Wednesday, 17 September 2014

NGNB002:: BeatRapist 'Amenator EP' [out now on Good News Boppers]

BeatRapist a.k.a 'The Amenator' is back on his main 'music home' like Good News Boppers. This time delivering 2 new tracks titled 'Ruff In The Jungle' and 'Rewind My Selecta' full of his special insane hardcore jungle dope. 

Grab your copies now and prepare for a new hit of him or just say.... "Hasta La Vista Baby'

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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Strictly NuSkool Blog Podcast 006 - DJ Mystery & Stormski


Audio Noir-R3wind 1988
Gohda-Ocean Fresh
Base Club-Piano Mash Up 001 (Rave Mix)
Triple Sod-A Couple Of Fortnights In A bad Baloon
MR Sin-Bust That Groove
C J Reign-Ignition Beats
Gareth Monks-Acen's Urban Breakdown
MR Sin-Stoopid
DJ Flow-Journey Into Sound
Sparki Dee-Pursuit Of Darkness (The Beat The Bass)
Shilton & Justify-Years Of Solitude
A Bit Of Ruff-Higher Then
Amiga Breaks-True Rush
Cavil-Abaddon Riddim
DJ SS & EQ-DJs Anthem Vol 1 (Nicky Allen 2014 Remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-Fantasy
DJ Mark C-Sightseers From Space
DJ Mark C-Respect Ya Bass Bins
Stu Chapman-Cuts Like A Ninja (Ruff Tactics 2004 remix)
DJ Nicky Allen-Bad Boy
Beat Rapist-Coming Up Cold
DJ Mark C-Into The Unknown
Mad Dog-Monged Out (DJ Mystery & Nicky Allen 2014 Remix)
Pursuit-Oh Yeah
Tango & Ratty-Tales from The Darkside (DJ Nicky Allen 2014 Remix)
Tango & Ratty-Tales from The Darkside (Gareth Monks Remix)
Terry Sun-I Like The Bass
X Nation-Inner City
Tic Tac Toe-Ephemerol (Mulder 2014 Remix)
Stormski-Not In Our Name

Monday, 15 September 2014

WTDIGINU001:: Motiv 'Come Alive EP' [out now on WHITE TOWER DIGITAL]

It's the rebirth of the Greek Nu-Rave label, White Tower Digital Records, which 'comes alive' to the masses! Motiv a.k.a Stamatis & Vassilis delivering a massive nu-rave d&b oldskool inspired gem with atmospheric vocals and uplifting mood, while Orestiz switches to a 140 jungle breaks rework of it. 'Come Alive EP' is the title of the release and the best thing you have to do it let yourself join the world of nu-rave emotions and hard beats!
I'm personally really happy supporting these guys through my radio show and this Blog, as they are true spirits and hardcore heads! This release is out now and calling you to dig it and spread it.


Come Alive [EDIT]
Come Alive [ORESTIZ 140 EDIT]

Grab your copy now:

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Soundeo  here




Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dani B - All Believers (100me Remix) [out now on Bad Habit Muzik]

Bad Habit Muzik hits the #1 spot on TrackItDown, once again, delivering a fresh tune from Dani B part of the 'All Believers Remixes'. This time the solo project of Alex Hilliar, a.k.a. 100me, on the remix duties bringing a big 140 future jungle breaks vibe! Great EP indeed with Stranger Rollers /Bad Habit on wicked UK garage rework.

(Mastered by Audio Animals)

Grab your copy here

Check out the official video of 'Dani B - All Believers [Original Mix]'

Bad Habit Muzik


Friday, 12 September 2014

Silent Force - Silent Force EP [Limited To 100 Copies Vinyl Only Pre-Order]

A1 - Tiger Feeling.
AA1 - Afterlife.
AA2 - In The Groove.
Brand new oldskool sounding, Jungle/Drum & Bass label Silent Force Recordings from Greece based artist Silent Force steps into the fore with it's first vinyl , 3-track EP. Opening track 'Tiger Feeling' features soothing flute sounds and ferocious breakbeat choppage over a lively, bouncing bassline to create an intensely energetic track. 'Afterlife' follows next with tearing amens and gorgeous harp twangs before a twisting synth stab is introduced. Last but not least, 'In The Groove' rounds up the EP on a soulful groove with stepping breaks, chilled bass throbs and soothing synths.
The 'Silent Force EP' on a whole is steeped in classic jungle styling and wouldn't have sounded out of place on classic labels like Reinforced and Whitehouse, or even on more current labels like Scientific Wax and Foundation X. A pure Jungle/Drum & Bass EP where breakbeat manipulation is has been a fore running factor.
Mastered by jungle/drum & bass/future jungle legend Bay B Kane, this is an essential release for all vinyl heads and junglists.

To pre-order your copy for the UK & Europe price of £15 per copy (including P&P) follow the link below...

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Gareth Monks - The Manix Stampede [Strictly NuSkool Blog Exclusive Free WAV Download]

1/ The Manix Stampede.
Hardcore Breaks producer extraordinaire, Gareth Monks brings to the Strictly NuSkool Blog another epic blend of oldskool anthems. Borrowing elements from the classic Reinforced Records and Suburban Base artists and combining them to create another hardcore belter with strong 1992 influences.
If you have fond memories, or an appreciation of the Dave Charlesworth 'Energizer' series, then this'll float your boat.

Please give your support to Gareth on the link below...

[KFA62] Doughboy – Heartbreaker E.P (Executive Edition) [Kniteforce Again - Out Now]

1/ Heartbreaker.
2/ Bass Is Kickin.
3/ Pump It.
4/ Holiday.
5/ Chill (Executive Edition Only).
6/ Hardcore Sirens (Executive Edition Only).

Kniteforce Again returns onto the scene once more, this time introducing label newcomer Doughboy's debut release the 'Heartbreaker E.P'. featuring 4 full on, pumping, euphoric, bass driven tracks (6 if you get in early for the Executive Edition release).
From the trance-tinged title track 'Heartbreaker', a pounding piece of upfront hardcore with clever use of vocal edits and it's trap/bassline house influenced companion 'Bass Is Kickin'. It becomes clear that Doughboy has spanned his EP across several genres whilst keeping a similar ecstatic vibe throughout.
'Pump It' adds a touch of modern drum & bass to the mix, whereas the excellent 'Holiday' takes us on a moodier and unexpected hardcore-ragtime romp (trust me on this, it works a treat!). There's piano-infused, acid hardcore on the cards for Executive Edition exclusive track 'Chill' and to round things up Doughboy bookends the EP with some classic, breakbeat happy-hardcore with 'Hardcore Sirens'(just check the oldskool rolling breaks on this one!).

All in all, a future classic 6-track EP packed with energetic dancefloor bangers.

The Doughboy 'Heartbreaker E.P' is available from the Kniteforce Revolution link below...