Sunday 19 December 2021

Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. 'HALL OF FAME 2021'


The annual series of mixes by GL0WKiD & Tariq Ziyad returns again with a special Double Mix showcasing the best tunes that came out during the year 2021.
Three decades since the year of Bleeps and the early days of Rave, the evolution of the movement seems to be on a good level during this year. Despite the hard days we're living and the instability of the 'dancefloor habit', there were some outstanding records released this year. A message to be optimistic for the year 2022.

Strictly Nuskool Blog's 'HALL OF FAME 2021' goes over 2 hrs & 40 tracks of fresh Nuskool Breaks, Jungle Techno & Hardcore Breaks vibes with the likes of Skream, SHERELLE, India Jordan, Hyper On Experience, EJECA, DJ Jedi, Local Group, Dev/Null, Chrissy, Damage Inc. and labels like Kniteforce Records, Hooversound, Ozone, Top Drawer Digital, Club Glow, Hardcore Energy, Paranoid Recordings, Das Booty, Return Of The Vibe and many more others.

Massive Bigups to each & every Artist, Label, DJ representing the Nuskool vibe throughout this hard year. Our best wishes to remain strong, inspired and creative for 2022!


Part 1 mixed by GLOWKiD

The Course - Ready Or Not (BEC Rave Remix) [ALTRA MODA MUSIC]
Shygirl - TASTY (Boys Noize Remix) [BECAUSE MUSIC]
Lo5ive & Z. James - Pray For Love [KULTURA COLLECTIVE]
Dunman - OMG, Is That Insomnia [SELF RELEASE]
India Jordan - Watch Out! [NINJA TUNE]
Club Cab - Go Cowboys! [DAS BOOTY]
DJ Jimmy - Original Style [PARANOID RECORDINGS]
NRG - Feel The Fury (Hyper On Experience Remix) [KNITEFORCE]
AK Sports - Back In The Game [CLUB GLOW]
Shawn Cartier - WILD [DAS BOOTY]
InnerCore - Other Worlds [SELF RELEASE]
Ramos & Supreme - Sunshine (Try Unity Cover Version) [KNITEFORCE]
Local Group - Watch This Beat [1Ø PILLS MATE]
Zensation feat. Carmen Naida - All Night Long [RETURN OF THE VIBE]
EJECA - My Heart [YOM TUM]
Olive - You're Not Alone (POLO LILLI Bootleg) [FREE DL]
We Rob Rave - Sunshine Junglist [SELF RELEASE]

Part 2 mixed by TARIQ ZIYAD

JDS - Nine Ways (Shadow Child Bak 2 Skool Remix) [ARMADA MUSIC]
MKII - Rhythm Is Moving [DANSU DISCS]
Herve - Cheesy Quaver [HARDCORE ENERGY]
Dusky - E-Dawn [17 STEPS]
Aston Presents Pirate Jams & Quicklung - 4EVR [SUBURBAN BASE]
Mister Rodrigo - Babytalk [NURVOUS]
Swankout - Ektos [FORM & MOTION]
DJ Jedi - Come On [CANTINA CUTS]
Chrissy - Fantasy Pt. 2 [HOOVERSOUND RECORDINGS]
Skream - Space Ghetto [STEEL CITY DANCE DISCS]
Swankout - Don of All Don's [FORM & MOTION]
Samurai Breaks - Hardcore Will Never Die [HARDCORE ENERGY]
Traffik - Dreamland [WAREHOUSE WAX]
dYstance - Rewindz [TOP DRAWER DIGITAL]
Pillz - Hardcore Bass [OZONE RECORDINGS]
SHERELLE - Jungle Teknah [FABRIC]
Dev/Null - Dark Fours [EVAR]
Dev/Null - E-Yeah [EVAR]
Damage Inc.-One 4 Da Gaffer (Gaffer Remix) [SONIC FORTRESS]
Stu Keating - You're Hardcore [KNITEFORCE]
X-Plode - Higher [AMEN BROTHER]

Sunday 12 December 2021

'RavinDayz': Debut album by Skooler & Flare


We're dealing with a serious and fresh Hardcore Breaks project. A collaboration of fervent Oldskool lovers under the name, Skooler & Flare.

'RavinDayz' is the right album for the dawn of 2021, and it marks a big prospect for the 30th anniversary of Breakbeat Hardcore, which is the year 2022

Belfast son, Skooler (a.k.a. Bill Murray) is a resident disc jockey over Jump Radio while Flare is from North Eart of England, comprised of Leanne Swindon, Andrew Bush and Christopher McHugh, being active since 2009 writing anything from every spectrum of uplifting Dance music. The time has come though for a massive new album paying homage to the Oldskool raving days, released digitally via Fuzion Records.
'RavinDayz' is a formidable 15-track digital album with mind-blogging tracks such as 'Deceptor' or 'Rasta Raver' and loads of other extras that will make you a great deal happier.

Honestly, one of those albums for your digital library. Worth every single penny for these great remarkable lads.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

PhonoVision pres. "VISION OF DENHAM AUDIO [001]"


West Germany avin it!

Spinning mental vibes straight from the Rhine River area and showcasing a new Hardcore culture over their city Cologne, PhonoVision is one of those 'young' crews that will definetely draw your attention.
HiHat, dj sweet6teen, Arno and Revival X are the DJs/promoters behind this aspiring team, repping the 90's UK Rave, being also loyal vinyl lovers and devotees of fierce drumbeats.
Loads of amazing events take place in their city and all around Germany and apparently there's more to come from them. Just make sure to follow them on their socials as linked on the bottom of this article.
The news is that our good friends, and followers of our Blog, have just launched a new series of mixes titled 'Vision Of' in order to boost and showcase exclusive DJ mixes by their friends and local artists from around the globe.
And we're inclined to believe that this will be a must for your playlists on Soundcloud as the team carry a...PhonoVisionary taste.

Kicking off with Sheffield's badboy trio, Denham Audio...

"Feeling honoured to begin this journey with no one else but Sheffield based Denham Audio - member of the uprising Club Glow crew - and a mix loaded with oldskool breaks, uplifting rave samples and a little donk.
Multiple releases on Lobster Theremin, Sneaker Social Club or Club Glow itself are leaving their indelible mark on the new rave sound."

Saturday 4 December 2021

New joint by Rory Hoy & RamSkank

We're dealing with a music friendship for almost a decade, that's been incarnated to many quality tracks for us all out there. The UK multi award musician, Rory Hoy collabs again with his good friend, and Breaks/House producer RamSkank and the result is one more fantastic new single release, by the title 'Bring Out The Love'.

An original funky track that's revisited in a contemporary wide disco stage by Rory Hoy, followed by a dark acid clubbish weapon taken from RamSkank's magic touch.
All you have to expect is some Trance style electronic stabs, sweat-soaked female vocal samples and aggressive stabs combining giddily with slamming beats and raw, rave-era bass.

Rory Hoy's version thrillingly re-casts the cut as a steroid-powered disco-house stomper rich in Chic style guitar licks and cut-glass strings, while the Ramskank revision is a thumping, acid-fired slab of mind-mangling peak-time insanity with the weighty bassline known to humankind.”

This EP is a Juno Download exclusive.