Monday, 5 December 2016

[BLKR001] DJ QT - Get On Down / More Than Friends [Available To Download Now From All B-Lick Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Get On Down.
2/ More Than Friends.

After a string of rock solid releases on highly esteemed labels including the likes of KLP Records, Diamond Dubz and Manic Beats/Manic Jungle, DJ QT introduces his debut release on his very own label, B-Lick Records, with the release of the mighty 'Get On Down / More Than Friends' two track single.

First off the mark is the high octane, stepper 'Get On Down', which fuses rock solid 2 step breaks with a mammoth, bouncing bassline and sultry, female vocals. 'Get On Down' is pure cheese-free, unashamed jump-up, jungle, with it's sights set firmly on the dancefloor. 

Companion piece, 'More Than Friends' follows a similar path as it's predecessor by taking an instantly recognisable R&B vocal and overlaying it with a catchy-as-hell reggae trumpet riddim, rugged breakbeat pattern and booming bass.

If you're looking for some upfront nuskool jungle to set the dancefloor ablaze, then you need look no further than DJ QT's latest offerings!!!

DJ QT's 'Get On Down / More Than Friends' single is available to download now from the following digital stores now!!!
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Friday, 2 December 2016

GL0WKiD's Generation X RadioShow Presents The DEMCORE (Kniteforce) Interview & Guest Mix @ Planet Rave Radio (29/11/16)

This Tuesday, the Strictly NuSkool Blog's very own hardcore ambassador, GL0WKiD delivered a very special, high-octane hardcore driven Generation X Radio Show on Planet Rave Radio.
Alongside GL0WKiD's regular weekly dose of nuskool hardcore mayhem, regular Kniteforce collaborator, Demcore presents an exclusive interview and pounding, hardcore techno fueled guest mix, showcasing his brand new 'A Thousand Different Ways' album plus some bonus Kniteforce goodies.  

Check out the Mixcloud link below to get the Demcore lowdown now!!! 

GL0WKiD Mix -

- Chiqui - Hear Me!
- Ankokushinwa - T.F.K (Space Ragga Mix). [NIZIGEN COMP]
- Awesome 3 - Don't Go. (GWRK Bootleg).
- Bassraver - Tell Me. [MUSIC RASCALS]
- Yudaidhun - Fantasy.
- Yudaidhun - Obviously Free.
- Yudaidhun - Rule Me Tonight (DieTRAX Remix). [NOTEBOOK RECORDS]
- DJGEN - Sing It Loudness. [HI-LITE RECORDS]

Demcore Interview (Background Tracks) -

- Demcore - Truth & Lies (Dave Skywalker Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Truth & Lies. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Freaks. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Runaway (Anglerfish & Lucider Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Doughboy - Here We Go. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

Demcore Guest Mix -

- Demcore - Always Been Much More Than That (Hardcore Maniac). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Scartat - The Trustworthy Promoter (Demcore Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Breaks In The Speakers. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Summer. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Thousand Different Ways. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- The Timespan - Hold Me Passionately (Demcore Remix). [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Lyrical Genius. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Believe. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Grind Everyday. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Truth & Lies. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Freaks. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
- Demcore - Blinded By The Limelight. [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]

GL0WKiD (Closing Tunes) -

- DJ Luna-C - Technical Shmecnical. [Forthcoming KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
- Scartat - Ammo Bag (Luna-C Remix). [Forthcoming KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

Demcore's 'A Thousand Different Ways (Executive Edition)' album is available to purchase here...

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

MRUSBS01:: United States Beat Squad - Raise Em Up [MUSIC RASCALS]

And we have a new addition for the very productive during 2016, mr USBS (United States Beat Squad).
After getting a personal praise watching his tune "Beats Get Rougher [Raw Republic Records]" reaching #1 on the "Must Hear Bass Tunes for November" @ Beatport charts, he came up with a new tune titled"Raise Em Up" going on the same way with mental 140bpm UK breaks and so UK label, Music Rascals do the release work of it digitally. Out now!





HI-LITE RECORDS pres. RUSHLIFE Vol.1 [mixes by Yudaidhun & Fukazaw]

Japanese Hardcore Rave label HI-LITE RECORDS, has launched a new series of mixes/podcasts titled "RUSHLIFE" and its first chapter consists of 2 stomping mixes by local DJs/producers, Yudaidhun and Fukazaw, who nail deep into Happy Hardcore/Breakbeat Hardcore sounds!
Worth giving both of them some love! 大きな曲!

- DJ Yudaidhun mix - Tracklist

01. Substate - Worldwide
02. Sunshine Productions - Take Me To The Top
03. Vibes & Wishdokta - Feels Good
04. Balistic - Kiss It
05. DJ Demo - Lift Me Up (Justin Time Remix)
06. Love Nation - Positive (Future Assassins Remix)
07. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Let's do it
08. Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man
09. Vibes & Wishdokta - Giving it all 've got
10. Terrible Twins - Just Like That
11. DJ Laugh - We Can Fly (Yudaidhun Remix)
12. 2 Left Feet - Never Left You Go
13. SMD #2A
14. Mega'lo Mania - Emotion
15. Dune - Hand In Hand

- DJ Fukazaw mix - Tracklist

01. DJ Vibes - Sing It Loud
02. X-Static - Ready 2 Go
03. Acen - Trip To The Moon (part 3)
04. Vibes & Wishdokta - Above The Clouds
Supreme, Sunset Regime, Ramos - Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix)
06. Vibes & Wishdokta -Destiny
07. T3 - Gimme The World
08. DJ Ham - Higher (Dj Force The Evolution Remix)
09. DJ Delirium - Be Happy!
10. DJ Vibes - Obsession (Music So Wonderful)
11. Remarc - One 4 Da Vibes
12. Rhythm For Reasons-Tango Album mix
13. DJ Rave In Peace - Void Of E Motion
14. Vibes & Wishdokta - Perfect Dreams
15. Edit V - Sensation
16. DJ Luna-C - The Light
17. DJ Brisk - Airhead
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Runaway
19. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - Go Get Busy (Hardcore Edit)


Yudaidhun Album free DL


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

[KM33] Vital Link - New Dawn EP [Kemet Records 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

A1 - Human Being - The Box (Vital Link & DJ Shadowplay Remix).
A2 - Man Child.
AA1 - Code 64
AA2 - Jungle Life.

Cornerstone jungle label, Kemet continues on with their recent onslaught of red hot releases with the forthcoming 'New Dawn EP' from London and Brighton based junglists Vital Link (aka Leeroy Silk and DJ Disrupta) up for pre-order now. Composed of four massive, contemporary jungle cuts to end 2016 with a BANG!!!

We are first introduced to Vital Link and DJ Shadowplay's reconstruction of Human Being's 1993 underground anthem 'The Box'. Which sees the original's sinister piano melody and iconic 'Hellraiser' samples merge with crisp, rolling breaks and a menacing Reese bassline to create a tearing nuskool jungle update. The mood shifts in a more uplifting direction with the soulful stepper, 'Man Child' with it's combination of gentle guitar licks, soothing vocals and warm bass notes backed by a full-on, head-nodding breakbeat.

The flipside kicks off with 'Code 64' , a punishing barrage of rugged 'Scottie' breaks coupled with a monstrously heavy bass riff peppered with aggressive rap snippets and dialogue ripped from the from the lycanthropic, horror flick, 'Dog Soldiers'. 'Code 64' is a track that grabs you by the throat and doesn't let go!!! The EP is then brought to it's conclusion with the mellow vibed 'Jungle Life'. A classic '94 era jungle styled skank out, which expertly blends together soothing female vocal sighs, classic ragga samples, rolling Think breaks and elements from Roy Ayers legendary 'Everybody Loves The Sunshine'.

If you have a hankering for that timeless, original oldskool jungle sound enhanced by 2016 production techniques, then Vital Link and Kemet more than deliver the goods with this massive four tracker. 

Copies of Vital Link's 'New Dawn EP' 12" vinyl are available to pre-order now from the official Kemet Records webstore for £11.50 (plus P&P). Digital copies will be available to purchase on 16/12/16

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016) [Free Download!!!]

1/ Pursuit - Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016).

This Is Nu-Rave label founder and reknowned DJ and ambassador of all things rave, Pursuit takes on an undisputed oldskool classic with his reinterpretation of The Prodigy's 'Everybody In The Place (155 And Rising)'. Staying true to the format of the original recording, Pursuit adds an extra layer of urgency by introducing a rolling amen break and thundering kickdrums to the mix to create a devastating, 2016 nuskool hardcore update.

Grab yourself a free WAV of Pursuit's 'Everybody Is In The Place (Pursuit's Amen Remix 2016)' via the Soundcloud link below and don't forget to comment and follow if you like what you hear!!!

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