, hailing from the capital of Nu-Rave and Hardcore Breaks movement (Lodz/Poland), is celebrating 10 years of Hardcore life, hardcore activity and still pumping over the beloved Polska! Showing much respect and full support to DJ Tornado's work so far in the scene, i've invited him to my radio show (Generation X) to drop a celebrating 10yr anniversary mix of Tornado releases and being also interviewed talking about his forthcoming Tornado events with NRG [Liquid Crystal] & Altern 8, giving his opinion about Nu-Rave scene at the moment and naming some of his fav producers.

Much goodies on the following link and a really interesting interview with DJ Tornado!
Time to get to know him and the label better if you haven't already..



All Polski and Hardcore Breaks crew save the date!
16th May 2015 in Club Bagdad Cafe 1990 , Lodz/Poland!

★★★ Tornado & MC Leo ★★★
with Special Guests:
The Flashback Project, Sonic Fortress, Baseclub, Oblivion, Mikolajek, Nefti, Kasper, RIP Danger, Oneplayz, Lunatic, Break-E, Shaky, Ponk, Piko, Alien, Gibo
MCs: MC Leo, MC Fantazia, MC Akira

more info about the tickets of the gig, check here:

Finally one great member in the Nu-rave scene, dj/producer/owner of Intensive Recordings, already involved on many Tornado release, the one and only Nefti has made a special mix featuring a best of selection of Tornado released tracks. Wonderful stuff!


Wednesday 29 April 2015

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Luna-C & Reeve - Remorse And Glory [VIDEO] (Taken from KFA66 - Risk! EP)

Luna-C Killed The VideoStar! No it's not meant as a joke but a great sign to draw your attention and upgrade your luv to the legendary producer/dj and owner of Kniteforce spirit!
So.. The second video is now up, as promised from him, and looks more banging than expected! This time 'Remorse And Glory' following up to the 'Take Me Home' is a complete hardcore burner, gabber like, with lyrics coming from the heart (as Chris keeps on sayin about the whole Risk! EP)

"Remorse & Glory was a whole different bunch of issues. I hired a friend who runs a film company to film and edit it. This was filmed in downtown Raleigh in the snow, and on a bridge above a freeway at night and also in a studio. It took a lot of planning. I pitched down the track so that when recording the footage, I was singing it at 75% slower than it should be but doing my hand movements etc at double the speed. Then, once the recording was finished, we sped the film up – this made it so that my hand movements were ludicrously fast but my lips were still in sync. I was very pleased with the result."

Read more in full details on his fresh blogpost here:


KFA66:: Luna-C & Reeve 'Risk! EP'
Take Me Home

Remorse & Glory 

A Million Miles

Can It Be Sweet

Monday 27 April 2015

BH046:: Strange Rollers 'The Funk Squad' [out on Bad Habit Muzik]

Something different from the usual hardcore aspect of this blog but totally worth giving a place as its about a former hardcore breaks producer like Ritchie K aka Strange Rollers, the man of success, returning to Bad Habit Muzik with a personal release of Bass, House, Breaks and 'The Funk Squad' did it for the very first time of its official release by reaching the tops of Beatport' Breaks Charts!

Fav Track: Strange Rollers 'The Funk Squad (Breaks Mix)
Rate: 8/10

Buy your copy on Beatport here



Check out SR fresh  Mix for this month, including a great selection of Bass, Breaks and UK Garage tracks.

DJ Tony-D pres. 'TIME FOR ACTION [Nu Skool Breaks Mix]'


1. john Faustus - acid flakes
2. the prodigy - time to get funky an raw:[dj sashay mental acid mix]
3, mannik - get your ass to mars
4. paul cronin - you gotta find the light:[orestiz remix]
5. schnez - stopper
6. nicky allen - sunshine [resin remix]
7. paul cronin - power rise
8. bass selective - blow out [oneplayz remix]
9. pursuit - the dark crystal
10. nicky allen - nad 13
11. breakbeat scientist - dark prophecy
12. mokyn - rave gen
13. leonized - living in darkness
14. moondoctor r-womp
15. renegade genius - feel the power
16. dj wislov - the nuclar machine
17. mannik - here we go again
18. dj owl - [wow] that is hardcore
19. lovvers return - about [original]
20. liam taylor - random eneration
21. gareth monks - fantasy ufo

Rising High Recs Remastered Back Catalog Online

Here at the blog, we have masive respect and admiration for Grimey Rob the man responsible for getting the back catalogs of several oldskool imprints online and remastered, White House, Impact, Ruff Guidance and now Rising High originally founded by the late Caspar Pound with a legacy that goes way back to the birth of of breakbeat hardcore in 1991, the digitally remastered back cat is now online available to purchase with a handful of releases currently available and more to come, you can pick up classics like 'The House Is Mine' 'Rainbows In The Sky' and many others here. While not wishing to go on a rant, just a bit of encouragement rather, anyone in the business will know what a labour of love it it is to do this, the cost of mastering, artwork, distribution etc....Fans of famous Rock/Pop/Reggae artistss from way back when are always ready to support the music they love and reinvest, in contrast although we may claim to love the oldskool, the failed attempts at getting Altern 8 & LFO to the U.K Xmas No1 in recent years are telling, sure we may have it on vinyl but it costs a couple of quid for a wav and even less for a 320 mp3, we could push these tracks into the Beatport, Juno & Trackitdown charts and show oldskool is still alive, just a thought to ponder on. Buy

Saturday 25 April 2015




1/ Cronin - I Hiroshima.
2/ Aize - Music's Hypnotising.
3/ JDubz - People Of Earth.
4/ DJ Lien - Welcome To The Future.
Following swiftly on from the 'Feel The Power EP'. Paranoid Recordings are back with their second forum track making competition series. 'The Future EP' features 4 free hardcore, junglistic slammers for you to rinse out.
Cronin gets the ball rolling with the mentally euphoric 'I Hiroshima', chock full of heavyweight amen breaks , vocal samples and enervating rave stabs to get your rush on. The pace steps down a tab with 'Music's Hypnotising' by Aize which introduces some mellow jungle vibes before things go dark and moody with the Reese bass and tearing breaks!
JDubz drops some uplifting, piano led jungle with 'People Of Earth'. Packed with rolling breaks, classic bass pulses, Omni Trio-esque melodies and a mentasm propelled midsection to get your neck-hairs standing. To close things off DJ Lien drops the tempo a touch with his stepping 140 junglistic 'Welcome To The Future', complete with a monstrous, growling bass and soaring synths to sooth your soul.
An excellent EP of equally individual and devastating breakbeat and bass fuelled future anthems, and all free to, so get on it.
'The Future EP' is available for free download from the link below... 

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Friday 24 April 2015

[KFA65] Various Artists - The Recent Remixes (Executive Edition) [7-TRACK LIMITED EDITION REMIX EP FROM KNITEFORCE AGAIN!]

1/ Anglerfish & Lucider (XTATX) – Smashed (UFO Remix).
2/ Doughboy – Heartbreaker (Al Storm Remix).
3/ Empyreal – Forward Never Backward Ever (Doughboy Remix).
4/ Dj Luna-C – Fly To Heaven (Haze Remix).
Executive Edition Tracks
5/ Empyreal – Winter Is Coming (Dj Luna-C Remix).
6/ Doughboy – Heartbreaker (Eat Rave Remix).
7/ The Timespan – Hold Me Passionately (Demcore Remix).

Kniteforce Again introduces a mammoth collection of upfront hardcore dancfloor slammers for their next Executive Edition release, 'The Recent Remixes'. Which as the title suggests sees 7 of the freshest Kniteforce tracks receive inventive new remixes.
U.F.O. is first up to step up to the remix plate with the pounding trancecore revamp of Anglerfish and Lucider's 'Smashed'. Doughboy's 'Heartbreaker' receives the first of two featured remixes. Beginning with an upfront hardcore update from Al Storm and an uplifting D&B styled revamp from Eat Rave.

Doughboy takes on Empyreal's euphoric anthem 'Forwards Never Backwards Ever' whilst Haze hardtek's the heck out of Luna-C's 'Fly To Heaven'. Empyreal then gets an epic Dj Luna-C makeover for his 'Winter Is Coming' track complete with trance riffs and dubsteppy bass throbs. To close things off, The Timespan's 'Hold Me Passionately' gets a Demcore, 4/4 hard house update to wind things down in an energetic fashion.

To conclude 'The Recent Remixes' contains 7 exclusive and exhilarating reworkings that'll get any rave going at full pelt. So don't hesitate to grab the Executive Edition before those last 3 tracks disappear into the ether!!!
'The Recent Remixes (Executive Edition) EP' is available now for a measly $6.50 from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore for a limited time only. After that then only tracks 1-4 will be available to purchase individually. Be sure to check out the soundclips on the link below!!!
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Thursday 23 April 2015

VIMBREAKSBRONZE01:: MOTIV - Be With Me EP [out on V.I.M. Records]

An established electronic label from Greece like Very Importan Music Records (V.I.M.) has launched a new series of Bronze Edition releases focusing on oldskoolish Rave & Jungle Breaks from various producers in the scene. First release comes from greek act MOTIV offering two dancefloor rave breaks tracks (133 bpm) step on his well know stylee and dressed up with chilled unique atmosphere perfectly for the night.

 'Be With Me EP' is the title of the release which is out now featuring two tracks in the name of 'Be With Me'  and 'Release Me'.. Just let yourself moving on this galaxy of deep emotions and oldskool memories. Motiv knows how to do it and V.I.M how to control your electronic desire!

Rating of the EP: 8.5/10
Favourite track: 'Be With Me'

Grab your copies on Beatport here

Bigup to both the label & the producer representing Greek Breaks scene.. A must Breaks weapon to have & support is deserved !



Monday 20 April 2015

Luna-C & Reeve - Take Me Home [VIDEO] (Taken from KFA66 - Risk! EP)

The Hardcore master Luna-C has revealed yesterday a new videoclip of him combining his hardcore ID with his songwriting & lyrics aspect like Reeve. It's titled 'Take Me Home' and it's the 1st from the 4 videos in total of his forthcoming personal 'Risk! EP' .
On this release Luna-C is actually giving a self tone with lyrics from soul and a different kind of expression this time. It's maybe more deep than ever as he's experimenting on Hardcore through his emotions and real feelings. And finally that what is all about art...

Worth sharing some words from his new and big blogpost on the official KF Website talking about this project and the 4track 'Risk! EP' [KFA66]

"....It has taken over 8 months to put this together. It is called the Risk E.P because it is risky on a number of levels. Firstly, I am combining personal lyrics with the various styles of hardcore and d’n’b and gabber and old school that I love. This is, obviously, a bad idea. Secondly, it involves me singing, which again, it could be argued, is a bad idea. Thirdly, I cannot write lyrics that don’t have truth in them. For a person that does not put his feelings out there in the world, that is terrifying. And right now you are probably thinking the same thing as I was when I started to do this E.P – “Seriously? A hardcore Dj combining guitars and hardcore? Emotional lyrics that are not about rainbows or flying high in the sky? And lets call it a…passable…sort of singing? That is a disaster waiting to happen"

Read full of his blogpost here:

Check out the 'Take Me Home' video here:

Watch this space for the next 3 videos from 'Risk! EP' ...


WF13:: Artemis - Cheesy Madness & Emotion [WAFFLE RECORDS]

Had some chat with Luffy asking him to gimme some info about the new offerings from his own label Waffle Records, posted on his Soundcloud page some days ago.

So.. Artemis was started as a project from Luffy (21yrs old) for...relaxing . This 2track release is inspired by the really early work of Dj Sharkey ('Can, Can You Do It') and Billy Daniel Bunter (the first GBT Release for example).

Happy hardcore overdose from Hungary's skillful producer, who's in my opinion on the most outstanding and mental nuskool brains at the moment despite his youth.

Hands in the air and smiley weapons on your faces..!
Props to the L!


Sunday 19 April 2015

RANSAKED RECORDS:: JUNGLISM 003 + Ransakes Records 'Bass Sheriff - Teeth' Remix Competition [ENDS 4th MAY 2015]

The 3rd Junglism chapter of Ransaked Records is out now and available to grab it by donating and showing your support to these 18 amazing tracks 

Artwork - Oskar Jeff (Northern Rock)

Tracks to check out:
Sum 'The Music That Turns Me On' - Francey 'Apocalypse' - Riffz 'Watch Me Gyal'
Rating: 9/10

Finally Ransaked Records have set up a remix competition on 'Bass Sheriff - Teeth' taken from the LP 'Bangers N Mash'. Check out all useful info about it here:
The competition ends in 4th May 2015.


Favourite Submissions will be released on Ransaked Records in May along with other remix on 'Bass Sheriff - Teeth'


- Must Share the event page

- Anyone can participate

- Must Use majority of stems provided

- Must be in same or similar genre to the other Ransakes Record releases

- No sigh..trance, trap, edm shit

- Must have a WAV submitted to Ransaked Records before 4th May and not post full clips of remixes, or make em downloadable




- You can e-mail your remixes to


Saturday 18 April 2015

REALWILD present - The Insight Movie [Hardcore Movie From The Hardcore City]

I had some good chat these days with a Russian warrior based in Omsk called Alexander Stabrovski aka Johnny Kaos sharing with me his brand new project as directed along with Felix Kelevra. It's about a Hardcore Movie from the Hardcore city driven by the bright ideas of these rave activists in Siberia.
And the title of it?.... 'The Insight Movie'

Check out some useful info he gave me about this new movie/documentary and watch the trailer of it aswell to go deeper in the underground.... Something different from the others that needs your support and will surely draw your attention.

A big уважение (respect) to all Russian Oldskool & Rave masses!

" We make a documentary about rave culture in Siberia, Russia. Please, help us to spread information about it!

We are a group of friends, shoot a film about dance culture and alternate lifestyle of Russian periphery. Our city - an ordinary, pale and hopeless hotbed of depression and hatred, the city-factory, like the rest of provincial cities in Russia. Our film tells a story of the poorly known world of non-metropolis, non-touristic, 'ordinary' Russia, and people trying to overcome it.

We have always been associated with dance subculture. When we had the opportunity to shoot - we decided to tell what is going on inside the culture and how it reacts to the processes taking place in society, how it affects the people and who is involved in this process. We don't shoot a film for our city, or for our country, or for the international community, because rave scene has no boundaries.

Playing music and dance from the immemorial times and, it seems, will do it till the end of mankind. Choice and motivation, family and finding place in society - our film raises important questions as to the local audience, and for society as a whole. At the same time, the movie is not intended as a complaint book, primarily, this film is an anthem of freedom, peace, respect and love. And yet it's fun and cool!"

" The film is in its final stage. Within six months of filming we visited many different places, filmed kilometers of film strip, made a couple of discoveries and got a lot of emotions. All this time the film was financed from our own funds, as well as unlimited help of friends, so all this time, we remain independent, controling the creative process.

Our film is not about strictly rave culture themself. The first, it's about rave culture in russian reality. People in this country living a very special lifestyle, and it's difficult here to be a raver. That's what our movie about. It's not about genres & styles of music, it's not about history of rave movement in Russia. We talking about what is going on here & now. We wanna know how the society transform the subculture of raves & on the contrary what can we as a ravers suggest to make this world a better place.

But, our movie of cource contain a lot of music materials (exspecialy russian producers) & videos from parties, a lot of fun stuff. You know from drum&bass to gabber, from techno to breakbeat, even edm-culture. Of cource, the first, we talked with promoters, DJs, producers, second, we talked with everyone who feels themself a raver or have a message about it. We got some "stars", like DaVip, DMNDZ... Also, we're talking about a specific 'rave problems', like drugs, or relationships with parents, or how is society perceives us... "

About us   " That's not so easy, because it's our first serious project. We live in Omsk, Russia. We are two guys, a media activists, who cares about the future of a culture, or maybe, we should say, future of a lifestyle we chosed. I have two blogs on ( and - where i acquaint russian audience with rave culture. This is my soundcloud ( with one of my mixes. The second guy is engaged in photography & video (here is his Vimeo blog with some videos -"


" So, we promoted a few local parties and saw that something is going wrong with understanding the ideas of our culture, many people just don't know that the rave culture is more than just a music. And that's not only about parties, that's about whole culture.

People don't see the connection, but everything is united in the culture: this means that if you're in bad political situation, for example, or have a low level of education mass of people - it's affect at your very personal subcultural relationship. That's why we decided to do this project. But it's not so easy to makes people believe you. That another big problem: how to be heard, if mass of people not interested in deep understanding that types of things. We have this situation in Russia, and we appeal to the international community, even though we are familiar with the texts of Christopher Howell about 'hardcore scene 2015' and we understand that things goes not good on the international scene now. I think our movie would be interesting for you guys, because we faced the same problems and questions.

We are not anonimous, but the world don't know about us, and we find that it's ok, because the case is not about us. Thank you for talking about it with me. It's very important for me. "



Thursday 16 April 2015


A1 - General Malice - Badboys And Police.
A2 - 16AJ - The Pirates Anthem.
B1 - Kid B - Long Live Jah.
B2 - DJ K - Flyin (Default Rmx).
Brand new California based jungle label, Sounds So Fierce Records present one hell of a debut release in the form of the 'Deadly Ammo EP' featuring 4 tearing roughneck jungle killers from a worldwide collective of nuskool junglists championing the classic 1994 era of vintage ragga tinged drum & bass.
The EP opens with the absolutely rinsing amen-fest, 'Badboys And Police' by Genral Malice, chock full of rudebwoy chat, enveloping Reese bass and brain searing mentasms to get you hyped up to maximum effect. 16AJ (aka 16 Armed Jack) drops 'The Pirates Anthem' next bigging up the illegal radio station crews of jungle's glory days with a dub skank and machine-gun fire breaks.
On the flipside Kid B flings down his heavyweight, ruffneck bass and breaks roller, 'Long Live Jah' featuring enuff uplifting, dancehall vibes throughout, and to close things off Default remixes DJ K's 'Flyin' from way back in 2004 and gives the cheeky ragga vs. Lenny Kravitz original a slamming 2015 revamp.
Altogether, the 'Deadly Ammo EP' highlights the fact that the ragga jungle sound is very much still alive 22 years on from it's conception and deserves the support of all who call themselves Junglist!!!! 
The 'Deadly Ammo EP' is available to purchase directly from the Sounds So Fierce Records Bandcamp page in 4-track Digital, Limited Edition Black and Camouflage vinyl formats to satisfy the needs off all discerning jungle heads. So don't delay on getting onto this one!!!

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Tuesday 14 April 2015

DYR030:: THE RENEGADES 'Demons' [Out on Dynamix Records, LLC]

The Renegades aka Matt Davis from US is definetely a producer that will draw your attention and you need to check him out closely. Total mental productions all done with his unique skills and deep love for the buzz, he's on the most essential members in the Bass and Footwork scene providing his own character to the masses. I still remember when first time met up with his sounds by hearing some footwork reworks on some 90s classics (Acen,Yolk,4hero) and from that moment this producer has been sealed in my brain as one of the 'Footwork warriors to watch' !

His latest personal EP is titled 'Demons' out from his own label, Dynamix Records and is a 5track dish of Footwork, Juke, Acid combination all worked proper, giving a successful result of chilling emotions and dancefloor damaging!

Show some Nuskool luv to this release and grab your copies now.

 'Demons' [Out on Dynamix Records, LLC]

Personal fav track: "The Acid Tune"
Rating: 9/10


Beatport here
Juno  here
TrackitDown  here


Monday 13 April 2015


A - Do This!
B1 - Jedi On E's (The Final Chapter).
B2 - Scratch Samples.    

Following on swiftly from his previous 'Jedi On E's' 12", DJ Jedi has struck while the iron is hot and unleashed another classic 1992 themed vinyl project to stimulate the mind and feet of all oldskool lovers.

On the A-Side 'Do It!' kicks things off as if 1992 had never ended with chunky breakeats, thundering bass and classic 'Landlord', one note piano stabs. Keep an ear out for the nods to DJ Reckless and Quadraphonia on this one!

On the B-Side, Jedi wraps up his tribute to the legendary 'Jesus On E's' Amiga demo disc with 'Jedi On E's (The Final Chapter)'. An oldskool sample rampage featuring a myriad of classic breaks, riffs, stabs and vocals that makes a fitting conclusion to the 'Jedi On E's' trilogy.

For the vinylists out there the 'Do It!' single comes with some bonus scratch samples to get those sets jumping!

The 'Do This!' 12" vinyl and digital single is available to pre-order from the DJ Jedi Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £7.99 for the vinyl (plus free digital copies) and £2.50 for digital versions.

And for anyone interested in picking up previous DJ Jedi releases and many more oldskool and nuskool goodies, there are limited quantities available from the excellent Seventh Story Projects webstore...

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