Tuesday, 4 August 2015

SL2 'THE SL2 EP' [World of Rave]

The legendary SL2 driven by frontman Slipmatt return even if they are 'remastered'
SL2 was originally a collab of Slipmatt, Lime and rap vocalist Jason "Jay-J" James and the name came from the founders initials. S from Slipmatt and L from Lime, and SL2 the duet!

Of course none of us can forget classic SL2 anthems like "DJ's Take Control" which became a number 11 hit in the UK charts or '92 "On A Ragga Tip" peaked number 2 and achieved sitting 11 weeks in the UK charts, and ''Way In My Brain'' which came later that year. Big XL recordings tracks, proper oldskool dancefloor gems, which are now remastered along with '91 Awesome Records track 'The Noise' giving a new clear and digital sound to the masses who were raised with these big anthems!

Show your support and love and grab them to feel yourself like in ...1992

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Monday, 3 August 2015

[KLPR 003] DJ Monk - Eye Spy (Eye Nuh See) [20th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Out Now]

A1 - I Spy (Eye Nuh See) (Original 94 Mix).
A2 - I Spy (Eye Nuh See) (L Double Unreleased 95 Mix).
B1 - I Spy (Eye Nuh See) (Liondub 2014 Remix).
B2 - I Spy (Eye Nuh See) (Papa Gee 2014 Remix).

Veteran jungle producer DJ Monk revisits one of his most revered releases 20 years later to present the ultimate anniversary 4-track vinyl release of his 1994 classic 'I Spy (Eye Nuh See)' on KLP Records. Featuring the DJ Monk 'Original 94 Mix' alongside an unreleased 1995 dubplate remix from Flex Records label boss, L Double and two fresh 2014 rinsers from New York's jungle ambassador LionDub and Kool FM's very own Papa Gee.

For anyone who has a passion for classic jungle, unreleased oldskool gems and modern reworkings of jungle anthems then the 20th Anniversary 12" of DJ Monk's 'I Spy (Eye Nuh See)' will be an essential purchase for the collection and any jungle set or event. 'I spy what do you spy.....'

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Autonomaton - Space Choppage [Free Download From Dark Til Dawn Records + Singles Of The Week Overview]

1/ Space Choppage.

Dark Til Dawn Records latest single of the week features the accurately titled 'Space Choppage' from Bulgaria based producer Autonomaton, who lays down intricately programmed breakbeat edits alongside some deep and spacious pads and dubby effects. If you like atmospheric snare pressure then be sure to check out this hot freebie (click on the downwards pointing arrow on the Soundcloud player below).

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1/ Vel Curve - High Speed.
2/ The Urbanizer - Wreckage.
3/ NewKoncept - Knowledge V.I.P.
4/ SteadyB - I Only Wanted You.
5/ Krave - One Of The Things.
6/ 2Brainz - In Darkness 93 (VIP).
7/ Remarc - Ice Cream & Hard Syrup (Personal Space RMX).
8/ Amiga Breaks - Nebula Sights.
9/ Rolling Paper - Urban Tapestry,
10/ Krave - Open Your Mind.
11/ Charlie Parker - My Old Flame (KoncreteRoots Bootleg Groove).
12/ Krave - Journey Outwards.
13/ Kapsulla - Drop The Sound Test.
14/ Kaps Vs Sizzla - Untitled.
15/ Arkboy - Ragga Style.
16/ Amiga Breaks - 1994 Crew.
17/ Kapsulla - The Fucking Lizard.

The Dark Til Dawn Records label has been releasing top quality, free singles of the week on thier Soundcloud page over the past few months, focusing mainly on the styles of jungle and drum & bass but also venturing into other forms of high BPM breakbeat based music. 

From the roughneck ragga-jungle of Kapsulla's duo of rudebwoy anthems, 'Drop The Sound Test' and 'Unitled' featuring the vocals of Sizzla, to the darkside amen pressure of NewKoncept's 'Knowledge V.I.P.' and 2Brainz sinister 'In Darkness 93 (VIP)'. SteadyB drops some smooth jazzy grooves with 'I Only Wanted You' alongside Vel Curve's previously reviewed 'High Speed', Charlie Parker's 'My Old Flame (KoncreteRoots Bootleg Groove)' and Amiga Breaks lush 'Nebula Sights'

For fans of heavyweight drum & bass breakage there are plenty of tunes to cater for. Rolling Paper's guitar licked 'Urban Tapestry', Krave's trio of deep, retro jungle rinsers 'One Of The Things', 'Open Your Mind' and 'Journey Outwards'.  Arkboy also represents with the rolling 'Ragga Style' alongside Kapsulla's menacing 'The Fucking Lizard' and The Urbanizer's intricate piece of breakbeat choppage, 'Wreckage'

Jungle legend Remarc recieves a future junglistic remix from Personal Space who updates 'Ice Cream & Hard Syrup' while Amiga Breaks fuses Aphrodite-esque jungle breaks with happy hardcore's euphoric pianos and rave stabs with '1994 Crew'.

Altogether 18 tracks to satisfy the curiosity of even the most eclectic of jungle/drum & bass tastes. Be sure to keep up on the latest Dark Til Dawn Records singles of the week by following thier Facebook and Soundcloud pages!

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CUT021:: Abyss 'Devastating' [out on SWITCHBLADE DIGITAL]

A friendly underground label from a hard workin man in the scene like Abyss promoting the dark side of nuskool breakbeat hardcore sounds, the great Switchblade Digital returns with a big tune again on its 21st release! 
Abyss hit it up again with a usual dark breakbeat killer with storming beats and a strictly hard attitude!
'Devastating' is out now and available to destroy every humna hardcore brain!

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

LUNA-C Reviews GL0WKiD

Last week, LUNA-C set up a #lunaclistens post on facebook where he's listening & reviewing the music from the first person who responds on this Monday's post with any track/podcast/radioshow. So this week he reviewed myself (GL0WKiD) after listening to my guest mix on Kushti's SolidSound radioshow (broadcasted on 22nd July 2015 @ Dublin South FM 93.9)

Regarding LUNA-C's review about my guest mix, I gotta admit that its definetely more than pleasure to receive such a great feedback from an established hardcore member like him. Feel glad we are having a good connection and of course its a kind of duty for all oldskool fans to support Kniteforce Records/KFA as the label is still busy in the hardcore game, remaining strong and releasing a large dose of stuff!

So here's a part of his review:

'' Having heard GL0WKiD before (he gave me a set for the Kniteforce podcast, Podcast 44 – go check it out), and having been in contact with him a number of times, the show definitely lived up to expectations. The last time I listened to one of his mixes I was surprised and happy to hear a large variety of hardcore tracks that were both breakbeat and modern and seemed to exist in a world of their own. It was fantastic, and this mix is more of the same, so it couldn’t be better really. GL0WKiD is a great Dj and all the mixes are tight enough that I sometimes couldn’t detect them. This mix showcases a different style of hardcore, one we could do with more of in my humble opinion, plus it is a very good interview with GL0WKiD. In the modern day, we all tend to message each other and often get straight to the point. So even though I have messaged with GL0WKiD before, and he has of course reviewed / posted about my music, there was a lot for me to learn about this Athens based Dj. ''

You can check out his full  review (featuring a link with GL0WKiD's guest mix + interview) as posted on KF website here: http://www.kniteforcerevolution.com/posts/luna-c-reviews-01-gl0wkid-mix/

(Read more about it on my review @ my fresh personal webplace here: 

Friday, 31 July 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Vel Curve - High Speed [Free Single Of The Week]

1/ High Speed.
For the latest Dark Til Dawn Records freebie Single Of The Week they have enrolled the talents of Vel Curve who drops a lushly atmospheric piece of upfront drum & bass entitled 'High Speed', complete with rolling amen breaks, melodic techno keys and a warm Reese bassline. An essential addition to the collection for all followers of modern drum & bass.
Vel Curve's 'High Speed' is available to download for free from the  Soundcloud player below (click on the down arrow on the top-right corner), so be sure to play it loud and follow the label for more freebies.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'The Strictly Nuskool Blog' Experience [mix by The Psysicist]

George Psimmenos aka The Physicist from Greece, is a great fan of this Blog, as he's been supporting tracks from SNB releases on his radio show called 'The Doppler Effect(broadcasted @ www.Report2Dancefloor.com) and more than that, remains a true oldskool & vinyl lover!
Here's a mix he made some days ago, showing appreciation to SNB's label's aspect and of course showcasing the producers involved inside!


01. D.S.K.F. - Feel The Power (Pursuit Remix)
02. Orestiz - Wake Up And See
03. DJ Wislov - Don't Leave Me
04. Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand And Stare)
05. Paul Cronin - Next Is The Ecstasy
06. Chiqui - Rock The Beat
07. DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
08. Bassraver - Trippy Dayz
09. Gareth Monks - Ghost Plate
10. Alex Breako - Deep Love Pt 1
11. Liam Taylor - Sounds Of Rave
12. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream
13. Gareth Monks - The Smokers Dream
14. Champion Breaks - Darkside Of Tariq
15. Sparki Dee - Race Against Time
16. Hamsta - Biscuit Nibbler
17. Mad Dog - Monged Out (DJ Nicky Allen And DJ Mystery 2014 Remix)
18. SKRU - Playday

You can grab the SNB back catalogue from this link here:
www.mediafire.com/download/v7562nmfbfsulcc/STRICTLY_NUSKOOL_BLOG_bac_cat_2015.rar [includes 13 EPs/2 Albums/8 xlclusive tracks]