Friday, 3 July 2020

SYNTHESIS - Chromesthesia EP [5-Track Digital EP - KURLY KUTZ]

01. More Than Anyone Has Ever Seen
02. Turn Your Face Towards The Sun (Mastered By Haze)
03. Turn Me Off
04. Fummin Piano
05. Final Revolution (Searching for R Wagner Mix)

The brand new release of Kurly Kutz Records is out now presenting 5 new tracks of a mystery producer called Synthesis; a good riddle hiding behind him, come what may.
'Chromesthesia' is a greek inspired word fully colored and energy of breakbeats and 4/4 euphoric uplifters. A formula that's diverse under Hardcore Breaks of 145 bpm reaching to the top Hardcore Techno joyful 'Final Revolution (Searching for R Wagner Mix)', which is the fastest and top favorit track from this EP.

Noteworthy that 50% of all proceeds of this release will go to mental health charity MIND ( MIND provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. And that's a good cause and reason to support this specific new EP.
Last but not least, on Friday the 3rd July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees again for 24hrs to support the scene, the labels and the artists so every penny goes directly to the creativity.

'Chromesthesia' by Synthesis will be once again supported by Kniteforce Radio and its djs, taking a good look at the future as the label managing team are arsed to do cool stuff oin the pipeline.



Thursday, 2 July 2020

MANI FESTO - All Night EP [12" Vinyl EP - CLUB GLOW]

A1 - All Night
A2 - Trackside
B1 - Cheatin
B2 - Tell Me Why

CLUB GLOW Records strike back and fight corona with their new limited weapon of choice! This time's the label premieres on vinylized releases with a resident established member, dj/producer and artwork aficionado, the man like Mani Festo from Brighton.

We're dealing with an imperative new release, highly expected from the fans for many years as these tunes used to be played out since 2015. It's a 4-track melting pot of influences such as UK Garage, Trip Hop and Dubstep from the man like Mani Festo, who's pleased to unleash his debut record over this mighty collective.

"A1, The title track 'All Night' was written back in 2015 and was on regular rotation at Swamp 81 parties at the time. A staple in the sets of Dj's such as Loefah, Orson and Youngsta it has remained an elusive dubplate until now!

'Trackside' is a continuation of the previous track. A gritty FWD style roller that features samples describing all-nighters painting trains. This is a subtle nod to a miss-spent youth sneaking out and painting Graffiti.

On the flipside 'Cheatin' is yet another unreleased dubplate from the same era as 'All Night'. This caused serious damage on dancefloors as a dub, check out this recording of Loefah and Chunky in Birmingham in 2016 - - Need we say any more?

B2 slows the tempo down for street beat style breakbeat riddim 'Tell Me Why'. This one nods back to the sounds coming out of Bristol in the late 80's and early 90's. A perfect way to round off the release."

This record is limited by 300 copies only, most of these are available through Bandcamp and just a few on selected physical shops. Don't forget that on Friday 3rd of July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees again to support the artists, the labels, the good creativity that's working hard during this weird year.

A record that's a dark futuristic clubbing weapon to save in your soul, holding it tight till your return to the nightlife.
Vibes all around through it... 
And... All night.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


01. Hypakrit
02. Arms Around Me
03. Stars
04. Still Be Here

UK based Fibzy returns to 4 The Core Recordings and suffice to say that this is his most complete work so far on this label. A spot on 4-track EP providing absolutely slamming breakbeats in overall and you can tell that this style reminds quite a lot of Inspector Sands 2016 personal album and loads of Kniteforce.
Big hands-in-the-air belters captured with full-on euphoria and Hardcore joy. A modern mid-90s style shines the second decade of '00s and sounds uplifting. Fibz has scored a startling release and all featured tracks do the justice.
Don't forget that on Friday the 3rd July, Bandcamp are waiving their fees again to help the artists. So you do know what to do then.

Hold tight, fast ride!
'163 EP' on your way!




Thursday, 25 June 2020

DREAM FREQUENCY Special '30' LP via Kickstarter

You make me real!

Dream Frequency. A project, a band, that has filled the dancefloor with the right energy playing out this classic 1992 anthem and even lots of others such as 'Take Me' or 'Good Times', the eminent collabs with the established vocalist Debbie Sharp, or touring in US and Australia with The Prodigy, plus witness the biggest Japanese rave back in the day playing in front of 55,000 nuttah ravers as well as participating on big brands & festivals such as Street Rave Bowlers, Hanger 13, The Metro, The Fubar, Circus Circus, Amnesia, Galactica, Fantazia and Rezerection, Kelly’s...

Above board, there are so much praise and credits to give on the Dream Frequency work over the last years within the scene. Words that 
wouldn't fit into a certain blog about the man like Ian Bland, the main brain behind Dream Frequency. Something bigger than a project, which celebrates 30 years of life this year! Incredible isn't it?

Wanna get more satisfaction from the North of UK then?

And we can now inform you that the genious Ian Bland has recently set up a Kickstarter crowdfunding in order to celebrate DF 30s with a special and ideal release, as huge as it can get. A collector's item for anyone who's been fan of this groundbreaking act, a piece of the Rave history of the past and present. And his plan is to come out on limited CD, limited Vinyl with unlimited love; all in order to pay homage to the Dream Frequency marvellous history!
Check above his official words & statement about his forthcoming 'celebration'.

Ian Bland:

"I'm lucky to have worked with some amazing performers on this album, from the powerful vocal range of Sherie Hartill, the spine-tingling vocals of Tameka Jackson and a lady who needs no introduction, the first lady of DF, the legend Debbie Sharp. These ladies are a force to be reckoned with and I hold nothing but respect for them for producing some goosebump moments on the tracks. Plus a special guest appearance from Skilf as he lays down his own unique lyrical flow on the track Roller coasting, Add to all that, the super talented vocalist and artist Luke Neptune smashes it out of the park on Keeps on playin!

As an extra bonus, there will be remixes from four of my good friends, a legend of the rave scene Rob Tissera with his infectious energy takes it to the next level with his remix of Take Me. Feel So Real is launched into 2020 by one of THE original oldskoolers and top 100 Beatport artist K69. One of Beatherders finest Dave Heaton and all-round good egg brings it home with his driving tech dub of one of our classics and I'm excited to team up with Mr Rejueve himself Si Frater as we smash the massive club anthem "Rejuvenation" often sung by the packed crowds at Beaverworks Mills,

We also have a world exclusive - for the first time in our 30 year history Ultrasonic and Dream Frequency have joined forces with their first-ever track. A force to be reckoned with!!!! Hardcore meets hands in the air vocal piano. Here we, here we, here we F*k*ng go!!!!

There are 20 new tracks in total, ranging from screaming rave anthems, uplifting vocal vibes and a few surprises too!


From full-on rave anthems, crazy costumes and energetic stage show, DF have always "brought the noise" and I would love to do the same with this album.
I have put my heart and soul into every track, I'm SO proud, it's a definite NO FILLERS, ONLY KILLERS !! kind of album.

Dream Frequency "30" will be meticulously produced by myself using the latest mastering and production techniques from my own studio and 30 years in the game as an artist and producer.
You are only 30 once! so to make sure all the packages are all five stars, please be assured I have carefully sourced all our suppliers and designers for the quality of the work they produce. (We aim to have delivery of the packages late September/early Oct as it takes 6 weeks for the vinyl to be manufactured, but we will keep everyone in the loop with regular communications as to where we are in the manufacturing process)"


Wednesday, 24 June 2020

KHYZER ZUKE - Kurly Kutz Vol. 2 [4-Track Digital EP]

01. Atmosfear (Can't Beat The System)
02. Pied Piper
03. Spanish Fairytale
04. Tranquility

Getting a straight pass from his debut EP, Khyzer Zuke hits it again with a second volume, this time quite's different. From the Big Beat-ish of the first release off now to four new tracks, inspired by the Oldskool Rave movement.
A Nu-Ravey melting pot of mixed up breakbeats, euphoric feels riffs and stabs, as well as a wonderful guitar sample on the last and top highlight track from this release, called 'Tranquility'.
Loads of Oldskool Hardcore, Drum & Bass or Garage influences on this new release, mostly close to 140 bpm range for your listening pleasure. Apparently it's a dj friendly EP too.

All in all, this time brace yourselves to get tucked into this new work by Khyzer Zuke and transcend to another dimension. A dimension of good use of samples, a bit of scratching and modern techniques.

And as a kind reminder, Bandcamp are waiving their fees this Friday 3th July, for 24 hours, thus all profits will go straight to the labels & artists.




Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Damage Inc. Hardcore Breaks Project On Kickstarter

There comes a time when producers and labels need more support than anything else. The infamous Hardcore Breaks act, Damage Inc. having some financial issues at the moment due to the lockdown, thus they have decided to face that with music.

They've recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter for an exclusive Hardcore Breaks release. The crowdfunding has almost reached the half of the goal, which is $633 in total.
When its done there will be one more campaign going straight to every backer and that's about a special 12" Vinyl release which you can decide what type of tracks you wish to see on wax. Yes! You read it correctly. For more info go to the facebook group about Damage Inc. Kickstarter campaign to interact with this new concept and get some real action, live streams with the progress of the tracks, chat etc.

-The Private group's link is right here:-

The facebook group is available to the backers of the project only.
So, you may pledge to enter...

More info @

Thursday, 11 June 2020


Greek producer/DJ, Motivbreaks has just released one more single off his Bandcamp page.

'Tokyo' is his mysterious trip down lane to modern Breaks of intelligence, an impeccable new track under 128 BPM that's following his debut album 'The Warehouse Revival' which charted on Beatport Breaks Charts. 
Motivbreaks is currently working on a new album which will be varied of styles as he said. Till then, relax and enjoy his contemporary music, flying over to Tokyo ...