Sunday 16 September 2018

The return of DJ Seduction and the launch of 21st Century Impact!

For a long time DJ Seduction has been retired from the scene, around 10 years.
If you're Old Skool, you know this guy was equal to Sy and Slipmatt on the circuit, while his label Impact Records left exactly that, a big Impact on the Rave scene. Consistent as a DJ, playing solid sets that were different to other DJ’s, and as a producer his style and sound quality was hard to match. Younger readers may know him and his releases from the follow on label: Maximum Impact, playing alongside Sy & Hixxy etc, and running the massive Uproar events. He was also the founder of the huge 90's events, Hardcore Heaven and co-promoter of United Dance as the music moved from Breakbeats through to 4beat, and into Happy Hardcore. So as you can see this guy has been hugely influential in the Rave scene for the biggest part of 2 decades!

That's why it was a big deal when DJ Seduction started re-appearing on flyers here and there and why this recent week is an even bigger deal, as he launches a brand new label!


Hardcore Breaks really is alive in 2018, we have new releases dropping left right and centre. What makes this special though is DJ Seduction brings back his classic original Impact records sound, stabs, pianos, samples, sub basses etc, but up-to date with todays production and sound! Rolling out at the original tempos of the early Impact releases, with proper breakbeats and neither the 2 step kick/snare pattern some opt for, or the pounding relentless kick-drums, we're talking proper authentic Hardcore Rave sounds! These tracks sound huge and Seduction's production stands out within seconds, both the riffs and the sound quality! Sounding lush and warm, nice and evenly balanced.

21st Century Impact - Release 1:

Starts off with nice breaks that are chopped from various sources, with a rising lead that immediately drops into a lush warm sub with a unique stab pattern, before the full energy of the Amen drops as the track still rises. Then dropping into a lush piano line that filters out with a vocal (I'm sure you may recognise!) and nice old skool cuts and samples you may recognise.
The Amen drops back in with some lush accompanying pads, leading into the second drop, a full stab riff with some nice beat choppage and science going on, leading back into the lush piano, pads and vocal before it starts stripping away it's layers as it approaches it's end.

"SUB DUB 2018"
Starting off cutting up the famous 'Come Again' scratch sample from the original track, and some nice old skool breakbeats, a lush vocal pad enters, dropping into the classic vocal, filtered with an underlying bass and a nice piano line added. Snare rolls and Jungle style build ups, rising into the 'Come Again' vocal sample, before dropping into big subs, nice beat choppage with stabs coming in and mixing with the vocal being cut and filtered, dropping once again into a lush and crazy stab pattern that fuses with the nice Jungle style chopped breaks.

This one really gives you a workout and I can see this definitely working on various dance-floors. Nice to have new life injected into an old Impact classic while also bringing you something brand new.

21st Century Impact - Release 2:

I really like this tune, it's very uplifting and energetic! It starts with a nice effected drum loop, into a snare roll, then into a classic Old Skool drum break, big sub drops (understatement!) and classic Quad break with a nice pad into a lush piano with a nice vocal that I don't recognise, then a lush shaker drum riff accompanying it.

Then a memorable mad stab riff which slides down the keyboard working itself back into the lush piano, with really powerful sub drops, I really want to hear this out on a big system!

This tune is like a sexy blast back to the 80's! Opens with a lush and funky shaker drum beat before an even more funky Apache break adds to it. Classic scratch samples (Think Bomb The Bass / M.A.R.R.S.) add to the funk, before dropping into a trademark Impact sound, a stab riff with the classic 'DJ's Unite' stab! Holloway vocals with high strings enter, then some funky beats and basslines, a nice pad, a 'Kick Some Arse' vocal, through to the 2nd drop with the classic vocal into a steppy beat, chopping with the stab.

Very different and full of 80s vibes, a real feel good tune, then drops into a darker stab riff rolling out to the end.


I must say this mix is great! It's fresh and exciting, because not only do you get the odd expected Seduction / Impact classic scattered through the mix, obviously the new releases showcase on it and when you hear them in the mix they really stand out! Alongside the classics and new releases feature some bootlegs / mash ups, unreleased and potential future releases from the new 21st Century Impact label, and some dubplates from Seduction's collection. One thing is for sure, it's exclusive material and it's exciting!

The more you hear these tunes, the more you'll love them, they really grow on you! All 4 tracks are really strong! There were some Limited Edition Test Presses available but they went very quickly, so that tells you how strong and important these releases are!

For £14.99 you get the 12" single of the tracks, the WAV versions of the release plus an exclusive 1 hour DJ Seduction Mix which is pretty good value.

The tunes are all great and the mix is fresh, so a great bundle and a must have for all nu skool vinyl lovers and collectors.

Releases are available exclusively direct from the 21st Century Impact store here:
21st Century Impact

Both releases are available to pre-order now on the store and only 300 copies are being pressed, so grab yours!
There are also future releases now in the pipeline and there should be more coming before the end of the year.


  1. A huge welcome back to Seduction, Great write up here.I was lucky enough to bag the two test pressings and I'm exited for these to land. Keep up the great work guys. Hardcore will never die 🔥

  2. Brilliant to have an inspiration of a DJ back like Seduction, and i totally i agree with the write ups above, soon as the tracks start you can hear his distinctive class. I especially like Love Like This, it has everything i love in a rave track. Class

  3. all said above, seductions is a rave legend.