Monday, 28 January 2019


And now something essential to present.
This one's something golden to get, while flipping though the years of innocence and insouciance. All covered in book format, on the grounds of the essential meaning of the key role of this movement to the past generations.
The beginning, a good kick-off and how all started displayed by Mike Pendegast, a man who has spent 7 years all across UK raving & partying in various events while collecting flyers from all these massiveness.
Mike has decided to make a book of all these flyers in order to show off an indispensable part of the Rave history as well as embeding memories and feelings all illustrated and top worked by a good team of people behind it.
This project is a type of a gallery transformed into book moreover the author has stated on the official website of his book:
"This collection attempts to trace my steps before and after the infamous night on Thursday 21st November 1991, celebrate the era, and acknowledge all who experienced peace, love, unity and respect on hundreds of England's dance floors.

This project of double books (bookset) will be under a limited number of 500 copies only and will be hopefully come out around April/May.



Ultimate Oldskool Pres. FEEL THE LOVE [15th JUNE 2019]

Oldskool lovers this one's for you, taking place in Preston/UK.
Ultimate Oldskool presents "FEEL THE LOVE", screaming out one warehouse - one crowd - one love and calling you all to party all night long in 4 different areas with state of art sound & lighting and under a quality line-up.

Ian Bland (Dream Frequency DJ set)
Mike Cosford (fantazia club classics)
Shack (Blackburn raves)
Shock C (Shelleys/Eclipse)
Daz willott (Shelleys/Kinetic/Entropy)
Jay Wearden (Thunderdome)
Joe Nebula (Nebula 2)
Mark Pemberton
Liam Boult

Facebook Event:

Friday, 25 January 2019

Interview with 1st SCIENCE + an exclusive EP from him on Strictly Nuskool Blog

GK: 1st Science. How's this name come from?

1st SC: I wanted a name related with science fiction, technology and futuristic stuff, but in a silly kind of way.
By chance, I saw a chemistry experiment toy kit for kids that was called 'First Science', so  I just took that name.

GK: Can you give us an insight about the Oldskool scene in Sweden and how you caught up with this music?

1st SC: There is no 'Oldskool scene' in Sweden. I have never met a person into Oldskool.
That makes me the indisputable King of Hardcore in Sweden until somebody proves I'm not..

Back in the '90s, The Prodigy, Baby D and rave stuff like that, was immensly popular and the radio stations played a lot of it. Then it went out of fashion and was quickly forgotten.
For me it was all about MTV Party Zone with Simone Angel. That was the best way to hear cool new dance music back then.
Me and my best friend also bought a lot of great rave compilations too, 'Kaos Theory' etc.

GK: How's the rave thing in your city over the last years and in general?

1st SC: Stockholm had its underground rave scene and it became commercially big in '95-'96. All media coverage about illegal warehouse parties, police raids and ecstasy drew a lot of attention and rave was hyped up. Everybody wanted to go to a rave. The police answered by forming a special force called 'the rave commission', which targeted all underground parties.
I guess they were a kind of pain in the ass for the organisers and ravers so the rave scene soon went underground again. 

Swedes are introvert and shy people and I think that's why dull, minimal Techno has always been big here. The cold and dark climate goes hand in hand with dark, boring, monotonous beats. 
We have great Techno producers and I suppose Techno clubs in the major cities are as much 'rave' as can we get.

GK: What influenced yourself to begin production and what inspires you writting a tune?

1st SC: I always liked dance music as a kid but it was a MIDI workshop in the music school, where I took keyboard lessons; that made it for me.
This was in '93 and music equipment was very expensive at the time but I got my first synthesizer, a Juno-2 and soon after I saved money to get an Atari ST. I swapped some CDs for a drummachine and a SL1200 for a synth module. It was a hassle but eventually I built a primitive little home studio and could record my first tunes. Really bad ones lol.
Early inspirations was practically anything in Techno, Acid House, Gabber and Hardcore Breaks. Just to program a 4/4 beat on a that horrible little Boss drum machine was pure magic.

Nowadays, I get most inspiration from sampling. I enjoy the creative side of it. The best thing about Breakbeat Hardcore is that you can pretty much throw in what you got and mix it and it sounds wicked and fun.


GK: What equipment are you using at the moment?

1st SC: At the moment I use an old E-mu ESI4000 sampler and sometimes not much else.
It has a different sound to the Akai S3000 I used to have and it is very quick to work on and suits my fast workflow. I got some old drum machines and synthesizers, Korg M1, two Roland Juno2s, Roland R8, Roland JV880, Yamaha TX81Z and some newer Arturia and Novation units.

My thumb of rule is to record the tune the same day you started working on it.

GK: You're one of the most appropriate to talk about Hardcore Breaks, since you're an old dog in the Nu-Rave scene. How do you see the scene at present? Is it in healthy condition?

1st SC: It's great to see that so many people I used to talk to on Hardcore forums 14-15 years ago are still going strong and put out new music. Back in 2004 when I made my first Breakbeat tunes, most producers were British.
Now there are producers from all parts of the world which is a good sign.
In 2019 we are drowning in bad information, bad news and bad music but I believe we got something substancial and strong here. Hardcore, don't sell out!

GK: How can you describe your new 5track work which goes on exclusive free download from our blog. Few bits about your EP on Strictly Nuskool Blog? How Tough Cookies are they then?

1st SC:
The tracks on the latest EP were recorded in 2018. I guess they contain the usual 1st Science formula with samples from old Reggae, Hip Hop Breaks, arcade games, melodic synth lines and wailing soul vocals. I always keep telling myself to make something rougher and tougher but keep adding those mellow strings all over the place.

GK: Shouts out to anyone and any message you would like to send to all Nuskool fans?

1st SC: All DJs, producers, listeners, followers, Hardcore will never die!  All the best!

'Tough Cookies' is the name of 1st Science exclusive offering for the Strictly Nuskool Blog. The first and proud SNB release for this year.

As usual with every release via this Blog, you can download this one for free here

And please, show your support to this great producer.


Thursday, 24 January 2019


A must to watch old raver & new producer, the man like Dissy returns to Raveskool Recordings offering a new single release entitled 'Eventuality'.
A manic original hardcore breaks tune that won't disappoint but lift you up eventually...
As usual this one's goes out now digitally, exclusive on Beatport while in other digi platforms some weeks later.




Tuesday, 22 January 2019

OLE DIRTY DREW (PPJ) Exclusive Mix @ The Everyday Junglist Podcast [Episode 342]

US Drum & Bass passionate and PPJunglist, the man like Ole Dirty Drew has offered an absolutely amazing mix on The Everyday Junglist Podcast (a place hosting exclusive Drum & Bass/Jungle mixes from world class DJ's, who create a vibe through their passion for music)
Just few weeks before the official 12" Vinyl release of his very own PPJ Recordings, our good friend Andrew will amen attack to you all smoothly and gently closing with a forthcoming PPJ roller by Msymiakos.
And what about the man himself?


" Ole Dirty Drew, formally know as Dj Cueball is from Cleveland, Ohio. He began listening to jungle in 1994 and fell in love with the sounds of the labels No U Turn, Metalheadz, Suburban Bass, Quayside Recordings, and artists such as, Remarc, Bizzy B, Dj Ruffkutt, Photek, and, Dj Crystal.

As a Midwestern Junglist, he was really influenced by the dj's like, Phantom 45, Dieselboy, 3D, and Dj DB. In 1995 he was spinning jungle and by 96, he began playing weekly's in Kent, Akron, and Cleveland. In 97 he received his first residency in Athens, Ohio, playing weekly. Later that year, he hooked up with the Element Squad out of Cleveland and started playing all over the Midwest, in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Grand Rapids. Being part of the Element Squad he played alongside some of the biggest Djs in the country. As the the music changed to Drum n Bass, he lost interest in the scene and walked away in 2001. In 2017 he began to play again and really got back into the roots of the sound ,strictly focusing on 93-95, style jungle. Drew is the Co-Founder of PPJ Recordings, an American Jungle label, pushing proper jungle to the masses. We have our first release coming out in March with the bad man Krave! 3 floor stomping bangers, representing the old sound. 002 Release is coming with 4 really, heavy bangers from Msymiakos. This is a label to watch!! "


1) The Alliance - Integration(original mix)
2) Dj Harmony - Serious
3) Mark Ruff Ryder - Feel it (China White Dubplate mix)
4) Mark Ruff Ryder - Rush
5) Mark Ruff Ryder - I Got the music in me.
6) Dj Pulse - Stay Calm (Bounty Killaz Remix)
7) Alex Reece - Kudos
8) Foul Play - The Stepper(remix)
9) Bounty Killaz - Do it now(DJ Pulse Remix)
10) Omni Trio - Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix)
11) Higher Sense - People of the Universe (Remix)
12) Strictly Dub - Finer Things
13) DJ Rap - Intelligent Woman
14) General Degree - Papa lover (Jet Star Remix)
15) Amen Lives Again Ep - Need you
16) Ray Keith - Gotta Find Love(Payback Mix)
17) Mental Power - Real (Bonus Track)
18) Msymiakos - Back Alley Jungle (PPJ 002 Unreleased - Forthcoming on Vinyl)


Monday, 21 January 2019

** PREORDER ** [HILEVRECS002] Borai & Denham Audio - Make Me / No Good [12" Vinyl & Digital on HIGHER LEVEL UK]

A/ Make Me
B/ No Good

What to say and how to start with, when a duet like Borai & Denham Audio see the light of a massive exposure last year, specifically with their astonishing 'Club Glow Vol.1' project of release (sold out instantly on cassette format; available on digital). Getting huge support by Mixmag, Rinse FM, BBC6 till our latest 'Top 2018 round up' getting full support by Mark Archer.

Bristol meets Sheffield once again now following the same formula of success under a quality artwork by their good friend Mani Festo and joining forces to vinylize 'somehow' Club Glow as well as follow up their split on the Higher Level records vinyl debut.
The top scorers Denham Audio & Borai launch the new year with many plans, more music and just to make sure, the first official announcement came just a few days ago and that is a 12" vinyl of the antnemic 'Make Me' that has been played out hundreds during last year as well as 'No Good'. Both on a rave tip, on a modern approach to the Oldskool Hardcore spirit of innocence and unity.

This release will be officialy out on 15th April 2019, but make sure to hurry up and grab your copies now. Moreover, it's Strictly Nuskool recommended a Higher Level plate, cos it fits to your collection. Isn't it?





Sunday, 20 January 2019

[BRINGBACK 003] Unknown Artist - The Double Sided EP [LTD 12" Vinyl BRING BACK RECORDS]

A - Return Of The Jungle Raider
B1 - Back In The Days
B2 - White Label Biz

Fellows of good white labeled releases and pure underground flavour, this one's for you directly.
Bring Back Records has delived their third chapter of a Limited 12" Vinyl EP entitled "The Double Sided EP" once again on a riddle who's behind these amazing new tunes that aim to put you on a timetravel to the Hardcore Junglistic year of 1993.

As you can understand the year has started mad with new labels launching and the ones already active giving still their own twist within the scene.
One way or another this Dark Hardcore plate should not be missed from your collection. Keeping it underground and white label as B2 (fav tune from this release) points out correctly.

Available on the links above and on a very limited number... Hurry up!

Mastering & cutting by Beau Thomas @ Ten Eight Seven Mastering.
Limited to 300 copies and pressed by Record Industry.


V.A. - FJmusic Compilation v​​.​​4 [14track digital compilation]

There are not so many labels that keep up and work hard enough to support the Future Jungle movement as much as the FJ Music label from Saint Petersburg from Russia.
This 6 yr old Junglistic gang returns with its 4th chapter of compilation/albums showcasing amen breaks under various styles by a dark & deep most of the times mood as well as few rave piano touches; all sending their positive message for the future of underground Bass music.

14 quality tunes are featured on this remarkable compilation with the likes of usual soldiers, BR selecta, Jahoora, Spotovsky, Limit, 6Blocc as well as new additions of Borai, OX and Medicine all forced to deliver something fresh and optimistic within the Jungle Breaks buzz.

Favourite tunes:
Spotovsky - Bring Out The Love
OX - INeedU


Wednesday, 16 January 2019

[WJS020] Aseity - The Night Stalker / Exits Exist [Wicked Jungle Records, Beatport Exclusive Available To Download Now!!!]

1/ The Night Stalker.
2/ Exits Exist.

Coming in with some serial killa styles from the ghetto, Aseity puts on his black cap to drop two dark as night, industrial drum & bass cuts with the release of the 'The Night Stalker / Exits Exist' single on Wicked Jungle Records.

Stepping up to first base we have the menace dripping, dark drumfunk number, 'The Night Stalker', a track which expertly combines psycho-killer, movie dialogue over a razor-sharp, spliced breakbeat pattern and twisted bass riff, that perfectly captures the controlled chaos of mid-nineties tech-step labels like Position Chrome, and gives it a contemporary, 2019 update.

Partner-in-crime, 'Exits Exist' brings up the rear to deliver a a furry of intricate, stepping breaks set to ominous bass drones and mentasmic, stab swells which generate an overpowering miasma of oppression... just the way we like it!!!! This one's not for the lightweights out there!!! 

With this release, Wicked Jungle Records presents two uncompromising D&B tracks that will be guaranteed to become an essential addition to the collection of any lover of the darker side of drum & bass. 

Aseity's 'The Night Stalker / Exits Exist' single is available to download now, as a Wicked Jungle Records Beatport Eclusive for 2 weeks before going on general release to all good digital download stores...

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

[BFF01] Coco Bryce / DJ Y - Knock Out [12" Vinyl & Digital / FACES OF BASS]

A - Coco Bryce - Knock Out
B - DJ Y - My Bizz

Faces of Bass is the name of the recent project by Dutch prolific genious, Coco Bryce, and it's all about a sub-label of his very own MYOR imprint.
This time Yoël aims to offer another aspect of sounds putting lots of 4x4 Hardcore and Uk rave inspired releases.
This new try doesn't mean that he has quited from his other regular projects as there's a new Diamond Life EP from FFF & Ark X as well as his massive split with Percussive P on LUV03.

The first installment of Faces of Bass can be described as an ideal debut and something totally personal from him as he combines 2 different sides of himself into 2 amazing slams! You can tell a split between past and present's time...
'Knock Out' is the name of the fresh Hardcore weapon by Coco Bryce while on the flip he wears his old moniker from '90s, called DJ-Y, delivering something harder after a long time. A full on Hardcore techno smasher entitled 'My Bizz' and something that will surely lift you up!
2 tunes, 1 man, 1 fresh label.
Faces of Bass is one of the most aspiring launching labels in 2019. As ever this release is available on limited 12" Vinyl and digitals and every penny is totally worth for this new project.

You got to keep your eyes peeled for plenty forthcoming stuff as well as Coco Bryce long awaited full album and even more extras.
Hats off to Myor & Coco Bryce.



Saturday, 12 January 2019

[WOC010] Conrad Subs - Back & Forth EP [Weapon Of Choice Recordings Digital Download Now Exclusively From Juno Download!!!]

1/ Back & Forth.
2/ Response.
3/ Double Time.
4/ Ultimate.

"Pssst... You looking for some dirty, upfront drum & bass to sauce up your set?" Breaks and bassline filth merchants, Weapon Of Choice Recordings presents four brand new, future floorfillers with the release of Conrad Subs' 'Back & Forth EP'.  

Things get off to a hard and heavy start with moody title track, 'Back & Forth', which drops a succession of relentless 2-step breaks over a pulsating bassline, female vocal repetitions and razor-sharp, mid-range synth stabs. All the ingredients to make a surefire D&B anthem in the making. 
'Response' up next lures the listener into a false sense of security with it's use of ethereal, sci-fi pads on the intro, before unleashing a devastatingly hypnotic, industrial, bass drone and kick-snare combo.

Kicking off the second half we have the sinister rap meets neurofunk number 'Double Time' which delivers a heady blend of menacing, subsonic snarls interwoven into a precision crafted drum pattern, with added amen inserts and choice vocal snippets. 
Leading the EP to a rousing finish, Conrad drops an absolute bomb with 'Ultimate', which eschews the previous darker tingle of it's predecessors to create a real, hip-hop flavoured, bassline roller that is guaranteed to get all ravers on the floor whenever it's dropped. 

Whether you're seeking some deep and dark tech-step or an unashamed, upfront drum & bass banger to rattle your bassbins, Conrad Subs has got all bases covered with his latest release!!!

The Breakbeatscientist's top pick of the bunch... the sleek and sinister 'Response'.

Conrad Subs' 'Back & Forth EP' is available to download exclusively from Juno Download now, before going on general release, so if you're looking for some fresh D&B fire for your sets, you better jump on this now!!!

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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

[GSTR080] Marc OFX - Colorz [Good Street Records Juno Download Exclusive Available Now!!!]

1/ Poverty.
2/ Without Fear.
3/ Without Pain.
4/ Red Kaki.

The ever versatile Marc OFX makes a long overdue return to music the music scene to bring you another sublime selection of jazzy, down-tempo meets jungle, dub and chilled footwork with the release of his latest four-track EP ,'Colorz' on Good Street Records.

Opening track 'Poverty' sees us takes an excursion into the realms of languid jungle meets footwork with it's use of luscious pads and heavy undulating bassline, set to a series of crisp kicks and claps and adrenalising amen inserts. 
'Without Fear' up next delivers an intoxicating fusion of trip-hop and dubwise elements complete with head-nodding bass pattern and a booming kickdrum and snare combo.

Things take on a more relaxed pace on 'Without Pain' which sees Marc OFX conjure up some smokey, late-night, chilled downtempo vibes with it's unique blend of gentles chimes, soothing guitar licks and relaxed breaks.
Drawing the collection to a rousing close we are presented with 'Red Kaki', a stirring sound-clash of moody strings, and double bass twangs expertly interwoven with a potent blend of tearing amen breaks and evocative piano melody. 

Whether it's smooth downtempo, trip-hop grooves or chilled, intelligent drum & bass, Marc OFX once again delivers an essential collection of expertly produced tracks oozing with soul. This one comes highly recommended!!!

Marc OFX's 'Colorz' EP is available to download now, exclusively from Juno Download for 2 weeks before going on general release. So be quick and get yourself  copy before everyone else does!!!

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Drum & Bass -
Dub -
Trip-Hop -

Sunday, 6 January 2019

[PCDS1] Pursuit ‎- Dark N Light ‎[Limited Edition CD Single Available Now From This Is Nu-Rave!!!]

1/ Jungle Karnage.
2/ Just Another Piano Track.

This Is Nu-Rave makes a long overdue return to bring you another of the label's exclusive, CD only release, with Pursuit's Limited Edition 'Dark N Light' single dropping now to deliver some top quality breakbeat hardcore and junglism.

Pursuit hits us up with some 'Jungle Karnage' first by blending together a smooth, string and bird-call led introduction straight out of 1994 which merges with rolling amens, booming bass, ragga vocal snippets and brain searing mentasm snarls.

Heading over to the light side, we are introduced to the appropriately named 'Just Another Piano Track', an uplifting combination of  crunching breakbeats, phat stabs and an infectious "hands-in-the-air" piano melody that's pure unabashed euphoria.

Once again Pursuit has delivered a top notch selection of authentically oldskool sounding hardcore and jungle tracks which will be a must for any lover of the nuskool rave genre. But you better be quick, as limited quantities of this are available!!!

Pursuit's Limited Edition 'Dark N Light', CD single is available to purchase now for £5 including postage and packaging from Pursuit himself - send payment to via PayPal Friends & Family, and leave your Name & Address in the comments for delivery. 

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

[Destroy Oh Boy] Dr. Colossus & Kinsugi Feat. Blessed - Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1 [Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Dr Colossus Feat. Blessed - This Is The Year.
2/ Kinsugi Feat. Blessed - The Unexpected.

The Destroy Oh Boy camp introduces us to their brand new single, 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1', featuring two heavyweight bassline shakers from Dr. Colossus and Kinsugi, alongside dancehall reggae don, Blessed.

Dr. Colossus steps up to the plate first to deliver a tearin' fusion of roughneck jungle and breakcore pressure with 'This Is The Year', which expertly layers sliced and diced amen choppage and filthy bass riffs alongside Blessed's soulful, reggae vocals to devastating effect.

Up next, Kinsugi's 'The Unexpected' interweaves Blessed's vox into an epic and grimy, dancehall ragga meets juke  infusion, incorporating massive 808 bass blasts and jittery, razor-sharp snare hits which leads into a lush guitar driven, ambient drone midsection to break up the pace.

If uncompromising, boundary pushing music is what you are seeking to vlow away the cobwebs of conformity, then you need look no further than 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1'!!!

The 'Destroy Oh Boy Presents... Vol. 1 - Dr. Colossus & Kinsugi Feat. Blessed' singles are available to download now for "A Name Your Price" fee from the official Destroy Oh Boy Bandcamp page.

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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

[BPR014] Opius - Cuttin' Mustard EP [Available Now From All Good Ballpark Recordings Digital Stores!!!]

1/ Corrupt Tempo.
2/ Faceless Terror.
3/ Cuttin' Mustard.

The first Strictly Nuskool Blog review of 2019 sees Ballpark Recordings drop a heavyweight selection of upfront drum & bass with the release of Opius' 'Cuttin' Mustard EP' , destined to kick of the New Year with a bang. 

We set off to a hi-octane start with 'Corrupt Tempo' which hits us with a flurry of manic breaks, descending bass pulses and tension packed movie dialogue, accompanied by a generous dose of iconic mid-nineties D&B samplage to give all the 'Headz out there some major flashbacks.

Up next 'Faceless Terror' sets the mood with a series of uplifting, atmospheric pads set to razor sharp, 2-step drum-breaks before we are hit with a devastating cavernous, bass drop that'll be guaranteed to get the foundations shaking!!!

Completing the triptych of breaks and bass we have title track, 'Cuttin' Mustard', a fierce melting pot of relentless beats, buzzing bass drones and ruffneck dancehall soundclash vox, which mesh together to form an intense fusion of oldskool and contemporary D&B sounds.

Opius ensures that the cutting edge aspect of drum & bass is carried forward well beyond the genres' conception in the early nineties with his latest offering, and comes highly recommended for all lovers of hard-hitting beats and basslines. 

The Breakbeatscientist's pick of the bunch... 'Faceless Terror'!  

The Opius 'Cuttin' Mustard EP' is available to purchase now from the following Ballpark Recordings digital stores and streaming sites...




Juno Download...


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