Friday, 9 October 2015

[MR003] Gareth Monks - Bizz Nezz EP [Beatport Pro Exclusive Available Now!!!]

1/ Bizz Nezz.
2/ Horn Attack.

Harcore breaks and jungle wunderkind Gareth Monks unleashes his inimitable style 
on the Music Rascals label with the forthcoming release of the 'Bizz Nezz EP', featuring two killer, nuskool hardcore bombs destined to devastate any dancefloor.

From the 1992 style junglistic hardcore on the opening track 'Bizz Nezz' to it's uplifting piano infused partner, 'Horn Attack'. Both tracks throw a plethora classic oldskool hardcore, stabs, riffs, breaks and basslines into the blender to create a duo of nuskool rave anthems guaranteed to put a smile on your face and to get your feet moving .

The Gareth Monk's 'Bizz Nezz EP' is available to download now as a Beatport Pro exclusive pre-release for two weeks before going on general release to all good digital stores.!!!

You can check out the official Gareth Monks 'Bizz Nezz EP' video clip featuring 'Bizz Nezz' on the soundtrack here...

... and 'Horn Attack' on the Soundcloud link here...

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Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Fancy of a raving Footwork & Bass freshness?

US producer ElectroAss unleashes outstanding stuff on his fresh 7track EP, after his successful collab EP with Kid Fresh.
"Rave That EP" is a great blending of genres and ideas by him and all tracks are made with Ableton using also many and good sampling inside.
ElectroAss is one of those who are inspired by Acid House, Jungle and Oldskool vibes putting elements from these genres on his productions and getting you to another level with his solid vibes. Tracks like "(Slow Down) I Need To Freak" are definetely drawing listener's attention and the result given on his new personal release is worth to support. 

In my opinion ElectroAss is currently one of the best Footwork producers, so if you wanna dig the genre closely, you may add him in your mind to test his tunes & skills.

Grab "Rave That EP" now by the price of 3$ here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK: "(Slow Down) I Need To Freak"


Monday, 5 October 2015

[MR002] Liam Taylor - Break It EP [Beatport Pro Exclusive Pre-Release Available Now!!!]

1/ Break It.
2/ Hells Bells.

After the release of their debut release last month, the Music Rascals label strikes while the iron is still hot with their second release, the 'Break It EP' featuring the very talented Liam Taylor.

Liam sets the ball rolling with the hypnotically atmospheric drum & bass number, 'Break It' which incorporates contemplative yet slightly ominous pads alongside stepping breaks, down-pitched bleepy bass throbs and a wicked, oldskool repeated 'Break it down time' vocal.

It's companion piece, 'Hells Bells' utilises a classic chiming melody instantly recognisable from an Invisible Man anthem and overlays it with a frenetic, yet simplistic break and manic amen combo complete with expertly timed reversed edits. 

Both tracks capture the essence of 1993's hardcore/jungle crossover perfectly by contrasting soothing atmospherics with intense breaks and booming basslines whilst at the same time effectively introducing modern production techniques to the mix. Liam Taylor is one to watch out for!!!

Liam Taylor's 'Break It EP' is available to download now, exclusively from Beatport Pro for two weeks before going on general release to all good digital stores.!!!

And don't forget to check out the excellent Liam Taylor 'Break It EP' promo video here...

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Encounters Records:: FFF - Scream For Acid (Monotron_nl remix) [VIDEO]

Throwback nuskool ravy gem of a class underground 3yr old label like Encounters Records, which is formed by a respected & strictly Dutch team of FFF, Newk and Copacod!

Introducing 'Rave Encounters Reworks', which came out 3 years ago and consists of 6 remixes made by various producers to Missqulater & FFF tracks from 'Rave Encounters EP'.
This release showcases outstanding hardcore & oldskool breaks, taking you real back in the day! All producers made huge remixes and of course the original ones from Missqulater & FFF speak from themselves!

Monotron_nl is one of those remixers involved on this EP and after all these years he decided to make a throwback himself so he has recently uploaded a cool video of his remix on FFF's "Scream for Acid".
This video contains footage taken from various raves during 1992/93 and Fantazia 1992.

Lovely work for a wicked track! Perfect proof to feel the spirit of this EP!

Show your support to all producers involved and Encounters Records as deserves.
Buy 'Rave Encounters Reworks EP' here


Thursday, 1 October 2015

MASTER MASH "Strictly NuSkool Sept 2015" Mix

Master Mash after releasing some stuff on Switchblade Digital and Ravenoyz Recordings, turns on mixing the latest Strictly Nukool Blog list of "September 2015 Freebies".

01 DJ Nexus - Promises
02. Manarchy - Devil Hunter
03. Sparki Dee - R.A.V.E
04. DJ Mark C - Sprend The Saddness
05. Gareth Monks - Intriguing Direction
06. NickyNutz - Animalesgue
07. New Koncept - Hit The Decks
08. New Koncept Vs Johnny Jungle - Jonny 2015
09. Junglord - There's No Skool Like The Old Skool
10. Foth - Stone Hill [Skys The Limit]
11. NickyNutz - Big Up
12. Inner City - Bad Boys (Thundaklap Bad Bad Badwoys Bootleg)

13. Ove NaXx - King Beat Home [Melt Unit Remix]
14. Sherekahn - Jacko
15. Alex Tune - Nothing Is Impossible [Fat Frumos Ravy Remix]
16. Casketkrusher - The Flow
17. Casketkrusher & The Soul Seeker - At War (IRultimate Remix)
18. Sherekanhnn - Kelly Clarkson Donk Massarce Sexy 2K15 Bootleg

Here's the list with all September 2015 Freebies of various hardcore genres, check 'em out


[PRMP3017] Various Artists - Back To The Core EP [Free 4-Track EP Available Now!!!]

1/ Orchid - Open Your Mind.
2/ DJ Rave In Peace - Stars At Night.
3/ DJ Bassraver - Hardcore Man
4/ Thumbzo - Back To The Core.

Paranoid Recordings are back once again to deliver more some more essential nuskool rave goodness with their latest installment of free, four track releases, it's time to check out the 'Back To The Core EP'...

The EP opens with Orchid's dark slab of 1992 style, breakbeat hardcore, 'Open Your Mind' which unleashes an hectic, techno synth melody alongside piano stabs, menacing extended bass notes and a cheeky Depheche Mode vocal sample. DJ Rave In Peace offers up his take on the legendary jungle tekno style with 'Stars At Night', which conjures up memories of Basement Records at their mellowest and features smooth pads layered over chunky breaks and the classic Ricky Lee Jones vocal as used by The Orb on 'Little Fluffy Clouds'.

The man like the DJ Bassraver kicks of his 'Hardcore Man' track with spine-tingling metallic timestretched breaks merging into a harsh mentasm and stab section nicely contrasted by mellow pads. He then drops a rolling amen break peppered with classic rave vox and of course the infamous, 'Hardcore man! F@#ing hardcore!!!' dialogue sample. Thumbzo closes off the EP with 'Back To The Core', a roughneck slab of 1993 jungle tekno themed hardcore breaks. Coming on strong with a techno intro and ruff junglistic breaks 'n' bass which merge into a lush atmospheric section layered with scratch snippets and ragga chatting. 

Altogether, Paranoid Recordings come up trumps with another top notch selection of the very best underground, hardcore breaks producers and oldskool sounds ranging from deep, dark and menacing to uplifting euphoria. No excuses, get on this one!!!

The free 'Back To The Core EP' is available to download direct from the link provided below or from the official Paranoid Recordings Soundcloud page if you would prefer to download each track individually.

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Greece's finest Gabber soldier in the name of Track Killer returns to his friendly Dutch label, Brutal Force records with higher BPMs this time on his second personal EP.
'Lost in the Mist' is the following EP, which consist of 3 nuclear bombs and goes strictly for the headstrong once again, obeying to label's trademark of hardness & storming kicks!

Grab your copies now

JUNO here


RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK: 'Rhythm Flow"