Wednesday 30 September 2020



bLiNd - Midnight Rave [12" Vinyl/CD/Digital - BRAILLE RECORDS]


It seems that the 28th anniversary of 'Experience' album by The Prodigy has seriously emerged many producers out there. It's a date of late September that the US baded bLiNd unveils the sequel of his rave-ish project of an album.

Last year's 'Rave Revival' is followed now by the very fresh 'Midnight Rave'. An album of 10 new personal tracks by bLiNd which took him about a year to finish off, as he stated. There are 7 original tunes and 3 remixes all of them paying homage to the Oldskool Rave flavour. Slammig breakbeats, rave stabs, firing rap vocals sum up a great dish that transcends into the Nu-Rave world. A top work that will attract the Oldskool heads, obviously.
However the hightlight of this album is named 'True Jungle'; it's a total banger and a good reason to support this amazing new work, this versatile artist who represents many different genres and his creativity throughout this hard season. The album is available via his Bandcamp page coming out on Vinyl, CD and Digital format.
Moreover this Friday, it's Bandcamp Day and all purchases will go directly to the artists, so we'd suggest you to save it to your list for the 2nd October.



Tuesday 29 September 2020

D-VOTION - Pineapple Express (+ Remixes by Paul Cronin and Insane & Mind) [RAVESKOOL RECORDINGS]


01. Pineapple Express (Original Mix)
02. Pineapple Express (Insane & Mind Remix)
03. Pineapple Express (Paul Cronin Remix)

September the 28th is a date which marks the 28th anniversary of the masterpiece debut album 'Experience' by The Prodigy and in our world of Nu-Rave, a date with one more good release.
A brand new digital EP off Raveskool Recordings from Leeds, comprised of three Pineapple Express tracks. First original shot comes from D-Votion on a 140bpm hardcore breaks tip, which gets a happy revisit by HOH bros, Insane & Mind and closing the last round with label's daddy Paul Cronin on a usual crazy heavyweight vibe! Dark, mysterious and absolutely mental!
Worth every single penny for this brand new offering from Raveskool Recordings. You already know what to expect!




Friday 18 September 2020

RIZZO DJ - Nu Skool Hardcore Business & Ting 16/09/20

Cardiff based DJ, the man like Rizzo has recently cooked a wonderful mix session including tunes off our back catalogue (which can be found here) plus a few other outstanding ones from the Nuskool elite of producers. You can catch him up live each and every Thursday from 6pm [UK TIME] over by the moto 'Embrace the chaos'!

Deep Love Pt1 - AlexBreako
Ghost Plate - Gareth Monks
Mad Skank - NS
Jungle Revolution - Teksteppa
Kick Ya Legs in The Air(VIP Mix) - Pursuit
The Ardcore Crew - Paul Cronin Ft. Glowkid
All Systems Down - Sunny & Deck Hussy
Now Hear This - Bassraver
Want Your Soul - Innercore
Alpha - DS1
30 One Knives - Gareth Monks
Let's Do This - Dj Beeno
Ravelation - Innercore
Killer Bees - Dj Beeno
Trip Dem - Beeno, Stammers & Thibor


Thursday 17 September 2020

4 The Core Recordings spotlight mix by DJ K


1. DJ Revive - Crazy
2. DJ Revive - Power People
3. Fibzy - Arms Around Me
4. DJ Revive - Rock To The Beat
5. DJ Revive - Why Can't We See
6. DJ Revive - Pride
7. DJ Revive - Uplifting Piano Track
8. Amaretto - Beat Of My Heart
9. Chiqui - Lovin You
10. Chiqui - Party People
11. Amaretto - Voodoo Hypnosis
12. Catking - On The Loose
13. Catking - XTC
14. Chiqui - Ragga Tekno
15. DJ Revive - Just Dance (Luna-C Remix)
16. Langham - Let The Rhythm (Yannick Biscuits Remix)
17. DJ Dossa - Sweet Dreams
18. Beeno & Khyzer Zuke - In Heaven
19. Matty B - Core Roller




Tuesday 15 September 2020

PEEJAY - Let The Bass Kick [4-Track Digital EP]

 One more bright representer of the eminent Hardcore school of Tenerife, the man like Peejay hailing from Canary Islands, has released a solid new EP of modern vibes.
Peejay has started his career in the early 90s crushed on the Acid House revolution, then Hardcore Breakbeat and Techno. He's played out in various parties around Tenerife and he's been a devoted Vinyl junkie, focusing simultaneously on his production skills.
This EP is titled 'Let The Bass Kick' and it's comprised of four (digital) tracks, reviving the year 1992 and its rave stabs, pianos and most complete Hardcore! Top notch work and a good proof how the Spanish scene remains on a high level with a massive elite of quality producers like Neurygma, Wislov, DJ Mayor, Adam Vyt, Raving Overdose Productions and many more others!



Monday 14 September 2020

DJ Ande - Oldskool Jungle rave in the kitchen into Autumn 2020


Londoner DJ/producer, DJ Ande on an essential mix session live from his home including a quality selection of Oldskool Junglistic vibes among his very own productions.
Just a heads up, you may grab his tunes digitally via his Bandcamp page which is linked underneath the youtube link of his mix.


01.Inner Spheres (Original Mix)  DJ Ande
02.Remember the Roller (Original Mix) - Dr S Gachet
03.Roll The beats (Inject the Bass Mix) - DJ Hype
04.Hip Hop Skool (Original Mix) - DJ Ande
05. Enter Da Dragon (Original Mix) - DJ Red
06.Thunderclap (Dubplate Mix) - Remarc
07.Peace, Love & Unity feat MC Fats (Original Mix) - DJ Hype & MC Fats
08.Cold Fresh Air (Original Mix) - Higher Sense
09.Nosebleed (Right Nostril) - Pascal
10.Valley of the Shadows (Original Mix) - Origin Unknown
11.Soul Promenade (Nookie Remix) - Omni Trio
12.The Lighter (Original Mix) - DJ SS
13.Volume 1 (DJ Zinc Remix) - Danny Breaks
14. Spiritual Aura (Engineers Without Fears Remix) - DJ Rap

Tuesday 8 September 2020

#GLOWBUZZ Ep. 008:: New Vinyl Labels Fight Against Pandemic

If there's any doubt that pandemic has killed creativity then you have to watch this video above.

It's the brand new episode of #GLOWBUZZ directed & presented by GLOWKiD, focusing on Vinyl labels (specified in Hardcore & Jungle) that were launched during this year.
GLOWKiD gives an insight on six remarkable labels (Four Jacks, Future Retro, Tuff Tunes, 3AM Eternal, Time Tunnel and Second Drop)
, there's also guest contribution by FFF, Paul Bradley and Paul Kingsize talking about their labels, first releases and how hard has been releasing vinyl amid pandemic. 
Closing with TNO Project on a cool mini mix series and in overall some interesting material tha you have to watch and listen to!

[4TCR - V001] DJ Revive - Just Dance 12" Vinyl EP [4 THE CORE RECORDINGS]

Well-known of his top notch EP over our very own Bandcamp page, DJ Revive is the chosen one, who's getting the proud vinylized debut of 4 The Core Recordings from UK.

With the mantra 'Just Dance', Revive passes the baton to all Nuskool crew of joy to wheel up to the rhythms of mid-90s inspired 4-to-the-floor Hardcore. There's three fresh tracks from him and one remix by Kniteforce legend, Luna-C taking over the EP's self-titled track on a thundering 145 BPM Hardore Breaks tip.
Meet the '95 stompy style of euphoria blended with rave stabs, amen breaks, soaring pianos as well as catchy vocals of ecstasy (e.g. 'Pride'). As ever uplifting, frenetic and musically hungry, Revive proves again his flair for this type of modern Happy Hardcore.
Honestly, we'd take the risk and admit after many plays of this promo, that all tracks are outstanding and of course they're worth being featured on this impeccable 12" EP.

And as we've recently informed, the vinyl copies are selling very fast day-by-day so don't sleep on that. Grab it now for plenty of reasons; but keep the main functional one, which is...Dance!

Saturday 5 September 2020

[DETA014] Errorrhythm and Gary Barking - Meadow/125 [DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]


New signings, new breed for the Aussie Detrimental Audio label. This time, Gary Barking collaborates with Errorrythm. Two newbie artists crafting junglistic vibes and 90s rave rhythms. Gary made his debut on Detrimental with 'Bob's Your Dad' EP  and none can forget the unforgettable raving chipmunks on the self-titled tune; and now gets it even harder with '125'. One of the best Jungle Techno-ish tracks put out during this year. It has the right energy made under Gary's wings and music passion. A track which evokes the Oldskool flavour and has been revisited ideally by Errorrythm dispatched into 144 BPM of deep and intensive breakbeats strictly for the headstrong crew. Last but not least, there's their collaborative adventure on 'Meadow' an odd mellow tune divided in two parts. From the Trip Hop introduction part, drawing on to the deep breakbeats into a total length of 6 minutes joint.

Show your support to this pretty good EP by these upcoming new artists. Quality control is something that Detrimental Audio care for since their first releases, thus every penny's worth for this fresh digital output.

Friday 4 September 2020

[KK06 + KK07] Diversionz Umbrella - Remixes / Remixes II [KURLY KUTZ]


Once again the Kurly Kutz label from UK, hits it with two marvellous releases credited to the new artist, Diversionz Umbrella.
'Remixes (Unauthorized & Unkut)' consists of two volume EPs which are out now digitally. Expect a varied dish of Breakbeats, booty rhythms, Electroclash bangers with thrash guitars till mad pianos. One thing that has impressed us from this label is their love for multigenre Dance music, especially the Big Beat ethos.
Both of these EPs are available today, Friday the 4th, as Bandcamp celebrates its day waiving their share of revenue to support the artists and the labels. A double good reason to support it today by purchasing these very interesting and different vibes.

Favorite tracks from each EP: 'Marc's Halleluia' and 'UV'




Wednesday 2 September 2020

Intensive Recordings Promo Mix by Lunatic


Polish DJ, Lunatic pays his homage to the mighty Intensive Recordings, which is celebrating 20 years of incredible releases and some of the greatest outstanding Nu-Rave and Breakbeat vibes. 
Get ready to tuck into this magnificent mix by Lunatic including many tracks from Intensive big daddy, Nefti, who's undisputably one of the leading stars in the Hardcore Breaks scene.