Thursday, 26 March 2015

[DEEPIN 013] Evade - Healing Of The Nation / 64 Tetra [AVAILABLE FROM ALL GOOD DIGITAL STORES NOW]

1/ Healing The Nation.
2/ 64 Tetra.

Deep In The Jungle Records present the brand new 2-track single from  new skool jungle ambassador, Evade. Opening with the ruffneck ragga jungle smasher 'Healing Of The Nation' which blends smooth, soulful synths with a moody bassline, heavyweight breaks and ragga exaltations  towards the 'ganja weed'.

On the flipside things get darker with the ominous '64 Tetra'. Featuring darkcore synths straight out of 1993, severely mashed up amen break edits (check out the spinbacks and bitcrushing!!!) and massive reversed bass throbs.

Evade's tracks are guaranteed to please all jungle heads and gives the classic ragga and dark jungle templates a tight, modern makeover for 2015.

Evade's 'Healing The Nation / 64 Tetra' single is available from the following digital stores and more...



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[KFA67] Demcore - Demise E.P. (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW FROM KNITEFORCE REVOLUTION.COM!!!]

1/ The Noise.
2/ Life Is Nothing But Timing.
3/ Always Been Much More Than That (Hardcore Maniac).
4/ Superman III.
Executive Edition Bonus Tracks
5/ Grind Everyday.
6/ I Did That By Nature.

For their next release, Kniteforce Again introduces a brand new addition to the label's artist roster in the form of Demcore, who debuts with 'The Demise E.P. (Executive Edition)'. Featuring 6 thumping upfront hardcore tracks peppered with lashings of kickdrums and euphoric hands-in-the-air synths.

From the trancecore styled, rallying call track 'The Noise' which opens the EP with an infectiously uplifting synth melody and pulsing 4/4 beat, and it's equally euphoric partner 'Life Is Nothing But Timing'. The electro-house tinged belter that is 'Always Been Much More Than That (Hardcore Maniac)' and the cheeky 'Star Wars' sampling 'Superman III', which features a monolithic trance breakdown.

To the epic sounding rap sampling and stab infused 'Grind Everyday' and the closing track, 'I Did That By Nature', with it's clever breakbeat accentuations. 'The Demise E.P.' is an intricately and expertly crafted collection of energetic dancefloor bangers and clearly shows that Demcore will be a welcome addition to KFA as well as being a hardcore force to be reckoned with in the near future.

For those who are quick enough to purchase the Executive Edition, in addition to the 2 bonus tracks there is also an exclusive Demcore WAV sample pack for all producer to have a tinker with.

The Demcore 'Demise E.P.' is available to download as an exclusive 6-Track Executive Edition release for 4 weeks only, before tracks 5 & 6 are deleted from sale. So get in there early to avoid missing out. It's available for a measly $6.50 (that's approximately £4.15 UK money!), so no excuse not to!!! Follow the link below.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

[PRMP3011] Various Artists - Feel The Power EP [FREE 4-TRACK EP FROM PARANOID RECORDINGS]

1/ Pursuit - The Dark Crystal.
2/ Leonized - Living In Darkness.
3/ Breakbeatscientist - Darl Prophecy.
4/ RenegadeGenius - Feel The Power.

In November 2014 the and forums in conjunction with Paranoid Recordings ran a track making competition with a simple premise. Each track should contain at least 5 samples from a provided sample pack, and that all tracks submitted would be judged and voted for, anonymously by forum members. The competition saw many great entries and Paranoid Recordings announced that they would be releasing a series of EP's featuring the cream of submissions.

March 2015 sees the release of the dark hardcore breaks and jungle themed 'Feel The Power EP'  featuring tracks from Pursuit, Leonized, RenegadeGenius and my own submission as Breakbeatscientist.

Opening up with a dark junglistic hardcore treat from Pursuit entitled 'The Dark Crystal'. Which implements a head-nodding 'Think' break alongside moody, growling bass snarls and one helluva spine-tingling drop midway all interspersed with choice samples from the similarly titled movie.
Up next, Leonized incorporates some near-breakcore style breakbeat switching and monsterous industrial effects to the jungle/drum & bass template with 'Living In Darkness'. But balancees the harshness with some lush sweeping strings to create a hugely effective nu-skool jungle tune.

'Dark Prophecy' by my good self comes up next and brings forth atmospheric synths for a restrained opening section before an amen break and pulsating bassline drives the track along to a massive stab and hoover drop.
RenegadeGenius closes the EP  with his 1993-styled darkcore monster, 'Feel The Power' which features  thundering chopped up breaks, moody strings, thumping bass and positively the sickest sounding mentasm stab riff that I've ever heard.

All in all 4 menacing tunes guaranteed to bring back the spirit of 1993-1994 darkside hardcore.

The 'Feel The Power EP' is available to download for FREE in 320 bitrate MP3 format via the link below...

Massive Respects to DJ Gaffer, RenegadeGenius and all the Paranoid Recordings crew for putting this project together!!!

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"TOP 8 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (24MAR.2015)

Time to get into the 'Top 8 of the Week' with featured tracks (other oldies or fresh or hidden gems to check out) as broadcasted on my latest showcase (24th March 2015) @ Planet Rave Radio.
Starting with number 8 and Sparki Dee dope ruffneck killer 'Darkness Inna Babylon' which is free DL on his Soundcloud page. Mental jungle thing! In number 7, it's a gem which was uploaded a year ago but needs your attention especially if you are a 303 lover. French producer Johnfaustus creates acid in various styles and one of his dishes called 'Acid Flakes' steps on class 303 breakbeat hardcore paths. Worth checking out all of his stuff!
In number 6, Mystery & Kosine on a '93 fresh roller, exclusive KODE 5 dub 'Ninja Biznezz'. Sick hardcore jungle dubplate from both esctablished producers/djs in the scene!
Next featured tune comes from Mother Russia and S.KID remixing D.K. Ritual's 'Untitled Rave', an unsigned tune full of rave, piano and amen breakin' all covering your desire for fyah innna dancefloor! Check out their fresh release called 'The Rumble EP'. Serious jungle bizniz!
One more true warrior from Russia, BR selecta, who has set up a great label/collaboration, Future Jungle Music representing FJ movement, has been also involved on his FJ pt.1 album with his killer acid breaks tune 'Acid Boom' ...''Who Says One Mooooaar?"
In number 3, its a part of the very special presentation i did on the last minutes of the show to the brand new Warehouse Wax release driven by the sick sounds of Son of Heaviness, the man like Ben Venom! 'Bulletproof EP' is the name of the release and the self titled track is a monster which is about to turn on your soundsystem with its hot dirty drops and a really sweet piano part, just to keep the memory alive!
Spor after being involved on the Warriors Dance Festival in Serbia 3 years ago has been called from the Prodigy to remix one of their fresh tracks from their upcoming album and a killer from there called 'Nasty'. The Prodigy are back with a new album of violence, darkness and raw electropunk attitude! ['The Day is My Enemy' out on 30th March 2015] Sick remix in here, which reminds me somehow of the good old Pendulum and can drive you total crazy!! Watch it out! Nasty Nasty, Triple X RATED!
Last tune to review comes from Dutch 'member of sickness', DJIPE already released stuff on labels like The Third Movement, DeathChant Records, Motormouth Records, Murder Channel, records, Peace Off and his remix on Mr. Hazard's & DMinds 'Happy' is the best gift to all hard crew, as its available on free download. Those epic Gabber kicks are so sexy that make you happy to get sweat with it!

(GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-24th Mar.2015)

08. Sparki Dee - Darkness Inna Babylon
07. Johnfaustus - Acid Flakes
06. Mystery & Kosine - Ninja Bizznezz
[KODE 5 Exclusive dubplate]
05. D.K.Ritual - Untitled Rave [S.KID remix]
04. BR selecta - Acid Boom [FUTURE JUNGLE MUSIC]
03. Ben Venom - Bulletproof [WAREHOUSE WAX]
02. The Prodigy - Nasty (Spor remix) [TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL]
01. Hazard - Mr Happy (DJIPE RMX)

Listen 2 full showcase here:

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]

Monday, 23 March 2015

DJ LUNA-C Presents the Kikwear Supaset!

Few words from LUNA-C about his brand new mix (Supaset 15) for Kikwear.

" .......Supaset 15 is unusual because it is three sets in one. It is a mix showcasing the sort of music KFA releases and that I play when I play live. It contains many unreleased brand new forthcoming KFA tracks. And it has a section of Supaset 16 – Timewarp – as well, which, as it touches on the old skool vibe (understatement) makes it perfect for a mix by one of the oldest surviving hardcore labels and a clothing company with an equally long rave history.

So go ahead and download it. It contains a lot of very new material, and I think you will enjoy it very much. I expect there will be questions about the Timewarp section, which I will answer in my next blog post, next week."



Sunday, 22 March 2015

D.K. Ritual Ft. S.KID & Hobbo Hobbo - The Rumble EP

This is a heavy release from the beloved and very talented Russian community and the Jungle conspiracy of S.KID, D.K. Ritual and Hobbo Hobbo. Five fresh heavy jungle bloodclats driven by the sick brains of the 3 Russian Junglists spitting amen and ragga to the masses! No doubt a pure and clear mental EP and props to the badboys for the whole work inside.
Grab all 5 tracks now - clicking here

Highlight Tracks:  'Darkness Flashback' - 'Dead Junglist'
Rate: 8/10