Friday, 27 February 2015

Intensive18:: Nefti - The Game EP [out on 6th March 2015 - INTENSIVE RECORDINGS]

Dropping on the 6/3/2015

A brand new EP from 1 of the legends in the scene!
Nefti has a new EP release in March - you know that's essential listening/mixing/skankin material! Nefti is like a Rave machine,he delivers the goods consistantly!
The Polish producer/DJ has made his mark long ago and continues to show why he is one of the most important names in Rave Music. This is his new release 'The Game EP', the 18th release on Intensive! Let's check the tunes out!

The Game:
Starting off with lush Trance vibes and a teasing filtered breakbeat you know Nefti's gonna deliver something special! Dropping into new territory for Nefti a dirty, Techy bassline leads the way showing a new direction for Nefti's work?
Lots of little chops and Old Skool stabs subtly used in the background before the tune drops into the opening Trance flava again with that filtered break letting you know the bass is about to drop again! Simple? Yes, but the 3 important elements stand out, great breakbeats, big dirty bass and that nice Trance riff. This is one that is going to work on the dancefloors and on the radio shows, I for one will be playing this tune as I know it will go down a treat!

Love Me:
Ok, now this sounds like more familiar Nefti style Rave music!
Kicks off with Nefti's trademark Piano and Beats - somehow Nefti always seems to twist pianos and beats into something that instantly screams Nefti!
Little vocal chops "If you wanna love me" give the track it's title, then, Pow!

Nefti's new experiments into Bass music show he's already awesome Rave music maturing into new flavas and promise an incredible future for his music and forthcoming tracks!

Rave Force,Amigos Forever (Nefti Remix):
Breakbeats start the ball rolling into an acid led bassline that drops into a piano and bleep break that uses the familiar 'Amigos Forever'riff, this drops straight into some dirty, twisting bass! Nefti promised he wanted to make his Rave music have some more Bass/Jungle elements and he's certainly delivering without losing his vocal/piano signature sound! Personally I think this is very important that he hasn't lost his trademark sound while moving and merging into new musical territory!

The Game (NeuroNative Remix):
I dont know who NeuroNative is but could this be a tease of the future of this label and direction of this sound?! Very nicely produced,starts off very Trancey even with a 4/4 kick and bass sound before dropping into some nice little breaks!
Very lush sounding with a vocal pad and risers building into what sounds like a twisted Reese basss is to come!

Overall,a solid and essential purchase!
Stands out musically and quality wise!
Intensive 18 Nefti - The Game EP

[reviewed by 2nzy (Damage Inc.)]

TMMD124 - Cruze 'n' Jump - The Music Makers [Out now on TRACKMASTER MUSIC]

Get ready for a dose of uplifting & bouncy UK Hardcore stylee tune from the well known suspects like Cruze & Jump on their latest offering, which is out now on Trackmaster Music.
'The Music Makers' is the 124th digital release of the Birmingham based label, Trackmaster Music (founded by DJ Cruze about 5 years ago and representing UK Hardcore genre with devotion!) Cruze remeets once again Billy Jump and the result is a mental rusher!

Get into this one!
Grab your copies on TrackItDown here




Thursday, 26 February 2015

[AMEN4TEKNO 003] Mandidextrous / C3B / Mitosis - AMEN4TEKNO003 [LIMITED EDITION 4-TRACK VINYL OUT NOW!!!]

A1 - Mandidetrous - Gal Dem Bad.
A2 - Mandidextrous - Give It Up.
B1 - C3B - Solskank.
B2 - Mitosis - Back To The Jurassic.
AMEN4TEKNO Recordings have unleased their 3rd 4-track EP of thumping jungle/hard-tek genetically-spliced mutations onto the public's innocent ears, and man are they belters!!!
Label owner Mandidextrous opens up the EP with the first of her two contributions, 'Gal Dem Bad', which merges twisted bass growls, D&B breaks, female ragga chatting, pounding kicks and an intricate uplifting synth melody to devastating effect. 'Give It Up' follows next and throws more MC chatting, air-raid sirens, reggae skanking rhythms, amen drumrolls and pounding 4/4's into the mix. Oh yeah, and a cheeky use of an infamous sample from BCUK's 'The Nine' for all you hardcore drum & bassheads. 
The flipside kicks off with C3B's wicked jazz and reggae tinged 'Solskank' with it's infectious saxophone melody fused with crisp breakbeats and thumping kickdrums to bring real Summertime vibes to this bleak, Wintery February. Mitosis rounds things off with his homage to rap back when it was still worth listening to. 'Back To The Jurassic' mashes J5 rapping with snippets of Wu-Tang into a drum & bass and hard-tek monster guaranteed to wreck any dancefloor!!!
All in all the 'AMEN4TEKNO 003 EP' delivers 4 uniquely lethal slabs of Jngle-Tek madness for all DJ's and ravers who dare to venture out of their comfort zones.
The 'AMEN4TEKNO 003' EP can be ordered from the Toolbox records webstore along with copies of 'AMEN4TEKNO' volumes 001, 002 and 003 for 10.30 Euros (plus P&P). So go get yer kickdrum on!!!

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

"TOP 5 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (24FEB.2015)

The latest GenX radio show featured 2hrs full of nuskool Hardcore Breaks, Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Gabber, Acid dressed up with glow_energy and rave attitude! This showcase was mostly influenced from my latest daily sounds of some talented & established Japanese producers/labels like Speedking Productions, DJ Technorch, PPS, Guchon, Hujiko Pro, Chocoxina, sdhizumi etc.
(This show was broadcasted on Planet Rave Radio on 24th February)

So.... What's hot atm?
Starting up with number 5 and a fav underground Dutch label like Total Destruction Records run by DJ Casketkrasher and his personal happy hardcore tune 'Don't Worry About It' part of the 1st anniversary and 13th so far release of the label. 
In number 4, Rave Force (side project of Nefti) meets 90s eurosounds and my beloved Waldo euro tune 'Feel So Good' on a massive uplifting piano breaks work! Simply zdumiewajÄ…cy!
Number 3, the might DJ Jedi returns with his second Jedi Recordings vinyl release and my beloved  3yr old happy hardcore remix of 'Keep It Locked', which Jedi originally co-produced back in 2001 by one of hardcore's most famous duos, Sy & Unknown. 
A mid00s hardcore breaks UK producer in the name of DJ Rave in Peace is back and stronger during this year with several 2k15 releases on Rinse Repeat, Dred Collective and also forthoming stuff on the Strictly Nuskool Blog. 'LMAO' is a sick propa hardcore bomb sitting on number 2 of this week's tops! 
Closing with the one & only Leeds/UK based producer like Paul Cronin and his insane ardcore meeting with...N.W.A. Won't say anything more as DJ Rave in Peace has already commented on soundcloud with the best way/expression/description or whatever.. STRAIGHT OUTTA LEEDS.. !

TOP 5 (GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio-24th Feb. 2015)

05. Casketkrasher - Don't Worry About It

04. Rave Force - Feel So Good
03. JSD Project - Keep It Locked (Sy + Unknown Remix) [JEDI RECORDINGS]
02. DJ Rave In Peace - LMAO
01. Paul Cronin - Straight Outta Leeds

Monday, 23 February 2015


Odessa's hardcore son Fat Frumos is back to Sheffield's established label like Off Me Nut Records, offering a personal album of 12 fresh bombs! The album's title is 'YAD' and its his second take over on Off Me Nut after almost a year, and his latest release ('Cherry Nalivka Madness') along with his hardcore brother AleX Tune.
YAD is a 12track album full of hardcore, rave, acid, breakcore, ravecore, 8bit and complete mess on the dancefloor!! Worth to mention some collaborations inside like 3 tracks featured with the great vox of Starrrgasm . Both of them are already involved on a side project called Acid Borsh Band 'Trip' 'Black Birds' and 'So Alone' set a special journey of jungle/breakcore tone to the listeners while 'Raggamuffin Life' (ft. Stas Konkin & JahMaikl) is a sick raggacore nuclear result!
 'Take Away This Tambourine To The Devil Mother' is the introduction track to this rave UA fever, placed also by2 remixes from Bob the Builder! and RI.
But the serious hit of this release is.......... 'Jesus Raving For Your Sins'. Is he? Well since it became a tune and sounds like this, that can be definetely true!

Grab this album (free/donate) now by clicking here your and let the Cartoon Mask Madness to save you from sadness..

Don't forget of course that YAD is followed by the K-orse N Basshound album a week after, and the big forthcoming rave in The Night Kitchen (Sheffield) Off Me Nut along with the mighty Stanton Warriors and more acts tba!!





Saturday, 21 February 2015

[CRTNPR 008] Artificial Skys & Griever / Stunna - Our Kingdom / Burning Sky [OUT NOW ON LIMITED 12" VINYL FROM CRITERION RECORDS]

A - Artificial Skys &  Griever - Our Kingdom.
AA - Stunna - Burning Sky.
Now into it's 2nd year and 8th release, the Criterion Records label has staked out it's agenda as pioneers of atmospheric yet dancefloor friendly drum & bass and staunch supporters of vinyl only releases.
For the next Criterion release Artificial Skys teams up with Griever with the inspirational and uplifting 'Our Kingdom' which features some seriously head-nodding, live sounding drumwork coupled with occasional amen edits and drifting synth melody.
Stunna backs up on the double A-Side on the flipside with his driving, pitched-down amen break led 'Burning Sky'. Which combines a killer throbbing bassline with a lush ascending synth pattern to create a gorgeous 'yearning/melancholic' vibe.
If labels continue to release vinyl as good as these then it will be a long time before our turntables are put to pasture.
The 'Our Kingdom / Burning Sky' 12" vinyl release is only available in limited quantities, and in a choice of pink, orange and green coloured vinyl, and in single copy or 2 special vinyl bundles from the Criterion Records webstore links below... Be sure to grab your copy soon as these are due to fly out!! 
10 Euros 1 x vinyl (choice of Pink, Oange or Green).
25 Euros 3 x vinyl bundle (Pink, Orange and Green).
60 Euros 3 x vinyl bundle (Pink, Orange and Green), 1 x Criterion Records t-shirt (black or white)and 1 x Criterion Records tote-bag.


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[CUT 015] 2Brainz - Nightmares [Switchblade Digital - Available Now!!!]

1/ Nightmares.
February sees the return of the 2Brainz production duo to Switchblade Digital, and this time they are guaranteed to give you sleepless nights with their new track, 'Nightmares'. Opening with airy atmospheric synths and horror movie dialogue to set up the mood, before unleashing a monstrous growling bass section and some seriously chopped up amen breaks.
'Nightmares' updates the manic, 1993 darkcore template with 2015 jungle/drum & bass techniques to create an essential mean and moody, dark jungle anthem to devastate the more discerning dancefloor.
2Brainz 'Nightmares' is available to download from all good digital music stores...
Juno Download...

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Thursday, 19 February 2015


The 19 yr old German producer Breakforce One joins the French Hormonal Vibrationz label and offers 4 nuclear tracks on his second personal EP during 2014, after his 1st one on Core Collective with the lovely bomb like 'Tribute To Dune' from there.
'Virgin By Choice' is the title of this release, much clever, aiming to kill your virginity on the dancefloor! The metal riffs of the f the u the c the k visit a sick rework on Crazy Town's 'Butterfly' , a Scooter medley (following the same recipe with 'Tribute To Dune' on Core Collective release) and finally the breakcore weyheyhey!! stylee choon like 'Virgin By Choice'.


01. Virgin By Choince
02. Fuck Off
03. Come On And Dance
04. The Shitty Scooter Mashup Remix Track V2

Grab your copies (name your price) by clicking here



Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The London's underground label like Dred Collective celebrates the new year with an outstanding compilation of ...48 nuskool tracks covering Hardcore Breaks, Bass, House, Footwork, Jungle vibes from some of the most talented producers at the moment.
Props to Rob Huckle and Neil Pruden, the masterminds behind Dred Collective and of course to Machine Girl for the artwork.
A must have weapon to every oldskool & junglist head out there and a strong proof of Dred Collective's rise and upgrading to the Nuskool scene.
All producers involved did some great work to show off this massive result like ''The Raver's rebirth in full effect!" as been posted on the D.C. bandcamp page.

You can listen and grab your copies (name your price) by clicking here

Finally, you can listen to the one half of Dred Collective, Neil Pruden who was interviewed on my radio show some days ago, talking about this massive compilation and the label's future plans. This was featured on a 2hr Tribute to 'Dred Collective Vol.3' on Generation X [RadioShow] broadcasted on Planet Rave Radio with the likes of Rob, Neil and all the producers involved.
Get to know D.C. better... 


Saturday, 14 February 2015

ask....... LUNA-C

Well, the message is clear as you can see.. The Strictly Nuskool Blog is proud to announce a forthcoming interview with the legendary Luna-C, and gives you the chance to get involved on this ..hurry up and..

Send you questions to:

Thursday, 12 February 2015

AleX Tune (UA) Guest Mix @ GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] - Planet Rave Radio - 10 FEB.2015

Some days ago i had the chance to host on my radio show, one of the most famous Ukrainian hardcore DJ/producers, the man like AleX Tune. This show was broadcasted @ Planet Rave Radio on 10th February 2015.
AleX Tune's mix features a combination of Happy Hardcore & Ravecore vibes inc. tracks of him, some favourites and the brand new unreleased, titled 'This is the Beat'.
You need to check out his personal releases (with variety of Hardcore Rave genres)
He's signed on great labels like GGM Raw Records, Dance Corps, Endor, Off Me Nut, Long Live the Animals, Sociopath Recordings, Rus Zud, Acidsamovar and Viral Conspiracy.
And the result is like a total blast from Odessa's Hardcore son..!

AleX Tune Guest Mix - tracklist

01 AleX Tune - Let The Bass Drum Pump Me Up
02 AleX Tune - Get Warm
03 AleX Tune - That's The Way
04 AleX Tune - Ultimate Style
05 Eufeion feat. Deanne & Ellie Angel - Starfire
06 Entity - Higher Functions
07 AleX Tune - Your Bunny Rave 2013 (Back To '93 Remix)
08 Candy Cutz - Feeling Yeah
09 The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Rhythmics Bootleg)
10 Dougal & Chris Fear - Bring Back The Rave
11 AleX Tune - Fonky Bass (Wit's Donky Bass Remix)
12 Shoujo X Matra Magic - Bounce!
13 JAKAZiD - See It Coming
14 DJ Brisk - Airhead (S3RL Remix)
15 Skinny & Bundy - Lets Get Dirty (Darwins Big Kick Mix)
16 AleX Tune - Keep Yourself
17 AleX Tune - This is The Beat
18 AleX Tune - Rave Party, Sex Party
19 AleX Tune - Pu-Pu-Pu-Punnany
20 Ruffage - Paradise (AleX Tune Remix)

FREE DOWNLOAD of the show:

AleX Tune (UA)


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Exit Point - Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) Remixes Part 2 [Free 5-Track Remix EP - OUT NOW!!!]

1/ Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Decibel Lecter Rmx).
2/ Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Distrax Rmx).
3/ Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Emotion1 Rmx).
4/ Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Graymata Rmx).
5/ Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Overly Medicated Rmx).
Following on from Exit Point's acid tinged future jungle/hadcore breaks crossover anthem, 'Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz)' and the subsequent 'Remixes Part 1' EP last year. 2015 sees the upcoming release of the equally devastating 'Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) Remixes Part 2', featuring 5 floor-burning remixes from the cream of the underground drum & bass circuit.
Red Alfa Records' Decibel Lector kicks things off inna stepper's style with his remix, utilising crisp breaks and twisted acid tweaks, as does Distrax who retains the original's choral chants and a catchy as hell little melody to drive things along.
Emotion1 ramps things up with some rudeboy bass and soaring atmospheric pads while Graymata from Digital Fusion/Rancid Records adds some deep techno elements to the mix and to round off the EP, Overly Medicated lays on a percussion heavy, intricately edited break workout. 5 distinctly varied flavours of heavyweight drum & bass and all for free too.
Exit Point's 'Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) Remixes Part 2' EP will be available for free download from the Exit Point Bandcamp page below...

And for members of

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Monday, 9 February 2015


DJ Wislov is one of the well known suspects in the nu-rave & nuskool hardcore scene having also lots of releases on labels like Kut Off Records, HC Recordings, Sonic Fortress and of course Strictly Nuskool Blog. His passion to the Oldskool scene forced him to launch his own underground label, Ravenoyz Recordings some months ago. After some personal EPs from him, Ravenoyz Vol.1 is the name of the new offering and one of the greatest albums in the history of hcb with the likes of Nefti, Neurygma, Exit Point, Abzolution, Nicky Allen, DJ Mark C, Paul Cronin, Pursuit, Impact Beat, Coty, Uknown Rave, DJ Bassraver, Nayim, Liam Taylor, DJ Mayor & Jax Noise, DJ Ziyad, Firefox Demon and Wislov himself. 

You can grab this amazing album by the price of  10 €. Click here to buy
Apart from the digital release of this compilation, there will be out a number of 150 limited CD copies of it (more info on the social links of Ravenoyz)


Saturday, 7 February 2015

[DEMON4] FX - Demonic Possession Volume IV [LIMITED 12" VINYL AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW!!!]

A - Driller Killer.
AA - Father Merrin.

The British winter has now gotten a touch bleaker now that February is upon us. FX has once more meddled in forbidden, arcane knowledge and has unleashed 'Volume IV' of his legendary Demonic Possession Recordings vinyl releases upon mankind's innocent ears. However, for those whose listening preferences lean to the more Satanically, dark side of things then this may very well be your day!

As with previous Demonic Possession Recordings releases. 'Volume IV' maintains the same 1993/1994 dark-hardcore and jungle themes copiously laced with horror movie influences. Opening with the 1980's video nasty sampling 'Driller Killer', featuring rugged, drum breaks over ominous synths, blood-curdling screams and drill revs. 'Driller Killer' is a guaranteed darkcore monster guaranteed to get you neighbours 'worrying about you'!!!

On the flipside is the equally menacing 'Father Merrin' which wears it's influnces on it's sleeve with a whole host of unnerving dialogue borrowed from 'The Exorcist' accentuating intricately spliced and thundering breaks, doom-laden synths and booming bass. The metallic time-stretched and pitch shifted breakbeats make 'Father Merrin' sound like 1993 never died.

All-in-all, two essential slabs of dark junglistic drum & bass with one foot in the heyday of hardcore's most creative period of history and the other dragging darkcore screaming into 2015!!!

Copies of FX's limited edition  'Demonic Possession Volume IV' 12" are available from the Demonic Possession Recordings webstore for £7.99 plus postage and packaging. Follow the link below. The power of Christ compels you!!!!...

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

[PRMP3010] Various Artists - Paranoid Recordings Present - Return To Back To The Oldskool EP [FREE 5-TRACK RELEASE]

1/ DJ Nee - Hammock.
2/ 1st Science - Coming Up Good (Vocal Alt Mix).
3/ Stuart J - Dodge This (RenegadeGenius Remix).
4/ Aike - Dark Chime.
5/ Worldwide Epidemic - Discharge
Paranoid Recordings are back in action once more with a mammoth 5-track free EP, the 'Return To Back To The Oldskool EP', which refers to the legendary oldskool forum and the inception of the hardcore breaks scene which involveded the creative output of many contributors to the aforementioned site. The Back To The Oldskool website released 3 ground breaking hardcore breaks EP's on vinyl and 3 full length free compilations for download between 2001 and 2009. Now Paranoid Recordings pays tribute to these classic releases by reuniting four of the original contributors, as well as featuring brand new tracks from 1st Science and Worldwide Epidemic.
Opening up with hardcore breaks veteran, DJ Nee's thundering 'Hammock'. A track driven by rugged amen breaks, booming bassline, female vocal elements and a gorgeously soothing guitar melody on the drop. A brilliantly composed track of contrasting sounds and energies to get you started.
1st Science drops his euphoric, feel good 'Coming Up Good (Vocal Alt Mix)' next and takes you deep into 1992 territory with classic breaks, uplifting pianos and synths, rudeboy bass, electric stabs and cheeky vocal samples. Crafting an energetic track which is guaranteed to make you feel 'outta sight!!!'.
Paranoid Recordings co-founder, Renegade Genius revisits Stuart J's 'Dodge This' with a 1993 styled, jungle-tekno remix featuring breakneck speed breaks, ominous synth patterns, expertly used vocal snippets lifted from 'The Matrix' and a massive descending stab melody to get those neck-hairs standing on end. All encompassed with bass thumps which sound like the audio equivalent of a heart attack.
Darker territory ensues next with Aike's doom-laden drum & bass number 'Dark Chimes'. With a  huge, monstrous growling bassline accompanied by a 2-step breakbeat and ominous synths and almost gangsta rap, chime notes. One that can be easily classified as being only for the headstrong.
To conclude an already devastatating EP, Worldwide Epidemic unleashes his menacing foray into the realms of technoid junglism. 'Discharge' displays it's Sound Entity/Basement influences proudly on it's sleeve by championing the amalgamation of thumping kicks and crisp breaks with deep techno pads and moody sci-fi sound. I wouldn't hesitate to say that 'Discharge' could easily be mistaken for being a lost Electronic Experience track from 1993-1994.
The 'Paranoid Recordings Present - Return To Back To The Oldskool EP' on the whole is an excellent mixed bag of varied oldskool styles from all corners of the breakbeat hardcore spectrum, and is available to download for free from the Mediafire link below...
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Monday, 2 February 2015

Dave Skywalker:: Journey Through Rave January 2015

Dave Skywalker (DJ/producer/owner of Endor Recordings) has started a new series of podcasts on his Blog, including a selection of the best released tracks for each month. The first one of this podcasts is published today and features 31 absolutely killers!

You can find inside lots of interesting tracks like latest KF releases, Nicky Allen, DJ Rave in Peace, Billy No Mates hardcore breaks tracks, some dope drum & bass ones (especially from the Hospital Records) and reachin to the brand new of his own'Arena', which was first airplay on Luna- C KF latest podcast.


01: Majestic & Jungle 70 - Creeping in the Dark (Armand Van Helden Remix)
02: CoiTy & RyKennon - Can't Explain
03: Shy FX feat. UK Apachi - Original Nuttah (Rico Tubbs Remix)
04: Rusko - Kumon Kumon (Graz & Booty Seapunk Remix)
05: Billy No Mates - Crowd Burst
06: Nicky Allen Dubs - NAD#12
07: DJ Rave in Peace - LMAO
08: Luna-C - I Got This
09: Luna-C - The Light
10: Dave Skywalker - Send For Ali
11: Idealz - Blow Ya Mind
12: Radiophonic Oddity - Who Are We
13: Dexta & Bredren ft. Ruby White - 1993
14: New Horizons - Wildside (Breaks Mix)
15: Max Powa ft. Price Alla & Seanie T - Great Stone (6Blocc Jungle Remix)
16: Dave Skywalker - Arena
17: June Miller & Mefjus - Saus
18: Mikal - Where They At
19: Mustard Pimp - Renegade (SPL Remix)
20: Frankee - Instinct
21: Metrik - Make The Floor Burn VIP
22: Callide - Inferno (DJ Hybrid Remix)
23: Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard (Apolloud Remix)
24: Daddy Freddy & Isaac Maya - Original Jungle Sound (Marcus Visionary Remix)
25: Bladerunner - Stay
26: DJ Bazia - Drumpan Killa (DJ L.A.B Remix)
27: Callide - 88 Track (DJ Vapour Remix)
28: Empyreal - Highly Ludicrous
29: DJ Mashiro & 3R2 - One More Chance!
30: Els in Wonderland - Yeti Escaped
31: Breakforce One - The Shitty Scooter Mashup Remix


GL0WKiD chats with SIDESTALKER (Exclusive Interview on the Strictly Nuskool Blog)

These days i had some interesting chattin with the producer/DJ/Mastering Engineer/ Multi-Instrumentalist Composer/Remixer, Breyt Redvers aka Sidestalker discussing about his story so far, personal highlights, future plans and of course his latest class offering which came out over the last months of 2014. It's an Album titled 'Return of the Old-Skool' including Old Skool Hardcore, Breakbeat, House, Acid & Jungle vibes created using Nu Skool Techniques (as he's mentioning) and all tracks featured are totally mental and tuff to keep the oldskool spirit alive inside your souls!
Firstly i asked him to tell me few words about his rave days back then.
" I was originally part of the Rave scene in the early 90’s (1990 – 1993) and released Vinyl on Labello Blanco with the support of classic old-skool pioneers The Criminal Minds.
In those days for many of us, the studio gear was strictly hardware and my studio setup was pretty simple. Consisting of a Roland Juno 106 synth, Alesis MMT-8 sequencer, Akai X7000 sampler, Roland R8 drum machine, Kawai K4 synth, Art MultiVerb, KEF Monitors, Casio DA-7 DAT recorder and a dodgy mixing desk.
My Akai X7000 weighed a ton and even with an expansion circuit board could only hold 16 samples of less than 1 second each recorded in 12 bit. So even 1 bar of a breakbeat had to be split into 2-4 samples. With each of those samples having to be recorded separately and then edited together afterwards to re-create the breakbeat pattern! Those were the days! "

The Criminal Minds presents AUTONOMY - Labello Blanco - 1993 [VINYL]

Breyt was only 15 when he released a vinyl under the alias 'Autonomy' and this story seems quite interesting for a young producer. Gotta describe him as a .... "proud-ucer" better!
But what's the story behind this release?
" So, in the early '90's a mate of mine was in a local record store called Treehouse Records in Milton Keynes where we used to get loads of our Old-Skool vinyl. He decided to hand my demo over to the guys at the counter. The Criminal Minds used to hang out there - although we had no idea of this at the time. Later that week I got a phone call.. It was DJ Spatts from The Criminal Minds calling to see if I was real. Apparently they had been chatting with The Prodigy about how all the demos they got handed were crap and it became a bit of a joke. They thought that my demo may have been Liam playing a trick on them! So Spatts seemed pleasantly surprised that he was actually talking to a 15 year old kid! Everything led on from there. "

The Criminal Minds presents AUTONOMY - Labello Blanco - 1993

Like most producers out there, Breyt has been also caught up with the Hip Hop scene before falling in love with Breakbeat Hardcore. "Musically I listened to a heavy diet of classic UK Hip-Hop such as Hijack, Gunshot and The Criminal Minds so the flow of Breakbeat Hardcore was completely natural.
And then it was all about the rave scene, when buzzing with excitement and possibility at that time. ''Those days were simply amazing, I don’t think that anyone who was there and experienced it first-hand will ever forget it. However, by the time ’94 came about the old style hardcore breakbeat scene was slowly dying and being replaced with Happy Hardcore and Drum’n’bass etc. The music was also getting faster and more commercial.
Once upon a time the commercial radio stations would not play our music. All media was negative and we were seen as anarchists. But that was changing and Pop music had taken elements of our style and was commercialising our sound.
At raves none of the musicians/producers were given much credit. DJ’s were superstars and we were the forgotten artists. "

Crazy youth meets punk and the result is like anarchy.." I was still a teenager at the time and was looking for attention! On top of this I had started listening to punk music. So the next thing I knew I sold ALL my equipment – bought a guitar and amp, moved to a new town and started a punk band while working in a local recording studio.
Teenage anarchy at a commercialising scene I guess! – I had no idea how to play a guitar or sing so things were very experimental and noisy for quite a while! I was just determined not to “Sell out”."

From punk moving again to electronic music with some influences from Japanese music and the story goes far away till 2014.. " For many years I lived and worked with all the local hard rock, metal and punk bands. Recording them and doing the sound at live events.

Around 2000 I started making electronic music again. I knew all the equipment from my work as a studio producer/engineer and it was easy for me to get back in the swing. At this time I was (and still am) heavily influenced by Japanese music and went down a very experimental route making Breakcore and Noise. Nobody really understood what I was doing, it was pretty extreme and never got much recognition.

Somehow I eventually found myself moving into producing Pop artists on the side and took a back seat as freelance producer and studio musician for many years. 
I was still creating my own electronic music during this time but never put anything into the public domain. "

The year 2014 was one of his personal essentials as found the perfect time to get inspired on a place like Costa Rica. This is the time when he returned to the Old Skool roots and thats why later on he named his personal album like this.
" At the start of 2014 I spent some time in Costa Rica – the free space and relaxed atmosphere made me realise how much I loved the freedom and naivety of the early Breakbeat Hardcore days and one day I found myself in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but blue sea and sky, white sand, palm trees and mountains (no humans!) – With this clarity I made the decision that when I returned home the Old-Skool Hardcore onslaught would begin again!

I needed to return to that place of musical purity!

I had no idea there was any kind of Nu-Skool scene and did not know if anyone would be interested in the slightest! But I didn’t care.. After all.. It was and is - all about the music and the love of the Old-Skool.
To find out there was actually a scene for this music and still so much passion was amazing!"

And here comes his musical expression titled 'Return of the Old-Skool'  featuring 9 tracks of different genres, all cooked with 1 reason to remain to the...real feeling. The feeling that SIDESTALKER has been raised and lived in it.
" The album ‘Return of the Old-Skool’ is a collection of the best tracks I put together during 2014 as I re-discovered my love for Breakbeat and Rave.

I am a vampire... (apparently!).. All the tunes on Return to the Old-Skool were written after midnight.. When the rest of the world is sleeping. I have now fallen into a sleeping pattern of going to bed at 7 in the morning and waking up after midday! I have no formula - I could start with a beat or a synth or a sample that I grabbed from some classic Sci-Fi or Horror movie. But once I begin - I just keep going, I never get stuck... The only thing that stops me in my tracks is the need for food or sleep (which I sometimes forget!).

When I started the project I tried to stick to the Old-Skool formula by limiting all the equipment and sounds I would use. But I soon got bored of that. I spent the past 10 years or so messing around with Breakcore and Glitch so now you will find a lot of those techniques appearing in the songs as well. It is just fun for me to find new ways to mangle and destroy tunes without actually losing any of the original rave flavour. It is all about experimenting.

You can download this Album for free or even donate if you want to show some real support for this big work, by clicking here
9 great quality tunes as i've already said, mentioned, shouted, blogged and given several plays via my radio show (Generation X)! Wishing for more from SIDESTALKER as he seems same thirsty as nu-rave masses are, so only time will tell...! Feedback & support is already kind and positive for these tracks, and that makes him happy to carry on. We are here to follow him and every oldskool alive warrior of course!

This period he's also producing tracks to a female singer called Anieshi Pearl. "She is awesome... is a very different style of music but I spend a lot of time on the Anieshi Pearl project" He's been doing also some remixes (UK hiphop style aswell) with his latest one a rework on '32 Troop - Mayday' (out now on Britcore Rawmance records in white limited edition vinyl or standard black)

SIDESTALKER's studio 'The Doll House'

My setup these days is pretty simple. I use Ableton Live on both PC and Mac and most effects are Ableton stock and Max4Live. A lot of people always ask me what kit I use so here is a basic run down.

My Hardware List Includes:
Custom PC
MacBook Pro
Push controller
M-Audio Trigger Finger
Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar
Akai MPK mini
Numark Mixtrack Pro II
Novation K-Station
Focusrite Saffire 6 USB (PC)
Apogee Duet (Mac)
Neumann TL102
Yamaha NS10m Studio Monitors
Yamaha AX10 PA Speakers
Ibanez RGD320Z
Fender Sonoran

DAW Software includes:

Ableton Live

Sound Forge

Plugins From:

D16 Group
Native Instruments
Lennar Digital

Also including a huge selection of Original Old-Skool sample CD’s from the late ‘80’s and early ‘90’s which have been personally ripped and individually edited by myself! (Took many months!!)
And not forgetting the massive collection of classic Sci-Fi and Horror movies! My favourite sample elements and a huge obsession of mine.
If you want any specific details on any sounds, samples or tricks – please get in contact via facebook - I am always more than happy to chat with fellow musicians and share techniques / knowledge etc.

There is so much more to come during 2015.. So many plans!

Gonna be kicking it up a notch and including a huge dose of my Punk background.

It’s gonna get heavy!!

Stay Tuned!