Wednesday 30 October 2013

HYPER ON EXPERIENCE Interview for Strictly NuSkool Blog

It is a great privilege and an honour to be able to introduce to our blog, one half of legendary old skool duo, Hyper On Experience, 
Mr Alex Banks..

Whats the first and most memorable thing that springs to mind to you about being part of HOE?

Setting up a live set on stage in the pitch black with a strobe running while a fat useless soundman tries to run a line level into a mic input.

About 5 months ago, you set up your official facebook page, after such a long time, we’re interested to know what inspired you to do this? Indeed there has been many enjoyable anecdotes and stories from you on this great page, would you ever consider taking this further? 

I did a search for "Hyper-On Experience" and there was not a lot of info out there.  People seemed to think we live in Bristol. 
I thought I'd set the record straight by starting a Facebook page.  I'm not sure how far I can take it as there are only so many stories...

We know you also have a soundcloud page  but would you ever consider doing some live P.As again or maybe a remix project or even some new HOE material?

Live PA is very possible,  and I think it would be fun.  There is a massive problem:  we don't have the samples. 
Originating new Hyper-On tracks is a cool idea and could be hooked up to a new release to promote the live thing (if I ever did it).

Most of us associate HOE with Moving Shadow Records, how did this relationship come about?

Me and Danny had been making loads of tunes,  but not sending them out.  Jay (the other EZ Roller) bullied us into sending a demo tape to Rob Playford at Moving Shadow.  Rob loved our stuff and asked us to pop down to Stevenage to see him.  Danny and I went to see Rob and the meeting went well.  Rob was very positive and confident in his promotion ideas and this attracted us to him.  

Tell us 5 artists from the old skool era that you rate to this day, and who have been major influences for HOE?

1,  Grandmaster Flash
2,  Depth Charge
3,  Marshal Jeferson
4,  N-Joi
5,  Rhythm Section

What made you guys bring HOE to a halt in the end?

EZ Rollers.  Plus,  Hyper-On was starting to become Drum and Bass.  Our style was an exploration of the possibilities of sound at that time,  but what was emerging was a more steady Drum and Bass sound (Jungle Techno).  We had helped define an era in UK dance sound and that era had passed.  I think ending it at that time was the right idea...

We’re not sure if you aware of this but since the 00’s, there has been something of a revival of the oldskool sound, sometimes refered to as NuSkool, Hardcore Breaks, Rave Breaks & Future Jungle,have you noticed much from this very underground genre and if so, is there anyone you particularly rate and why?

I did hear some old school sounding stuff from time to time,  but what I heard was well produced hardcore and not early rave.  I feel there is a big difference from emulating old school and originating old school.  At the time there was no direction,  we made it up as we went along.  Now,  you need to follow a formula to be classed as old school. This is a big difference.
Also,  I must stress,  as a musician I constantly look to progress my sound.  Hard Core,  Rave,  Old School - whatever you want to call it,  has happened.  It was one step in my musical journey.  When I look over my shoulder I can see right back to early Electro,  Hip-Hop,  Chicago House,  Acid House,  Rave,  Drum and Bass,  and every genre that followed.  I have walked in line with all these styles. 

Further to the last question, do you think there is a future for a scene like the aforementioned and is there anyone you can cite as being potential leaders of this scene?

I'm not sure.  There is a problem regarding a revival in old school rave:  there is only a finite amount of it.  Just like an 80s night,  you know what you're gonna hear before you turn up.  But,  just like 80s music,  there will always be old school influences in modern music.

Do you have any future plans musically inside and outside of HOE?

Fuck yea! Right now I run a recording studio.  This is brilliant,  and gives me new challenges all the time. I'm making music with a great singer called Ella Sopp. Its dance with live instruments,  as well as other things. I lecture nationally for Access to Music.


Monday 28 October 2013

'October's FREEBIES' [Free DL tracks made this month]

Lots of quality free download tunes in October and as it seems this 'FREEBIE' section on Strictly NuSkool Blog would be very essential. I've picked up 20 tunes that must be checked out from every Nuskool head out there, all made & uploaded during October!

NJOY and show your support to all of them!

Wednesday 23 October 2013

SPARKI DEE Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- A big welcome to the Radio DJ, producer and music lover Sparki Dee..
  Let's start your trip to the Nu-Rave scene taking you back in your youth.
  When did your music passion start and what was your main influence?

The music has always been in me right from the start, I started listening to dance music at a silly age. When rave was all over the top 40 here in the UK in the early to mid 90s I instantly took on board that sound and loved it. As time went on I started to muck about with sounds of a few music programs and games on the Playstation 1, which gave me an idea of how to put a track together. My main influences have been The Prodigy and Goldie along with many others but these two always stood out. When I started producing properly in 2004 that was what I would listen to the most just to get some ideas before I started making a track.

- Tell us please what 'Radio DJing' means to you, when did you have your first show  ever and few things about your current radio show.

I first started in 2007 running a radio station by myself, it was very short lived but it was my first go at DJing on the radio online. I picked up that baton again in 2009 and successfully ran a station called Shadow FM for three years where  I gave new up and coming DJ's the chance to get going whilst also giving some of the older DJ's another go to revive their careers, in between that I also mixed on Unity Radio and Essex Beatz for a short time. In February 2012, I joined Nu Rave Radio, as I had given up Shadow by then, this has been my home ever since.
I still mix live on the station and absolutely love it, my shows are geared mainly towards rave breaks, 140 jungle, drum n bass and the odd bit of old skool hardcore.
I also support the Amiga demo scene and play out unsigned artists on a regular basis, I also get sent up coming releases to play out so that the producers get their well earned exposure.
I had a slot on Charge FM for a couple of months, they were a leading Essex dance station and were making a comeback, I enjoyed my time on there. In April I started on Spice Radio where I usually alternate the music offering and the styles change every week. I treat Nu Rave as the feeder show for all the new genres coming through that need heavily promoting and Spice is for playing all the music I love through most genres. Radio DJing means a lot to me because I am promoting music that I love and overall its the buzz that makes me want to do it every single week.

- The chapter 'producing' is essential to you.. Lots of quality productions, from rave breaks, drum n bass, to future jungle and chill out, downtempo.  I'd like you to tell us which genre expresses you mostly and give us your  TOP 3 productions

I'd say that Rave Breaks and Drum n Bass is what people know me for these days. Back when I first started making music I stuck rigidly to jump drum n bass and rarely strayed from that. Since time has gone on I think I have managed to make a name for myself in the rave breaks/breaks scene much more now, I feel I have found another sound that I am happy with so its these two genres that I think I am most known for. 
My top three porductions I'd say would have to be "Uplift Me" (which is currently out on KODE 5 Recordings) "Energize 92" (which will be out on Rave Style'e soon) and a free collaboration track I did with long time friend XJ Matt, which is called "Take Flight (Heaven's Waiting)" that was probably my first proper dip into atmospheric future jungle. 

- Well I have to admit that your latest release on KODE 5 Recordings, "Uplift Me" was a very big tune and a strong proof of all good things happening to the NuSkool/NuRave scene. How many releases are you counting at the moment, and which are your plans in the near future? Any forthcoming stuff?

At present I have plans to release more music on KODE 5 Recordings, they are a great little lable who push such forward thinking music. I have quite a few tracks on the go with many ideas, I just need to finish them! I am also on Rave Style'e Recordings as well and
 will be releasing an EP of four tracks which are all rave breaks with that tell tale old skool hardcore sound. I plan to release a vocal drum n bass track on DDR very soon so I have lots of music to be putting out. I am very busy with music production wise and this is what's keeping me ticking over, I love to be busy producing and having fun in the progress. Keep an eye out for my Bandcamp page where I will be releasing some of my more obsure downtempo and left of the field type tracks.

- Name your TOP 5 nuskool/nurave tunes of 2013

This year my TOP 5 tracks would be the following (in no particular order)

Auntie Susan - 1993
Paul Cronin - No Love Sensation
Sy Kick - Nasty (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
DJ Nexus - Loads A Hardcore
Moody Bootleggers ft. Sass - One Sided

- Is there anything you would like to mention about your Guest Mix on the Blog?

Its packed full of absolute belters that will bound to at least make your head nod!

- Anyone you want to send your greetings or something extra you want to say?

Just want to big up all those that continue to support me by listening to my radio shows and buying my music. There so many people to mention but I'll give a few shouts off the top of my head.
NuRave Management: For letting me play on the start week in week out
Sass: For recommending me to Nu Rave
Spice Radio Management: Again for letting me play live on air
KODE 5: Fore releasing my new single
Tariq Ziyad: For his help and guidance along the way with up and coming talent in general he's just a really nice guy.
Can't think of anyone else at the moment but I just want to say big shouts to everyone who knows meand enjoys what I play and produce.

SPARKI DEE Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

Monday 21 October 2013

Mischievous Mashups - London Town is Rioting Down-HC Recordings

Mischievous Mashups a.k.a Hardcore James is becoming something of a internet sensation for those who know and check his soundcloud page regularly, this however is extra special, kicking off with a Krome & Time style intro before kicking into some 92/93 inspired drums preceding an uplifting drop and vocals that reflect the 95 vibe, you then get hit with a 3rd surprise with some tearout 94 style amen jungle bizznizz mid way, this is truly a unique and amazing track, I'd go as far as saying it's HC's best release to date, check the clip here:

And get it here

Beat Rapist - Amens & Lazers EP-Good News Boppers

Oii Oiiiiii!!!!! The Amenator is back and he wants your clothes, your bike.... no seriously, this is another instalment of the finest hardcore junglism around, amazing chopped up and layered beats and  rumbling Reese bass with a side order of ravey pads straight outta 92/93. If you're a fan of Beat Rapist, you'll love these 3 bad boys and you're unacquainted, get to know!!!!

Get this essential release for the ravin' crew here!!!!

Sunday 20 October 2013

TOR012-Tornado Records pres. 'The Big Eight' [PRE-ORDER ONLY]

Tornado Records was founded 7 years ago by DJ Tornado, and was reactivated since last year when it became an oldskool hardcore label focusing on new talents and releasing their tracks on a real vinyl press.

From its first release in 2006,  'Respect EP' by Base Club, till now TOR has released class EP's from very good producers such as Neft, The Flashback Project, Oneplayz.
Few days ago TOR confirmed its 12th release, called 'The Big Eight, included by 8 massive hardcore breaks/oldskool rhythm tunes!

'The Big Eight'

Side A:

Nefti - Hold On
Base Club - Wet Streets

Side B:

Oneplayz - Better Let You Know
Synthesis - Adrenaline

Side C:

Ragas - Real Hardcore
JJ Disrupta - I Want You

Side D:

Shar Pei -  Back Once Again
Shar Pei - Don't Want You

TOR012 is a double 2x12'' picture vinyl, 8 tracker (2 tracks per side) and will be available on PRE-ORDER only!
It's a very LIMITED release, no repress will be made, so my suggestion is to take a serious listen to these 8 nuskool gems and help the label & the artists involved by buying this essential vinyl release!
More info about how to buy this release, you may contact via Tornado Records page on Facebook here and also enter to the official TOR webplace here


Saturday 19 October 2013


Here's a great new mix from DJs Mystery & Stormski featuring a great selection of upfront tunes by Exit Point, Pursuit, Skanx, Neurygma plus some Kode 5 dubplates and many more, its free to listen and download, N-Joi!!!

Friday 18 October 2013

Champion Breaks - Acid Power EP (Exclusive for Strictly NuSkool Blog)

It's a very great sense to talk with people like Champion Breaks..
A London based DJ/Producer for  more than 20 years, also known as Bad Boy Pete on the acid techno scene, came on the NuSkool/Nu-Rave Movement to bring his new ideas, new sounds and an oldskool feeling pure of acid dose..

The Future (Pirate) Sound Of London, after his first successful official release on Kut Off Records, a 3track EP called "Sex, Drugs & Love EP" ( BUY it HERE ) and a massive acidcore remix on Amen4Tekno Recordings for Mandidextrous 'Troubles and Wars' (BUY it HERE ) strikes back this time to show his huge support as he says... to me - Tariq, the Blog and the whole NuSkool/NuRave buzz!
Well the only thing we have to comment back is that we'll keep on our continuous support to him and his music child ..the 'acid breaks' genre..!

Strictly NuSkool Blog proudly presents you
'Champion Breaks - Acid Power EP'

A wicked EP by CB including 3 fresh tracks!!
Starting up with 'Darkside of Tariq' a 303 gabba tune to mr. T from the Blog and a CB stomper.. 'Hardcore Power' is a very good example of CB's classic acid breaks style, while 'Private Enemy' has a very unexpected intro for him and then serves you a dose of break tek madness!

 'Champion Breaks - Acid Power EP'  


All tracks are written and produced by Champion Breaks and lovingly mastered by Eddie Voyager



Thursday 17 October 2013

KUT OFF RECORDS pres. 'New Faces EP' [FREE DL]

One of my fav fresh labels on the nuskool bass sound is Kut Off Records, founded by the bass producer Menace & bringing you from rave breaks to hardcore and jungle breaks with the word 'heavy' to ruin most of its releases. Having released EPs from Champion Breaks, djfLow, Kinetic Eon, Galvatron, Rumblist and the main man, Menace, Kut Off Records is giving away now (via its official page on Facebook) an essential EP including lots of genres and talented producers such as Scribble Dee, DJ Wislov, BFresh, DJ Owl and Case Of Bass.

Believe me...all tunes are proper & heavy in every kind!
Show your support to the producers & this fresh (almost 1yr old) label in the NuSkool scene!

You can download free this 9track EP HERE







DJ MARK C Interview + Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog

- So Mark, let’s go back….Tell me a few things about your youth age…When and how did you start catching up with the whole rave buzz?

It all started in 1992 when I was give a couple of rave tapes - DJ Ratty @ Obsession 3rd Dimension then a Producer & Grooverider mix tape from Universe – Mind, Body & Soul. The raw energy and vibe I felt from these tapes had me hooked straight away, immediately I needed more of this music and so the rave tape collection began…..!!
In 1993 I brought some turntables which led to me mixing and collecting records, a passion of mine I continue to this day. At this point I was also enjoying the rave scene, going to Futureland, Dreamscape, Dreamworld and Wonderland. This sound, this vibe and this music has been a huge part of my life from then and continues to be now.

- Tell me about your first ever production & your productions in general...Which kind of hardware (or software) do you like to work with?

When I started making tunes a Hip Hop DJ I knew set me up using Reason, it really makes a huge difference if you know someone who already uses the software!!
My first production went out as a “untitled”, even so it didn’t do too badly. At that point I knew I needed to make more and to do this I also had a lot more to learn, Yell O Phase went on to remix this tune for me. As for my productions; I always make my own riffs and layered down drum loops, some with effects added – I like a raw sound.

- How do you see the future? Most of us insist that oldskool will be always alive!  Do you think that nurave producers are following seriously this quote nowadays?

Hardcore Will Never Die!!
Even some of the original artists from back in the day are producing again, only this week Manix aka 4 Hero have released the “Living in the Past” EP and the big raves such as Fantazia are still holding nights full of oldskool rave and nu skool breaks. Along with Vinyl Junkie having just released “Can’t Go Back” I think it all shows the scene is very much alive and banging!

- Which are your essential oldskool acts and your top 10 tunes ever?
This really is the hardest question of the interview so here goes….

 1. Alphawace EP
 2. Kay 9 - Music in my Mind
 3. DJ Jinx - Devotion
 4. Secret Squirrel - vol.2 - b2
 5. Freestyle & DJ R - Ter 44
 6.  Lifeline - In Control
 7. Burning Chrome - Powermove
 8. Criminal Set - Dreamscape
 9. Formula 7 - Dark Star
10. Bizzy B - Slow Jam

And I had to add it to my list….My favourite act is Altern8

- Your future music plans? Any forthcoming DJing or releases?

I plan to try and get some DJ work but I only use vinyl, I am pleased to say I don’t even own a pair of CDJ’s!
Music production wise, it’s an exciting time with lots of new things coming up! Starting with a tune coming out on Kode 5 at the end of October, also 4 track EP on long live the animals along side Nicky Allen. Along side this a remix of my tune “Axe Factor” and a remix for DJ Seduction’s oldskool label “impact records”. On top of all that there will also be more of my own work, as I like to be able to give anyone who follows my music so free tunes!!

- As you've already told me, your guest mix on Generation X [RadioShow] was your first one ever made & that you've never been interviewed before too
I'm very glad for being the first to get in touch with you like this & would like to thank you for participating on the show & this interview.
Wish you always to be strong, keeping it real as a true spirit and pushing out your known buzz to the people!
Big shout out mr C

Is there anything you have to say to end up or anyone you want to thank, send greets etc. ?

Big thanks to……
 - Allan at Kode5 for giving me the push I needed to make tunes, all his help and advise.
- MC Si the Sigh for all his help, especially when I am scratching my head over new software or on the computer!
- Vinyl Junkie for letting me buy all his good records!
- My girlfriend Lou for putting up with all the Bass and the hours I am tucked away in my studio!
- Wayne Smith for our Super Sunday mixing sessions!
- Also a big shout out to : Long Live the Animals, Paranoid Recordings , Rinse Repeat, Tariq Ziyad, Glowkid, DJ TK421

…………..and of course a massive shout out to all the people who follow or understands my style of music

DJ MARK C Guest Mix for Strictly NuSkool Blog


Wednesday 16 October 2013

Future Jungle Blog Presents-Hardcore Breaks Selection 140-150BPM Vol. 1

This is a massive mix and a great selection from my partner on this Blog and on, Tariq
Njoy 20 hardcore breaks tunes with great nuskool/nurave producers such as Renegade Genius, Stu & Nee, Stormski, RyKennon and many more!

FREE DL and..... GO!

Inspector Sands-You Think You Know Me-CLSM

Something brand new on CLSM from this highly talented producer, a perfect blend of oldskool and modern sounds with huge Reese bass, amens along with an incredible drop and some great piano and male vox, go get it!!!

Free Downloads From DJ Flow, Renegade Genius, Pursuit & DJ Ziyad

Here's 4 great tunes for you, 3 being great remixes of 1994 Hardcore & Jungle classics and a tune by DJ Ziyad that coincidental has rather a 94 feel to it with some very familiar samples, we love them and we're sure you will too, N-Joi!!!

DJ Mayor & Jax Noise - Remember The Past VOL.2 (out now on Spektra Recordings)

Spektra Recordings, a 5yr old spanish breaks label is releasing today an essential hardcore breaks/oldskool rhythms EP.
DJ Mayor & Jax Noise keep on their successful series of "Remember The Past" having already bombed the place with "Remember The Past vol.1" (released 1 month ago) and return now to set the nurave movement on fyaah with Vol.2 and 5 huge hardcore breaks & oldskool gems!

DJ Mayor & Jax Noise - Remember The Past VOL.2 (out now on Spektra Recordings) out NOW on Beatport !!



DJ MAYOR (a.k.a Disaster Beats)


The 'party aspect' of Damage Inc.

The owner of Sonic Fortress, and one of the most essential nurave hardcore breaks producers, DAMAGE INC. knows very well how to turn up the crowd..

Njoy his mad dubplates + some xclusive edits of classic rave tracks or even club house tunes from his latest events!

DAMAGE INC. Live @ High Energy, 11 Oct.2013

DAMAGE INC. @ Banger After Banger, 4th Oct.2013

Follow his latest news + his sounds on SONIC FORTRESS:

Monday 14 October 2013

POLSKA NuSkool/NuRave mix by GL0WKiD [FREE DL]

I was discussing with Nefti a lot these days and got inspired of making this mix dedicated to the strong Polish nuskool/nurave scene.. As it seems the movement in Poland has lots of talented heads nowadays, with a variety of genres from rave/hardcore breaks (like NEFTI , ONEPLAYZ, HYPER MOTION, TOOFER, BASE CLUB) breakbeats (like GREG SIN KEY, RETT) drum & bass (like RAFAU ETAMSKI) or even oldskool stuff (like RAGAS).



RETT - Reason
NEFTI - Music Takes Me Higher
TOOFER - Rusher
TOOFER - Ruff Age
NEFTI feat. SHEILA - Cover Me
GIZMO - Night Drive (NEFTI Remix)
ONEPLAYZ - Your Love Is

Check out the official Soundcloud pages of the artists included on this mix



Show your support to them and to all talented polish artists & try to find out theirs sounds and get into the spirit.. Big ups to all!

Here are few more worth to be mentioned.. Check them out too...




Old Skool Gabba & Speedcore From NewKoncept & DJ Kris Lewis

Most people turn their noses up at gabba or gabber/industrial techno and speedcore, not me, I've always kept an open mind when it comes to underground rave music, I always felt there is a sense of 'join the dots' with the range of styles and tempos under the rave umbrella and that the faster, harder sounds represent good non pretentious fun, that being said, here's 2 great tunes free to download from NewKoncept & DJ Kris Lewis, the latter a old skool Mokum/Industrial Strength style gabba remix of a 94 jungle classic, genius!!! And it sounds great too, then DJ Kris Lewis pays homage to the likes of Loftgroover and the late DJ H.M.S with a blood curdling 210bpm speedcore monster!!!Enjoy, both free to download....

Sunday 13 October 2013

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ NU-RAVE.COM (first show-Listen+freeDL+Review)

I was thinking that I should make this blogpost about my new start on
It was necessary I think to share it with all of you who either missed it or had a great time like me on that first show.
Big ups to all again for showing pure love & are into the spirit of the show all these years!

So about the 'first radio storm' which came 4 days ago.. Generation X [RadioShow] ended after almost 3hrs of glowpanic including 49 bangers from oldskool breakbeat & jungle to hardcore breaks, future jungle and drum & bass. 

The only thing left to do is take a beer and press the 'PLAY' button...
(Tracklist included on Mixcloud link, just scroll down on the player)

Njoy!   :)



GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] 

every Thursday 17:00-19:00 (UK time) @


Oneplayz & Nefti promo mix (VIDEO)

So what about a polish conspiracy between 2 of the biggest nu-rave names in Poland and our movement in general?

ONEPLAYZ meets NEFTI and the result is a....home storming from rave/hardcore breaks, happy spirit, talented skills & few beers ..

Njoy the video here:


Peacemaker & Lucia Hom - Wasteland

Gizmo - Night Drive (Nefti Remix)
Nefti - Music Takes me Higher
Billy Daniel Bunter & CLSM feat. Leah Symons - My Desire (DJ Twista Remix)
Rhythm Quest - Close To Your Dreams
Stormski - Who's in Control
Nefti feat. Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Edge#1 - Compnded
Ramos, Supreme and Sunset Regime - Gotta Believe (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sparki Remix)
Stu & Nee - You Got the Power
Rozalla - Everybody's Free (Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter Remix)




- bookings: 


- bookings:

Saturday 12 October 2013

Rocksted-E-Refresher-HC Recordings

2 years in waiting, its finally here and its brand new from Rocksted-E and out now on HC recordings, a refreshing combo of Drum & Bass beats and old skool Reinforced Records style pads with nice subtle key changes and progressions, fans of Randall's 'Stepback Sessions' Series will want to snap this bad boy up, this one's got our heads bobbing in the Strictly NuSkool office!!!! Its always refreshing to hear a new release from the HC Recordings fam, check out the clip below and buy it here!!!

NDR008 - Endor Recordings Volume 8 (out now) [Endor Recordings meets Lucky Breaks Digital]

Endor Recordings from UK is a NEO-RAVE label as its founder Dave Skywalker is mentioning on the official website of the label!
That involves anything that makes you wanna rave and have a completely party mode such as acid,breaks,drum & bass, hardcore, rave and anything else similar to these, focusing to a 145BPM breakbeat driven kickdrum banger!

About 4 days ago, NDR made its 8th release, by teaming up with Lucky Breaks Digital which is now been running by Bustin & Skampy.

'Endor Recordings Vol.8' [Endor Recordings meets Lucky Breaks Digital]  is out now!

6 massive bangers from rave and drum & bass to oldskool breakbeat fit mainly to ravecore ears!
Starting up with the first and main tune.The massive uk hardcore tune "Follow Where you Are" by Pinnacle & mr SPARKLe, sampled by the legendary 'Wishing on a Star' by 88.3 ft. Lisa May.
Bustin & Skampy throw a wicked hardcore breakbeat remix on this tune, while Dave Skywalker reworks it on a storming drum & bass ravey dancefloor banger! Next one is a 1993 oldskool sweet breaks tune by Jow called 'the Shining, DJ Disowned hits it had on his remix on Skywalker's 'Rushing Pianos' tune and closing tune comes from Ruffage 'Paradise' a powerfull gabba remix by AleX Tune.


Pinnacle & mr SPARKLe - Follow Where you Are
Pinnacle & mr SPARKLe - Follow Where you Are (Bustin & Skampy Remix)
Pinnacle & mr SPARKLe - Follow Where you Are (Dave Skywalker Remix)
Jow - The Shining
Dave Skywalker - Rushing Pianos (DJ Disowned Remix)
Ruffage - Paradise (AleX Tune Remix)

No doubt we are talking for a class release from a quality fresh label ENDOR Recordings (..such as Lucky Breaks digital too) that needs your str8 attention if you are into searching new and interesting stuff on the NuRave movement!


The CD and digital releases are available from 7th October so more how to buy, you may visit the ENDOR official website & the LUCKY BREAKS DIGITAL page on facebook
 ( or

If you want to buy 'Follow Where you Are' + mixes on mp3, you can check them on Track It Down or any other digital store!