Sunday, 19 November 2017

[Bandcamp] Master Mash - Hardcore In Darkness EP [Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Hardcore In Darkness.
2/ Afraid Of The Dark.
3/ (I Know What's) In The Basement.

As the seasons have drawn ever deeper into the Winter bleakness Master Mash unveils the perfect darkside, junge tekno soundtrack to accompany the glacial climate with the release of the 'Hardcore In Darkness EP'

We are firstly introduced to a sinister slice of acid-techno flavoured darkcore with title track 'Hardcore In Darkness', which expertly combines relentless 4/4 kickdrums with rolling breakbeats, hardcore stabs and brooding  acid bassline to devastating effect. 

Up next we are presented with 'Afraid Of The Dark', which ramps up the feelings of unease by dropping a creeped-out, off kilter piano melody into the jungle tekno mix alongside a series of electrifying, rapid-fire 'Anasthasia' stabs. 

To complete the darkcore triptych we have '(I Know What's) In The Basement)', a veritable dark hardcore symphony which interweaves eerie synths and pads with adrenalising stab patterns, pounding kicks and militant breaks.

Master Mash once again proves that he is one of the undisputed 'masters' of neo-darkside jungle-tekno, and with his latest collection of tracks, he has guaranteed that the spirit of 1993-1994 dark hardcore is far from dead. A must for any darkcore fanatics!!! 

The Master Mash 'Hardcore In Darkness EP' is available to purchase now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp page for a "Name Your Price" deal. So if you are enjoying the tunes then support the artist to make future releases!!!

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[VMRDT099] Hektic - Taken EP [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Taken.
2/ Nah Dead.
3/ Dead Leg.
4/ Selecta.

Viral-Mental Records and label mainstay Hektic take you deep into the jungle with the 'Taken EP', featuring four heavyweight, contemporary jungle tracks which give a tip of the hat to those Golden Era sounds of '94-'96.

The collection is kicked off by title track, 'Taken' which fuses together crisp, stepping breaks and moody atmospherics coupled with a deadly reversed Dead Dred/Reese bass combo and iconic 'Predator' vocal snippets to cement that oldskool feel.
Up next 'Nah Dread' drops ruff and rugged ragga and haunting dub vox over a minimal 2-step break, evocative pads and bouncing bassline to deliver a powerful stepper, dripping with menace.

'Dead Leg' captures the very essence of mid nineties, classic jump up wih it's layering of obscure vocal samples, orchestral swells and rolling breaks, brought together by a massive, electrifying sine wave bass riff that would put the likes of Mampi Swift to shame.
Perfectly rounding off the EP we have 'Selecta', a potent blend of classic ragga vocals, bubbling bass notes and snappy breakbeats that's guaranteed to get your heart pumping, you head nodding and your feet moving. 

If vintage Tru Playaz, Dread Recordings and Trouble On Vinyl were your bag back in the day. or have inspired your musical directions today, then look no further than this fine selection of moody, jump-up junglism from Hektic here. You'll be glad you did!

The Hektic, 'Taken EP' is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now, so get ready to do damage with these badboys!!!



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FAT FRUMOS - The fat of the Cat [13track Digital Album - SUCK PUCK RECORDZ]

01. Acid Dancer
02. No donk limits
04. Baba Vika Raver
05. Bananas from my garden
06. In da wood
07 evaR dancing fever
08. Chughie v google tebya iskali
09. Soplika
10. Fish boy danses (Captain Raveman Remix)
11. Bananas from my garden (Goreshit Remix)
12. z-outro
13. Black mettal reage (sleepy cat remix)

Ukraine's finest Ravecore nutter, Fat Frumos has just released his brand new album aiming to burn each and every brain cell till nothing left to follow!
Dima from Odessa is one of the greatest and illustrious Ravecore/Breakcore producers/DJ worldwide, with a tough undeground standpoint, big production skills blending styles and great djing.
'The fat of the Cat' is a 13track digital album from him, coming out alongside 2 seriously mental additions of Swedish Cock Rock co-manager, Captain Raveman and UK Lolicore honcho, Goreshit. This album fulfils everyone's desire to get congested with Odessa's Speedcore/Acid/Hardcore Techno rhythms all under a neo-rave umbrella.
Noteworthy also the fact that you can also purchase the bundle of the digital copy of the album alongside 6 FF stickers.
All in all, Fat Frumos scores again! Top work!


Fav Tune: Chughie v google tebya iskali

Saturday, 18 November 2017

[KK 009] RadioKillaZ - Dead Man Walking [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Dead Man Walking.

The RadioKillaZ are back once more to pummel your eardrums with yet another relentless barrage of the filthiest breaks, grimiest rhymes and booming basslines with the release of their latest release 'Dead Man Walking'
Combining a razor-sharp series of crisp breaks paired with an electrifying bassline, 'Dead Man Walking' is brought to completion by Harry Rox's gruff, lyrical flow telling a tale of inner city hardships and inequality. 

The RadioKillaZ once again excel in delivering contemporary hip-hop flavours for 2017 which successfully delivers an on-topic message without ever compromising on danceability. Get yourself acquainted with 'Dead Man Walking' now!!!

The RadioKillaZ 'Dead Man Walking' single is available to download for just £0.99 from the official Killa Kutz label store...

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

[.rav02] ORK MAN - Grave Marker EP [Out on .rave]

01. ddd
02. scrap night
03. moog dust

Very close to the recent release of a big compilation like 'dokidoki jungle' from this outstanding Japanese label, dot rave (or .rave) returns with a gift out to all followers and Breakcore/Jungle lovers. It's all about a brand new alternative weapon of Jungle under experimental & IDM sounds given now on free download/donation by Japanese producer Ork Man on his fresh 3 track 'Grave Marker EP'.



RN045:: Neurygma & Nayim - Saved My Life [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

Tenerife's towering HCB duet like Neurygma meet one of the most talented juvenile in our scene, the badboy Nayim and deliver a magnificent piano breaks tune using a classic and well known sample. High Spanish temperament and skills in effect by the infamous duet of Neurygma who return after a while and collab for the very first time with Nayim.
'Saved My Life' is out now digitally on hard working mr. Wislov's label, Ravenoyz.
And more to follow soon ...



Amaretto - Boogie Bang

21 year old Japanese producer DJ Takumi, returns under his breakbeat moniker, Amaretto offering a 1994 inspired Happy Hardcore belter of a tune!! Flawless and rolling as most of his tunes, 'Boogie Bang' is out now digitally via his personal bandcamp page.
And for those who fancy for more, keep your eyes peeled for his forthcoming release on NuVision Records (preview here)