Sunday, 31 May 2015

DJ RAVE IN PEACE 'Lost Angels' [out on Raveskool Recordings]

The truth is that Nu-Rave scene explodes emotions and its members are all one-by-one different & good guys as I should personally admit about it.
A big oldskool influenced community going 'all for one-one for all' and a true servant of it like DJ RAVE IN PEACE has decided to do something really blessed & much kind of him.
He decided to donate all royalties from his fresh track titled 'Lost Angels' for a charity to Douglas Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of his late wife Claire..

Some words from Ian (DJ RAVE IN PEACE) about MacMillan Cancer Support ( and this charity of 'Lost Angels'.

" They do a huge amount of work including funding better cancer patient care at hospitals, funding specialist cancer nurses and provide practical as well as emotional support for cancer patients and their family members and carers. Claire received help & support from them when she was battling cancer several years ago (she beat the cancer, it was the side effects from treatment & the surgery that took her frown emoticon they were also a huge help to me when claire passed away as I did not know what to do, where to turn to for help and they have advisors that talked me through everything from funerals to getting financial help from the government as well as just being there to talk to. Even now, almost a year after claire passed away, I can still call them to chat if I need to so I just want to try & give somthing back to them as a thank you for their help and support. "

Support for this blessed charity and grab your copies of it @ Trackitdown here

'Lost Angels' (out on Raveskool Recordings) is currently on no.4 of TrackItDown TOP 100 Breaks Charts and props go to all out there who supported this good cause and grabbed a copy. 
The most important thing is first being a real man and show support to your next to you!
Seems that fans accepted that and grabbed their copies. Fans of Music and fans of good manners!

SNB Crew is next to Ian of course all over these years and wish him to remain strong through his music and..he's not alone at!

Respect DJ Rave  In Peace!!



Saturday, 30 May 2015

Strictly Nuskool Blog Podcast 007:: MANARCHY

Acme Bass Records soldier, the man like Manarchy from UK, on the mix duties for the brand new Strictly Nuskool Blog podcast inc. Hardcore Breaks and Mutant Rave sounds!
Absolutely killin selection of tracks! Njoy and download it for free.


01. The Squire Of Gothos - Out Of Order (Mustard Gunn & Onken Remix)

02. Ruff Tuff & Wicked Stuff - Chapel Of Dub (Mix1 - Jam1 & RG Remake)

03. Amiga Breaks - Mendokusai

04. Dexorcist - Rage Signal

05. DJ Flow - Get Up (ft. Ragga Twins)

06. Pirate Soundsystem - Heads Out

07. The Flashback Project - Keep Looking

07. Strange Rollers - Tarzan

08. Manarchy - Cretinator

09. AudioGutter Concrete Jungle
     [ACME BASS]

10. C-More - Excess Sector

11. Rrritalin - Crossest Man In Scotland

12. Blackmass Plastics - Selecta Infecta

13. Chairman Meow - Out For A Wank

14. Manarchy - Rewire 
     [ACME BASS]

15. Michael Forshaw - Mild Stroke 


Friday, 29 May 2015

HARDCORE PLANET VOL V with DJ TWISTA as special guest on NEFTI & RETT BDay Party Celebration @ 27 June 2015 [Bagdad Cafe - Lodz/Poland]

MMD - Make My Day (@ facebook) and ArtMedia Agencja (@ facebook) proudly present you the 5th chapter of HARDCORE PLANET eves with a special guest hailing from UK, the double award winner the man like DJ Twista who's been an established member in the scene since 90s till now getting involved on class labels, festivals Ministry of Sound, DecaDance, Sub Slayers, Can You Feel It Media - Passenger Records, Moondance,  Fantazia, HTID , Labrynth, Breakin Science, Jungle Mania, Vinyl Touch, Slammin Vinyl delivering uplifting Rave Bass music to the masses!
Of course apart from these, he hosts his own radio show on the mighty Rough Tempo []
A great night aiming to bring back the oldskool memories dressed up in a nuskool way. Not to be missed such a great hadcore eve, especially if you are close to Lodz!
The Strictly Nuskool Blog & GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] [@ facebook]support this massive Hardcore Planet gig! 

NEFTI (soundcloud)  & RETT (soundcloud)   BDAY BASH

Featuring also:


TEKNOCIZIAK [soundcloud]
DTEKK [mixcloud]
GREG SIN KEY [soundcloud]
ONEPLAYZ [soundcloud]


AKIRA [facebook]

GOOFYMAN [facebook]

FANTAZJA [facebook]

Here's DJ Twista's live set 
@ Gargameling, Bydgoszcz, Poland. 21st Jan. 2011


Thursday, 28 May 2015

[LB 026] Dan Guidance & Marvel Cinema - Sumerians EP [Available From All Good Digital Stores 01/06/15]

1/ Marvel Cinema & Dan Guidance - Sumerian.
2/ Dan Guidance - The Messenger (Marvel Cinema Remix).
3/ Marvel Cinema - Fool School.
Liquid Boppers the subsidiary of jungle label, Good News Boppers, drop their brand new 'Sumerians EP', featuring 3 drum & bass belters from Dan Guidance and Marvel Cinema on Monday the 1st of June.

'Sumerians', a joint collaboration between Marvel Cinema and Dan Guidance sets the ball rolling in a smooth, liquid D&B style with soothing pads, jazzy sax and flute melodies overlaid by a snappy breakbeat, occasional bass growls and evocative female vocals.

Marvel Cinema then drops a soulful yet energising remix of Dan's 2014 hit 'The Messenger' next. Adding a gorgeous piano section and soaring pads to the rolling breaks, 'your love...' vocal sighs and gentle guitar licks of the original mix.

Marvel Cinema finish things off by taking things in a harder direction with the closing track, 'Fool School' which fuses clattering breaks with massive "whooshing", semi-industrial pad sounds and bass throbs, whilst still maintaining a sense of funk in the process.

The 'Sumerians EP' is guaranteed to add a touch of class to anyone's DJ set, and is essential listening to all liquid drum & bass fans. Be sure to check it out this Monday 1st!

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

MCFREEEP003 :: SICKBOY 'Times New Roman EP' [Free DL from MURDER CHANNEL]

draw cover from

The 3rd Free EP is out now from Japanese established label like Murder Channel driven by the harsh sounds of Belgian producer, Sickboy! An insane 4track EP showcasing his character on Breakcore genre and how Belgium keeps it alive with plenty of good producers coming from there! I do remember him from that Cock Rock Disco release, which was kind of impressive, so much good to see Sickboy involved on Murder Channel.
As for Murder Channel, words are useless as its 11yr life is full of class & strength all over!
In general this new release titled 'Times New Roman EP' is a lovely Belgiumcore sounding and a kind of unexpected to be set as free download!

Rate: 8/10
Fav Track: 'FONIX'



Of course do not forget the upcoming personal release from FFF coming out very soon from Murder Channel. Check preview here:

[RN010] DJ Wislov - Hardcore School [Out Now On Ravenoyz Recordings]

1/ Hardcore School.
2/ XTC.
3/ Your Love.
Tenerife's veteran hardcore representative, DJ Wislov drops his brand new 3-track EP of oldskool-hardcore themed breaks with the 'Hardcore School EP' on his very own Ravenoyz Recordings label. 
The EP opens on an euphoric breakbeat hardcore tip, 1992 style with 'Hardcore School'. Which features a chunky driving break overlaid with a booming bassline, instantly recognisable female vocals and classic rave stabs that would make DJ Seduction proud.
My personal favourite track of the release, the slightly moodier 'XTC' drops next (excuse the pun!), and delivers a massive spine-tingling rave riff to energise your soul, alongside stepping breaks and moody booming 808 bass.
The 'Hardcore School EP' ends with 'Your Love', which kicks off with sweeping, epic pads, trance synths, thundering D&B breakbeats and invigorating piano melody. An appropriate close to an excellent collection of nu-skool sounds steeped firmly in the history of rave culture.
DJ Wislov's 'Hardcore School EP' is available from the Ravenoyz Recordings Bandcamp page below... 

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SHIFTER (RUS) Guest Mix & Interview @ Planet Rave Radio (GL0WKiD's Generation X)

A great member of Russian Hardcore and Nu-rave scene in general the man like Shifter was my great guest on my latest radio show talking about his influences, future plans, the collboration with H-Blast & Hazz on Yes Its Rave label and also dropping a killin mix inc. released & unreleased stuff from him.

Here's all tracklist included from this showcase:

LooPeZ - The Oriental Domination (ModeThrill Remix) [EXPERIMENTALBASS RECORDS]
DJ Rave In Peace - Music For Moles [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Mr. Sin - I and I
Tjamil - Moster Track
Cyantific - Streets Of Rave
Boomjester - String Thing [BEETROOT RECORDS]


[Tracks playin on the background: Shifter - Gameover/Nefti - Get Funky/
E-Lab Rat - Uplifting Tip/Simon Holmes - Its A Dream/DJ Pink Champagne - Time Out For Love/Stu Chapman - Cuts Like A Ninja (Ruff Tactics 2004 Remix)]


01. Shifter - Game over (unreleased)
02. Shifter - Breakoholic (Hardcore Lives Rec.)
03. Shifter - Peacebreaker (Erbal essence rec.)
04. Shifter & DJ Delay - Take it higher (Erbal essence rec.)
05. Shifter & DJ Delay - Feeling the music (Hardcore Lives Rec.)
06. Shifter - Move your body (Good Gosh rec.)
07. Shifter - Pocket Hangar (unreleased)
08. Shifter - Don't stop the music (Hardcore Liver Rec.)
09. DJ Delay - Broken heart (Shifter remix) (Mert wax rec.)
10. Mindfields - Badboy (Shifter remix) (Hardcore Lives Rec.)
11. Shifter - If you die a devil (unreleased)
12. S-scape - Life ain't no game (Shifter remix) (unreleased)

Mana Boom - Yami Yami
Gareth Monks - Rock This M F [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
Amiga Breaks - Round Trip [DARK TIL DAWN RECORDS]

FREE DL of full showcase HERE


GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow]
radioshow archives

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

BANGFACE WEEKENDER 2015 [Review from Kushti (SolidSoundFM) & DJ Sets/Photos]

I wanted to share some words from a Bangface suspect or should I say a hardcore victim of this massive 3day mayhem, to reveal in public and under his own mind what's the magic of this year's Bangface, which is growing day-by-day all over these years!
An experience that every raver should live nowdays, including the best acts in the oldskool & nuskool scene!
Kushti from Solid Sound FM was there and has been asked to say few words about this year's BangFace!

'' For somebody with an eclectic taste for some of the crazier rave music genres, there's nothing like looking at a line-up for a major event and recognising just about every name you love on it. Sometimes, you might see something which has a few great names, but the rest of the performers are not only new to you, but when you check out their sound you're left feeling disappointed. Maybe it's not worth the effort, just for those super but under-appreciated mad acts that you love.

When you look at the Bangface weekender line-up, you might wonder how is it that they are so in-tune with the vibe you're looking for. Like a kid in a sweat shop, your eyes scan the menu on offer and excitedly jump from one great name to the next.
Kenny Ken junglist don, Pierre and Phuture originators of acid, T99 Belgian hoovers to the max, the whole Off Me Nut crew. It's all simply too much. Ceefax Acid Crew banging out the tunes to a few thousand people is something not to be missed. Igneon System and Pet Duo masters of hardcore. Bong-Ra one of the biggest names in breakcore.
Really, all at the same event? Altern-8, Luke Vibert, The DJ Producer and Audiotist. And that is just some of the 130 acts on a three day weekender.

It's not just the acts that make the weekender, it's the people who attend too. This is not normal music for the masses, except when your at Bangface weekender. Everyone is on the same vibe. There is no limit to crazy. Everyone is on this same mad mission, and soon normality and the desk job, dole queue, responsibilities and your boss are quickly forgotten. This is your escape with like-minded people. Friends you consider family and random strangers you'll embrace with talk and handshakes. And when you need a break, you can always head back to your room, sleep on an actual bed or make a cup of tea, recoup the energy and jump back into the madness. Like they canted during Dave Shades' set; -don't stop the party- ''

Following some sets as recorded from the BangFace Weekender from various producers/acts and some photos that have been uploaded recently on the main Bangface website !

T99 Oliver Abbeloos DJ set @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [website - facebook]

Lenkemz @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook - youtube]

Dave Skywalker & Demon Cabbage @ Bangface Weekender 2015
[ DS website] - [ DC facebook]

PETDuo @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [website]

Chin Stroke @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook]

DJUEP @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [bandcamp]

Disowned @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook - website]

CUN7 @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [website - facebook]

Audiotist @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [facebook]

Kushti @ Bangface Weekender 2015 [websitefacebook]



Bangface Weekender 2015 photos are live now and you may check em here:

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (

Bangface Weekender 2015 - Photos (

Our best wisher for the next year's massiveness featuring the best from the best on the lineup once again!
BIGUP BANGFACE & all Hard Ravin' masses!

[CUT 020] Paul Cronin - Demon [Available Now From Switchblade Digital]

1/ Demon.
Choosing to step back from his usual euphoria soaked, uplifting rave monsters. The ever versatile Paul Cronin takes us on a trip to the darkside with his first ever release on the mighty Switchblade Digital label.
Opening with a rollicking 1992-style hip-hop/hardcore intro, 'Demon' is soon to let rip with a rolling amen break to get you jumping before dropping one hell of an ominous, droning synth to jar you out of the ravey beginning. It soon becomes clear that 'Demon' is entrenched in that late 1992 dark-hardcore attitude of throwing in disconcerting effects, vocal samples and unnerving stabs and riffs to great effect. Be sure not to sleep one this one!!!!
Paul Cronin's 'Demon' is available to evoke from the following digital download stores and many more...
Juno Download...

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[KVA 003 & 9T2R 008] Vibe Tribe - Global Method - Sons Of The Eclipse EP [12" Double Vinyl - Limited Stock Available From On Keeping Vinyl Alive & Ninety Two Retro]

A1 - Good Life (Original Mix).
A2 - Good Life (Orbital Remix).
B1 - Mars Needs Women (DJ Seduction Remix).
B2 - Orbital's Good Life Jam (Unreleased).
C1 - Spice Of Life (Original Mix Unreleased).
C2 - Freefall (Unreleased).
D1 - Beauty And The Bass (Stash Mix) (Unreleased).
D2 - Deep Into Vibe (Unreleased).
Official oldskool vinyl re-mastering and repressing specialists Keeping Vinyl Alive and Ninety Two Retro have joined forces in collaboration with original 1991 rave artists Global Method (aka Vibe Tribe) who had releases on the Ffrreedom and Eclipse Records labels, to release a massive 8-track 12" vinyl only Double Pack entitled the 'Sons Of The Eclipse EP'. Selecting the choicest cuts and remixes from the band's back catalogue and unearthing 5 unreleased tracks to top it off.
Featuring the Original Mix of Global Method's sublime, hands in the air anthem, 'Good Life' alongside two revisionings from techno overlords Orbital, including a massive unreleased acid overhaul.  'Mars Needs Women' receives an all out, stabtastic 1992 makeover from the infamous DJ Seduction
The original and unreleased mix of 'Spice Of Life' features a unique blend of acidic-breakbeat alongside some heavy-as-hell stabs to excellent effect. 'Freefall' contrasts euphoric synths and manic synth stabs over a driving, chunky breakbeat in a combination of mellow vibes and energising rhythms.
'Beauty And The Bass (Stash Mix)' introduces harsh junglistic breaks (which were increasingly creeping into popularity in rave tracks back in mid '92) to the rave mix, alongside lush strings and soothing female vocals. The rave-techno crossover track 'Deep Into The Vibe' unreleased mix closes this excellent double vinyl with pounding beats, warped bassline, hardcore riffs aplenty and cheeky vocal lifts from a classic house anthem.
Altogether an outstanding showcase of Global Method/Vibe Tribe's released and undiscovered back catalogue, and a sure-fire 1992 hardcore rarity collectors' wet dream!
Unfortunately, in recent years band member Chris McGuigan developed an aggressive and debilitating form of the Multiple Sclerosis condition, and requires huge levels of support from friends, family and support services. All profits made from the Vibe Tribe - Global Method 'Sons Of The Eclipse EP' Double Vinyl release will go towards Chris' support and care needs.
Will & Dave would like to thank Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering and also David De La Bruyere at Disc Solutions, for their fantastic work on this charity release. Please check out the post for the full story about how the 'Sons Of The Eclipse EP' came about...
A small number of the Vibe Tribe - Global Method 'Sons Of the Eclipse EP', 8-track, 12" Vinyl Double Packs are available for £20 per pack. For the vinyl plus Postage & packaging please see the options available below...

1 copy to the UK - £24.50
2 copies to the UK - £44.50
3 copies to the UK - £64.50
(Order will be sent by 2nd Class Recorded Delivery)

1 copy to Europe - £25.50
2 copies to Europe - £48.60
3 copies to Europe - £69.90
(Order will be sent by standard Royal Mail Air Mail)

1 copy to Rest Of World - £28.40
2 copies to Rest Of World - £53.90
3 copies to Rest Of World - £76.85
(Order will be sent by standard Royal Mail Air Mail)

All payments should be made to the following Paypal Address...

Please can you make sure your postage address is clearly marked on your paypal order.

Global Method/Vibe Tribe on Discogs...
Keeping Vinyl Alive on Discogs...
Ninety-Two Retro on Discogs...
Follow Ninety Two Retro on Soundcloud...

Sunday, 24 May 2015

OMN109:: Superior Cornrows 'Hardcore Will Never Die EP' [OFF ME NUT RECORDS]

Back again to Sheffield's finest crew & label after 'Prang Phone Call E​P' with a superb banging 4track EP screaming out that 'HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE'!
Happy Hardcore rhythms, killin stabs and one of my fav releases from Off Me Nut in general!
This is the latest release from the label, which increases day by day the number of fans wordwide showcasing a class roster of talents, mental productions and various gigs!
Support is due and totally deserved! Hard to pick my top tune from this EP really as all 4 killers are absolutely uplifting & smashing!

Grab your copy now by clicking here

Rate: 10/10
Fav Track:   '1954 Dub Special'



Dont miss the upcoming massive Off Me Nut gig @ The Night Kitchen, Sheffield UK on 30th May 2015

★★- DJ VIBES !!! - ★★


Facebook event/ticket info:

DJ TONY-D 'HIGHLY FLAMMABLE' [Nu skool Breaks Mix]


01. Orestiz - Toxic Tunes
02. Mr Sin - Reptillian Jesus
03. DJ Rave in Peace - Café by the Sea
04. DJ Ezee Jay - Execute
05. Bassraver- Trippy Daze
06. The Psychopaths - Nightmares [Freddie kruegger back to 92 mix]
07. Bassraver - Return To 92
08. Absolution- Am I only Rushing
09. Breakbleatz - Face In The Dark
10. DJ Rave In Peace - It’s Real
11. Mr Sin - I and I
12. Bassraver - dreamer
13. Bassraver - clocked
14. Bassraver - Raving days
15. Spaceface - Attic Attack
16. Thumps and Bumps - Rising
17. Dj flow feat. Raga twins - Get Up
18. Langham - Roll the Drums
19. Fathom - Ghosting
20. Ruffneck - 92 steps to Heaven
21. Mr sin - Don Bad Man
22. Breakbeat scientist - The Shape Shifter
23. Lankyman - Gravity
24. Stormski - The Jungler
25. Arkiv - The Schoolgirl
26. Bassraver - Die tonight

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Apzolut - Fierce Dynamite [ENCOUNTERS RECORDS]

When a label is driven from the mastermind hardcore raver FFF and his gang like Copacod and Newk and is also strictly Dutch born, then the result would be definetely successful!
The 3yr old label Encounters Records is one of my fav in the oldskool breaks/jungle/breakcore/Ambient/IDM kind giving its own character in the scene with a great variety of talents on its roster!
Its 9th release came out about a month ago and deserves your full attention & support especially if you are a junglist guy!

This time Apzolut (KetaCore, Orange Socks, Lomechanik, Breakcore.NL) , one more proud warrior from the label, which might be also know to you after remixing FFF's 'War Is In the Dance' on the mighty '20.0000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong' album, is offering 5 jungaaal vibes and 1 more experimental journey on 'Happy Mass' on his personal 'Fierce Dynamite' EP. Proper bizniz and uplifting amen breaks on a serious...traditional Dutch dish!

This release is available to buy now from the official Encounters Records bandcamp page starting by the price of €3 only - click here

Rate: 8/10
Fav Track: 'Dead Crackhead's Dinner'

Mastering by Stazma The Junglechrist

Cover illustration & design by Dyanko Van Breemen

Co- designed by Beorn Lebenstedt, Tommy de Roos

Logo design by Joshua Decker



Orestiz 'Toxic Tunes'

Graff art by Bboy Ton - Cover by Orestiz

A great member of Greek Hardcore Breaks scene, like Orestiz returns with a fresh 'bboi hardcore' gem in the name of 'Toxic Tunes', which is available to grab on his fresh bandcamp page. SNB crew is always next to his work as far as he's already involved on 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.1' with 'Ruffatest' vibe and 'The 1k EP' with 'Wake up And See' bomb, both releases out from this Blog and various stuff also on Intensive Recordings and Hardcore Lives Records.
Unique skills and tons of talent coming out from his hardcore brain! Total respect and proudly greek spirit, Orestiz has put his own character to the Nu-Rave scene all over these years!

'Toxic Tunes' was given 1st exclusive airplay on my radio show some days ago, with a great responce from the crew heard it for the very first time!

So the time is now, grab your toxic copy here


Friday, 22 May 2015

BUD002:: Did Somebody Say Jungle? [BILL UP RECORDINGS]

Artwork: Dan Simpkins

Bill Up Recordings is a new independent UK label promoting the fresh Drum & Bass, Jungle & HipHop sounds aiming to show off the most talented producers in the scene from tearout to oldskool & ragga bizniz! The label was set up some months ago and their work seems already proper and attractive to draw your attention, from the team roster to the whole spirit of it.

The second free digital release of the label is titled 'Did Somebody Say Jungle?', and as mentioned on their bandcamp page, this is the
first in what is to become a series of lethal Jungle eps! The EP contains 6 tracks headed from Omnirhythm (Technicolour Sounds), CYPHA and
 Murder Most Foul (releases on Ransaked Records).

SNB team wishes all the best for this new label entry in the Nuskool scene, Bill Up Recordings and hopefully will stand next to every effort! Any producer representing the sounds of Bill Up Recordings, interested submitting or asking anything about the label can contact @ BILLUPRECORDINGS@GMAIL.COM

BUR002:: Did Somebody Say Jungle? [BILL UP RECORDINGS]
You may grab the full release here by naming your price

Rate: 8/10
Fav Track:  ' Murder Most Foul - Loving You'





7TH 12007 - The Dark Arts Volume 2 [7th STOREY PROJECTS]

A 5year old label like the 7th Storey Projects has recently revealed its 7th release, which is the second essential part of 'The Dark Arts'.

Good to see great members in the scene being involved on this one like our very own hard workin man, Stuart Hayes aka Breakbeatscientist (Strictly Nuskool Blog), who must be proud for this vinyl release as an early producer (released tunes on Paranoid Recordings & Strictly Nuskool Blog) then the Nuskool 'Dark teacher' like DJ FX ( owner of Demonic Possession Recordings) Mr. 'Blog To The Old Skool' like Dev/Null (8205 Recordings) words are really unnecessary for him too and finally Toronto's hardcore junglist in the name of Fringe, who has already released tracks on our latest 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' Album, HiHeadz, Kode 5 Recordings and Switchblade Digital.

The theme of this vinyl release is Dark again and '93 stylish with the terror breakbeats of DJFX and the aggressive 'The Luckiest Spin' of Dev/Null goin to the newcomers Fringe & Breakbeatscientist class breakbeat skills & hardcore jungle devotion!

In conclusion its about a top release, strictly for vinyl lovers who respect themselves and these Dark Breakbeat sounds! Preorders are open so hurry up to make it happen!


A1. FX - Lights Out
A2. Fringe - Is That Why
B1. Dev/Null - The Luckiest Spin
B2. Breakbeatscientist - Time To Play (Doorway To Hell Mix)

All tracks have been lovingly mastered and cut by the legendary Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering in London, and will be pressed by Optimal:Media in Germany, so top quality is assured.

7th Storey Projects





[CUT 019] DJ Fav - I'm So Scared [Available From All Good Digital Stores Now]

1/ I'm So Scared.

The Summer of Darkness continues with Switchblade Digital's 19th release, this time featuring the Lord of dark hardcore himself and long time champion of hardcore breaks and dark drum & bass. The one and only DJ Fav.
'I'm So Scared' ticks all the boxes for making a 1993-style, darkcore classic. ominous chimes, rolling amen breaks, booming bass, jittery rave stabs, creepy horror flick dialogue, and most importantly, mind-scouring mentasm riffs that would give Doc Scott nightmares. DJ Fav expertly melds these ingredients to craft his own unique take on the dark hardcore/jungle formula, and to ensure that this particular brand of rave music is far from being dead.
So be sure to grab a copy of 'I'm So Scared' if you consider yourself a lover of deep and dark jungle.
Juno Download...
And many more digital download stores...

Follow DJ Fav on Soundcloud...

Follow Switchblade Digital on Facebook...

Follow Switchblade Digital on Facebook...