Tuesday, 21 February 2017


01. Paid The DJs (Or Busted Heads)
02. Sundance 3000
03. This Is Insane
04. Under Surveillance

UK producer FOTH returns to Strictly Nuskool with his second personal EP including four heavyweight Hardcore Junglistic tunes on "Hardcore Forces EP".
As usual this is available on free download and support is always appreciated!


FOTH [Fool on the Hill] (UK)



The Lowercase Presents The Hardcore Breaks Special On Lazer Fm (20.02.2017)


Isotonik - Different Strokes (Dj Destiny 2016 Remix)
Magus Project feat Bryan Gee - Shoss (Dj Destiny Remix)
Sunshine - (Dj Destiny Remix)
Dj Nee - Forgotten
DJ Deluxe & Destiny - The Man From Maggoty
Ant To Be - You Know What
Dj Owl - OK
Teksteppa - Dreams Of The Future
Paul Cronin - Go With The E & Rush Me
Gareth Monks - The Manix Stampede
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Paul Cronin - Anybod-E Tell Ya About The Raggamuffin Bisnez
Chiqui - Rock The Beat
Dj Jedi - Utopia
Dj Deluxe & Destiny - Da Bitch
D.F.S.K. - Feel The Power ( Dj Pursuit Remix)
Orestiz - Wake Up & See
Dj Destiny - The Mysterons
Billy Bunter & Sanxion feat Davina - '94 Uplifting Hardcore
Dj Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand & Stare)
Interface - Do It (Dj Pursuit Remix)
Dj Pursuit - Break It Down Like This (Singing In My Head)
Alex Jungle - I Can't Explain
Alk-E-D - Shining Bright (Dj Pursuit Remix)
Dj Sy - Too Much Sense (Dj Jedi Remix)
Alex Jungle - End Of Summer
Bassraver- Now Hear This
TNO Project - Here Come Da Feelin'
Keep You Going Now
Alex Jungle - African Queen

Catch up The Lowercase live every Sunday 5-7pm UK TIME @ www.lazerfm.co.uk



Sunday, 19 February 2017

[VMRDT084] SkorpZ - Cruising [Available To Download From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stores Now!!!]

1/ Cruising.
2/ Feelings.
3/ Constant.
4 Dreaming.

After a short break in their release schedule, Viral-Mental Recordings are back n action, this time with a quartet of smooth, liquid, drum & bass numbers from mainstay contributor, SkorpZ who presents to us the 'Cruising' EP.

Eschewing his trademark rough and ready drum & bass persona, SkorpZ takes us on a deep and atmospheric journey with the hugely emotive opening track 'Cruising', with it's expert use of crisp, rolling breaks, smooth as silk basslines and soothing guitar licks. Up next 'Feelings' follows a similar path with it's fusion of sweeping strings and gentle piano melodies laid over a hyper-kinetic breakbeat and deep bass tones.

The pace gets upped a few notches with 'Constant' with it's electrifying combination of uplifting D&B, mellow electronica and funk flavoured vibes, before we are taken to the EP's conclusion with the closing track, 'Dreaming' which meshes together stepping breaks, down-pitched vocals and intricate, melancholia tinged chimes.

With his latest EP, SkorpZ shows his versatility as a producer by delivering an essential collection of liquid drum & bass for the mind, body and soul!!! 

The SkorpZ 'Cruising' EP is available to download now from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stores...



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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

LIQUID - ENERGY FLOWS [LTD Triplepack 12" - Pre-Order on MUSIC MONDAYS]

A1. Liquid - What Is This?
A2. Liquid - Nebbia
B1. Liquid - No Hooligans
B2. Liquid - Runaway feat. Rachel Wallace 
C1. Liquid - Everything's Going To Be Alright 
C2. Liquid - It Is What It Is 
D1. Liquid - Cali Blues 
D2. Liquid - Dopefiend 
E1. Liquid - By Faith 
E2. Liquid - These Metal Hands 
F1. Liquid - Rude Boy Jamaican 
F2. Liquid - Dry Your Tears feat. Davina Myers

2017 marks the big 25th anniversary of the year 1992, which has been truly mached with Hardcore genre, thus we have been already noticing several releases coming out or even forthcoming albums celebrating with their own way the '92 Hardcore.
And so, one of the biggest Oldskool gems and classic rave anthem like 'Sweet Harmony' turns 25 years old in a few days from now and the man (one half of Liquid) behind the huge success of 1992, has officially returned with a brand new studio album!

LIQUID (a.k.a. Eamon Downes) is proudly back more musically mature than ever with a visible evolution on his clear sounds by offering new rave ideas dressed up with his modern techniques. Feels like you're making a 12track trip back in the day and the energy flows inside you...
"ENERGY FLOWS" is the ideal title of Liquid's studio return. A must to have album for each and everyone representing and respecting the Oldskool scene! Twelve amazing vibes blending acid, early Belgium sounds with modern Hardcore & Jungle Breaks as well as Breakbeats and Techno. A supreme sensational result!

This release is limited to 500 copies only. A triplepack heavyweight 12", cut loud for DJs and exclusively available a FREE mix CD by Liquid himself plus all digital versions of all tunes (320 .MP3). Good times for the Oldskool & Nu-Rave community!

Seems that Billy Daniel Bunter has played a key role for this release as you can check on the following interview, world exclusive presentation of "Energy Flows" LP on Music Mondays with Bunter interviewing Liquid playing also tunes off the LP on the background.

Catch him up live on his official album launch big event in Kamio, London on 3rd March 2017
More info here

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