Monday 13 June 2022

The Pulse celebrates his debut Kniteforce Vinyl EP


UK based producer, The Pulse (a.k.a Stuart Brown) is one of those producers that's an avid lover of dance music specifically of the golden 90s rave and makes tracks that can cause mayhem! Inspired by the days of raving in Edge, Eclipse, Sanctuary, Dreamscape etc. he's been releasing countless of tracks and remixes under his Deadly Nightshare moniker till this big deal with Kniteforce and us all attracted by his fresh sounds.

"It feels amazing to have first vinyl work and to be in with some of the best artists in the scene. Yes its my first one. Proudest time in this music career tbh as you know the label has to invest heavily in the risk i think with vinyl more than digital, so they must believe in the music to do this obviously." - The Pulse

The key element of The Pulse is the darkness filled by his heavyweight breakbeats, something that's either prodigized or Belgian inspired hoovers, and it achieves gaining great response from the masses within the scene.
'Outer Limits EP' is available on the limited number of 250 copies only via Kniteforce White as it's the 15th Vinyl release yet, keeping on strong with this series of beauties.
Four vinylized slammers coming among 4 other digital tracks of him, available through the Kniteforce store.

KFW15 - The Pulse - Outer Limits EP

A1. The Pulse
A2. Into The Unknown
B1. Feel The Bass
B2. Memories In Time


The Pulse

Sunday 12 June 2022

'RAVETOOLS 2' by Black Marble Collective

Black Marble Collective from L.A. is one of those labels/crews that stand out the last couple of years and they've been paving the right way to reppin the sounds of Bass influenced by the unique oldskool rave spirit.
They're determined to take it even further with their imminent series called 'RAVETOOLS' as the second installment is available to pre-order now. Like the debut volume, this one consist also from a great amount of tunes (20 in total) presenting frenzy and fierce slams with the likes of Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Footwork, Ragga Jungle and established artists such as:


The 'TWENTY 90s Rave' as called from the hard working Black Marble crew is spot on to what this big release delivers. For every DJ, every raver and junglist worldwide.

All tracks are totally free, and the price of $9.99 goes for the sample kit, which has about 150 rave samples in it and if 
you pre-order now 'Ravetools 2' you can instantly get the sample pack and 7 tracks.

So this means in simple mathematics:
20 Songs + Ravetools 2 Sample Kit with over 150 digital 90s rave samples
= happy raver

Highy recommended also: If you're close to L.A. on 25th of June, you should take an 'underground' visit on the next party set by Yezka Beatz, Black Marble Collective and Inner Worlds Productions. 2 Levels of Jungle/Drum N Bass celebrating also the gorgeous 'Ravetools 2'. (Info/Tickets)

The second Vinyl release of 4 The Core Recordings is out now


The 160 bpm son and yet the new co-manager of 4 The Core Recordings, Fibzy, is the man of the moment on the second Vinyl release of this remarkable label.
Counting almost 5 years of action, 4 The Core knows pretty well how to evolve and adapt the Nuskool style in the modern days of Hardcore.
Fibzy is one of those who's invigorating through this imprint and his brand new ultimate Vinyl, is not just a simple Vinyl release. It's more than meets the eye. 
The thing is that you have to act fast and join the Kniteforce store now to understand why...

'The Deirdre Barlow EP' comes out via 4 new cuts by Fibzy, having already massive support from the Kniteforce Radio DJs and you shall expect a dish of slamming breakbeats blended with soulful vocals and big pianos of happiness. Frenzy hoovers, smashing amen breaks and in overall a good taste of something fresh in your ears.

  • 4TCRV02 - Fibzy - The Deirdre Barlow EP
    A1. Heartbeat
    A2. Tell Me Why
    B1. Dead In The Jungle
    B2. Tonight

    Bonus Digital track:
    C1. Tonight (Amaretto Remix)

Tuesday 7 June 2022

'Take Me Higher' by DJ CDC

DJ CDC, the main man behind Dance Music Organisation has recently released a 2-track digital EP, paying a tribute to the late Steve Hoare and Chad 'Aseity' Belbey.
'Take Me Higher' can be found on major music platforms and there's also a very limited run of CDs where people can get in touch directly with Craig on his e-mail and ask for a copy.
Noteworthy to mention that the almighty Rebecca Try of Kniteforce is the artist behind this astounding artwork. And for more details about the tracks, take a gander what CDC told us exclusively on a recent chat we had.

"Well the tracks I wrote a while back, in the same way I always write them. I sit down, start playing with samples in my DAW and see where it takes me.
'Take Me Higher' has a few recognisable sample in it, which I didn't sample myself, I have a royalty free sample CD my wife bought me with a load of vocals on it (same place I got the star trek samples for 'I Need That Drug').

The devastating, motivating, complicated etc sample is actual from my favourite Kurtis Blow track 'I'm Chillin', though never realised it at the time of writing, it was only when listening to the KB track, I heard the source lyrics and was like - wow, no way, I got some Blow in my track, awesome.
The 'That boy's one mean mother fucker' is from The Running Man (Arnie Schwarzenegger) , I recognised it instantly and was like 'I'm having that in my track' and I just happened to find the 'This is one DJ you don't wanna fuck with', and thought it went well with the track and running man sample plus it was biggin' up me as a DJ, so thought it was fun to use.

'Oriental Dreams' however, is a bit of a bootleg. I was heavily influenced by tracks in my collection. The drums are a bit more choppy than I first wrote, coz there was a 'clack' sound in the drum loop I used and all the feedback I got when I played the original to friends was they hated the clack sound so had to chop it out of the original sample, which made it a little weak on a few snares, but it still works. I tend to just play with sounds I like and tunes in some ways write themselves. I also thought to make it more 'Oriental' I'd add running water samples, it reminds me of Chinese restaurants or Koi Carp ponds with the geisha girls and also that track 'Mash Up Da Place' and the intro starts with a similar water sound and says 'Rhythm is fundamental to the spirit, like the beat of a tribal drum' - You might not realise or think so but Oriental Dreams is actually 180BPM ." - DJ CDC

Sunday 5 June 2022

Exclusive Interview with Skooler & Flare (June 2022)

Skooler & Flare is one of the hottest new acts reppin the Hardcore Breaks sound. Consisting of Belfast based Skooler (a.k.a. Bill Skooler) and Newcastle based Flare (Chris McHugh as executive producer and Andrew Bush), this mighty aspiring trio have been doing an outstanding work the last 2 years. With tracks that have drawn the attention of labels such as 4 The Core, Safe As Records, Fuzion and yet their forthcoming superb debut 12" Vinyl on Vinyl Fanatiks, Skooler & Flare are determined to unleash more jaw dropping tunes as we run 30 years since 1992.

Need more?
Let's tuck into their words and get to know them better on an exclusive fresh interview for the fans of this Blog and within the scene in overall.

- How's your story started and how you came up together?

Chris: We were originally introduced back in 2004ish through a website for a music compilation called Danceland (.tv). I was part of a band (No names because I can’t be arsed with another‚ Cease and Desist lol). We have stayed in touch over the years, but we reached out over the whole Covid lock-down period, where we agreed to start a Rave project for fun and see where it takes us. Skooler and Flare was born. The rest is history...

Bill Skooler: As Chris mentioned, we go way back, and we all like the same kind of music, including rave and breaks, so we decided to do some oldskool tunes for fun, and here we are...

Andrew: In the mid 90s me, Chris (and his brother Stephen) bonded over our love of techno and rave. Me and Chris began messing round trying to make music first with home keyboards before moving on to more serious equipment. At the beginning of the 00s we formed a group with Stephen joined and began making trance. We became involved in the Danceland thing (mentioned above) and met Bill on the Danceland forums. We stayed in touch on and off and then at the beginning of 2021 we started the Skooler and Flare project.

- How hard is having 3 different people working together? Is there any particular method you follow with your tracks; have you set any particular roles to each?

Chris: It works quite easily really. We all contribute to the writing, producing and direction of the band. Myself and Andrew live quite local (Newcastle), so we meet up most Sundays in my home studio. However, as Billy resides in Belfast, we rely on him remotely, where he sends pre-projects. We add our magic, and keep Billy updated with production through MP3s, where he advises of any issues or suggestions.

Bill Skooler: For me its really simple, we just throw ideas to each other, with midi or stems, and we all finish the track if we are happy.

Andrew: What usually happens is we all start with our own drafts in our own individual studios. Me and Bill then send ours over to Chris’s studio (Chris has the biggest studio out of all of us so his is the main one) and it gets finished off there. Me and Chris are usually present in the studio (due to us living only 2-3 miles from each other) when that happens although obviously over lockdown it was just Chris on his own


- What type of equipment do you use for your productions?

Chris: We all use Cubase Pro (10), as well as similar VST’s. This includes Sylenth, Spire, Halion, Roland Aira, Rave Generator (etc.). However, the main audio production comes from my home studio which includes a Behringer WING mixing console- an absolute beast.

Bill Skooler: We use the same vst's (as Chris mentioned), I also use a Roland JV80 and Roland Juno D, I would sample some strings, bass and other parts from these amazing synths.

Andrew: Me and Chris’s studios are more or less synchronized. As mentioned, Bill also has extra synths so he just sends them over as audio stems.

- Have you thought putting this whole vibe on stage with extra features (e.g. vocalists)?

We have to a degree. Although I will no doubt support any gigs, majority would more likely be Billy, as it’s his thing. I think this will be the next level. My wife actually sings, so this maybe something we progress. In addition, we are thinking of ways to include other vocalists. It depends on success as the cost needs to be considered.

Bill Skooler: I would defiently like to have a full stage act, with singer, dancers and light show (like back in the 90s).

Andrew: Sure, why not. I’ll have to watch my lifestyle though (alcohol intake, sleep deprivation - good luck with that! I don’t take any naughtier substances though!)

- What inspires you (musically or not) to proceed making a tune?

Chris: Our commonality is we have an appreciation for all forms of music, not just dance. However, with the Skooler and Flare projects, we were all avid supports of Rave, back in the early 90’s- our era to be fair. I am also a huge Prodigy fan.

Bill Skooler: I would listen to alot of new rave tracks from some great labels, new or old, and i would hear something that i like, so that makes me want to write something similer, but in our own way (we don't want to sound the same as others).

Andrew: Listening to other tracks, hearing chords/melodies/noises etc I like and wanting to do something with a similar feel but not too similar that we end up in court, lol. I listen to most forms of music but nothing will beat the dance stuff from the late 80’s and 90’s when I was a wide-eyed teenager!

- It took almost 18 months or so and you've been already signed in great labels (Safe As, 4 The Core, Vinyl Fanatiks) and an album on Fuzion Records. Plenty of tracks among some major great feedback from the community.
What are your favorite tracks that stand out from your personal Skooler & Flare arsenal of releases?

Chris: I love a good breakbeat, as I am passionate about drums. So for me, I love 'Rasta Raver', 'Alien' and 'Deceptor'. In addition, I also love 'Drop A Bomb' and 'Xfade'.

Bill Skooler: 'Fury', 'Rasta Raver' and 'Heavy Sound' are some of my favorite tracks.

Andrew: (in no particular order) 'Rasta Raver', 'Alien', 'Drop A Bomb', 'Heavy Sound', 'Havoc', 'X-Fade' are the tracks I like the most. I love both the poppier and darker sides of what we do.

- After a couple of astounding digital EPs, it was a matter of time getting your debut Vinyl release. Above board, Vinyl Fanatiks have been doing a great work since 2018 and that's has to be mentioned. How's that deal came out and how do you feel about this signed material there?

Chris: Billy plays a huge part in this. His passion for music, and as a result his rapport and connections, have provided the band with a platform. The vinyl release is brilliant. It is definitely a great start, but like I mentioned we are now starting to think of next level direction and see where that takes us.

Bill Skooler: As Chris mentioned, i do a lot of the contacting and talking with labels, i also get recommendations from friends in the scene to send to certain labels, a big thanks to our good friend Glowkid for pointing me to some amazing labels.

Andrew: Bill got us hooked up with that label and so far we have a TP on their sub label ‘Amen Brother’ – the first of many more! As that label deals with the more underground breakbeat side of things it gave us a chance to show that side of us. Obviously we’re signed to other labels (Safe As, Fuzion and a few more) as well where we’re able to do the more poppier stuff. We’re still on the lookout for other additional labels too!

- There's tracks like 'Be Free (Well Wicked)' that pay justice to the year 1992. And it's from now one of the finest Hall of Fame releases to be included on our Blog annual series of mixes.
Since it's almost 30 years since 1992, can you name me your top records from that year?

Chris: It has to be 'Praga Khan- Injected with a Poison' for me. Absolute classic!

Bill Skooler: Glad you like our Be free track, thank you, means a lot. I love so many tracks from 1992, Favourite tracks has to be 'Acen – Trip 2 The Moon' and 'Messiah – 20,000 Hardcore Members' / 'There Is No Law'

Andrew: Difficult question for me but these (in no particular order) are probably the main ones:

PRAGA KHAN – “Injected with a Poison (Digital Orgasm radio mix or the extended 12” version
- Adam’s Power mix)”
DREAM FREQUENCY – “Take Me (Anthem mix)”
ACEN – “Trip to the Moon”
PRODIGY – “Out of Space”
DJ SEDUCTION – “Hardcore Heaven (Heavenly/Heaven mix)
URBAN HYPE – “A Trip to Trumpton”

These are also worth a mention too:

COSMIC BRIAN – “Far from a River (Original)”
JONNY L – “Hurt you So”
SKIN UP – “Accelerate”
RHYTHM QUEST – “Closer to all your Dreams (Original)”
LIQUID – “Liquid is Liquid”
ISOTONIK – “Everywhere I go” (was going to put “Different Strokes” but that’s a 91 tune that hit the UK charts in 92. This track is similar so…..)

MC LETHAL – “Rave Digger”
LUST – “Music of the Future (Original and Isotonik/150 Volts mix)”
RUFIGE CRU – “Menace“
UNITY – “Unity (Future Sound of London mix)”
ALTERN 8 – “Infiltrate 202 (Joey Beltram mix)”
MANTRA – “Intensify”
SONIC EXPERIENCE - “Protein (Biggest Nosebleed mix)”
MARUSHA – “Ravechannel”
NIKO – “Oh Yeah”
X-102 – “Ground Zero (The Planet)”
SONZ OF A LOOP DA LOOP ERA – “Peace and Loveism”
DJ MAYHEM – “Cold Acid”
NASTY HABITS – “Dark Angel (Original)“
XENOPHOBIA – “Wobbler (Remix)”
HOUSE CREW – “We are Hardcore (Magic Fantasy mix)”
CITADEL OF KAOS – “Ronnies Revenge”
NINO – “The Gun”
YOLK – “Music 4 Da People”
DARKMAN – “String of Darkness”

….. to name a few!

- Landing again to present's time and the year 2022.
Any labels or producers you rate these days?

Chris: My favourite band is The Prodigy. My favourite producer is BT (Brian Transeau). Label wise, I have a natural respect for Fuzion records (bias).

Bill Skooler: As I have been checking out new artists in the Breaks/Rave genre, I have came across some great artists, I really love what KeeF is doing (he has tracks on 4 The Core label), also love the stuff Gordon Garro is doing (he has tracks on Safe as Records), loving these labels and loving the Amen brother label (Vinyl Fanatiks), and of course Fuzion records who give us the start.

Andrew: So much stuff out there now (on the internet) it’s difficult to keep up. I really like the recent Isotonik (New Life EP) on Kniteforce Records though. And of course all the labels we’re signed to are putting out great stuff too (obviously, lol)!

- What shall we expect coming up next from Skooler & Flare? Maybe setting up their own label too or that's not part of the plan?

Chris: We are starting to expand our project groups by producing other styles and genres of music. We are wanting to support EDM, Happy Hardcore, even a little Trance perhaps. However, my real passion is Big Beat- a nice phatt beat. I started a project with wife looking at merging Prodigy and Evanescence.

Bill Skooler: As Chris said, we are doing a few more projects under different names, But we will still be doing a lot more under Skooler and Flare.

Andrew: Chris’s brother Stephen is mostly in charge of Fuzion Records but naturally we have more power over that label than the others, lol!

- Regarding your solo action, is there anything you'd like to mention like a forthcoming show or a guest mix or where people can find more about you each?

Chris: Keep an eye on our Skooler and Flare Facebook page. Billy is the key to our media promotion, and he does an excepational job.

Bill Skooler: Thanks Chris : ) ...I Dj every weekend and I Dj on a great radio station called Jump radio every Sunday. We now have a facebook page so anyone can find us there, and get the latest news.

Andrew: As mentioned, Facebook ( and Jump Radio ( and


  • Skooler & Flare ' RavinDayz' [Fuzion] - Buy here
  • Skooler & Flare 'House Rulz' [Safe As] - Buy here
  • Skooler & Flare ' Bells 12" EP' [Forthcoming on Vinyl Fanatiks] - Info