Thursday, 8 August 2019

[SF032] Greg Sin Key - Raveologic [SONIC FORTRESS]

01. Party Island
02. I'll Be There
03. What U Think
04. Get Down And Get Up
05. Incoming Relax
06.  Back In Time
07. Machine Warehouse
08. Skydance
09. Destiny
10. Raveologic
11. Hardcore Porn
12. Somebody Scream

From the wonderful artistic city of Lodz in Poland, the 20 years in the making of production & DJing, Greg Sin Key, returns with his second personal studio album, which can be described as the most complete to date.

'RAVEOLOGIC' consists of 12 fresh tracks and is a multi genre album of happiness (e.g. 'Incoming Relax' or 'Hardcore Porn') or stuff like his usual stylee on Destiny' and the self titled tune of the album, which is a good example that Rave Breaks still exist, taking us to the prior days of Nu-Rave. Plenty of good tunes inside, for your sets & your listening pleasure.
Fat bass, slamming breakbeats, electrofying dishes coming straight from GSK labs concluding a remarkable new work coming straight from Poland via the established UK label of Sonic Fortress.
The 12track album comes out now on CD & Digital version on the Sonic Fortress shop and later on will be also available on the other major digital platforms.
Grab your copies now and you won't be disappointed adding some banging Polski Breakbeat dose to your library.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

TERRORRYTHMUS - Dubcore Volume 16 [12" + Digital on Sozialistischer Plattenbau]

A1 - Something Unreal
A2 - Sike
B1 - Low Drop
B2 - Shake That
B3 - Depression

One of the best representers of the rave angle of Juke and Footwork is German based producer/DJ, Terrorrythmus, known of his unique style combining strong basslines, trancy elements, immense boucing as well as hardcore mentality into his tunes.

One of his latest and noteworthy releases came out a while ago on his locals Sozialistischer Plattenbau. This was the launching release of the label for this year, but never too late for such intense stuff like this 5-track bang in here.

'Dubcore Vol.16' presents Terrorrythmus offering 5 fresh personal vibes of him, stronger than ever.
Kicking off with the happy ravy 'Something Unreal' turning a happy hardcore vibe into Juke, while 'Sike' is maybe the biggest killa track of the whole release bouncing hard to the bone! Beware of that! On the flipside we got the experimental juke aspect of 'Low Drop', then it's 'Shake That', which is a certain junglistic beast with firing hardcore kicks, but if its not too much there's also another juke amen breakin vibe entitled 'Depression'
That's the right title when a record like this one comes to an end, isn't it?
This release is available on limited edition of 12" Vinyl and Digital too.

Sozialistischer Plattenbau


[BB1013A] Zombie Skank Squad - The Vibes EP [BULABEATS RECORDS]

01. The Vibes
02. Ina Dance
03. Durty Mondays
04. Do The Skank
05. The Sunrise Crew

Ireland's Bulabeats Records mastermind, versatile and busy in many fields around arts & music, the man like JohnnyPluse presents one of his very latest side projects called Zombie Skank Squad.

'The Vibes EP' is the first EP release of this project, combining Drum & Bass, Ragga and Ska stylee under strong basslines, from the smashing self-titled opener to the closing dreamy dub of 'The Sunrise' Crew', this new 5-track digital release will offer uplifting shinny vibes for an appropriate summertime.
Get ready for the ultimate vibes inna ragga summer!

Beatport - Junodowload

Finally if you're fancy getting more familiar with the label, it's highly suggested to watch this film above, introducing the spirit of Bulabeats Records including many interviews in (with John Gibbons , Mark Kavanagh , Johnnypluse & The Storm Troopers of Love , Dirty Dubsters , Dusty Tonez , Dj Moneyshot) and showcasing its 10 amazing years of action!


Saturday, 20 July 2019

STOMP! - Limited Edition 10" + Unknown Artist - Decadence/In My Mind DJS001 12"

A. Untitled
B. Untitled

Who's fancy bouncing inna darkness?

A brand new 10" Vinyl EP has landed these days through a still unknown but very friendly and hard-workin label right after 2 previously released Garage EPs.
This time it's a double trip to '93-'94 made by an unknown artist but scoring high! Out on limited 10" vinyl copies, only from the Bandcamp page, so follow the link above.

A. DJS001 - Decadence
B. DJS002 - In My Mind

We remain in the year 1993 and the same imprint presenting two fresh Jungle Techno inspired tunes made by an Unknown Artist again. Both of these 2 smashers speak for themselves on a 4 to the floor speed! Outstanding rollers with a bit of Trancy paths inside and on a strictly Hardcore tip, all like a marvellous Oldskool treat!
Available now on a limited number of 12" Vinyl copies; on the Bandcamp page of the following link.

Monday, 8 July 2019

[XTRA141] Deadly Nightshade - Welcome To tHE Asylum [9-Track Digital Album Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Welome To The Asylum.
2/ Nuclear Disaster.
3/ Silent Hill.
4/ HeatWave (Part A).
5/ HeatWave (Part B).
6/ Ghost Of Jebedia.
7/ Jebedia Lives On.
8/ Temptation.
9/ Escape From Miami

The tune-making powerhouse that is Deadly Nighshade is back once again with another top notch collection of breakbeat hardcore cuts, from the darkside, with the release of the 'Welcome To tHE Asylum' album. It's time for the Strictly NuSkool Blog to face it's incarnation... and enter the "Asylum"!!!

We are first introduced to the sound of madness with the album's title track,
'Welcome To The Asylum' which layers rolling amen breaks, and burbling technoid synths notes over hysterical laughing and dissonant sound FX.  

Up next we reach critical meltdown with 'Nuclear Disaster', a claustrophobia inducing darkcore cut utilising 'Radio Babylon' breaks, swirling mentasmic snarls and blaring Public Enemy style air horns to create a perfect sense of unease. 
The darkness continues with 'Silent Hill', which sees Deadly Nightshade combine house of horror bell chimes, razor-sharp hoover stabs and relentless breakbeat patterns with choice, fight flick samples.

The pitch blackness abates for a short while with 'HeatWave (Part A)', which opens to the sounds of euphoric pads and trance style bleeps, before unleashing a flurry of breakneck beats, moody atmospherics and ominous synth stabs. 
'HeatWave (Part B)' provides an alternate take of it's other half, by extending the originals running time and injecting rasping, industrial screeches paired with a thumping, 4/4 backbeat.

The second half of the album introduces us to another two part musical saga, beginning with the haunting 'Ghost Of Jebedia', a thundering darkside cut which just oozes cinematic menace. 
The sequel soon follows with 'Jebedia Lives On' which offers up a slightly lighter touch in comparison to it's companion piece, yet still keeps it's dark tone.

'Tempatation' up next sees vintage hip-hop breaks do battle with Clive Barker's very own Hell Priest, set to a backdrop of pitch black, hypnotic synth riffs and Belgian style rave drones. 
It's at this point we reach the end of or internment and are presented with 'Escape From Miami', an adrenaline soaked, energetic hardcore number which expertly mixes together both euphoric and menacing elements with it's use of soaring pads and abrasive 'Anasthasia' stabs. 

In conclusion, Deadly Nightshade has once again come up trumps with yet another storming collection of darkside future classics. If you appreciate the more sinister side of rave music then you need this one in your collection!!!

The Breakbeatscientist's top pick of the bunch... 'Temptation'!!!

The 'Welcome To tHE Asylum' album is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for £7.00, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases.

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[HOH007] Insane & Mind + Digital Pilgrimz - One Vibe [HOH RECORDINGS]

A massive collaboration is the brand new instalment by HOH Recordings, namely Insane & Mind catching up with Digital Pilgrimz.
Right after their successful first 12" Vinyl EP, the History of Hardcore boys are back with a marvellous Junglistic offering joining the forces with Digital Pilgrimz on the large 'One Vibe' unleashing ragga spirit and oldskool beats from back in the day!'One Vibe' is out now digitally, available to stream and buy in major digital platforms.