Sunday, 10 October 2021

Bright Lights - Your Time 12" Vinyl EP

Originally released in the dawn of 2020, the very great 'Your Time' EP by Bright Lights sees now a vinylized version credited to Erupt Records. The North nu-rave team behind Erupt Records keep their promises and fight against odds to make it happen and release this proper material onto Vinyl. One more quality addition to your collection.

"This time around, the label highlights another incredible talent as your host Bright Lights takes the reins. Best remembered for running his own Quantum Progression Audio label, he does what he does best and takes no prisoners here, delivering a slamming EP of hardcore junglism with the right twists for the modern age. From crowd-friendly piano lines to some appallingly dark drops, the You Time experience is what we call hardcore. Also along for the trip is Schoco, with that remix of "Zero Time" everybody's been talking about!
...and remember, don't sleep on the vinyl edition if you want to get your hands on two exclusive tracks. "Cyberfunk 3000" and "Timebreak" won't be available anywhere else."

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