Sunday, 13 January 2019

[BFF01] Coco Bryce / DJ Y - Knock Out [12" Vinyl & Digital / FACES OF BASS]

A - Coco Bryce - Knock Out
B - DJ Y - My Bizz

Faces of Bass is the name of the recent project by Dutch prolific genious, Coco Bryce, and it's all about a sub-label of his very own MYOR imprint.
This time Yoël aims to offer another aspect of sounds putting lots of 4x4 Hardcore and Uk rave inspired releases.
This new try doesn't mean that he has quited from his other regular projects as there's a new Diamond Life EP from FFF & Ark X as well as his massive split with Percussive P on LUV03.

The first installment of Faces of Bass can be described as an ideal debut and something totally personal from him as he combines 2 different sides of himself into 2 amazing slams! You can tell a split between past and present's time...
'Knock Out' is the name of the fresh Hardcore weapon by Coco Bryce while on the flip he wears his old moniker from '90s, called DJ-Y, delivering something harder after a long time. A full on Hardcore techno smasher entitled 'My Bizz' and something that will surely lift you up!
2 tunes, 1 man, 1 fresh label.
Faces of Bass is one of the most aspiring launching labels in 2019. As ever this release is available on limited 12" Vinyl and digitals and every penny is totally worth for this new project.

You got to keep your eyes peeled for plenty forthcoming stuff as well as Coco Bryce long awaited full album and even more extras.
Hats off to Myor & Coco Bryce.



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