Monday, 24 November 2014

LLTA016:: Various Animals - Pure Stilton Hits (out on LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS)

The Animals are back to the streets of Rave and Animalcore. This time they celebrate 100k plays on Soundcloud and release their 16th digital release in the name of 'Pure Stilton Hits' featuring tracks from Wan Bushi, AleX Tune, Matheus, Meow Meow, Terry Sun, Jack Lee, Schnez, Hamsta, Fat Frumos, AcdBrnOut, Regent Cid, pureFILTH, Wit?, Raggamortis.
Some of you might call this release too cheesy but after several listens you will understand how hard can it be! 

Grab it now here


Saturday, 22 November 2014

BHRLP003:: blnd! 'Raver's Delight' [out on BASS HOUND RECORDS]

Never too late to review an Album like this one especially if its about Hardcore Breaks & Mutant Rave vibes! Scottish bass producer blnd! , who has already released tunes on labels like Tigerbeat6, Seclusiasis, Noiseporn, OFF ME NUT, Electrostimulation, TropicalBass Rec, Squelah407, Bass Hound Rec, Untimely Sounds, Slime, Kiosk, Club Soda, had made a wicked 13track Album which is still on free download on Seattle's based label, Bass Hound Records.
This release is titled 'Raver's Delight' was released 2 years ago (June 2012) and features tunes written during 2006-2009, driven from pure oldschool breakbeats, mutant hardcore and a banging remix by Kanji Kenetic on 'Wuts Dat' tune. All tunes are around 135-140 bpm range.

An absolutely rave blast from blnd! showing off his skills and love to the oldschool. 'We Are Coming' says everything about what you are gonna listen next to this LP. Great tune like opening one of this LP!

You can grab the whole release in a .zip folder here:



Finally its worth to mention that bass heavyweight Bass Hound Records is finally back again after some months and calling all producers interested to contact with its management and submit their tunes.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

[INTENSIVE017] NEFTI 'Music Is My Life' [out on Intensive Recordings]

A friendly producer/dj of me, my radio show and Strictly Nuskool Blog's crew, and an established member of the HCB and Nu-Rave movement, the very respected Nefti from Poland returns on his personal releases with a 2track EP titled 'Music is my Life' which is out now on his label, Intensive Recordings. Massive hcb and rushing pianos from Lodz hardcore head, who's also following new directions these days experimenting with some jungle breaks as working on new forthcoming stuff on Warehouse Wax.

And.....Anyone wondering who Rave Force is? Well, some of you might know him from his remix on Neurygma's 'Sweet Dreams' some years ago on Intensive Recordings. Just to reveal the id and make it clear, Rave Force is the side project of Nefti and a promising hcb dancefloor act.

[INTENSIVE017]  NEFTI 'Music Is My Life'

01. Music is my Life (Original Mix)

02. Music is my Life (Rave Force Remix)

So these 2 tracks are ready to be added to your piano hardcore breakbeat collection from the right hands of Nefti. You can grab your copies now on:

CAT03628:: 2BRAINZ 'Meow Meow EP' [out on Conquest Recordings]

2BRAINZ from Ohio are back to their 'second home' like Conquest Recordings offering a 4track release titled 'Meow Meow EP'.
Oldskool Jungle around 160-165bpm including 3 original tracks from Ohio's duet and a remix from Thailand's 45Thieves to 'Meow Meow' tune.


01. Meow Meow (Original Mix)
02. Meow Meow (45thieves Remix)
03. 2B A Gangster (Original Mix)
04. Respect Dat (Original Mix)

Grab your digital copies now on:

Beatport here
JunoDownload here
iTunes here




Monday, 17 November 2014


Some words from Tony D about his mix to Firefox Demon

" A relative newcomer to production , but making top tunes and without a doubt one to watch for the future. With a constant stream of quality tunes on soundcloud of late, aswel as a big file of unreleased tunes sent to me, its a real pleasure to mix up this lot. I have enough tunes left over for a mix 2 which will be done very soon.This type of hardcore is my favourite with 4beat, hoovers & synth stabs galore that rolls in a tune with great bass and amens too. Of all the pennywise remixes that have been done lately I think this one is up there with the best of them imo as its simple yet scatty at the same time."


01. sweet vibrations
02. madda than the krowd [on a madda tip mix]
03. get on a rush [opium confliction mix]
04. nitez with angels
05. ready 2 flow [xcite the mix]
06. sonic destroy
07. pumpkin breathe
08. the spiritual awareness
09. trick or treat [myers loves a stab mix]
10. choose your warrior
11. did they warn you [bogeyman mix]
12. extrantocation
13. science in the blood
14. the dream maker
15. schizophrenic children
16. start the rush
17. thunder in the bass [original mix]
18. force of omega
19. incredible rave machine
20. theory of moebius
21. dreddbeat
22. as darkness falls [original mix]
23. pennywise [bitten by a zombie clown mix]


Sunday, 16 November 2014

GORESHIT - wish i was here (or how things went wrong)

Sometimes words are useless or even better, music can beat words.. This is how i felt when listened to Goreshit's new Album.
Goreshit story started in mid00s as a black metal project and around the last 8 years is a solo project of Leon Makepeace dealing with IDM, Breakcore, Drum & Bass and mostly Hardcore sounds in general with lots of class productions and a great number of releases.
Some weeks ago he revealed his fresh 9track Album titled 'wish i was here (or how things went wrong)' and already receiving big support from the fans. Been listening to this Album several times and this compilation of productions flows well and pumps perfectly into the listener's soul. It's a mental blend of Rave, IDM and Dark elements..

Grab your copies now on Goreshit's bandcamp page here


01. how things went wrong
02. watch it flow
03. they know
04. aczd.fkr
05. more than you know
06. resynth
07. watch me drown
08. d.i.b.
09. wish i was here

Here's a preview streaming all 9 tracks of this amazing electronic trip....


Check out some of Goreshit's forthcoming stuff as uploaded on his Soundcloud page: