Sunday 29 October 2017

DJ Mark C - Only The Headstrong Need Apply - Vinyl Mix (October 2017)

After a couple of months, one of the best representers of Dark Hardcore sounds as well as a vinyl lover, the man like DJ MARK C, has returned offering a strictly vinyl mix digging into his huge collection. Let's take it 25 years back then...
Enjoy the session and feel free to share it all around the globe.


DJ Freeze - star trek V1
Code 4 - ecstasy
Oral B EP
Summer vibrations EP
Code 4 - code 4
The Tranquil One- dance to the music
THC EP - feels so good
Reel 2 Reel - back to attack vol 2
Boomtown Productions - energize
NASA Project
Tony B - DJ question
Noise Engineer - rock the place
Ruff Rider - shaggy riddems EP
Asmo - rushamuffin EP
Hardcore Rhythm Team ??????
??????????? ID ???
Kay 9 - crazy man
Diplomat -here comes mongo
Burning chrome - power move
Eastern Promise EP
Dance Floor Studio - Intellex
Dub Core Vol 1


Saturday 28 October 2017

Schoco feat. Lily Garcia - Dark Dead Earth [Free Dark 140 Jungle Download!!!]

1/ Dark Dead Earth.

Schoco joins forces with vocalist Lily Garcia to bring you an epic, dark 140 jungle masterpiece with 'Dark Dead Earth', available to download free.

While Schoco weaves a pitch black soundscape set to a combination of crisp, half step breaks which soon evolve into rolling amens, interlaced with subdued bass notes, Lily lays down her haunting, neo-Gothic vocals to spine-tingling effect. 

This collaboration bears fruit to a devastatingly powerful and atmospheric, vocal jungle tour de force which will prove to be a welcome addition to any future junglist's music collection.

'Dead Dark Earth' by Schoco feat. Lily Garcia is available to download for free on Soundcloud, so if you are feeling it, don't forget to comment, follow and share!!!

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[BLKR007] DJ QT - Wonder Women / Killer [Available From All Good B-Lick Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Wonder Women.
2/ Killer.

B-Lick Records and DJ QT are back in action with two heavyweight, jump-up jungle anthems with the release of the 'Wonder Women / Killer' single destined to do some serious dancefloor damage.

The collection kicks of with  'Wonder Women', a potent fusion of razor-sharp two-step breaks and haunting, reggae style horn notes set to a buzzing bass riff that gives the track some proper rudebwoy swagger.

Companion piece 'Killer' drops some seriously weighty bassline action, with it's use of devastating low-end pulses, and mixes in an expert blend of rolling breaks and gangstadelic, raps samples to create a perfectly moody slice of jump-up junglism.

With two more upfront, nuskool jungle anthems under his belt. DJ QT proves that he is hands down, the go-to producer to set any drum & bass set on fire!!!

The DJ QT 'Wonder Women / Killer' single is available from all good B-Lick Records digital stores!!!!


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goreshit - goretrance x (9track EP out on digital & limited CD)

01. lovism
02. no problem!
03. incessant smiles
04. glad you're back
05. gabberzon!
06. eat it up, boi!
07. say it ain't low
08. i love you more each time you die
09. goretrance x - serbian fuckboy edition

UK based Lolicore honcho, Goreshit returns with the 'x' volume of his very own and established 'Goretrance" series of EPs. This time things getting sicker, bigger, more devastating and attractive than previous ones.
His brand new work is comprised of 9 ultimate tunes of speedcore, ravecore brightness and happiness all set up to fuelfil your desire to dance hard and act harder in every minute of your daily routine.
Enjoy 50 minutes of G-panic and remember to keep it between the ditches if you can..

Out on digital and limited CD copies (200 units only)


Friday 27 October 2017


01. Raves Like This
02. Raves Like This (This Dirty Bass Collision Of Decades Remix)
03. Raves Like This (DJ M-Zone Remix)

UK based BEAT JUGGLERS is the talented and much skillful duet of Tribaleditor and JJW blending different forms of Dance music specified to the Oldschool spirit under a modern umbrella.
And so their first release is titled "Raves Like This" and is available now out on digital format along with the official video and two additional remixes by Voidloss and UK44 Records and Hard Trance honcho the man like DJ M-Zone. Worth to mention that it features also quality contributions by Mad Micky, who's the man behind the Sax (well known of his contribution to Guru Josh's iconic "Infinity") and Nikki Fountain on the vox part.

It's indisputable to say that all of the 3 featured versions are surely giving another aspect to a multiple combination of Tribal, Trance and Techno music.
Apart from that, the boys have already played out in many fests such as Boomtown, Illusive Festival and as the supporting act on RatPack @ Alchemy Festival.
By all means this is a well worked release aiming to bang on all different music preferences out there, if a lot stuck to the Oldskool.




Thursday 26 October 2017

V.A. - 9 Circles of RAVE [27track Album out on SUCK PUCK RECORDZ]

Artwork by AJENT LIDA

When it's about Odessa, then words are useless, as these guys over there are forever resilient and full of creativity to the evolution of neo-rave field. Especially if you've ever heard of its original dwellers and devoted sons like Fat Frumos or AleX Tune, who keep on spinning chaotic stuff!
So, Ukraine's finest neo-rave label, SUCK PUCK RECORDZ, proudly presents an ultimate and immense 27track compilation of Acidcore, Ravecore, Speedcore, Breakcore sounds including an amazing lineup of well known artists, therefore we have an incredible result worth getting views, plays and your support at most.
SUCK PUCK Crew celebrates 9 years in the game, aiming to set up physical releases in the near future, thus you can show your love by purchasing this huge album by 4 quid only.
Ridiculous price for an album like that... Go for it!


Wednesday 25 October 2017


A1 - Dem Bow 2018
A2 - King Of Kings
B1 - Old Vet
B2 - Peeni Porni

The legendary London based DJ/producer, DJ DEVIOUS D is here stronger than ever with a fresh and limited to 100 copies only 12" Vinyl EP.
The eminent D&B rudeboy offers 4 brand new slammers of a Junglistic bang off his personal "VETERAN EP", a sign of reminiscence or maybe a sentimental piece of real history by this remarkable man, well known of his oldskool releases back then at Awesome Records alongside MC Jay J.

Below you can take a gander to the official statement by Wheel Up! honcho, 6Blocc about this release:


I'd like to personally thank Devious D for working with me on this timeless
jungle vinyl release that will live on forever on wax and on your shelves!
Big up all WHEEL UP supporters world wide!

We're more than happy to release this wicked 4-track EP from the legendary Devious "Rudeboy" D whose classic releases on Awesome Records alongside Jay-J paved the way for other junglists to follow in the early 90's. In this super limited edition vinyl pressing Devious D blesses us with 4 big bass ragga rollers that will definitely light up the dancefloors and please the djs with the mixablity of the arrangements. Just hit 'play' on the Bandcamp player and listen to history being made as a living legend of the jungle returns to vinyl with that raw jungle vibe!"

You can catch him up in live action @ Koollondon - For more info follow himn on his socials


Tuesday 24 October 2017

V.A. - dokidoki Jungle [Digital & Limited CD out on .rave]

01. SHaKa-iTCHi - Blaze Runner
02. MAID TWIST - Aries 
03. Ennnn - Not Fine Day 
04. FFF - The Sun 
05. Melt Unit - I Shake My Ass 
06. Raggamortis - Discompose 
07. Stazma The Junglechrist - Rockers 
08. Mekuso - Acid Rain 
09. Rognvald - Scream Conductor 
Bonus Track-Dustvoxx - BlackHole Down (Cycore Turbo Mix) (CD Only)

Need to add some quality Breakcore sounds into your life these days? Well the brand new "dokidoki Jungle" compilation is all you need and will perfectly suit yourself either you're a Junglist or even a fan of Bangface and hard vibes! In a few words it's all about a proper harsh ravey stuff coming out on Japanese label .rave run by its local honcho Ennnn.

What makes it double bigger is the fact that it features producers from all around the globe such as Poland, Netherlands, France, Australia, UK and of course the main base of the core long island of Japan.
Fabulous tunes off to kick the bucket and devastate any soundsystem as well as burn your naughty neighbour's cells! Distraction! "dokidoki Jungle" is here!
Available to purchase/pre-order your digital copies now, furthermore it's totally recommended to grab the CD which comes out on a very limited number of copies.

Mastering: Stazma the Junglechrist











Monday 23 October 2017

[INVSN007] Crash Comet - Untold Stories EP [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ We Return (Prelude). 
2/ We Return (feat. Bev Lee Harling).
3/ Endless Dreams.
4/ Two Moons.

Invasion Recordings deliver another high quality collection of liquid drum & bass, anthems-to-be with the release of Crash Comet's sublime 'Untold Stories EP'. Composed of four intricately crafted tracks, including a collaboration with songstress Bev Lee Harling, it's time for Crash Comet to take you on a journey to the deep side...

'We Return (Prelude)' opens to a gentle, introspective piano melody paired with gorgeous pads and glistening arpeggiated synths, which are soon joined by a steady, rolling 2-step breakbeat pattern that'll get your head instantly nodding. We are soon merged flawlessly into the next piece, 'We Return', with it's sweeping atmospherics, soothing bass notes and lush vocals courtesy of Bev Lee Harling.

Up next, 'Endless Dreams' presents a positively uplifting slice of liquid D&B, with it's joyous xylophone melody and uplifting pads perfectly combined with a driving, stepping break. To close the EP we are introduced the the rain-speckled opening sounds of 'Two Moons', an emotive piano led roller that's guaranteed to tug on the heartstrings.

With Crash Comet's 'Untold Stories EP', Invasion Recordings have come up with yet another superbly crafted and essential release that'll be a must buy for anyone who calls themselves a connoisseur of the liquid drum & bass style.

The Crash Comet 'Untold Stories EP' is available to download from all good Invasion Recordings digital stockists!!!



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Sunday 22 October 2017

[SOUNDCLOUD] Breakbeat Scientist - Time To Play (Abstract Illusion Remix) [Free WAV Download!!!]

1/ Time To Play (Abstract Illusion Remix).

October 2017 saw my one and only appearance on vinyl, 'Time To Play' on 7th Storey Projects receive a fiercely tearing relick  from the highly esteemed amentalist Abstract Illusion. Taking my original 1993 inspired darkcore concept in to deep and atmospheric, dark drumfunk territory complete with ominous drones, cavernous bass and intensely chopped up amens overlaid with elements from Clive Barker's demonic 1987 S&M/horror classic.

The Breakbeat Scientist 'Time To Play (Abstract Illusion Remix)' is available as a free WAV download from Abstract Illusion's Soundcloud page. Make sure you follow and give some well deserved props too!!! 

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[RRRDJ002] Try Unity - Try Unity E.P. [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl Available To Buy Now!!!]

A - Forever Free (Euphoric Mix)'.
B1 - Calling The Hardcore.
B2 - Our Journey.

After the resounding success of debut vinyl release 'Stand Up / Fight For Love', Try Unity are back once again with yet another top notch selection of 1992 style, breakbeat hardcore cuts infused with euphoria inducing vocals with the release of the 'Try Unity E.P.' on Rave Radio Records.

Picking up where the previous 12" left off, opening track 'Forever Free (Euphoric Mix)' rolls out with chunky breaks and floaty pads before evolving into a positively ecstatic piano section paired with Francesca's soothing vocals, extolling a message of positivity for these times of hardship.

Up next we are presented with 'Calling The Hardcore', an amen break driven call-to-arms to all ravers, jam packed with phat basslines, rush inducing stabs and uplifting vocals with a nifty, near Debbie Harry-esque rap section to get everyone jumping. 

The EP is rounded off by an equally euphoric breakbeat hardcore cut with 'Our Journey' which combines crisp, rolling breaks overlaid with gorgeous ethereal pads, a lyrical message calling for unity over an electrifying piano melody.

As with their previous release, Try Unity deliver yet another choice selection of upbeat, vocal led breakbeat hardcore tracks heavily influenced by the Golden Age of rave. Make sure you reserve your pre-order soon as this one is guaranteed to sell out fast!!!

The 'Try Unity E.P.' is available to pre-order from the Try Unity Bandcamp page in  both digital and limited to 200 copies, 12" vinyl formats for £2 and £8.99 respectively. All vinyl orders will come with a free digital version too, and delivery date is estimated to be around 04/11/17

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Saturday 21 October 2017

[VMRDT097] Hektic - Scream [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Scream.
2/ Yeh Badboy.

Viral-Mental Records head honcho, Hektic is back in action and with two heavyweight drum & bass/jungle tracks with the release of the 'Scream' two track single delivering some deep and dark, dancefloor destruction.

We are first introduced to sinister slice of Mafioso inspired, drum & bass with the positively menacing 'Scream', which drops rasping bass notes and darkly portentous horn drones over a ten tonne 2-step break, drawing comparison to the likes of 1996's dark jump-up classic, 'Dark Soldier'.

We go deep into the the jungle depths with 'Yeh Badboy', an ominous amen roller flavoured with ominous atmospheric effects, filtered breakbeats, pulsating bassline and choice nods to vintage jungle cuts of yesteryear.

The 'Scream' single sees the VMR label return with a bang with two decidedly heavy, dark jungle cuts that'll add some weight to any drum & bass set. Get on this one quicktime!!!

Hektic's 'Scream' single is available to purchase now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...



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For all Viral-Mental Records releases, artists and information you can check out the official webpage here...

Friday 20 October 2017

[Bandcamp] Bambra - Koncrete Jungle EP [3-Track Digital Download Available Now!!!]

1/ Koncrete Jungle.
2/ Technoid.
3/ Urban Survivalist.

October sees tech-step maestro, Bambra unleash a trio of fiercely uncompromising, industrial tinged drum & bass with the 'Koncrete Jungle EP' ready to do some serious sound system destruction once let loose in the mix.

We are first introduced to a series of menacing drones which kick-start title track, 'Koncrete Jungle' and are soon accompanied by crisp, hard-stepping breaks and ominous, discordant bass growls which perfectly encapsulates the Golden era of techstep, circa 1996.

Things get even darker on 'Technoid' which sees pitch black, reverb drenched atmospherics do battle with brain searing mentasm stabs and heavyweight 2-step breaks, sounding like an impossible soundclash between DJ Trace and Richard D. James come true.

The last piece of the audio triptych, 'Urban Survivalist' takes on an even more urgent pace by layering sinister soaring and descending pads over a pulsating bass riff, relentless stepping breaks and tasteful nods to past jungle classics.

For a first release, Bambra proves that he's more than ready to take on any established drum & bass producer with this retrospective, yet forward thinking collection of neo-tech-step bombs. If deep and dark D&B fulfils your appetite for music then make sure that the 'Koncrete Jungle EP' is on your agenda!!!

Bambra's 'Koncrete Jungle EP' is available to download now from the Bambra Productions Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £2, or more if you wish to support the artist and label to fund future releases.

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25Segments - Lost Hits EP [GWR]

01. Angels Kissing Me
02. If You Staying Longer
03. Love Is Coming At You
04. Inborn Jazz Infection

Moscow based label & Junglistic team of GWR (Global Warning Records) maintains its Russian formula of releases presenting a pure Ragg Jungle local head like 25Segments.

25Segments showcases four quality and different pieces of Junglistic paths either chilled with femalx vocals or even ragga jungle & monstrous vibes!
"Lost Hits EP" is out now, coming originally from his vaults and some of his old previously unreleased stuff... Out to all Junglists & Junglettes!

Mastered by Mendelayev
Artwork by FatGreen


Thursday 19 October 2017

[XHR008] Deadly Nightshade - Dark Journey [12-Track Album Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Intro.
2/ See You In Hell.
3/ From The Future.
4/ Dead Rising.
5/ Descend To Hell.
6/ Signal In Space.
7/ Send In The Clowns.
8/ Lost Wastelands.
9/ Gang Culture.
10/ Nightmares.
11/ The Paranormal.
12/ Outro.

After many months of toil and trouble Deadly Nightshade finally unveil's his darkside magnum opus 'Dark Journey' on Xtra Hard Records. Featuring ten deep and atmospheric dark hardcore and jungle cuts, expertly engineered to provide the perfect soundtrack to the season of Samhain. Strap yourself in. We're going on a 'Dark Journey'!!!

After a chilling, teasing intro, we are soon presented with the positively diabolical 'See You In Hell', a thundering fusion of rolling breaks, menacing bass drones, intricate synth melodies and demonic mentasm growls. Up next we are hit with a duo of heavyweight, acid and hoover enhanced breakbeat hardcore bombs with 'From The Future' and 'Dead Rising'. Two electrifying tracks which capture the manic urgency of headstrong, oldskool hardcore without succumbing to fluffy pianos or cheesy diva vocals.

'Descend To Hell' takes us on a 120 mile per hour trip to the darkside with it's breakneck speed beats and jarring horror movie sound effects, before we are fast forwarded into the future, retro-hardcore-style with the sci-fi flavoured 'Signal In Space'. Up next 'Send In The Clowns' flavours it's oldskool breakbeat hardcore format with a pinch of junglistic breaks and huge helping of monstrous neuro D&B style, bass blasts to ramp up the atmosphere whereas 'Lost Wastelands' takes us on a pounding jungle-tekno excursion, complete with an immense, acid-techno drop and razor-sharp 'Anasthasia' stabs.

'Gang Culture' continues on the hardcore/jungle/techno soundclash with it's potent blend of bubbling 303 basslines, rolling 'Omni Trio' breaks and electrifying rave riffs set to a series of ominous gangster movie dialogue and news report sampling. Darkcore raises it's ugly head yet again with the pitch black 'Nightmares', which emulates the classic genre tropes of vintage 1992 themed hardcore, whilst giving it a modern, almost Prodigy-esque twist. The album is then brought to an apocalyptic close with 'The Paranormal', a colossal slab of premium quality darkness with some seriously atmospheric pad action.

Even on first listen it becomes instantly clear that Deadly Nightshade's 'Dark Journey' has been a labour of love in the making with it's combination of genre-spanning, richly textured sound palettes and hectic paced, rolling breakbeats. If you consider yourself a lover of the darker side of hardcore then you will need to have this on your collection!!!

The 'Dark Journeyalbum is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for £7.00, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases.

... and from the following digital music download and streaming sites...



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Monday 16 October 2017

INTENSIVE030:: GREG SIN KEY - Bass Pianos EP (Out on Intensive Recordings)

01. Boogie Time (Original Mix)
02. Summer Bass (Original Mix)
03. The Trip (Original Mix)

Poland's established and towering Breakbeat & Nuskool Breaks producer/DJ and promoter, the man like Greg Sin Key returns to the local roots of Intensive Recordings signed by his good fellow Nefti, while offering a brand new Breaks EP  titled 'Bass Pianos' including 3 fresh tunes of Rave Breaks & electrified Bass exposure!
Don't think about it, get yourself into this one and onto the dancefloor for the real action!