Monday, 2 May 2016

KFLP21:: The Best Of KFA Vol.1 + Vol.2 – Mixed By Dj Saiyan


Luna-C – Success’n’Mistreat (The Panacea Mix)
Belladonnakillz – Kill Belladonna
Idealz – Spittin In Ya Eye
Dj Sike – Bongo Bong (Luna-C & Bexxie Mix)
Luna-C – My Angel (Hattrixx Remix)
The Panacea – Love Me / Habibi
Dj Bustin – Truffle Shuffle
Future Primitive – Lift Me Up (Fracus & Darwin Remix)
Dj Force & The Evolution – Stampede (Dave Skywalker Remix)
Luna-C – Fly To Heaven
Jimmy J & Cru-l-t – Dj’s In Full Effect (Dj Sc@r Remix)
Empyreal – Forward Ever Backward Never
Carl Matthes Feat. Migliz – Attraction (Luna-C’s Bootleg Remix)
XTATX – Smashed
Doughboy – Heartbreaker
Brisk – Airhead (S3rl Remix)
The Panacea – Thrones And Dominions
Dj Genki – Fkuc Unicorns (Jakazid Remix)

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Alk-E-D - Shine On Me (Remix)
Luna-C - Here I Come 
The Trip - The 'Erb (Top Budz Mix) 
Bertie - Styler Style 
Radiophonic Oddity - Sky Is Falling 
The Panacea - The Beast (Brak Remix) 
Idealz - Stand Back 
Radiophonic Oddity - Soundbwoy 
Idealz - Down 2 De Ground 
Brak - Facetime (Luna-C Remix) 
The Panacea - Lawless 
Luna-C and Reeve - Take Me Home 
Strange Brotherhood - My Ghost 
Idealz - Blue Haze 
Ham - Most Uplifting (Darwin Remix) 
Jimmy J and Cru-l-T - Runaway (Reese Remix) 
Doughboy - Heartbreaker (Eat Rave Remix) 
Eko - Renegade Rewind (Reese's Binary Remix) 
Belladonnakillz - Neverever

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Saturday, 30 April 2016

[MJOO3] Jsett Featuring Blackout Ja & DaFuchaman - Wa Si Dead [Available To Download Now From Manic Jungle Records!!!]

1/ Wa Si Dead.

After a long Winter that just doesn't seem to want to let go, Manic Jungle Records delivers some well deserved Summertime vibes with their latest single, 'Wa Si Dead' by Bristol based junglist Jsett and featuring a collossal dancehall reggae team up of Blackout Ja and Da Fuchaman on lyrical duties.

Opening with the head nodding, bassline strains of the legendary 'Sleng Teng' riddim coupled with an epic bout of tandem ragga chatting from Ja and Fuchaman. 'Wa Si Dead' soon ups the pace by dropping a relentless 2-step break to get all nuskool junglists brocking out on the dancefloor which in turn ramps up the feelgood factor to maximum.

With 'Wa Si Dead', the combined talents of Jsett, Blackout Ja and Da Fuchaman create the perfect fusion of dancehall reggae vocals and roughneck jungle production that will get lighters flashing guaranteed!!!

'Wa Si Dead' by Jsett featuring Blackout Ja & DaFuchaman is available to download and stream from the following Manic Jungle Records digital stockists and streaming sites...


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Friday, 29 April 2016

[ARR081] K@oSinFusion - Descending [Available Now From All Good Allowance Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Blazin'.
2/ Clique.
3/ London Descending Into Kaos.
4/ London Descending Into Kaos (SimonC VIP).
5/ The Cure.

After a short break, Allowance Records are back again to deliver some diversely hi-octane drum & bass with the release of K@oSinFusion's mammoth five track EP, 'Descending' hitting stores today.

'Descending' kicks off with the dancefloor orientated, neuro stepper, 'Blazin' which fuses snappy breaks with mammoth, robotic bass riffs before the track evolves into a huge, heavenly synth drop. Switching styles, 'Clique' introduces smooth, string driven liquid drum & bass grooves coupled with an inspirational self-improvement monologue urging the listener to 'drop the meaningless things in life and focusing on what matters in life first'.
The epic and apocalyptic 'London Descending Into Kaos' takes us on a breakneck speed journey into 'kaos', where doom-laden bass notes, menacing pads, ominous movie dialogue samples and the sinister sound of cawing crows meet with a tearing amen break backing. The 'London Descending Into Kaos (SimonC VIP)' offers a slightly less rough and rugged take on the original mix to offer an alternate take.

The 'Descending' EP closes on a more introspective note with 'The Cure', which opens to a series of emotive, downbeat keys overlaid by frenetic drum rhythms and rasping bass pulses to get the feet moving.

K@oSinFusion expertly delivers a vastly diverse collection of tracks that'll be sure to become an essential arsenal of tunes for all D&B headz worthy of the name!!!

K@oSinFusion's 'Descending' EP is available to purchase now from the following Allowance Records digital download stockists. Get on them now......!!!


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[VMRDT058] UZI - Dark / Subless [Avilable From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Dark.
2/ Subless.

Viral-Mental Records latest offering of heavyweight drum & bass sees the debut appearance of Uzi to the label with the release of the 'Dark / Subless' single.

We are first introduced to the deep and menacing sounds of 'Dark', a rugged stepper drenched in ominous atmospherics, rumbling bass tones, eerily hypnotic vocal manipulations and a minimalist, dub melody.
Providing a 'light' Yang to 'Dark's Yin, 'Subless' ramps up those dub elements to deliver the feelgood jungle vibes by combining lashings of warm bass, soulful female vocal sighs, rattling breaks and an infectious, head-nodding reggae riddim.

Whether you prefer your music dark and moody, or with a little bit of junglistic bounce, Uzi has definitely delivered a single of two devastatingly distinctive halves here. Check it out people!!!

UZI's 'Dark / Subless' single is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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Thursday, 28 April 2016

[RZ004] Ilk / KeeZee / Necrotype – Rollerz Vol 4 [Limited 12" Vinyl Only Pre-Order Available Now!!!]

That Side - Ilk - We Don't Know.
This Side 1 - KeeZee - Burst Into Fire.
This Side 2 - Necrotype - Fang & Claw (Bonus Track).

The Jungle Rollerz are back with a vengeance and this time they bring label newcomer Ilk along for a vinyl ride alongside familiar favourites KeeZee and Necrotype.

First off we have Ilk who takes us back to the mid nineties with the menacing ‘We Don’t Know’. Where rugged, hardstep breaks layered with ruffneck gangsta rap vocals and heavyweight bass tones ruled the jungle. This one’s not for the lightweight junglist.
Keezee’s ‘Burst Into Fire’ presents us with an intense combination of rolling Amens and Apache breaks accentuated by heavenly, soaring strings and an infectious, booming bassline melody. Perfectly capturing the vintage vibes of a certain drum & bass ‘Headz’ label.

Bonus track, ‘Fang & Claw’ by Necrotype delivers an eerie synth intro peppered with lycanthropic horror flick samples before unleashing a barrage of layered and FX-ed amen breaks, growling mentasm stabs and subsonic bass booms. A masterful piece of neo-darkcore, junglism.

The Ilk / KeeZee / Necrotype 'Rollerz Vol 4' 12" vinyl single is available to pre-order now for £7.50 (plus P&P) from the official Jungle Rollerz website and is due to be ready for delivery on 17/05/16. So be sure to get your order in now before they disappear!!!


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[WJS 007] DJ Dirty One - That Lane Of Lovers / Love Theme [Available To Download Now From All Good Wicked Jungle Records Stockists!!!]

1/ That Lane Of Lovers.
2/ Love Theme.

US junglist, DJ Dirty One makes his debut appearance on the  Wicked Jungle Records label with the release of the massive single 'That Lane Of Lovers / Love Theme' featuring two solid slices of nuskool jungle to satisfy the needs of all serious beat-freaks.

Kicking off with 'That Lane Of Lovers', a track steeped in oldskool jungle flavours, but with an added off-kilter, soulful vibe which would not sound out of place on a label such as Reinforced Records circa the year 2000. Intricately programmed breaks, thumping bass notes and evocative pads collide with passionate declarations of love to keep the listener enthralled.
'Love Theme' continues on with a similar theme with it's fusion of breakneck speed breaks, evocative pads, yearning female vocals and pulsating bass sounds. The track certainly delivers a fast paced yet dreamy atmosphere whilst utilizing both oldskool and modern drum and bass elements.

DJ Dirty One's 'That Lane Of Lovers / Love Theme' single is available to purchase now from all good Wicked Jungle Records digital download stores!!!


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Dutch son of Terror, DG The Producer (a.k.a Dylan Goethals) returns to his local good mates over Brutal Force Records with a personal 16track album, which achieved entering Top 100 of Hardcore releases on Hardtunes, picking number 73.

Definetely one of the most proud releases of the label and Dylan's very own, as it covers perfectly that Terror feeling and vibe with 16 fresh monsters under 240bpm average of range and strictly for the headstrong crew!

All Terror and Harsh side brains will dig this for sure!

BUY on  Hardtunes here - Beatport here - Juno here