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FZFM014:: Runout Groove - Feelin' The Music [FAZEFORM RECORDS]

Leeds based producer Jason Cooper returns with one more oldskoolholic anthemic revival tip under the title 'Feelin' The Music' and certainly a great following release to his earlier 'Bad Boy Bass'.

The original version of this tune is a warehouse mix by 135bpm a masterpiece of oldskool breaks with a newish modern technique and emphasis to pianos getting yourself round.
There are two more other featured remixes placed on this EP. One is a 128 bpm classic house version by the duet of AM Projects a.k.a. Mogi Wa Wa. A remix which will put you on temptation and drive yourself back to early 90's house movement! Great rework and happy to see this type of version, not changing fully the tune, but giving another aspect keeping the spirit and the message of it.
Last rework comes from label manager, Jason under his Hardwarez alias and is more tech this time, but doesn't get you bored at all.
I truly like all of this EP and all versions are working pretty well! Hopefully will get more like this in the near future by Runout Groove! Spot on!

'Feelin' The Music' - 3track EP is out now on Fazeform Records





Old Skool Festival 2016 - Interview with DJ TORNADO

pic by

Interview by DJ 2NZY (Damage Inc.)
Prologue & Editorial by GL0WKiD

A hard working man, an established member of the almighty Polish Hardcore Skool keeping it for real from 90's till now, running his own label Tornado Records, and being faithful and devoted on what he loves mostly!
And what's that?
Oldskool Music, you can generally call it and our Captain, Marcin Kret better known as DJ TORNADO will do the rest!
Old Skool Festival 2016 was the huge 2dayer festival happened throughout our community, our scene, our music! And it came to be higher than last year and a trademark of the present history of Hardcore!
More details about our Captain are following on his answers...

Hi Tornado! Firstly congratulations on a bigger, better and amazing Old Skool Festival! Lodz really is the Rave Capital!
I see you're really passionate about this music genre, from your DJ sets with Leo, which are amazing every time, to the label and store promoting these artists and the genre, and even from small events to these huge festivals! All I can say is WOW!
I am still suffering from the weekend, how long do you think you need to recharge?

Well I think it may take even a month as I was working hard for last 6 months and really need a long holiday. Everyone was complaining about my behavior, family and friends.
OSF2016 affected my private life so I need my life to get back to me.

Do you have any plans for a forthcoming release with your label?

Not at this moment. Last vinyl was released in 2013 and it was very, very limited double picture disk, but since this time I have no new ideas and plans, today market is different.
I'd wish to release something but only on vinyl. There are not too many vinyl collectors and DJs playing vinyl so that's why I don't have any vision.
Another problem is a good vinyl press company. There was one excellent at Crickelwood but they shut down. Recently I was doing TOR011 in Czech and was a crap even after 3 different test press.
It's better not to press vinyl rather then press low quality. If you are doing thousands records then you can afford for the best quality and expensive factories, but if you are doing 300-400 records then you need to search for affordable companies and usually the don't offer good quality.

I see you have pushed and promoted Polish artists.
Do you have any favourite Polish artists?

My favourite artists are Oneplayz, Nefti and Wonter.

And who are your favourite Old Skool artists?

Difficult to say as there are many, but if I could select one only it would be Acen.

Are there any artists you would love to get for the next Old Skool Festival?

A list is long. However organising this level of event involves really big money and huge amount of your time.
Everything depends on sponsors, as two previous events I have financed from my own pocket, but it is really difficult to manage this kind of event.
If I will not find someone serious and strategic then I will become retired rather than doing something small except free parties for friends up to 100 people in a garage or hired small pub.

Why is this music so alive in Lodz do you think?

Because culture is still alive,  people love it, DJs are doing events, also long tradition and legend 'New Alcatraz' makes is alive.
Also, this music has a real power and energy!

OK, this is a tough one... Being so busy you don't catch everything going on in the night as you are needed everywhere at once, it is draining.
Whose performance were you most looking forward to for the event and out of who you caught. Who did you enjoy the most?

I was looking forward to see N-Joi and Rozalla and enjoyed both, bit definitely for me, the Queen of the Weekend was Rozalla.

One of the things that make your events stand out is the choice of the artists selected, the line ups are huge and full of the important artists behind this music and not
the boring stale repeated line ups that appear in London for example, long may this continue.
This is what sets these events apart and higher than what's happening elsewhere.
Seriously, where else are these line ups playing? Only in Lodz, hence the Rave Capital!
Amazing work! What do you have up your sleeve next?

Some artists belong to permanent Tornado team, however I'm trying not to repeat too often them. I have few ideas and pre-agreed bookings, however as I said above - everything depends on sponsors.

I have played at most venues in Lodz, big and small, and I love the Bedroom venue, it is the perfect setup,
Do you have any favourites, past or present?

Bedroom is really a good venue as it is ex-theatre, so it has large front stage, good infractructure. In the past a good venue was the Cube.
This is problem in Lodz- lack of good venues with all infrastructure also managers if they don't like specific kind of music they will not hire venue.
Conditions offered by venue managers are unacceptable for most event organisers.

Ok, what are your 3 favourite Old Skool tunes, and your 3 favourite Hardcore Breaks tunes?

haha, I love them all!, but...

01. The Prodigy - G-Force part.1
02. The House Crew - We Are Hardcore
03. Acen - Windows in the Sky part.3
01. The Flashback Project - Another Dimension
02. Damage Inc - I Found You
03. The Flashback Project - Hands In The Air

Something different now...
3 places visitors to Lodz should check out when in town?

01. Restaurant Izba Chlopska - excellent polish food
02. Manufaktura - Shopping Centre
03. Piotrkowska street - walk thru and see this famous Lodz's high street

Regarding Hardcore Breaks, what would you like to see happen next for it?

Promoting them in popular radio stations!

What do you think of an Hardcore Breaks event or event with a 2nd Hardcore Breaks room?

I was already thinking about it during OSF2016, but due to lack of rooms decided to leave main arena only.
OSF edition 3 will not happen at Bedroom, but I already have plans, as there will be place for 3 stages.

Any messages for the readers out there?

Money are not everything! Make Love not hate. Family and friends first!

This is very true, in a World obsessed with bling, money is not everything, time is the most valuable so let's make sure that time is great!

OK, thank you Tornado, we shall leave you to it!


Sunday, 25 September 2016

[DETA010] Tactical Aspect - Villains EP [3track digital EP out on DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]

Melbourne's based and devoted Jungle/Drum & Bass label like Detrimental Audio returns with a new installment and a long awaited release by its local friendly due of Tactical Aspect.
Both of Speaks & Ruff Tactics are established members in the Hardcore & Jungle scene over the years and this time they're making their debut on Token's label after getting releases to a good variety of labels such as Criminal Records, Foundation X, Dysfunk Music, Labeless Records, Danger Chamber, Dubpride Recordings, In Da Jungle Recordings.

'Villains EP' is the 10th Detrimental release and consists of 3 digital tracks which provide power and mental jungle sounds to the listener! For those who're fans of Tactical Aspect they know what to expect listening with this new release.
'Dogs & Villains', 'Unfaire' and 'Poor Mouth' are involved on a sick Jungle mayhem offered by this EP and I'm personally stuck with the last tune, which is totally phat insie my head!
Very clear productions and very good Jungle smashers for headstrong crew in overall!

Go for it!

BUY NOW by the price of $4  HERE 




Saturday, 24 September 2016

Greg Sin Key - Just Music Chapter 8 (Live @ Oldskool Festival 2016 - Lodz)

- Old Skool Festival 2016 - 

It's Saturday night on 17th September and it's Greg Sin Key turn to get into dexx in the middle of the non stop night of the second day of the festival.
And this is how it goes!
Greg, an established local DJ/producer from Lodz has done a marvellous Breakbeat/Bass set, full of energy and proper selection!

This set is recorded and uploaded, so you can show your love to the link above.


Friday, 23 September 2016

Old Skool Festival 2016 - Interview with the GL0WKiD

Interview by DJ 2nz (Damage Inc. - Sonic Fortress)

I've just caught GL0WKiD after his electric set at the Old Skool Festival, he was like a mad man on the decks,dropping unexpected bombs like Apollo 440 and Hardcore Breaks promos and anthems! Jumping around, like a mad man thats leapt straight out of 1992 into 2016!
His performance shows his enthusiasm and love for this music, he's been supporting many artists over the years through his radio shows and info packed blogs!
Let's hold him down now and see what the man himself has to say...

- Hi GL0WKiD, How are you feeling about playing at The Old Skool Festival and what do you make of the claims that Lodz is the Rave Capital?

Hi man! Well, I still remember when some months ago DJ Tornado invited me to play over in Lodz at Old Skool Festival 2016 and I was totally excited. It was my first international dj set and I was chuffed to live this ultimate experience alongside legendary acts in the scene, local djs/producers with whom I’m keeping a great contact and supporting each other over the years. In addition one more main factor worth mentioning, is the Lodz crew!

You know, before experiencing what happened during this weekend, I always used to say through my radio show and in public, that this city is the capital of Hardcore & Nu-Rave. And this conclusion came out to me because its the city of arts/cinema and music, having lots of hungry people who express themselves through their creations and so are born some of the most talented names djs/producers and literally friends in our scene like Nefti, Oneplayz, Greg Sin Key, Hypermotion, Mindfields, Toofer, Base Club, Dymeq, Rett, crews like Candyflip, Hypodermic and big respect goes out to DJ Tornado who’s deeply into the game since 90’s! (Apologies if missing anyone)

- What is your biggest or most memorable gig that you have played?

Definetely that was Old Skool Festival 2016. None of us can ever forget our first gig or any other big gig that you are involved with in the past, but I’d say without any second thought that Old Skool Festival is my biggest gig and booking at the moment till the next bigger thing of course!

- Who are you most looking forward to hearing at The Old Skool Festival?

Well to be honest there are so many big names, a true overdose on this 48hr musically infected weekend. Hard to answer to this question, but I admit i'm looking forward to catching mainly N-Joi who’re pioneers in their own way, hitting with big hits on the UK charts and the story goes on and on.
Rozalla and Rachel Wallace also then, cos I’m totally stuck and in love with their tunes and voices. Their releases have been a true trademark in the 90’s!
I am curious to see Davos and his live keyboard skills. He’s a serious piano legend nowadays and needs anyone’s attention. A devoted and positive guy with what he does!

Last act is Jody Wisternoff and this is because it’s rare to live a Sublove experience and hardcore heads do know what Sublove means!
So this was the last one I was expecting to see playing live more that the others.
But of course I don’t want to underrate anyone, all featured producers/djs/singers/MCs are great and brought this year’s festival line up to a higher level. Class performers!

- Ok, give me 3 of your favourite Old Skool artists - excluding The Prodigy, as you are into the Prodigy Fanboy!

Hard to say but I’d pick without any particular order, Luna-C (crazy ideas, innovative stylee), Altern-8 (apart from the EPs & remixes they were kinda Sex Pistols in the scene. One and only official album release but their "Full on Mask Hysteria" is still a Bible to us all and showed the way to the others) and finally Moby (nothing can beat his 1990 – mid 90’s oldskool techno stuff. Genious of an artist by all means!)

- And 3 of your favourite Hardcore Breaks artists?

It would be easier if you call it simply like Nuskool producers...
And these would be Dave Skywalker, JAKAZiD and FFF.

But from clear HCB I’d pick Orestiz, Paul Cronin, Damage Inc. and one extra would be the Hungary badboi duet of Chiqui & Luffy (nuff talent)!

- 3 favourite Old Skool tunes and 3 favourite Hardcore Breaks tunes?

Well tunes that coming straight to my head at the moment are:

"Rachel Wallace – Tell Me Why"
"Jimmy J & Cru-L-T – Six Days On The Run"
"Westbam – Celebration Generation"

From Hardcore Breaks I’ll switch it and add my top of this year if you don’t mind.

"Paul Cronin – Kim K‘ Boobs Out [RAVESKOOL]"

"DJCRIP – Rock Me Steady"

Finishing with a happy hardcore stormer that is:
"Insane & Mind – Open Up Your Heart [HOH]"

- How did you discover Hardcore Breaks and what are your thoughts about the genre?

If I remember correctly it was around late 00’s when I firstly heard "Future Rave Anthems" compiled by DJ Twista and then started searching for more and more and spending time to learn about this genre and that new movement.
Well, it wasn’t HCB but Rave Breaks and "Nuskool Ravey" music but I add it into that nu-Hardcore and Nu-Rave world, which is the evolution of Oldskool and Hardcore. As in every genre there are good productions and bad productions. Producers or Labels that are coming out and are hungry to stay and others leaving for different occassions or issues. This genre is and will be underground, this is its pure character. It’s not mainstream. It’s an expression and way of living.

In the end, when you see producers like DJ Fresh, Chase & Status, Danny Byrd, Special Request or even Rusko doing such 'oldschool hardcore' friendly productions then we should all be happy that there is no need to worry with this kind of style.

If you wanna learn more about it just get yourself into it. It’s still alive!

- I know you do blogging on Strictly Nuskool Blog and the Prodigy Fanboy. Are you doing any others and how long have you been blogging?

Yes correct! I’d love to do more if my day was more than 24hr. God can you do anything for it? Hahaha!

My day is already fueled with music. I’m mainly focusing to my radio show receiving promos, playing them and getting in touch with many producers and labels, so you can listen to fresh stuff each and every week from Hardcore Breaks to Happy Hardcore and even up to Ravecore/Breakcore stuff. Love fast buzzin!

Blogging is one more way to express myself. I always loved writing, it's true. Still remember when I was a kid writing my own stories (first time sharing it in public. Funny innit). I always meant to do music blogging for the music I adore plus promoting and helping out people in the scene. It’s good for us all and for the scene aswell. I feel pleased and blessed being in touch with so many people others legends like Luna-C, Liquid, 2 Bad Mice or even new blood which I’m always keen on scouting for it!

So yes.. I actually do music blogging (the one I love) over the last 4 years and will do so on and on!

- Big ups on doing it, you and the others working on the blog are contributing a vital part to the music scene that is different to the producing and DJing.

The genre is a very small niche genre but the real guys making is music scene happen are all real passionate guys about this music, people out there love this music, they are just not aware of the artists or even the genres name, every so often someone comes along and trys to change the name and this is where the blogs come in with information spreading the word about this genre and it's artists.
If someone making this music wanted to get their music known to the audience how should they get people to know about it and who should they send it to?

I can speak for myself saying that I'm already receiving a big variety of promos so anyone can check my official website ( and get in touch for anything they wanna ask, send, or whatever kind of help/request.

In addition Strictly Nuskool Blog is always open minded and willing to help any producer who makes Hardcore or Jungle nowadays either by blogging or even releasing it as free download via our Bandcamp page.

- How do you think this scene should get bigger?

Bigger means what? More sales? TV coverage? I think it will find it's own way. It’s already on a very good path.

Legends like Slipmatt, Manix, 2 Bad Mice, Luna-C coming out playing and releasing new stuff again, events giving exposure throughtout the world like UK, Poland, Spain, Germany so anyone who loves the buzz can simply search and learn about it!
Hardcore is one and only for all of us!

- What do you have planned next for the GL0WKiD?

Well, I’m currently preparing myself for the lauch of new season shows @ Planet Rave Radio, running the 5th year of Generation X [RadioShow] and setting up a gig alongside some local Hardcore friendly DJs/producers around Athens!

This will be held on 22nd October @ Skull Bar Athens. More info on my pages.

- Outside of the raving, what have you enjoyed in Lodz?

Girls and gals and dziewczyny (in Polish lol)!

I’ve been in many countries and I haven’t seen such beauty even in my own country, which has a big amount of beautiful girls.
So since Lodz is the city of arts, Lodz girls are an essential part of it as born in there.
Apart from that, Lodz is a wonderful city to walk and chill out, lived every moment truly with my buddies either locals or non Polish and was an unforgettable trip in overall.
I’ll surely never forget about my first time over there!

- What has been your craziest memory from the Old Skool Festival and have you had enough vodka?

My craziest memory from Old Skool Festival hmmm..
When I finished my DJ set, went to the VIP era to have some drinks and chill and got requested to sign some fans tees. First time I’ve been asked doing such a thing.
I was pleased with that and the whole response. Kind of like a praise to what people heard live!

Regarding vodka, I think I came up as a winner. I've drunk a lot but nothing beat me. I think I’d need one more trip to see if I can be beaten from Polski tricky 'local water' haha!

GL0WKiD with N-Joi

- Are you going to come next year?

Definetely man. I’m up for coming next year and re-live it! It’s unique what happens and anyone should live that once in a lifetime at least. Still remember friends sending me messages asking me to tell them what’s happening over there and I was like ' c'mon guys! Keyboard doesn’t count now, words are useless. You should join and live it up by your own!'

- Any shout outs, and lastly who you gonna call?

First of all once again big respect to Marcin DJ Tornado for booking me and giving me this chance to play @ Old Skool Festival 2016 in Lodz!
Shouts out/big ups goes continuously to Damage Inc. (Peter, Gareth) Nefti, Oneplayz, Teknociziak, Simi, Greg & Kamilla, DJ Darkside & Damian each and everyone I met over this crazy trip and of course special shouts out to Tariq, Breakbeat Scientist, Danny from The Prodigy Fanboy, Strictly Nuskool Blog crew, Wislov, USBS, Vitality, Paul Cronin, Sam White, DJ Pursuit, Gareth Monks, DJ RIP, Badboi Pete, Kushti, DJ CRIP, Allan from Technically Sound Graphic Design, Tony L, Sparki Dee, Exit Point, YOP, Tasos GR Otaku, Sampler19, Sid from Xenophobia, Mana Boom, Amit, Hideyuki, Mr. Sparkle, Ben HOH, Dave Skywalker, Acme Bass, SSA, Amiga Breaks, Planet Rave crew, Abyss, Bassraver, Orestiz, Stam, Alex K., Skolix, all greek crew and each and everyone truly raving worldwide! Sorry if missing anyone the list is big and incomplete as never ends!

Keep the Hardcore buzz alive guys! Big glowluv!

DAVE SKYWALKER:: 10 Years Banging (celebrating 10 years at BANG FACE)

An established ravemeister from Milton Keynes, DJ/producer and Endor Recordings manager as well as multiple award winner on various categories, the man like DAVE SKYWALKER has recently posted a new mix from him celebrating 10 years of his Bangface residence!

"To celebrate 10 years opening up the party at BANG FACE since I first played in September 2006, here's a celebratory mix with tracks that mean the most to me over the last decade.

I could write an essay about why I chose these, as each track bring back a particular great Bang Face memory, so maybe check out my blog site for more background once I post it!

Suffice to say, BIGGUPS TO ALL BANGFACE TOY CREW, HARD CREW, STAGE CREW, HEROS and to James St Acid for giving me a set way back in September 2006 where this all started! Biiiiiig love."

You can expect what's inside innit? Just turn it up!!

Endor Recordings

SUDDI RAVAL presents H.E.A.T featuring DAVOS (Groove City Radio - 1st Sept. 2016)

And here's something you need to check out especially all fans of UK piano legend DAVOS, as seems to be a good chance getting to know him better!
Some weeks ago DAVOS was guesting on Suddi Raval (one half of the mighty rave act TOGETHER known mostly from their 'Hardcore Uproar' anthem) very own radio show @ Groove City Radio and got interviewed talking about the huge success of his most popular video on Youtube (LINK) which has changed his life the last 3,5 years, his beginning as a freelance graphic designer to his youth music preferences from Duran Duran to 70's disco and then acid, hiphop, house naming influences and the buzz of that time.
A very interesting interview with a great and humble guy I had the pleasure to catch up in the Old Skool Festival 2016 in Poland, about one week ago.

Finally, it's worth to mention that DAVOS is proudly involved on the upcoming 'Gone Too Soon' tune off the self-titled 2 BAD MICE 4track Vinyl release which will be out during Novermber @ Sneaker Social Club.

(The interview starts around 45:00 and there is an astonishing good selection of music in overall on this interesting 2hr journey)