Thursday, 23 October 2014

unj065:: HAMSTA 'The Divacore Massive EP' [out now on UNJUSTIFIED RECORDS]

Hardcore Jungle blended with Jungletek and Unjustified Records offering is this sweet result like 'Divacore Massve EP' by Bristol's nu_junglist frontman like Hamsta, one of the sickest talents in this genre. This release is the 65th digital from the label and is available on free download. Grab it - Play it - Share it - Show some luv!

Press the 'BOOM-PLAY' button and njoy  !



Tuesday, 21 October 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (21OCT.2014)

My latest radio show was about blending styles & genres with the key words like 'rave' and 'energy' connecting all listeners.Big Up to all once again for the kind feedback and the continuous support! So..Here's the 'TOP 10 of the Week' and tracks are put on a random selection, just to be fair with all producers cos the truth is that a section like this one is hard to be sorted out.
Starting with number 10 and DJ Wislov from Tenerife on an early 90s inspired oldschool breakbeat like 'Time To Play' (unreleased, fresh & first play on the show).
Number 9 goes to a class 'mutant raver' like Spaceface from UK and his new tune 'last Drop' on 'The Toxic Riddim EP' by Acme Bass Records, while number 8 is taken from Japanese producer Miyauchi and his happy roller featured on a wicked release like 'Speed Mania' compilation out from UP1236... Number 7 the established hardcore producer Nicky Allen continues his travels to the past and goes back to 1993 and a Reinforced classic by Nookie cooked on his well known 'breakbeat Allen hardcore stylee'.
One more human tune machine along with Nicky Allen, is Paul Cronin and as a dead prodigy fan he gives a BIG remix on the Prodigy's 'Narayan'. Weird to see a hcb remix on such a tune but works really impressive as a conclusion! Coming up next with number 5 and Casketkrasher from Netherlands, owner of an underground label like Total Destruction records promoting the sound of Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore and his latest tune 'Break This Motherfucker' remixed by Dutch frenchcore/hardcore head, Maynor.
We return to Japan on number 4 and my friend sdhizumi who spits pure hardcore on his '90s legacy'. Banger!
Last tunes to mention come from 3 of my fav 'hardcore' producers nowadays, each one with his own music character. Number 3 is a trip to Odessa and AleX Tune 'Keep Yourself' as a part of his fresh 'Ultimate Style EP' out now from Dance Corps on free download..
Some weeks ago i got the chance (or luck maybe) to win one of the 5 limited digital copies of a VIP rework on Dave Skywalker's 'Pandora', made by himself. Skywalker can't be described enough as his work is really respected such as his solo projects and his personal NDR Recordings label. A true legend! Number 1 goes to a young [aged] producer/dj/label manager who has already succeed doing a great success over UK, Japan and so many other places delivering hardcore on a...JAKAZiD way. It's his own secret technique and simply blows minds and burns the dancefloors. 'Have 2 Survive' is a killer nu-breakbeat hardcore tune raved inside me first time i heard it like....BOOM!

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-21st October 2014)

10. DJ Wislov - Time To Play 

09. Spaceface - Last Drop

08. Miyauchi! - Rokusuke Inc (Ver.2)

07. Nookie - Gonna Be Alright (DJ Nicky Allen 2014 Remix)

06. The Prodigy - Narayan (Paul Cronin Burning Up Remix)

05. Casketkrasher - Break this Motherfucker! (Maynor Remix)

04. sdhizumi - 90s legacy

03. AleX Tune - Keep Yourself

02. Dave Skywalker - Pandora VIP

01. JAKAZiD - Have 2 Survive

Monday, 20 October 2014

Acme Bass 008:: The Toxic Riddim EP

Mutants are back in town!! No..Am not talking about the movie. They are not turtles, just human like ravers hitting your brains with a banging EP. Pay close attention cos Acme Bass Records crew is guilty for this brain damage! The 8th release of this warehouse inspired underground label is out now and offers 6 fresh killers!
In case you haven't ever heard of the label, you should dig all their releases and spread the message to the world of 'mutants' and human beings!
Manarchy, Spaceface and Swedger are the usual suspects on this series of EPs, while new additions from DJ Hose and Mr. Sin seem to be close to this spirit.

 FREE DOWNLOAD and....PLAY all tracks only...LOUD & PROUD:

Finally some words from Acme Bass management for this release:

"Very exited to Have some new artists on this e.p and also we have another belter from Swedger. were dedicating this e.p to David Norland the great music inspiration & Desta Nation sound system Legend . R.i.p. 
And a Massive Thanks to Danny B At Soundworks Studio for cooking things up with the compressors.."


Sunday, 19 October 2014

DCRPS061:: AleX Tune 'Ultimate Style' [free download from DANCE CORPS]

One of the top nu-rave producers at the moment in the Happy Hardcore/Gabber genre, AleX Tune from Ukraine returns to Dance Corps label delivering his second personal LP on the label since his last one about 2 years ago. This time four fresh hardcore dancefloor killers are set to drive you crazy and dress you up with the best ravecore attitude! So.. spread it everywhere, share it and...Rave on!!!!

free DL:

1. Let The Bass Drum Pump Me Up
2. Ultimate Style
3. Keep On Jumping
4. Keep Yourself

AleX Tune


Saturday, 18 October 2014

WHWM017:: Strange Rollers 'Outrageous EP' [Pre-Order now from WAREHOUSE WAX]

It was the time when 2 weeks ago i saw on the youtube the new clip of the upcoming Warehouse Wax release, and got a large smiley face on me. It was a sweet oldskool flavoured tune, which trasfers you back to the early 90s, called 'Dance With Me' from the man like Strange Rollers, one of the top representers in the Breaks scene. His official return to the established 140 breaks/bass label like Warehouse Wax is named 'Outrageous', a mini 8track LP featuring future jungle breaks, glitch out breaks, dubstep drops and the perfect atmosphere on a great result from SR.

Early support from: Z-Tip, The Qemists, 2 Bad Mice, 601, Autobots, Jay Cunning, Billy 'Daniel' Bunter, Dreadzone, Ed Solo, Sanxion, Renegade Soundwave, Vinyl Junkie and more...

Pre-order here and from 20th October available on Beatport here

Dance With Me [VIDEO]



Thursday, 16 October 2014


Some weeks ago as i was exploring the beautiful world of Soundcloud, i stepped into two oldschool influenced tracks from 2 Polish producers/DJs like Dubsknit & PZG. I was like 'woow' by listening to 'Sorry Josh' as a total blast of blended oldschool samples, a higher state of juke/footwork where rhythm is a dancer and 'Desirave' oldschool juke melodies on a complete rush! Both of these 2 BIG tunes are part of a forthcoming release titled 'We Rob Rave LP' which will be out from Intruz Clothing on a limited edition of 500 CDs.
Already full support to this release and the talent of these 2 producers who showing off their love to the roots and of course their nuskool skills. 
Footwork/Juke meet Oldschool and pure youth...A compilation full of mutant smileys and joy!

DUBSKNIT & PZG - We Rob Rave


01. Blame Kills You
02. Desirave
03. Forced Mass
04. I Deal This Way
05. Lenny Is a Hooligan
06. Pacific 808
07.  Sign of Seven Life
08. Sorry Josh
09. Tell Me Why
10. The Juke Experience
11. Trip 4 Tha Moon

Check out both of these 2 tunes, whic are uploaded on Soundcloud and in case you want to listen more, you can check out my lastest radio show where dropped 'Blame Kills You' and 'The Juke Experience'  (link to listen: around 1:08:08)

.......and here's a wicked promo mix of the album




Wednesday, 15 October 2014

"TOP 10 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (14OCT.2014)

So.. The new radio season (2014-2015) has already started and from now on you can catch me up live on a new home like Planet Rave Radio( every Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm UK Time.

And...Back again to one of my loveliest sections of this Blog, the TOP 10 tunes of the GenX show for this week running as selected in a random row. 
Starting with number 10 and Hull's Nu-Rave established producer/DJ Pursuit on his first personal EP, forthcoming release on KODE 5 Recordings, with a great piano breaks tune like ''In Heaven Baby''. On number 9, Tony Jungle ( tries a 1993 oldskool breakbeat vibe and does it really well as it seems as Fringe from Canada offering a new dark breakbeat roller on the 12th release of Switchblade Digital, which is out now to all major digital stores. Following with the number 7, and the Polish duet Dubsknit & PZG who have both collaborated to set up an amazing album titled 'We Rob Rave LP', which will be out on Intruz Clothing on a limited edition of 500 CDs only (Feeling grateful to the guys having a promo of this release!)
Ravevolver from France is a producer/dj since late 90s keepin alive that oldskool pure rave feeling on his tunes, from Techno to Hardcore Jungle. 'Let Da Rave Go On' is an impressive 140 Hardcore Breaks tune showing off his talent to the masses.
Number 5 takes us to Hungary and Kruppstahl, my 'soundtrack producer' for this week, as I was listening to his tunes these days and admired his outstanding work from his early project (Miskolic Sound System) till now. 'Mortal Kombat' is a total jungaal damage! Get into it!
The return of Paul Cronin on number 4 and a wicked forthcoming EP called 'Future EP' out from San Fransisco Nights Records. 'Future' is a common Cronin nu-rave bomb, such as all other 4 tracks of the EP keep on rollin like...hell!!
The very talented United Stated Beat Squad is sitting on Number 3 with his acid-warehouse influenced remix on Exit Point's 'Party Weekend'. Both tracks are available on free download on Exit Point's Soundcloud page. 
Moving to Japan and Limited Toss who's celebrating the launch of 'Party Party LP' on Merry Works and a tune oldskool tekno based like 'For Rave Master' which is off the Album but is a stunning gem!!
Last tune featured on the 'TOP10 of this Week' is a true 'Odie' to every Hardcore nation! Schnez from UK delivers some monster stabs on a free download tune out from Long Live The Animals release 'Rat 2 The Old Skool EP Vol.3'

TOP 10 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-14th October 2014)

10. Pursuit - In Heaven Baby [KODE 5 RECORDINGS]
09. Tony Jungle - Underground Sound
08. Fringe - He's Nuts [SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]
07. Dubsknit & PZG - The Juke Experience [INTRUZ CLOTHING]
06. Raveolver - Let Da Rave Go On
05. Kruppstahl - Mortal Kombat
03. Exit Point - Party Weekend (USBS Remix)
02. Limited Toss - For Rave Master
01. Schnez - Odie [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]