Thursday, 19 January 2017

[Bandcamp] Master Mash - Are Amongst Us EP [Available To Download Now!!!!]

1/ Roswell.
2/ Amongst US.
3/ Fighting The Alien Brain.

Master Mash has been a name that has cropped up on numerous labels over the past year, with his unique take on dark, jungle tekno being featured on the likes of Ravenoyz Recordings, Breaking Free, Endor Recordings, Switchblade Digital, Paranoid Recordings and our very own Strictly NuSkool label. For his latest release, Master Mash delves deep into his "Area 51" production files to expose his latest, sinister offering, the 'Amongst Us EP'.

Things start off deep and dark with the ominous, paranoia inducing 'Roswell' opening the EP in pure sci-fi-kickdrum, fuelled junge tekno fashion. Unearthed alien exposé, docu-dialogue and spine-tingling synth riffs which conjure up visions of unearthly spiders crawling over your skin adds a perfect sense of unease.

'Amongst US' up next eschews the use of beats and delivers a minimalist, yet 'dread' soaked ambient soundscape equipped with menacing drones and bubbling, acidic squelches which evokes the interior of some unfathomably alien spacecraft.

To bring a perfect close the collection, 'Fighting The Alien Brain' goes full-pelt hardcore-techno, with it's fusion of thumping, 4/4 kicks and crisp oldskool breaks paired with hypnotic acid-techno bassline and 1000 volt, electric shock rave stabs

Master Mash expertly delivers his own nuskool take on the classic 1993, jungle tekno format with this selection of UFO-ology themed tracks which will prove to be an essential purchase for all lovers of darkside hardcore.

Master Mash's 'Amongst Us EP' is available to purchase now from the official Master Mash Bandcamp page for however much you feel it is worth. So make it worthwhile if you wish to hear more from the artist!!!

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

KF67:: DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade - Things I Made With Things I Played With [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]

A1 Scartat - Ammo Bag (Luna-C Remix)

A2 Gothika Shade - The Grave Of Fireflies (Luna-C Remix)

B1 DJ Luna-C Piano Possession

B2 DJ Luna-C - Technical Shmecnical

This is a historical sign and release as it's the first personal Vinyl release of Luna-C after many years! It has a long title like 'Things I Made With Things I Played With' and comes out on a limited edition of 300 copies only.
The EP features 4 tracks, 2 original ones by Chris and 2 remixes on KFA Canada artist Scartat and UK Gothica Shade (a new blood producer tho big KF supporter since label's first release).

Chris says about his 2 tunes:

" The things I made are different again. Piano Possession came out of the title and then lived up to it. I thought it was time for a Progression / Confusion / Obsession follow up…Each took a piano line and messed with it. But Piano Possession as a title? I had to exorcise those demons lol. And Technical Shmecnical lives up to its name, frantic and heavily edited, it was perhaps the most challenging thing I have made in a long time, if not ever."

One more useful note worth sharing is for those who have asked to have their name on a record when ordered the last vinyls. These lucky guys then, will find it on the back of 'KF67 - DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade EP'.

Bonus Extras for this release

1) You will receive a collectable Kniteforce “Idiot Sheet” containing links to the 4 tracks on this EP in digital format – 320MP3 and 24bit Wav.
2) The EP also comes with two extra digital tracks, the first is totally exclusive, the second is taken from the forthcoming Luna-C / Kniteforce album 'Forward In Reverse'.
'My Angel (Scartat Remix)' and 'Plink [Piano Progression the Third] (Audio X Remix)'

BUY on Bandcamp for EU HERE

BUY on KF webstore for US/Rest of world HERE

Special Kniteforce Limited Edition Bundle
(LTD number of 90)

BUY for EU HERE and US/Rest of world HERE

(1) KF66
Alex Jungle - Elevate E.P 12'' Vinyl
(plus digital downloads and bonus material)

(2) KF67
DJ Luna-C / Scartat / Gothika Shade - Things I Made With Things I Played With EP 12'' Vinyl

(plus digital downloads and bonus material)

(3) KFCD03
Vinyl Is Better 2 CD

(4) KFCD04
Alex Jungle - Elevation CD (containing 7 tracks not included on KF66 vinyl)

(5) Large Kniteforce Car Sticker




The Lowercase Presents "The Hardcore Wonderland Show" @ Lazer FM (15th JAN. 2017)



Insane & Mind Live @ London Pirate Radio - Old Skool, Breakbeat, Hardcore 1992-2016 (17th Jan.2017)

Debut showcase of Insane & Mind over London Pirate Radio including a rolling selection of Rave & Hardcore Breaks, Nu-Rave and Oldschool Hardcore & Breakbeat vibes on a 2hr trip!


Boot Decor - Gat Decor
Dance With Power (Remix) - Bass Construction
On A Ragge Break - SL2
Dance to My Beat - Insane & Mind
Infilitrate 202 (Breaks mix) - Altern 8
Vol 2 - Choice Choons
Trip To Trumpton (Remix) - Urban Hype
Glow to the Rush - Xenophobia & Glowkid
This is the Sound of the Underground - Krome & Time
Lords Of The Dance - Ratpack
Madness - Freestyle & DJ R
Do it Together (Remix) - Sacred
You Got Me Burnin' (Ray Keith & Nookie Remix) - Cloud 9
Got To Believe - Ramos Supreme & Sunset Regime
In Complete Darkness - Fat Controller
Open Up Your Heart - Insane & Mind
My Own (Slipmatt remix) - DJ Seduction
Sample-Mania - DJ Seduction
Six Days (Brisk Remix) - Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
Ool Lortnoc (Insane & Mind Remix) - Jimmy J & Cru-L-T
Airhead (Slipmatt Remix) - Brisk
Funky Sensation (Insane & Mind Remix) - N-Zo & DJ Invincible
Toy Town - Hixxy & Sharkey
Bring It Back - Insane & Mind
Eyeopener - Brisk & Trixxy
Free Again (Intro Mix) - Insane & Mind

Insane & Mind
Live each and every other Tuesday 8-10pm [UK] @

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

DJ FAYDZ - 1992 Hardcore Rave (Volume 1)

DJ FAYDZ presents Volume 1 of a celebrating upcoming series of '92 Hardcore mixes, celebrating his 25years of DJing!! Worth reading also his statement on his facebook page (HERE)


"Kidson Show" with Junki Munki @ Ridge Radio (15th JAN.2017)

This showcase could be easily described as '2 legends meet each other'!!
For those who follow the Nu-Rave and Hardcore Breaks scene over the years, know what these 2 gents mean and rate in the scene!
And so Junki Munki, after some years of absense has returned as a guest to Kidson show with a very essential interview alongside mighty remarkable HCB tunes, worth to check and spread.

Ejoy this latest session from Kidson, featuring lots of other fresh & intense Bass bangers as well!

Join the show live on the Radio Sunday's 20:00 - 22:00 (UK) - Listen via