Wednesday 10 July 2024

This is Jungle/D&B – Centre Space Gallery – Bristol U.K. July 6th to 11th, 2024

Through a discrete alleyway in central Bristol UK lies a time portal. Walking through the door takes you back 29 years to a time before smart phones, TikTok edits and artists getting 0.00001 pence for a lifetimes work being momentarily streamed before the listener skips distractedly away to another commercially targeted algorithmic trap. This time and place is mid-nineties Bristol England.

This is Jungle/D&B, primarily a photo exhibition that is running for just one week at the Centre Space Gallery is an exhibition into the roots of Jungle Drum and Bass. This “is” the music many of us  who habituate this blog love and this exhibition captures the “Big Bang Moment” of energy when the music was something more than just “new”. At this point of time no one knew that we would be enjoying DnB in 30 year’s time, debating the musicality of foghorns or the virtues of an overdriven Mackie desk. Music at this time accelerated away so so fast into the future before we could really appreciate it, thankfully in recent years we’ve seen the resurgence of jungle take a firm grip on modern music and though many of the key players of this time are still working today we can now reflect back on how good it was in 94,5 & 6. 


The exhibition has been beautifully curated by three brothers, well known to those that know, Dj Krust, DJ Flynnites and co-author of the Art and Sound Of The Bristol Underground book Gary Thompson.  I got to speak to Gary at the gallery a day after listening to his brother Flynn deliver a classy set at Cosie’s that could/should of soundtracked this exhibition but this was about the images not the sound, the clue is in the term gallery. We quickly teleported our conversation back to those  early days when positivity and kindness in the club was where it was at. I learnt that this exhibition, put together by Gary through his i46 media company, do check out his insta, is hopefully the first version with something bigger in the future. Gary with a well-regarded career in film making is well placed to helm this project, we can only imagine his exposure to his brothers’ adventures in sound over the years. 

Primarily a photo exhibition and it's very much that the photos are the star of the show. Conspicuously there is no music playing which might initially be seen as strange considering it’s focus but you don’t need the music to hear these photos, the hubbub of the streets of Bristol and the sub bass breakbeat punctuation of the tunes rise off the gallery exhibits. A kind of melancholic euphoria covers these walls, moments of joy forever gone but still here thankfully in the archives of black wax, paper and celluloid. Captured , forever young and oh so sharply dressed are the names of those we know well, Roni Size, Krust and Die amongst those that we should perhaps revisit more often Smith and Mighty , More Rockers , Flynn & Flora. 

Central to its focus are the influences of Full Cycle Records, Independent Dealers, More Rockers, and the RuffNeck Ting crew, key players who shaped the genre's trajectory. My personal favorite Dope Dragon gets a brief look in too, a wonderful but perhaps overlooked label from this time. An always Bristol centric lens, this is Lakota, Trinity Centre, Blue Mountain, Thekla, not the oft reported Blue Note or Speed, of London. don’t expect anything to escape outside the gravitational pull of the BS1 postcode apart from the photos of the Reprazent crew in New York, but more of that later.

Touchstones of the time are evident throughout the exhibition.  The Knowledge magazine front covers, an old rack mount Roland S series sampler, a DAT machine and dusty floppy discs holding unknown treasures. I’m compelled to tell my son, who was half bribed into accompanying me, that this is how you had to do it before Ableton was a glint in Robert Henke’s eye. He nods, a little pityingly ,but I think he kind of gets it that all of  this is something very special to his old man. 

A picture of a young DJ Dazzee is on one wall amongst  a montage of stickers, backstage passes ,  several flyers mention Ruffneck Ting. An interview I did with Borai on my radio show, one of Bristol’s latest torch carriers of the bass infused  bristolian breakbeat sound , paid homage to the importance  of Ruffneck Ting and their shop on Park Street. It's importance  doubly cemented by it inclusion in this exhibition.

As I was just about to walk out the door I was struck by the holiday snap style photos of the Bristol crew on what must have been a big record label funded  trip to the bright lights of America , gazing up at the neon of New York , cigars in mouths and drinks in hand , celebrating life there and then. No way of knowing that 29 years later we’d be looking back at them all with such high regard. Fortunately for  us no cigars or flights to New York are  needed to celebrate the sound of  95 (ish) jungle drum n bass, just  a short walk up an alleyway in Bristol… 

John Bass Scoops, July 2024.

Monday 8 July 2024

Abstractions Vol 3 [Top Drawer Digital]

It's taken me an ashamedly long time to publish this. Abstractions Vol 3 is the final release from a label that quite literally got me interested in music again, so here we go ..

D3 starts the journey with 'All I Want', a melodic acid opener opener, rooted in the beginnings of Rave yet equally suited to that return drive or indeed, 'the afters.'

Rawtrachs puts a musical spin on the popular phrase 'Nghothing Ventured (Nothing Gained)', interpreted through the medium of halucigenic, skippy Techno bits that make this writer think of a darker version of 'Nightbird' by Convert.

Kazumi Anzai serves up the timely 'Flashlight (TDD and the )'y, a bumpy Breakbeat House number with shades of Orbital's 'Halcyon' and the early 90s Prog House sound.

The Rumblist adds some cinematic darkness to this album with the atmospheric sounds of 'Separation.' The production is impeccable on this one with attention to the finest detail. A jagged, shimmering soundscape that glides across the speakers with sharp breaks and cutting basslines.

Nyxen conjures up the kind of 'Nightmares' that will live rent free in our heads. A combination of Carpenter like eerie keys and upbeat melodies set to a 90s style beat.

JMT's 'Balance' evokes the 'tearout' /Hardcore Breaks sound of the early to late oughts with roaring basslines and crisp drums.

Beat Breaker injects airy strings and Jazzy overtones over rolling breakbeats and Amen break interludes on 'All Night'

S.U.R.E showcase sleak production prowess, the fusing elements of hypnotic grooves with growling riffs and Jungle Tekno leads in harmony with a super crisp funky drummer edit.

The absolute juggernaut that is Skin Teeth contributes the rousing 'Plumstead Lullaby', a show capturing the twisted darkness of golden era Jungle in a suspenseful and brutal reimagining of the soundcloud with all it's haunting ambience and spaciousness while the drums hammer home.

Kazumi Anzai contributes his own amen roller in the space odyssey like 'Spiral' (TDD VIP). As with many of his tracks, a sense of non gravity and deep space is built through the other-worldly soundscape and musical depth that filters through this production.

Gav Ley takes it right back to the oldskool sounds of 92' with 'Let's Go', a piano led rave masterpiece that will give you all those feels in the way that only a true Breakbeat Hardcore tune can.

Beagle continues this vibe with a track that could literally be mixed into the previous Gav Ley tune. 'Laser Burn' returns to the sound of Eagle's releases with Diplomat on Amen Brother ie pure late 92' Hardcore with strong Hip Hop influences and ethereal proto-darkside flavours that will send chills up your spine!

Swankout's 'New Generation' and cuts up and refreshes the early rave sound of labels like Kickin' with ominous bells, bleeps and haunting aesthetics.

Prepare to have your 'Mind Blown' by The Rumblist through powerful, and intricate production, breaks that pack a hefty wallop and gorgeous cinematic strings.

Visible Sound returns to TDD one last time with 'The Darkness', a pulse racing, and cold sweat inducing beautiful nightmare of breakbeat science that personifies the TDD sound.

Another TDD alumni, the Bojcot Selecta returns for the final curtain call. 'On Your Own Turf' reminds us once again, we what a unique producer Bojcot is. The incredible beat manipulation, the the post-rave/grime bass mayhem and the cerebral midnight vibes hit different on this one.

Gav Ley presents a 'Reqium' in the form of a jaw dropping intro of sheer terror that launches into a firestorm of breaks and strings that will leave an indelible mark on your cortex.

Outrage let's loose the 'Roughneck' (my personal favourite on the album), a time travelling masterpiece from the darkest reaches of 1993 Hardcore/Jungle Tekno that packs in the discombobulating hoovers, angry stabs and B-Boy Hip Hop notes you could wish for and considerably more!

Beagle throws his 'Next Punch' and in the form of energising early-morning strings the curveball before a sorty of iconic rave stabs hits with the force of crater, the followed in quick succession of 303s and tough pads. Don't forget those rap samples that add significant entropy to this punch!

Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion 'Hold The Beat' and with a 92 style hook to kick things off before a playful lead riff takes the baton in a rave against time to the finish line that piles on more and more authentic oldskool 'ardcore, I lighting up the neurons in the brain of every rave addict!

At this juncture, Bobby Lasers provides a' Vibe Check' with some timeless 80s RnB business that morphs into a mutant bass creature from the deepest, the unexplored regions of the Hardcore Jungle continuum.

Sanxion blends together soulful vocals with chest bursting bass on 'Been Losin' switching from half-step to seriously rude amens in seamless fashion.

Schoco takes us on a dive into the bottom of the ocean with the brain penetrating progression of 'Float' and where mind melding melodies meet 303s and beats straight from the dry ice and smoke filled raves of the raving days of glory!

Kefford's 'Psychedelic Trip' to flips a menacing intro into a quick fire stabby slice of Breakbeat Hardcore that amps up the energy levels with a formidable weapon in the DJ's arsenal.

Going back to where it began, label boss, Lucas reprises his 'Antichrist' and with a new 'End of Days' version, incorporating rolling rhythms, the Jungle Tekno inspired darkness and eerie chords plus a bone chilling drop that accentuates the chilling Christopher Walken dialogue heard throughout the track.

Pressa contributes perhaps the most Breakbeat Hardcore like track of his discography with 'Rushin' Over Me', a fast, flowing 

Dystance drops a techy Jungle roller in 'Pure S' with shades of the wormhole techstep era and the ethereal quality of a space movie soundtrack. 

Sub Fusion's 'Rocking In The Nine Five' games blends 1993 darkcore influences with Blade Runner style synths and electro elements. 

Lucas revisits the late 00's J-Tek era with 'Light and High Beauty' where funk stabs, the atmospheric strings and vocals glide along a snappy 4x4 rhythm. 

Prism B.R.K's 'XXX' and takes the famous 'Dance With Me, I'm your extasy' and vocal as the lead for a modernisation of 94 Breakbeat Hardcore with DnB dynamics. 

Noisevandal's 'Correct Future' and continues in the 94 Hardcore vein with dreamlike keys with a very Kniteforce like style juxtaposed by the industrial bleeps of blueprint rave. 

Strange Rollers, but a true TDD stalwart let's loose a ferocious amen attack in the rollercoaster beats, dominant hoovers and classic dark vs light formula of 'Loading Room.'

Trident signals to a deeper strain of modern breakbeat music with the hypnotic, dubby sounds of 'Kinetic' 

Rawtrachs pushes the boundaries of sound design and innovation in breaks n bass with the absolutely aptly named 'Outerdimensional.' 

Strange Rollers dishes out another dose of intense breakology with the shock and awe stabs of 'My Vision Is Clear.' 

Next, then a 'Sound Attack' in the waveform shape of Radiokillaz' 94/95 style Jungle workout, detailed, intricate, and authentic to the finest detail. It's like being at World Dance, skanking to a Randall DJ set! 

And this is sadly, where the album ends. Truly the end of an era but what a way to finish the story. Take a listen below and grab your copy from all good download stores and streaming sites.

Tuesday 25 June 2024

Sam Bassline- Underground Flavas Vol 2


Sam Bassline is back with a second instalment of his underground flavas EP series. The EP kicks off with 'Find Me', a bouncy, two-step number with a soulful flavour and classic cut up garage grooves in the style of Tuff Jam. 

Next up, 'Warpa riddim' is a steam train of a speed garage tune with cool old school samples that really gets you in the mood for raving. 

'So Sweet' rounds off the EP in the '90s house music style with big bold stabs and chuggy beats that call back to weekends Clubbing in Birmingham with your Rockports on!

Thursday 20 June 2024

Squat Party- Dream Of You

The Dirty Kitchen Rave label has been tearing it up with an ever growing catalogue of fantastic releases- This remix EP is, as described in the description on Beatport, quite possibly the best release on the label to date. 

This is no humble brag, it's absolutely true. Both Doc Zee and Lucas have excelled with two phenomenal remixes of the original Squat Party tune. If I was a DJ, I would play these remixes back to back! Think euphoric, stabby 92-94 Hardcore and you're there! But don't just think, get these bad boys in the purchase cart!

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Unknown - Pillz Vol. 4

The elusive Hardcore Mashup maestro returns for a fourth installment of the Pillz series.


 I've been a fan of this series from it's Inception a few years back and this is easily my favourite release to date.

Like Oldskool Hardcore gold to a happy raver's ears, 'I Can Feel It' and 'Buzzing' both hit the sweet spot with DJ friendly intros and outros, the former, a rushy affair with plenty of 'I remember that' moments that induce mass endorphins at a rapid rate (if you raved or just loved the tunes , you will understand). The latter, a darker but equally pleasing affair with adrenaline fueled nostalgic darkside.

Mashups but more than just mashup s, these beauties stand alone on their own creative merits, striking the balance between way back when and the surging new wave of Breakbeat Hardcore, Pillz that go down a treat!  

Monday 3 June 2024

Natural Selection: Selected Works Vol.1

Natural Selection release a 38 track compilation charity fundraiser compilation for the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

The Natural Selection collective is known for a diverse range of artists and some of the very best Techno, IDM and Electronica. 

This 38 track album featuring artists like SHXCXCHCXSH, Nørbak, The Advent, NX1, Charlton, MAEDON, Somatic Responses, Plant43, Annie Hall provide a heavyweight soundtrack of tough and very rave orientated grooves, in short, there's no shortage of bangers on this comp due out on the 28th of June with all profits going to the PCRF to help Palestinian children affected by the ongoing war in Gaza. You can listen to a preview below 👇 

Pre Order here 

Sunday 2 June 2024

NEW: Strictly Nuskool EP by Stu Armstrong


We are more than pleased to present our brand new release introducing the sounds of Essex based Stu Armstrong. You have met up Stu on our recent 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' with his tune ''Hold On 2 U'' and it was about time to cook up something personal. In his words, he was very delighted to put out something special for the Strictly Nuskool. So, the mane of it is 'Something About U EP' - comprised of four belters!

Stu went on a track-by-track lil review to get you inside the game...

"Got Your Soul"
This is an old skool 92/93 style track I absolutely love this era of hardcore. The track has SL2 infuences in it and some oldskool hip hop samples that have been used before. I also cheated a bit with the piano riff but it just had to be done its such a cool riff.

"Hardcore Skankin' "
This is s a totally experimental track. This has a bit of a '93 jungle techno vibe to it. I used some old samples I have on a Amega sample pack and an old scratch vinyl. I experimented with the bassline and chucked in some old 303s ad there you have it. I had fun with this one it kinda just all fell into place nicely.

"Rinse It Propa"
This is an original style jungle track with a late 94/early 95 vibe to it. I sampled from an old rave tape that i was suprised still worked. I used a very naughty sample from the wildsyle soundtrack had to add an eliment of oldskool hip hop and used the theme music from and old Japanese style cartoon movie that I liked as a kid. Then threw in some busy amens and breakbeats. I hadn't made a Jungle track in a while so it was good to get stuck into 1 again.

"Something About U (Back To 94 Remix)"
This is remix of the 1st track of mine that GLOWKiD played back on his show on Kniteforce Radio. This was also the first attempt at a hardcore track when I origially went back t production during Covid. This was 1 of many little lockdown projects that i did so had to go back and have another go at that again. I just wanted to update it a little bit and use the new skills that I have learnt over the last couple of years and also it would fit as the title track for the EP as the orignal production has contibuted to me being able to get into making music for this incredible rave scene of ours.


Saturday 25 May 2024

Stu Armstrong Show at WK-END (21st May 2024)

Essex based producer, Stu Armstrong has played out a selection of random tunes that were released through Strictly Nuskool. This was broadcasted on his recent show over WK-END and you can give a listen at it on the link below.
Worth to mention that we are very pleased to announce that there is a new EP of Stu Armstrong coming out next week exclusively via our Blog. 
Stay tuned!


Lukas Ungeitis - This Far
Chiqui - Bad Times
Exit Point - Somebody
Bassraver - Party Freak
Chiqui - Party People
DJ Rave In Peace - Music For Moles
DJ Wislov - Criminal Beat
Breakbeatscientist - Strange Magik
Stu Armstrong - Got Your Soul
The Supersonic Army - Breezeblock
DJ Rave In Peace - Into Rhythm
Orestiz - Ruffatest
DJ Mark C - Axe Factor
Chiqui - Rock The Beat
Juna - Hardcore Rush
Paul Cronin - Go With The E and Rush Me
Stu Armstrong - Hardcore Skankin'
PURSUIT - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand and Stare)
Exit Point - Sweet Babe
DJ HEW - 93 Energy
Gareth Monks - The Smokers Dream
Fritz The Cat - Untitled A1
DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
FOTH - Around
Stu Armstrong - Rinse It Propa
Teksteppa - Jungle Revolution
AlexBreako - Deep Love Pt 1
Stu Armstrong - Hold On 2 U
Stu Armstrong - Something About U (Back To 94 Remix)
The Prodigy - No Good Start The Dance (Damage Inc. 2K13 VIP edit

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Twitch mix 21/05/24 "Hardcore Special" @ Planet Justice


This is the latest offering by Planet Justice - a new entry in the Nu-Rave galaxy.
As usual, led by the man like Orestiz, the PJ deliver plenty of Nu-Rave gems with the likes of Nefti, Stormski, TNO Project but to name a few. A wicked new session for the avid lovers of the Nu-Rave beats!


Nefti - It's gonna be alright
Zensation feat. Amelia X - Feels good
Dj Rave In Peace - Into Rhythm
Infekto - Lift Off (Nervous+Anxious Remix)
Lone - Backtail was heavy
Crashead - Voidwalker
Whizzkick - Roll Down
Malfunktion - Doing what we can
Case 82 - Pump this party
Eddie Voyager - Skankin'
Mulder - Sound Clash
Acen - Trip To The Moon 2092
Nervous+Anxious - Lose Control
Dj Nexus - Hardcore dreams (Vocal Remix)
Stormski - Love Sanctuary
Neurygma - The Return Of The Jedi
Z-Neo - For your love
Toofer - Rusher
Acen - Life & Crimes Of A Ruffneck 2092
Whizzkick - Take You There
SubLove - She Moves (Hyper On Experience Remix)
Z-Neo - Into Blue
Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands To It
TNO Project - The Advice
Alex Jungle - Elevated
Mannik - Here we go again
Alex Jungle - I can't explain
Pete S - Don't You Think It's Time
Dj Chance - FreeStyles Of Bass (Eyeski Remix)
Josh B - Wonderland
Stormski - Drop The Bass
Fibzy - Tonight
TNO Project - Metempsychosis
Fibzy - Tell me why


Planet Justice

Saturday 18 May 2024

GLOWKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Aaja Radio (14th May 2024)


GLOWKiD relaunches his radio show, making a debut broadcast on UK based Aaja Radio. You can listen back to it on the link below.


Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix) [Bang Face]
JAKAZiD - Hard Crew [RaveStation Records]
Dowster vs Zensation - Release The Stress [True Rave Records]
DeBisco - Second Contact [Self-Release]
Sideflip feat. OZL - Everybody In The House [Subwise]
Hyper Motion vs The Prodigy - Fire [Self-Release]
RRRitalin & Cynthia Stern - Battle Creek Brawl [Mindcut Music]
Yesten's Legacy - Busy [Self-Release]
Glowstyx - Bunny [Cock Rock Disco]
Jamie Zarfas - Overload [Self-Release]
Skooler & Flare - Probe [Fuzion Records]
Mark0 - Back-2-'92 [Self-Release]
Acen Close Your Eyes (Optikon Live Show) [Kniteforce]
Lomac - It's Always A Blue Sky Day (Old Skool Back To '93 Mix) [Concept Music]
CHOON TO GLOW: The Prodigy - No Good [XL]

Generation X [RadioShow]

Thursday 16 May 2024

Hormoneoid JP w/ Matres & Ascalypso - Aaja Channel 1 (14th May 2024)

Ascalypso from Hormoneoid JP takes over their monthly radio show on Aaja Radio, delivering 2 hours of Jungle, Drum & Bass and some Leftfield Bass tracks for you.
On the first hour you can bang on a guest mix, courtesy of the Osaka based Rave/Jungle DJ matres, while on the second hour  you can listen to the hostess with the mostest, Ascalypso, who's offering some junglistic and euphoric vibes.


matres part
01. Crypticz - Nightshifter's Groove
02. D. Tiffany, Roza Terenzi - Paparazzi
03. Ohota - Metal Storm
04. Flore - Disruption
05. Quixosis - Burundanger 2
06. Nikki Nair - Buggy
07. Nog4yra - Peixe Vivo
08. Drumskull - Switch Up The Flow
09. Dev/Null - This Cut
10. Dual Monitor - Switch It
11. Earl Grey - After They Turn The Rigs Off
12. Porter Brook - To Remain Undivided
13. Sully, Coco Bryce, Dwarde & Tim Reaper - Synergy (Coco Bryce Remix)
14. DJ Zinc - Pranksters
15. Adam F - Pressure
16. Shitmat - Illegal Soundz Of The Vibe
17. Dead Man's Chest - Acid Inna Dancehall
18. Duburban & Jahganaut - Gold Nugget
19. Nectax - Droid 94
20. Cheetah, DJ B - Break Yo Neck
21. Kid 606 - Yr Inside The Smallest Rave On Earth
22. Nebula II - X-Plore H Core
23. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Bust That Groove
24. Bay B Kane - Deep Jungle
25. Phineus II & Tim Reaper - Gemini Drome (ft. MC GQ)
26. Neekeetone - Junglist Champion
27. Secret Squirrel - Commin On Dark (Remix)
28. Chris Energy - Summer Sunday (2023 Remaster)

Ascalypso part
01. SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL - TrussUBad (feat. Second Woman)
02. Tov Kru - Thracia
03. Murder Most Foul - Dogfish
04. FFF - Disco Undertaker
05. Orca - Superpod
06. Digital - Dread Life
07. Maneuver - RDG
08. Limited Toss - Selecta Last One Time
09. Harmony - You Got
10. WTCHCRFT - SHAKE IT (Nikki Nair's Shook Mix)
11. 5ifty$ix K - Heelz Go Hard
12. Martyn X Om Unit - Skimming
13. Kaotic Chemistry - Jupiter 2021 Rebuild
14. Jonny Faith - Open My Eyes
15. Lone - Waterfall Reverse
16. Foul Play - Dubbing You
17. Denham Audio - Psyche of a Raver (Mani Festo Remix)
18. Denham Audio - Do You Sell Hardcore?


Hormoneoid JP

Friday 10 May 2024

'Illegal Rave Tapes Selektion - 1999-2012' by Acrelid

New York based label, Dance Data have released one of the most exciting vinyl records of 2024!

Acrelid (a.k.a. John Lee Richardson) emerges from the depths of the UK rave scene with "Illegal Rave Tapes Selektion - 1999-2012". This is the first ever vinyl release of Acrelid, meticulously curated onto 15 tunes (from a total number of 134 originally) that encapsulate the raw energy and eclectic influences of that era. This 15-track LP is a good example of Richardson's DIY rave life between 1992-2012.

Acrelid's soundscapes traverse the vast terrain of jungle, acid house, and beyond. From the breakneck intensity of 'Pure Knowledge' to the drum & bass rendition of 'The Twilight Zone' theme, each track showcases his prowess in crafting sinister beats that drive with a relentless rhythm.

But it's not just the music that makes this release noteworthy; it's the attention to detail that elevates the experience. Richardson has been always focusing on cool videos and goodies among his banging releases. So, his debut vinyl is accompanied by a meticulously designed 16-page zine, crafted by the man himself, which pays homage to the anti-rave propaganda of yesteryears. With nods to publications like Rave Maker and Illegal Rave Tape Magazine, the zine serves as both a historical artifact and a love letter to the 90s rave culture that shaped Acrelid's sonic journey.

"Illegal Rave Tapes Selektion - 1999-2012" is more than just a collection of tracks; it's a trip way back, calling all loyal ravers to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of a sweating warehouse. It is hard, illicit, authentic and it highlights the underground vibes that inspire the heavyweight generations that wanna be free forever.

Artwork & Design by Acrelid
All tracks by Acrelid

Monday 8 April 2024

The new vinyl release of Octotrax

Octotraxthe brainchild of the UK's nu-rave aficionado Sam White, continues to push boundaries with their latest EP release, that marks the 5th vinyl output of the label. This installment seamlessly melds the classic eurohouse rhythms of the 90s with a progressive touch and electrifying vibes, redefining 'oldschool' in a refreshing manner.

Scheduled for release in June 2024, this EP promises as usual to become a collector's item with only 100 limited vinyl copies available. It is comprised of four tracks - two brand new tracks, 'Superlover' by Pianohead and 'Want U 2 Stay' by Retropolis, alongside two highly requested gems from the label's back catalogue of digital goodness, '2'os Beer'os' by Sparky and 'Dirty Blame' by Pianohead.

In the opener 'Superlover', Pianohead delivers a high-energy anthem that immediately grabs the listener's attention with an effective blend of retro eurohouse vibes with modern production techniques, setting the tone for the EP. 'Dirty Blame', is another offering from Pianohead, mainting the big pianos and 4x4 progression, making it a standout addition to the EP.

On the flip side, the magician Sparky (a.k.a. Sanxion) drops his '2'os Beer'os' on a literal dose of playful energy with its funky grooves and quirky samples. Last but not least, 'Want U Stay 'by Retropolis is a mesmerizing blend of euphoric melodies and driving breakbeats that captivates from start to finish. This track serves as the perfect conclusion to an EP that expertly balances nostalgia with innovation.

A definite winner introducing sounds that Sam White rocked the stage of Rejuvenation last month in Leeds. All in all, this great Octo-wax is worth every single penny!


Sunday 7 April 2024

Teknosis 04 [Asionyta]

Portugal-based Asionyta present one of their latest installment driven by the Italian artist itamirinen and UK's Arcade Trauma. The 2-track EP is titled Teknosis 04 led by the track 'Keeping the Happy Vibe Alive'. It comes out digitally under the aforementioned Poruguese label that was born amidst the challenges of the pandemic.

At its core, 'Keeping the Happy Vibe Alive' is originally a happy breaks tune by itamirinen that serves as the foundation, exuding positivity and energy from the start. With Arcade Trauma's remix, we're treated to a reinterpretation that adds an extra layer of dynamism. The remix takes the infectious groove of the original and infuses it with a more stompy vibe, creating a perfect balance between euphoria and intensity.

What stands out most about 'Keeping the Happy Vibe Alive' is its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia while still feeling fresh and innovative. It's the kind of track that transports you back to the 90's dancefloor. With its infectious energy and expertly crafted production, this release is sure to resonate within the happy side of the nu-rave community.



Arcade Trauma

Saturday 30 March 2024

DJ Jimmy - Just Dance [Raveskool Recordings]


DJ Jimmy from Tenerife makes his return on the Leeds based Raveskool Recordings, personal imprint of Paul Cronin. Jimmy is into the game for more than a decade and some of you might remember his released over Rave Stylee. The last couple of years he has released
stuff on Paranoid Recordings and on Cronin's label. His brand new tunes is a propa 135bpm hardcore breaks gem with usual rave stabs and classic oldskool samples that will revoke memories.

Raveskool Recordings

Friday 29 March 2024

[VIDEO] Nefti & Greg Sin Key 'Rejuvenation sets'


Lodz mighty duo of Nefti and Greg Sin Key have just returned from the amazing Leeds based event, Rejuvenation, carrying some of the best memories from there. To share their experience, they commemorate their sets from the 12th birthday of this great event of the North UK. 
Watch them dj on the video below and grab their releases on the finest Lodz imprint and one of the greatest Nu-Rave labels, Intensive Recordings.

SKOOL OF RAVE - Celebrating The Old Skool 1991-1994 (29th June 2024)


Old Skool Rave music in a Church venue?
Where better to enjoy the sacred Old Skool Riddims?

Skool of Rave and Sonic Fortress return with an extravaganza party with the likes of luminaries from the golden rave days of the 90s. All roads lead to Ipswich for the ultimate rave experience that has ever taken place in the city.
Not to be missed out by anyone!

Artists include:


Monday 25 March 2024

DJ Gaffer Live On Renegade Radio (10th Feb. 2024)

The almighty sophisticated vinyl digger and nu-rave stalwart DJ Gaffer from Paranoid Recordings presents some of his favorite nuskool tunes on one of his latest shows over Renegade Radio.


Dee Sub - Code One
Industries Of The Blend - Dream Science
Amnexiacs - Party Kings (Stu & Nee Remix)
JMT - Runaway
Eddie Voyager - Love It
Nefti - Why Did You Suddenly Disappear
Simon Harris - You Think You're Hardcore
Rise Of Empires - Terminal Message
Isotonik - On My Mind
Dj Odin - Singing for the NHS
Ova Dove - Alright
Interface - A1 - Do It (Re-Done)
Trident - My Mind
Microcosm - Chockys Children
RenegadeGenius - TigerClaw (Matt Bass Remix)_190124_O9
Coc Bryce - One Hundred
Pete Cannon & Patrice - Butterfly (Pete's Amiga Re-work)
N-Zo & DJ Invincible - Ease Yourself
Bassraver - Hardcore Man
Jdubz - People of The Earth
Subjects - We Enter
Amen Holmes - Kicking
Birchy - Terminator
Stu Keating - Ignition
DJ KOS - The Drop


DJ Gaffer

JAKAZiD drops a 100% Mutant Bass Records mix

Late January, the one and only Jakazid did a mix for the 2nd Net Label Night stream event that focuses on one specific label, thus he did a tribute mix to Mutant Bass Records, a label that originally started by Kanji Kinetic and more recently rebooted and overseen by Sample Junkie.

"I admit to there being glaring omissions here - it was hard to cram everything I wanted to play into 45 mins as well as namecheck all the important people (my original attempt at this set was an hour long and I had to cut it down!), but I think it's a decent attempt at chronicling some of the label's fantastic output from both the early days and the reboot.
Most tracks here available via Mutant Bass Records on Bandcamp: (some of the older and now-deleted stuff has been re-released by the artists themselves, or you can find it if you know where to look) " - Jakazid


1. Thorpey & Heapy - Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix) [MUTANTBASS016]
2. Luke's Anger - Run It Dub [MUTANTBASS006]
3. Krissi B - Like Diss [MUTANTBASS014]
4. Blackmass Plastics - Time 2 Quit [MUTANTBASS002]
5. Kanji Kinetic & Hadean - Dissected [MBX002] 6. CPTN - Timing Ya [MUTANTBASS017]
7. Audio Gutter - Let You In (Ben Pest Remix) [MBX003]
8. Submerse - Oppai Misairu [MUTANTBASS008]
9. Kanji Kinetic - Do U Remember [MBX001]
10. Blvckmore - Chorus [MBX002]
11. Rico Tubbs - Bass For Your Face (Squire of Gothos Remix) [MUTANTBASS013]
12. Thorpey - Pull The Trigger [MBX001]
13. CPTN - 99% Against 1% [MUTANTBASS017]
14. Thorpey - Acid Trek [MUTANTBASS016]
15. Sample Junkie ft. Killa P - Dealing Wit [MBX004]
16. TVNDRA - Yeh Boi [MBX006]
17. Audio Gutter - Sumthin Else (JAKAZiD Remix) [MBX003]
18. RRRitalin - TURmite [MBX001]
19. Kanji Kinetic & Submerse - Git Down [MUTANTBASS008]
20. Michael Forshaw - Fingered In't Tate [MUTANTBASS003]
21. Kanji Kinetic - Southern Cross [MUTANTBASS008]
22. madmaid - Froyo [MBX007]
23. Oblongar - Eliminator [MBX007]
24. RRRitalin - A Owl [MBX006]
25. Dustvoxx - Hot Seq 2 [MBX007]
26. NA7 - Future EDM 2077 [MBX007]
27. Side9000 - Speaker (Z-Kat Remix) [MUTANTBASS006]
28. Seppa - Guppy [MBX009]
29. The Squire Of Gothos - One Siddeez Life [MUTANTBASS003]


Friday 22 March 2024

Labmig & Gimbal - Rightholders


We are very delighted seeing a release of an amazing slammer that goes out under the title 'Rightholders' and seems to be the german answer to the happy side of UK rave bits.
Without a shadow of a doubt, Gimbal (the main man behind the Labmig & Gimbal project), has scored an extravaganza tune, unleashing that pure '94 vibe of rolling breakbeats and big piano riffs.
'Rightholders' is definetely one of those tracks that will instantly gain your attention. It comes out digitally through Rapeseed Cultivation Records

Wednesday 21 February 2024

'Ravin Nightz' :: The second album by Skooler & Flare


As aforementioned on several blog features in the past, Skooler & Flare are more than just an act. In case you slept on that you have to take a gander at their interview given to us here.
Their brand new sonic expedition is out now digitally under the title 'Ravin Nightz' and it marks their sophomore studio album that instantly stands out. Packed with 15 extravaganza nu-rave tunes with a diverse range of hardcore breaks till eurodance rhythms, the boys have returned on full tilt delivering anthemic tunes. This album is an ode to the 90's oldskool days implemented with passion and love for that era.
Trust the magic trio and you won't be disappointed at all.

Monday 19 February 2024

The amazing new album by PRAYER


UK producer PRAYER has shown off his amazing work on the latest Spheres series via Rua Sound and has definetely earned his stripes in overall. His unique style is just so commendable and some times coveted due to the emotions enlightened through the ambience inside his productions. His very fresh album is entitled 'Now I Know Paradise' and it aims to take you on a long trip into a world of mysterious paths through his 13-mental journey  that transcends ambient odes to deep junglistic vibes. 
"This release is probably my most personal to date. I wanted to create something which flows freely whilst interconnected, that is perhaps not possible in Shorter form works. It is a story in eleven parts that focuses on exploring emotional depth; I’ve always been interested in emotion in music, which for anyone reading at a glance could sound self explanatory, but here the focus is really how an story can be told over the course of an hour and how this can then create a longer lasting impact for the listener. The tracks presented weave between a variety of different styles I’ve explored over the years, but are connected via their exploration of ecstatic sorrow and search for catharsis." - Prayer


Suffice to say that fans of Bicep and oldskool Intelligent D&B will certainly dig this top class material. A blend of contemporary electronic music with a rave aftermath - a late hours chill that one needs in the early morning...
The album comes out digitally via YUKU and it deserves every single penny!