Saturday, 16 January 2021

Super new Vinyl with remastered Ozone Recordings oldies

Swiss label, Mental Groove Records have just unleashed their brand new offering, which is a superb collection of some highlights from the early days of Sheffield's legendary Ozone Recordings.

"It would be fair to say that this snapshot of Ozone Recordings’ excitement-packed back catalogue is well overdue. The Sheffield-based imprint’s contribution to British dance music’s creative boom of the late 1980s and early ‘90s has long been overlooked, with much more focus naturally falling on the Steel City’s other key imprint of the period, Warp Records. (...) Looking back, they offer a good snapshot of the time, just as this tighter, more stripped-down compilation of highlights does." - Matt Anniss

This quality release is one more Vinyl that should be added to your collection. It includes some proper Acid House from the late days of 1989 (by Count Zero and Success) a tradermark of a bleeps & bass track like 'New Age Technlology' by the self titled act evoking the first days of 90s with its futuristic vibe. Finally worth to emphasize on the 'For This II' by Trak 1, taking Techno to the next level with some sampling wisdom of hip hop and rave aesthetics.

This release contains extra words by Matt Anniss, author of the highly recommended 'Join The Future' book and all of the tracks have been remastered by Rob Gordon a local hero known of his act, Forgemasters. This 6-track EP is available on digital and limited trioxygen blue Vinyl edition featuring the infamous The Designers Republic logo.

Available to purchase now and make sure to act fast cos there's only a few Vinyls left on the Bandcamp.



Monday, 11 January 2021

Fancy for a new infectious junglistic weapon by DJ INFEKTO?


The mighty DJ INFEKTO (a.k.a. Riku Pentti) from Finland has hit 2021 with a burning 2-track EP out on his local friends over Mystey Records (sub-label of the infamous D&B label Straight Up Records). INFEKTO is a legendary international solo act taking over his vibes since mid 90s as well as being the main brain behind the first every Hip Hop album in Finland as a member of Skillsters and latter contributing with Bomfunk MCs.
His style is most likey infectious, blending broken beats, gritty bits, footwork and Jungle/Drum & Bass tunes, always reppin the Oldskool.
His brand new release, entitled 'Raise The Roof' has already receiving massive support with the likes of Sherelle , FFF and Danny Byrd and fair enough of course. This new work is inspired by '93-'94 following a proper Jungletechno direction with clear and intensively dynamic amen breaks either soulfoul or ravey.
Available for your modern junglistict sets and digital collection!
Yes peeps. It's the Jungle of 2021.



Sunday, 10 January 2021

La vida de Hardcore Breaks


One of the busiest musicians based in Canary Islands, the man like Luis Pitti is an ideal example of the Spanish Nu-Rave quality of vibes.
For those unaware, Luis is a DJ, producer, owner of Experimental TV Radio, running also plenty of labels as well as having shared the dj booth among Josh Wink, Booka Shade, Fragma, Sean Paul just to name a few.
He has recently signed on his good amigos and locals over Breaks Club Records. The result is the first installment of the 'Hardcore Series' release. On this first chapter Luis provides three brand new tracks from him reppin the style that peaked during 90s in UK as well as the South side of Spain and his hometown as well. Three ultimate Hardcore Breaks tracks ranged around 150 bpm for your badboy dj sets and listening pleasure.
Available to grab now or even stream. Just follow the links above.

Rustem Rustem boosts his ... 'PROMISE'


Not a newbie within the scene at all, this new solo music project by the name Rustem Rustem has hit the doors recently, unveiling his new digital work called 'Promise'.
This 2-track EP consists of two versions; the original mix and the 'radio edit' of the track. 
It marks the new direction that the producer would love to follow, inspired by his Hardcore Rave, Jungle, UKG roots. Actually an amalgamation of Breaks, House and Techno, using tough beats, heavy baselines and soaring synths.
Noteworthy also, the amazing vocals for this track! Maybe the highlight of this release...

"The vocal is from a live Gospel singer I found on youtube. So all the choir and cheering you can hear is real! I was looking for something different that would work with the sound I want to make and thought gospel would be perfect!"
- Rustem Rustem (Interview @ ThatDrop)

Top notch vibes and even greater promises for this new year. Beware of the upcoming arsenal of releases by Rustem Rustem.
He's made his right promise and won't take it back...



Saturday, 9 January 2021

LLTA (Long Live The Animals) set up their own Radio


Amazing news from our good friends over the LLTA (Long Live The Animals) collective. They've just launched their own Radio and promise to deliver an ultimate 24/7 buzz of their own material including also special mixes and guests.
You can now make a visit to their new net home of airwaves here and heads up to one of their recent mixes blending LLTA tracks with our very own back catalogue. Sounds banging and appropriate for a good kick off of this new year.

Stay tuned for 2021 and respect the Animals.

Happy Animals = Happy Year.


Maxee Gee - Me And Ma Flava EP


Moscow based GWR returns with a super weapon of contemporary Junglistic inspired vibes.
Four new tracks by Maxee Gee on a personal EP that closed 2020 with even more hot prospects for this brand new year.

"Tune “For Real” was banging around for some time pleasing people with its intelligent vibe and easy footwork flow. “Gyal” is a way more powerful footwork-jungle tune with heavy amen drop and mystical brain-cracking synths. Tunes “Junglist Girls” and “Kotorayashot” are straight forward good old style ragga-jungle business to make the crowd go wild and smash the dancefloor."

Available to grab it now and get familiar with the Russian underground vibes!

Thursday, 7 January 2021

The essential History of Jungle/Drum & Bass on a new book by Velocity Press

UK's hard working publishing independent company in music books, Velocity Press, have just announced that they aim to publish six books this year, having already lined up the first two. So, their first installment of 2021 is called 'Who Say Reload' and it's specified on the essential history of Jungle and Drum & Bass including exclusive words by Goldie, DJ Hype, Roni Size, Andy C, 4 Hero. Plenty of interviews credited to Paul Terzulli, who's the author of this new book, analysing also the influences, equipment,samples that took this movement to the top with the amazing contribution of legendary Artists and apparently great records that hold still a golden value.

Photography is provided by Eddie Otchere who has an extensive archive of images, having been the photographer at Goldie’s seminal Metalheadz nights. His previously unseen visuals capture the essence of the music in a way that only someone who was fully immersed in the culture at the time could, and are the perfect accompaniment to the story being told.


'Who Say Reload is essential reading for fans of the golden era of 90s drum n bass'
J Majik

'Nice to see a different take on DnB’s history as Who Say Reload captures the early productions that laid down the music’s foundations.'
LTJ Bukem

'Jungle is the most unique and influential musical movement to come out of England. It’s important that the pioneers get to tell their stories like this. It’s great to see underground legends represented and put on a platform that highlight their contributions to a music genre that has become a worldwide phenomenon.'
Mampi Swift

The book will be 25cm x 25cm, including 160 pages and won't come out until March 2021 but if you pre-order it now, you’ll receive first, signed by the author and with your name in the credits. The postage & packing is charged separately.


Velocity Press