Sunday 26 November 2023

'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' mixed by DJ Thanos (Sunrise Zone)


We are more than happy that the latest 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' compilation goes down a storm. Many airplays and loads of messages are bombing the inbox and we are deeply thankful for this huge response.
Most recently a legendary team from Athens called Sunrise Zone, have embraced this release and showed their love and support by mixing it.
Just for the record, Sunrise Zone started in the early days of '90s as a mobile party team in Athens, and from that time they have hosted big raves hosting luminaries such as The Prodigy, Altern 8, Marusha, Liquid, Westbam, Laurent Garnier, Sasha, LTJ Bukem but to name a few.
Aside of this three-decade history in the making, the Sunrise Zone are running a weekly radio show on Athens Free Radio - you can listen to their show every Saturday 22:00-24:00 (GMT +2)

Regarding the 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3' mix, the man like DJ Thanos 
from the Sunrise Zone team has send us his love message for these 17 new tracks, creating a mix of the tracks.

"One day I received a message from Pressure asking my feedback about his new tune 'Champion's Risk' taken off 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.3'. I instantly listened to his tune and all I heard was an absolutely amazing jungle banger. After that I was interested to listen to the rest of the tracks and I realised that there are many new talents thriving through the scene. I was fancy to mix all tracks from the compilation, in order to highlight this pure talent from Vol.3 and present it to all friends and fans of the Sunrise Zone. In the end this mix was published and it is available on mixcloud and youtube platforms of the Sunrise Zone. I predict a future collaboration between Strict;y Nuskool Blog and Sunrise Zone. Stay tuned!" - DJ Thanos


Download 'Striclt Nuskool Vol.3' here

Sunrise Zone

DJ Thanos

Wednesday 22 November 2023

Tuesday 21 November 2023

The new D&B single by Cabeabel

Stockholm based Cabeabel returns with a brand new single release on his usual liquid D&B tip. This time, Kim Gajraj contributes with her vocals and lyrics on a joint that came as a fun experience. In a nutshell 'Fly Through The Night' finds Cabeabel on the remix duties, scoring a brilliant and wonderful vibe that will cheer up your soul.

"The track will be featuring female vocalist @kimgajraj from Stockholm. It originated through a fun collab that connected two individual productions that influenced each other in an interesting way." - Cabeabel


Spotify - Youtube



Kim Gajraj

Tuesday 7 November 2023

Listen to the 'Strictly Nuskool Mix' by DJ Master Mash


What a wonderful surprise...
We have received a kind and warm message from a good fellow producer, Master Mash, who has mixed up a variety of our back catalogue tracks. Aside his mixing skills, Master Mash has been also producing for more than a decade and he has also released an EP with us; you can check it here.

01. Gaffer - Keep It Raw - Volume 3
02. Dogheads - Squalid State - Paul Cronin Mental Mix - Volume 1
03. DJ Mark C - Axe Factor - Remix - Volume 1
04. RenegadeGenius - Think of You - Volume 3
05. Juna - Hardcore Rush - Volume 3
06. Stu Armstrong - Hold On 2 U - Volume 3
07. Fringe - Feel The Power - Volume 2
08. DJ Hew - 93 Energy - Volume 3
09. Worldwide Epidemic - Night Train - Unreleased Mix - Volume 1
10. Planet B - Concentrate - Volume 3
11. Fence - Tosi Bosi - Volume 3
12. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream - Volume 1
13. Pressure - Champion's Risk - Volume 3
14. Exit Point - Somebody - Volume 1


Master Mash

Sunday 5 November 2023

Listen to the latest mix by Vinyltrixta


The almighty Vinyltrixta returns with a thundering selection of proper nuskool hardcore breaks, strictly for the headstrong and happy crew. His brand new mix showcases a quality and wide range of tunes with the likes of Stu Chapman, DJ Nee, Z-Neo and plenty of Kniteforced material as well among the others.
On a production level, it is worth to mention that he has a special joint record with Dubble Dunk that is estimated to come out in the early of next year through Strawberry Sundae Records - the test presses are already sold out via Defstar.
As we have already heard the promos, you can assure you to beware of this large record release from two established soldiers within the scene.
Till then, take a listen to his absolutely energized mix.

Pianos Rising From The Grave - 4am Kru , McDonald & Jannetta
Save My Soul - Dee Sub KFP02A2
Nasty (2023 Rave House Remix) - Dj Mystery Vs Sy-Kick
Pure Mongol - Secret Squirrel KF169C2
Another World (Pt2) - New Decade
Suicide - Vinyl Junkie & Dope
Keep Coming - Z-Neo
Lockdown London - KBO004-A1
Lock Up - Zero B
Cast A Spell (Stu Chapman Remix) - Pianoman
Everybody's Free - Old Skoolaz
Good Time - Dj Nee
Shaking The Cuts - Stu Chapman
Make Me Feel -Dj Jedi
Stormy Love - Dj Nightmare & Dj X-Cess - ROTW010 A1
K- Bad Onion 003
Rush - Red Dragon KFB08 A1
Elements - Al Storm & Euphony KBO01- AA2
Hit Em - Silent Approach KFP07-B2
You Make It Better - Silent Approach KFP07 - B1
Calling - Simon Holmes
Baddest Dj - Nightmare & Dj X-Cess - ROTW010 A2
NRG - Rave 2 The Grave - JEDI23
Can You Hear Me - Al Storm & Euphony KBOAA1-AA1
Hardcore Heaven - Stu Chapman (Stu's Rave Blaster Remix)
Is Thus Real - Al Storm & ??? - KBO - 003- AA2



Wednesday 1 November 2023

Skooler & Flare drop their best remix ever

The magic trio of Skooler & Flare have dropped one of the most outstanding and firing hardcore breaks vibes of this year! To be precise, the very talented boys have made a remix to one of The Rhythmic State's classics from the 90's that is 'Soap on a Rope'. Therefore, we are more than pleased receiving an early promo copy of that and leave the best feedback that this work could get. It is one of those tracks that will lift you up, described easily as a 'prodigized' tune from the oldskool loyals.
Add to that the fact that The Rhythmic State have recently released a new album, entitled 'Return To The Classics' including 2023 edits and remasters. The act runs also a fund raise for a limited run of CDs of the album. For more info, click here.

Soap On A Rope [Skooler & Flare Remix]