Tuesday 31 May 2016

[ARR085] Various Artists - Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016 [Available Now From All Good Allowance Records Digital Stockists!!!]

1/ Echel0n - So Sorry (Vocal Edit).
2/ Prizm Prime Ft. Gina Lola - My Future Me (Vocal Mix).
3/ Prizm Prime - My Future Me (Instrumental).
4/ Trixta UK Ft. Elle - Submersion (Nicky Havey Rmx).
5/ G&J - Sunset.
6/ Arkitex Ft. Lady Emz - The Way We Do.
7/ Chris Kaoz - Someone.
8/ FiendReflex - Say Good Bye (Vocal Edit).
9/ FiendReflex - Say Good Bye (Instrumental).
10/ Nicky Havey - Happy Days.
11/ DJ Dirty One - New Old Skool.
12/ DJ Relitivity - Synthetic Solice.
13/ K@oSinFusion - Clique.
14/ Quartizone Ft. Josiah - Unlock The Sun (Vocal Edit).
15/ Quartizone - Unlock The Sun (Instrumental).
16/ Emotion1 - Turning Point.
17/ Exit Point - Falling.
18/ Marcus Tee - Emergency.
19/ Opius - Sunship.
20/ Tecto & Thesis - Strangers (Vocal Edit).
21/ Tecto & Thesis - Strangers (Instrumental).
22/ Tailwhip - Virus.
23/ Trixta_UK Ft. Ella Sopp - Deeper Love (Vocal Edit).
24/ Subteq - Winter Sun.

Now that the sun has finally risen from it's long Winter slumber, Allowance Records have gathered together the cream of the underground drum & bass scene to compile a prime selection of twenty-four upfront and uplifting tracks to enhance your Summer listening experience with the release of the 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016' compilation.

The album opens with two strong vocal numbers with Echel0n's stirringly emotive 'So Sorry (Vocal Edit)' closely followed by and the languid liquid grooves of Prizm Prime and songstress Gina Lola's 'My Future Me (Vocal Mix)', which also comes in instrumental form for those who prefer a vocal-less version.

Trixta UK featuring the vocal talents of Elle sees their 'Submersion' track receive an exclusive Nicky Havey Remix)' next before  we are introduced to G&J's infectiously catchy, bassline driven stepper, 'Sunrise'. Arkitex and Lady Emz delivers another smooth and soulful, vocal roller with 'The Way We Do' to conclude the first quarter of' 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016'.

Chris Kaoz drops a combination of rugged beats and bass alongside gradually ascending keys on 'Somebody', while Allowance Records head honcho, FiendReflex introduces the soulfully vocalled, Reese bass meets invigorating trance riff propelled 'Say Goodbye (Vocal Edit)' which is also accompanied by an instrumental version.

With 'Happy Days' we see the return of Nicky Havey who merges 100mph breaks and growling bass notes with gorgeous synth notes and epic pads before DJ Dirty One takes us on a journey with 'New Old Skool', with it's fusion of classic soul vocals, rugged breaks and one massive surprise bass drop. DJ Relativity's 'Synthetic Solice' presents us with a perfect contrast between rolling amens and gentle piano melodies.

The powerful anti-materialism message of 'Clique' by K@oSinFusion opens up the second half of the album to a string led crescendo and is soon succeeded by Quartizone and Josiah's euphorically uplifting drum and bass ode to Summer, 'Unlock The Sun (Vocal Edit)' and it's instrumental mix.

Emotion1 rolls out the phat bass heavy synths and hands in the air stabs with 'Turning Point' backed up by Exit Point's moody liquid roller 'Falling' which incorporates soothing pads with sinister bass throbs. 'Emergency' by Marcus Tee sees hip-hop soundbites merge with chilled, yet roughneck D&B attitude.

A melancholic, retro-rave tinged piano section introduces Opius' growling bass fuelled stepper, 'Sunship' which is soon accompanied by Tecto & Thesis upfront, dancefloor focussed 'Strangers', in both rapid-fire, MC vocal led or instrumental versions.

The very last trio of tracks of this epic release compose of Tailwhip's 'Virus', a tense neuro track that wouldn't sound out of place if found in John B's late nineties back catalogue. Trixta UK featuring Ella Sopp's deep soul themed liquid number, 'Deeper Love (Vocal Edit)' and finally Subteq's sublime 'Winter Sun'.

If you are looking for the very best in bold, uplifting and liquid drum & bass tracks to get the party going full pelt, then you can't do wrong in delving deep into 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016'.

The mammoth 'Spring Break Drum'N'Bass Selections 2016' compilation is available to purchase now from all good Allowance Records digital stockists...





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(Volume 1): 21.4.2015

Duration: 188 Mins

01. Mr. Sin – The Come Down
02. Luffy – I Want You Baby
03. Route 94 Feat. Jess Glyne – My Love (X-Static’s Future Rave Mix)
04. Kosheen – Catch (Libz Don’t Repeat It Mix)
05. Gareth Monks – Hammer It (Gareth’s Multi-Break Mix)
06. Impact Beat – Come Into My Dreams (Original Mix)
07. Ist Science – Onward Forward
08. DJ Rave In Peaches – One More Time
09. Paul “Captain Madtits” Cronin (!) – Rave Lights
10. DJ Bassraver (got his big donk on!) – Hands In The Air
11. Nefti – Why Did You Suddenly Disappear
12. DJ Fuzzbuzz – Deep Inside
13. Aqua V (Spanki Dee in a long trenchcoat!) – Dreamweaver (Northern Lights)
14. DJ Nicky Allen – Love Hurts
15. DJ Pursuit – Mind Controller
16. DJ C.R.I.P.(Jungle Warrior EP) – Green Line
17. Paul Cronin – Get Up And Dance
18. DJ Rave In Peace – Bass Be Louder
19. Chiqui – Rock The Beat
20. DJ Wislov – Criminal Beat
22. Mr. Sin – Gimmie A Mutha Fuckin Break
23. Renegade Genius – The Dyson Effect
24. Gareth Punks – Antidepressant
25. DJ Nicky Allen – Don’t Walk Away
26. DJ Lien (R.I.P. sir, your music will live on) – Let Me (Fucking Hardcore Mix)
27. Paul Cronin – Bad Boy
28. DJ Mark C – XTC
29. DJ Fuzzbuzz – Piano Blues
30. DJ Sashay – Psychosomatic
31. Sparki Dee – Lost My Mind (Shot Away Mix)
32. XJ Matt & Spanki Dee – Take Flight (Heaven’s Waiting)
33. DJ Wislov – Generate Power
34. Dazz F – OldSkoolLives
35. Exit Point – Party Weekend (USBS Remix)
36. DJ Bones (Coathanger Abortion EP – ouch!) – Underground Sound
37. Hamsta – Chief Schlocka
38. Mannik – Get Your Ass To Mars
39. Mark C – Warehouse Rave
40. DJ Longman – You’re My Desire (Longman vs. The Wizard)
41. Leonized – Living In Darkness
42. Liam Taylor – Brainstorm
43. Sacred – Do It Together (Leonized’s ‘Pour Me A Half, Watch Me Shine’ Remix)
44. Skubi – Sweet Tooth
45. Beat Rapist – LSD & Lasers
46. Renegade Genius – Feel The Power
47. Mannik 5000 – Do It, Get Sorted
48. Yell-O-Phase – Space Cube
49. Gareth Monks – Piano Abuse #2
50. Abzolution – The Darkness
51. Sacred – Do It Together (Msprim Remix)
52. Pursuit – The Dark Crystal
53. Beat Rapist – Window Panes
54. Gareth Monks – Piano Abuse #1
55. Neuromancer – Pennywise (Sparki Dee’s Float Around The Room Remix)
56. DJ Rave In Peace – It’s In The Air (Version 2)
57. Breakbeat Scientist – Dark Prophecy
58. Gareth Monks – CafĂ© Del Mar (The Junglist’s Choice)
59. Silverfox & Cronin – Watch The Bad Boy (ya soggy Leeds biscuit!!)
60. DJ Fuzzbuzz – Still At It In 2012 (man’s been going since 1963..)
61. R.A.W. – The Rush (DJ Wislov Remix)
62. Stormski – The Rain
63. Aike – Dark Chime
64. DJ Bassraver (Rip Off Track Vol 3) – Sample Junkie (lazy bastard!)
65. DJ Nicky Allen – Let’s Go Hardcore
66. DJ C.R.I.P – Bass 4 Love
67. Orestiz (The 1K EP) – Wake Up & See


Sunday 29 May 2016

[VMRDT061] DROMA - Anxiety / The Problem [Avilable From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Anxiety.
2/ The Problem.

Things have gotten very dark down at Viral-Mental Records HQ with the brand new release from label newcomer, DROMA who presents the pitch black 'Anxiety / The Problem' two track single, set to bring terror to all neuro drum & bass sets.

'Anxiety' kickstarts things off in proper tech-step fashion by dropping a relentless 2-step break over an oppressively heavyweight and warped bass riff that's guaranteed to put your bassbins through their paces.
The 'Warriors' sampling 'The Problem' follows a similar path as it's predecessor, with it's blend of rock solid breaks and thundering bass accentuated by menacing atmospherics coupled with those aforementioned, iconic movie quotes.

If you have a penchant for precision crafted, deep, dark and moody drum and bass then DROMA most certainly delivers the goods with 'Anxiety / The Problem'!!!

DROMA's 'Anxiety / The Problem' single is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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Friday 27 May 2016

[KLPR015] Crisis + Ikon B - Another Badman / Temperature Rising + [KLPR017] DJ Monk & Tico - Good Body Girl (Lion UK 2016 Mix) [Available To Purchase Now From KLP Records!!!]

1/ Another Badman.
2/ Temperature Rising.

Crisis + Ikon B make their return to KLP Records once again and deliver two brand new razor-sharp, bass heavy slices of nuskool jungle with the release of the mammoth 'Another Badman / Temperature Rising' single.

Opening to the sounds of the frantically rolling 'Another Badman', we are taken on a roughneck roller-coaster ride of thundering breaks accentuated by snippets of ragga chatter and monsterous bass pulses. In addition to the conventional jungle staples, Cris + Ikon B successfully blends in energizing techno-style synth elements to great effect to add a touch of variety which makes 'Another Badman' stand out from standard jungle fare.

After being lured in by a series of soothing pads coupled with a gentle synth melody, 'Temperature Rising'soon gets to business by dropping a succession of breezeblock heavy breaks over a Reese bassline so thick that that there is a serious risk of junglists being smothered on the dancefloor. This all backed by a rousing ragga vocal to get the crowd clamouring for more, 'Temperature Rising' is destined to get even the most stubborn jungle-headz' feet moving.

The combined talents of Crisis + Ikon B stikes jungle gold once more with this rock solid release, so be sure to get on these for your sets pronto before everyone cottons on!!!

Crisis + Ikon B's 'Another Badman / Temperature  Rising' single is available to purchase now from all good KLP Records digital stockists...




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1/ Good Body Girl (Lion UK 2016 Mix).
2/ Good Body Girl (DJ Monk 95 VIP Mix) (Bonus Track).

And if all that wasn't enough jungle for your ears then KLP Records rewinds back to '94 and revisits DJ Monk & Tico's classic ragga jungle anthem 'Good Body Girl' which receives a tearing 2016 re-lick from the infamous Lion UK. Who takes the instantly recognisable ragga vocals of the original and fires a barrage of rolling amens and a dirty dual bass combination to devastating effect, ensuring that lighters will be held aloft in the dance.

All purchases of the 'Good Body Girl (Lion UK 2016 Mix)' come with a bonus digital download of DJ Monk's very own tearing '95 VIP Mix' which was pressed onto dubplate solely for DJ's Kenny Ken and Micky Finn back in 1995 and was only available to purchase as a strictly limited and sold out 12" vinyl release and via an exclusive digital download website.

The DJ Monk & Tico 'Good Body Girl (Lion UK 2016 Mix)' single is available to purchase now exclusively from the official KLP Records Bandcamp store...


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Some works of art are so complex that it becomes hard to adequately express in words their true meaning and effect. In the case of the latest Kniteforce Records release, the long awaited album 'How I Felt On Wednesday' from hardcore legend, Christopher Howell under his dual alter-egos , Luna-C & Reeve, proves to be just as difficult to justifiably describe.

An outstanding release, something clear off of hardcore this time but delivering a proper hardcore mentality by following the well known Kniteforce mission all over the years!
Christopher Howell reveals and expresses his powerful tones of feelings under the Luna-C & Reeve project. Luna-C meets Reeve on a collab of aggression with emotion, poetry with hard beats, games of heart and mind and so there's a state where Chris provides the listener with what can only be described as an immortal buzz!
Expect some kind of hardcore techno, darkstep, breakcore, d&b-driven and also industrial-influenced vibes made after a 6-month effort and hard work from Chris who describes it as "one of the best pieces of music he has ever made!"

"HOW I FELT ON WEDNESDAY" is originally an 11-track release coming out now with some bonus material on the Executive Edition series, available for 2 weeks only through the official Kniteforce Records store.

Top 4 Favourite Tunes

"Missing Pieces"
Can't compare the style but the idea is worth getting mentioned. This beginning entry reminds me quite a lot of same tactics as in 'THE DAY IS MY ENEMY' album by The Prodigy, which starts with a tune-bomb like the self-titled tune.
This introduction tune in here is tricky in its first 60 seconds, but then turns up to become monstrous hardcore techno killer! Watch out!

''Escape Myself''
180bpm with chopped up breaks and that catchy 'I got to get away - I got to get away'.
Maybe the best representative Luna-C & Reeve tune off this LP in my opinion.

''Crooked Like''
This is absolutely sensational! A 170bpm D&B driven vibe on the right way to travel without moving. Just close your eyes and the vibe will speak inside you by following Reeve's vox!

''Back To Something New''
Back to something Kniteforced, on a regular breakbeat hardcore mission, 155bpm range and into Luna-C latest banging breakbeat productions.
'I had to try something new' dressed up with rushing piano melodies, whistles, feelings and this grand finale of this album is definitely celebrating and uplifting!

BUY THIS RELEASE on the official Kniteforce store HERE as soon as possible featuring also the Executive Edition bonus material for 2 weeks only!


Thursday 26 May 2016

DJ OVERDOSE Jungle Breaks Mix - May 2016

"This month's mix is essentially a mix of Jungle esque tracks. There's one happy track hidden in there, just for you Gunnee!

Not much to really say apart from this was a bit of a rushed mix, one I wasn't happy with, but just lost the incentive to re-do a mix at this late stage of the month. In no way a reflection on the hard work of the track's producers, more a case of I have had too many distractions this month to mix as much as I would have liked. Only touched the turntables twice for about an hour each!

Anyway, shouts to all the usual jeepers, creepers and those with peepers. Keep it real!"

01 - DJ Overdose - Ready For It Intro
02 - Beat Rapist - Instrument Of Jungle
03 - Sparki Dee - A.N.G.R.Y (Back On The Attack)
04 - Rush Of The Underground
05 - Necrotype - Pornographic
06 - Hall Of Rave
07 - Thermal Energy
08 - Exit Point - Who Run Tingz
09 - Galvatron - Liquid Nights
10 - FLeCK - Super Sharp Special
11 - Wanna Fight
12 - JINX - OOOO EEEE 0db
13 - Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ Jedi Remix)
14 - Langham - Sorry Madonna
15 - DJ Overdose - Always Remember Outro

Download Link:

Wednesday 25 May 2016

ENNNN - RAVE RISING [11track Album out on TREKKIE TRAX]

Japanese Bass label TREKKIE TRAX presents its new installment driven by local producer and much talented Ennnn, who delivers his debut personal release on the label.
This LP is titled 'RAVE RISING' and consists of 11 tracks, 6 original tunes by Ennnn alongside 5 remixes by local two Japanese producers like EGL, sutegma, US producer GRRL, UK ravemeister Dave Skywalker and finally Aussie footwork boy-wonder, Melt Unit.

Digging into this mini-album, can be clearly noticed its high level of Oldskool inspired beats samples and melodies, being greatly tied up track-by-track.
I can surely recommend it for Footwork fans and especially those who dig rave friendly footwork vibes and albums kind like 'We Rob Rave' by PZG & Dubsknit. In my opinion this album has successfully lauched that type of blended sound and seems that it has some outstanding following releases coming out after it.

'RAVE RISING' main genres are: Footwork, Juke Hardcore Techno, Breakbeats by 135-180bpm range and it surely approves Ennnn personal evolution as a producer combined with Trekkie Trax target of class releases.
As I personally say, that every Album should feature some dope starters in its tracklist in order to attract the listeners and fans, and this is how it goes in here.
It's all about the first two tracks, that show the real way to ravekill yourselves loud & proud!

So... Show some love to this masterpiece of work! It's fresh and is out now!


01. Back It Up
02. Bang The Acid
04. I'm The One And Only Dominator
05. Dark Side
06. Cause It's Kinda Funky
07. Back It Up (sutegma Remix)
08. I'm The One And Only Dominator (GRRL Remix)
09. Dark Side (Dave Skywalker Remix)
10. Cause It's Kinda Funky (EGL Remix)
11. Cause It's Kinda Funky (Melt Unit Remix)



Favourite Tracks
'Dark Side (Dave Skywalker Remix)' - 'Bang The Acid' - 'Cause It's Kinda Funky'








Generation X [RadioShow] pres. CHIQUI & LUFFY Special + Interview with CHIQUI (24.05.2016)

Tuesday 24 May 2016

BH063:: LUCAS - Oranjeboom [BAD HABIT MUZIK]

Top Drawer Digital boss and founder of Future Jungle Blog, the man like Lucas joins the successful Bass label of BAD HABIT MUZIK, offering a class single release, which is out now on digital format.
Oranjeboom is an experimental D&B driven vibe, with a catchy melody that won't disappoint you at all and will draw your attention travel through it without moving ...
Excellent release from a great combo of artist & label!

Buy on Beatport here 



Monday 23 May 2016

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio - 17th May 2016

Nefti - Why Did You Suddenly Disappear [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
Bang! - Shooting Star (Audio X Remix)
United States Beat Squad - Free [HARDCORE LIVES]
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Damage Inc. 2k14 Re-edit)
Enzyme - Bandwagon 92's [2 FRESH RECORDS]
Chiqui & Luffy - Need Someone (Battle Of The Unity) [WT RECORDS]
Toofer - Rusher
Megadrive - Mega 1 (JAM1 Remake)
Insane & Mind - Open Up Your Heart [HOH RECORDINGS]
Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Get Into The Music (Future Primitive Remix) [KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
2 Croozin - Don't Hold Back [REMIX RECORDS]
Chiqui - Cold As Ice
Scooter - Our Happy Hardcore [CLUB TOOLS]
Raver's Nature - We Like Camden [FIRE RECORDINGS]
Yudaidhun - Fantasy (Yudaidhun Imagination Remix)
D.K. Ritual – You And Me (90's mix)
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Timewarped by Dj Luna-C)
Teksteppa - 4AM dubplate
Idealz - Blue Haze [KFA]
Sub Focus - Tidal Wave (feat. Alpines) [RAM]
High Maintenance - By Yourself [MAINFRAME RECORDINGS]
Redmoon feat Meron Ryan - Never Let Go (CLSM Remix) [CLSM]
Goreshit - Dreamer
DNB Sound Mafia - Bombscare [DOPE AMMO RECORDS]
Callide - Taken All You Can (808 tear out)
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up (Agressor Bunx Remix)
Belladonnakillz - Kill Bella Donna (Panacea Remix) [KFA]
Alec Empire - Bass Terror
Luna-C & Reeve - Missing Pieces [KFA]
Track Killer - Lost In The Mist [BRUTAL FORCE]
Track Killer - The Devil [BRUTAL FORCE]
Abyss - The Tyranny Of Evil Men
Luna-C & Reeve - Back To Something New [KFA]

Saturday 21 May 2016

Schoco Featuring Sam Serenader - Freedom Don't Cost [Qrates 12" Vinyl Fundraiser Pre-Orders Available Now From Boomsha Recordings!!!]

A-Side - Freedom Don't Cost.
B-Side - Freedom Don't Cost (Sound Shifter Remix).

Pioneering future jungle label,Boomsha Recordings are proud to announce their first ever 12" vinyl release with pre-orders for Schoco's 'Freedom Don't Cost' being made available  via the Qrates crowd-funding website. The single features the sublime vocal talents of Sam Serenader as well as a heavyweight remix from Sound Shifter to temp you in.

First off we are introduced to Sam Serenader's yearning, life-affirming vocals which are soon accompanied by a combination of sweeping strings and minimalist, snappy breaks. 'Freedom Don't Cost' soon steps things up gear by dropping a rolling breakbeat and head-nodding bass notes that are destined to get everyone moving their feet.
On the flipside, Sound Shifter presents his own reinterpretation by drifting away from the original version's soulful, liquid leanings by fusing a monstrously heavy, apache break accented breakbeat pattern complimented by harsh mentasm stabs and soaring pads alongside snippets of Sam's vocals to create a perfect blend of rough and smooth future jungle.

Whether you prefer a your music to take a languid, mellow route or enjoy a pinch of atmospheric darkness, the Schoco, Sam Serenader and Sound Shifter have just what you need to take you on whatever musical journey you wish tot take with the 'Freedom Don't Cost' single.

Shoco's 'Freedom Don't Cost' 12" single featuring Sam Serenader and Sound Shifter is available to pre-order now from the Boomsha Recordings, Qrates webstore, and will only receive a pressing if at least 100 pre-orders are made. So please don't delay hhhif you wish to see these awesome tunes on wax!!!


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