Tuesday 30 August 2016

DJ MAG WEEKLY PODCAST: Mark Archer (Field Maneuvers Special)

"Ahead of this weekend’s boutique festival Field Maneuvers where the likes of The Black Madonna, Ben UFO and Axel Bowman will perform — we’ve got an hour long mixtape from none other than Altern-8’s Mark Archer.

As one-half of Altern-8, Mark Archer — alongside his partner in crime Chris Peat — laid down the foundation for stadium rave shows with their breakout album ‘Full On Mask Hysteria’, which was released some 25 years ago.

The duo were the genesis for the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Underworld and Orbital to pick up the baton and go out and conquer the world with their unique brand of acid house and stadium warehouse rave.

We've got Mark Archer to deliver us a no-holds-barred podcast that'll blow those bank holiday cobwebs out within five minutes of pressing play. Go get it!"

Next gig
- Catch up Mark Archer @ Field Maneuvers on 2nd September 2016
Last chance to grab a ticket if you're near London.

Upcoming Release
'Altern-8 - Full On Mask Hysteria [Remastered Edition]'(Available on Vinyl & Digital)


Monday 29 August 2016

V.A. - Sounds Of Summer [11track LP out on XTRAHARD RECORDS]

...XTRAHard Records! Do you know it? Got to learn it!

'Sounds of Summer' is the title of a very fresh DJ friendly compilation album including 11 unmixed tunes of proper positive energy I'd rather say, because that's exactly what the label appeals to be.
Just a headsup to get into the spirit. The most recent album following the same direction, was 'Keep It Floored' coming out some months ago from Raveskool Recordings, managed by Paul Cronin, a well known hcb guru.

Deadly Nightshade (a.k.a Stuart Brown) from UK, is the man behind XTRAHard Records, aiming to give an uplifting character in and out his label. And so he has succeeded, after running 1 year of XTRAHard single releases, to set up the first compilation right on time for the summer!

Entering the album's music part you can notice some established producers in the scene like Polish producer/DJ/label manager, Nefti who combines sweet piano melodies with rockin' breakbeats on 'Falling', the human tune machine like Paul Cronin who's all around in nuskool hardcore, spits a 150bpm 'Uplifting Heaven',  while the duet of Gareth Monks and DJ Rave In Peace getting themselves on proper 145bpm hcb piano breaks tunes, good example of how they're well reborn throughtout this year.

Next step goes to two serious piano breaks talents.
Long to seem them on a release but you surely remember them from the Good Times Recordings days. It's the duet of Andy Wilson and Tom Parr or even better call them Pinky & The Brain on the Nu-Rave scene and 'Sweetheart' is a sensational piano breaks opener of the album, full of happiness!

In the rest of the album, Finchman from the mighty crew of Sonic Fortress, delivers two 150bpm stormers and is so good seeing him involved on this album, since his productions deserve attention from the Nu-Rave masses. Tunes like 'Desire' are absolutely astonishing!

'Broken Wails' from Davey Brite is the most different track off this album.
A 178bpm liquid D&B driven tune of nostalgia, an excellent work proper to drive with your car for hours and hours and neverending...

Last tunes to display coming out from the youngest member of this release, who's the Spanish producer Nayim, less than 20 years old but already Vinyl addict and signed on labels like KODE 5, Ravenoyz Recordings.
'In The Air' is a 140bpm breaks roller which will force you to kick your legs in the air!

And finally, closing with the man who run this whole project like Deadly Nightshade who offers 2 incredible stormers with 'Uplifting Heaven' being my personal favourite as the second chapter of this banger reminds me quite a lot of his aggressive releases over Switchblade Digital!
Top stylee!

In overall it's pretty good to see in general albums like these into the scene promoting and pushing out the Nu-Rave and Hardcore Breaks movement!
Worth giving love and support the label and all producers involved on this superb Nuskool release!

Grab your copies now on bandcamp here by the price of 6 quid or even more if you wish supporting the effort and work of the label

RATE: 8/10

Deadly Nightshade 'Uplifting Heaven'
Finchman 'Desire For You'











[RARA028] Distrax And Decibel Lecter - Unprecedented Algorithms [Available To Purchase From All Good Red Alfa Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Distrax - Something New.
2/ Decibel Lecter - Worlds Collide.
3/ Distrax - Living In The Fear Of Jungle.
4/ Decibel Lecter - Run It Red.
5/ Distrax - Gonna Get Sorted.
6/ Decibel Lecter - Nightmares.
7/ Distrax - Something New (Decibel Lecter V.I.P).
8/ Decibel Lecter - Worlds Collide (Distrax V.I.P).

Two underground drum and bass behemoths forge a mighty allegiance on the very latest release from respected D&B label, Red Alfa Records. The ever prolific Distrax and Red Alfa label mate Decibel Lecter combine their distinctive talents to deliver the 'Unprecedented Algorithms' album. Featuring eight razor-sharp drum and bass, future anthems, prepare yourself for the clash of the Titans!!!

Distrax is first up to the plate with 'Something New', a sublime combination of rolling breaks, thundering bass throbs and a melancholic synth melody that evokes the works of Burial and Boards Of Canada. Sparring partner Decibel Lecter delivers his musical retort next with 'Worlds Collide', which layers an eclectic selection of vocal and sonic elements over a rock-solid, stepping breakbeat and massive, bass heavy riff section. Things go a little darker on 'Living In The Fear Of Jungle', which expertly fuses together menacing drum & bass and jungle influences before introducing a immense, euphoric drop to break through the darkness.

'Run It Red' sees a sultry, diva's spoken words espousing a message of positivity interwoven through a series of crisp and precise, clockwork beats and spine-tingling stabs that'll get all ravers' hands in the air. The opening bars of 'Gonna Get Sorted' delivers an unrelenting, gritty breaks pattern which is contrasted by a succession of warped, acid-frequencies flowing throughout. We are then taken on a roller-coaster ride, deep into the darkside of drum & bass with 'Nightmares', where a mammoth, electric-shock stab section from the bowels of hell does battle with monstrous bass notes and nightmarish, horror-themed dialogue.

'Something New' receives an oppressively dark, V.I.P. makeover from Decibel Lecter, who utilises classic Ultramagnetic MC's, shuffling breaks alongside harsh synth notes and menacing atmospherics. Distrax then returns the favour by rounding off the album with his equally dark 'Worlds Colllide V.I.P.', which strips the original mix back to it's bare bones and adds haunting pads, skeletal breaks and low-end bass rumblings to great effect.

With 'Unprecidented Algorithims', Distrax And Decibel Lector offers their own unique and richly influenced take on the drum and bass formula, offering an excellent selection of expertly produced and hard-hitting future classics. So if you consider yourself a D&B fanatic, then make sure that you have this in your collection!!!

The Distrax And Decibel Lecter's 'Unprecedented Algorithms' album is available to purchase from the following Red Alfa Records digital stores...


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Sunday 28 August 2016

2 BAD MICE - Boomtown Rave Yard 2016

An incredible set by the legendary trio of Oldschool barons from UK, 2 Bad Mice, spinning some proper Breaks & Bass vibes @ Boomtown Rave Yard 2016 some weeks ago!
Featured inside some classic oldschool stuff plus forthcoming work from the 2 Bad Mice!


And, if anyone's missing it, keep your eyes peeled for the launch of their long awaited 4track 'Gone Too Soon EP' coming out on Vinyl format @ Bristol's label Sneaker Social Club!

Check the following links above for some previews of this release.


Friday 26 August 2016

[VMRDT072] Dredillah - Bring It Back [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Samhain.
2/ Bring It Back (Feat. HD Flat).
3/ Dead Meat.

Long time Viral-Mental Records contributor, Dredillah returns back to the fold to drop some brand new pitch black, neuro-funk flavours with the release of the mighty three track 'Bring it Back' EP.

Kicking off with 'Samhain', a punishingly heavyweight of dark, industrial funk flavours set to rock solid, two-step breaks, crushing bass drones and monstrous, oldskool stab growls. This is not nor the feint hearted!!! 
Up next, 'Bring It Back' sees the the gruff, rap stylings of MC, HD Flat doing battle with uncompromising, breaks, menacing atmospherics and a ten-tonne bass riff from hell, before the EP is rounded off by a brain-searing slice of relentless tech-step with the sinister 'Dead Meat'. Featuring an intoxicating blend of sinister, neuro-funk flavours enhanced with horror-flick samples.

Dredillah delivers a razor-sharp selection of hard-edged drum & bass that'll perfectly compliment any neuro/tech-step set. So if you like your music deep, dark and heavy, then don't sleep on this one!!!

Dredillah's 'Bring It Back' single is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!


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Sparki Dee - White Doves [Available To Purchase Now From Bandcamp!!!]

1/ White Doves.

Prolific break-fiend and resident Strictly NuSkool Blogger, Sparki Dee presents his hi-NRG take on the oldskool breakbeat hardcore format with the release of the ultra-euphoric 'White Doves' single. Blending a series of rolling oldskool breaks, scratches and rushy stabs with pounding nuskool kicks. 'White Doves' expertly combines classic rave stylings with modern production techniques creating the perfect dedication to 'all the ravers' whatever the decade!!!

Sparki Dee's 'White Doves' is available to purchase now from the official Sparki Dee Bandamp page...

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Wednesday 24 August 2016

KFA77 – The True Skool EP 12 (Executive Edition) [KFA]

KFA is an established skool on its own and re-proves it once again with this long-awaited storming 12th EP of True Skool series.
'The True Skool EP 12' is out now including also the classic Executive Edition given kindly and exclusively by Luna-C to every fan for 2 weeks only via KF website.

The main part of this release consists of 6 tracks, new ideas, blend of genres and fresh members in KF family.
Almost half of this EP has a German flavour as Empyreal, TNO Project and Timme hail from there and show off how active is this country into Hardcore.

'My World Is Pyramid' is the starter of this release by orchestral influenced Empyreal from Hannover who has definetely a unique style that Luna-C admires. Great 175bpm happy hardcore techno vibe!
Next four tracks come from new blood artists on KF.
Disowned (a.k.a Simon Norton) is an establihed Hardcore trooper since mid 90's founding his very own mighty BDR (www.braindamageradio.com) for those who know about it, and his first installment on the label called 'Your Eyes' is just a little headbanging taste of what to expect of his forthcoming personal album 'Voodoo Universe' on Kniteforce!

Scartat from Canada is also a new KF member and his own 'Ragga Style's will cause you multiplied amen headaches! The hardest weapon of this EP!
Following with 2 Germans, new additions to the KF innovative club of talents.
Timme or ['timÉ™] has proudly joined this release delivering two incredibly positive, uplifting, happy D&B nuskool tunes. I've been digging his stuff over the last 2+ years and would like to express my support and preference to his ideas and style.
'Four' is a complete anthem and a good reason to grab asap this Executive Edition of True Skool EP.
Trust me and you won't get disappointed...

Closing the tune variety with a young and very promising German producer and boy wonder, under the name of Lukeass or TNO Project as used on his 150bpm breakbeat hardcore 'The Advice'. A wonderful mental tune taking you back to early days of Kniteforce but dressed up perfectly with storming breakbeats by this young and devoted Hardcore warrior!
In other words... Sehr Gut!
Demcore is the last producer who got involved on this True Skool as a part of the Executive Edition and just few steps before the release of his personal album. One more full length release on your wantlist. Watch this space for it...

Finally, the True Skool EP 12 features extra samples given by Luna-C, who's running an essential competition these days, saying:
" because there’s is currently the old skool get your remix on vinyl competition going on, and because I was halfway through making a sample pack but, if I am honest, I was never going to finish it, and because for some reason part one still sells pretty well, I decided I would do a “50 Breakbeats Part 2”. So theres than. The Ex Ec version has it as .wav for you producers out there. And also a load of stab sounds. 69 of them I think."

01 Empyreal – My World Is Pyramid
02 Scartat – Ragga Style
03 Disowned – Your Eyes
04 TNO Project – the Advice
05 Timme – Smile
06 Dj Luna-C – 50 Breakbeats Part 2

Executive Bonus Material:
01 Manse feat Alice Berg – Freeze Time (Demcore Remix)
02 Timme – Four
03 69 Hardcore stabs
04 50 Breakbeats in wav format

All you have to do is follow this link HERE and purchase your digital copies of the new KFA installment of sickness! In addition if you haven't signed up to KF mailing list, you have to do it for your own good and information updates. Luna-C is and will be busy. Good for the scene and better for us all so follow the leader!
And one more thing to close. Congrats and bigup to the new members of KFA. They did fair big launching tunes, proud for this legendary label (humbly saying)

Check out some previews:

Monday 22 August 2016

Beautifully Crafted Volume 17 : DJ JEDI mix

RS 0009:: PAUL CRONIN - Comply From The Start / RS 0010:: DJ MARK C - The Fifth Mountain [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]

One of the leading labels in the Hardcore Breaks scene, Raveskool Recordings from Leeds, returns with two fresh hot installments and 

First tune to display comes from human tune machine and label manager, Paul Cronin, who provides a 165bpm Breakbeat Hardcore stormer titled 'Comply From The Start'.
Watch out the bass drums while you're into your car. One more sick tune coming out from Paul's full on sickness brain!


Second offering coming from '92 oldschool hardcore servant and vinyl lover, DJ Mark C from UK, who has released his first personal single on the label.
Mark is definetely an Oldschool Hardcore hero nowdays, his vinyl sets are totally representing this type of sound as well as his own productions taking you on a mad trip strictly to 1992!
He's still a resident of that era and proves it by all means.
'The Fifth Mountain' is out now! Will you climb it?




DAVE SKYWALKER LIVE @ BoomTown Festival (12th Aug. 2016)

" So here we are guys, my set live from the absolutely immense BOOM TOWN FESTIVAL 2016!

MASSIVE respect to Ali for asking me to play, the Jungle Syndicate and Amen-Tal crews, and all the people behind DSTRKT5 and Boomtown. Already looking forward to 2017 which will deffo be on my festival calendar for next year!

So here's the tracklisting - a smattering of jungle, some breakbeat hardcore shenanigans, a few of my own dubs, and a little bit of hardcore. Oh, and Rick Astley. Enjoy!"

01. Astoria (Dave Skywalker MOAR KIX Dub)
02. Jungle Citizens vs Damien Marley - Set Up Shop
03. Riton - Rinse & Repeat (Rockwell vs Dave Skywalker MOAR KIX Dub)
04. Sam Binga - Pound 4 Pound (Dave Skywalker Amen Rinseout Dub)
05. Dave Skywalker - Send For Ali
06. Jow & Dave Skywalker - Got To Give It
07. Skream vs Cassius - Luv U So (Dave Skywalker Remix)
08. Zero Hero - Back Again
09. Sparky - Love Like This (Hattrixx & Advanc3d Remix)
10.Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart (Dave Skywalker Remix)
11.Jack U - Take U There (Graz Remix)
12.Jakazid - Amnesia
13.Jack U - Jungle Bae VIP (Callum Higby Edit)
14.Gammer - Red Drink Foam Party (KTRA Mix)
15.Diplo & GTA vs Gammer - Boy Oh Boy (Dave Skywalker Rick Roll Edit)
16.Nightcore - Go Gadget (IYF & Nobody Hardcore Edit)
17.Dave Skywalker - Everybody
18.Dave Skywalker - Pandora
19.Dave Skywalker - Major Rager

Sunday 21 August 2016


[CUT028] Various Artists - Total Amenation [Switchblade Digital 20 Track Double CD Compilation Out Now!!!]

Disc 1 -
1/ Krave - Wicked Tingz. 
2/ Necrotype - Flashes. 
3/ DJ Wislov - Bully. 
4/ Rad Rod - Flyin'.
5/ Msymiakos - Cyberninja.
6/ Richard Champion - Playing God.
7/ Master Mash - Siren In The Dark. 
8/ Pursuit - Feel Alright.
9/ Abyss - Attack Of The Drums. 
10/ Beat Rapist - Dark Dreams.

Disc 2 -
1/ KeeZee - Thoughts.
2/ Deadly Nightshade - Dark Angel. 
3/ Coco Bryce - Class Action.
4/ Beatgem - Raw Stylus.
5/ Breakbeat Scientist - Darkside Dub. 
6/ Liam T - Can't Do This.
7/ Lucky Dime - FTP 303. 
8/ Johnny Two Bad - Bad Dreams (Junglistic Vibes Mix).
9/ Yell-O-Phase - Hail Satan.
10/ CLSM - Be A Junglist.

Over the past 2 years the Switchblade Digital label has released a steady flow of some of the most heavyweight and darkly atmospheric breakbeat hardcore, jungle and drum & bass that the scene has ever heard. And for their latest release, Switchblade label boss, Abyss unleashes the 'Total Amenation' album. A mammoth collection of twenty of the underground's most talented breakbeat luminaries, who were given only one objective. To deliver a collection of tearing, amen break anthems that are guaranteed to test all sound-systems...

Krave sets the ball rolling with his frantic recreation of authentic, 1994-styled junglism with 'Wicked Tingz' before Necrotype revitalises the vintage techstep sound with the inherently sinister 'Flashes'. We are subjected to some serious audio-punishment with DJ Wislov's epic, breakbeat hardcore track, 'Bully' next before Rad Rod drops some razor-sharp stabbage over some fiercely chopped-up jungle breaks, and some seriously cheeky pop samples on 'Flyin'. With 'Cyberninja', jungle don, Msyimiakos closes the first quarter of the album with his perfectly balanced combination of smooth pads, dub-reggae riddims and ruffneck breaks.

Next up to the plate is the ever versatile Richard Chamion, who takes us fast forward into the future with his breakneck speed, nuskool jungle anthem 'Playing God'. 1992 darkcore is the name of the game with Master Mash's pitch black acid-hardcore anthem, 'Siren In The Dark', which in turn is perfectly juxtaposed by the uplifting, positive hardcore-jungle vibes of Pursuit's 'Alright'. Switchblade Digital's head honcho, Abyss hits us with some intensely dark jungle choppage with the with 'Attack Of The Drums' before the infamous Beat Rapist closes Disc 1 with the low down and dirty Reese bass fueled 'Dark Dreams'.

Disc 2 sees KeeZee's 'Thoughts' inject some deep, drum & bass vibes into the collection before we are taken back to the darkside once more with 'Dark Angel' by Deadly Nightshade. Coco Bryce takes things in a more experimental direction with quirky jungle track 'Class Action' while Beatgem presents his soulfully chilled, yet manic break-fest that is 'Raw Stylus'. Then some bloke called Breakbeat Scientist drops some 'Darkside Dub' next, which features a blend of dark hardcore and heavy, dubwise elements.

Liam T's 'Can't Do This' sees a ten-tonne, rolling break section paired with massive D&B bass growls and flashes of rave stabs before Lucky Dime delivers a brutally rebellious, acid hardcore missive with the very relevant anti-police corruption protest track, 'FTP 303'. We are taken back to classic, '94 jungle vibes once again with Johnny Two Bad's lush, feelgood anthem 'Bad Vibes (Junglistic Vibes Mix)' which segues perfectly into Yell-O-Phase's 'Hail Satan', an intoxicating and eclectic melting pot of 100mph breakbeat hardcore (watch out for that rushy, symphonic violin solo!). The legendary CLSM closes the album in proper nuskool jungle fashion with the stepping, amen accentuated 'Be A Junglist', but before you pack up and leave, be sure to check out the cheeky little amen-troll track hidden on the outro.

If you are an amen break aficionado, then the 'Total Amenation' album offers a prime selection of tracks showcasing the versatility of that infamous 4 bar drum-loop. So whether you're a dedicated follower of roughneck junglism, uncompromising darkcore, rolling drum & bass or uplifting, amen driven hardcore breaks. Switchblade Digital's 'Total Amenation' is a must for your collection!!!!

The limited edition 'Total Amenation' double CD album is available to purchase now from the Switchblade Digital webstore for the bargain price of £9.00 (plus postage and packaging). 'Total Amenation' will also be available to purchase digitally from all good online music stores in the near future...


...And for those of you who may have missed out on the previous Switchblade Digital CD album, 'From The Depths Of Hades', the 'The 'Ardcore Schwarzenegger EP' on Switchblade Vinyl and Abyss' appearance on the excellent 'Myor Massiv 02' vinyl release, then you can get copies here, but you better be quick as quantities are limited!!!


For more information on the featured artists, follow the Soundcloud links below...

Krave https://soundcloud.com/os-12

Necrotype https://soundcloud.com/necrotype

DJ Wislov / Ravenoyz Recordings https://soundcloud.com/mrwislov

Rad Rod https://soundcloud.com/radroderick

Msymiakos https://soundcloud.com/msymiakos

Richard Champion https://soundcloud.com/dicky-champion

Master Mash https://soundcloud.com/master-mash

Pursuit https://soundcloud.com/dj-pursuit

Abyss https://soundcloud.com/dj_abyss

Beat Rapist https://soundcloud.com/peterbisseker

KeeZee https://soundcloud.com/keezee

Deadly Nightshade https://soundcloud.com/maximum-acceleration

Coco Bryce https://soundcloud.com/cocobrycebeats

Breakbeat Scientist https://soundcloud.com/stuz74

Liam T https://soundcloud.com/liam-taylor-36

Johnny Two Bad https://soundcloud.com/dark-til-dawn-records/johnny-two-bad-outer-reality

Yell-O-Phase / KHK Records https://soundcloud.com/khk-records

CLSM https://soundcloud.com/clsmstore

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