Monday, 6 July 2015

Switchblade Digital 1-20 Megamix (Free Download)

The owner of Switchblad Digital, the man like Abyss , has made a megamix including all released tracks so far from SD put in released order and showcasing the real nuskool sound of Dark Breakbeat!
Definetely a respected & hard workin' label in the scene, which deserves anyone's support!

Njoi the mix !


FAYDZ... Live From Planet Smiley #1

A new massive mix by the mighty DJ FAYDZ is out via his SC page and apart from the big selection of tracks features also new ones from acts like 2Bad Mice, Jerome Hill, The Freestylers, Mark Archer from Altern8 etc., It's definetely worth to give your full attention on this one and start investigating it!

Really good to hear that he will keep on this new personal series of podcasts by running a monthly session of the finest Rave House & Breaks rhythms!

Here are some words from him on his personal Soundcloud page:

" Hi everyone, here's the first of a brand new monthly podcast I'll be doing for you all, featuring some of the finest Rave House & Breaks from the past present and future! Loads of great music on the show including some classics from the late 80s / early 90s as well as brand new tracks from 2 Bad Mice, The Freestylers, Plump DJ's, Altern8 legend Mark Archer, Jerome Hill and many more... So wherever you are in the World, I hope you enjoy the mix and If you can share this Podcast with anyone you think might like it too, it would be really appreciated... Cheers guys! :) "



Friday, 3 July 2015

[BPW 001] Sixteenarmedjack / Osci / Nickynutz - Bulletproof Wax 001 [12" Vinyl Release Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A - Sixteenarmedjack - Special Request.
 B1 - Osci - Feel So Fine.
B2 - Nickynutz - Da Colt 45.
Brand new Mid-Western USA label, Bulletproof Wax provides further proof that jungle has become a global music phenomenon with the release of their first 3-track 12" vinyl release featuring the far reaching talents of Sixteenarmedjack (Canada), Osci (Austria) and Belgian junglist, Nickynutz (Bulgaria).

The 'Bulletproof Wax 001' EP opens with Sixteenarmedjack's Summertime anthem 'Special Request', a track chock full of mental chopped up amen breaks, rudeboy basslines, mellow R&B keyboard melodies and of course, vocals from the man like the David Rodigan dropping the track title via clever sample usage.

Osci drops some dancehall ragga chatting meets fierce breakbeat choppage on 'Feel So Fine'. It's worth noting that the bassline on this track is an absolute killer, guaranteed to assault any speaker out there and almost veering towards the vibrato bass featured on jungle-tek tracks, but jungle through and through.

The infamous Nicknutz rounds off the EP with his heavyweight, processed amen rinser, 'Da Colt 45' which fuses intricately layered percussion, rumbling bass and gunshots with obscure country and western samplage! A tune that's simply rugged to the core.

Despite it being 21 years on from the original UK jungle explosion in 1994, it is clear that ragga jungle is far from dead and exclusive to it's London-centric rootsand that debut Bulletproof Wax release is sure to carry the torch for jungle far into the future.

The 'Bulletproof Wax 001' EP is available to purchase from the official Bulletproof Wax webstore link below, for $14.50 plus postage & packaging...!product-page/c1a4r/c4d94108-792d-82a4-e1d1-4e040682eefe

Be sure to bookmark the official Bulletproof Wax website to keep up with future label releases, DJ sets and forthcoming merchandise...

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

[LB 027] Ji Ben Gong - Under The Sun [Juno Download Exclusive 06/07/15]

1/ Spring Times.
2/ Under The Sun.

The Liquid Boppers label times their next release, 'Under The Sun' by Bordeaux based producer Ji Ben Gong perfectly for the Summer heatwave with two liquid drum & bass numbers.

'Spring Times' kicks things off liquid D&B style fusing jazzy trumpet flourishes over stepping breakbeats, piano notes and a hypnotic, gentle synth and bass melody. A perfect track to accompany hazy, sunny evenings.
Jungle meets Barry White (?) with 'Under The Sun' which combines soulful, funk grooves with rolling amen breaks, possible vocals from the big man himself and a bassline which would make even Nightmares On Wax envious.

Of the two tracks I would have to say that the infectiously euphoric vibes of 'Under The Sun' would be the pick of the bunch. Essential picks for your Summertime soundtrack!

Ji Ben Gong's 'Under The Sun' 2 track digital download is available to purchase exclusively from Juno Download on the 6th of July.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

[KVA004] Skanna - 2015 Remastered Collection [3 x 12" Vinyl Available Now To Pre-order From Keeping Vinyl Alive!!!]


A-Side - Nightstalker. (1993)
B-Side - Heaven. (1993)
C-Side - This Way. (1993)
D-Side - Find Me. (1995)
E-Side - Until The Night Is Morning. (1993)
F-Side - All You Wanted. (1994)

John Graham under his short lived Skanna moniker produced some legendary tunes from the from the birth of hardcore in 1992 right up until the beginnings of drum & bass in 1995. With releases appearing on the likes of Whitehouse Records and his own Skanna label, with many of them becoming extremely sought after nowadays.
Between 2008 and 2009 the reknowned but sadly defunct Sublogic Recordings released two artist endorsed and remastered Skanna releases on 12" vinyl, which collected the cream of Jon Graham's Skanna label. Both soon sold out and have subsequently become sought after in their own rights. However due to an increasing interest in classic hardcore, jungle and drum & bass, Sublogic Recordings label boss, Will Irvine has taken the steps to collect both 'The Skanna Collection Volume One' double 12" vinyl pack and the 'Until The Night Is Morning / All You Wanted' single to offer the 'Skanna 2015 Remastered Collection' triple vinyl pack on the Keeping Vinyl Alive label as a limited edition remastered package.
Opening with the 'Papua New Guinea' sampling, 1993 jungle-tekon classic, 'Nightstalker' which combines a thundering breakbeat backed by a booming bass thumps and techno blip melodies before dropping into the infamous Future Sound Of London drop. 'Heaven' on the flipside incorporates militant, junglistic breaks with added percussive elements along with a pervasive and warping mentasm riff and 'Ohh I'm In heaven baby' vocals to create a perfect example of the thinking man's darkcore track.

'This Way', also from 1993 takes things towards a more melodic direction with lushly sweeping strings backed by restrained, stepping breaks and gorgeous Caron Wheeler vocal samples. An early example of what would become intelligent/atmospheric drum & bass. The timeline jumps forward to 1995 next with the exquisite pre-liquid D&B classic 'Find Me'. A lush stepping track with rich layered breaks and gentle bass throbs which morph into soulful keyboard notes and female sighs.

The legendary pitch-black anthem 'Until The Night Is Morning' drops next in a thunderstorm of clattering, pitched breaks and bass booms, accompanied by suspenseful strings and brain searing hoover stabs. However all is not lost to the darkness with the inclusion of one intensely atmospheric drop featuring the infamous 'I'll be there.....until the night is morning!' 1994's 'All I Wanted' wraps things up by dropping a dub-vibed,  deeply atmospheric jungle monster with intensely programmed and layered breaks and percussion.

Six rarities from one of the hardcore, jungle the drum & bass scene's unsung heroes and a vinyl collection that is sure to become just as sought after as the original releases.

The 'Skanna 2015 Remastered Collection' triple vinyl pack is available to pre-order for the price of £30 plus postage and packaging from the Keeping Vinyl Alive webstore link below, and is estimated to be ready for distribution in approximately . There are approximately only 40 copies left for pre-order so buy now before they are gone forever!!! 
This release has been mastered by Beau Thomas (aka oldskool hardcore/jungle D&B legend Intense, Babylon Timewarp, The Whitehouse Crew) at Ten Eight Seven Mastering, and is being pressed by Optimal Media GmbH in Germany. So expect nothing but the best quality!

For further information keep tabs on the 'Skanna 2015 Remastered Collection' thread at

[KC001] Kaycie - First contact EP

artwork by Denise

Kaycie (a.k.a Cees Jans) is a thirsty for Gabber man & a proud member of the great school of Hardcore Netherlands! He's one of the founding members of Strength of Unity, a Dutch organization based in Amsterdam, which is focusing on hard dance events and apart from that, is also a DJ/Producer and even MC!
His first personal offering is a 4track gabber EP including 3 original productions of him and 1 remix on a track from Spanish producer Rottencore.
'First Contact' is the name of the EP deliving gabber and hard party sounds from his sick Dutch mind and highlights of this release are definetely 'The Style I Go' which is a big respect and honour from Kaycie to one of his fav MCs like the unforgetable great Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys, and then the 'Gabber Dreams' where Eurythmics getting a 'harsh blended cooking' by Kaycie and the result is a sick party vibe!

Grab it now/donate here

RATE: 7/10
FAV TRACK: "The Style I Go"

Forthoming shows
7th August 2015 - Berlin, Germany - info here
19th September 2015 - Amsterdam, Netherland - info  here



[DEEPIN 016] Sound Shifter - Junglist Fever [Out Now On Deep In The Jungle Records!!!]

1/ Rollerz Paradise.
2/ Junglist Fever.
3/ Ancient Technology.
4/ Fire Child (featuring Lady Emz).
Deep In The Jungle Records return to wreak havoc on your bassbins with a mighty 4-tracker from the indomitable Sound Shifter with the 'Junglist Fever' EP.

Kicking off with a 'Rollerz Paradise' a flashback to '95-'96, where thumping junglistic bass, airhorns, soulful female R&B vox and tear-out your chest amen breaks meet with menacing rap vocals. The tempo doesn't let up with 'Junglist Fever' which delves into fistfuls of classic jungle samples and scatters them over rolling amens and thunderous reversed bass.

My personal favourite, 'Ancient Technology' sees Sound Shifter drawing influence from the filthy tech-step of labels like No-U Turn, Droppin' Science and Prototype with heavyweight 2-step breaks melding with eerie female vocals and a monolithic Reese bassline. After all the aggressiveness and moodiness of the previous tracks, come down track 'Fire Child' closes the EP in a more soulful manner with soothing, sweeping synths, backed by rugged amen breaks accompanied by the gorgeous vocals of Lady Emz.

The Sound Shifter 'Junglist Fever' EP is available from the following digital retailers and many more...



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