Friday 29 December 2023

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. HALL OF FAME 2023

The annual series of mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad returns again with a special Double Mix showcasing the best tunes that came out during 2023.

Strictly Nuskool Blog's 'HALL OF FAME 2023' consists of two mixes made by GLOWKiD and Tariq Ziyad, running over 2 hrs and 38 tracks of fresh Nuskool Breaks, Jungle Techno & Hardcore Breaks vibes with the likes of Kniteforce Records, D-Zone, Paranoid Recordings, Top Drawer Digital, WNCL, Hardcore Energy, Soundsystem Bassrock, N4, KiNK, Y U QT, Skooler & Flare, DJ Sofa, MKII, Acidulant, InnerCore etc.

Massive Bigups, best wishes to each & every Artist, Label, DJ representing the Nuskool vibe!


  •  MIX 1 by GLOWKiD 

on-dré featuring Sydney Jo Jackson - Believe In Love [D-Zone]
Dowster vs Zensation - Release The Stress [Self Release]
Michel Ange - Catch Me Ravin [Top Billin Music]
Rave Alarm - Slip Away [KFA]
SQUAT PARTY & ROO-DB - Keep On Dancing (POoK's Castlemorton Dub Remix) [Soundsystem Bassrock]
Nizikawa - Velvet Hammer [Lilium]
The Rhythmic State - Soap on a Rope (Skooler & Flare Remix) [Live] [Clubscene Music]
gwEm - Blue Sky Day [Self Release]
Kabin - Can't Live Without You (Breakbeat Hardcore edit) [Hardcore Energy]
1OO1O x Eric Uh - Acid Tumbado [Self Release]
DJ Dossa - Like This [Kniteforce]
KiNK - For The People [Hypercolour]
Noisevandal - Need Someone [Self Release]
Choki Biki - Lover (Neil's Acid Edit) [Choki Biki]
Sam Girling - Ankerklause (Is The Feeling Only Strong) [Southern Fried Records]
Y U QT - TIEMPO [Self Release]
Gala - Freed From Desire (S.U.R.E. More & More Edit) [Hardcore Energy]
RenegadeGenius - Boy I'll House Ya [Paranoid Recordings]
Alex Jungle - Are We Better (Piano No.7) [Kniteforce]


  •  MIX 2 by TARIQ ZIYAD 

Red Dragon - Rising [Kniteforce]
Pure klass DJs & Shoy - Radio Stations [Gorden Bennett Music]
Acidulant - Terminate The Machine [I LOVE ACID]
E-Freq - E-Freq By Nature [UTTU]
DMS - Exterminate (Dee Sub Remix)[Kniteforce]
Paul & Shark - Jason Goes To Berghain [Free Time Discs]
Gav Ley - Lets Go [Top Drawer Digital]
Skin Teeth - Knuckle Bone [WNCL Recordings]
Pepsi Slammer - The Riddle [WNCL Recordings]
Crazed (BR) - Momento De Cautela [Self Release]
InnerCore - Horns and Whistles [Kniteforce]
Injectionz - Gotta Believe [White Label]
Outrage - Roughneck [Top Drawer Digital]
Matt Bass - Paranoid Vibes (Part 2) [Paranoid Recordings]
4am Kru, McDonald & Jannetta - Pianos Rising From The Grave [Self Release]
Gaffer - Keep It Raw [Strictly Nuskool]
DJ Sofa & Pete Cannon - My Love For You [N4]
MKII - Hit Me [Not 4 Human Consumption]
Rave Alarm - Danny [KFA]

Sunday 24 December 2023

Gaffer pres. 'Abstractions 3 Special' @ Renegade Radio (9th Dec. 2023)


The mighy DJ Gaffer from Paranoid Recordings has mixed up the amazing last chapter of Top Drawer Digital on his show at Renegade Radio. Feel free to listen to this 2-hour session including all tunes from this quintessential compilation.

Rawtrachs - Nothing Ventured (Nothing Gained)
Nyxen - Nightmares
Gav Ley - Lets Go
The Rumblist - Separation
Kazumi Anzai - Spiral (TDD VIP)
Kazumi Anza - Flashlight (TDD VIP)
JMT - Balance
Beat-Breaker - All Night
Beagle - Laser Burn
The Rumblist - Mind Blown
Bojcot Selectah - On Your Own Turf
Swankout - New Generation
S.U.R.E. - Streets of Dover
Skin Teeth - Plumstead Lullaby
Visible Sound - The Darkness
Outrage - Roughneck
Gav Ley - Requiem
Beagle - Next Punch
Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Hold The Beat
Schoco - Float
Lucas - The Antichrist (End Of Days Mix)
Bobby Lazers - Vibe Check
dYstance - Pure S
Kefford - Psychedelic Trip
Pressa - Rushin' Over Me
Sanxion - Been Losin
Subfusion - Rockin In The Nine Five
Lucas - Light & High Beauty
Noisevandal - Correct Future
Prisn B.R.K - XXX
Trident - Kinetic
Rawtrachs - Outerdimensional
Strange Rollers - My Vision Is Clear
Strange Rollers - Loading Room
RadiokillaZ - Sound Attack
D3 - All I Want


Monday 18 December 2023

The last chapter of Top Drawer Digital

One of the greatest labels specified mainly in the Future Jungle and 140 bpm sound, Top Drawer Digital, have just released their 100th release, which is obviously a celebratory to the label's history. In addition, it comes among the announcement that this release marks also the final episode of this groundbreaking label that paved the way since 2009.
Sad but true as can be translated by the words of TDDR management: "As we draw the curtain on Top Drawer Digital, we do so with hearts full of happiness, knowing that we've had the privilege of hosting incredible artists on our label. Their talent and dedication have made this journey unforgettable."

'Abstractions 3: Jungle Techno Breaks' is larger than expected and it is comprised of 36 tracks obeying the oldskool ethos under contemporary techniques. You can find anything that tastes fresh and nuskool with the likes of Pressa, Vinyl Junkie, Sanxion. Strange Rollers, Gav Ley, The Rumblist, Beat-Breaker, Schoco, SwankOut, but to name a few luminaries of the game.
The release comes out on TDDR Bandcamp page in digital format or on a limited USB Stick that carries 6GB of:
  • 'TDDR100 - Abstractions 3 : Jungle - Techno - Breaks' in HQ 24Bit WAV format , 320 MP3 , A Mix of the album by DJ Digitally Mashed.
  • Secret Bonus Tracks not available anywhere else.
  • 6 of previous TDDR Albums in 320 MP3 format including the rest of the 'Abstractions Series' , Volumes 1 & 2.
  • The Complete 'Future Jungle Expeditions' Series , Volumes 1 , 2 & 3 and the 20-track '10 Year Album TDDX'.

" While Top Drawer Digital as you know it may be bidding farewell, our company remains deeply committed to the scene we adore. In what capacity we'll continue our involvement, only time will reveal. For now, we believe that reaching the milestone of 100 releases is the perfect time to conclude this chapter. Thank you for being a part of our incredible journey. "Abstractions 3" is our parting gift, a testament to the enduring spirit of Old Skool inspired electronic music, and a promise that the rave will live on." -


Massive Respect to Top Drawer Digital for their hard work the last two decades!

'Hidden Gems Vol.2' by NJOI

Three decades after the iconic 'Live in Manchester' by the maverick duet of NJOI, the legends return with a super new weapon and the sophomore EP of their hidden treasure from their early days. Once again FOOD MUSIC, curated by Shadow Child, is firing on all cylinders with this new highly anticipated release by NJOI - a fresh devolved part from their '92 live album.
This startling vinyl EP goes down a storm and the included anthems respond positively on the '92 demand by the fans. The second part of 'Hidden Gems' is off the scale and a must to have Vinyl for your collection including free digitals too. Additionally, a separated digital format of the four tracks will come out during next year in major digital platforms as officially stated from the label.

" The missing pieces of the NJOI puzzle are finally coming to you via Food Music on 12" vinyl, with digital to follow early in 2024 complete with instrumental mixes.
The electronic music pioneers unveil "Hidden Gems vol2", the final part in a series of previously unreleased material that follows their "Collected" album and "Hidden Gems vol1". The package also features the incredible vocal talents of Luvain, Krayzee Thoughts and the band also reunite with Republica's Saffron. These tracks became a huge part of their original live set and the iconic mixed "Live In Manchester" release. After huge demand since their televised 1990 Brixton performance, they're finally available as fully extended individual recordings, with a full digital package to follow early in 2024 which will include fully extended instrumentals too." - FOOD MUSIC

BUY 12" EP


'Hidden Gems Vol.2'
Tracks written by Mark Franklin, Nigel Champion, S. Spackling, Steven Rowe & Luvain Maximen.

Saturday 16 December 2023

Shadow Child & Mark Archer - Chinwah EP


A1 - I Know U
B1 - Chinwah (Big DJs)
B2 - I Know U (Swankouts Ready To Rave Mix)

MASC, the collaborative force of Mark Archer and Shadow Child, returns with their 'Chinwah EP,' a vinyl edition answering the fervent calls of fans who were captivated by the digital release, 'Rave Friends' - released during this summer via DJ Haus Dance Trax imprint.

Their new EP comes out via Food Music. It features three tracks and rekindles the frenzy ignited by its predecessor. 'I Know U' emerges as a euphoric anthem, pulsating with genuine warehouse energy, positioning itself as one of the standout rave hits of the year. The flipside of the EP introduces 'Chinwah (Big DJs),' a techno-infused gem that strikes with anthemic force. Closing the EP is Swankout's formidable remix of 'I Know U,' infusing it with contemporary breaks that amplify its impact. This track, undoubtedly deserves a place on vinyl, exceeds expectations, affirming its place among the must-haves for oldskool rave enthusiasts.

The high anticipation among fans for this release stemmed from their hunger for the duo's signature sounds, and 'Chinwah EP' undoubtedly satisfies that craving, delivering tracks that mark one of the greates vinyl releases in oldskool techno and within the electronic music field.

DJ Support:

Horse Meat Disco, Doc Scott, Josh Wink, Pangaea, Joyce Muniz, Benjamin Damage, KE (Kid Enigma), Yung Singh, Anja Schneider (Club Room), Pinch, Tom Findlay (Groove Armada), Elle Clark, Joshua James, Monty Luke, Adam Beyer, Otik, Tom Ravenscroft, Nightwave + Martyn Bootyspoon, Violet, TEED, Addison Groove, Mad Miran, Emerald, Dusky

Friday 15 December 2023

Altern 8 'E-Vapor-8 (Remixes)'


E-Vapor 8 (K-KLASS Remix)
E-Vapor 8 (Pete Cannon Remix)
E-Vapor 8 (T>I Remix)
E-Vapor 8 (Exile & Mark XTC Remix)
E-Vapor 8 (Smudged Soul Remix)
E-Vapor 8 (1992 Mix)

Network Records, in collaboration with electronic music pioneers Altern 8, proudly unveils a thrilling remix package of the iconic rave anthem 'E-Vapor-8.' Originally produced by Mark Archer and Chris Peat, as Altern 8, in 1992, the track is a cornerstone of electronic music history, transporting us back to the early days of the UK rave scene.

Hailing from Stafford, UK, Altern 8 took the burgeoning outdoor rave scene by storm with their fusion of heavy futuristic house, inspired by their Detroit Techno and Chicago House heroes. Following the success of 'Activ-8 (Come With Me)' in the UK charts (#3), 'E-Vapor-8,' featuring soul sensation PP Arnold, became their most celebrated release.

"E-Vapor-8 started life in mid-1991 as a track called ‘Say It Y’all,' made exclusively for our live PA performances. It got overwhelming responses at every gig, so we decided to refine it in Blue Chip Studio in Stafford in early 1992." - Mark Archer

Archer further explains that the addition of vocal snippets from local radio presenter Domenic Green and the iconic sample from Derrick May's 'Strings Of Life' transformed the track from a bedroom demo into a legendary single.

Fast forward to 2023, Network Records and Mark Archer reunite to craft a remix package that pays homage to the hedonistic days of rave while relentlessly pushing the sound forward. The result is a stunning collection of reworks by old friends and new, including ass bosses, hardcore heroes and UK House royalty.

K-Klass, the chart-topping legends of the '90s, infuse 'E-Vapor-8' with house vibes, reimagining PP's vocals and introducing those epic strings in the break. No mystery to this rhythm. UK producer Smudged Soul adds smooth grooves to the package, blending golden keys and skipping hi-hats with the vocals to create a fresh interpretation that seamlessly bridges eras. Pete Cannon takes us back into familiar territory with a rinsing Jungle workout, adding sirens and a hardcore twist to the strings, while the collaboration of D&B don, Exile, and UK Rave legend Mark XTC delivers a future Drum & Bass anthem. The package also features the much-sought-after DrumStep rework by T>I, a favorite in the UK producer's sets, and now officially available. It's a dark and mesmerizing treat for the heads. The release is rounded out by a remastered version of the original '92 track, a rave anthem that has inspired generations and solidified Altern 8's legendary status.

With Network Records at the helm and this dynamic array of remixes, 'E-Vapor-8' remains a timeless beacon of the rave era, connecting the past and the future. Get ready to rediscover the magic of Altern 8.



Forthcoming gigs:
  • 2024-02-10 - 'HOUSE OF LOVE' - 93 Feet East, London
  • 2024-04-06 - Digbeth Indie and Rock Festival, Birmingham

Sunday 26 November 2023

'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' mixed by DJ Thanos (Sunrise Zone)


We are more than happy that the latest 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' compilation goes down a storm. Many airplays and loads of messages are bombing the inbox and we are deeply thankful for this huge response.
Most recently a legendary team from Athens called Sunrise Zone, have embraced this release and showed their love and support by mixing it.
Just for the record, Sunrise Zone started in the early days of '90s as a mobile party team in Athens, and from that time they have hosted big raves hosting luminaries such as The Prodigy, Altern 8, Marusha, Liquid, Westbam, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, LTJ Bukem but to name a few.
Aside of this three-decade history in the making, the Sunrise Zone are running a weekly radio show on Athens Free Radio - you can listen to their show every Saturday 22:00-24:00 (GMT +2)

Regarding the 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' mix, the man like DJ Thanos 
from the Sunrise Zone team has send us his love message for these 17 new tracks, creating a mix of the tracks.

"One day I received a message from Pressure asking my feedback about his new tune 'Champion's Risk' taken off 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3'. I instantly listened to his tune and all I heard was an absolutely amazing jungle banger. After that I was interested to listen to the rest of the tracks and I realised that there are many new talents thriving through the scene. I was fancy to mix all tracks from the compilation, in order to highlight this pure talent from Vol.3 and present it to all friends and fans of the Sunrise Zone. In the end this mix was published and it is available on mixcloud and youtube platforms of the Sunrise Zone. I predict a future collaboration between Strict;y Nuskool Blog and Sunrise Zone. Stay tuned!" - DJ Thanos


Download 'Striclt Nuskool Vol.3' here

Sunrise Zone

DJ Thanos

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Tuesday 21 November 2023

The new D&B single by Cabeabel

Stockholm based Cabeabel returns with a brand new single release on his usual liquid D&B tip. This time, Kim Gajraj contributes with her vocals and lyrics on a joint that came as a fun experience. In a nutshell 'Fly Through The Night' finds Cabeabel on the remix duties, scoring a brilliant and wonderful vibe that will cheer up your soul.

"The track will be featuring female vocalist @kimgajraj from Stockholm. It originated through a fun collab that connected two individual productions that influenced each other in an interesting way." - Cabeabel


Spotify - Youtube



Kim Gajraj

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Listen to the 'Strictly Nuskool Mix' by DJ Master Mash


What a wonderful surprise...
We have received a kind and warm message from a good fellow producer, Master Mash, who has mixed up a variety of our back catalogue tracks. Aside his mixing skills, Master Mash has been also producing for more than a decade and he has also released an EP with us; you can check it here.

01. Gaffer - Keep It Raw - Volume 3
02. Dogheads - Squalid State - Paul Cronin Mental Mix - Volume 1
03. DJ Mark C - Axe Factor - Remix - Volume 1
04. RenegadeGenius - Think of You - Volume 3
05. Juna - Hardcore Rush - Volume 3
06. Stu Armstrong - Hold On 2 U - Volume 3
07. Fringe - Feel The Power - Volume 2
08. DJ Hew - 93 Energy - Volume 3
09. Worldwide Epidemic - Night Train - Unreleased Mix - Volume 1
10. Planet B - Concentrate - Volume 3
11. Fence - Tosi Bosi - Volume 3
12. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream - Volume 1
13. Pressure - Champion's Risk - Volume 3
14. Exit Point - Somebody - Volume 1


Master Mash

Sunday 5 November 2023

Listen to the latest mix by Vinyltrixta


The almighty Vinyltrixta returns with a thundering selection of proper nuskool hardcore breaks, strictly for the headstrong and happy crew. His brand new mix showcases a quality and wide range of tunes with the likes of Stu Chapman, DJ Nee, Z-Neo and plenty of Kniteforced material as well among the others.
On a production level, it is worth to mention that he has a special joint record with Dubble Dunk that is estimated to come out in the early of next year through Strawberry Sundae Records - the test presses are already sold out via Defstar.
As we have already heard the promos, you can assure you to beware of this large record release from two established soldiers within the scene.
Till then, take a listen to his absolutely energized mix.

Pianos Rising From The Grave - 4am Kru , McDonald & Jannetta
Save My Soul - Dee Sub KFP02A2
Nasty (2023 Rave House Remix) - Dj Mystery Vs Sy-Kick
Pure Mongol - Secret Squirrel KF169C2
Another World (Pt2) - New Decade
Suicide - Vinyl Junkie & Dope
Keep Coming - Z-Neo
Lockdown London - KBO004-A1
Lock Up - Zero B
Cast A Spell (Stu Chapman Remix) - Pianoman
Everybody's Free - Old Skoolaz
Good Time - Dj Nee
Shaking The Cuts - Stu Chapman
Make Me Feel -Dj Jedi
Stormy Love - Dj Nightmare & Dj X-Cess - ROTW010 A1
K- Bad Onion 003
Rush - Red Dragon KFB08 A1
Elements - Al Storm & Euphony KBO01- AA2
Hit Em - Silent Approach KFP07-B2
You Make It Better - Silent Approach KFP07 - B1
Calling - Simon Holmes
Baddest Dj - Nightmare & Dj X-Cess - ROTW010 A2
NRG - Rave 2 The Grave - JEDI23
Can You Hear Me - Al Storm & Euphony KBOAA1-AA1
Hardcore Heaven - Stu Chapman (Stu's Rave Blaster Remix)
Is Thus Real - Al Storm & ??? - KBO - 003- AA2



Wednesday 1 November 2023

Skooler & Flare drop their best remix ever

The magic trio of Skooler & Flare have dropped one of the most outstanding and firing hardcore breaks vibes of this year! To be precise, the very talented boys have made a remix to one of The Rhythmic State's classics from the 90's that is 'Soap on a Rope'. Therefore, we are more than pleased receiving an early promo copy of that and leave the best feedback that this work could get. It is one of those tracks that will lift you up, described easily as a 'prodigized' tune from the oldskool loyals.
Add to that the fact that The Rhythmic State have recently released a new album, entitled 'Return To The Classics' including 2023 edits and remasters. The act runs also a fund raise for a limited run of CDs of the album. For more info, click here.

Soap On A Rope [Skooler & Flare Remix]




Sunday 22 October 2023

V.A. - Strictly Nuskool Vol.3


This year, the Strictly Nuskool Blog turns 10...

On behalf of the Blog's 10th anniversary, we're more than happy to present to you a brand new digital compilation album.The album features 17 new and exclusive tracks from a diverse range of producers hailing from countries such as the UK,Greece, Poland, US, Ireland, Russia, Lithuania and Singapore. As always with the rest of our back catalogue, this digital compilation is available for free, and all we ask is that you show your full support for the talented artists behind these tracks.

For further information about this release, we'd suggest you to listen to a special showcase made by Bass Scoops Radio interviewing various producers involved on the album, such as MOZDJ, MZA, Pressure, Simi, Jakuzzi Superstar, Lukas Ungeitis and also GLOWKiD who run this whole project.

 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' is available to download for free here

Thursday 12 October 2023

NonRev new EP on Codename: RCRDS

UK based Codename: RCRDS is thrilled to showcase the second solo artist EP on their label, beautifully crafted by the immensely talented NonRev, delivering a collection of five lush, atmospheric jungle and drum and bass tracks.

The 'Sun At Midnight' EP draws significant inspiration from the music of iconic figures from the 90s, including LTJ Bukem and Good Looking Records, Voyager, DJ Trax, and PFM. It's a mesmerizing blend of vintage breakbeats, booming 808s, and soulful jazz samples, all immersed in reverb and a strong sense of nostalgia, yet presented with a distinctly contemporary twist.

The EP opens with ‘Never Again’, where lush keys and synth vox’s meet rolling breaks and deep rumbling bass. Things move into an eerier direction with the catchy guitar riff and deep stabbing synth tones of ‘Inconsequential’, before things switch back into a more rolling direction with ‘Have Life Will Travel’. The stunning ‘Stay With Me’ seamlessly interplays several vocals with rolling breaks and an infectious bassline, before the EP closes with the gorgeous title track ‘Sun At Midnight’.

Codename: RCRDS


Wednesday 11 October 2023

'Elegant Luchadores Vol.8: Motivbreaks'

Diablo Loco bring their 8th volume of 'Elegant Luchadores', which is an exceptional compilation including tracks by the established Greek Breaks hero, Motivbreaks.

Diablo Loco Records, based in Greece, is a label dedicated to the Tech-Funk, Electro-House, and Tech-Breaks sound, and the team behind are inspired by the captivating Mexican wrestling culture and the legendary Luchadores with a mission to deliver top-notch music from the international Breaks and Bass scene.

This Autumn, the 'Elegant Luchadores Vol.8' comes out hot presenting 14 outstanding tracks, each bearing the unmistakable stamp of Motivbreaks' signature style. With a blend of original compositions and remixes, this album is a great example to the artist's incredible talent and dedication to his craft. The ever consistent project of Motivbreaks, with a career that spans several years, has crafted dancefloor slams that have hit the charts and still going down a storm in many radio shows. This fresh collection is a showcase his blazing tunes, many of which have previously graced the catalog of Diablo Loco Records and Fantomas Records.

Motivbreaks' own words reveal the relentless dedication that has fueled his journey. This collection is not just a compilation; it's a celebration of hard work, passion, and the love of music. It's a testament to the countless hours spent perfecting the art of production and the relentless pursuit of excellence as declared it on his facebook page. With around 40 label singles and remixes under his belt and a personal LP titled 'The Warehouse Revival', the main man Stamatis stands proud in the Breakbeat scene. His commitment to evolving and learning is evident in the success he's achieved and the support he's garnered from artists and DJs across the globe.

In a nutshell, Motivbreaks' celebratory compilation keeps the enduring spirit of Breakbeat, the dedication of a down to Earth man and prolific producer, and the love of music that keeps it all going. This album is a must-listen for both dedicated fans of the genre and those looking to explore the electrifying world of Breakbeat. Pay attention to 'Out Of My Head' hitting the Beatport Charts fair and square.