Saturday, 16 February 2019

[BREED 23] WISLOV - From Another World 12" EP [KNITEBREED RECORDS]

A1. Your Mind
A2. Do You Wanna Stay
B1. From Another World
B2. Give Up The Funk

Tenerife's finest son over the last decades, the man like Wislov has found his Promise Land, which is based on the KF planet of nuskool Hardcore aliens who make some outstanding releases especially the last couple of years.
New breed, new blood, new talents, extra force; and Wislov has signed his 2nd personal work on KF sub-label, Knitebreed!

'From Another World' is the name of his 2019 launching release and it's surely a remarkable record to get. We can't skip our most favourite tune from there which is 'From The Other World' or a Wislov trademark track that is the opener 'Your Mind'. First time I played the A1, it felt like 'Yes! This is the original and official Wislov stylee!''. Amazing tunes all around, professional work and proud to say that we're dealing with some quality Breakbeat Hardcore, ladies & gents!
But what Luna-C, the head honcho says about this new 12" EP?

"Wislov has honed his sound and produced something sublime. This new EP is darker than the previous one, and more serious. It is more underground. And it is much better for it. Subtle yet in your face, this is the music of my early rave days, it is an EP full of tunes that make the night special. I literally had chills listening to it. It made me feel like I did in my first raving years at Labrynth. All the tunes are amazing, and the drumwork is brilliant. This EP remains uplifiting without ever resorting to obvious tricks or easy options. It is superb."

As always, this brand new 12" Vinyl EP comes out on limited units and non available digitally!


DJ NEST - Jungle Valentines Massacre Mix 2019

Greek based Amiga Junglist and D&B addict, DJ Nest has recently offered a marvellous Vinyl mix showing his Valentine love to the Oldskool Drum & Bass & Jungle.
Keeping it oldskool with Vinyls and SL-1200MKII gear.

You can download the mix here


[SF031] eZeeJay - Step To This/The Flow [SONIC FORTRESS]

01. eZeeJay & MC Reset - Step To This
02. eZeeJay - The Flow

Sonic Fortress is still in BOOYAKA! mood; a compilation which was one of the biggest within the Hardcore scene from last year. And this year, the SF crew plans to cook more immense stuff & more dopeness. Till then, they've just launched 2019 with a remarkable 2track digital EP by a good local producer eZeeJay.

'Step To This' is a collaboration of himself featuring the almighty MC Reset, a ceremony mightyhead who knows how to burn the stage of huge Rave festival brands (e.g. Epidemik).

The selft titled tune is a serious uplifter originally produced some years ago, getting a fair release now over SF. MC Reset knows how to 'hug' this lovely driven piano rhythms. A really really addictive Nu-Rave track!
Track number 2 is titled 'The Flow' and it's a ruff Hardcore Breaks badboy tune that goes mad with the flow! An absolutely slamming tune for your sets, hailing all DJ heads out there, searching for something sophisticated!

Finally, noteworthy also to mention that eZeeJay runs his own imprint over the last 10+ years. And f
or more details, you can read the story so far of Fusion Recordings in here.




Friday, 15 February 2019


A.  12-Bit
AA.  Drums For Freedom

Two veterans and legends in the game team up for a class release, and specifically a massive reload of the label. Namely, it's all about Finland's producer/DJ/mastering engineer FANU brand new release on Straight Up Breakbeat, therefore this EP can be also described as a maximum reboot of the label which was a bit quiet in releases the last years.

For those who are unaware of the story so far, Straight Up Breakbeat is the first and of course the oldest Jungle/Drum & Bass label in Finland born in 1996; founded and run by DJ Dizzy an old chap in the D&B game since mid-90s.

So, this fresh EP consists of two amazing tracks delivered with intensity by FANU, a proper D&B bizz, absolutely oldschool inspired, moreover something from the good old days of Intelligent. But it's not past. It happens now and it's fresh! If you still don't believe that, you got to listen to the 'Drum For Freedom', the most favourite from this plate, especially on the jazzy part. Sexy and tight as it can get!
This EP seems to be the most ideal way to launch the new year; reboot of a legendary label, followed also by a big release on Metalheadz.

All in all, this personal EP by FANU is out now and available on 12" Vinyl and Digital. 
Beware of the SUBB004 vibes!



Mastered by Fanu. Vinyl mastering & lacquer cut by Beau @ Ten Eight Seven.
Vinyl pressed at Record Industry & distributed by Unearthed Sounds.


mixing & mastering service

Thursday, 14 February 2019


01. Higher
02. Rock To The Beat
03. Get Funky
04. Why Can't We See

Is anything Hardcore over the South East of UK?
The answer is a big YES by 4 The Core Recordings, a label that stands out since last year, delivering the message of quality & uplifting Hardcore music made by some talented producers all around the globe.

This hard working label launched the new year with the second personal EP by DJ Revive, who's in mad progress the last period, especially since his EP on Strictly Nuskool Blog and in regards to this new work; it's an absolute elevator EP! 
In full effect!
This is the modern aspect of Happy Hardcore sound of the second decade of 00's inspired of course by the '94-'95 era, displaying also some UK Hardcore uplifters!
Revive has that key element to boost your 4/4 happy mood up in the sky.
Pianos, Breakbeats, Oldskool style, ravey synthesized stabs and even!
This is the real deal and something that won't disappoint yuou at all.

'Re-Revived' consists of 4 amazing belters and is out now digitally!



Wednesday, 13 February 2019

ETHAN FAWKES - Hoovers & Stabs Album [CD + Digital]

The long anticipated album by Belgium based Ethan Fawkes has been unveiled and you can tell that the clear message in here is simply hidden on one single tune.

'Belgium Is Back' is namely, a proper banger, easily could be off 1991 core of Oldschool Techno sound, followed by 10 other tunes, some of them already released during last year on digital & limited 7" Vinyls.

'Hoovers & Stabs' is the name of the Ethan's 3rd personal album coming out on a CD & Digital format and seems to be at the moment a perfect weapon for those who're fancy for bleeps, hoovers, rave stabs, hardcore mentality and proper illecit raveness!

These vibes were raised and championed in Belgium back then, thus this release is an ultimate reminder for it.
Full support to this great artist who's specified on this genre and respects his music roots & influences.
Everything's covered in complete on 'Hoovers & Stabs'. Are you ready?

Last but not least and just to whet your appetite, here's a videoclip of 'Belgium Is Back' with Ethan Fawkes expressing himself on his vibe. Proper nutta for a proper nutta tune!



[PARA004] Tim Reaper - Dead & Buried + [PARA005 / KVA009] Freshtrax & HMS - 2 Go Mad In Boscaland / A Man Called Doom [2 x 12" Vinyl Pre-Orders Available Now!!!]

The Parallax Recordings and Keeping Vinyl Alive crews are back with a vengeance in 2019, with two essential 12" vinyl pre-orders available for reservation, with jungle don, Tim Reaper's deep and dark 'Dead & Buried' EP, and two rare-as-hean's-teeth, oldskool classics from Freshtrax & HMS, the '2 Go Mad In Boscaland' and 'Man Called Doom' complied together on one exclusive and official EP!!!

[PARA 004] Tim Reaper - Dead & Buried.

A1 - Dead & Buried.
A2 - Dope Break.
B1 - Journey  To The Moon.
B2 - One 1 Crew - Bad Dreams (Tim Reaper Remix).

For anyone with even the most basic knowledge of contemporary jungle, the name Tim Reaper will need no introduction when it comes to tearing amens, deep atmospheric and cavernous basslines. For his debut appearance on Parallax Recordings, Tim rewinds us back to 1993 to bring us his contemporary take on darkside jungle tekno with his 'Dead & Buried' EP.

Opening to the pitch black sounds of thundering, amen junglism, with title track 'Dead & Buried', which holds the torch of Golden Era darkcore aloft, with it's fusion of rapid-fire, machine-gun snares, relentless 4/4 kicks and sinister pads. And if that ain't enough to convince you the wait for the twisted breakdown!!!

'Dope Break' up next takes us on a more melodic, jungle techno trip with it's use of sweeping strings and melancholic pads, all set to a precision crafted combination of rolling amens, pounding kickdrums and descending bass pattern.

Kicking off the flip-side we have my personal favourite out of the four, the sinister slice of darkcore that is 'Journey To The Moon', which hits the listener with a barrage of rolling breaks, kicks and booming bassline comparable to output of classic 1993 labels such as Dark Horse Records and Symphony Sounds.

The collection is brought to an explosive close with a track which featured on K.V.A. and Parallax's debut joint venture release, the On 1 Crew's 'Bad Dreams' which receives a heavyweight, 2019 revamp from the man like Tim Reaper himself.

With the 'Dead & Buried' EP, Tim Reaper proves that the sounds of darkly atmospheric, yet brutally uncompromising jungle techno is still far from being run into the ground. This fresh take on the darkcore style is not to be missed and is an essential addition to your vinyl collection. Buy it now!!!

Tim Reaper's 'Dead & BuriedEP is available to pre-order from the official Parallax Recordings webstore for €14.99 (plus P&P)...

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[PARA005 / KVA009] Freshtrax & HMS - 2 Go Mad In Boscaland / Man Called Doom.

A1 - Do It.
A2 - The Believer.
B1 - Version Excursion.
B2 - No Limits.
B2 - Feel It.

Requiring little introduction for any self-respecting enthusiast of oldskool hardcore, the legendary pairing of Freshtrax & HMS on the infamous Little Giant Music label in 1992 saw the duo unleash a flurry of extremely sought after underground anthems. Parallax Recordings in collaboration with Keeping Vinyl Alive pull off a major coup by unleashing fully remastered and restored, reissues of the '2 Go Mad In Boscaland' single and the 'Man Called Doom EP' on vinyl. Two veritble hardcore Holy Grails!!!

'2 Go Mad In Boscaland' opens up to the dubwise, rave sounds of 'Do It', a potent blend of euphoric stabs, crunching 'Hip This House' breaks and a rumbling bassline that is just positively overflowing with good vibes, guaranteed to put a smile on your face. 

'Do It' is joined by 'The Believer', an adrenalising fusion of hadcore and techno elements driven by an infectious 'Landlord' stab riff, pounding kicks, breaks and hi-hats and soulful, male vocal snippets that will get all hands aloft on the dancefloor.

The flipside opens with 'Version Excursion' from the 'A Man Called Doom' EP, which takes us down the route of early jungle tekno with it's usage of deep, techno bass notes paired with thundering breaks, ascending rave synths and iconic dancehall vocal samples. 

'No Limits' follows in close succession with a pulsating mash-up of instantly recognisable, euphoric rave staples - an undulating bassline, J.F.K.'s iconic "we choose to go to the moon" speech, D Train 'Keep On' vocals and piano stabs aplenty, to create an unashamedly uplifting piece of breakbeat hardcore.  

Bringing the quintet to a resounding conclusion we have 'Feel It', a track which borrows the electrifying synth from The Prodigy's 'Fire (Genaside II Remix)', and interweaves it into a maelstrom of stabs, hoovers and house vocals to devastating effect. 

The professionally restored and remastered '2 Go Mad In Boscaland / A Man Called Doom' EP ensures that oldskool vinyl fanatics will now finally be able to won a piece of rave history, as well as ensure that the memory of the late, great HMS is remembered by generations to come.

The Freshtrax & HMS '2 Go Mad In Boscaland / A Man Called Doom' EP is available to pre-order from the official Parallax Recordings webstore for €14.99 (plus P&P), or from Keeping Vinyl Alive for £12.99 (also plus P&P).

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