Saturday 30 October 2021

Ultra-Sonic & Dream Frequency for the first time in history


Two very good pals and absolute legends within the scene, join the forces in order to deliver the most powerful album you've heard in the last couple of years. A concept that it's been tripping inside their minds for almost a decade, is now set to become true. Driven by their passion, big skills, modern techniques and most of all love from and for their fans, Ian Bland and Mallorca Lee or even better Dream Frequency and Ultra-Sonic, are calling you all to enter their Kickstarter campaign in order to make it happen.

"Our intentions were to make a track that sounded exactly like Dream Frequency & Ultra-Sonic would in your head. We had so much fun working in the studio together and loved using recording techniques from back in the day to get the best out our old synths, drum machines and samples. Straight after we wanted to write even more tracks, but we were just too busy touring"

So right after the successful experiment of their collab in 'Take Me Away' (with Sherill Hartill vocals inclusion as well), the big gents of Oldskool have announced a 13-track album to come out in limited hardcopies of CD and Vinyl with various pledge options.
For every fan of them and every '90s raver who's still supporting and breathing the oxygen of Rave.

"Now with your help we can deliver a limited edition, Ultra-Sonic & Dream Frequency album direct to your door, giving Ultra-Frequency the release it truly deserves. You know our love for the scene, our credentials, discography and if you backed either of our previous Kickstarter's you will agree the quality of the final products we delivered, the strength of our music, the time and effort put into every aspect, from its concept to completion, was second to none. We have also learned a great deal from our previous Kickstarters and know how to make this one even better, from the time it all takes, postage, proper packaging, printing, to even sending you a digital copy of the finished album to enjoy while waiting for your limited edition, signed digi-pack CD and Gatefold, double Vinyl to arrive."

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Saturday 23 October 2021

Mutants are back! Grab now the new EP by We Rob Rave


The teenage mutant ninja..Junglists from Poland are back in town.
We Rob Rave. The infamous badboy duet of PZG & Dubsknit among their profusion of dirty basslines of wizdom, improvise again to showcase some unbounded mutant jungle bits and pieces.
For those who are famished and have a little gap right after the WRR 6 album. For anyone who's still not aware of these Polish nutters. And most of all, for any new producer who has a life-long dream to make tracks like these.

"Welcome to a new electric EP!
Starting out with "Almodovo", footwork influenced dancefloor puncher, hitting hard with classic LFO bassline, you wish you knew We Rob Rave earlier.
Switching in the mood a little, "Surrender" brings more ambiental, more storytelling vibe to the mix. While not the ruffest track on the EP, definitely not the one to dismiss.
After emotional adventures, we go right back to leg-breaking tracks. "Ice groove" kicks off any party that needs fast breaks and classic stabs, even more, classic polish 80s samples.
Finishing off, "Mutations" brings balance to the force with hard hitting 'Think' break and gnarly bass sliding through deep atmospheric melodies.
Mutation started, come with me, come with us."

'Sweat Like You Mean' is the title of their new digital weapon and as you've read above it's the beginning of the mutation. What shall we expect for WRR 7 then??

▶︎ SWEAT LIKE YOU MEAN IT | WE ROB RAVE | Pzg & Dubsknit (


Sunday 17 October 2021

Watch now:: Motivbreaks 'Bass Breaks And A Warehouse Rave Drop Mix' [VIDEO]

Motivbreaks returns on his personal themed mixes with love and devotion to the new breed of Bass and Breaks. Straight from his hometown, Salonica, he delivers one more absolutely fantastic mix showcasing some abundant vibes with the likes of Stanton Warriors, Solardo, ABSOLUTE, Riton, Skream, Local Group and many more.
We can assure you that you'll instantly attracted by his formidable session.

Noteworthy to add also, that it's a great momentum for Stamatis Kipouros (his real name) as he has released his debut EP over Top Drawer Digital with big support around the globe.

Motivbreaks takes effect, giving rise to the vibe and we just pant for more...

Sunday 10 October 2021

Bright Lights - Your Time 12" Vinyl EP

Originally released in the dawn of 2020, the very great 'Your Time' EP by Bright Lights sees now a vinylized version credited to Erupt Records. The North nu-rave team behind Erupt Records keep their promises and fight against odds to make it happen and release this proper material onto Vinyl. One more quality addition to your collection.

"This time around, the label highlights another incredible talent as your host Bright Lights takes the reins. Best remembered for running his own Quantum Progression Audio label, he does what he does best and takes no prisoners here, delivering a slamming EP of hardcore junglism with the right twists for the modern age. From crowd-friendly piano lines to some appallingly dark drops, the You Time experience is what we call hardcore. Also along for the trip is Schoco, with that remix of "Zero Time" everybody's been talking about!
...and remember, don't sleep on the vinyl edition if you want to get your hands on two exclusive tracks. "Cyberfunk 3000" and "Timebreak" won't be available anywhere else."

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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Motivbreaks presents his debut EP on Top Drawer Digital

The Greek established Breakbeat producer and DJ, Motivbreaks has recently signed a good deal with one of the finest Nu-Rave labels that is Top Drawer Digital.
'Free Your Soul' is the right mantra of this reborn period we're running, with a new dancefloor resurrection and a transcendence to the raving musical genres. A pretty good EP release coming among big guests on the remix duties with the likes of Strange Rollers and Sanxion! A 5-track release that has anything contemporary you'd need to listen to. From the hot bass drops of the wizard Sanxion to the 4/4 progression of Strange Rollers and of course not to sit out to the original breaks driven euphoric version from the Greek guru and good friend of us, Motivbreaks.

For any DJ, for every nu-rave lover.
Worth every single penny for this one. Grab it now digitally!

Free Your Soul from Top Drawer Digital Records on Beatport