Wednesday, 2 October 2019

[ASQ004] ASQUITH - Let Me EP [Pre-Order - 3-Track 12" Vinyl + Digital]

01. Let Me Rave
02. Terror Barrier
03. Higher Power

Londoner DJ/Producer Asquith has recently unleashed a sensational 'euphoric techno' self-described, albeit a sensational next level of UK Rave vibe entitled 'Let Me (Rave Mix)'.
This amazing little gem is taken off his personal upcoming release, 4th in total, comprised of 3 energetic club vibes, all worked together while touring during the early days of this year. 'Let Me (Rave Mix)' is one of those tunes that drive you in nostalgia and taking your mind and soul back in the real days of innocence, as breakbeats and 4/4 beats make an ideal rave combo. Aspiring to become a definite sophisticated club hit in the end of this year!

The 12" Vinyl and digitals are officially available on 1st November, although pre-orders are already open thus you may give a good support and early love to the big dad of Lobster Theremin and versatile music personality that is Asquith.
Fair enough to embrace his new music trip and order your copies now!

Design and artwork by cm-dp
Mastered by Beau at TenEightSeven
Pressed with vibes at MPO


Monday, 30 September 2019

Amaretto - Higher [3-Track digital EP - NSA RECORDS]

01. Higher
02. Hallelujah
03. Die For Me

What a banging release this new one by Northern Sound Alliance!
A top notch producer from Japan, the next big thing and high class prospect hailing from the Long Island presents his debut EP on Middlesbrough nutting crew, NSA.

'HIGHER EP' is out now, aiming to put out vibes that you'll go bananas with those 3 fresh excellent Hardcore Breakbeat rollers full of euphoria and lushin pianos! Something that will blow the roof of by all means. It's Hardcore and how it's sitting currently!
From Japan to UK specially out to all massive crew all around the globe.
Available digitally, donate now and all DJs and Hardcore crew please show your support to both the label and the producer and sing loud & proud...Hallelujah!

Artwork by Defaced Designs



Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy [12-Track Digital album]

01. Big Time Kill - Fuel My Fire
02. Bilian (feat. Doomdriver) - The Day Is My Enemy
03. The Mask Of Sanity - Breathe
04. STAHLSCHLAG - No Good (Start The Dance)
05. Zovi - Firestarter
06. Imperfexion - Omen
07. Louis Guidone (feat. Mera Roberts) - Smack My Bitch Up
08. Transdusk - Run With The Wolves
09. Flesh Eating Foundation - Nasty
10. Sawtooth (feat. Droast) - Mindfields
11. God Astray - Baby's Got A Temper
12. Slighter - Narayan

17th September...
The 50th year of Keith Flint, the iconic Punk Rave King, who was born in 17th September of 1969 and passed away 6 months ago. Still fresh and nobody can easily accept it.
In memory of this great performer, a team of producers have made a compilation album including their exclusive takeover of remixes & covers paying homage to him as well as to the Prodigy.
The album is entitled "Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy" comprised of 12 tracks made for a good cause as all proceeds will held to the US based Suicide Prevention Lifeline.
Read the official statement above and show your support to the whole project.

"Keith Charles Flint was an English vocalist, dancer, and occasional motorcycle racer, best known to a wide audience for his work with the seminal electronic group The Prodigy. Beginning as a backup dancer with the group, Flint would later become a frontman for The Prodigy by 1996, lending his appearances as a songwriter and vocalist to some of their biggest commercial hits, such as "Firestarter", "Breathe", "Baby's Got A Temper", and "Omen". Flint's iconic punk-inspired appearance became indelibly associated with the group through their music videos, and almost certainly played a major role in The Prodigy's mainstream success, and legacy as a key influence in the subgenres of big beat, breakbeat, and hardcore dance.

On March 4th, 2019, Keith Flint was found dead in his Essex home of a suspected suicide, as The Prodigy was in the midst of a major world tour. A massive outpouring of grief and tribute from peers such as The Chemical Brothers, Liam Gallagher, Azealia Banks, Gary Numan, Ho99o9, Frank Turner, and many more soon followed. These tributes reflected not just on the major influence and contributions Flint had made via The Prodigy, but of his gentle temperment, wide-reaching generosity, and warmth as an individual, in sharp contrast to his aggressive stage persona.

With "Jilted Generations: An Underground Tribute To The Prodigy", we hope to show our love as well.

Who are we? Just a loose collection of underground electronic and industrial musicians who want to pay tribute to the long-lasting legacy of Keith Flint, and have come together with 12 hard-hitting covers of tracks by The Prodigy to show our appreciation for the man and his enduring influence on music.

All proceeds generated from the purchase of this compilation will be donated to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline - "


Cover art by DeBisco Design -
Mastering by Robert Galbraith -

Big Time Kill -
Bilian -
Doomdriver -
The Mask Of Sanity -
Stahlschlag -
Zovi -
Imperfexion -
Louis Guidone -
Mera Roberts -
Transdusk -
Flesh Eating Foundation -
Sawtooth -
God Astray -
Slighter -

Sunday, 15 September 2019

[FREETIME 002] Paul & Shark - Free Time 002 (+ Denham Audio Remix) [Pre-Order 10" + Digital]

A. Paul & Shark - Liquid Technicolor Blanket Of Disconnect
B. Paul & Shark - Liquid Technicolor Blanket Of Disconnect (Denham Audio Remix)

What about some limited and attractive series of 10" reminiscing the good old days of raving innocence?

Well, Free Discs is here to accomplish that, run by Paul & Shark and now off for the second offering, which is available to pre-order now getting an early support from established music soldiers, like Annie Mac (BBC Radio1), Shadow Child and Violet.

You can tell that the aim of this underground and very promising label is to educate, represent and mainly modernize the 90's ethos of partying without any concern while dreaming without limits. This is what provokes to somebody when listening to their speciality of gems!

Additionally, the second release could be easily trick on you about its roots. It's like taken from back in the day. In fact, it's the UK House and Bass music full on euphoria, an illecit warehousey dish released 30 years later but keeping the right warmth needed. Fair enough, Paul & Shark have achieved producing a large tune with an even larger title like 'Liquid Technicolor Blanket of Disconnect' taking a Sheffield Breaks takeover by nobody else than Denham Audio. Lots to say about this magic trio; anything they touch is like gold and this new installment is high class again.
Free Time 002 is available to pre-order now, on 10" limited hand stamped as well as digital. Officially out on 27th September.

• Produced by Paul & Shark at Kirovi studio
• Remixed by Denham Audio
• Mastered by Margo Rindemaa
• Design by Vilunki3000
• Shout out to all slaves to the rave



Saturday, 14 September 2019

Dave Skywalker pres. "With Respect to... EP#2 - SLIPMATT" [Kniteforce Radio]

Late August, Neo-Rave son and BangFace resident, DJ/producer/label manager Dave Skywalker has launched a new personal project, series of live mixes paying homage to some of the artists that he respects and is fed up with inspiration from them.
The second episode is available to hear now and is fully dedicated to the one and only Slipmatt, the Godfather of Hardcore!

"Continuing my set of mixes showcasing artists who have had a big influence on me both as a producer and DJ, this episode features the Godfather of Hardcore, DJ SLIPMATT.

A man who needs no introudction to anyone in the rave scene, Matt has been producing and DJing for pretty much 30 years now, and was there right from the start. One of my first rave tapes was Slipmatt at Fantazia, and my favourite hardcore tune of all time happens to be a track he had a hand in engineering (for the record, it's Positive Energy by Vibena). He's behind Universal Recordings, one of the best happy hardcore labels from the 90s, and is crediting the happy hardcore scene as a whole with his SMD series.

Basically, he's a legend, of which few people have the right to hold that title. In this mix, it's an honour to show his brevity through his involvement in SL2, the SMD series, and in his amazing skills as a remixer. Respect."

SL2 - DJs Take Control
SL2 - Way In My Brain
SL2 - On A Ragga Tip
SMD - Volume 4
SMD - Volume 2
Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness (Slipmatt Remix)
Seduction - My Own (Slipmatt Remix)
Slipmatt - Breaking Free
Oaysis - Incredible Bass (Slipmatt Remix)
Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (Slipmatt Remix)
Slipmatt - Hear Me
SMD - Volume 3
SMD - Volume 1
Jack n Phil - Unity (Slipmatt Remix)
Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime - Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix)
Brisk - Airhead (SMD Remix)
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Take Me Away (Slipmatt Techno Remix)
Eruption - Pop Bang Lovely (Slipmatt & Eruption Remix)
JDS - Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix)
Demo - Your Mine (Slipmatt Remix)
Alchemist & Fade - Keep On Trying (Slipmatt Remix)
Ham, Demo & Justin Time - The Big Spill (Slipmatt Remix)
Slipmatt & Eruption - Sunshine
Slippery Project - Something Like This (Slipmatt '99 Remix)

Endor Recordings

[HYPR076] FAMITSU - Mind Software [8-Track Digital Album - HYPERBOLOID RECORDS]

01. Unite
02. Rainy
03. X-T-C
04. Time Jump
05. Mind Software
06. On The Run
07. Starlight
08. Nastya Kazantseva - PΔINKILLΞR (Famitsu Rework)

Saint Petersburg based producer, FAMITSU returns to his local Moscow friends over Hyperboloid Records to deliver something fresh, rejuvenated and highly energized & nostalgic taken from the days of innocence.
'Mind Software' is the name of his latest offering, an 8-track digital album of quality varied vibes from hyper to dreamy electricity onto a proper rave tip that won't leave you empty.

FAMITSU is definetely one of the coolest names to check these days, his new album is just his finest work to date, as he's already been signed on AirWax, Internetghetto and one year after his latter album 'Virile' on Hyperboloid, he's back with this outstanding new material.

'Mind Software' has some noteworthy tracks that highlight the concept such as 'X-T-C' which you can tell it reminds quite a lot of Unicorn Kid innovative rhythms a couple of years ago, while 'Time Jump' is paying homage to the happy side of Early Hardcore split on 4/4 beats and crossover breakbeats. A time when Marusha meets Dune 20 years after on the same area.
The album is available now on Hyperboloid bandcamp page and can be stream and played out loud & proud. And, as ever, don't forget to show your support to the artist behind.