Friday, 19 April 2019

[INVSN024] Breekda, Octopus & Duplum Ego - The Are Among Us / Beyond To Death [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ Breekda & Octopus -The Are Among Us.
2/ Duplum Ego - Beyond To Death

The war of the machines rages on with Invasion Recordings latest neurofunk offering with Breekda, Octopus and Duplum Ego's pitch black industrial drum & bass single, 'The Are Among Us / Beyond To Death'.

We are first introduced to Breekda & Octopus' uncompromising slice of android funk that is 'The Are Among Us'. A track which revitalises that classic millennial, techstep sound to great effect, creating a perfectly bleak, dark sci-fi vibe.

The portentous atmosphere continues with 'Beyond To Death' by Duplum Ego, which combines jarring, mecha-noise sound FX with a relentless 2-step break pattern, droning bass riffs and rasping midrange synth notes. 

If your D&B preferences lean towards the oppressively synthetic and inhuman side of the genre, then Breekda, Octopus and Duplum Ego's latest neuro future anthems will be guaranteed to get your circuits blown!!!

Breekda, Octopus & Duplum Ego's 'The Are Among Us / Beyond To Death' single is available to download now from Invasion Recordings' official store...

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Thursday, 18 April 2019

[RGRLP015] Indigo Virus - Pressure EP [4-Track EP Available To Download Now From Ruff Guidance Records!!!]

1/ Obey.
2/ Soundscape Style.
3/ Stalker.
4/ The Calling.

Ruff Guidance Recordings present yet another fine selection of breaks and bass showcasing the deeper side of jungle and drum & bass, with the release 'Pressure EP' from the ever versatile Indigo Virus.

We are first introduced to the tense atmospherics of 'Obey', a track which builds up an ominous sound pallet with it's use of sweeping, cinematic textures and dissonant sounds, paired with stepping breaks and moody bass pulses.

'Soundscape Style' up next reels the listener in with it's stripped back, retro-junglistic intro, leading you to expect some dark, screwface sound business, before delivering an absolutely gorgeous, pad driven drop that's pure ambrosia for the soul.

The aptly titled 'Stalker' takes us down a darker path with it's use of noirish Rhodes keys set to a "live" percussive drum pattern, further accentuated by skittering piano notes that conjure up visions of hundreds of spiders crawling down your spine. 

Reaching the EP's adrenalising conclusion, 'The Calling' first immerses us in it's haunting reverb soaked pad and and cavernous bassline driven intro, before unleashing some serious amen break choppage into the mix to get the heart pumping. 

With his latest musical anthology, Indigo Virus easily dispels any accusation that electronic music lacks soul. If you love your jungle / D&B with a deep and ethereal aesthetic then don't let this one pass you buy. 

The Indigo Virus 'Pressure EP' album is available to purchase now, exclusively from the official Ruff Guidance Records' Bandcamp store in any digital format for £4 (or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future projects!!!).

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A1 - Coco Bryce - Come 2 U
A2 - Coco Bryce X Dead Man's Chest - True Rebellion
B1 - Coco Bryce - Beats Like This
B2 - Like Normal Death

One of the most rising talents within the Jungle scene, the Dutch badman Coco Bryce has returned with a brand new personal record, coming out on Bristol's Western Lore.

'Beats Like This' EP consists of 4 kind of different tracks, from the self-titled ravy inspired tune, onto Yoel's collab with label's manager, DJ/producer & visual artist, Dead Man's Chest, who's been pushing it real hard over the last years, and this collab is simultaneously amazing and equals their similar style of Jungle approach.
The opener track is the most catchy 'Come 2 U'. One of the tracks that can be described as Coco Bryce trademark. These vocals do justice on this great crispy gem! A relentless proof, how Yoel knows the right way to achieve doing a hit like this one here! Closing this great sophisticated underground EP by taking us on his mini Hip Hop revival entitled 'Like Normal Death' as finisher and laid-back vibe of a tune.

The official release date of this record is on May the 10th, available on digital and heavyweight (180g) black 12" Vinyl, shrink-wrapped & housed in a full art reverse board sleeve.
Apparently there's more to come from the man himself, as he's already announced a brand new personal album out soon on Fresh 86.

Certainly if you're searching for the new Jungle breed, the next level, a prolific producer who chases himself to become better day by day by working hard, then you'd follow Netherland's Myor Massiv don!



Idealz-Heavyweight EP

Idealz lands musical right hooks, Hardcore Rave style with the 'Heavyweight EP' on Kniteforce!

Originally posted on Life Support Machine

From the moment you hear the opening track 'Getting Warm' you know you are in for something special. You could describe this track as 'Hardcore DnB' with it's pacey 2 step beats and the 'school of hard knocks' style keys that pop up throughout the track. The melodic pianos and housey vocals add another original layer to this highly unique, action packed rhythm.

'Bells'N'All' opens with a mixture of Jungle bleeps and Bells mixed in with orchestral sounding notes. A medley of rolling breaks, sassy vocal refrains and growling bass lead into some more orchestral sounds and a dash of acid 303. It's Jungle, Jim but not as we know it. Oh... and it BANGS!!!!

'Heavyweight' gets majorly Junglistic with a muscley Ray Keith style Reese bass and an array of dark effects and a bad bwouy horn section. This could turn Sir David Attenborough into a BADMON!!!!
'Dust Chaos' opens with a statement of menace, the bass is instantaneous and in no mood to take prisoners! Intense, high frequency Ragga Hardcore keys propel this tune towards a plethora of infamous vocals as the ferocity and fervour increases. Did I mention the drums on this tune are amazing! The beats switch and morph at such a rate, it's difficult to comprehend!

'Gonna Get Ya' has a playful feel with quirky musical arrangements, soulful leanings and some 00's style filthy bass. The 4x4 kicks mix seamlessly with the breaks giving this closing track a Ragga-Tek feel in a soundclash with mid 90s Breakbeat Hardcore.

Just when you think Hardcore has reached it's creative peak, an EP like this comes along and reminds you there's so much more potential in the genre and plenty of fun and good times to be had with it.


Monday, 15 April 2019

RIFFZ - Da Ultimate Danger LP [10track LP - Out on Limited CD + DIGITAL]

01. Everybody Say 
02. Back Tha Funk
03. k1llth3br4in
04. 1 Moar Gabba
05. Troublez
06. Yes I Wanna 
07. Not U (ft. PZG) 
08.Weak Soundboy Suicide 
09. Junkyhopping 3000
10. Danger

Advocators of the Footwork sound can easily admit that Poland seems to be the greatest 'mother' over the last years, offering smashing and high velocity Ravey Footwork/Juke and Junglistic vibes.
PZG, Dubsknit, Polish Juke and Riffz do the telling for real!

The latter has released his first ever full length album entitled 'Da Ultimate Danger LP' comprised of 10 tracks of total blast!
More specific, an amazing blend of Amen Breaks, Rave stabs, basslines, 808 tings and of course his usual Footwork stylee! A variety of different tunes from
unes such as 'Yes I Wanna' or '1 Moar Gabba' and his collab with his local brother PZG 'Not U' to the closing Ragga deep Junglistic 'Danger'.
All tunes proving how mad skillful and Jungle nutter is this badman!

I'd rather describe 'Da Ultimate Danger LP' as an alternative Breakcore record that should not be missed from your collection. Just to get into the point, this producer has been running an amazing year, especially since 2018 when he played on BangFace, moreover you can tell that this 10track work is a kinda transubstantiation of the hardest festival all around the globe.

Available now in both digital & limited CD over his bandcamp page!
Anyone purchasing the CD copy of the album can get some special Riffz stickers too!




Sunday, 14 April 2019


Mr. hardware addict and a good friend of this blog, the man like Indigo Virus based in Berkshire/UK has returned to 36 Hertz with one more personal work, that had to be featured on this blog even if its 2 months old now.
Fresh and ruff defining four astonishing badboy Hardcore Breaks tracks, Brett sees a future rewound onto his new work, where he's actually reworking his 4tracker 'Rhythm Shift' EP which came out 4 years ago on 36 Hertz.

There are not so many producers nowadays that put out this type of crispy sound. The Flashback Project, Sanxion, Nefti, Vinyl Junkie and Indigo Virus are maybe on the elite team of 140 Jungle Breaks chefs.
His opener 'Media' is totally displaying his full love about The Prodigy with some hot stabs in, while 'Dutty Yat' draws for the string led intro style before building to a huge distorted lead bass breakdown which rolls into classic amens and twisted synths.
'Revolution' intros with kicks building to the rolling out stabs and bass that open the track up to a nice 303 lead to close the track off.
Closing with 'Sideways Maneoveres' a combo of mentasm with breakbeats, an ideal oldskool bomb to finish this gem of a release!

'RHYTHM SHIFT REWOUND' is an EP that you won't erase from your mind. All tunes are futuristic reworked and sound more intense than ever! Out in all major digital platforms as well as on 36 Hertz Bandcamp page

#GLOWBUZZ: Episode 005: The Man Behind The Mask Essential + Exclusive Interview With Mark Archer (DJ Nex / Altern 8 / Nexus 21)!!!

For the latest episode of GLOWBUZZ 005: The Man Behind The Mask Essential , our resident reporter GL0WKiD gets up close and personal to bring you an exclusive interview with one of the founding forefathers of UK rave, the legendary Mark Archer.

Mark reveals the inception of his musical journey as founding member of iconic acts Nexus 21, Altern 8 and solo project DJ Nex, shares his rave memories and reflects on the passing of the late, great Prodigy icon Keith Flint as well as discussing his more recent achievements and forthcoming appearance at The Boiler Room.

It's time to tune in, turn on and drop out for #GLOWBUZ: Episode 005: The Man Behind The Mask Essential !!!

Music & Videos featured:

Altern 8 - A D-8 With Pleazure [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - Real Time Status [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - Evapor8 [NETWORK RECORDS]
DJ Nex - DJ Nex's Theme [STAFFORD NORTH]
DJ Nex - Respect Is Due [STAFFORD NORTH]
Altern 8 - Underground [NETWORK RECORDS]
Mark Archer - Tripod + 1 [De:tuned]
Altern 8 - Move My Body (Hard-Hardcore Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Mark Archer Live @ Bangface (March 2019)
Mark Archer Live @ Boiler Room (May 2016)
Mark Archer @ Steam Club Athens (Sunrise Zone - March 2019)
Nexus 21 - Together (Live @ Dancedaze - December 1990)
Altern 8 - Brutal-8-e (Live @ Dance Energy)
Altern 8 - Activ 8 [Full Promo Video - sent by Mark Archer]
Liquid-8 Feat. Davina Myers - Colourblind [WAREHOUSE WAX]
Liquid-8 Feat. Davina Myers - The One [CAN YOU FEEL IT HOUSE]
Altern 8 - Everybody (2 Bad Mice Remix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - Hypnotic St8 (Live @ Dance Energy)
Altern 8 - First of May [NETWORK RECORDS]
Nexus 21 - (Still) Life Keeps on Moving [BLUE CHIP]
Inner City - Let It Reign (Altern 8 Know The Score Mix) [10 RECORDS]
Full-On Megamix Of Full-On Mask Hysteria (Brutal-8-E/Re-Indulge/A D-8 With Plezure/Activ-8/8's Revenge/Armageddon) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Mark Archer - Frequency (AGT Rave Cru Remix) [BALKAN VINYL]
AGT Rave Cru - I've Got A Bad Feeling About This [RAVE WARS]
Slo Moshun - Bells of New York [6 x 6 RECORDS]
C & M Connection - Another Night (Electro) [BLUE CHIP]
Xen Mantra - Golden Delicious (Original Le Crunch Mix) [STAFFORD SOUTH]
Altern 8 VS Evelyn King - Shame (Hardcore Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Altern 8 - One For John (DJ Nex Mix) [NETWORK RECORDS]
Phuture Assassins - Roots 'N' Future (Altern 8's Dark Future Remix) [SUBURBAN BASE]

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NEXUS 21...

#GLOWBUZZ Episode 005: The Man Behind The Mask Essential was shot in November 2018 in various places around East London/Brighton in UK.

* Presented & Directed by GL0WKiD...
* Photography by Marina El...
* Video Editing by GL0WKiD & Akrivi Kollia...
* Intro Music by 2NZY/Damage Inc.
* Outro - Altern 8 - Activ 8 (Come With me) (Vix-Vapo Mix) (Network Records).
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