Sunday 12 May 2013

+++DJ MARK C - Undercover Romford ("You Didn't See That Elephant Comin Mark" Yell-O-Phase REMIX)+++

What do you get when 2 of my favourite producers are involved in a tune? a proper hardcore banger, that's what!!! And if you love your old skool/nu skool then check out both these immensely talented producers on their soundcloud, I promise you, you will not be disappointed!!!!

The Yell O Phase remix

The original by DJ Mark C

Pursuit-Ard-Core-HC Recordings

DJ, producer and radio host with a love for old skool, Pursuit knows his oldskool and he damn sure knows how to make a banging tune!!! Having grown up listening to the likes of DJ Seduction, the influence comes through in this current release on HC Recordings. Encapsulating the 92' Proto-Jungle/Hardcore hybrid sound favoured by Seduction, Ratty & Tango and others, this is turbo charged 155BPm bleepy Ragga tinged Rave with speaker rumbling subs par excelence, go and get a copy!!!!!

Also Pursuit has a whole load of free downloads on his soundcloud page, do check them out

Friday 3 May 2013

+++Q Project-Champion Sound(DJ Flow 2013 Remix) Free DL+++

DJ Flow is fast becoming a firm favourite to this blog with yet another quality remix, this time its 1993 and we're on a jungle flex at 160BPM. A faithful remix staying close to the pattern of The Alliance remix while adding in some Ray Keith style beats and giving the familiar pads a ravey feel. Watch out for upcoming releases from DJ Flow on Paranoid Recordings and Kut Off Recordings and in the meantime show some love to this wicked remix.....Badman!!!!!!