Monday, 6 April 2020

[HOH009] GARETH MONKS - Heaven (Incl. Insane & Mind Remix) [HOH RECORDINGS]

01. Gareth Monks - Heaven (Original Mix)
02. Gareth Monks - Heaven (Insane & Mind Remix)

In the hard times we're living, all we need is some joy, a simple smile and of course good vibes that will be a sign to defeat any negativity surrounding us.
HOH Recordings is right here keeping it between the ditches, while always striving to push out the Nu-Rave, Happy Hardcore sound of nowdays. And so their new dominating release is presented by the Madchester Hardcore Breaks stalwart, Gareth Monks.

We have really lots to mention about Gareth. A producer who has actullay thrived musically the last years kicking off with successful mashups and plenty of cosmic EPs after it. Suffice to say that Strictly Nuskool Blog exclusive freebie 'Manix Stampede' by him; remains maybe, the most popular tune from our offerings. You can listen to it here.

Gareth Monks ascension is a fact and his new tune entitled 'Heaven' is an amazing revival to the good old days of Happy Hardcore. A tune which has everything as it should be.
Breakbeats, pianos and female vocals and a good pass to the duet of joy, the Happy Hardcore brothers Insane & Mind, who're smashing it through their radioshows and their sets. Ben and John close this consecutive release with an amazing stomping takeover, hands-in-the-air 170 bpm range party vibe, which blew away the HHC Londoners on an amazing event that took place way before the lockdown (watch here).

Show your support to this incredible music pack of quality and buy now this 2-Track digital version of Heaven sounding.


01. Crazy
02. Rudeboy
03. Get On It
04. Killer

Ex-Prodigy hero, an established modern dancer, Big Beat aficionado, a complete Bass junkie in djing and production, as well as a permanent prince and good gent within the Dance scene the last 30 years, the man like Leeroy Thornhill is back again!

Coming out in full fire, few weeks after his performance at this year's Bang Face Weekender, Leeroy has just unveiled a new personal banging work from him. An ever busy musician who's at the moment in progress of his personal album and simultaneously working with Mad Dog Films on the official videoclip of his last hit of last year, 'Sin City Slam'.

However till that, we've got a new EP hot in here and maybe his craziest work so far. 
'CRAZY EP' is his first offering for this new year, comprised of 4 absolute smashers and comes out digitally and directly via his new Bandcamp page.
Following the successful formula over his Get Hype releases, he keeps the same dirty character using his 'in your face' fat beats, dancefloor burning attitude and his Bass creativity and intensity.
After all, this new work must be the right music vaccine to defeat the corona virus... That was a secret till now that you can share the news about it and help other mates and music souls.

Last but not least, noteworthy to mention the amazing artwork made by Lena Thornhill and fans option to subscribe by joining a VIP membership including music exclusives, free sound packs, live chat and a special connection with the mighty funky hero.

This is the unbeaten Leeroy Thornhill. His smile gives you joy. His music gives you energy. His words give you warmth. One of the few heroes of the good old days, being more active and more hungry than ever. Support and respect is due.
So, get into his crazy world now folks.


Saturday, 4 April 2020


Dutch producer/DJ, the man like MAYNOR returns to Total Destruction Records with his first offering this new year.

'Get On The Freakin' Floor EP' is comprised of 4 absolutely wicked bangers obeying to the Early Hardcore and Happy Hardcore trademark as it used to be back in the day.
Enjoy your lockdown with these amazing slammin vibes defeating the virus.





Friday, 3 April 2020


[REC25] AL STORM & DIAKRONIK - Timeless EP Vol. 2 [12" Vinyl & Digital - REMIX RECORDS]

A1 - Witness The Power
B1 - Piano Generation
B2 - All Over The World

The boys are back in town!
Remix Records, sub-label of Kniteforce brand, proudly present the second volume of 'Timeless' by the badboi collab of Al Storm & Diakronik.
A marvellous 3-Track EP on your way, out on a limited edition of copies and you can get the digitals directly when you purchasing the vinyl version.

Kicking off with
'Witness' The Power'. A masterpiece of a Nuskool tune. A catchy Nu-Rave gem with firing rap samples. True addiction for real. 'Piano Generation' is the appropriate addition to those piano breaks bangers surrounding us. A melody that will surely lift you up. Last but not least, 'All Over The World' keeps the same piano techniques, accompanied by ragga vocals offering a ruff ravey bizniz!

This one's the final EP from the boys over Remix Records, but apparently more to come on Kniteforce so keep your eyes peeled for this talented conspiracy.

In other news, worth to mention that Kniteforce Records have just launched a new 'remix competition', which can be found on your e-mail if you're subscribed on the KF mailing list and there will be also a big Clashmoth day sale on 18th April with super items, old, new, bundles and many more.

Till then, you may order your copies of 'Timeless Vol.2' now!




Wednesday, 1 April 2020

DJ MARK C - Brain Eater [4-Track Digital EP - 4 THE CORE RECORDINGS]

01. Audio Reciever
02. Plus One
03. Rapid 2
04. Turquoise

Southwest UK Darkside hero the man like DJ MARK C, is one of those who have spent their life as a cratedigger running a continuous Hardcore Rave passion. A soldier whose soul is still in 1992, a year when he started collecting mixtapes just before buying his first Technics 1200s.
The last 6 years he's been into production, in order to incarnate his influences and his complete Hardcore way of life.
Mark C has already released tunes on various Nuskool labels like Kode 5 Recordings, Paranoid Recordings, Rinse Repeat Records, Raveskool as well as our 'music outlet' (you can check out his EP on our bandcamp page).

The year 2020 after a relentless row of livestreams of him playing out his '92 'carnage' of tunes, while offering also new tracks; his first signing came on the right time to be even stronger than the current virus situation.
4 The Core Recordings from UK are proud to present Mark's debut offering to the label, delivering a 100% proper Hardcore devastated dish!

'Audio Receiver' is dark, demented, off the wall Hardcore with techno stabs, darkcore growling synths and sped up Hip Hop samples
'Plus One' lets rip with cut up beats, trippy vox, mentasm in stereo plus 93 era Formation Recs gnarly riffs with cool half time riffs
'Rapid2' earns its title with a barrage of bleeps and reverse bleeps set to a jagged, jarring beat in true, tripped out rave fashion
'Turquoise' is a musical menace with Amiga hoovers and half time beats kicking things off before a full on stabathon and some extra crunchy Amigafied breaks plus more time stretched bongo beats and some bugged out Landford stabs




FOUL PLAY - Origins [Pre-Order - 2x12" & Digital - SNEAKER SOCIAL CLUB]

The best label of the year 2018 on DJ Mag British Awards, Sneaker Social Club hits its quite hard with an unexpected big surprise to a great number of fans out there.
Attention, this is not an April's fools day joke.
We're dealing with a supreme remastered release, a must item for your collection coming out on a very limited number of Vinyl copies as well as available on digital too.

The legendary FOUL PLAY well-known off their releases over Moving Shadow running also their Oblivion Records label back in 1993-1994, present 'Origins' including 10 amazing tracks from the past, packed up on an essential deluxe release!
The release comes out officially on the 22nd of May, but apparently it will be sold out very very quickly so you better hurry up now.

"From the slamming science of “Ricochet,” through the jittery ghost-rave of “Survival” and the outer-space lover’s rock of “Dubbing You,” to the manic magic of “Finest Illusion,” this collection of early EPs by rave legends Foul Play tracks an astonishing evolution across barely more than a year. Some of the top tunes to come out of the hardcore > jungle > drum & bass journey? Yes, but also some of the most thrilling and gorgeous music of the entire ‘90s."
(Words by Simon Reynolds, author of Energy Flash: A Journey Through Rave Music and Dance Culture)

Pre-Order now the Vinyl & Digital