Thursday, 21 June 2018


Brazilian producer Beats Are Broken strikes it up with a brand new release proving how improved he's been as well as very important in the scene during this year. 'ALRIGHT' is comprised of 3 slams full of Hardcore Breaks pride for everyone around the globe!

Once again Raveskool Recordings raises the Nuskool Hardcore flag up and props go to Paul Cronin who's hard working on his label duties in addition to his production mentality. If you love that sound, you'd better start to follow Raveskool. Anything fresh into Hardcore biz is and will be here!



Wednesday, 20 June 2018

GL0WKiD Presents The Unity In The Sun 2018 Special Showcase On Kniteforce Radio - Featuring Exclusive Interviews With Stu Allan, DJ Vibes, DJ Jonay, Jenna & MC Strict

For those of you who missed out on this year's Unity In The Sun 2018 Festival in sunny Kavos, the Strictly NuSkool Blog's resident hardcore missionary, GL0WKiD has all the music and juicy gossip that you could possibly need to encourage you to book your place on the RAVE island next year. 
The 'Unity In The Sun 2018 Special Showcase' mix sees the GL0WKiD showcasing a whole host of upfront nuskool hardcore anthems from the likes of Billy Bunter & Sanxion, Neurygma, Wislov, Trigger Happy, Damage Inc. and many, many more.

Also featured are exclusive interviews with legendary rave artistes Stu Allan, DJ Vibes, DJ Jonay, 'Hear Of Gold' vocalist, Jenna and master of ceremonies, MC Strict, who give us the rundown on rave experiences and of the 'Unity In the Sun Experience'. 

To catch a piece of the 'Unity In The Sun 2018' experience click on the Mixcloud or Youtube links below...

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And for information on booking you place at 'Unity In The Sun 2019' click on the link below...

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Monday, 18 June 2018

[LOSS010] Soul Intent, Paragon & Ben Repertoire - The Tide EP [3-Track Vinyl EP Available To Pre-Order Now!!!]

A1 - Soul Intent & Paragon - The Tide.
B2 - Soul Intent - Lose Yourself.
B2 - Soul Intent & Ben Repertoire - Cypher.

The Lossless Music label returns with another expertly crafted collection of deep, dark and atmospheric drum & bass cuts from label founder Soul Intent, who brings with him the immense talents of Paragon and Ben Repertoire for collaboration duties.

Soul Intent alongside Paragon kicks off the collection with 'The Tide', which takes us on a journey to the dark side with it's use of punishing, bass heavy snarls combined with razor-sharp 2-step breaks., perfectly evoking the golden age of mid-nineties techstep drum & bass. 
Opening the flip-side we have Soul Intent on a solo outing who introduces us to 'Lose Yourself', a heavyweight blend of Blue Note style, sci-fi flavoured D&B, complete with monstrous bass blasts and brain searing mentasmic stabs interspersed with luscious pads.

'Cypher' sees Alex and Ben Repertoire introduce us to the sounds of deep bass exploration, where crisp breaks do battle with harsh, rasping mid-range surges and deep subsonic pulses. The collection is rounded off by the digital only bonus track, 'Helpless' which steers us away from the darkness of previous tracks with it's expertly crafted combination of stepping beats and an infectiously, hypnotic reversed melody that'll get stuck in your head in an instant. 

If your drum & bass tastes lean towards the darker end of the musical spectrum then this latest EP from Lossless Music will be an essential addition to your arsenal, and is destined to tear up even the most headstrong D&B set.  

Soul Intent, Paragon & Ben Repertoire's 'The Tide EP', strictly limited edition 3-track 12" vinyl is available to pre-order now for £8.50 plus P&P(or more if you wish to support the artists and label to carry on the cause!!!). The vinyl EP also comes with a free digital download which includes the bonus track 'Helpless' by Soul Intent. Digital EP release is 06/07/18 and the vinyl is expected to be ready for delivery 01/08/18

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

BBBLP001:: EOD - NAMED [3 × 12" - bbbbbb Recors]

A1. Exham Priory
A2. ‘sblood Thou Stinkard
B1. Asenath 
B2. Dagon 
B3. Edward
C1. R’lyeh 
C2. Zadok
D1. The Deep Ones
D2. Marsh Refinery 
D3. Y’ha-nthlei
E1. Wilbur 
E2. Lavinia
F1. Nyarlathotep 
F2. Blasted Heath 
F3. Wippoorwills

Norway based genious EOD or man of Trønder retuns to Iceland's 2 year old and much aspiring bbbbbb Recors exactly one year after his 'Swurlk EP'. An EP which has gained massive respect and kind feedback from legends like Aphex Twin, Nina Kravitz, Bicep and of course label manager and established great man in the scene, Bjarki.
'NAMED' is the fresh instalment and debut album on bbbbbb Recors, which marks also the 11th release of the label.
Regarding EOD, words are very poor for a versatile musician who has been involved on a quality variety of labels such as Sleepers, CPU, 030303, Dropping, WéMè Records as well as Aphex Twin's imprint, Rephlex. On his brand new work he has stated the following words:

“It's the album I've wanted to do since I started making music - feels like a dream come true. Inspired by what got me into electronic music in the first place; jungle and early ‘00s Warp/Rephlex "drill & bass"-type stuff, but shifted through my own EOD-style lens. Oh yeah and loads of lovecraft references because I love those.” — EOD

Few days ago we had the chance listening to the premiere of 'Wilbur' by DJ Mag. It's a tune which can be described like EOD getting his deep experimental magic touch into Jungle and the result is by far attractive.

'NAMED' consists of 3 12" Vinyl EPs and will be out on 22nd June 2018

You can pre-order it now

Friday, 15 June 2018

ONEPLAYZ - Give Me Love [12track Free Digital Album]

Polish producer/DJ, Oneplayz, an already established Nu-Rave member, has released a new album from him called 'Give Me Love'.
The album is available on free download and the only thing left and requested is to show your support to this multi-talented producer and a certain hard working man in our scene.

'Give Me Love' consists of 12 tracks covered in different genres from Piano House to Hardcore & Rave Breaks and Drum & Bass. Mastering is done by IAMS

Go for it!


Thursday, 14 June 2018

DMOREP00003:: PURSUIT - THE CUBE EP [4track Digital EP out on DMO Recordings]

01. Free House
02. The Devil's Dandruff
03. Njoi This Trip
04. Cold Milk

UK label DMO Recordings (or Dance Music Organisation) has recently unveiled its new instalment which is a supreme 4/4 work under various genres by Hull based well-known tune machine Pursuit.

'The Cube' consists of 4 tracks and its Chris debut work on the label, offering something quite different this time escaping a bit from his usual hardcore breakbeats.
This EP surely toes the DMO line by slamming house (Free House - The Devil's Dandruff) to hard dance (Njoy This Trip) and closing ideally with a stunning psychedelic and oldschool driven masterpiece titled 'Cold Milk'.
What makes this EP look good is the indisputable quality Chris has put in all tracks of banging house, techno & trance, and all covered by an oldschool umbrella.
'The Cube EP' is out now in all major digital platforms!




Tuesday, 12 June 2018


01. Start Rockin 
02. Hardcore Sickness

What shall we say more about this amazing new producer who is still breathing Oldschool and delivers that through his tunes...
CASE 82 based in Netherlands strikes back and you better take care of his new work. An absolutely gorgeous digital release conprised of two mental hardcore weapons totally appropriate for any DJ out there who wants something fresh to drop off and wake up the dancing crew.
Raveskool Recordings scored again with this brilliant EP. Highly recommended, out in all major digital platforms.




Friday, 8 June 2018

KF82:: Liquid - Still EP [12" EP out on KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1. The Truth 
A2. Phormicide 
B1. KEX 
B2. Dope Sick

Seems that LIQUID has created the right formula of success, as he's been very busy & highly productive since last year with his second studio album 'Energy Flows' his collaboration with his long time fellow Billy Daniel Bunter on 'Mitsu EP' and now after a good contact with Luna-C we're all very lucky and happy to live something that can be described as a mini Oldschool revival.
In a few words it's all about LIQUID debut EP on Kniteforce. A time when two legends come together for the very first time. A time when everything looks like past. And just to understand how people have embraced and loved this release; it (as a part of a KF Bundle) was sold out in its first 24 hrs in both US and UK stores of Kniteforce. Definetely we should be optimistic about present, about future and never erase from our memories that Hardcore Will Never Die.

Entering on this brand new work by LIQUID, you're offered 4 different tunes from the Jungle Breaks of KEX to the 199ish Techno influencial 'Phormicide' and 'The Truth' with its happy pianos while closing the flipside with a dark weapon titled 'Dope Sick'.
And the title? 'Still'...Maybe his second personal should be called 'Forever' on the grounds that it's a serious quality modern work that bridges Oldschool with present. Till then enjoy present, enjoy 'Still'!!


KF soundcloud
KF store


Sunday, 3 June 2018

[INFRA LTD 001] Innervisions - Absolute Zero + [INFRA LTD 002] Adam F- The Undertaker [12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

Pioneering drum & bass legend, J Majik resurrects his groundbreaking Infrared Records label with two essential drum & bass and jungle cuts on limited edition 12" vinyl, featuring Innervisions and fellow D&B luminary Adam F.

A - Absolute Zero.

J Majik under his iconic Innervisions moniker sets the ball rolling with some brand new drum & bass for 2018 with the release of the single-sided 'Absolute Zero' single. 

From it's smooth as silk opening pads, 'Absolute Zero' proves to be an exquisite example of deep and rolling drum & bass, propelled by frantically chopped amen edits, thunderous bass notes and luscious pads continuing on the Golden Era of '94-'96 jungle/D&B.

The Innervisions 'Absolute Zero' 12" Vinyl is available to pre-order now for £10 (+ P&P) from the official Infrared Records webstore. Estimated shipping date 10/06/18 onwards. Soundclips are available in the link below...

A - The Undertaker.
AA - Future Sound.

For INFRA LTD 002, the label unearths some unreleased D.A.T.s, circa 1995 featuring yet another jungle, drum & bass legend, Adam F who introduces us to the 'The Undertaker / Future Sound' single.

'The Undertaker' sees Adam deliver a frantic barrage of tearing, layered amen and think breaks set to a legendary, dubwise bassline, peppered with feelgood sound-system vocal samples that'll get the lighters flashing in any dance.

On the flipside we are taken on a trip to the deep-side with 'Future Sound', which presents a richly textured combination of clicking percussion, techno synth flourishes clever use of Amorphous Androgynous, ambient samples.

The Adam F 'The Undertaker / Future Sound' 12" Vinyl is available to pre-order now for £10 (+ P&P) from the official Infrared Records webstore. Estimated shipping date 10/06/18 onwards.  Soundclips are available in the link below...

With the release of these two singles from Innervisions and Adam F, Infrared Records label proves that it is on a mission to deliver the very best in drum & bass for 2018, and if these two releases are any indication of what's to come, then it looks like we're in for a good one. Get on these now as quantities are low and they are sure to disappear fast!!!

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Saturday, 2 June 2018

[VMRDT110] Jaguar Paw - Yul Brynner / You Know I'm Lying [Viral-Mental Records Juno Download Exclusive Available Now!!!]

1/ Yul Brynner.
2/ You Know I'm Lying.

The infamous Jaguar Paw makes his triumphant return to the Viral-Mental Records fold with two massive tracks, with the release of the 'Yul Brynner / You Know I'm Lying' single.

The dark and moody 'Yul Brynner' steps up to the plate first and grabs the listener by the throat with it's oppressive, opening drones which are blended into a hypnotic pulsating bassline and crisp, rolling breakbeat combo interspersed with cinematic vocal snippets and delayed dub FX.   

To complete the package 'You Know I'm Lying' drops a skittish, half-step beat over a series of deep and twisted bass throbs, soothing synth notes and portentous movie dialogue to create a track which expertly combines the rough with the smooth to devastating effect. 

If you love your jungle with a touch of the deep side, then Jaguar Paw more than delivers with his latest release here. 

The Jaguar Paw 'Yul Brynner / You Know I'm Lying' single is available to purchase now exclusively from Juno Download before going on general release. Grab your copy now!!!

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