Monday 25 September 2023

Banger After Banger pres. Damage 25th Reunion - Pulse Nightclub, Ipswitch (20th October 2023)


Back in the 90's and early 00's, Damage Inc. pushed Drum & Bass music through Ipswich,
Now in 2023, 'BANGER AFTER BANGER' keeps that fire burning!
So get ready for the link up as we celebrate DAMAGE's 25th Birthday!
It's going to be a night of classic Drum & Bass tracks from that era and tracks that have that vibe, We've gathered a group of DAMAGE residents for you: Damageman, Jaydee, Uniques, Remixx, Phaze One, Eq, Marty and more! We've brought you some special guests: Nicky Blackmarket, MC Foxy, MC Fearless and more!
So you know it's going to have that classic vibe from that special era!

Over 25% of tickets already sold- 1 month to go!
Drum n Bass Classics
+ huge support!


Friday 22 September 2023

'The Amalgam Funk EP' - The new release of Aeon Four

The Chemical Brothers' mantra, 'The brothers gonna work it out,' finds resonance in the world of Finnish nuskool duo Aeon Four. However, unlike The Chemical Brothers, Aeon Four are not just musical collaborators; they are biological brothers, adding an extra layer of connection to their music. Their chemistry is well scored in everything they've released so far. From labels like Straight Up Breakbeat to Second Drop Records, the duo specializes in crafting exceptional tunes, primarily within the realms of Jungle and Drum & Bass.

Their latest installment, 'The Amalgam Funk EP,' released through Silent Force Records, introduces four notorious Jungle/D&B cuts. With their signature blend of this junglistic nordic sound, Aeon Four continue to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of the movement. Receiving critical acclaim for their past work, Aeon Four's latest EP is highly anticipated by fans in order to deliver yet another electrifying experience for Jungle and Drum & Bass enthusiasts.

"This E.P. in my opinion is exceptionally strong and really takes me back to my raving days in the 90s." - Mark from Silent Force Recordings




Thursday 21 September 2023

A documentary about Scooter



The music documentary 'FCK 2020 – TWO AND A HALF YEARS WITH SCOOTER' by director Cordula Kablitz-Post follows Germany's undisputed techno superstars SCOOTER, with over 30 millions records sold, throughout Europe over the last two and a half years - during private moments, in the studio, on the road, and at concerts. The title is programmatic: 'FCK 2020', which is also the title of a Scooter hit from 2020, responds to the pandemicrelated imposition of a complete halt to all activities with surreal humour, an anarchic spirit of resistance, and gripping live and private archival footage.

With: H.P. Baxxter, Jens Thele, Sebastian Schilde, Michael Simon, Rick J. Jordan, Ferris Buehler, Ellen Geerdes, Britt Geerdes, Lysann Geller

You can watch it via Amazon here

'Run The Place Red' by Dubious

'Run The Place Red' is the brand new single under the Box Fulla imprint

All the Junglist raving crew with a taste for their 90’s Ragga Jungle will be all over this one like a bad smell! Complete with funky Soul intro reminiscent of classic Tom & Jerry or Remarc tracks, it then drops in to lively Ragga vocals over hard hitting break choppage and window rattling bassline goodness.

Dubious or [Dub]ious is based out of East Anglia UK and has releases on respected labels such as Sounds So Fierce, Karma, Bill Up and Chop 'Em Down sound to name a few.




Monday 18 September 2023

'Music's So Wonderful': The new album from DJ Vibes

After an illustrious three-decade career within the Hardcore scene, DJ Vibes makes a triumphant return with 'Music's So Wonderful.' His new album is about to be released under Billy Daniel Bunter's Music Mondays imprint, and it is a testament to the enduring talent and dedication of a true legend.

'Music's So Wonderful' comes out on a 4x12" vinyl pack featuring a stunning collection of 16 tracks, complemented by a treasure trove of 65 archived pictures and flyers that celebrate the remarkable journey of this iconic hero. The presale is now open, with only 300 limited copies available at an exclusive price, saving you a whopping £40 compared to the full release price of £100 that will get when launched officially. Also, when you purchase the vinyl through the link above, you'll receive the digitals, two exclusive DJ Vibes mixes, and a free entry to DJ Vibes' album launch party all-dayer, scheduled for Sunday, 26th November in London.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Hardcore history and experience the rushing tunes of DJ Vibes once again! Big classics, massive collabs and energy all around the place!
Music is so wonderful - confirmed!

" Not many can boast having so many anthems and sought after gems from the golden years of 93 and 94. DJ Vibes not only has one of the biggest catalogues in rave history. He is also one of the most loved DJ’s in the history of this amazing scene.
We have made the pre-sale super bundle incredibly cheap compared to similar items from other labels in the same genre. As 1 - We know times are tough, and 2 - from initially announcing this project. The sheer amount of love that come in from passionate DJ Vibes fans was overwhelming. So we wanted the pre-sale to be a huge thank you for everyone’s support. As well as making sure everyone had a head start on both the release and the launch party. This new DJ Vibes vinyl album is also part of the amazing Jelly artwork project, that follows on from the Arkyn and Bang The Future release making this release even more sort after and collectable " - Music Mondays





Sunday 17 September 2023

Altern 8 | Boiler Room x Sports Banger: Boomtown 2023

The man behind the mask returns to the buzzin Boiler Room, following his eminent set back in 2016 over Nottingham. Mark Archer of Altern 8 showcases once again an educational rave lecture to the new breed of ravers as you can notice from the masses, reviving memories and pushing out the authentic feelings that this music unveils.

Enjoy and spread his amazing set with the likes of Baby D, The Prodigy, Awesome 3, Urban Hype and loads of other 90s classics that burn the dancefloor.


Stay updated around Altern 8 here

Boiler Room x Sports Banger
Boomtown 2023

Watch the other sets here

Friday 1 September 2023

'Do That Dance' - The new single of Rory Hoy


The almighty Rory Hoy returns with his superb releases signing his first single release over Diesel Recordings. His highly anticipated 'Do That Dance' is an uplifting beast absolutely appropriate for the dancefloor and Rory's exquisite live sets. Driving onto 134 bpm range this big beat slam combines chunky drums, club vibes, old skool stabs and hypnotic vocals.
Available to pre-order now - to be released generally on 15th September.