Thursday, 19 July 2018

[KLPR023] Devastate - Time For Something Different [Available Now From All Good KLP Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Time For Something Different.
2/ To The 808.
3/ Time For Something Different (Chainsaw Mix).

DJ Devastate makes a welcome return to the KLP Records camp with... something just a little bit different from the label's usual junglistic fare. The 'Time For Something Different' EP marks the KLP brand's first step into full-on jump-up drum & bass, but don't panic just yet. These are straight up dancefloor anthems, not obnoxious, bassline free noise fests.

Title track 'Time For Something Different' kicks off the process with smooth, mellow pad opening and a relentless 2-step breakbeat pattern, before you are hit with a devastating dub bass riff and rasping midrange synth combo that'll get everyone's feet movin'. 

Up next we are introduced to the booty shaking 'To The 808', a killer nuskool jungle track which expertly blends together haunting, cloud rap style piano melodies with a booming bassline, hyperkinetic breaks and hypnotic female rap vocals.

Rounding the collection off we have the 'Chainsaw Mix' of 'Time For Something Different', which twists up that midrange synth riff to oblivion and adds extra 'chainsaw' for those who prefer a more industrial edge to their tunes!!!

If you are seeking some hard-hitting, dancefoor anthems to get your sets jumping, then look no further than Devastate's latest offering here!!! 

The 'Scientist's top pick = 'To The 808' for it's infectiously catchy, moody melodies. 

Devastate's 'Time For Something Different' EP is available to purchase from all good KLP Records digital and streaming stores now!!!



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Monday, 9 July 2018

[INVSN017] TwinBrix - Selector / Intelligence [Invasion Recordings Beatport Exclusive Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ Selector.
2/ Intelligence.

Germanic neurofunk pioneers, TwinBrix return to Invasion Recordings, bringing with them a duo of deep, dark and sinister drum & bass tracks with the release of the 'Selector / Intelligence' single.

Opening up to the trance like sounds of arpeggiated, synth notes and rising pads, 'Selector' soon hits you with a a razor sharp kick/snare combo coupled with rasping mid-range section, guaranteed to get your head nodding. 

Companion piece, 'Intelligence' delivers a dystopian, sci-fi soundscape set to a series of uncompromising 2-step breaks that conjures up visions of an Apocalyptic cybernetic uprising on the dancefloor.

Any self respecting neurofunk connoisseur, and lover of meticulously crafted D&B should not hesitate to add this to their musical arsenal!!!

The TwinBrix 'Selector / Intelligenceis available to download as an exclusive Beatport pre-release before going on general release, so be quick befoe everyone else gets on board!!!


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ETHAN FAWKES - James Brown's Return [Limited 5" + Digital]

Belgium based producer Ethan Fawkes has the right answer on the right time getting James Brown on a rushing Hardcore Techno resurrection!! It's been exactly 27 years after James Brown rave death by the almight Dutch L.A. Style and now it's kind of reborn and revived on a special mental release by this established genious of an artist.
'James Brown's Return' is the name of Ethan's brand new and totally recommended release given on a limited number of sexy 5" lathe cut Vinyl + digis.

Further info about the tunes in: The A. side black with label and music, while B. side is colored; and on the digital there's an extended version.Grab it while you can, there are only just a few hard copies left!!



Saturday, 7 July 2018

V.A. - BACK TO BASS Vol.5 [36 HERTZ]

01. SR – We Enter
02. Delphi Productions – See The Devil
03. Indigo Virus – Signals
04. Jem One – Textures
05. DJ Vapour – 92 93 94
06. Zippy – And I Know
07. Fringe – Music
08. Skru – Angra Dub
09. NC17 – Jason Never Dies
10. Coolhand Flex – Velocity
11. Vince Rollin – Obsession
12. Sub Fusion – Reverse Psychosis
13. Sanz – Chat bout
14. DJ Vapour – Only Ze Smellz

2008-2018. Ten years of hard work and quality work within the Drum & Bass and Jungle scene by DJ Vapour and his very own imprint 36 HERTZ Recordings.
And now after 2 years of working on an album project its time to be unleashed the long awaited 5th volume edition of 'BACK TO BASS' infamous series of 36 Hertz.
It's out now and available digitally comprised of 14 absolute bass in your face slams made by the dream team of DJ Vapour, Jem One, Coolhand Flex, NC17, Vince Rollin, Fringe, SR, Delphi Productions, Indigo Virus, Sanz, Zippy, Skru and Sub Fusion!

Once again it fills any gap with proper Drum & Bass/Jungle style and noteworythy the fact that it has also been featured on BBC Radio 1 by Rene Lavice. Specifically 'Music' by Canada based Hardcore Junglist Fringe.

'BACK TO BASS Vol.5' is all you need with the likes of a legend like Coolhand Flex to label manager Vapour or new talented and aspring producers like Greek based Skru, or Sanz and Sub Fusion alongside 36 well known suspects Jem One, SR or Indigo Virus & Delphi Productions.
So, if you're a Drum & Bass fan and love some hot breakbeats with heavy basslines this one's totally recommended for you!


[FREE SINGLE] Marc OFX - Stay Awake [Free Unified Audio Recordings Digital Download!!!]

1/ Marc OFX - Stay Awake.

Multi genre spanning producer, Marc OFX and Unified Audio Recordings present their latest free release, with 'Stay Awake' up for grabs on Soundcloud now.

Featuring a slick downtempo opening with vocal elements taken from Breakage & MC Kemo massive 'Temper' track. 'Stay Awake' weaves it's own identity by adding a thundering dub bassline, electro-esque synth melodies and frenetic drum & bass second half to create a perfect blend of contrasting, yet complimentary styles. 

If soulful, dub flavoured liquid drum & bass is going to be the soundtrack to your Summer, then grab yourself a copy of this to add to your collection!!!

The Marc OFX 'Stay Awake' single is available to download for free from the official Unified Audio Recordings Soundcloud page. Grab your copy from the link below and don't forget to Follow, Comment and Share....

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Thursday, 5 July 2018

[INVSN016] Facade - Division Of The Synth [Available To Download Now From All Good Digital Music Stores!!!]

1/ Hi Blue Screen.

Invasion Recordings return with yet another slice of precision crafted neurofunk from the Bad District collective member, Facade, who presents to us 'Division Of he Synth'.  
A brutal tech-step masterpiece which sees militant 2-step breaks do battle with skittish, reptile-like synth melodies, ominous pads and deep bass pulses. Conjuring up visions of a killer android stalking the dancefloor for it's next victim.

Facade's masterful attention to sound design on 'Division Of The Synth' is nothing short of exemplary and should instantly appeal to any D&B head who appreciates beautifully crafted, yet hard-hitting dark sounds. 

The Facade 'Division Of The Synth' single is available to download from the official Invasion Recordings Bandcamp store...

... and the following digital and streaming sites...


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Strictly Nuskool Blog Exclusive Interview with INNERCORE

Interview & Editiorial by GL0WKiD

We couldn't sleep on what this very talented act has been doing over the last months. INNERCORE is not that fresh though, because its core is well known and all around for long time. And this must be the most appropriate time to set up a more mature music project, the right time to unleash their first 12" vinyl EP during the 25th anniversary of Dark Jungle/Jungle Techno as well as getting signed to Kniteforce Records & KFA.
Matt from InnerCore is here to express himself and reveal his essential news and plans on a very interesting exclusive interview.

- Matt can you share the story so far of InnerCore?
Have you quited from your Teksteppa project or not?

The InnerCore Project is something I have wanted to do since way back in the day, probably 1991, when I started listening to Hardcore. But back then I was only 11 years old, didn't have a clue about music production, and no where near enough money for all the expensive music equipment!

Around year 2000, I started dabbling with music production, by this time I was making Drum and Bass, and in 2006 I got my first digital release. So since then I've been releasing music, mainly Drum & Bass, but only digitally, until now!

Marc 'Onyx' (other producer/DJ from InnerCore) and myself, have always been keen old skool Hardcore/Jungle/Jungle Techno vinyl collectors and with the resurgence of vinyl we thought we would start producing a few 'older' sounding tracks. 
It all started as a bit of a mess about really, and the first track was a 175 bpm hardcore/dnb fusion track that has ended up being signed the Kniteforce Records (Kniteforce Again to be precise).

After that track, a Jungle Techno vibe track was produced called 'Pinnacle'One day after a long hard day at work I added a small video clip of 'Pinnacle' to MPS's facebook group (Music Preservation Society).
Totally unaware to us it blew up! The amount of positive comments and people wanting that track to get released was kind of overwhelming, and after a short conversation with the owner of MPS (Robin) it was a done deal and signed!
So that's where the InnerCore Project "Volume 1" 4track Vinyl began.

In terms of quitting the Teksteppa project, this will never really happen, it will simply evolve. 
Lots of people know me as Teksteppa, so what ever I do musically or DJing etc that name will always be associated with me.

- All started late of the year with your deal with KFA and later on coming a tune on a Kniteforce Records compilation as well.
How are you feeling about this new start while getting yourself instantly to Kniteforce?

We have always been fans of Kniteforce, from way back in the day and to actually be working with them on releasing music is a great honor!
Big up to Chris Luna-C for taking us on board and making things happen. It's kind of a day dream moment, and some days I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming!

- How was your first gig ever @ Bristol alongside Jerome Hill, Deathmachine, Hitori Tori and all the others?

This was actually our second gig as InnerCore (we played a Jungle Techno set for Static Hi-Fi in Birmingham, but as our D&B name for some reason?!) but yet, it went really well.

We have both been DJ's for many years; I started around 1997 and I think Marc started maybe a bit before me. But we both still love DJing as much as we did when we started out. And its important as a DJ to have that passion, otherwise it turns into just another 'job'.

We played a mixture of Vinyl and USB's, due to only one Vinyl turntable being set up and working, but it still went well and was nice to see the crowd raving to some of our own productions!

We are in the process of sorting out some other InnerCore gigs, including Vibealite - We Love Notts Festival. So keep an eye out for that:

Can you give us few info and how was the whole progress of your upcoming 'Volume 1' 12" EP on MPSVinyl?

Like I mentioned before, it all came about from a video clip on MPS facebook group page and evolved from there really. Didn't plan on it happening and it just came about really!!

I didn't want to let that opportunity slip, so I spent some late nights in the studio listening to older tunes, Rave, Jungle Techno, Hardcore etc. getting some inspiration and then digging through my sample collection and picking out the best breaks, stab sounds and samples I could find.

I did also use some VST emulations of older equipment used back in the day, such as Korg Wavestation and Korg M1 piano, to get that authentic sound (or as close as possible in a digital realm)! We also used a bit of hardware which I will mention in question 6 lol.

I would say the whole EP took something like a month or so to finish, bit that was working on the tunes a bit at a time.

I prefer to do short sessions on music, say 2 to 3 hours instead of 8 hours straight listening to the same thing,then your get ear fatigue and lose the vibe!

- How you came up with a deal with MPSVinyl then?

Robin the owner of MPS Vinyl has took us on board, and he likes our music (which helps!). 
Without him none of that EP would be happening really, so we owe alot to him for that! Big ups Robin!
We also have some releases dropping on Peace On Wax , so big up to DJ Abo for this!

- What's the equipment used on this EP?

Studio PC running FLStudio 10 / Soundforge / Various VST's / Novation Nio 2:4 soundcard / M-Audio Oxygen 25 USB Midi Controller / Roland Alpha Juno-1 / Roland System-one.

The Roland System-one is part of Onyx's set up and we've getting some interesting low end sub basses out of that piece of equipment!

- People can notice quite a lot of various elements inside this EP, sticking mainly to the Jungle Techno spirit although there's an extra gem over there and that is called 'The Break'. My special mention on that because I love it a lot!
How can you describe the sound offering on your first ever Vinyl release?

The first EP is basically the tunes I would of tried to make back in the day if I had the 'know how'.

It covers most styles from 1991-1993, there's 2 Jungle techno vibe tracks and 2 more on the Oldskool Hardcore tip.
We didn't want to make new music with an old skool element, we actually wanted to make music that sounds like it was made back in the day, and that is what we plan to do more of.

The old styles had it down to a T, and a lot of new music coming through nowadays sounds way too 'electronic and plastic'; the old breakbeats that are slightly off beat and not in time, that's what gives the tunes the groove, and the groove is what its all about for us!

- What can we expect in the near future from InnerCore? A 'Volume 2' 12" maybe soon?

We're going to see how well "Volume 1" does first, but already have a few things made in prep for "Volume 2". And there may be some collab work on the cards.
If things go to plan we will be remixing some tracks for DJ Demo's Corrosive Recordings in the near future.

- Shouts out to anyone or any message to close this interview to all Nuskool & Oldskool Hardcore readers of this Blog?

Shouts to The NuSkool / Old Skool Blog crew, Glowkid for this interview, all the ravers, DJ's supporting us, Chris, Shane and all the Kniteforce crew, Robin and all the MPS crew, Ron Wells aka Jack Smooth for the musical inspiration,  DJ Demo for the support, promoters that are booking us, our nearest and dearest (for putting up with us and the noise!?!) and a massive shout to one of our biggest influences who has sadly passed, but never forgotten R.I.P DJ Tango!

You can order now the first 12" Vinyl EP by INNERCORE


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